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JB making sexy face ME: I think he knows were watching him, giving us everything for the tea. Okay see you soon JB, see you Soon.

Girllllll if you guys haven’t watched it yet, here’s a rundown of GOT7 interactions with them…

  • When they first came out JB mouth was wide open and then he said “Wow” and kept looking over at them.
  • And when the host started talking about them, (their turn to discuss who they could be) Mark and JB turned their chair to look that way.
  • Then JB stood up , he was so engaged in the conversation!
  • If you didn’t notice the girls were there sitting in their box on the far left, bottom and JB was looking over at them the most. Him and Yugyeom.
  • Youngjae didn’t know what close his mouth meant.
  • Jinyoung was speechless and just kept looking like O_O the WHOLE time!
  • They got so excited on the lip sync round but they didn’t do that with the other contestants (by saying “woahhh” “ahhh” lol) they were anticipating the girls’ turn. and JB took a sip of water.
  • During the lip sync round Younjae said he got chills from their voice and they literally just started singing lol he loved their voice! (he was serious too. he kept getting chills from their voice).
  • JB, Jinyoung and Bambam stood up to watch them while they lip synced.
  • And also during the lip sync round GOT7 kept making commentary and saying “Whooo” “ahhh” and JB still stood up clapping for awhile everyone else starting to sit down lol.
  • When they were bringing them out all of GOT7 stood up (except Mark) even the other side were still sitting.
  • Mark almost chocked on water when she said “Hi how ya doing?” to them.
  • JB was smiling soo hard when she turned and said “Hi how ya doing” and he literally had his head tilt (cute af) but then slowly tilt his head back like he realize what he was doing xD (and still smiling.)
  • JB was smiling the whole time when they brought them out and it was cute, I love his reaction when they brought the 3rd girl out, he almost broke his neck looking around that corner.
  • Bambam was clapping for the 3rd girl when she came out and JB was smiling so hard. He probably knew he was going to get snatched.
  • Jinyoung was whispering to JB when she came out, I guess they were trying to figure out who they really are?..could be anything
  • Bambam was all hype engaging with them when they came out. and he told her “say something” lol that when she said Hi.
  • Bambam came all the way to the front to watch them sing. (he was sitting in the back).
  • Youngjae sat closer on the floor.
  • I’m sure you all saw how they reacted to their singing, so I’ll skip that part
  • Yugyeom was holding his heart
  • Bambam, Yugyeom and Youngjae motioned that they have the chills.
  • Bambam told them “I love you guys..you guys cool” and she blew him a kiss but they didn’t show their reaction too that..fuck!
  • You probably missed it but Bambam dabbed to them and one of the girls did it back to him lol.
  • Mark kept whispering to JB while they were leaving and JB was clapping for them.
  • THE END!!
  • Any questions? Lol!
The kids you knew when you were six years old sell drugs now and I want to stop them but I don’t know how.
Your sister left feather boas and fairy wings somewhere far away, back when life was good and everything was okay.
I thought I would be someone else by now but I haven’t become the person I thought I might be. Pull me in by the waist where the sun meets the sea.
Tell me you’re in love. Tell me you’re sure. Turn me right around when I turn for the door.
I don’t know what I’m saying and I don’t know how I feel but I know that I miss you and I know this is real.
—  #189- excerpts from the book I’ll never write

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“Hey Pete what’s up?” You said smiling at the silver haired boy, once he zoomed to your side. Peter opened his mouth as if to say something but no sound came out.

You tilted your head to the side, a concerned look appearing on your face.
“Is everything okay Peter?”.

“Well I ah…” Peter stammered. Jeez you could see the beads of sweat dripping down his face as he attempted to talk to you. Instead of finishing his sentence Peter chose to super speed away. You were shocked. Peter didn’t seem like a shy guy. What could have possibly gotten into him?


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Hope everything going okay for you Leonardo, I am here if you need me for guidance because I know most the ways around life so far myself. Also stay strong, be positive, and have heart.~Kennedy

Thank you, Kennedy. This is good advice.

I’m trying to do this on my own…but maybe I shouldn’t be. I don’t know…still trying to really process it all.


Thank you for all of the congratulations! I’m still scared but feel much better knowing the heartbeat is so strong, I have my next ultrasound in 4 weeks and I wish the time would fly by so I can just know that everything will be okay. 

