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Might I just say @mortemistrata that I was a little unsure about this prompt at first, but I had so much fun writing this! 

“Good morning, Keith.”

Keith froze with one eyebrow arched. He slowly studied the brunet in front of him. “No ‘mullet’ this morning?”

“That would be rude,” Lance said, lips curled into a frown.

Keith’s face fell until he was matching the brunet’s expression. “Are you okay?” He zeroed in on small details, like the way Lance’s normally tan skin looked slightly washed out or the dark, bruised circles under Lance’s almost lifeless eyes.

“Of course.” Lance replied, tone even. “We should go before we are late to breakfast.”

Keith absently nodded, brows furrowed deeply, as he followed the brunet into the dining hall.

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“Don’t you fucking dare, Justin” Y/N screamed as she tried to run away from her boyfriend, who was chasing her, wanting to throw her into the water.

“Babe, you know I’m faster.” Justin laughed.

“You’ll never catch me.” she turned her head and she stick her tongue out. In that second of inobservance, she tripped over someone’s leg. Soon her face hit the sand and six pair of little hands tried to hold her down.

“We’ve got her.” Jaxon proudly exclaimed.

She wiggled herself around, so she could face them. At the bottom of her eye she saw Justin wasn’t running anymore so she took the chance she had.

“Okay guys, here’s the deal, let me go and I will buy you ice-cream, candies and other stuff, which you’ll eat when Jeremy and Chelsey or Justin aren’t around, yeah?” She gave them her best smile, hoping it will work.

They just smiled into her face and swing their heads no.

“Whatever Justin promised to give you, I can give you too, even better. C’mon I don’t wanna get my hair wet.”

I look like her begging only made them laugh even more.

“You know that’s not how it works, babe.” Justin said, slowly approaching them.

“Can’t blame girl for trying, now can you?” Y/N chuckled.

“Thank you guys for help, now let’s get Y/N wet.” Justin exclaimed and the kids started yelling and screaming.

Justin quickly picked Y/N up and started running towards the ocean. She was screaming for him to stop, begging him she will do anything, but it only made him laugh.

“Love you too, babe.” Justin said before he threw her into the water. When she had emerged, she moved her hair from her face and quickly yelled. “Get ready for a payback.”

She splashed water into their way, and they were quick to respond. Since it was four against one, she lost again and they were all around her, so all she could do was to dive and pull them under.

First she pulled Justin’s shorts down, just a little bit, giving the paparazzi behind some good material to work with.

Then she moved to Jazmyn and Allie and pulled them under. She emerged once again, noticing Jaxon playfully running away towards his father. Y/N quickly rushed after him. “I’m gonna get you Jax.”

Considering that’s she’s faster than him she quickly grabbed him and pulled him into his arms.

“Gotcha.” Y/N exclaimed proudly.

Jaxon was laughing and wiggling in her arms, but she only held him tighter. “No, put me down.” He said while laughing.

“Too late for that now.” Y/N said and jumped into water with him. Once they raised up, and looked around at each other, they all started laughing.

“Four against me and I still win. You suck, guys.” Y/N stuck her tongue out, once again.

Once they reached Jeremy and Chelsey, they all sat down on their ropes, slowly wiping water off their skins.

“Having fun, huh?” Kids nod at Jeremy’s question.

“Let’s go say hi to those fans over there.” Justin said as he grabbed Y/N’s hand and started pulling her up.

“You go, I’ll stay here. I need to dry my hair, and get tanned.”

“So you’re letting you half naked boyfriend go talk to more half naked people?”

“Do I have a reason to worry?” Y/N asked pretending to be surprised placing her right hand over her heart.

Justin laugh and gave her a quick kiss. “Nope.” And he left.


“Okay guys, get out of water, it’s enough for today. We’re going to swim some more tomorrow.” Jeremy said as he started to get up from the sand.

Kids weren’t happy about leaving the beach, they loved spending time there, running and playing around. But once they were promised to get ice-cream they happily obeyed and picked their toys up.

Few feet away there was a bar with ice-cream. Kids quickly ran towards it, already discussing which ice-cream to take.

Justin and Y/N were far behind everyone, slowly waking, while Justin’s left hand was wrapped around Y/N’s back.

“You’re enjoying it here?” Y/N asked Justin, looking around the beach. Only a few people were left there, and of course some paparazzi.

“Mhm. It would be great if those suckers weren’t here.” Justin said sounding slightly irritated.

Y/N looked over at Justin. “Hey, don’t let those fuckers ruin your holiday with your family. God knows you work way too hard and you deserve this. So just relax, I know it bothers you, but we are here to so focus on us and not them.”

Justin smile and placed a little peck on her lips. “What would I do without you?”

“Be lost, mostly, bored.” Y/N said making Justin chuckle.

“I love you.”

“I love you.” She said and placed her head on his shoulder slowly walking towards their yacht.

Once they reached the yacht he let go of her. “Ladies first.” Y/N smiled and kissed him once again.

As she was passing him to climb up the stairs, she felt his hand on her but. “Lost something, Bieber?” Y/N asked innocently looking over her shoulder.

“Just found it.” He said and smirked at her. She laughed. Justin, Jaxon, Jazmyn and Allie all headed towards the roof, while Y/N went into the bathroom and put on pink shorts. She quickly tied her hair into a messy bun and walked out onto the deck.

As she was approaching the deck she could hear giggles from the roof. She looked up and she saw Allie, Jazmyn and Justin doing yoga.

“No Justin, you’re doing it all wrong.” Allie exclaimed and show him how’s it’s supposed to be done.

Y/N couldn’t help but laugh at how cute they looked together. Justin noticed her and looked down at her.

“Something funny, Miss?” Justin asked playfully and Y/N shook her head. “No, not at all. Also put your ass little higher Bieber. You’re seriously doing it wrong.”

“Why don’t you come up and show me how’s done then?”

“Nah, I’m just gonna enjoy the view from down here.”

Justin winked at her and went back to yoga.

Y/N observed them for a little bit more then she went to the bar and took a glass of white wine. She went back to the deck, still hearing giggles, but she decided to rather turn away from them and appreciate the view.

It was just amazing, the sun was slowly going down. The colours were just extraordinary. The sun painted whole sky into bright yellow that slowly fading into blue.

Y/N felt strong hands wrapping around her waist and she place her head onto his chest.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” he asked with his low, sexy voice that only sent shiver down her spine.

She just smiled and placed her glass down, slowly turning around. She met his gaze, and his eyes left her speechless. He always had such a nice brown colour but now, thanks to the sunset, the brown in his eyes was turned green and it was even prettier than sunset.

“You’re staring.” Justin smirked playfully.

“Stop being so goddamn beautiful and I won’t.” Y/N said pushing his arm. He griped her tighter, bringing her closer.

“Not my fault, baby.”

He lowered his lips onto hers. Y/N closed her eyes at the touch of his soft lips. She placed her hands around his neck, playing with his hair. He brushed his tongue over her lower lip, asking for entrance. She moaned into kiss, pushing herself more and more into him.

Once they separated, they were both breathing heavily. Justin kissed her forehead and she placed her head onto his chest. She closed her eyes and listened to his heart beat.

He slowly pushed her off and grabbed her hand. “Come.” Was all he muttered. He took her hand and took her into their shared room.

This is a very short imagine inspired by Justins vacation with his family. I know it sucks and i’m sorry.

For You

Thank you @viviena for this amazing animation!!! It is perfect :))                   In celebration of such amazing work, I present a fic

  Stiles was a very easily distracted five year old. Example A - he had managed to wander off seventeen times in the past hour, constantly caught up in his need to more closely examine every flower or bug that caught his fancy.

  He had been taken on the hike to expend some energy, to relieve the restlessness that seemed ingrained into the kid’s bones. It was a common occurrence for Sheriff Stilinski to have to revert back to countless websites that he had bookmarked to look for a new babysitter willing to look after his little bundle of spaz.

 It had been almost fate, meeting the Hales. A simple accident, one that the families had long since moved past seeing as a negative. The sheriff and Stiles had gone to the grocery store, his dad looking worn out and tired, staying up too late looking for a new sitter. It seemed like if a person hadn’t already babysat Stiles, they had heard rumors about the boy and his difficult to handle nature. So, for now, the sheriff took the boy everywhere, cashing in favours the receptionists at the precinct owed him when he was called out on duty. But even their patience was growing thin.

  It was in the grocery store after John Stilinski and Talia Hale had exchanged pleasant smiles that all hell broke loose. Or well, Stiles broke loose. He had managed to climb out of the back of the cart and wandered the aisle before running head first into a pair of legs. A boy of about nine or ten years looked down at the stumbling mess of a kid by his knees. The boy looked up, saw the man talking pleasantly with his mother and smelled the familial scents.

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Kiwi: Part Five

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two // Kiwi: Part Three // Kiwi: Part Four

TW: mentions death; loss of a family member.

He woke up to the sounds of the ocean kissing the sandy shore.

He couldn’t remember what time they finally fell asleep the night before. Sleep had already started to overcome him during the last little bit of the night so he hadn’t been fully conscious, but he did remember a few things: stealing soft kisses and gentle whispers, and the sound of her laugh harmonizing with the sound of the waves. 

He’d never seen Cal that relaxed before, and it brought her to a whole new dimension that only made him fall even deeper—it was almost like she was a new person every day. Like she was constantly shifting into new versions of herself. 

