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Might I just say @mortemistrata that I was a little unsure about this prompt at first, but I had so much fun writing this! 

“Good morning, Keith.”

Keith froze with one eyebrow arched. He slowly studied the brunet in front of him. “No ‘mullet’ this morning?”

“That would be rude,” Lance said, lips curled into a frown.

Keith’s face fell until he was matching the brunet’s expression. “Are you okay?” He zeroed in on small details, like the way Lance’s normally tan skin looked slightly washed out or the dark, bruised circles under Lance’s almost lifeless eyes.

“Of course.” Lance replied, tone even. “We should go before we are late to breakfast.”

Keith absently nodded, brows furrowed deeply, as he followed the brunet into the dining hall.

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Kiwi: Part Five

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two // Kiwi: Part Three // Kiwi: Part Four

He woke up to the sounds of the ocean kissing the sandy shore.

He couldn’t remember what time they finally fell asleep the night before. Sleep had already started to overcome him during the last little bit of the night so he hadn’t been fully conscious, but he did remember a few things: stealing soft kisses and gentle whispers, and the sound of her laugh harmonizing with the sound of the waves. 

He’d never seen her that relaxed before, and it brought her to a whole new dimension that only made him fall even deeper—it was almost like she was a new person every day. Like she was constantly shifting into new versions of herself. 

He turned over in the bed to look at her—she was laying on her stomach, one of her arms resting by her head as the other remained down at her side. Her shoulders were rising and falling calmly with every breath that she took, and it was almost soothing to see her this relaxed—she had this resilient intensity about her all of the time that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, and watching her sound asleep was perhaps the only time that he saw her with her defences completely lowered.

He groaned inaudibly as he gently rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, sitting up in the bed carefully as not to wake her up. As much as he wanted to stay, he needed to get back to the studio to keep working. He slipped out of the bed and padded across the room quietly, and after some debate, he decided to leave her a note. He didn’t want her to think that he was running off, but he also didn’t want to wake her—he wrote her the note and left it on the bed beside her frame, slipping out of the little home and making his way back to the studio.

She woke up hours later, to the beeping of her alarm going off on her watch.

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For You

Thank you @viviena for this amazing animation!!! It is perfect :))                   In celebration of such amazing work, I present a fic

  Stiles was a very easily distracted five year old. Example A - he had managed to wander off seventeen times in the past hour, constantly caught up in his need to more closely examine every flower or bug that caught his fancy.

  He had been taken on the hike to expend some energy, to relieve the restlessness that seemed ingrained into the kid’s bones. It was a common occurrence for Sheriff Stilinski to have to revert back to countless websites that he had bookmarked to look for a new babysitter willing to look after his little bundle of spaz.

 It had been almost fate, meeting the Hales. A simple accident, one that the families had long since moved past seeing as a negative. The sheriff and Stiles had gone to the grocery store, his dad looking worn out and tired, staying up too late looking for a new sitter. It seemed like if a person hadn’t already babysat Stiles, they had heard rumors about the boy and his difficult to handle nature. So, for now, the sheriff took the boy everywhere, cashing in favours the receptionists at the precinct owed him when he was called out on duty. But even their patience was growing thin.

  It was in the grocery store after John Stilinski and Talia Hale had exchanged pleasant smiles that all hell broke loose. Or well, Stiles broke loose. He had managed to climb out of the back of the cart and wandered the aisle before running head first into a pair of legs. A boy of about nine or ten years looked down at the stumbling mess of a kid by his knees. The boy looked up, saw the man talking pleasantly with his mother and smelled the familial scents.

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On the second part of this one-hour special Brooklyn 99, it’s all about finding Amy in time for her big exam.  This one is truly great for all the Jake and Amy fans, but I’ll get into that more soon.  Here’s everything to expect from “Chasing Amy”.

Amy’s preparing for the Sergeant’s Exam, in hopes of sticking to her “life calendar” and becoming the NYPD’s youngest captain within the correct timeline.  Unfortunately, her nerves are getting the best of her, and Jake’s getting concerned.

Then, when Charles’ Great-Nana Boyle passes away, he and Gina are left some of her most prized possessions.  But when Gina’s is far better than Charles’, things get strained in the Boyle clan.

