i will be sleeptalking

iKON CH+ convo 7

Jinhwan: Lastly, Bobby will promise to do something on CH+.
Bobby: I’ll leave CH+ on while sleeping.
Hanbin: It might be fun to watch bobby sleep. He sleeptalks. I was sharing a hotel room with Bobby, and I think he was really tired. *imitates Bobby’s sleeptalking* “Aren’t you tired?Fighting! I’m tired, too.” He was energetically sleeptalking.
Donghyuk: He keeps telling me to go to church when he sleeps.


The fire crackled in the fireplace as I sat on the couch, resting my legs on the cushion. I struggled to keep my eyes open but pushed through my exhaustion. I had an exam tomorrow and I had made the stupid decision of joking around with Remus for three hours, pulling a nasty prank with Lily on a boy who had tried to slap her butt earlier, and annoying people in the library with James, Sirius, and Peter.

Remus was sleeping with a book open on his chest on the cushy armchair opposite of me. He had fallen asleep while quizzing me on my exam. I smiled at the sight of him sleeping. He looked so peaceful, like nothing could ever wake him up.

I turned my attention back to the book in front of me. I yawned and stared at the pages. The words floated off the pages but never registered in my brain, and I found myself falling asleep . I needed a glass of water to wake up. 

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Imagine Woozi getting all flustered when he overheard DK confessing to him when the younger member was sleep talking in his slumber.

BONUS: The next day, when DK listens to the recording of his sleep talk, his face turns bright red upon hearing what he said about Woozi.

This one was admittedly slightly difficult cause I almost made it into sleeptalking, hehe. I assumed MC doesn’t really know she does that, so i hope you like it :3

-Admin Bloo~



  • This boy had raged on LOLOL too hard one night
  • So much that you had gone to sleep without him
  • He was almost drifting off as soon as he lay on the bed, but then he hears a whining sound from you
  • Sits up immediately, thinking you were having some kind of nightmare
  • He’s panicking and ready to wake you up to ask what’s wrong.
  • But then he notices that you were just being noisy; you weren’t necessarily having a bad dream.
  • After a while, he found it cute whenever he was awake to listen to it.
  • Those content sighs just made him want to cuddle with you all night.


  • You guys spoon and cuddle so much; it’s a wonder how he didn’t notice it before.
  • But one night he was reading his lines while you had gone to sleep early.
  • He was patting your head as he was practicing; then he hears a quiet hum.
  • He stops patting and looks at you for a while; and then tries to guess what you were dreaming about.
  • Zen the Knight ready to save his princess from bad dreams!
  • But then you just moved closer to his hand, and Zen took this as a sign to keep petting.
  • In the morning, he was all smiles and would just call you adorable
  • “Thanks Zen, but what did I do?”
  • “Nothing. Just keep being your cute self”
  • “Okay…”


  • Tbh, I think Jaehee talks in her sleep too.
  • Like one night, you were making whiny noises with the cutest scrunched up face
  • She would bring it up in the morning; it’s the first time you’ve ever heard that you do that.
  • She would pinch your cheeks mockingly while you were embarrassed.
  • The next night, you lay awake wondering if Jaehee does anything.
  • And hoooo boy does she speak.
  • She lists off Jumin’s itinerary even when she’s left that job, and you have to control yourself from laughing.
  • Obviously you record it all.
  • When you play it for her the next morning, it’s her turn to be embarrassed.
  • You both vow to never bring this up ever again.


  • We’ve already established that this man loves watching you sleep.
  • One night, he was just idly tracing the lines on your open palm
  • And suddenly, you make a noise that sounds like purring??
  • He thought you were awake, and calls your name quietly.
  • But you are fast asleep.
  • He brings this up in the morning by saying “You have more in common with Elizabeth the 3rd than you think”
  • “Why’s that?”
  • “You both like being petted in your sleep.”
  • You are blushing, confused, and stunned into silence.
  • He simply smirks at your speechlessness before heading out to work


  • Most of the time, you two do end up sleeping at separate timings, but you still make it a point of waking up together.
  • So he had long ago noticed that you are a very noisy sleeper.
  • But USUALLY he’s really too tired to do anything about it at the time.
  • So he’s attached a recorder to your cat robot, which you always keep on the bedside table next to your side of the bed.
  • Obviously you don’t know about that particular detail, and are always wondering where can he record it from such clarity.
  • Whenever you sound particularly funny, he always makes it a point to make you listen to it the next morning.
  • You’re way past embarrassed at this point and join in on guessing what could you have been dreaming about/ laughing about it.
  • That still doesn’t excuse him for whenever he posts them on the RFA chatroom tho.
  • Little do you know that he’s compiled all of his favorite ones so that he can listen to them whenever he feels down. Or whenever really.

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Reticent - Ch. 5 (Final)

Do Kyungsoo/Reader
Word Count: 2,270

Previous Chapter

“Are you cold?” He asked, his voice crisp in the evening quiet surrounding you. He still hadn’t let go of your hand, he had kept it firmly in his from the moment you left the party, his thumb rubbing soothing circles on the back of your palm.