He turned over in the bed to look at her—she was laying on her stomach, one of her arms resting by her head as the other remained down at her side. Her shoulders were rising and falling calmly with every breath that she took, and it was almost soothing to see her this relaxed—she had this resilient intensity about her all of the time that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, and watching her sound asleep was perhaps the only time that he saw her with her defences completely lowered.

He groaned inaudibly as he gently rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, sitting up in the bed carefully as not to wake her up. As much as he wanted to stay, he needed to get back to the studio to keep working. He slipped out of the bed and padded across the room quietly, and after some debate, he decided to leave her a note. He didn’t want her to think that he was running off, but he also didn’t want to wake her—he wrote her the note and left it on the bed beside her frame, slipping out of the little home and making his way back to the studio.

Calliope woke up hours later to the beeping of her alarm going off on her watch.

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||Someday|| A Brett Talbot Imagine

{Requested:Can u do an imagine when y/n is really a badass hunter and she with scott pack from the start and then they meet Brett cocky little bastard and y/n dont give a fuck about him make it cuute👍}

(Reader’s P.O.V)
Malia groaned in pain as my arrow pierced her skin, lodging itself in her back. I shot another arrow into her leg before withdrawing another arrow. I looked around and spotted Liam who was running by. I smirked before shooting an arrow at the tree he was running towards. As soon as it hit the tree, sparks flew, messing with Liam’s vision. I quickly withdrew an arrow and aimed at Liam before letting it fly into his leg. I heard footsteps behind me, making me turn around quickly and firing at the person legs. Scott groaned as the arrow lodged itself into his leg. I withdrew two arrow and shot his shoulders while he was distracted. I turned back around to see Theo taking an arrow out of Liam’s leg. I shoot Liam and Theo with many arrows as they start dashing in the other direction. Once they collapsed, I felt Scott and grab my cross bow and throw it into the bushes.
“You sure you want me to train like this?“I asked as I took out my daggers.
"I’m sure."He whispered as he looked behind me.
I swiftly turned around and slashes a deep cut into Malia’s shoulder and kicked her away. She was going to attack me while Scott distracted me.
"Thank god I’m still human."Stiles muttered as I dug one of my daggers into Scott’s back.
Scott snarled at me as I dragged the dagger down his back. Scott elbowed my face, making me stumble backwards. Once I regained my composure, Scott lunged at me. I waited until he was close enough before sticking my feet up, kicking him further away from me. I grabbed a spearI I had in my pocket. The great thing about the one I have was that it shrinks itself as small as it can so it can fit in my pocket. I pressed the button, making it expand into its actual size. I swung the spear at Liam and Theo, throwing them towards a tree. As soon as I spotted Malia running towards me, I swung the spear again, making her fall on her butt as it came in contact with her face. I cursed under my breath as I saw Liam, Theo, and Scott rise to their feet. Malia smirked as she stood back up, making me glare at her. As soon as I saw Theo take one step, I threw the spear at Malia. It lodged itself into her shoulder and the tree she leaned on.
"I’m stuck!"Malia yelled as she tried to remove it from her shoulder.
Theo, Liam, and Scott charged at me, making my eyes widen. I reached for the knives on my belt and threw them and Theo, making him fall backwards. Liam and Scott where the strongest ones, so I was worried for a few seconds. I grabbed the wolfsbane can and took the the ring off, making wolfsbane fly into the air. Scott and Liam started coughing as they tried looking through the fog of wolfsbane, trying to find me. I ran over to the bush and grabbed my crossbow, I aimed at Liam who was the first one to make it out of the fog. As soon as he spotted me, I fired five two arrow at his legs, and four arrows at his chest. Liam’s gasped for air, collapsing on the ground. The fog started to clear as Scott fell to his knees, coughing and gasping for air. I appeared right in front of him, shooting two arrow into his chest before kicking his face. I placed my foot on his chest, keeping him from getting up. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw another werewolf growling at me. He started charging at me, making me shoot as many arrows as I could.
"Wait, wait (Y/N)!"Lydia yelled as I withdrew my last arrow.
"He’s not in our pack and he dares interrupt our training session?"I asked, letting my last arrow fly.
The tall werewolf stumbled back before collapsing, making me clench my jaw. I grabbed my two daggers out and rushed over to him. As I was about to dig my daggers into his chest, a pair of arms held me back.
”(Y/N), don’t! He’s a friend of ours!“Stiles yelled as he held me back.
I glared down at their so called friend, he groaned before opening his eyes. At first he seemed angry until he looked up at me.
"Tell your friend to not get in my way next time."I muttered before walking away.
I pulled the spear out of Malia’s shoulder, making her yell in agony.
"Remind me not to train with (Y/N) ever again."Malia muttered, grabbing her bleeding shoulder.
Scott groaned before getting up, pulling the arrows out. Theo and Liam and cursed under their breaths as they pulled arrows out of them.
"That was good practice (Y/N) but was the wolfsbane necessary?"Liam asked as he and Theo walked over.
"In a real fight, your enemy won’t go easy on you. They’ll do whatever it takes to kill you as quick and easily as possible."I answered, making Scott nod.
"She’s right."Scott spoke up.
"So who’s going to introduce me to my soon to be girlfriend?"Brett asked, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"You better be talking about someone else, anyone else but me."I spat, making him smirk.
"I’m talking about you sweetie-”
“Don’t call her that!"Stiles yelled, covering his mouth.
I clenched my jaw as I glared at Brett.
"But she’s so cute and tiny-"Brett started to say before I pulled out a knife and throwing it at him.
Stiles screamed, running away and hiding behind Lydia.
Brett’s knees buckled in pain as I lodged a dagger into his thigh.
"Listen here pretty boy, I don’t like cocky little bastards like you so I suggest you shut your mouth and stay out of my way."I muttered, staring him dead in his eyes.
I started walking away from them, no longer wanting to be in the woods.
"She’s new…I like her."I heard Brett say as I hopped onto my dirt bike.
I clenched my jaw, trying to stop a smile from creeping onto my face. I started my dirt bike before speeding through the trees all the way to my house.
(Brett’s P.O.V)
Yesterday I had met a very feisty yet adorable girl named (Y/N). She was a hunter that had been in Scott’s pack from the start. I smiled as the school bus stopped, meaning we were in Beacon Hills Highschool where Scott and his pack attended. I spotted the pack outside our bus, walking outside their school. Liam frowned as he saw me, he and I still weren’t the best of friends. (Y/N) seemed to notice him tense up, she looked to where he was looking and spotted me. She glared at me before pulling Liam to her side.
"Kick his ass on the field for me."She muttered, making him smile.
I smirked at her, she can pretend to hate me all she wants but at the end of the day, she’ll be mine. I stepped down from the bus and was met by the pack who all seemed welcoming except for Liam, Theo, and (Y/N). Then again Theo never really seemed welcoming of anyone.
"I am, my facial expression is just always menacing.” Theo shrugged, making me jump.
“Did I say that out loud?"I asked.
Scott nodded before sticking his hand out for me to shake. I smiled and shook his hand and watched as (Y/N) and Liam folded their arms.
"Look at Dunbar and his girlfriend!"Someone from behind the pack yelled.
Liam and (Y/N) groaned before rolling their eyes.
"That’s creepy how they copy each other…"A girl said, making them roll their eyes again.
"Stop doing that."Stiles muttered.
"We’re not doing anything!"Liam stated.
Scott smiled before wrapping his arm around Liam and (Y/N) as the pack followed Scott.
"I didn’t know they were dating."I mumbled.
"They deny if all the time but we always see them together, they’re like inseparable."Someone from the other lacrosse team answered.
I sighed before walking into their school’s locker room. I really hoped (Y/N) would be mine.
As soon as I finished changing, I opened the door to find Liam and (Y/N) walking side by side down the hall. (Y/N) was wearing an extremely short white skirt and a white crop top.
”(Y/N) (Y/L/N), how many times have I told you about our school dress code!“A teacher yelled as they opened their door.
(Y/N) balled her hands into fists as she turned around.
"About the same amount of men who have left you-”(Y/N) started to say but was stopped as Liam covered her mouth.
(Y/N) kept talking but everything she said was muffled my Liam’s hand. Once Liam removed his hand from her mouth, he grabbed his jacket from his back and put it on her.
“Happy now?”(Y/N) asked, turning to the teacher.
The teacher glared at her before slamming the door. (Y/N) and Liam continued walking down the hall, making me jealous. Her hips swayed side to side, making my mouth water. I’m not giving up on her. The rest of the team walked out to the field and met with Beacon Hills Highschool’s team. I kept scoring goals, hoping (Y/N) would be impressed. After a while that Kira was disqualified from the game, Scott raced off in the middle of the game. Coach Finstock yelled for him but Scott kept running.
“Does anyone know how play lacrosse?’‘Finstock asked the crowd.
Everyone exchanged looks before I noticed (Y/N) stand up.
"I do coach!”(Y/N) spoke up.
“(Y/L/N), are you sure? I don’t want you complaining about a broken nail-”
“Coach, just let her play."Stiles said.
Finstock sighed before throwing her a spare jersey and burgundy shorts. (Y/N) put the jersey over her crop top and removed the crop top after having the jersey on her. She put the shorts on and then removed her skirt, I only managed to see her bare stomach. She gave Malia and Lydia her clothes and grabbed Scott’s lacrosse stick and helmet. Even if lacrosse gear, she looked stunning. She walked to the middle right across from me as the referee put the lacrosse ball in the middle of the circle. (Y/N) looked up at me and glared at me. She looked down at ball and before I knew it, the referee blew the whistle. Once I realized he had, (Y/N) had already picked the ball up with her stick and dashed through my team. She kept running until four of my team mates charged at her, she immediately jumped, doing a front flip before landing near the goal. She threw the lacrosse ball in the goal, making the crowd cheer. I watched at Finstock screamed at (Y/N).
"I never doubted you for a second (Y/L/N)!"Finstock yelled, making her scoff.
Liam and Stiles ran to her and hugged her. She smiled as they peppered her with kisses. As they pulled apart, she ran back to the middle of the field.
"I didn’t know you were good at Lacrosse (Y/N)."I whispered.
"I didn’t know you even played Lacrosse Brett."She replied, making me smile.
For the first time, she smiled back at me. I was caught off guard again, making her grab the ball first. She ran past me and dodged a few of my team mates before passing the ball to Liam. Liam scored and made the crowd cheer again. (Y/N) ran to Liam and highfived him. Minuets later, Beacon Hills High had caught up to us, thanks to (Y/N). As much as I liked this girl, I couldn’t let her win this for her school. So when the referee blew the whistle, I tackled (Y/N) once she had picked the ball up. I fell on top of her and heard something crack. Everyone gasped and stood up to get a better look at us. I quickly got off of her and saw her shutting her eyes tight as she rolled to her side. Stiles quickly ran to her side and so did the rest of her team.
”(Y/N) I am so-“I started to say before something hit the back of my legs, making me fall to the ground.
I groaned as I held my legs, looking up to see Liam who was fuming. He dropped the lacrosse stick as Malia and Theo ran to the field. Right before he could lunge at me, Malia and Theo held him back.
”(Y/N) how many fingers am I holding up?“Finstock asked as (Y/N) sat up.
"Three crusty fingers coach.”(Y/N) answered, making the whole team laugh.
“You-"Finstock muttered before stopping himself from strangling her.
"I’m fine, let’s continue with the game.”(Y/N) spoke up.
Stiles helped her up to her feet and walked towards me.
“You’ve got a lot of guts Talbot."She mumbled as we both walked to the middle of the field.
"I think I might like that about you."She whispered before the referee blew the whistle.
I stood there shocked at her words and once I snapped out of my trance, I turn to see (Y/N) score. The crowd stood up as they screamed, cheering because their school had finally defeated us.
Stiles and Liam ran to (Y/N) and picked her up. Stiles helped Liam put her on his shoulders as the team chanted her name as they crowded around her.
"What happened?"Scott asked, appearing by my side as he and Kira watched the team carry (Y/N) into their school.
”(Y/N) filled in while you left and won the game for you guys.“I answered, making him smile.
"Awesome."He whispered before rolling after the team.
I sighed and started walking to the school bus, as soon as I was about to step in I heard someone call my name.
"You’ve got balls to tackle me."She said as stormed over to me.
I shut my eyes as she lifted her hand up to slap me, but it never happened. Instead I felt her warm month breathe on my ear.
"You earned a little bit of my respect."She mumbled, her lips pressing against my ear.
"But no one gets away unharmed when hurting me."She whispered before kneeing my in my stomach.
I groaned as I held my stomach, making her smirk.
"And I thought you were starting to like me."I muttered, making her laugh.
"I don’t care about anyone but the pack, I don’t give a fuck about you Brett Talbot."She spat, making my heart drop.
"Not yet at least."She whispered before walking away.
I stared at her as her hips swayed side to side, lust filling inside of me. She might not like me now, but she will one day. She knew I liked her and she was using that against me, oh boy was she smart.
"Someday."I whispered, smiling at her.
I hoped I to the bus, ready to go back to my house. Someday she’d start caring, someday she’d be mine.- Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful day/night!

