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About a year ago, I finished Trespasser, and descended into Solavellan Hell. I was happy to find all you people here. Soon, I will have had this blog for year.

Recently, I hit 1000+ followers. THANK YOU. I am so happy you enjoy my blog. Talk to me anytime, about anything! 

I considered doing a giveaway, but I decided that I really wanted to celebrate these milestones with some very, very special people, namely my readers. I am humbled that people read and enjoy the things I write. I relish every like, and every reblog, and I read every tag. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. 

With that in mind, I went through and looked at all my notes on my (tumblr) writing, as of August 3rd 2017. I found all the notes from people who follow me, and randomly selected 3 of you for a gift (each like, each reblog, and each comment got counted as an entry). I wanted to give something to give back to you, and to the community, so I selected some fandom prizes, and an option to donate to your favorite charity. 

Thank you to random.org for a random number generator :)

1. @5ftgarden - Color portrait commission from @destinyapostasy, and a donation of $75 to a charity of choice

2.  @thejabberwokk  - $15 gift card to @sirensongelixirs or @silvannaturals, and a donation of $25 to a charity of choice

3.  @liderfin - $15 gift card to @sirensongelixirs or @silvannaturals, and a donation of $25 to a charity of choice. (liderfin, I realize you are not in the US, and shipping might have issues… lets work something out?)

If you don’t contact me, I will contact you later, probably tomorrow. I will redraw if anyone declines :). For the charity, any 501© (or similar non-US charity) OR ACLU will be fine. 

I want to repeat the thank you! to ALL my readers and followers, <3.<3

Fic:  An heni a vez e grass ar merc'hed, 1/?

Taking a leap here.  WWII AU, PG-13, wartime trauma and injuries, mentions of Nazis.  French puns.  Names changed to reflect the time and place.  The Syndicate are Nazi-adjacent but working for a different new world order.
Title is from a Breton proverb, but I just used the part that means “he who has the grace of women”.  Hoping getting some of this out of my document lightens the load a bit.

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Commissions open! (prices start at $3)

Hi everyone.

I will keep this brief! I need to make a bit of extra money (specifically for saving) so I thought I’d try to do that through commissions.

Currently I have two jobs but I don’t have much cash left over after paying for basic life stuff. So putting a little money aside seems sensible…and I am getting a little desperate.

Originally posted by anime-domination

Before I go on I just want to say this past commission offer is still open as well! Check out this link bellow ;)


All of my new commission offers are in the undercut. Prices range from $3-30 so there are some very affordable commissions here! So please check it out.

ALSO FOR AN ADDITIONAL $5 YOU CAN TURN YOUR COMMISSION INTO A CUSTOM STICKER. (price includes shipping) I will probably add a thank you doodle or something to it as well.

now onto the prices!

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I love Swablu a lot. The fluffy wings, the tiny beak, and don’t forget the adorable sunny yellow shiny version! I made this pattern in two colors because I liked both and couldn’t decide between them. The choice is yours now! As usual, feel free to use these patterns for personal use only. If shared publicly, please be sure to credit me somewhere so people can find me. :)

Blue verion here

Pink version here

As a side note, society6 is now offering beach/bath towels. So be sure to check that out if you’re interested. I went ahead and made all of my previous patterns available.

I also want to make sure people know that commenting on reblogs is totally fine. You do NOT have to only comment in the tags. I have no idea where this idea came from that reblogging with a comment is “ruining the post,” but I find that very strange… isn’t reblogging and commenting half the fun on this website? haha.

ALSO, last thing: please feel free to send me asks if there’s something you want to see me make next. I’m going to be setting up a patreon again, as well as opening commissions so keep an eye out. The best way to support me right now is to buy my stuff, but I am coming up with other options very soon! Thanks!

puppytrap  asked:

Will you make a post about net neutrality please? (Or have you already?) There is too much wrong information floating around on this site.

You know, I don’t think I’ve posted about net neutrality as such; I’ve mainly just mentioned some of its side effects/tangential issues. So a basic intro post is perhaps overdue! Fair warning, it’s a long one.

What is net neutrality? In simplest terms, it’s the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast shouldn’t favor some websites over others by making it faster for users like us to connect to/stream from the favored sites. Comparisons have been made to setting different speeds for FedEx vs. UPS trucks on a highway, thus favoring one delivery business, or the water company charging you differently for washing machine water use vs. shower water use.