Back to Amy.  When Jake prepares a practice test for her, she suddenly vanishes soon after with only hours before taking her exam.  It’s then up to Jake and Rosa to step into Amy’s shoes and track her down before it’s too late.

During all of this, Terry wants to liven up the playroom at the precinct for kids by bringing in a model train.  It’s a great idea, until Terry and Holt start arguing over how a model train set should actually be.

This was a great Jake and Amy episode, as I said before, with some seriously sweet moments, as well as a call-back to a pivotal season one moment between them.  And of course, this episode also had plenty of hilarious moments you’ll definitely enjoy. 

Here are a few things to look forward to in part-two:

  • Amy’s nervous habits
  • Gina’s inheritance
  • Terry dancing
  • “Trivia Pressure”
  • Jake doing everything in his power to find Amy

Don’t miss the all-new, special one-hour “Cop-Con/Chasing Amy” episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, May 9 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

As always, send any questions you may have my way, and I will answer, as long as they aren’t too spoilery!


“Don’t you fucking dare, Justin” Y/N screamed as she tried to run away from her boyfriend, who was chasing her, wanting to throw her into the water.

“Babe, you know I’m faster.” Justin laughed.

“You’ll never catch me.” she turned her head and she stick her tongue out. In that second of inobservance, she tripped over someone’s leg. Soon her face hit the sand and six pair of little hands tried to hold her down.

“We’ve got her.” Jaxon proudly exclaimed.

She wiggled herself around, so she could face them. At the bottom of her eye she saw Justin wasn’t running anymore so she took the chance she had.

“Okay guys, here’s the deal, let me go and I will buy you ice-cream, candies and other stuff, which you’ll eat when Jeremy and Chelsey or Justin aren’t around, yeah?” She gave them her best smile, hoping it will work.

They just smiled into her face and swing their heads no.

“Whatever Justin promised to give you, I can give you too, even better. C’mon I don’t wanna get my hair wet.”

I look like her begging only made them laugh even more.

“You know that’s not how it works, babe.” Justin said, slowly approaching them.

“Can’t blame girl for trying, now can you?” Y/N chuckled.

“Thank you guys for help, now let’s get Y/N wet.” Justin exclaimed and the kids started yelling and screaming.

Justin quickly picked Y/N up and started running towards the ocean. She was screaming for him to stop, begging him she will do anything, but it only made him laugh.

“Love you too, babe.” Justin said before he threw her into the water. When she had emerged, she moved her hair from her face and quickly yelled. “Get ready for a payback.”

She splashed water into their way, and they were quick to respond. Since it was four against one, she lost again and they were all around her, so all she could do was to dive and pull them under.

First she pulled Justin’s shorts down, just a little bit, giving the paparazzi behind some good material to work with.

Then she moved to Jazmyn and Allie and pulled them under. She emerged once again, noticing Jaxon playfully running away towards his father. Y/N quickly rushed after him. “I’m gonna get you Jax.”

Considering that’s she’s faster than him she quickly grabbed him and pulled him into his arms.

“Gotcha.” Y/N exclaimed proudly.

Jaxon was laughing and wiggling in her arms, but she only held him tighter. “No, put me down.” He said while laughing.

“Too late for that now.” Y/N said and jumped into water with him. Once they raised up, and looked around at each other, they all started laughing.

“Four against me and I still win. You suck, guys.” Y/N stuck her tongue out, once again.

Once they reached Jeremy and Chelsey, they all sat down on their ropes, slowly wiping water off their skins.

“Having fun, huh?” Kids nod at Jeremy’s question.

“Let’s go say hi to those fans over there.” Justin said as he grabbed Y/N’s hand and started pulling her up.

“You go, I’ll stay here. I need to dry my hair, and get tanned.”

“So you’re letting you half naked boyfriend go talk to more half naked people?”

“Do I have a reason to worry?” Y/N asked pretending to be surprised placing her right hand over her heart.

Justin laugh and gave her a quick kiss. “Nope.” And he left.


“Okay guys, get out of water, it’s enough for today. We’re going to swim some more tomorrow.” Jeremy said as he started to get up from the sand.

