i will be right there

Break Time

Yes, thank you, I think I will. My screams finally reached somebody.

Tell me about it! The pacing is slow, and it takes too long to make.
It pains me to leave you hanging like this, friends, but alas.

I am. So burnt out.

I’ll just take a week off. See you in August!

“Kiss Me” - Digital Oil Painting

A new WinterShock painting for you today. ^_^

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the show Class has 3 female characters, one of which an intelligent black girl, and 3 male characters, one of which is a poc and the other two are gay (an alien and a guy from poland who are dating each other)


[Akko & Lotte leave a wallet for Amanda to pick up]

Lotte: Shh! Here she comes!

*Amanda walks by, but doesn’t seem to notice the wallet*

Akko: She didn’t see it!
Lotte: Quick, draw her attention to it before she’s gone!

*Akko sighs. Then she takes a deep breath*

AkkoW A L L E T.

buds-of-marjoram said: Aren’t the 6 frames with Vincent and Dee (in the greenhouse/garden?) of our Ciel and not the twin? I mean he looks much shier and quieter than usual.             

Mmm, it’s indeed a little bit hard to tell, since the child doesn’t speak a word in that scene, but I personally think he’s RC because unlike our Ciel who was scared of Diederich and was clinging to the curtain (or whatever cloth it was), that boy on Vincent’s lap doesn’t show any fear nor shyness imo and is able to look straight into Dee’s eyes! 

We know that RC wasn’t just a hyper-active mischievious child but also had his mysterious (?) moments like in the “I don’t need fake brothers” panel in the bonus chapter, so I don’t think it’s far-fetched to think this boy is real Ciel, even though, you’re right, he seems a bit quieter than usual :)

Anyway, I counted those 6 panels as RC, but yeah we don’t know for sure, so maybe it’s indeed OC! Hope Yana will clarify this some day~ :D    

anonymous asked:

If your taking requests, will you draw your favorite regeneration of the Doctor and companion (regardless of whether that version of the Doctor traveled with the companion) because I love Doctor Who so much!

I am bad at picking favorites (and mismatching Doctors and companions is fun) soooOOOOOoOo…

here is Eight and Martha Jones

and also Ten and Romana I