i will be so disappointed if he isn't

Consider this: Episode 10 showed us that Victor most likely went to Hasetsu with the expectation that Yuri would be at least somewhat like the bold, daring Yuri he felt drawn to at the banquet, which would explain why Victor seemed so surprised/disappointed every time Yuri backed away from his attempts to get closer… and yet, AND YET… even though Yuri turned out to be this shy, anxious soul who was not at all like he expected… Victor ended up completely falling in love with him anyway. And I think that’s beautiful.  

I just really hope that if Even isn’t the main character for season 4 and somebody else is, that they get the same amount of respect and love as Even would. That nobody will bash them or be so overly disappointed in the character choice that the actor/actress sees it, because as we know the skam cast is heavily influenced in and on the media. Whether it’s Sana, Vilde, Jonas or anybody else I really hope that the fandom will cherish them and support the show because of the show itself, and not over a character.

“Do I exist within you?” Noriko asks the guy who’s been all but glued to his phone ever since he exchanged emails with her.

You Never Noticed

You Never Noticed - Egobang fluff, yea?


“So, you really never noticed?”

Arin looks up from his notepad where he was jotting down the stop time for their last Mario Maker episode. His eyes meet Dan’s and he can see a glimmer in them - a glimmer of what? Disappointment? Or maybe something else?

“Dude what are you talking about?”

Dan shifts on the couch so he’s facing Arin directly and pulls his hair to one side - a nervous habit.

“I mean the whole Big Cat thing. I know I’ve called you that like at least a dozen times, on and off the show. You were just pretending not to remember, yea?”

Arin scans Dan’s eyes, still seeing that odd glimmer from before. 

“Nah man, I honestly have never heard you say that. What kind of nickname is that, anyway?”

Dan’s face changes immediately, and Arin can sense a shift in the air around them. 

“Oh shit dude, I didn’t mean that it was a weird nickname or anything. I was just, I dunno, I’m curious where you came up with it?”

Dan pulls his legs up onto the couch and clasps his hands together around them loosely. 

“I dunno, man. Just sometimes when you get really down or whatever, I wanna cheer you up. And Big Cat just seems like the best thing to call you.”

Arin scans Dan’s face again, seeing a tinge of red creeping over his sharp cheekbones. Arin can’t help but smile. Was Dan blushing? He scoots closer to get a better look.  Dan takes notice and shoots Arin a wide-eyed confused look. Arin’s smile broadens and he brings his face ever closer to Dan’s. Dan’s blush deepens.

“That’s really sweet, Dan. And really cute, too.” 

With that, Dan seems to gain a little more confidence. He gets into a more relaxed pose, one arm on the back of the couch, the other resting on his thigh. He takes on the same smile that’s still plastered on Arin’s face - half-cocked to the side, one eyebrow raised, that glimmer coming back to his eyes.

“Yea? You’re into it? Maybe I should call you that more often.” 

His eyes flick up and down Arin’s face, checking to make sure Arin was on board with where this conversation was going. Arin, of course, doesn’t skip a beat.

“Hell yea, dude.I’m super into pet names and shit.”

Dan gets a little more confident, and leans in so that his mouth is hovering about an inch away from his neck. He smiles and chuckles at the deepening shade that Arin’s skin is taking.

“I’m glad, because I’m super into them too, Big Cat.”

Arin feels the vibrations of Dan’s voice on his neck and shivers gently. Dan, of course, takes notice. He shifts himself above Arin so that he has to rest on his elbows to avoid laying down completely. Arin doesn’t seem to mind this new position, pulling his legs up on the couch, one leg on either side of Dan’s hips. Dan decides to get even closer, his lips gently grazing Arin’s ear.

“I’m super into a lot of things actually. We talk about it all the time on the show, but if you’d like, maybe I could show you? Would you like that, Big Cat?”

Arin lets out a soft gasp as Dan ever so gently kisses his neck, the rough stubble a stark contrast to the softness of his lips.Dan leans forward just a bit more, causing Arin to fall completely on his back, his hands now free to grab at Dan. One hand finds Dan’s hip, the other rests gently on his neck, moving as Dan slowly peppers kisses all over his neck and jaw. He makes a noise to get Dan’s attention, and he looks up at him, his deep eyes rich and half-closed. Arin stifles a moan.

“I think I’d really like that, actually, Dan.”




Dean Winchester

For feandra


I’m not even gonna comment this. I refuse.


18 March 2017 will be the most memorable date for me this year because it’s the day I went to EXO’rdium in Malaysia. This was my second time going to their concert and I hope to keep going when they come back. 

First, I was disappointed that Yixing wasn’t there but it can’t be helped due to the current political tensions between Korea and China. I missed his presence a lot throughout the entire show. There is a gap there that doesn’t feel complete without him.

Second, the Nini bear doll is not mine. It belonged to my seatmate who brought him along. He was seriously cute and I’m so tempted to order one even though Kai is not my bias.

The organization was better this year. We were allowed in 2 hours before. Last year was so chaotic where we only got in half an hour to the start. So, it was much better. Still a bit messy because the fans just refused to listened to instructions and tried to push their way in. The guards kept yelling at them to stop pushing and stop pulling and don’t put their hands on their friends/whoever’s shoulders. 

My seat was at Row G. You can see from the photos the distance from my seat to the stage. It wasn’t that far, not like last year. I got smart and bought a seat nearer. Haha. I could see them all but the lights kinda did blocked me but there is still the huge screen in front so all good. There were more people attending than last year. Fans came all over from China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, East Malaysia, and even from Korea! 

You aren’t allowed to bring a DSLR in but some people managed to get them in anyway and if they didn’t, you wouldn’t have such nice photos. They are very good at what they do and they don’t get paid for this. I met one Suho fansite master who told me this is a very tiring and thankless job, chasing after them from one country to another, spending so much for this, and sometimes people steal your photos without credits.

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So uh, yeah. I’ve got some disappointing news for you all concerning the AssClass Fanbook.

I’m sure you all remember this right? The famous pair ranking thing? Yeah, um, it’s not exactly a romantic pair ranking thing?

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You said that we could talk about whether sexual orientation was a choice or not. But tell me who would choose this.

Who would choose a life where death and murder are more common than happiness and acceptance?

Who would choose a life where who you are can get you arrested, beaten or even imprisoned for being you?

Who would choose a life where being this way means the risk of disappointing the people you hold dearest when you come out to them?

Who would choose a life where some of us have to fight to even have our existence recognised?

Who would choose a life where some of us have to fight to have basic human rights?

Who the fuck would choose a life where they have to fight for their existence to be legal?

Tell me, dear uncle, who would choose this? Cos if I could have fucking chosen, I would not have chosen this.

—  a reply to a homophobic uncle

important best friends!!!

i was so hoping dino (he has a name now!) and adrien would be as super affectionate as alya and marinette, and i was not disappointed! alya still raised the bar with that last snugglehug, but she’s had a whole extra episode to claim her crown so what can you do


“A slump? He doesn’t disappoint me. What an idiot. I didn’t want him to worry about me, anyway, so if he’s able to focus on pitching, there’s nothing better.”

Please tag Senketsu.

If you’re tagging other characters and Senketsu is showing sentience and/or being acknowledged by other characters as a character, please tag Senketsu.

He may not be human, but that doesn’t mean he’s not there!