Kids weren’t happy about leaving the beach, they loved spending time there, running and playing around. But once they were promised to get ice-cream they happily obeyed and picked their toys up.

Few feet away there was a bar with ice-cream. Kids quickly ran towards it, already discussing which ice-cream to take.

Justin and Y/N were far behind everyone, slowly waking, while Justin’s left hand was wrapped around Y/N’s back.

“You’re enjoying it here?” Y/N asked Justin, looking around the beach. Only a few people were left there, and of course some paparazzi.

“Mhm. It would be great if those suckers weren’t here.” Justin said sounding slightly irritated.

Y/N looked over at Justin. “Hey, don’t let those fuckers ruin your holiday with your family. God knows you work way too hard and you deserve this. So just relax, I know it bothers you, but we are here to so focus on us and not them.”

Justin smile and placed a little peck on her lips. “What would I do without you?”

“Be lost, mostly, bored.” Y/N said making Justin chuckle.

“I love you.”

“I love you.” She said and placed her head on his shoulder slowly walking towards their yacht.

Once they reached the yacht he let go of her. “Ladies first.” Y/N smiled and kissed him once again.

As she was passing him to climb up the stairs, she felt his hand on her but. “Lost something, Bieber?” Y/N asked innocently looking over her shoulder.

“Just found it.” He said and smirked at her. She laughed. Justin, Jaxon, Jazmyn and Allie all headed towards the roof, while Y/N went into the bathroom and put on pink shorts. She quickly tied her hair into a messy bun and walked out onto the deck.

As she was approaching the deck she could hear giggles from the roof. She looked up and she saw Allie, Jazmyn and Justin doing yoga.

“No Justin, you’re doing it all wrong.” Allie exclaimed and show him how’s it’s supposed to be done.

Y/N couldn’t help but laugh at how cute they looked together. Justin noticed her and looked down at her.

“Something funny, Miss?” Justin asked playfully and Y/N shook her head. “No, not at all. Also put your ass little higher Bieber. You’re seriously doing it wrong.”

“Why don’t you come up and show me how’s done then?”

“Nah, I’m just gonna enjoy the view from down here.”

Justin winked at her and went back to yoga.

Y/N observed them for a little bit more then she went to the bar and took a glass of white wine. She went back to the deck, still hearing giggles, but she decided to rather turn away from them and appreciate the view.

It was just amazing, the sun was slowly going down. The colours were just extraordinary. The sun painted whole sky into bright yellow that slowly fading into blue.

Y/N felt strong hands wrapping around her waist and she place her head onto his chest.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” he asked with his low, sexy voice that only sent shiver down her spine.

She just smiled and placed her glass down, slowly turning around. She met his gaze, and his eyes left her speechless. He always had such a nice brown colour but now, thanks to the sunset, the brown in his eyes was turned green and it was even prettier than sunset.

“You’re staring.” Justin smirked playfully.

“Stop being so goddamn beautiful and I won’t.” Y/N said pushing his arm. He griped her tighter, bringing her closer.

“Not my fault, baby.”

He lowered his lips onto hers. Y/N closed her eyes at the touch of his soft lips. She placed her hands around his neck, playing with his hair. He brushed his tongue over her lower lip, asking for entrance. She moaned into kiss, pushing herself more and more into him.

Once they separated, they were both breathing heavily. Justin kissed her forehead and she placed her head onto his chest. She closed her eyes and listened to his heart beat.

He slowly pushed her off and grabbed her hand. “Come.” Was all he muttered. He took her hand and took her into their shared room.

This is a very short imagine inspired by Justins vacation with his family. I know it sucks and i’m sorry.

You put your hand up their shirt or their sleeves to touch skin out of habit (NCT 127+Johnny)

Taeil: -he would feel awkward at first because you were touching under his shirt then would go up his sleeves later on- “honey your fingers are just so cold”

Originally posted by taesyong

Taeyong: -Taeyong would be so used to it when your hands were up his shirt lightly touching his stomach- “you’re fingers are slightly cold. I hope they warm up soon”

Originally posted by y-ta

WinWin: -the boys would realize you were standing behind him and the back of his shirt was raised up because your hands were running on his stomach- “Y/N does this often believe it or not”

Originally posted by nctinfo

Yuta: -he didn’t even know you did something like that until the moment you actually did it- “your hands are on my chest”

Originally posted by suhyngho

Jaehyun: -he would realize your hands were could and would tell you to stick them up his sleeves- “I hope they warm up”

Originally posted by taetohan

Mark: -the boys would notice you were very touchy and Taeyong would quickly question where you hands were when his were on his lap and yours were under the blanket- “they’re currently under my shirt resting on my stomach”

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

Haechan: -you would slide your hands up his sleeves and tickle the skin under it as he would watch you- “why are you so cute?”