I’m so excited because my cousin that I’m very close to is pregnant too, she’s about 3 weeks ahead of me so our babies will be close. I’m due on November 4th but maybe I will go over and have the baby on my grandma’s birthday (November 11th). I hated the doctors I saw last time, they were rude and pushy and I left every appointment upset but I saw someone new this time and I LOVE them. I felt so happy when I left the office because everyone was so nice and made me feel so relaxed, my blood pressure was even under control and that’s amazing for me. So far I’m feeling a lot more positive about this pregnancy, I just had a feeling that something was wrong last time, I’m having nausea every morning and sometimes during the day and other symptoms that I never had last time. 

Everything in my life is getting better. Healthy baby (so far), my brother is doing great and better than ever and my dad is walking with help and climbing stairs. Life seems to be getting better and I hope it stays that way, it has been an emotional 7 months.

Things I Said to My Dog Today That I Would Also Say to Solas:


“You stupid little ruiner, you ruin everything, I fucking love you come here.”

“Okay, that’s enough. Let’s go home.”

“You annoying little shit, you are so perfect.”

“How did you get to be so beautiful. Stop touching your own junk.”

So you guys keep wanting to hear all the crazy medical related stories that I have gathered over the years so I’m gonna tell two mildly less gross stories than the last one I told. The first one is how I broke my god damn leg sitting in a chair, that one relates to the last story so if you haven’t read it yet you might want to so here’s the link to that (also you don’t have to read the whole thing, only the part where I explain what everything does):


The next story is how I broke my foot falling 30 cm off our back porch. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures this time but if you want I can just put random bird pictures in (even if you don’t want me to do that I’m gonna do it)

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I woke up thinkin of my father and what type of man he was
Would he be proud of me even tho my pride is dipped in love
I know I’m different,I know I live my life for another
I know I love a woman that says she can’t feel shit,so when I hear her the feelings go deeper then I tell her she the Realest
Compliments me so well,like the henny that give plenty reasons to prove to niggas that used To say I’ll never go there
Go where ? To that plateau that I’m steady reaching for
Give the Hood Quotables
Life lessons to live by
We the ones noticing
Living for money is one track for the mind
So you conquer then divide
What’s next how you gonna survive ?
In the middle of these four walls plottin my next decision So I’ll never fall off
Of course momma used to say everything will be okay
I’m gettin older can still bet my life on those words
Can I still maintain faith when I ain’t been coming out first
Never doubt a angel that’s how u end up being cursed
Or worse from birth you just destined for pain
Needles in your veins
Doctors constantly telling you that u near ya end game
That’s why I still pray
Even tho life is a bitch and God is a woman who’s answer
Will be “You should allready know”
Like I’m a mind reader
Like I knew my destiny before I started breathing
Like I ain’t hear my brother tell one of his friends that I was genius
That pressures the meanest
I lift it up and break record’s of my personal best
You’ll always think someone is better if u ain’t beleaving u next
It took a while to invest
In this love for myself that’s shinning brighter now
If my parents was a alive would they be proud

kittycactusmaid asked “WHAT?!?!??!*concerned kitty noises*” metaphors-and-starbursts replied to your post “hi i was in the hospital but i’m okay and i’m heading home now !! óvò”

Oh my gosh, is everything alright? Do you need anything? ;- ;

ask-castle-bleck replied to your post “hi i was in the hospital but i’m okay and i’m heading home now !! óvò”

Is everything okay?? ;0;

yeah, i’m okay!!! i had an unexplained seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital but nothing was wrong that they could see so!!! i’m okay for now!!! ^^

thank you all for your concern it means a lot aa ;;;

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I lost around 5 lbs this week because I fasted during whole week except eating lunch on Monday and Tuesday.. I had to eat today too and now my stomach hurts and I have diarrhea. What do I do now?

i’m so sorry i’m late!! 

i really hope you’re okay. i doubt the pains are still there by now, because i believe that they were probably just your body readjusting to your sudden caloric intake of food (diarrhoea is really common after fasts, unfortunately). if it is still there though- and you’ve tried some antacids and anti-diarrhea medicine- i would recommend seeking medical help! it doesnt have to be about your weightloss, but the doctor can prescribe you with better help than i can and examine you to check that everything’s okay with you <3 i hope you get better, and take it a little easier from now!