You shivered slightly, your body instantly betraying you and making you blush.

“Just a little,” you replied. “We’ll be home soon, it’s okay, don’t worry.”

Kyungsoo stared at you for a moment, his eyebrows furrowed, before puffing his cheeks and exhaling, his breath creating a small cloud in the cold air. He gave your hand a squeeze and pulled in the pocket of his jacket, keeping your entwined hands there. You stared into the sky, allowing Kyungsoo to guide you, as you thought of the events had transpired earlier in the evening.

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My best friend is a sleep talker/walker and these are things i've caught him saying part 2

• “Go ahead, i dare you

• “Jesus christ Denice i swear to God”

• “Hashtag too cool for school”

• “Pop lock and drop it”

• He started speaking romanian

• “You are just-” *cue universal okay sign*

• “Thats where you went wrong - never assume i’m adult enough to do things by myself”

• *In the most deadpan voice* “Do you wanna fight?”

• “That’s what happens when you don’t Jesus enough”

“Kill her”


• “Well……. Looks like the tables have turned haven’t they?”

• “Time heals a broken heart but not that bitch’s window”

• “Tis’ but a scratch!”



“I will outlive the both of you”

• *After stealing all the blankets* “This is my right as a human”

• “This is MY yogurt, satan”

And my personal favourite…..

• Sat up, looked at me, said “Your mother ate my hotdog - I will send her to the seventh circle of hell” then collapsed

RFA reacting to MC sleeptalking

Wuhu, I´m back!o(≧∇≦o) but seriously, the only reason I´m writing right now is that I don´t want to learn for my maths exam….


° believe it or not, some people can´t take staying up till 4AM playing LOLOL

° you were one of those people ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

°  so while Yoosung kept playing you went to bed and fell asleep as soon as you hit the pillow

° even MC has hard days…

° that night you had a wonderful dream about you and Yoosung

° you went on a date, he bought you some ice cream and after that you had a picnic in the park

° but he got so much ice cream on his clothes XD you laughed

° after loosing two rounds, Yoosung decided his concentration was Long gone and it was time for sleep

° honestly while walking to the bedroom he was already half asleep ( ̄へ ̄)

° at this Moment there was only one thing he desired, go to bed and sleep so bascally everything I wannna do in school

° he quietly closed the door in order not to wake you

° he knew that meant death

° he stopped mid-movement when he thought he heard someone talk

° “You dummy, now you got ice cream all over your shirt.”

° he didn´t misheard, you were talking

° in your sleep

° soooooo cute

° overwhelmed by your cuteness he even forgot about you calling him a dummy XD

° from this day on, he kept this as his little secret


° it was one of those days when she came home so late you were already asleep

° it was ok for you, although it was a bit lonely going to bed by yourself

° anyway you brushed your theeth and went to bed

° the TV was still on when you fell asleep because you felt less alone with some voices ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° Jaehee came home long past midnight

° someone messed up some documents and guess who had to fix it?

° right, it was Jaehee… who else ? (⌣_⌣”)

° but when she finally returned home she immediately went to the bedroom and just wanted to fall into the covers

°  meanwhile you tossed and turned in your sleep, like you had a nightmare

° which was kind of the case here

° in your dream, Jaehee left you to be with Jumin for which reason whatsoever

° you screamed after her, but she apparently couldn´t hear you

° “No, don´t leave me! Please stay..”

° there was no use, she never looked back..

° so sad ಠ╭╮ಠ

° Jaehee was scarred when she heard your voice after she turned off the TV

° who shouldn´t leave you? she was confused…(・_・ヾ

° you started screaming and kicked the Sheets

° “Jaehee! Don´t leave me, I love you!”

° she sat down on the bed and slowly petted your hair to calm you down

° “Don´t worry, I won´t leave you. Ever. I can prmise you that.”

° you calmed down after that and you two were able to find a good nights sleep in the end

° the next day she wanted to ask you about the dream but you came to her telling her about this nightmare you had

° so, no reason for her to increase your discomfort by telling you about the sleeptalking ;)


° whenever you had trouble sleeping he would tell you a bedtime story

° he had a very calming voice so they worked in 9 out of 10 cases

° those storys were all fairytales about knights and princesses

° he was talking about you two

° today he told you a Story about the kinight who wanted to resue his princess but got injurned while doing that

° you fell asleep before you heard the end and so your subconciousness thought of one

° in your dream the princess saved the Knight who turned out to be a prince from a far away country〈(゜。゜)

° the two married and lived happily ever after Awwwww

° of course you were the princess and Zen was your prince

° even after realizing that you slept Zen stayed at your side and watched over you (´∀`)♡

° he knew you had the tendency to talk in your sleep, mostly about your dreams

° he was aware of that, you never knew about it.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° “I love you too, my prince. I´m glad you aren´t a Knight and we can be together.”

° he was hurt and angry

° so he decided to wake you which you should never do because it is a dick-move

° “Zen, why did you wake me up? I had so a nice dream..”

