i will be on summer break

You're not the supervisor

TL;DR at end cause I’m probably going to ramble

I’ve been a supervisor/trainer at my theatre for two years and I’ve been employed at the theatre for five; I’m trained as an usher, box office, birthday party, and recently was trained in concession with the expectation I would take over new hire orientation as well.

So they opened up a few more concession supervisor positions because some of the vets will be leaving over the summer and they want a reasonable overlap, plus I need a partner to do orientation training with.

Anyways, one of the newer employees (been here maybe 5 or 6 months. Got employee of the month on her fourth month and has been acting like she’s a God because of it) applied for the position. I never had any problems with her before, we used to chat in the break room, I digress. She started talking to my face that she wouldn’t respect me in the concession if I were on a supervisor and she was working; she said this multiple times and both to me and behind my back. So I reported it to the manager and so did other staff.

Surprise surprise, yesterday (7/13) she doesn’t get the position because she clearly can’t stand the idea of working with (or under?) me.

Good news the three girls and guy who did get the open positions are all excellent workers and have great patience for new hires.

TL;DR coworker complains that she won’t respect me to my face and applied for position working directly with me. Staff report she has been badmouthing me and she doesn’t get the position.

Shawn!hotel room bullet points


A/N: can we just take in the fact that when I wrote ‘melancholic’ it autocorrected to ‘Melon chili cheese’, also, I’m not sure I’ve done this right? But if you guys want more I’ll be more than happy to oblige cause wow this made my heart hurt, feedback is always lovely! :))) and it’s summer break in the UK so get ready for more average writing!!! (That you didn’t ask for)


  • This isn’t new for Shawn (he’s done it thousands of times)
  • But for you it’s a new experience so you’re excited of the prospect of a luxury hotel
  • “Oo, Shawn look, miniature soaps!”
  • “Babe come here”
  • "No wait look…oh my gosh, they even have a miniature hand cream!”
  • He’d look at you as you’re dressed in just his shirt - bare legged and beautiful - and whine, saying "Come on baby, help me pick what to eat I can’t choose
  • And you’d stare back, eyes not interested in the mini soaps or toothpaste anymore and smile, basking in his post concert glow and slowly walk towards the bed and then knee walk across the soft cotton
  • you’d plop down, leaning your giddy body against his and say “Umm…” biting on your lip and gnawing on the skin in thought
  • But he’s not looking at the room service menu
  • He’s grinning, saying “Actually-” grabbing your attention “-I’m not that hungry for food anymore” and then he’d lean into you
  • Give you a coy look
  • And you’d laugh, say “I’m not on the menu for tonight” and he’d pout at you, all puppy dog eyes and full lips and then you’d kiss him, giggling as he says “But what if I’m really, really craving it?”
  • Then after dinner
  • When housekeeping have taken the empty plates
  • He’d pull you down onto the bed and nuzzle your neck, the moonlight cascading through the windows - illuminating his content features and small smile on his plump pink lips

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hiii guys!! i always have too much time in my hands during the summer break and so I thought to myself,,,why not make a follow forever?? so here i am! making it! anyways! shout out to all you wonderful people for making my dash so amazing and making me smile and laugh everyday! I hope y’alls summer is going great and i hope y’all are staying hydrated in this freaking h e a t

ok so first i’d like to give a special shout out to Naghma aka @uniquely-mii!! although we have a six hour time difference, i just wanted to thank you for always being there for me and for simply being you! you’re honestly one of the best people i know (and one of my best friends on here:’)!) and i really enjoy talking to you! (i also love how we always talk in caps unless it’s something serious,,idk how that started but i love caps and it’s my aesthetics)hopefully one day soon our schedules will align and we’ll be able to skyPE once and for all:’)! i really hope we get to meet one day so i can finally give u the biggest hug in the world and so we can finally get to hang out! i love u so much and stay amazing (ps my rooster says hi:) ) xxx

also shout out to the LOUIS MAKES EVERYONE (?) gc aka my lovely wife becca, zoe , keri , america , and bella! idk what the question mark in a box that comes after “EVERYONE” bc as yall know, i still havent updated my phone so im left in the dark when it comes to those things rip (i should probably update my phone soon),,which brings me to my next point ! thank yall for putting up with my constant emphasizing “..” and me being ghost 78% of the time rip i still love u all tho and i hope we all get to meet each other some day:’) know that im always here for you all:’) stay cool guys xxx


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once again thank you all for everything and following this mess™ of a blog! i may not talk to u all but i still love every single one of yall!! stay safe and have a fantastic summer!!

au where jimin and jeongguk work as camp counselors during summer break. for this particular camp, they’ve been assigned to be in charge of different groups. this camp also happens to be a competition and the group that earns the most number of points at the end of the three weeks will win the grand prize. obviously, this means war.

jimin: jumps and clings onto jeongguk while jeongguk’s waiting for the ball to be passed to him.
jeongguk: presses kisses onto jimin’s face and neck while jimin’s helping his group decorate their banner.
everyone else: why did we separate them.

anonymous asked:

Aunt Jilli, I recently found out I'm allergic to sunlight. I don't know whether to embrace it and (be lame and) just go with the vampire vibes or to be upset that I can't enjoy summer vacation like I used to. I've got PLE and it seems like it's getting worse as I get older. Any encouraging words?

I say embrace it. 

Also, there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy summer vacation! I have become ridiculously sensitive to sunlight, thanks to medications and migraines (whoo, breaking out in hives and welts from sunlight is … interesting), and I still go outside on sunny days. The trick is lightweight breathable fabrics to shield your skin (possibly after running them through the wash with a package of SunGuard, which adds SPF to fabric!), a big hat, and a parasol.

