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This is really random so feel free to not answer this but do you have any good anime recommendations?

Sorry, there are no good animes


Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of The Baskervilles (1959)

“This is remarkable!”
“Superficial. There’s nothing remarkable about using one’s eyes.


I love the beautiful story they paint here. 

Karasuno taunting Oikawa. 

Iwa-chan like “huh?! another team making fun of Oikawa?? heck no. Only we can make fun of him.

Apologies for the lack of updates my dears! 

I’ve just been super busy with work as of late, damage control and all that stuff! I haven’t really had time to sit down and draw or paint properly, but I did do a warm up of my NieR; Automata Prompto the other day while I was trying to get to commissions and such! I’ll have some more finished content up soon tho! Thanks for being so patient with me! 

a computer update from eruto

there are some concerned readers in the inbox, so i thought i’d drop by to lay down some details! first: my laptop is definitely fried. it could only barely run if i had a fan pointed at it. without a fan, it turned off within 30 minutes from overheating. it was just generally failing. don’t worry, though: it was a slow decline, so i was able to grab my most important files off it before laying it to rest.

my new computer, which i had the local computer guy build, just arrived… but it is having a lot of issues, too, between ridiculous oversights and other things going wrong. it looks like it could be a few days yet before i’m able to draw, but i’ll keep you all posted if something changes.

thanks for bearing with me, everyone. 

if it weren’t for all your generous coffees, caretaker would be stopped dead with no hope of continuing. everyone who was able to give any little bit quite literally saved both this comic and my ability to draw, so from the bottom of my heart, i am so grateful to you all.

someone: cs banged for the first time during the 6 weeks of peace
me: tru!!!
someone: nah they banged for the first time when they were in camelot
me: facts!!!!
someone: uh no??? they banged for the first time when she rescued him from the uw
me: u right!!!
someone: nope, after she said ily outside of grannys in the s5 finale they went to emmas house and banged for the first time
me: absolutely 100%
someone: it was obviously when cs moved in together that they banged for the first time
me: i agree!!
someone: nope it was when-
me: ur correct!!



kapreisun’s (why are you posting this at midnight) 500 follower giveaway!

told you guys i’d do it. here i am, doing it. it’s not a massive giveaway by any means, but i wanted to give a chance for everyone who’s followed me (or will follow me) to get some cute art by yours truly.

what i’m going to be offering is for one person (yes, only one, sorry!) a waist-up image in THIS STYLE !! i’d do more, but unfortunately, i have other obligations and this is all i can afford to do!

so here’s how it works.. > GO HERE < to fill out the little form given (which, literally will just ask for your tumblr url) so i can keep track of everyone’s entries - though i will also look to see if you’re following me, this is for followers only!

new followers are totally welcome, however!

anyways i will close entries for this giveaway on… april 14th, 2017 at midnight!! and then i will get back to the chosen winner, who’ll be picked via a random number generator, because yes.

Me running away from responsibilities

agentraven007  asked:

Could you describe how Ravenclaws feel when Spring comes around?

It’s finally getting warmer where I live, so I’m definitely in the mood to answer this ask! 

- Spring feverrrr baby

- Feel the urge to go outside and be outdoorsy, but no actual motivation to be active because they’re busy and that’s too much work

- Unless they’re an athletic type of Ravenclaw, in which case they probably run/fly around while daydreaming about their summer fantasies

- Seriously, Ravenclaws are idealists when it comes to warm weather

- Try to plan their summer vacation to perfection, but lose interest and end up organizing it at the last minute

- End up ditching their robes when it gets too hot, then accidentally forgetting and leaving them lying around (much to the chagrin of prefects)

- Since spring is the season of loooove, love potions are high in demand at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

- Either that, or Ravenclaw is really cynical about how goofy and romantic all their friends are acting

- Like to make fun of Gryffindor for doing stupid flying stunts just because it’s nice outside. “Why?? It’s still dangerous!”

- A great time for photographer Ravenclaws 

- Have mixed feelings about wanting to go be in nature vs. wanting to stay inside and read forever

- Lowkey stressed about exams but trying not to think about it

- Ravenclaws who like making visual art love spring because there are so many beautiful things to paint/draw!

- Start grilling their friends about summer plans because what to do?

- Will only do their homework while sitting by the lake because you have to take advantage of the weather!

- Try to enchant the flowers to open up more quickly (with little success)

- But spring is one of their favorite seasons because:

a) not too hot!

b) not too cold!

c) no bees or mosquitoes!

d) pretty flowers!

e) baby animals!

Send me an ask requesting headcanons/aesthetics!