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Johnny: -he would giggle at you when you would start tickling his side after your hands started doing it- “honey that really tickles”

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The One After Vegas...

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Sub!Dean, Dom!Reader, use of restraints (for Dean) mention of anal play, mention of spanking (sorta), edging. Pretty much PWP

Word Count: 3152

A/N: This one is written for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess birthday challenge. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES! It also has a Part 1 that was posted earlier today. Thank you goes to @avasmommy224 for betaing this for me. Feedback is appreciated and I hope yall enjoy!! ♥

Dean’s POV

It’s been a month since that night in Vegas and no matter how many women I pick up, no one has compared to her. It seems like just plain old vanilla sex just isn’t enough anymore. Yeah, I get off but it’s just not the same. Then there was the one other time I tried the sub thing with another chick…it got weird, quick.

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Of Gaze and Sleep

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Title : Of Gaze and Sleep

Author : Myself

Genre : Fluffy and Implicit

Summary : Just another peaceful morning between you and your boyfriend, who you love watching while he sleeps.

It became a habit. You were used to watch your boyfriend sleeping every time he was coming over for the night. Yet it was mesmerising, every single time.

Park Jinyoung had the most expressive features, even when he was sleeping. You wrapped yourself around the fluffy blanket, your legs barely grazing against his and you rubbed the sleep out of your eyelids. This semi-awaken state was making your vision too blurry to relish in the moment of pure beauty and calm surrounding both of your bodies.

He stirred in his sleep and the hand covering his face fell to his side, hiding under the bedding to seek warmth. It made you smile to yourself, because this defenceless lamb before you reminded you about how much of a beast he could be, sometimes.

This contrast was what made you fall for him.

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anonymous asked:

Ok here's the request again! Can you do a TFLN where Harry and the missus met and began dating the week before Harry starts a tour and when they've been dating for only like 1 or 2 weeks Harry sends flowers to her home?

Harry. Missus.

Thank you!

What for?

The beautiful flowers you sent me this morning.

They’re very beautiful.

That’s a very artsy photo.

You should stick that on Instagram.

Tag me in it, too.

Would that be okay?

Of course! I want people to know that I’m with you.

Are you sure?

100% sure.


Do you like them? Are they nice? They fit your house?

They’re perfect.

They smell divine, too.

Did you pick them yourself?

I went into the shop, yeah. Picked out the bouquet myself. I mean, I’ve only seen your house once. And that was in the dark, but, I thought they would fit nicely.

They’re gorgeous. Thank you.

Consider them as an ‘I miss you’.

I miss you, too.

How’s tour going?

It’s good. Missing you like crazy. It’s not fun waking up and realising I can’t come and see you. I woke up this morning, hoping to give you a call and pop over with a breakfast bap from Starbucks, but I realised I was in Glasgow and you were back in London.

I could have joined you on this leg.

I didn’t want take you from work.

I could have come for a week. Used my holiday days.

Nope. I want you to come and join me in Milan, through to Lisbon. We can make it a proper holiday, too. Sunbathe together and go out for dinners and then have the show and come back and sleep.

That sounds great.

I’ll let you go and do your stuff today. I’ve got some stuff to do myself. I’ll speak to you soon?

Speak later before the show. x



More flowers?

You deserve all the flowers. 

I’m running out of space.

I can send you some outdoorsy ones?

And where will I put them? I have no garden, you idiot.

You can stick them in my garden. I gave you a key for emergencies. You can go and plant them in my garden, if you want?


Of course. We can be like an old married couple and garden together when I’m home.

You’re an idiot.