° “You cheated on me.”

° he was sulking

° “Who is that prince and why is he better thn the Knight anyway?”

° at first you were confused, then you realized he talked about your sleep

° but how did he know about it?

° it didn´t matter to you at the moment because you were still tired and longed to go back to sleep

° so you explained it to him and he seemed satisfied

° “So I´m worth being a prince and a knight? I always knew I have the Talent to be both.”

° his narcissm kicked in and that meant you could sleep again

° but this time he joined you in the bed and for your dream he rewarded you with lots of cuddles

° “Zen, you still haven´t told me why you knew about my dream…”

°“Just go to sleep princess.”


° Just like Jaehee he came home late frequently

° you were never really alone since Elisabeth was there but it wasn´t like could hold a conversation with her

° once more you went to bed with Elisabeth and without your husband

° she curled up behind your back and started to purr

° calmed by the soft vibrations you dazed off into sleep

° you dreamed about your honeymoon

° Europe, blue water, White sand and cold drink, who Needs more in order to be happy?

° I don´t

° all in all, it was a dream that reminded you of the sweet time you had just for yoour own

° a couple of minuites before midnight Jumin returned to the penthouse

° he didn´t expect you to be still awake, rather he´d be angry if you´d stay up so late

° so he was pleased to see you were already asleep

° his heart made ajump of happiness when he saw Elisabeth next to you (ノ^∇^)

° he took his phone out of his pocket and tried to take the Picture

° the mainword here is try XD

° the photo was just a black room, so he activated the camera-flash idk how you call this XD

° bad Thing, the light caused your happy dream to turn into a nightmare..(O∆O)

° the once sunny and warm day turned into a storm with lightning and thunder

° in the panick this storm caused you lost sight of Jumin

° “Jumin, where are you? Come back!”

° you turned around and made some strange noises like you were really uncomfortable

° Jumin felt bad, thinking that it was his fault which it kind if was..

° “No need to worry my dear, I will never leave you.”

° he decided to lay down on the bed and hold you in his arms

° your sleep became peaceful once again and when you woke up the next morning you still were in the arms of your beloved one


° we all know he is kind of paranoid….

° so he was always afraid you might leave

° furthermore he didn´t get the Signals he needed from you and lived with fear

° in order to knew when you would leave, he thaught you definetly would…◑.◑

° so there were cameras in most of the room, exept for the bathroom (he removed the one there when you kindly asked him)

° he had a very twisted sleeping behaviour, work at night and sleep at day

° but some people had a… I don´t know… normal job

° so each of you usually had to sleep alone, which made you very sad へ[ •́ ‸ •̀ ]ʋ

° whenever he had a bit of spare time he went into the bedroom and said how sorry he was to your sleeping form

° it was too embarassing for him to tell you that when you were awake

° but you were a really deep sleeper, he could literally listen to heavy metal on full volume, right next to you, you wouldn´t care..

° meaning: safe time to talk like a waterfall infront of you σ(≧ε≦o)

° one night, when he felt the urge to talk again he took a chair and sat next to the bed

° and then he talked and talked and talked

° at first he didn´t notice you talking

° “You know MC, I´m afraid you´ll leave me and then I´ll be alone again and then I´ll become depressive and then…”

° “Saeyoung… don´t cry… I´ll never leave, I´ll stay with you..”

° he was like whaaaat? Σ(゜ロ゜;)

° he was so happpy, he started to cry, of course they were tears of joy (♥ω♥*)

° a normal boyfriend would do something sweet like preparing breakfast the next morning or buying flowers…

° buuut he wasn´t normal to begin with

° so he woke you…. by shaking you and screaming your Name

° “MC!!! Wake uuup!!”

° what a caring man he is…

° you woke up, slapped him and went back to sleep ⊂((・▽・))⊃

° hey, who said you couldn´t be mean when he was ???

° but to make up for it he took a day of and was the most caring boyfriend a Girl could imagine (in reality he just skipped work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

° and you didn´t know but with your subconcious confession you took one hell of a load of his shoulders

So, that´s it …… for know!
I´ll add V and Saeran tomorrow when I´m finished with my exam. Promise!         o(≧∇≦o)

But I wanted to upload at least this much since I was awya last week…

If you enyoed reading, I´d be very happy if you´d leave a like or a comment. If you a request or a HC you always wanted to read, don´t feel afraid and send it to me (/^▽^)/

fantasyhoeh-deactivated20170514  asked:

I LOVE you for real, let's get married honey. But if you're not up to that, could I pretty please get the minor trio discovering MC speaks in their sleep. Like, every night. Sometimes the sentences don't make any sense, but sometimes they might blurt out something really embarrassing. Lot's of love to you!