The One After Vegas...

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Sub!Dean, Dom!Reader, use of restraints (for Dean) mention of anal play, mention of spanking (sorta), edging. Pretty much PWP

Word Count: 3152

A/N: This one is written for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess birthday challenge. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES! It also has a Part 1 that was posted earlier today. Thank you goes to @avasmommy224 for betaing this for me. Feedback is appreciated and I hope yall enjoy!! ♥

Dean’s POV

It’s been a month since that night in Vegas and no matter how many women I pick up, no one has compared to her. It seems like just plain old vanilla sex just isn’t enough anymore. Yeah, I get off but it’s just not the same. Then there was the one other time I tried the sub thing with another chick…it got weird, quick.

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Humans in space wars

I was thinking about codes of honour and aliens and also about improvised weapons, this is what i came up with.

Date: 6th Tramek of the 199 revolutions
Subject: Raid on the humans

Scouter Xhiak reporting on behalf of the now deceased commander Dranak of the 1st Scouring squad.
These humans don’t follow the rules.
It all started normally we were hunting the human advance party through the Crotak jungle. thick vines and warped root systems made it hard for the humans to traverse due to the large gaps, our longer appendages gave us a speed advantage. 1st squad caught up to the humans as they were clambering a particularly thick root.
The initial engagement was brief, 1 casualty on their side and all weapons destroyed, the rest of their party fleeing into the jungle. My thoughts ran along the lines of “That was easy” and why are the humans so feared?” This was vocally sounded by at least 4 of the other 5 members of 1st squad.
Now the Xanteen rules of conflict dictate that an unarmed enemy was to be allowed to flee as they now pose no threat, though most Xanteen surrendered, what was the point in trying to fight without weapons.

The humans dispersed we were sent back to our operating base. Over the next few days glimpses of humans were caught on the perimeter of our base, disappearing back into the undergrowth as rapidly as they appeared
The dawn of day three our perimeter guards caught one of the humans skulking along the perimeter holding a piece of broken of root. Dragged before the commander the human seemed unperturbed by the height difference. The human leaned on the stick like an aid for walking, but the human had been walking fine before?, perhaps fear had caused an old injury to reappear. Another strange human trait, I thought to myself.
Leaning over the small terran Commander Dranak started uttering the prisoner intonement, making clear that the prisoner would be cared for  and offered in return for our own prisoners.
Midway through the human started to smile, not one of the “happy” smiles that we had been taught about in our briefing. No, this smile was darker, promising pain and death to the recipient. The commander didn’t notice of course, talking as he was. The smile widened every word that Dranak said until eventually his optics focused on the face and saw this grin.
“You think imprisonment is something to be happy about.” The Commander vocalised.
The side of the commanders head crunched inwards, his body toppling to the floor. Before our squad could react two others had had their torso caved in. The human stood their stick in hand, blood dripping off it. Half our squad down in a matter of seconds. The other two attempted to bring their guns to bear but the stick crunched down on their hands. I attempted to step back, to gain distance, to allow a gun to be pulled and aimed however a small rock whistled from the humans hand striking me in the head. Dazed and on my knees I saw the two other attempt a surrender in both Xandeen and human gestures. The stick crunched into both of them. The shock of this caused me to run ignoring the rocks chipping into the ground around me.

Seven days of hiding and running in the jungle ended when I found my way back to the landing base. The story I told wasn’t believed at first however more reports of the humans creating makeshift weapons out of scrap soon changed their mind. Retreat was called and the Xanteen codes were looked at with new scrutiny. Our culture hasn’t needed new weaponry after the plasma rifle was invented, we do not use “hand to hand” as the humans call it. We need to surrender, a war is coming we cannot win.

You put your hand up their shirt or their sleeves to touch skin out of habit (NCT 127+Johnny)

Taeil: -he would feel awkward at first because you were touching under his shirt then would go up his sleeves later on- “honey your fingers are just so cold”

Originally posted by taesyong

Taeyong: -Taeyong would be so used to it when your hands were up his shirt lightly touching his stomach- “you’re fingers are slightly cold. I hope they warm up soon”

Originally posted by y-ta

WinWin: -the boys would realize you were standing behind him and the back of his shirt was raised up because your hands were running on his stomach- “Y/N does this often believe it or not”

Originally posted by nctinfo

Yuta: -he didn’t even know you did something like that until the moment you actually did it- “your hands are on my chest”

Originally posted by suhyngho

Jaehyun: -he would realize your hands were could and would tell you to stick them up his sleeves- “I hope they warm up”

Originally posted by taetohan

Mark: -the boys would notice you were very touchy and Taeyong would quickly question where you hands were when his were on his lap and yours were under the blanket- “they’re currently under my shirt resting on my stomach”

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

Haechan: -you would slide your hands up his sleeves and tickle the skin under it as he would watch you- “why are you so cute?”

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Johnny: -he would giggle at you when you would start tickling his side after your hands started doing it- “honey that really tickles”

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I think it would be super cool to read a fanfic about Bughead meeting at like a support group for depression/self harm. Maybe they were friends when they were little and Jughead transferred schools and they haven't talked since and they catch up and then support each other through their issues :)

Ooohhh I love this idea! You’re so awesome anonymouse 🐭

“Are you sure you want to do this Elizabeth, you understand this is your choice correct?” Alice Cooper was gripping the steering wheel so tight Betty was sure she was going to rip into the leather.

“Yes mom. This is.. I have to.. if this works..I’m running out of options.” The beautiful blonde passenger whispered, voice closing with unrestrained anxiety.

