i will be so disappointed if he isn't

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Hey I was just wondering, what has actually happened with misha?

Hi nonnie :)

Richard Speight Junior announced earlier at minncon, that misha’s panel had been cancelled because he had been mugged last night, was beaten up, and had had to get stitches. [x] [x] [x]

Misha decided that he wanted to stay at the con in order to do photo ops and autographs however (so very misha to want to avoid disappointing people <3)

We don’t really have any more info than that, though photo ops with mark and misha have started, so I suppose there might be more updates soon.

Disappointment | a PreciousMetalShipping Fic

Silver was always a disappointment one way or another. His father despised him, and disapproved of everything Silver ever did. He always strived to be better than his rival, Gold, in everything. Pokemon battles above all. So when he loses at Victory Road, he gives up completely. If he couldn’t even win against the person he loathed the most, how would he ever earn the admiration of his father again? Was life … even worth living without a family? Without a home or friends?

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“I’m not disappointed in you, I’m disappointed in the situation…”

Disappointment starters

     “ I’m sorry! But you really should’ve double checked the locks.. 

It was Greeds fault in the first place for trying to kidnap him.. again. Of course this time didn’t put up much of a fight, he was sure Ed would find him in no time. The homunculus wasn’t exactly the brightest of the bunch, he basically made it easy to track him. 

     “ Do you.. do you want me to help..? 

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I want to see Talon be HAPPY again.

[Sorry, anon. Not likely to happen anytime soon. He’s hurting badly and has no idea how to cope with it or even process it. If it were just physical shit, he’d get it healed and be fine but so far everyone he’s gone to for healing his heart/mind has said that they can’t do it.

Losing someone is always hard when you don’t have that many people in your life to start out with. For someone like Talon who has so many problems bonding with and trusting people, it’s devastating.

I did consider just killing him off and closing the blog, because I understand that Talon being depressed-confused about losing someone isn’t exactly what my followers signed on to read, but some friends wanted me to stick with it so I’m going to try to tough it out.

If it really annoys people, I’ll do an MA and give the password to a friend who can write Talon for me while the M!A is on. That’s the best I have to offer at the moment. Sorry.]