I love you. Thank you. x

You’re welcome, babe. x

I’ll keep some at home…

… and I’ll keep some in your house. x

That sounds like a great idea. x

You’ve been wanting me to write about you. I don’t know why. Most days, these words feel ugly. Nothing about this feels beautiful, it feels like I’m bleeding. That isn’t pretty, but you are. So maybe that’s why I’m writing this, because I want to try my hand at putting that prettiness into words. Or maybe it’s because I know you want it and it would make you happy to read it, and I love knowing that I can put a smile on your face. Or maybe I’m writing this because it’s past 3am and I don’t have a filter and declaring my platonic love makes sense now. I don’t know, but the reason doesn’t really matter, does it? It didn’t matter on day one. It doesn’t matter now. It won’t matter in the days to come, if there are any. You make me nervous because things are good. Life feels a little more worth living because you exist, and I can’t picture a life without you in it now, and that’s good but bad. That’s bad because if you go I fear that I will shatter like the most fragile piece of glass. Who will help pick up the pieces? I’ve been there before, it wasn’t pretty. A lot of things in this world aren’t, and that was another one. I’m becoming redundant now, aren’t I? At first, I wanted to just write I love you. I wanted to leave it there, or write it ten times over. Maybe 100.  Maybe 1000. Would I copy and paste it? Probably. Maybe not. Would it matter as long as the message got across? Maybe you’d want me to write it by hand. You always want me to push myself. You always want me to be the best I can be, to not be okay with only being able to have fists full of grass, to reach for the stars next and not stop until I have them. Until I can gladly sit on the moon, imprint my butt’s print on its surface and make it moon squared. I’m just being silly now, but you’ve seen me be silly before. You’ve seen me fall so deep into the darkness that I could give void a new definition, you’ve seen me lose myself in laughter as if happiness was the only emotion I knew, you’ve seen me be myself and you haven’t run away. You’re sticking through it, through the blood and gore, through the sunrises and sunsets. You better believe I plan to do the same and then some. I don’t think I could ever get down just how thankful I am for you. I’m hoping that I’ll get to hear your voice soon. Maybe I’ll be able to tell you properly then. Or maybe I’ll just let you know I wrote this so I could hear your reaction (you know that I’m writing about you, how crazy is that?). Or maybe I’ll just tell you that I love you until I lose my voice. I wonder if years from now, we’ll look back at this. I wonder how much I’ll have added to it by then. I don’t know how long you’ll be here. I don’t know how long our story will actually be. I don’t know, but you’ve made that okay. We’re okay. You’re okay.
—  “I love you.” // Maxwell Diawuoh

Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Prologue
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and immediately decide that you didn’t like each other. It all begins by the hill where the prince reunites with the princess.

Prol. | [x]

You remember the day Saren arrived in your little town. It was on the very day the flame trees bloomed last year. She came to work at the hilltop orphanage despite the very little pay. She was good with the children and they loved her–she was petite, pretty, and polite, and they thought she was like a fairy-tale princess.

And you agreed. But rather than a princess who lived happily ever after in a castle, she was like one who escaped into the woods, cursed, hiding from dark demons from her past. She always seemed wary of anyone who came close to her, and her smiles never reached her eyes. Your friends, Hyuk and Hongbin, thought her standoffish, but you saw her simply as lonely and scared. There was only you, your mom, and your grandma at home, and more than enough space for a tiny young woman who needed the company. So, you took her in.

Slowly, her smiles grew brighter. Hyuk and Hongbin–especially Hongbin–grew fond of her. And then it seemed to you as if she had always been here in your little town and belonging to your family home.

Still, you sometimes wondered if some prince from faraway would come for the hilltop princess.

Today, when you ride your bike to to the hill, you see a prince-like man approach Saren under the flame trees. You form a heart with your hands and peer into it, framing the beautiful picture they make. “I guess he must be the prince.”

Feeling your neck prickle under scrutiny, you turn to find a young man staring unabashedly at you. He doesn’t even react when you catch him and continues to stare. You find yourself getting flushed from embarrassment instead, so you level him a challenging look and ask: “So what does that make you?”

A smirk plays upon his perfect Cupid bow lips and you feel your cheeks grow even hotter. Instead of answering your question, he snickers: “Him? A prince? You don’t seem to have very high standard for men in this town.”