Alice barely spared her a glance
“If you feel this is a positive thing then go on, why you can’t just stop that nasty habit of cutting yourself up I’ll never understand but since this is what the family counselor suggested I suppose I have no option. Go on and spread our dirty laundry to the world.” She hissed out bitterly.

Sighing silently, Betty reached over and pressed a kiss to her moms cheek.
“I’ll see you in an hour.” She stepped out of the car, her shoulders releasing pent up tension. She would definitely be driving herself here from now on.

“Had to hitch a ride with the slave driver too huh?”

Turning around at the unfamiliar voice, Betty came face to face with a beautiful African American girl, short brown hair and dark eyes, the gorgeous stranger stuck her hand out

“I’m maya, it’s nice to meet you.”

As soon as Betty reached for her hand Maya snapped it back, her whole body jerking forward causing Betty to stiffen instinctually.

“I’m so sorry! I have Tourette’s, I probably should have told you that first. Really I’m so sorry!” She shoved her hands in her pockets and made to scurry forward, but not before Betty’s hand reached out and gripped her forearm.

“I’m Betty Cooper. it’s nice to meet you too.” She gently smiled and began walking in sync with her new friend.

“You’re new here, first days can be a little intimidating but stick by me in group and I won’t let anyone mess with you.” The taller girl smiled proudly, yelping on a twitch before she draped an arm over Betty’s shoulders and pulled her into the building.

As soon as the two girls walked in Betty felt her panic rise, there were chairs set up in a circle around a desk, almost all were taken except a scattered few, teenagers her age were all talking to each other and all Betty wanted to do was run right back out the front door, maybe her mother was right, maybe this wasn’t a good idea, there were way too many people, too much judgment.

“Hi! Elizabeth right?” A middle aged woman with a short pixie cut and see through blue eyes approached her, gripping her hand and shaking it aggressively “we are so excited to have you at Helping Hearts Rehabilitation Therapy Class, my name is Rosa and I run the therapy sessions here! I think you’ll fit in just fine, Why don’t you take a seat with Maya right up front, were about to start group therapy.” The frantic older woman squeezed Betty in a jug before rushing off somewhere else.

Maya grabbed her hand, rolling her eyes
“Rosa can be a little much but she’s all heart, you’ll get to know her better in individual sessions.” She dropped down on a plastic, blue seat and patted the one beside her as Betty delicately sat down.

Betty took a moment to glance around the room, it was an eclectic mix, people covered in scars, people crying on their own, others texting on their phones angrily while some looked about as nervous as she felt, suddenly she felt an itch on the side of her head, it slowly turned into a burning and she glanced to her right, her eyes going wide at what she saw.

A beautiful boy, something right out of a 1950s greaser catalogue. He had thick, wavy black hair, slightly covered by a crooked beanie, he wore a worn in leather jacket and combat boots, his skin tanned and dirty, he had pouty lips with a natural red Betty would have killed for, the most surprising part about him though? His piercing stormy blue eyes, eyes that were currently burning into her as he stared openly.

“That’s Jughead Jones, he doesn’t talk much all we know is that he has to be here, mandatory from his therapist, rumor has it he tried to run his motorcycle off a cliff… on purpose.” Maya whispered close to her, making Betty shudder.

The boy didn’t look away not even when Betty caught his eyes, he must think she was the absolute definition of lame.

Betty had on a soft long sleeved cardigan covering up the scars littering her arms, the cotton baby blue dress she wore underneath had a peter pan collar and it matched her tiny blue ballet flats, her hair was pulled back into an exceptionally tight ponytail and her light pink lips were painted the familiar shade of “perfectly pink.”

“Okay everyone! I want to introduce you all to our newest member, Elizabeth Cooper.”
Rosa spoke from the front of the room, drawing Betty’s eyes away from the staring contest she and this Jughead Jones seemed to be having. She snapped forward, Maya nudged her with a grin as a particularly vicious twitch shook her body.

Betty smiled softly
“Hello, I actually go by Betty.” She offered gently, her honey sweet voice was soothing and like always everyone was instantly taken by the blonde haired angel.

“Well Betty, we usually start by asking, now I know this may seem a little invasive but it’s good to break it down immediately, do you mind telling us what brought you here today?”

Betty’s eyes widened as her fingers dug into her palms, searching frantically for a way out.

“NO.” She shouted, louder than she had planned
“No, no I can’t.. I can’t talk about it. I don’t.. I don’t talk about that!” She begged, moving to stand as Maya placed a comforting hand to her shoulder. Betty’s eyes were still looking around, their had to be a way out!

Suddenly her sea green eyes landed on Jugheads rainy blue ones, he gazed deeply into her face a meaningful look playing on his features, and just like that her heart stopped racing, she was able to find air and she slowly settled into the seat

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, I’m just.. I’m not quite ready to talk about that yet, maybe next week.” She plastered on her award winning smile as she patted Maya’s hand in gratitude, Rosa fell for the picture perfect smile and she nodded reassuringly

“Of course, our past does tend to get most of us riled up. Perhaps next time.” With that the older woman went on with the session, an hour later Betty had learned about the multiple different struggles some of her peers had gone through, while she was sure that by having them share she was supposed to feel better but now she felt even more weighed down by the burden. These people had been through so much, she carried their pain on her back as if it was her own, that’s who Betty Cooper was, unapologetically selfless.

Maya was putting her number in Betty’s phone and swinging her backpack over her shoulder
“I’ll text you tonight, set up plans, catch ya after doll.” She blew a dramatic kiss towards Betty before skipping out the room.

Betty smiled with a shake of her head as she continued packing up her backpack, it had taken her longer than she expected and by the time she was done the entire room was empty even Rosa had left.

“You okay?”

The low timber of an unfamiliar voice had Betty nearly jumping out of her skin, she whipped around to see Jughead standing behind her, a smirk on his face, leaning against a chair with crossed arms, he looked like the sexiest Rebel Without A Cause Betty had ever seen.

“Me? Oh yeah, of course! I’m fine.” The blonde shifted uncomfortably in her shoes as he continued to stare at her “a little stressful sure, I lost my cool in here today, it won’t happen again.” She wasn’t sure who she was assuring, the boy in front of her or herself.

“Why not? You didn’t wanna talk about. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want too.” He shrugged lazily, his eyes drifting to her arms.

Betty smiled a soft tilt of her lips
“Sometimes though, you have to talk about it.. or it never goes away.”

Taking a step towards her Jughead lifted her hands in his her palms flat up as he stared at the moon shaped scars littering her soft skin.

Betty gasped and ripped her hands free, laying them flat on her sides

Jughead smiled again, this time a sad, understanding smile

“It never goes away. No matter what we do.” He whispered, his face dangerously close to hers.

“But we try anyway” betty responded “so we beat on, boats against the current.” She quoted.

Jughead smirked
“I didn’t take you for a F. Scott Fitzgerald fan, although you look the part.. daisy.”

Betty rolled her eyes taking a step away from him and turning her back to him, heading for the door, a mysterious smile on her lips.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me Jughead Jones.” The door closed shut, leaving Jughead alone in the dark warehouse. Running a hand over his face he couldn’t shake the smile from his lips

“Shit” he mumbled

He was in deep trouble.

HaW: Child sports

Lets just think about our “normal” childhood, full contact sports and how absolutely insane this is.

Zular stood in front of the ComCenter, aghast over the film the humans were screening. 

“Human Charles?” Zulars voice quivered slightly.

“Zulan, I’ve told you like, a million times, just call me Charles.” The human called Charles responded without removing his ocular orbs from the screen.

“Uh, um, Charles?”


“This ‘film’ you are playing, these are human young? Yes?”

“Uh, yea man, this is little league football”, Charles turned to Zular with an expression Zular understood to be “excitement”.

“Football? They are not using their feet in this act…”

Charles chuckled, “Well no this is American Football! Its a full contact sport!”

“Full contact?”, Zular had never heard these human terms before. He understood they used the term “full” when they had enough nourishment, but the context did not translate.

“Um, yea it means that the players run into each other at full speeds and tackle, or knock the opponent over to stop the ball from any further movements forward. There are versions of this sport where the players where a belt with fabric hanging on it. That is “flag football” and the player just have to get an opponent’s fabric flags to stop the movement or gain points. But, Zular, where I come from, flag football is for pansies.” Charles seemed pleased to explain this to Zular. Zular did not understand the context again…Zular understood “pansies” are a type of non-toxic earth flower.

Charles continued, “The best, toughest players play full contact football. You run towards your opponent and push into them as hard as you can, so the game stops for a bit.”

Zular felt his chest tighten in an alarming way, yet he pressed forward. He had an undeniable urge to understand the ways of the humans on the ship. He began again, “You stated these where your human offspring?”

“Yep! Where I come from we teach our children sports like this at a young age. It helps them learn to work as a team, and if they are particularly talented, colleges will pay for them to go to schools and play the sports at the same time.”

“And these offspring, they are how many Earth years of age?”

“Oh these tykes are 6 or 7 years old.”


“Um….yes, Zul”


“Well Zular. Yes. But injuries are very rare, at least serious ones are. And we are required to have a Emergency Medical Team on scene at all the games to see to any injuries as soon as possible.”

“You..you have fully trained medical staff ON SCENE at these events??!?”