✿ you don’t want to marry me, i’m a mess


  • At first, he thinks it’s adorable. He’ll lie awake at night, listening to you mumble to yourself with this positively delighted grin on his face. But when he actually starts listening to the content of what you’re saying, he gets kind of… disturbed.
  • “There was a hideous screaming which echoed above even the hill noises and the dogs’ barking on the night Wilbur was born…” you mumble into your pillow, your slow drone interrupted by a gigantic snore and a dribble of drool. He has literally no idea what it all means because his english isn’t great, but he knows a couple of those words and they are not good words.
  • He’s curious though, so he gets a pad of paper and starts scribbling stuff down. in the morning, he presents it to Jumin.
  • Jumin is a very, very smart man. He’s educated, well read, speaks at least five different languages… and he tells Yoosung that you’re quoting H.P. Lovecraft.
  • Okay, well that sounds like it’s something straight out of H.P Lovecraft, but it’s kind of endearing hearing you mumble about the tentacled things from the deep.
  • (That’s how you know the boy’s in love.)
  • He starts brushing up on his English so he doesn’t have to ask Jumin to translate everything, and he starts realizing that, wait. Wait.
  • You’re not just quoting stuff. You’re putting the RFA in this weird spooky bullshit.
  • You talk about how Jaehee punches a cultist in the face, and how Jumin is among the congregation of townsfolk who worships a weird fire monster in the basement. Zen is the avatar of an ancient god, and Yoosung…
  • You mumble about Yoosung, and how he gallantly rescues you from being sacrificed to a strange, eldritch power.
  • o h m y g o d
  • he just starts grinning.
  • you’re dreaming about him saving you from eldritch abominations.
  • he wiggles underneath the sheets, trying not to wake you as he does a little happy dance.


  • Ok, so Zen likes watching you sleep, but he swears it’s not in a creepy stalker way ok
  • Like it’s just - the light on your face, y’know? The way your hair flutters across your face as you breath in and out, the way your lips move as you mutter softly to yourself…
  • Sometimes he’ll even lean in to listen, letting your breath tickle across his ear.
  • He’d kinda been hoping for something ~sexy~ or just… romantic babbling about ‘oooooh, Zenny-zen, I love you and your muuuscles’ but no such like. Occasionally there is some mention of musculature, but it’s always in the context of anatomy and your apparent obsession with rabbit bones.
  • why do you like rabbits so much.
  • this is weird.
  • Like, you like rabbits in the waking world too, have keychains and t-shirts and hoodies with rabbit prints, but you’re weird fascination with quantifying the silkiness of their fur based on breed is.
  • It’s weird, okay.
  • Zen occasionally tries to ask you about it when you’re awake, and you vehemently deny ever dreaming about anything that weird, so he just… tries to pretend you’re saying cute things instead. One night, though, you take him off guard by actually saying something adorable.
  • He sees your lips form the words “Zenny-zen”, and at first he thinks he’s just projecting his desires on you. But he leans in and hears you mumble about how Zenny-zen is your favorite rabbit and his hair is the softest and prettiest and shiniest and
  • Zen just. Preens. So, of all the rabbits you surround yourself with, he’s your favorite?
  • He teases you about it in the morning.


  • She’s a pretty restless sleeper, so she often wakes up briefly in the middle of the night. When she hears you whispering to yourself next to her, she’ll cuddle up and listen to you to help lull herself back to sleep.
  • even though what you say is nonsensical and totally weird.
  • You talk about books you’ve read, recite facts about coffee, say something about how parliament’s been destroyed and then go on to call Jumin a melon.
  • like a literal melon.
  • you repeat ‘Jumelon’ to yourself three times and Jaehee wakes you up with her giggling.
  • The one thing you say though that really melts her is just this quiet mumble of “I want to start a religion worshipping Jaehee’s coffee”.
  • omg.
  • of course you go on to say things about you’ll make a coffee god that consumes everyone with its java-y goodness but
  • y’know.
  • That’s why she loves you.


  • Jumin needs to get eight full hours of sleep to be prepared for the day, so he can’t really stay up to listen to your sleeptalk.
  • He records it, though.
  • Oh boy, does he record it.
  • To be fair, he gets your permission first, and it becomes something of a tradition between the two of you to listen to the recordings in the morning.
  • The weird shit you say become in-jokes between the two of you. “I want to lick a snail”, for example, is something that Jumin now says whenever he’s asked what he wants to eat today. You’ll tell him that he has “very consumable eyes” to compliment him, and one day, Jumin leans in and whispers to you, they’re coming for you in the dark to which you bust a gut laughing.
  • no one else gets it.
  • jumin loves that no one else gets it, because it’s a proof of the connection that the two of you share.
  • One morning, you’re listening to the recordings and you actually say something pretty normal and coherent about how Jumin looks really sexy when he’s trying to cook, and you just bluuuuuush up a storm.
  • “Is that why you’re always watching me from the doorway?” he asks and you whine and tell him to stop listening.