Sidewalk Thoughts

Concrete steaming in
The summer sun,
Teeming with sweaty,
Pushy people on their way
To somewhere…who cares?
I want to run
But I’m afraid I’ll fall
In the cracks, break
My own back…let me
Curb my grumbling.

I get carried away,
Fantasizing myself
Somewhere else less heated,
Past the heat lightning
And pop-up thunderstorms,
Over the rainbow–
Cool as the flipside of the pillow,
Calm as a library on the weekend–
And there are no people.
I wouldn’t want to live there,
Maybe a prolonged vacation.

Excited to Make It Official!

Well, after months of queries and doubt, I’m pumped to announce that I’ll be working with Ms. Saritza Hernandez of the Corvisiero Literary Agency. In the maddened frenzy that was last summer, I found Ms. Hernandez’s Twitter, where she had noted an interest in a manuscript that took place in the 20s or 60s, and involved non-traditional sports, like lacrosse or rugby. 

Rugby, you say? I conveniently had a 250 page manuscript that was literally just that. It was even illustrated. 

So I wrapped it up with a big old bow and sent it off. Months went by and so did more queries to other agents, other rejections. I took a break from the whole thing over the holidays and didn’t start up until the new year. Then, come March, there was a little note from Saritza in my inbox. She loved the sample pages, could she please have the first few chapters? Buzzing like a lightbulb that was about to pop, I sent it to her straight away. I figured she’d need a few weeks to get around to it considering the first gap, so there was no need to go hanging hopes on stars that weren’t even lit. Or real. 

Or so I thought until I found another note from Saritza as I was getting ready for work the next morning. She apparently didn’t need sleep and devoured the first three chapters, could I please send the whole damn thing? I’m not positive what happened in the space right after that, as I’m pretty sure I exploded, died, sent the email from the afterlife, and then promptly revived, wondering if this life where good things happen was actually mine. 

I’m glad to say that it is! 

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a current under sea || dishonored big bang 2017

Author: seaborgois (me!!), Artists: lmaodies, manecoon

Acknowledgements: AAAAAA okay: a THOUSAND thank yous to my wonderful wonderful artists matt and grayson, for all your hard work AND for your endless patience in putting up with me, Human Disaster™. Thank you to Luci for making this event possible!!! and thank you to rebekah and om for being my cheerleaders throughout this - i would die for you all


Summary: In the summer of 1824, Jessamine Kaldwin goes to Karnaca. (14958 words)

Excerpt: “I haven’t been ordered to return you to the palace,” he says, before she can break the silence. Jessamine blinks.


“It was never the Duke’s intention to make you feel trapped here, your Grace. If you wish to explore the city, then he has no desire to stop you. He has asked only that you allow a chaperone to accompany you,” at this, he gestures to himself, the steady baritone cadence of his voice lilting up slightly, “Karnaca is not – tame, your Grace, and he would rather avoid having to tell the Emperor that he allowed the Crown Princess to come to harm.”

Jessamine blinks again, her chin dipping down toward her chest. “Oh,” she says, “That is - understandable.”

“Do you find the terms agreeable, then?” he asks, a note of - humor? or something like it - present underneath the clipped formality. He holds himself very still - perhaps it’s not humor at all in his voice, she thinks.

She tilts her head. “You are to be my chaperone?”

He inclines his in agreement. “If you find it agreeable,” he says again. Jessamine raises her chin, considering.

“I do,” she says after she’s stretched the silence thin.


anonymous asked:

I offer a ruler of 8 inches with differently shaped holes in it, a rain-soaked jumpsuit, a drawing of two mermaids reaching out to each other and a midnight trip to the kitchen to eat an entire pack of cookies in the dark. Should I keep asking her when she's available this summer break? She promised she'd tell me but I'm kinda scared that if I won't ask we'll just stop talking and that will be the end and I don't want that.


Hi guys!! Sorry if i don’t post as much lately. It’s kinda weird cuz it’s my summer break but i was a lot more active during school. Anyway i hope you guys are holding up!! We haven’t had much new canon material coming out lately but this fandom isn’t going anywhere. Goodnight and i hope you’re having a great day 💕💕💕

Honestly my non-binary heart is so happy seeing this. The first graders had to interview and make a quiz about teachers that work at our school to present on their final day of classes today before summer break. One of the first graders drew this picture of me. The homeroom teacher showed me and apologized that this is how I look like but little did they realize this actually made me feel very validated in my identity because all the students drew the female staff all girly and to them this is how I look. I’m so happy they view me in a non-feminine way. Thanks for making me laugh and smile bunches.

anonymous asked:

Someone on twitter raised a good point and I tend to agree with him. He said that the suitcase thing just pushed back new music 6 weeks Bc Tay wanted to stay out of the limelight. With the trial and the shit show that comes along with it, i see this as a real possibility. Her break probably wouldn't of been this long if some of these low level faux-lebrities would actually stop talking about her. Anyway, you are one the most sensible blogs, I thought I would get your opinion.

i completely disagree that the suitcase thing —-or any other events like KP talking about her – had any impact on her break from public life extending through the summer, or any music schedule or timeframes. 

Once the trial dates were decided by the judge in January i think her album timeline was likely formed. And i think taylor’s definitely working on her own schedule, doing what she wants and at her own pace. Some inane and outlandish rumor isn’t going to change her schedule. 

Add’lly, Adv/Marketing plans are planned long in advance for something like this … especially when you consider if there are magazine covers/interviews  that could (in theory) accompany the album announcement, album release or single release.  They would have been placed on the publication’s schedule accordingly some time ago.