i will be sad no one else does d:

I may not have real friends,, BUT

I️ve realized i act as if I’m friends with musical characters. Like i was in the book store the other day and i saw a book of exotic turtles and i just thought “wow dawn would love this!” And considered buying it. Another time i saw a little kid on heelies and i just said to no one “wow Jared he’s almost as cool as you”. And another time i saw a building selling crystal pepsi and i just thought “Hey i know who’d like that,,, Michael mell”

Like this isn’t even a joke wtf

I was sad the other day and i just starting talking to no one like someone was there and then i started referring to them as ‘Ev’ and ‘Evan’ like does anyone else do this????

Am I crazy or do other people do this???

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(I think I'd ask another ask cause the last one was dumb) How would the face family react to their s/o getting slapped by a family member?

Ooh. Good ask. Sad, but good.  I hope you enjoy this. Or…well. Don’t get too many feels.~ Admin Sarah and Jay

France: “Who do you think you are?!”
Francis is a bit older than everyone else, so he naturally very protective, but when it comes to his s/o, he’d be very protective over them. Yet seeing them be hit by their own family?..Francis sees family as one of the most important things in the world. How dare they hit someone else. That’s not what family does. He’d quickly stand in front of his s/o with his chest out and a stern look on both his face and in his eyes. After staring down the family member for a moment, he’d gently take his s/o’s hand and guide them out of the house, looking them over and making sure they’re okay. He’d soon take them to his home before holding them throughout the night.

America: “Hey! Not cool! You don’t just abuse family!
Alfred would not tolerate that behavior, especially not from family. He believes family must stick together no matter what, but sometimes friends make better family than blood family. He would pull his s/o close and glare at their family before taking them home and away from them. That just was not cool in his book, he wouldn’t be able to look their family in the eye after that. Alfred would want his s/o to get away from their family since hitting someone like that is rarely a one time occurrence.

Canada: “W-what are you doing…!?”
Matthew is very quiet, as many know, and typically is a bit of a pushover, but as he sees someone, especially family, lay a hand on his s/o, his eyes would widen before he gently takes his s/o’s hand and pulls them against his chest, gently cupping their cheek in front of the family member and whispering to them, making sure they’re okay. Without ever looking back, he’d gently guide them out of the house and bring them to his, where they’d be safe and taken care of.

England: “I’m…I’m appalled at the behavior here…”
Arthur would be speechless almost. His eyes would be wide before his cheeks would puff out and his eyes would narrow. That is not alright in his book, nor should it be in anyone’s book. Hitting someone does not improve or change anything, it just drives a wedge in the relationship! He would hold his s/o’s hand and guide them behind him as he starts to tell off his s/o’s family, before swiftly taking them home. He would offer to have them stay with him, as long as they can tolerate his brothers.  

It’s so disgusting how all of the head scientists of the Order (excluding Reever, and Johnny who was with him) were ecstatic to discover the experimentation that had been done on Alma Karma and ‘wished the Director had shared it with them sooner’
Alma is only referred to as 'it’ and everyone views him as nothing but a tool to be used.
Johnny is the only one who vocalizes his disgust and sadness, relating Alma to Allen and demanding to know why someone so young was being used as the 'first womb’
The Order does not value their exorcists or the people they have destroyed. Their fight for the good of 'humanity’ is more for their own gain than anything else.

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Hoshino said that the d in the title stands for Dear. What do you think dear gray man means?

I read a really interesting post on that today (click here), I like the idea that the manga is basically a story told by a character to someone else, and that Dear Gray Man would represent that notion of a story or letter being told. It does, however, also make me very sad because in all likelihood it will be a character who was the only one to survive (and though Lavi’s future in general seems rather up in the air right now him retelling D.Gray-Man as the future Bookman when everyone else is dead makes me want to cry).

- Admin

i would like to address something important here 

does anyone else ever notice

how dean constantly swims in this pool full of sadness

and alcohol

and regret

in attempt to get rid of his pain

but did you ever think that maybe one day

he just might d r o w n ?