You glare at him. Nobody talks shit about this town but me! “High enough to know that you’re a frog!” you retort.

Instead of getting angry or flustered as you hope, he only chuckles in amusement. You feel even more off-balance because of his unexpected response. “A frog prince then, since that prince charmless is my hyung.” The smile he gives you is more bunny-like than froggish, however. You find yourself holding your breath. “Jungkook.”

“Jungkook?” you echo. “Why are you calling me Jungkook? Do I look like a Jungkook to you?”

He shakes his head, laughing out loud. “That’s my name. Jungkook. What’s yours? You do have names in this town, don’t you?”

“Y/N!” you all but yell. “That’s my name. Got that?”

“Sounds normal enough,” he playfully concedes. He turns back to the couple on the hill before you can think of a comeback, and you follow his gaze.

You lift the trusty camera hanging from your neck and start snapping. They don’t seem to be talking. Jungkook’s older brother gazes at Saren with adoration. He looks prince-like enough… and yet the apprehension on her face belongs to a princess who’s cornered by a dragon, not meeting a prince.


“So why did you come to this backwater town?” you demand, to fill the silence than out of any real interest.

Jungkook points at the hilltop. “For my hyung. For her… my hyung’s princess.”

“I knew he was a prince,” you mutter under your breath. “But I guess not all siblings are alike.”

He gives you a sidelong glance. “Don’t frown so much. As soon as we convince noona to come home, we’re leaving.”

It’s your turn to laugh. “With Saren-unnie? Did you really think it would be that easy?”

Much to your satisfaction, uncertainty flashed in his eyes. “Huh?”

You grin wickedly. “I suggest you try to get comfortable in this little town, city boy. I think you’ll have to stick a while.”

As if on cue, Saren runs down the hill, her long hair fluttering behind her. She doesn’t bother to use the flight of steps leading from the orphanage to the dirt road by the hill, and almost slips. Jungkook opens his arms to catch her, but she barrels towards you, and you steady her by the shoulders before she can smack straight into your chest.

“Unnie, you okay?” you ask, less about her panicked run and more about the clamminess of her skin and the paleness of her face.

“Yes, Y/N,” she gives you a reassuring smile that doesn’t convince you. “Are you heading home now?”

“Yeah. I just came here to see if you have time to eat lunch at home. Mom made your favorite kimchi jjigae, though it’s really too hot for it.”

She smiles again, more genuine this time. “Let’s go then.”

“But–wait, noona…” Jungkook stammers.

“Kookie!” She claps her hands together and dips her head in a small, apologetic bow. “I’m so glad to see you again. I’m in a hurry right now but… we’ll talk soon, alright?” Without waiting for his response, she hurries to your bike; you’re barely able to sit and steady it before she climbs to stand behind it.

“Hold tight!” you exclaim, pushing off with one foot and pedaling down the path. Saren’s arms wrap around your waist. You look over your shoulder to see Jungkook gaping and blinking in your wake–he shakes himself out of it when his older brother stumbles down the hill to stand beside him.

“Did you tell her?” Jungkook asks.

“I didn’t get the chance,” his older brother replies softly.

Then you’re too far away to hear anything more. You glance at Saren, who’s staring straight ahead, her eyes wide and anxious. “Unnie, what did that guy want?”

“Nothing,” the tell-tale high pitch of her voice giving away the lie. “He just wanted to say hi.”

“Old friends?”

“One friend. And one… former schoolmate.”

“I see.” You pedal faster as excitement bubbles in your heart. A bit of guilt stabs at you–Saren clearly has a plenty of misgivings about the new arrivals–but just a bit. “It looks like something interesting is going to happen in this town for once.”

A/N: Saren is pt.1′s Y/N, so this Y/N is someone completely new.

Locker Room Fun

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

Characters: Y/n, Derek

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Smut, blowjob, anal, shower sex, unprotected sex, Daddy/Baby Boy kink, cuteness, fluff!!!

Word Count: 1865

Summary: Left alone in the locker room, Derek and Y/n have some fun. 