  • “Take me to the stars, 707. I want to eat a piece of the moon!”
  • is that sleeptalk or just something you’d say normally? hard to tell, isn’t it?
  • To be quite honest, sleeping you is the same as normal you content wise. Seven tells you that it’s like he never has to be apart from you from a moment, which is both weird and romantic and totally fitting of his relationship.
  • He wants to be the little spoon so he can listen to you better, and he just has this sparkle-eyed expression on his face when he stays up and hears you talk.
  • You could say anything and he’d eat it up. How you want to eat a cactus, or how you want to swim with the fishes and put clam shells in your hair.
  • He’ll tease you about this in the morning and ask if you’d rather go to the ocean than the moon. Or if you really do think that his hair looks like cranberry sauce, or if you think he tastes as sweet as melon ice cream.
  • (you scream softly. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SAYING…!!)
  • The stars are watching us, you breathe out into his ear, and it’s both creepy and sooooooo romantic.
  • He makes that his new status, as he does with many of the other things you babble about.
“you guys secretly love each other.”

summary: you wake up to minhyun and jaehwan cuddling and you’re hella confused.

person: hwang minhyun ft kim jaehwan aka saranghae team lmfao

firstly i had no idea wtf a sleep au is,, so im sorry if this didnt meet expectations someone pls tell me what a sleep au is lmfao so i kinda just made this hella different than requested but oh whale….. someonE TELLMEPLES

  • you and minhyun have been friends for about 4 years
  • and it didnt rlly bother you at the fact u guys like to sleep next to each other
  • yeah both of u have crushes but none of u have admitted
  • smh
  • anyways
  • the wanna one members somehow know that uguys flirt like 26/9 (what am i doing help)
  • minhyun invited u over the dorm bc he got so fuckn bored
  • ur like “i JUST SAW YOU TWO DAYS AGO?? smh CLINGY”
  • then minhyun left u on read and he knows ur gonna slap him in the face
  • so the doorbell rings
  • and daehwis like “I GOT IT DID U ORDER FOOD ANYO- oH Y/N!!”
  • daehwi pulls u into a hug and u blush bc wtf hes so cute what even?
  • “what are you doing here y/n??” ong smirks “oHMYGOD UR HERE FOR MINHYUNRIGHT??”
  • you blush and ur like “nah i gotta clean ur dorm smh.. i hope u guys dont mind that i’ll be staying over tonight??”
  • “oF COURSE NOT” daniel smirks
  • “whos there? AISHDDHDH Y/N!”
  • minhyun runs to u and pulls u into a hug and ur lowkey dying bc hes so tall and u know ur gonna fall and die
  • “why dont yall jusT KISS ALREADY OHMYGOD” seongwoo screams
  • “shut up..” minhyun rolls his eyes
  • “ur so clingy what did seonho do to u i LEGIT JUST SAW U TWO DAYSAGO”
  • “why are you talkin about seonho” minhyun pouts “U CAME HEREFOR A REASON”
  • “bc i am the mum of seonho” u roll ur eyes
  • “Y/N-NOONA!” guanlin screams and runs to u 
  • “wHATTHEFUCKDHCHC” ur screaming inside
  • “ok you make me want to live here guanlin”
  • u kinda forget about cleaning the dorm so minhyun does it by himself and then jaehwan suggests about watching a movie
  • “hORRORRR”
  • “no i cant do that” you pout and daniel gives u a high five “i feEL YOU Y/N”
  • “why not romance.. ekekekek” uR WANTING TO SLAP THE HYUNG LINE SO BADLY
  • “ok hyung line.. u rlly want me to smack u dont u” you look at the maknaes “lOOK AT THE MAKNA!!ES!! SO!! WELL!! BE!!HAVED uNLIKE YOU ALL TREATING ME LIKT HIS”
  • “sungwoon UR GOING TO DIE TONIGHTHEHDHC” u scream mentally in your mind bc fuckandeveryone knows now u like the hwang minhyun and UR DYING
  • luckily minhyun is in the kitchen and he probably hasnt heard anything…
  • “hyung…. THIS WASNT THE RIGHT TIME” woojin tuts at sungwoon hyung
  • “this is why i love the maknaes.. my children”
  • ong throws a pfT at you and u smirk
  • timeskip to night
  • you’re getting ready for bed and you are like take the couch and minhyunslike nO just sleep beside me and u panic a little
  • “o..okay”
  • “why are you nervous? we’ve done this a lot”
  • you can hear small screams
  • “oh mygod whos screaming”
  • “jihoon hyung” guanlin giggles
  • “i know but like.. THERE are other people here..”
  • “just…. come closer y/n, its fine”
  • he snuggles next to you and u kinda just become the small spoon lmfao
  • “i love you.. y/n”
  • “i love you too..”
  • u kinda check to see if hes sleeptalking but nO
  • “im sorry i didnt say this sooner,”
  • the rooms dead quiet but u can hear some muttering
  • “the members were pushing me and i-”
  • “OUCH”
  • “iM SORRY CONTINUE I JUST” guanlin falls off his bed
  • bc ur smiling like an idiot
  • man
  • in the morning u wake up and some members are already awake
  • “morning y/n!” they greet u
  • you look to your left where minhyun was
  • “oh my god”
  • minhyun moves a little and opens his eyes
  • “OHMY-”
  • jaehwan falls off the bed
  • “oHMYGOD IM”
  • ur hella confused
  • the end.
  • whats a sleep au someone tell me asap

anonymous asked:

Gom's reaction to their tsundere s/o sleeptalking a soft 'I love you [character name]' Thanks buddy :)

Kuroko: Heart melting when he hears you murmur those sweet words, he wishes he’d had his phone out so he could record it. Then, Kuroko realizes hearing you say ‘I love you’ out loud was rare; he should cherish this moment.

