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Fic authors, self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers

I was tagged by the lovely @howlingbarnes (thank you, love!)

1. Forever (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

This is my baby - the first ever fanfic I wrote! It took just over a year for me to write, mainly b/c college got in the way, but it started out on wattpad, and then I moved it on here, just to share. It got an amazing response as my first fic series, and the ending made some people cry (including me). This fic will forever (haha get it?) hold a special place in my heart.

2. Secrets (Peter Parker x Reader)

This story was my first full-on angst fic that I ever wrote, and I miss it. The ending is perfect the way it is, but sometimes I have an itch to just go write an epilogue for it or something, lol. I reread this one every now and then, just because I don’t write a lot for Peter anymore, sadly.

3. Quit Staring (Tom Holland x Reader)

This short drabble that I wrote in 20 minutes on a whim (thanks to British GQ and Tom) is nearing 2k notes, and I’m still in shock about it. I never imagined a piece of mine would get so much attention, nevertheless one that I didn’t even proofread or anything, haha. I love this piece a lot though, and I’m happy so many others do too.

4. Song of Themyscira (demigod!Bucky Barnes x Amazon!Reader)

This baby is nearing its end, so I’m gonna count it, lol. This is my first fic that I fully fleshed out (with the help of mi amor april) before writing, and the idea randomly came to me a few days after seeing Wonder Woman. When I first posted about it, it got an overwhelming response (as did the 1st chapter) and so many people love it, I’m honestly surprised. I love this fic with all my heart, and I’m so sad it’s drawing to a close :(

5. Sober (Bucky Barnes x Reader) [Soulmate AU // Song fic]

I wrote this piece for Blade’s writing challenge, and it took a mind of its own when I started writing it. It turned out completely different from how I had imagined/wanted it to, but I really do love the way it turned out; it’s something I can’t believe I wrote, because it’s so poetic-like. I may or may not make it into some kind of series (using all of Melodrama as a base), if I ever find the time/inspiration to do so.

tagging my favorite/lovely writers to share your amazing works and to show yourself some love :)

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