A/N: Ok, requested fic by anons- Could you do a Derek/Male Reader? Derek is readers baseball coach and one day while the teams changing clothes and Reader he’s a shirtless Derek for the first time. Reader ogles at until derek notices. Then when everyone has left the showers but Reader, Derek walks in naked and smut ensues.
Can you sis fic where Derek is the Male Readers baseball coach. One day at the end of practice Reader catches Derek in the shower naked and his obviously turned on. Derek Notices and encourages Reader to join him. Rough sex ensues with dirty talk, nipple sucking and daddy kink. Thanks!!!
Assuming these were the same people, cos they very similar. Combined then and mostly stuck to the requests. Hope u like it!!

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Fucking Derek Hale.

You were sick of this.

Sick of the entire pack, dragging you out to play baseball.

Who fucking played baseball in this town, anyways?

Lacrosse? You’d have understood that.

This town was practically obsessed with it.

Not that you would’ve liked playing that either, but it would’ve been better.

Instead he made you all play baseball.

Even rented out the damn school field.

Damn Hales and their money.

So now, here you were, panting as you lay on the bench, not caring about the others smirking at you and walking out.

They had it lucky, being werewolves.

Well, apart from Stiles.

But he just sat there, doing nothing the entire time.

Meanwhile, you became Derek’s personal slave.

‘Get the ball’. ‘Get me this’. ‘Not that one, that one’.

You were getting pissed just thinking about it.

Who the hell did he think he was, ordering you around?

Just cos he was an alpha? You weren’t even a werewolf.

The thoughts flew around your mind, completely focussed on finding everything that pissed you off, until you heard someone clear their throat.

You lifted your head slightly, Derek leaning against the lockers, sweat running down his head and chest, disappearing into the tight tank top he had on.

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I know this is probably some Pandora’s Box shit but I was never really into Harry Potter (saw the movies) and am going to some wizarding thing soon.

Can somebody give me the run down of what that stuff is all about? I know you buy a wand and then pick a starter Pokemon and get assigned a classpect or something so uhh if someone has some strong arguments which teams you think I would be picking here or what kind of starter I would get or what stick to pick up, analyze me like your French girls

Time Heals All Wounds

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Summary: Reader gets hurt on a hunt and has to call Sam for help. Unfortunately that means dealing with the other Winchester as well…

Pairing: Dean x reader (kind of)

Word Count: 2,400ish

Warnings: mild language

A/N: Dean angst for a change…

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brief visitation

aka the mp100 timetravel fic no one (but ao prob) asked for. it’s the 19th where u were born so happy birthday u lemonhead

The distant sound of the city’s heart floats in through the ajar window, a muted cacophony of chatter, soles on pavement, and rolling engines. The climate is an odd mix of arid and humid this time of year. The sun is shining, grand cumulous clouds are painted generously just above the horizon, and the sky’s endless blue makes for a good medium to drown oneself in. It’s a beautiful day.

Reigen sits back in his sofa with an open book sitting in his lap and an unlit cigarette in hand. He leans heavily on his side as he twirls the cigarette in his hand. His gaze darts up to the lighter sitting next to the ashtray.

For now, both the eastern and western-facing windows are ajar, inviting a gentle breeze that both cools and keeps the air fresh. There have been no customers to walk in since opening up. He contemplates having his fourth smoke of the day.

The two-note chime signalling a customer rings out in the empty office, and his aborted movement shifts as he moves the book to the end table in a fluid motion. He tucks the unlit cigarette into his jacket pocket for later.

The door to the office closes with an audible click, and he spins around as he affects his brightest smile. “Yes, hello, welcome! What do you need?”

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I’ll Be There - Part 1

|Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10| |Part 11| |Part 12| |Part 13| |Part 14| |Part 15| |Epilogue|

Member: Hoseok 

Genre: Fluff/Angst 

Word Count: 3310

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life. 

A/N: Hi guys! So this will be a series, but I’m not quite sure on how long it will be. I probably wrote half of this at 1 in the morning, so if some of it doesn’t make sense, I apologize. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Xx 

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“Y/N-aaahhhh, where are yooouuu?” You’re greeted with Hoseok’s drunken state and loud club music.

“Hoseok, you’re drinking again?” You pick up your car keys and grab a jacket to put on.

“Noooo, I didn’t even drink thhhhaaaaaaaattttt much!” You can practically smell the alcohol coming from Hoseok’s breath.