“Yes…..But really, injuries are rare. Worst I ever saw was a kid with a broken shin bone! That was gnarly. His bone was sticking out of his skin, but that was a high school aged kid, they hit a lot harder then, they are closer to adult sizing.”

“So…Human Charles”

“Just Charles, Zular.”

“Yes, Charles. You allow your young to run at each other, push or “tackle” the other younglings down, at this very tender age, for the sake of?? What exactly?”

“Well. It’s tradition. And it’s fun. The kids love it. They usually end up making friends that last them for years. Heck my buddy Joe and I met in little league! We still send each other Coms from time to time and meet up when we get leave for a game when we can”, Charles said with a grin. A gesture that Zular had been thought, shows human amusement. 

“But Charles….You encourage your young to hurt one another. And this film shows the sires and dams of the children…cheering? Are they cheering the young on to hit them harder???” Zulars face drained color at the thought of sires and dams encouraging their young to hurt one another like gladiators in a pit.

Charles doubled over, the sound Zular knew to be human “laughter” bellowing from the strange creature. Thought his chuckles, Charles stated “Zular…Ahahaha….Man…HAHAHA….I saw two of the kids SIRES fighting over the referee throwing a flag on one child’s unsportsmanlike behavior. Their dads met out in the middle of the field and just proceeded to beat the pure dog shit out of each other. Coach had to call the deputy sheriffs out their to keep them apart. It took 4 other parents, including the church pastor to break them up.”

Zular stood back, unsure if he wanted to find out what “flag”, “unsportsmanlike”, or a “pastor” was. For that matter, Zular was unaware that humans where made of “dog shit”, his human manual advised humans are carbon based lifeforms with most of their body being made of “water”. Humans are terrifying…they encourage childhood violence in the name for tradition and “friends”, then the adults fight when they are unhappy with the results. Zular felt the need to advise the Captain of the new intel on their human shipmates, they should update the manuals…

Humans are weird man, let’s pit our underdeveloped children against one another in a physically demanding sport and hope they can go to college on that alone in 12 years.

Of Gaze and Sleep

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Title : Of Gaze and Sleep

Author : Myself

Genre : Fluffy and Implicit

Summary : Just another peaceful morning between you and your boyfriend, who you love watching while he sleeps.

It became a habit. You were used to watch your boyfriend sleeping every time he was coming over for the night. Yet it was mesmerising, every single time.

Park Jinyoung had the most expressive features, even when he was sleeping. You wrapped yourself around the fluffy blanket, your legs barely grazing against his and you rubbed the sleep out of your eyelids. This semi-awaken state was making your vision too blurry to relish in the moment of pure beauty and calm surrounding both of your bodies.

He stirred in his sleep and the hand covering his face fell to his side, hiding under the bedding to seek warmth. It made you smile to yourself, because this defenceless lamb before you reminded you about how much of a beast he could be, sometimes.

This contrast was what made you fall for him.

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You Got It Bad

A/N: this is for @amarvelouswritings 2k follower celebration. It’s based off of prompts 19 “what? No, I never said that…” & 28 “if I kissed you right now, what would you do”

Pairings: Bucky x reader mentions of Steve & Natasha

Warnings: mentions of violence & fighting, sassy Bucky & reader, it’s Bucky & he never behaves for me so yes there’s smut.


“Is that the best you’ve got old man?” To say you loved sparring with Bucky would be a gross understatement. It was the highlight of your day. Not only was he a fantastic trainer but the verbal sparring was always amazing as well.

“Remember who you’re fighting little one, you may have bitten off more than you can handle.” “Not a chance Frosty, I can handle anything you throw at me. We both know I’m the best you’ve ever trained.” “What? I never said that. Why would I say that?” While Bucky is too busy scoffing at your words, you quickly get your legs around his & take him down. You can’t contain your smirk before getting up & strutting away. “Whatever you say old man.” the door closes & Sam can’t contain his laugh at Barnes on the floor, metal arm thrown over his eyes. “Maaan you have got it BAD! When are you gonna make a move? You know she won’t be single forever right? I’m pretty sure Gary from accounting is about to finally work up the courage to ask her out.” Bucky glares at him before leaving the room, murder strut on full display.

Sam knew he shouldn’t mess with the soldier but he just can’t help himself. While he knows Gary is interested, he also knows that Gary has been shot down by you. You only have eyes for Bucky. But Bucky didn’t have to know that.

After a quick shower you decide to lay on the couch & watch Netflix, it was a Leverage kind of day. Just as you hit play, a large body flops on top of yours, you grunt despite Bucky keeping most of his weight on his metal arm….oh that arm…no! Bad y/n he’s your friend & mentor & totally doesn’t see you that way.

“Doll if you think any harder, you’re going to have smoke coming out of your ears. What’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours?” You scramble for something to say before seeing your favorite blue eyed hitter walk into frame. Perfect! “Oh nothing much Bucky. I was just wondering, you didn’t happen to father any kids at some point did you? I mean look at this guy, he’s got beautiful brown hair, piercing blue eyes, he’s got that thing he does with his eyes that I’m pretty sure could kill people & not to mention he’s got your murder strut. I’m calling it Barnes, old man winter has a really hot kid or grandkid.” Bucky is silent for a bit before falling off the couch laughing, when he finally catches his breath all he can do is shrug. “Who the fuck knows doll, I was about to say no way but honestly anything is possible. I vaguely remember Winter getting around a lot during missions. He liked to go rogue when the brainwashing started breaking down, it’s possible.”

Well you weren’t expecting that and you don’t really have an answer except to laugh & pull him back up on the couch. He snuggles into your neck & you’re both out within a few minutes. Neither of you hearing Sam squeal & take a picture that he quickly runs to show Steve & Nat.

After the picture of y'all snuggling had made its rounds, unbeknownst to the two of you, the betting pool was in full swing. Unfortunately for Gary who had apparently made the mistake of opening his mouth within earshot of Natasha, the spy definitely didn’t take his comments well and it was only due to Steve reluctantly intervening that he survived the encounter.

Unfortunately all bets would have to wait until after the upcoming mission. Word had come that a dead Hydra base wasn’t so dead after all so everyone suited up, Thor & Loki coming from Asgard to assist.

The fight quickly heated up but that didn’t stop you & Bucky from sassing each other almost constantly. Of course this also lead to you both getting separated from the group but that wasn’t a surprise.

“Kinda moving slow there Sarge, you getting tired? I thought you had super stamina.” “Oh I’ll show you super stamina doll, just give me the chance.” “Not sure you could handle me Sarge, I tend to be insatiable after a good fight.” You didn’t get to hear what Bucky’s response would’ve been because suddenly a shot rang out & before you could blink Bucky was on the ground holding his side. He’d taken a bullet for you, he was going to pay for that later. You’d make sure of it.

A voice calls out from the darkness, “well if it isn’t the famed fist of Hydra, looking at you now I have to say I don’t see what the big deal is. You take a bullet for some little bitch & now you’re on the floor. They’d be very disappointed in you.” “Did he really just call me a bitch?” “That’s what I heard doll.” “that fucking dick twizzler.” “Well in his defense he doesn’t know you. Plus he’s Hydra, what more can you expect?” “Seriously? You’re defending the shit head that just shot you?” Bucky shrugs but before he can respond the agent speaks up, not appreciating being ignored. “So what, you find a woman & now you’re all weak? How disappointing. This definitely makes my victory a little less sweet.” “Oh actually I’m perfectly capable of getting up & ripping you head off with my right hand. But that would be too nice. You see, it’s not me you have to worry about. It’s her.” The agent begins to scoff but is stopped by your punch hitting him directly in the solar plexus. The fight is intense but it’s clear you’re just toying with him.

Hearing the shot & ensuing fight, Steve quickly ran to assist but seeing how much fun you were obviously having & the sappy smile on Bucky’s face he just goes to assist his lovesick friend. “Are you serious jerk? That is obviously a flesh wound, it will heal before we get back home. Are you really just going to sit there smiling like an idiot? “ “I can’t help it punk, she’s just too perfect. I mean look at that kick, the knife flip & don’t get me started on the thigh lock.” Steve has to agree that’s a perfect thigh lock, though he’s aware Natasha is listening so he’s not about to do more than grunt.

“Bucky I swear if you don’t say something soon, I’m gonna lose my shit. The girl you love is fighting & you’re looking at her like she’s walking down the aisle towards you.” “Well maybe this is what my dream wedding would be like punk. I bet Tony could become an ordained minister in like 10 minutes & marry us before fuck face over there gets punch drunk.” Pinching his nose the exasperated Captain sighs. He’s too old for this shit, he needs a vacation. I bet Natasha loves the tropics, I’d kill to see Nat in that tiny bikini again…..or out of it. Focus Steve!! Corral the morons, then you can pin Nat to the nearest available surface. “Buck, this isn’t pirates of the Caribbean & Tony definitely isn’t Barbosa & please don’t give him any ideas.” “Hey I’m totally Captain Barbosa!!!!” Steve groans, can they stick him back in the ice now?

“Come on y/n just knock his ass out already for fucks sake!!!” Smirking from atop the agents shoulders you quickly land a punch to the base of his skull then bounce over to the clearly…frustrated Captain & pout at him. “Aww I was having fun Stevie.” “whatever kiddo, let’s get the bleeding idiot back to the quinjet.”