Kise: The cooing aw that he lets out is just a little too loud and it wakes you up. Kise covers his mouth, but it’s obvious he’s smiling behind his hands. He refuses to tell you what he heard, not wanting you to retreat into an embarrassed shell.

Aomine: Almost missing it the first time, Aomine actually stills in silence to see if you’d repeat yourself. After a while, he starts murmuring questions at you, hoping to coax the words out of your lips from the dream you were in.

Midorima: There’s color on his cheeks and he’s not sure he can look at you despite your eyes being closed. Midorima knows you are asleep, but that doesn’t stop him from muttering a reciprocating answer to you as well.

Murasakibara: It was barely a whisper and yet Murasakibara was fixated on what you had said. He stares at you for a long time afterward, hoping you would continue to say more, but when you don’t he settles for resting alongside you.

Akashi: The soft chuckle that escapes his lips isn’t enough to wake you up, so he continues to watch you silently. Akashi would reach out to caress at your cheek, wondering if you’d say more or if he’d hear the phrase again.

Bubbles And Blue Shells (Mini Ladd x Reader)

Request :  For the prompt list can you so #8 with Mini Ladd being Person A? Thank you!

Requested By : @kurwanda

Prompt : #8 -  Person A sleep talks and Person B can never get enough of what they have to say, having small conversations to black mail them with. (Prompt List)

—– —– —– —– —–

You were exhausted, that much was obvious. Your body felt heavy, like even if their was a fire you would not move an inch kind of tired. You had fallen asleep what felt like seconds ago, but with much effort, you opened your eyes and checked your phone, squinting at the light.

3:21 AM.

You let your head fall back onto your pillow, contemplating whether or not to scream in frustration or not. Craig laid next to you sound asleep, and you were almost surprised he was actually in bed, he must have finished editing his video early.

You shut your eyes, hoping sleep would come soon when he started to murmurer. You didn’t move, assuming you had woken him up with moving around or he had just recently fallen asleep.

 “I said those were my bubbles…” Despite how tired you were you let your eyes open, staring at the dark ceiling in confusion.

You turned to face him, propping on one elbow. “Craig?”

“No, I paid with cookies…” Nothing for a good few seconds, “So they’re my bubbles.”

Unbelievable. You had to fight the laughter threatening to escape. He was sleep talking. You grinned as you grabbed your phone, turning on the little nightlight you kept in case of storms shutting off the power, and turned your phone to your sleeping boyfriend.

“What’s wrong Craig?” You asked, making sure your voice was quiet enough to not wake him up fully.

“You’re trying to steal my bubbles…” His voice was gruff and quiet, and you started snickering.

“I’m not gonna steal your bubbles Craig.” He continued sleeping, as you covered your mouth to hold back the laughs.

“Good…I paid…’n’ bought ‘em…”

“How much were they?”

“A zillion cookies.” You couldn’t help it, a snort escaped you as Craig rolled onto his back, arm crossed over his eyes.

“That’s a good plan…” Well cookie conversation is done.

“What plan babe?”

“No blue shell no!” You fell over, phone still recording as you were overcome with giggles.

He was having nightmares about losing in Mario Kart. You thanked whoever blessed you with this idiot as your boyfriend.

“Who blue shelled you Craig?”

A few seconds of silence before he muttered out a, “Damn you Nogla…”

You stopped recording, putting your phone back and laid down, giggling to yourself as you scooted closer to Craig, smiling as you shut your eyes, cuddling up to the dork you loved.

- - - Next Day - - - 

@ Y/T/N : so apparently craig dreamt about me stealing his bubbles and @ DaithiDeNogla blue shelling him ! 😂 why does my bf dream about you huh ? video/miniladd/sleeptalk

@ DaithiDeNogla : @ Y/T/N i cant help it i was cursed with these looks 😉

@ MiniLaddd : @ Y/T/N @ DaithiDeNogla this is why you were so giggly this morning! 

@ fourzer0seven : @ MiniLaddd @ Y/T/N @ DaithiDeNogla sucks they had to find out about you and nogla this way so sorry (Y/N)

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was hoping to take advantage of you being awesome and offering to take sidgeno drabble prompts, if that's cool? I was thinking like, something about sid's sleeptalking habit (AKA when he shamelessly gushes over how hot/talented/perfect G is while he sleeps) and like flower and his road roommates are familiar with this but then Geno hears once and just like. Melts. Pls, if you wouldn't mind writing this tooth-rotting fluff, I would melt. Thank you again for your time!!! :)))))))

!!!!! ohhh my god i cannot express to you how much i love sid’s sleeptalking involved in fic alsjdfa (hit me up with sidgeno prompts y’all)

Geno, if you asked him, would say he was a connoisseur of Sidney Crosby trivia. 

