i will be sleeptalking

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Re that post about sleeptalking -- my dad swears in his sleep. I've heard him shouting something that sounded like a slurred, "F**K OFF!" at least once while he was asleep. Mum says he grumbles and complains in his sleep too.

My father does that too, and so does my brother. I’ve heard that it seems to be a usual male trait, however it can happen with anyone. My husband did it a lot, but it was when he was in the military so that might have had something to do with it. (not getting enough sleep and such)

Funny enough sleep talking (and sleep walking) appears to run in my family supposedly. I didn’t do it much when I was younger, but sleep talking is something that I have been told that I now have begun to do. I just hope I don’t say anything mean in my sleep!  

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How do the UT UF US SF bros act in bed with their S/O? Who snores, who drools? Who cuddles, who is cuddled? Who clings, who sprawls? Who rotates 180, who stays in one position all night? Who falls out of the bed but doesn't wake up? GIVE ME FLUFF.

* Trin admits to sleeptalking
* Try having a sleepover with me, stay up late enough for when I sleeptalk
* I’ll spill all sorts of tea and even hold conversations it’s hilarious


Actual skeletal teddy bear. With him, it’s cling or be clinged. He’ll hold his S/O really close to him and barely move when truly sleeping. He rarely gets nightmares when his S/O is around but even when he does, he jolts awake to find them wrapped in his arms/him wrapped in theirs and immediately calms down. He’s a snorer, the gentle wind rushing past teeth kind.


He starts out as a cuddler, then throughout the night he kinda…. flails? Idk. It’s not exactly tossing and turning but he’s definitely moving. But things will get pushed off the bed and limbs will get in faces. He doesn’t snore but sleeptalks. When he was younger, he actually had a problem with sleepwalking too. That was the first time he jumped out a window. He’s a very light sleeper, only sleeping 3-5 hours a day. Prefers to be the little spoon despite his lank.


Possessive cuddler. He’ll literally lock his S/O in his hug, curling around them and tangling his legs in theirs. He’s actually a really light sleeper but usually pretends to sleep heavily so he can ignore people trying to wake him up/ his S/O trying to wriggle out of his grip. Hey, he likes to hold them okay?


He doesn’t sleep often, preferring to run on caffeine and fumes. But when he does, he crashes hard, sleeping for 12 hours at a time. He’s the whole package of a terrible bedmate: sprawling, tossing, drooling, sleeptalking, etc etc. Yes he’s done the fall out of bed thing. Sans likes to mess with him in his sleep, typical draw a monocle in sharpie kind of things. Please keep Sans away. 


Very extremely heavy sleeper. He’s a cuddler… but unfortunately also a drooler. Rip PJs. He doesn’t move much in his sleep but tends to nuzzle into his S/O at times.


He’s fallen out of bed many times. Oh yes, he woke up don’t mistake that. He just decided getting back into bed was too much effort and continued sleeping on the floor. He’s a snorer, the loud rattly kind. He’s not exactly a cuddler? He likes to use his S/O’s tummy as a pillow.


What? Is?? He??? Trying???? To????? Do???????????
He’ll try to cuddle his S/O, but then sprawl and break the cuddle, then kick off the blankets, then move back to cling to them, then steal the pillow, then give it back and toss, then flail a bit and ends up sideways on the bed, then…
It’s not often he sleeptalks, but when he does, he narrates what’s happening in his dreams.


He’s a heavy sleeper, a completely dead log. God bless you if you’re trying to wake him up in the morning. He won’t move at all throughout the night or even snore. He does drool a little though. He likes cuddling before bed but once he’s out, it doesn’t matter because he won’t notice the difference between sleeping on a barn floor and the bed.


This is the most horribly self-indulgent thing I’ve done in a while but I heard someone say “Kidsona" and it’s 2012 again apparently?? Uh most of these things are pretty self-explanatory except that apparently I occasionally talk in my sleep irl and according to my roommate I say some pretty cryptic things, so I imagine my dreamself might sleeptalk in some way lmao

Oh yeah, because I’m just gonna find some random person in my bed and they were sleeptalking like "good morning, I’m your local telemarketer" in Swedish and then rolled over.

[Image transcription: “Hvorfor er det en svensk telefonselger i sengen min?” which translates to “Why is there a swedish telemarketer in my bed?”]

My eyes are closed now and I’m sleepwalking sleeptalking running my mouth that doesn’t know where it’s going and all I can see tattooed in the corners of my brain is every time I’ve ever noticed how your eyes light up when you smile
—  A.B. || I don’t know what to say

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Ty so much for taking the time to come back and shower us in volleyball boy love! Your scenarios are precious~ Could i ask how Oikawa, Kuroo, Bokuto and Sugawara would react if they overheard their s/o sleeptalking saying how much they love them?

[I don’t deserve that much praise (;へ:)]

Oikawa: Oikawa would run his fingers though his messy bedhead, woken up by his partner’s mumbling. Turning on his side and resting his head on his hand, Oikawa would watch his partner’s sleeping figure, listening intently to their loving words. Oikawa would be deeply touched, fighting the urge to wake them up and exclaim his feelings towards them in return. He would softly run his fingertips over their exposed skin, partly hoping that they would wake up, partly enjoying the warmth they were emitting.

Kuroo: Kuroo would raise an eyebrow after waking up with a rather displeased expression on his face. Once he would hear his partner’s sweet words that would change and his countenance would soften significantly. Kuroo would reach out his hand towards his partner’s face, stroking the skin of their cheek tenderly with his fingertips. Fighting the urge to wrap his arms around them tightly, Kuroo would instead decide to inch closer to his partner’s sleeping figure, slowly falling back asleep with a pleasant smile on his lips.

Bokuto: Bokuto would have gotten back home late at night, being greeted by his partner asleep on the couch. Right as he was about to wake them up, wanting to tell them to move to their bed, he heard their exclamation of love. Bokuto would be taken aback by their intense and deep feelings, knowing that he felt just the same (if not more) towards his partner. A wide grin would form on his lips and he would hear Akaashi’s voice scolding him for wanting to wake his partner up even more during this time. Bokuto would pick his partner up as gently as possible in order not to wake them up, carrying them to the bed their shared. Once he would have gotten ready for bed, he would snuggle up to his partner very closely and finally wake them up in the process…

Sugawara: Sugawara would think that it was happening in his dream until he slowly would be awakening from his slumber. He would give his partner a surprised look at first, the sleepiness overpowering his own train of thought. Once he would manage to get back to his senses, listening to his lover’s sweet words, Sugawara would smile gently, watching their sleeping figure. He would love to wake them up and thank them properly for appreciating him that much, but he would figure that postponing that to a later point in time would leave a better impression.

more sleeptalk adventures

Camper: “I don’t know what to do.”
Me: “That’s okay. You’re asleep. Be quiet and don’t worry about it.”
Camper: “I don’t know where to put it!”
Me: “That’s fine, dude. Just rest. You’re dreaming.”
Camper: “Okay, but what should I do with this? Can you take it?”
Me: “I can’t help you in your dream. Just put it down and a counselor will take care of it.”
Camper: “….okay.” [snorting and moaning]

sent to: Maglor 

[03:12:42AM] Right about now, I bet that pretty brother of yours is sleeptalking
[03:12:48AM] I could always hear him on my rounds this time of night
[03:12:55AM] always in orcish, though
if you record it, i could translate for you

received from: Maglor

[03:13:59AM] I understand him just fine.
[03:14:07AM] And I want you to know I’ll cut your lungs out if I get the chance