Steve was right about Bucky healing before y'all got home. Good thing too because as soon as you landed, Gary made the unwise decision to run up to welcome you home, stupidly missing the murder eyes being given to him by the soldier at your side. Bucky figured his good deeds were done for the day & he really didn’t think the government would forgive him for happily murdering their agent.

Instead he grabbed you & threw you over his shoulder & murder strutted the fuck out of there. Your fists pounding his back has no effect and it only makes the team laugh harder, you can feel his chest rumbling as he tries to silence his own. He finally sits you down outside his door, now that he has you alone, he can’t help but feel nervous.

“Y/n?” “Yeah Bucky?” “if i kissed you right now, what would you do?” thankfully your mouth forms the words your brain refuses to produce. “Why don’t you try it & find out?” Time slows to a crawl as he threads his hands into your hair. Searching your eyes for any doubt, he finally presses his lips to yours in a bone melting kiss. Time finally begins to move normally as you blindly fall into his room, clothes flying in all directions. He shreds your panties, snickering at your quickly hushed protest.

You finally get your full view of his body when he tosses you on the bed. You take a moment to look at each other, appreciating every line, curve - scar. For once neither of you feel self conscious, you can’t when the love is so obviously shining in each other’s eyes. Words aren’t necessary.

Breaking the mutual appreciation, Bucky launches onto the bed making you both laugh. You begin kissing and touching every available place on each other. You’re both so worked up that foreplay isn’t even required. But where’s the fun in that? Rolling to where you’re on top, Bucky wastes no time spinning you so that you’re sitting on his face, licking a broad stripe up to your clit before circling it with his tongue. You cry out, wanting to just enjoy what he’s doing to you but you can see his cock already rock hard & leaking. You immediately take him as far down as you can into your throat, drawing a loud growl from the soldier beneath you at the unexpected pleasure coursing through him.

The vibrations of his voice triggers your orgasm and you can feel him throb in your throat but before he can cum he pulls you up roughly and rolls you beneath him and thrusts in agonizingly slow. You moan against each other’s lips as he finally enters you fully. Needing a moment to adjust, he rests his forehead on yours. “I love you y/n” I love you James” hearing his name from your lips snaps his control & he sets a brutal pace that’s perfect for the built up adrenaline & sexual tension. Feeling you begin to tighten around him, he quickly slides his metal hand between you to circle your clit. “Ah fuck doll, I can feel you’re close doll. Cum for me love.” Arching your back, you cum screaming his name.

He sits up, lifting your hips and pounds into you immediately triggering another orgasm as he cums deep inside you. Screaming your name and a truly impressive mix of Russian and English swears. He falls over you and tries to catch his breath. You trade slow kisses and soft touches as you both come down from your highs. He pulls out of you with a hiss & quickly gets a warm cloth to clean you both.

He pulls you to rest on his chest, his metal arm cooling your overheated skin. Everything is quiet until he starts laughing softly “doll, you should’ve seen that assholes face when Steve walked up & sat down beside me. Pretty sure he was questioning every choice he ever made.” He shows you the picture he managed to take and you both dissolve into giggles which are quickly interrupted by Steve & Nat pounding on your adjoining wall & Steve yelling “while we all appreciate y'all FINALLY fucking out all that sexual tension..” “And winning us the bet!!” “NAT!!!” “Oh come on Steve, like you’re not TOTALLY excited for two weeks on Tony’s private island” “…Ok Natasha is right but THE REST OF US WOULD STILL LIKE TO SLEEP TONIGHT!!!!!” “SHUT UP PUNK” you both laugh some more before snuggling down & quickly falling asleep. Everything finally as it should be.

Thanks so much for reading guys. As usual, I hope y'all enjoy it.

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Locker Room Fun

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Characters: Y/n, Derek

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Smut, blowjob, anal, shower sex, unprotected sex, Daddy/Baby Boy kink, cuteness, fluff!!!

Word Count: 1864

Summary: Left alone in the locker room, Derek and Y/n have some fun. 

A/N: Ok, requested fic by anons- Could you do a Derek/Male Reader? Derek is readers baseball coach and one day while the teams changing clothes and Reader he’s a shirtless Derek for the first time. Reader ogles at until derek notices. Then when everyone has left the showers but Reader, Derek walks in naked and smut ensues.
Can you sis fic where Derek is the Male Readers baseball coach. One day at the end of practice Reader catches Derek in the shower naked and his obviously turned on. Derek Notices and encourages Reader to join him. Rough sex ensues with dirty talk, nipple sucking and daddy kink. Thanks!!!
Assuming these were the same people, cos they very similar. Combined then and mostly stuck to the requests. Hope u like it!!

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Fucking Derek Hale.

You were sick of this.

Sick of the entire pack, dragging you out to play baseball.

Who fucking played baseball in this town, anyways?

Lacrosse? You’d have understood that.

This town was practically obsessed with it.

Not that you would’ve liked playing that either, but it would’ve been better.

Instead he made you all play baseball.

Even rented out the damn school field.

Damn Hales and their money.

So now, here you were, panting as you lay on the bench, not caring about the others smirking at you and walking out.

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Dating S.Coups would be like...

 I know we have some request but they are coming as soon as we can finish them. Don’t worry, we had some rl things to do. :) 

It’s soooo hot here jesus

Please keep in mind that I don’t know any of the members of SEVENTEEN, so this is just my opinion and imagination!

- shiho

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  • we all know that being an idol comes with a lot of pressure, advantages and disadvantages
  • but you both promised eachother that even if things get hard you’ll stick to eachother
  • because he plans for the long-run and thinks about his future with you
  • some of the members may tease him, because he’s whipped, but they all know that their leader finally found someone
  • I think he’s not the type who falls in love easily, so it takes a while
  • gets a bit nervous before dates, because he still wants to keep his manly and protective image up
  • but as time passes he slowly lets it down, shows you the softie Seungcheol we love a lot
  • wants to take care of you, but wants it back too
  • the cliché boyfriend who backhugs you while cooking
  • but then joins and helps you 
  • because he wants to learn and get better at cooking, so he can surprise you with his food.
  • big on skinship and would be outside too, but since he doesn’t really wants to hurt fans or cause trouble he keeps it low
  • hand holding, a couple of cheek-kisses 
  • looks at you with a huge grin on his face and he doesn’t even notice that he’s staring
  • but he looks so in-love it’s so cute
  • probably lays in his bed late at night and looks the bed above him or the ceiling and thinks about small things
  • writes really deep and cute lyrics
  • woozi rolls his eyes at those, but secretly loves them and adores his leader, because he has such genuine feelings
  • the first time you two held hands he literally felt his cheeks burn and his stomach did flips
  • but he felt so happy
  • ear-to-ear smiles everytime he sees you
  • decided to marry you first time you brought them food after practice
  • okay, not but he really considered it
  • his favorite way to cuddle is for him to sit betweent your legs and lay back, letting you play with his hair - the way to have movie nights
  • and then he’s off to Dreamland.
  • or when you both face and hold eachoter
  • he just wants you as close as possible
  • cherishes every second you spend together, because he know he’ll have weeks or months without you
  • hates distance and probably tried to convince the manager to let you go with them
  • tries not to fight with you, and does a really good job of it
  • like if you two have a problem then he’s going to sit you down and tell you what’s bothering him
  • but also listens to you
  • gets kinda jealous sometimes?
  • literally of everyone who can spend time with you when he can’t
  • probably picks up some of your habbits without knowing
  • loves to surprise you with food, random plushies, candies - he sees something and his mind will go ‘okay but y/n would like this a lot’ or ‘did y/n try these before?’
  • kinda likes it when you wear his shirts
  • because you look like you’re asking for a hug
  • and he gladly gives one
  • would be soooo happy if you got along with the boys
  • like you probably don’t spend as much time with them than with him, but it’s so heartwarming when they accept you
  • i know i should say you kinda become the second mom of the group, but i’m not sure. not from the first meeting but if you’ve been together for at least 1-1,5 year then yes, maybe the boys seek your attention, asked for advices and things like this
  • sends selfies and pictures from wherever they are
  • skypes or facetimes you from the hotel room, probably when the member he shares a room with is not there or taking a shower
  • because he doesn’t want them to feel weird or neglected whatsoever, but if they joined him meanwhile he talked with you he’d be fine
  • but he’s a little selfish when it comes to attention
  • probably loves going for late night walks, eat ramen beside Han river with him and he’s probably the happiest man on Earth
  • doesn’t really want to bring you to the studio because he doesn’t want to mix work and life, but honestly he would love it when you visited him while he worked on something
  • probably called you once or twice to sooth him a bit, because he tends to stress even if he doesn’t show it
  • gets super happy when he sees you listening or dancing to their songs
  • doesn’t like couple outfits that much
  • so he’s more of the matching phonecase, necklace or ring, earring type
  • probably takes pictures of your intertwined hands, because it’s cute. 
  • talks about you a lot to his parents
  • but he’s more nervous than you tbh
  • he’s soo sooo happy when his parents give their blessings to your relationship
  • goes to meet your parents like a gentleman
  • buys flowers to your mom and probably a really elegant necklace - maybe a matching one to you too, and gives it with a really cheesy compliment
  • gets a nice watch to your father
  • if you have siblings he’s gonna bug you till you tell him what they like so he can get them something too
  • helps your mother with everything he can
  • earns your father’s respect as soon as he stepped in tbh
  • gets soooo shy and mushy after you leave, can’t believe that he survived and they liked him
  • I think he would propose after 3-4 years, when he’s really sure that you’re the one
  • not that he didn’t know, but he also wants to know if he’s the one for you
  • doesn’t pressure you into anything, so if you said no he accepts it with a smile. he can wait as long as you’re beside him.
"lemonade" nct mark

a/n: this song!!! i’m in complete love. please support this hard working boy and give him the amount of appreciation he deserves ♡♡

(it’s a difference plot from the mv btw heh)

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A typical Sunday morning during summer break was to wake up at 11AM due to the constant ringing of your phone from the buzzing text messages your best friend has been sending you. Trudging to the kitchen, you grab a box of cereal from the pantry, taking a ziplock bag and pouring some milk into it as you mix it with your cheerios. Cause that means no dishes, right?