“Sure, and I’m not a little angry at you right now. Where are you? I’m coming to drive your ass home before you do anything stupid.” Hoseok tells you which bar he’s at and you’re on your way to make a late night adventure; not a very fun one.

It takes you a while to get to the bar because Hoseok, oh great Hoseok, chose to go to the bar on the opposite end of the city. Is this what you get in return for being his best friend? Another great thing, Hoseok chose to go to the bar on a Wednesday night. You mentally prepare yourself for the yelling you’ll have to hear from your boss tomorrow for going to work late; even worse, not going at all because who knows what Hoseok is going to be like?

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Freddie Andersen- Little Goalie

“Freddie! Max! Time to go!” I call to my husband and six year-old son, soon after hearing them running down the stairs.

“Okay, lets go.” Freddie says as he grabs Max’s little hockey bag. While Max got his goalie pads and sticks.

“Are you exited to practice with your dad buddy?” I ask as Freddie makes sure Max is buckled up.

“Yeah!” Max yells as I start reversing out of the driveway.


“Okay boys, we have a special guest.” Freddie says as he leads Max onto the ice. The small boy beaming through his mask the whole time.

“Hey Little Andy.” Mitch says high-fiving Max. While Max stays by his fathers side. Still intimidated by all the big hockey players.

Though as practice went on Max got more confident and comfortable, slowly separating from his dad to talk to the guys.

“babe?” Freddie asks while skating over to me.

“yeah?” I ask from my place sitting on the boards in front of the bench.

“Can we have another?” He asks hugging as best he could with all his gear on.

“Already ahead of you.” I reply with a wink.

“what?” He asks not understanding.

“I’m pregnant again.” I reply. Shortly after I am no longer on the bench but in Freddie’s arms as he gives me a light kiss on the lips. His smile taking up his whole face.

“how far?” He asks while setting me on the ice his arms around my waist and putting his forehead to mine.

“A month.” I reply looking into his eyes.

“I love you.” He says giving me another kiss.

“I love you too.” I reply then burst out laughing. This was because Mo had shot a puck at Freddie’s butt.

“There is a child here.” He says pointing to Mitch.

“oh and Max is here too.” Jake chimes in laughing.

Just then I feel a small hand tugging on my shirt. I look down and see Max.

“Why are they so mean to Uncle Mitch?” He asks with a child’s curiosity.

“We aren’t being mean. We are teasing him buddy.” Freddie chimes in.

“okay daddy.” Max says as he skates back to the net.

“he’s just like you, you know.” I say tapping Freddie on his nose.

“you think so?” He asks wrapping his arms around my waist.

As we look on I see him trip one of the guys when they get to close to him. Making Freddie and I laugh along with the rest of the guys.

“Yeah, he’s definitely like you.” I say turning around in his arms kissing him again. His hands coming to touch my stomach.

“I can’t believe we are having another little Andersen.” He says tears in his eyes. I see one of them fall so I quickly wipe it away. Kissing him quickly.

“Well we are-” I start to day only to be cut off by a hand pulling my shirt again. As I turn around I see Mitch.

“Freddie, Max tripped me.” Mitch wines like a small child.

“nobody likes a snitch, Mitchie.” I reply petting his head. Everything feeling to good to be true. I mean, I have a wonderful husband and son. I’m surrounded by amazing guys. Plus I’m having another little one.

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  • Kai: "Did you guys see?"
  • Jay: "See what?"
  • Cole: "I think he's talking about the fact that this blog just got 1000 followers."
  • Zane: "Indeed. And the Admin who runs it would like to express how much she appreciates all of her followers!"
  • Lloyd: "Yeah guys, she says that each and everyone of you are important, and that she loves to make posts for you all!"
  • Nya: "She also wants to send out a HUGE ~I Love You~ to everybody."
  • Ronin: "Says here that she really loves making you guys smile. That every note you leave makes her happy."
  • Dareth: "She hopes that soon there will be more people to share her work with."
  • Sensei Wu: "And that old smiles stick around."
  • Sensei Garmadon: "And lastly, a big, sincere Thank you to you all."
  • Kai:
  • Kai: "That is not what i was talking about. But OK."