Of course, no one ever asked him- but, if you did, Geno would say that. He’d say it jokingly, with a toothy grin and just enough of a wink that you’d know (think) he was kidding, but in reality, he really wasn’t. He knew a lot of things about Sid. 

Most of it just came with the territory of knowing him for any extended period of time, because Sid was an easy person to get to know, on the surface. He had predictable routines, and rituals Geno could time down to the second- and, since he’d started being involved in at least part of them, often had. He knew exactly the amount of time he needed to take getting ready and getting through his own routine to be ready just in time for his and Sid’s handshake, to make it look like he wasn’t waiting for it like some kind of eager child waiting for his crush to pass him in the hallway at school. 

(Except, that’s exactly what Geno was, and he knew it.) 

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Sleepwalker--Imagine #18

Anonymous asked: I just thought if this idea and I’m in love:) could you write an imagine where me and my crush have JUST started dating and one night he is sleepwalking and he tells you how much he loves and all that he loved about you?:)

A/N: I truly don’t know what the shit this is. I’m sorry. Keep dreaming!~Logan

I woke up to the sound of someone banging around in my kitchen. 

What the hell, I thought. My parents were away for the weekend, I was alone except for–

My hands searched blindly over the comforter. C/n should be in bed beside me, since he was staying for the weekend, but instead the spot next to me was void of him. 

I heard some mumbling coming from the kitchen and untangled myself from the sheets, wondering what he was doing in the kitchen at fucking four o’clock in the morning. 

I tripped over the rug, my vision bleary with sleep. As I reached the kitchen I saw c/n sitting there, his broad back facing me as he sat in the chair at the breakfast bar island, hands intertwined as if he was making some business deal with some invisible business partner across from him. 

“I just–I have all these thoughts of you and I can’t find a way to say them,” I heard him slur, his words running together with sleep. 

Oh my god, he’s sleeptalking, I thought, a lazy grin tugging at my lips. 

Curiously, I walked to the other side of the island and leaned over it, careful not to make a sound and wake him up. 

His eyes were half-open and he looked stoned, but despite that, my heart swelled at how cute and innocent he looked. His eyebrows were knitted together and he looked concerned. 

He didn’t register I was standing in front of him, and scratched at his puffy-from-sleep cheeks. 

“God, like, you’re so pretty, ya know?” 

I stood still, leaning, my whole body frozen and my breath caught in my throat.

“And, I feel so out of your league, because you are so perfect to me and when I look at you I wonder how I got so lucky. All the guys at school keep asking me how I managed to get close to you, close enough that you love me and I keep tellin’ ‘em I just don’t know,” his eyebrows raised lazily, eyes not focusing on me even though my face was two feet from his. “I wish you could hear the conversatiosn guys would have about you before you were mine. And of course, some idiots still talk as if they can steal you from me. But that’s just it, you’re so loyal and I keep telling them that, but they keep saying no guy like me can keep a girl like you.”

His face became devoid of emotion for a second and his body wavered in the seat. I thought he was going to topple off it for a second but he grabbed a mug that I didn’t see before off the island and sipped air from it. I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped my lips. He must’ve been thinking he was drinking something, when in reality he was sucking air into his mouth from an empty mug. 

“You make the best food. You think you’re a horrible cook, but the fact that you’re so cute with all those splotches of whatever you’re cooking all over your face makes any burnt piece of food worth it. I hope you love me because if you didn’t this conversation would be really awkward,” he went quiet for another few moments. 

My face was on fire. He said he loved me. I cannot believe it. We’ve been dating for awhile and I wanted to tell him but didn’t wanna scare him off. I wished I could tell him I love him, too, but he’s asleep and I’d want him to be completely conscious. 

My hand, of it’s own accord, slid over the back of his and I stroked the soft skin. His eyebrows knitted together a bit again, and he shook his head, clearly upset with dream-me. 

“No, y/n. Shhhh,” he slurred, sloppily placing his finger on his pink, puffy lips, and then dropping it to grasp the empty mug again. “You need to listen. You are so important to me. Like more important than anyone else. The thing that made me fall even deeper in love with you is how kind you are to everyone, but you still manage to be the baddest chick I’ve ever met. You are so badass, y/n, you intimidate me. And I love how your eyes shine and glow in sunlight. You also have the cutest way of scrunching up your face when you focus on your homework and work on your hobbies. And, oh my god the hottest thing is when you get so passionate and riled up about something, I could sit and listen to your powerful rants all day long. Your intelligence is so sexy. And I love tracing your perfect little birthmark. You don’t like it but I think it makes you even more adorable.”

He took another “sip” from the mug, but I didn’t giggle this time. His words were unfiltered and instead of complaining about me in his dreams he was professing his love to me. He never found it easy to tell me how he felt, so this was something I knew wasn’t going to occur again for awhile. But I think if I could tell him I loved him also he wouldn’t be so scared of telling me how he felt. 