You sit down to eat on the kitchen counter and finally check your phone to reply to your annoying best friend. 

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[M] Wedding Dress

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

REQUESTED: a wedding smut with jinyoung

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Warnings: um… smut 

Word Count: 2K


HI EVERYONE! OMG SORRY FOR THE HUGE DELAY BUT I WILL TRY AND UPDATE EVERYTHING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! (hopefully before school starts) THANK YOU FOR WAITING SO PATIENTLY I’M ASHDASJL. Also, I hope you enjoy this scenario to whomever requested this haha! lots of love - Admin Rose

Marriage wasn’t a ring worn or a paper signed by two people. It was not something endured but savored. It is the union of two hearts beating as one, each which would sacrifice for the other’s happiness and wellbeing. Marriage was something so beautiful that in that natural world it would be an opening rose, always with radiant petals left to unfurl to a warm sun. Perhaps this was the reason why Jinyoung cried at your wedding. Your white dress dragged along the smooth floors as you slowly walked down the aisle, holding a simple bouquet in hand and looking straight at your soon to be husband with joy and excitement. A surge of emotions ran through the both of you as you said your vows and he said his. Two words was all Jinyoung needed to hear before he grabbed your face, dipping your body down to share the first kiss as husband and wife.

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Judith is walking briskly down the sidewalk, an abomination of a dress folded over her arm, when she sees the man about to destroy the world and the man about to save it.

People would say that Judith can see the future. She’d laugh if she heard it (to hear it, she’d have to tell them), because it’s not like that at all. She’s yet to find a future that’s come true a hundred percent no has she seen something that’s unstoppable.

They’re like threads. Hundreds and thousands of pale, fragile threads arcing out of people towards future destinations, future mistakes, future successes. Some are thicker than others but that doesn’t mean they’re more likely. Instead it means that there’ll be more people involved, a party, a get together, something like that. Maybe they’ll hire ten more people at work or maybe they’ll be going to a funeral soon.

She’s gotten so used to the spiderweb of futures she sees, she barely registers them anymore. She just walks down the street registering baby shower, shoe repair, flat tire, anniversary, trips on way to school, breaks a dish, etc.

She’s doing that today, in fact, right now in the present. She’s going dress shopping for her sister’s wedding (not the bridesmaid, she dodged that one). The colors are grey and silver and hardly any shop sells a dress like that so she’s had to go into the city.

Judith is walking briskly down the sidewalk, an abomination of a dress folded over her arm, when she sees the man about to destroy the world and the man about to save it.

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Living of Love

Good morning, loves! This is a new fluffy story that I posted on AO3 so you can read it wherever, but I thought I’d upload it here too just for the heck of it. 

James!” Sirius cursed as he opened the door.

His best friend poked his head from behind the corner. “Yes, my lover?”

“Cut the crap. What the bloody hell have you done to my shop?”

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” He exclaimed with a sheepish grin.

Sirius stared wide eyed at his flower shop. Only it wasn’t. It was bedazzled in pink. Paper hearts linked their way across the walls. Red and pink stickers were plastered on the front windows. A jar of heart candies was placed on the counter. Every bouquet had a card with some absurd declaration of love resting in the flowers. Sirius sighed.

“What am I looking at, Prongs?”

“Well, my truly amazing friend, you’re looking at the new and improved Guns ’n Roses!” James raised his arms. “Lily helped me a bit last night. What do you think?”

“I think you’re crazy.”

“It’s a masterpiece.”

“It’s not punk rock at all. I asked you to help prep for the holiday – not to let Cupid come in and throw up on my flowers!”

“Embrace the holiday, Pads. It’s a wonderful thing – love.” James looked off with doe eyes.

Sirius snorted. “Still in your honeymoon phase, I see.”

“You’ll find someone too, you know.”

“Doubtful. The amount of eligible gay men in Hampshire is equivalent to the dignity I have left.” Sirius turned the sign on the front door that stated they were open before shutting it and walking into his shop.

Though it was a minimalist interior, it showcased his best floral arrangements. The black and white framed photographs of old bands rested on the rustic, brick walls. On the left and right walls were white shelves of flowers from peonies, to dahlias, to flower crowns. In the middle sat two maroon loveseats, angled toward each other. There was a round table in between them with Sirius’s favorite flowers in an intricate vase; cosmos atrosanguineus. And towards the back of the store was an L shaped counter with his bouquets of the month placed on it. He walked swiftly behind the counter to the registry, and placed his things on the floor. He surveyed his precious store with another look of disbelief.

“What about that guy you told me about a few weeks ago, the one who recently opened up a bookstore just across the street?” James waggled his eyebrows and followed him around the counter.

Sirius blushed as he remembered the man.

“Are you, Sirius Orion Black, the man who claims to have a ‘heart of steel’, blushing?”

Sirius sacked him in the shoulder in hopes of ending his utter embarrassment. “Sod off, Potter.”

But as James rubbed his shoulder and howled with laughter, Sirius allowed himself to remember the man whom he couldn’t stop thinking about…

Sirius flipped the ‘open’ sign as the first drops of rain began to come down. It was a cloudy day on Belmore Street, but beautiful just the same. The local shops’ lights glowed in the downcast morning. The cobbled road was glistening with the rainfall. The storm was welcoming as it was refreshing.

He looked out his window to see the no longer vacant store directly across the street from his. The sign above the door said, Secondhand Prose. He gave a small smile. There hadn’t been a bookstore here in a long time.

Just as he was about to walk away from the front window, a lean figure in the rain caught his eye. It looked as though the man was trying to carry tons of boxes from a truck into his store. In the rain. With only a t-shirt on. He shook his head incredulously. But he looked upward again at the now downpour. He shifted his gaze back to the struggling man carrying what seemed to be a heavy box. Sirius muttered hateful words to himself as he put up his hood and stepped out into the storm.

He walked quickly across the uneven street. As the man walked out of the store, Sirius approached the truck. The man looked up at him, and Sirius’s steps faltered.

With hair dark with dripping water, a soaked through shirt, and glasses that weren’t helping him at this point, the man was a handsome mess. His warm gaze penetrated Sirius’s.

With the realization that he was staring at the stranger, Sirius cleared his throat, a flush creeping up his neck.

“I couldn’t help but watch your helpless attempt at moving all this shit,” he pointed over his shoulder at the numerous boxes sitting in the back of the truck. “Do you need any help?”

Surprise overcame his face, but looked at his feet and smiled shyly. “That would be great.”

Sirius tore his gaze from him and moved to the truck. It was piled to the brim with cardboard boxes. As leaned over to pick one up, he looked inside to see worn books. He noticed one of his favorites and picked it up.

The Fountainhead. A brilliant book.” Sirius turned around to see the man standing just a few feet away. His gaze quickly snapped up and his cheeks flushed. Sirius couldn’t help but smirk at the fact that the man had been checking him out.

He gulped. “It’s groundbreaking.”

Sirius was about to agree when another box caught his eye, this one filled to the brim with CD’s. A familiar album cover was at the top of the pile, and he picked it up.

Emotionalism? This album is incredible. Do you listen to them?”

Remus’s eyes brightened with passion and he grinned. “Track 10.”

They launched into a discussion about the album and the other music they listen to, somehow ending up discussing where they came from and where they longed to go. At some point, Sirius sat on the edge of the truck, Remus joining him, legs swinging back and forth, all the while the rain continuing to beat down on them as they continued to talk for what felt like hours, never once hitting an uncomfortable silence or an awkward topic. A tether seemed to form between the two men as they connected through words.

“We should probably finish up with these boxes,” Sirius nodded to the books behind him, reluctant to end their conversation.

After that, the two men danced around each other as they efficiently moved all the books into the new store. The rain conveniently stopped just as Sirius brought in the last box. He walked back outside where the man was sitting on the rear of the truck, reading a book. Sirius used this moment to look at him. His hair was nearly dry, and had a glorious golden hue in the curls. He was beautiful.

He looked up as Sirius approached and stood up.

“Thank you so much… I really appreciate your help. It would have taken me twice the amount of time to do all of that,” he waved his hand toward his store and chuckled.

“A handsome man in need of a white knight? My pleasure,” he shamelessly flirted.

The stranger blushed all the way down to his toes. “Er…thanks. Have – have a good day.” He abruptly turned his heel and practically ran into his shop.

Sirius swore at himself. He was so damn forward. He groaned and began walking back to Guns ’n Roses, sans a cute guy’s number.

It wasn’t until Sirius was inside his shop that he realized he never got his name.

He came back to the present to find James shaking his head at him.

“What happened to the Sirius Black I knew, the one who went after anything he wanted?”

“You know what happened to him.”

James tsked at him. “You can’t let one man ruin any chance for others. He was a complete asshole who treated you like scum. You’re better than him, mate. You’re better than what your family believes you to be; better than what you see yourself as.”

Sirius spared a glance at James, who was looking down at him with love.

“Is this the part where we hug?”

James scrunched up his nose and shoved Sirius back on the shoulder. They laughed together and Sirius retreated back to the counter. He picked out a peony from the vase and let out a deep breath. James grinned at his unusually nervous friend.

“Now go get some, my man!” James spanked his butt on the way out.

Needless to say, Sirius bruised his shoulder. Again.

*                      *                      *


A bell jingled as Sirius opened the door to the bookstore. Before he opened the door, however, he noticed a few Valentine’s themed books in the front window. Laughter bubbled up at the sight of erotic romances, and he continued into the shop.

Peering inside, a vintage looking shop with what looked like hundreds upon hundreds of bound words resting on wooden shelves stretching across the majority of the room met his eyes. Toward the back, he could make out a few overstuffed armchairs. He stepped inside and inhaled the scent of old paperbacks and freshly brewed coffee. Not having noticed before, he realized the small bar to the right. It was a bookstore café.

He walked in further, finding no one in sight. He bit his lip in anxiousness.

Was he even here?

Sirius strolled past the bookshelves, glancing into each aisle, but the man from a few weeks ago was nowhere to be found.

Finally, he got to the last shelf of classic novels. He looked down the narrow aisle between the books.

There he was.

Standing on a stool librarians often use, he was leafing through a gently used book. His untidy curls stuck up every which way, and his thickly framed glasses were on the verge of falling off his nose. And they weren’t covered with raindrops this time. Angled toward him, Sirius noticed his sweater. It was pink with a few sewn hearts on it for the holiday, he presumed. He was even more adorable than Sirius remembered.

The man shelved the book with satisfaction. He then stepped down to the box beside the stepping stool to pick up another book. As he grabbed the book and straightened, his gaze caught Sirius standing in the middle of the aisle. His eyes widened with surprise.

“Oh, hullo,” he said, self consciously running his hand through his golden hair, making it stick up even more.

“Hi, I don’t know if you remember, but I helped you move in a few days ago. I’m –”

“Sirius.” As soon as the man said it, he blushed furiously. “Er, your friend came in the other day and mentioned you owned the floral shop across the street.” The only coherent thought in Sirius’s head was, James went into a bookstore? Remus continued. “I figured it was you, seeing as you came in and out of the shop when you helped me that day, so I asked for your name. Did I thank you, by the way? It was really kind…” Sirius watched him with intrigue as he stumbled over his words.

When he finished his rambling, he simply stood there with bright eyes and tousled hair.

“I’m Remus Lupin, by the way. A bit of a late introduction, but …er –”

“Better late than never, Remus,” Sirius finished for him, grinning. Remus loved the way his velvet voice wrapped along the two syllables of his name.

They stood there for a few moments, looking at each other with anticipation.

“This is for you,” Sirius blurted out, reaching out and handing him the flower. Remus’s eyes softened and gladly took the peony.

“It’s beautiful, thank you. I, erm… I was actually just going to bring you something once I finished shelving,” he waved his arm at the pile of books behind him.

“You’re in luck. I’m quite a fan of surprises.”

Remus led him down the aisle, past the dozens of bookshelves, and to the café. Sirius followed him like a lost puppy.

Once they reached the café, Remus picked up a lone mug on the countertop. He turned around and held it out to Sirius. He looked at the cappuccino to see a dog paw designed with milk on the top.

“I saw you walking your dog past my store on Saturday, and well, I thought you’d like it.”

Sirius’s heart squeezed.

“I love it, it’s amazing … I actually came over here to ask you out.”

Not believing his ears, Remus tripped over his own feet as he took a clumsy step forward to hand the coffee to Sirius. Although he steadied himself from falling forward, the contents flew out of the mug and onto Sirius. And as if it were happening in slow motion, the hot liquid splattered Sirius’s white shirt, staining it a muddy brown color.

Remus’s eyes widened in horror.

Sirius looked down at his wet shirt, and back up at Remus’s horrified expression.

“Shit on a fucking stick! Bloody hell, I’m such a fucking wanker.” A long list of expletives shot out of Remus’s mouth.

And Sirius began laughing.

To his chagrin, Remus decided it was a good idea to grab a towel and begin dabbing at Sirius’s shirt with it. He began wiping at his stomach, not-so-subtly feeling his impressively hard muscles, then got to his knees and cleaned the coffee off of Sirius’s shoes and the floor.

“As much as I like the sight of you kneeling before me, I don’t think it’s doing much.”

Remus tilted his head up. Sirius was looking down at him with amusement and heat in his eyes.

Sirius bent down and got eye level with Remus. He grabbed his chin gently with two fingers.

“You’re the clumsiest, most adorable man I’ve ever met,” he whispered, leaning in until their lips almost met.

Before Sirius could move an inch further, Remus shot up on his feet.

“Er, we should… I-I have customers.”

Sirius stood up and looked around at the vacant bookstore and to the lone worker at the coffee bar who was on her phone.

“I think you could manage a five minute break.”

And with that, Sirius grabbed Remus’s pale hand in his warm one and led him out the door to the floral shop across the street.

Sirius held open the front door, extending his hand out to let Remus walk in first. “Gentlemen first.”

Remus walked into the store with Sirius behind him, and before Sirius could open his mouth to welcome and give him a tour, a flash of light blinded their eyes.

“What the fuck?”

Sirius blinked a few times to regain his vision, only to find James standing in front of them, camera poised in front his grinning face. Remus was looking at him, confusion written all over his face as he too readjusted his eyes.

“Aw, look at your faces.” He bought down the camera to look at the picture he just shot. He keenly resembled a proud parent on the night of prom. “You guys are such a cute couple.”

Sirius’s mouth hung wide open, disbelief and embarrassment written over his face. He crossed an arm around himself and hid his head in his heads, face palming his forehead very audibly, shaking his head in defeat.

Remus, on the other hand was smiling, amusement in his eyes. He gave James a small wave. “Nice to see you again, James. But, er, we aren’t exactly dating. We’ve really just been properly introduced.”

James waved him off. “Not yet you aren’t,” he winked suggestively.

Sirius lifted his head abruptly. “James,” he seethed, trying to remain pleasant. “Don’t you have to go do that thing?”

He tapped his chin thoughtfully and frowned. “I don’t think so, mate –”

But one look from Sirius had him running to the back.

Sirius was furious. James was a wonderful friend, no doubt. But he knew what Sirius had gone through with his previous relationship – the pain he had experienced after the man he loved cheated on him. Coming home from the jewelers, a newly bought engagement ring in his pocket. Calling out his name, his heart pounding in anticipation. Hearing sounds from their bedroom, and opening the door to see him fucking another man. Screaming and screaming and screaming until his voice was hoarse and his tears were nearly drowning him. Throwing the ring in his face. The betrayal. The heartbreak.

James knew. He witnessed it all – the breaking, the burning, the healing. He knew that Sirius thought he would never let someone in like that again; that he would never know what intimacy and love would feel like.

Three years gone. He had never been in a relationship since – never found a person that he could open himself up to. And now, with Remus, he felt like he could have that chance of happiness and love.

If James didn’t fuck it all up.

He turned around to face Remus, a long winded apology already on the tip of his tongue, but before he could get out a word, Remus took a long stride forward, wrapped Sirius in his arms, and kissed him, his lips soft and plush and fumbling.

Sirius, completely taken aback, had only one thought running through his mind. Remus is gay. I owe James ten bucks.

But that instantly vanished when he realized, Remus is kissing me.

Once his brain properly functioned, his lips curled into a warm smile and he began to properly kiss Remus back. His slightly shaky hand tentatively slid up to wrap around Remus’s neck, deepening the kiss. The other went around the man’s narrow waist, fingers tightening around his soft and oversized jumper, curling around the material to pull Remus closer to him.

They continued to kiss for what felt like hours. With their bodies pressed tight against one another, they were in their own cocoon of blissful heat. When Sirius pulled back slightly, his stormy eyes met Remus’s, whose were bright and warm like melted chocolate. He brought his hand up to cup Remus’s cheek tenderly, drinking in the flushed face, shy smile, and tousled hair.

“Can I just say something?” Sirius asked, breathless. A nod. “I am a fucked up man. I haven’t had a relationship in three years.” He shook his head, laughing a little. “You make me feel, Remus. I don’t know what it is about you. And I know we’ve only just met, and fucking hell this is cliché, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. Maybe it’s your taste in literature or your adorably crooked glasses, or maybe it’s the fact we connect in this way that I’ve never experienced. But I want to take this chance with you and risk being completely destroyed instead of wondering what could have been. So please take that chance with me because you are like no one I have ever met.” He exhaled a breath and quickly added, “It’s also a bonus that you’re incredibly handsome and witty.”

Remus laughed incredulously and merely nodded, whispering, “Yes.”

Sirius held up a finger, and ran over to the display case, picking up a single rose, and rushed back to Remus, holding it out to him.

He smiled, accepting the flower and pulled Sirius into him, kissing the life out of him.

From a passerby’s view in the cobbled streets, they would simply see two men in a tight embrace, their gazes never wavering.

Two lovers on Valentine’s Day.