“I just wish you knew how much my body craves you when you’re not near me and how even if we’re just lying together, I am completely content,” he sighed, his voice quiet. 

I wanted to kiss him so bad right now. He looked so small and vulnerable, and so irresistibly cute. Dark circles under his eyes told of many late nights, many he’d spent with me, listening to me rant. I didn’t know he enjoyed listening to those stupid angry declarations of mine so much. But now that I think back I remember how when I’d glance at him, his eyes were so full of something I couldn’t pinpoint in those moments, that I can now. Love. He looked at me like a man smitten. And here he was telling me little details about me he cherished like jewels, in his sleep

His body slumped over the counter, and I realized he’d finished. 

Moving to his side of the island, I placed my lips on his cheeks, giving him a small peck. He hummed in what sounded like approval. 

“Let’s get to bed, my sweet baby,” I whispered in his ear, hoping he would either wake up or follow me to bed in his sleep. There was no way I’d be leaving him out here.

I moved my lips to the back of his neck, right above the first bone of his spine poked out from his white sleep shirt. Giving him a tender kiss on his favorite spot, his body moved to crush me in a very warm and sleepy bear hug. When he released me, I was disappointed to see his eyes still in their half-open state. He hadn’t woken up. At least he was responding to me. 

Gingerly, I slipped my slender hand into his large one, and led him to our bedroom once again. I tucked him and me into the bed, but before I could move back to my side of the bed, c/n pulled me into his side, so close you couldn’t slide anything between us. 

“Mine,” he growled, and I was surprised by the ferocity and internsity in his voice. It made my toes curl. 

Seconds later I heard his soft snuffling snores caressing my ear in hot breaths and I fell asleep to the warmth of his body and his heart beating under my ear.


My eyes opened sleepily to the soft glow of sunlight that warmed my room, indicating it was the first rays of the morning. 

What could have possibly woke me up this early? 

That’s when I felt my answer on the nape of neck in the form of two soft lips. C/n had spooned me at some point in the night and I gave no indication I was awake now, pondering over if I should tell c/n what I had witnessed last night. 

I resisted the urge to let out a satisfactory sigh as c/n’s lips traveled languidly lower down my neck, tugging gently at the top of my shirt to trail his kisses farther down. 

“Damn clothes always have to get in my way.” 

My insides twisted at his husky voice and the feel of his hot breath against my skin. I had to resist the urge to chuckle at his frustration. I had listened to him complain before about my “damn clothes” whenever our kissing started getting heated. 

He moved his lips to my ear and ran his tongue along the top of it, pulling my hair gently away from the side of my face. My breath hitched, but I tried to keep my facial expression neutral, not wanting to give away I was awake. I could feel his hot breath against my ear, coming in soft puffs. 

“I love you,” he mumbled, his voice still gravelly from sleep.

The words, and the passion and tenderness with which he said them, broke me into a million pieces and molded me back together again in a more beautiful way than before.  He moved away from my ear, resting his head against the pillow we were sharing, his large, toasty hands under my shirt, drawing patterns on my stomach. 

“I love you so goddamn much,” he whispered to himself it seemed, and I heard the awe in his tone. 

I couldn’t act anymore. I flipped over, lying my body on his and attacked him with my lips, feverishly. I kissed him hungrily, and our labored breathing and small mewls and loud, short grunts of pleasure were the only sounds in the quiet, still morning. 

“Oh my god,” I gasped before his teeth captured my bottom lip and tugged gently before releasing. “I love you, too,” I gasped. 

We stopped and stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, cheeks flushed with passion and shyness. Our eyes studied every feature of our faces and memorized the love that was stirring in our expressions. 

C/n brushed away a fly-away and tucked it behind my ear.

“You’re amazing,” he smiled, looking at me like I was a million bucks. 

“You’re incredible,” I sighed, caressing his face. “You’re also a sleepwalker and talker,” I giggled as his face flushed even more red. 

“Oh shit,” he groaned, rubbing his hands over his face.

“You kind of were blathering away about me last night,” I nudged him with my nose on his cheek as he let out a string of muffled grumblings. 

“Damn, I really need to stop doing that,” he said, pulling his hands from his face, and resting them around me and rubbing my back. 

“You kidding me? I hope you never stop,” I grinned, and he captured my smiling lips in another passionate kiss, leading to more confessions of love and passionate explorations of each other. 

allhaildaveeddiggs  asked:

I have a Johsnavi headcanon: Johan is a sleeptalker and will mumble random things, sometimes decipherable, and Usnavi will sometimes try to decipher what Johan is saying when he's bored and Johan is cuddling Usnavi like it's said he does in another headcanon

Now all i can think of is that one post with the boyfriend that mumbles the ominous stuff in his sleep.
Sometimes the stuff Johan mumbles is really sweet like little ‘i love you’s and stuff like that.
Other times its weird ass shit like 'there’s people on the fire escape’ or non sense Spanish or french and Usnavi is lowkey terrified
He may or may not take some of Johan’s cleansing incense and burn it throughout the apartment