Why would companies oppose net neutrality? Well, for ISPs, it’s largely a financial decision. It costs them more to stream more data, so they’d like to be paid more for it. And this isn’t totally unreasonable: It’s pretty common to charge more money for more of a product or service.

There’s also what basically amounts to an advertising opportunity: For example, Comcast could say to Netflix, “We’re the only way you can deliver your product to your consumers in many areas, and it costs us a lot to make that happen. You should pay us a carrier fee or we’ll have to throttle your speeds — and your customers won’t like that.”

Why would someone who isn’t an ISP oppose net neutrality? Net neutrality opponents typically aren’t making the case that unequal internet access is desirable for users. Having ISPs favor some content over others — aside from the potential annoyance if, say, Netflix in our example didn’t pay up — has a real potential for abuse. For instance, why would Comcast want to make it easy for you to read anti-Comcast blogs…or research other ISPs in your area?

But there are also questions of freedom at stake: Why does the government get to regulate businesses’ pricing plans? And what if an ISP’s owners have a moral or religious conviction about blocking certain content, like Westboro Baptist Church sites or child pornography? Also, the ability to save money by throttling access to some content could potentially help new ISP competitors get off the ground.

Do we have net neutrality now? Well, we do and we don’t. Many ISPs comply with the principles of net neutrality voluntarily. The old legal rules (well, old since 2011) which mandated it were struck down in a court decision in January. Since that decision is so recent, not much has changed so far. However, the FCC (the agency responsible for administrating those rules) is working to instate new rules as soon as possible.

How does net neutrality affect me? For most of us, net neutrality (or lack thereof) could become an issue because often ISPs operate a virtual monopoly on a local scale. Many internet users can’t turn to a competitor company if their internet provider starts blocking or slowing access to content they want. Obviously that sucks. That said, as new internet access options like Google Fiber and even smartphones develop and advance, this may become less of an issue going forward.

What are potential side effects of net neutrality? Here’s where we get to tricky issues net neutrality supporters often don’t like to address. The big one is that even as net neutrality is up in the air, the FCC is gaining more control over the internet — control which I’d say is more dangerous to a free internet than ISPs throttling speeds. Look at what came out of the very court decision which struck down the old rules:

[B]efore this decision was handed down from the court, there was some haziness about the true role of the FCC in regulating the Internet. But since the court’s decision, it’s crystal clear: the FCC and even local public utility commissions can now impose regulations on the Internet, overriding any local or state laws that may forbid such regulation.

With the appropriate legal arguments, the FCC not only has the authority to tell broadband providers they can’t block or discriminate against traffic on their networks — that is, to enforce Net neutrality — but it also has the authority to regulate broadband rates, as well as regulate pricing for all services connected to the Internet, from streaming video services like Netflix to Internet-based home surveillance services.

Yeah, you read that right: The FCC could regulate the cost of Netflix. Reason adds:

The FCC might even have the authority now to require blocking of sites suspected of hosting pirated content, just as the rightly defeated Stop Online Piracy Act [SOPA] would have done. 

The FCC’s response is basically, “Trust us” — but in the age of Edward Snowden, trusting government is rightly not on the top of many people’s agendas. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has done a good job spelling out some of the issues of favoritism and potential for abuse which is rife in the FCC’s internet regulation endeavors.

So is net neutrality good or bad? It’s both, really. The prospect of unequally throttled internet with no competing ISPs sucks. But so does giving the FCC increased power to regulate the prices, internal workings, and blocking practices of ISPs.

The ideal would perhaps be for all ISPs to practice net neutrality voluntarily — or at least offer a “net neutrality package” for consumers willing to perhaps pay slightly more for equal speeds and access. Or maybe there’s another, better, idea for mediating these competing interests altogether.

But if the FCC gets its way, we can only look forward to a less free — and likely even less neutral — internet.


First thing I want to say is that I feel absolutely awful doing this. I was raised with the (potentially… harmful) belief that you never ask for help, unless you want to be an inconvenience on the people you care about. So please believe me when I say that I would not be doing this if it was not something that I truly needed help with.

This morning, my job contacted me with the bombshell that the paycheck I’ve been earning the last 6 months was not the paycheck they “meant to” pay me. I was earning about $300 more than I should be (bear in mind, this was bringing me to a living wage for the amount of hours I put in daily and my expenses).With this news, they informed me I owed them $4583, and that they would start garnishing my wages to the tune of $100 a paycheck. That comes to $200 a month, and reduces my New And Reduced paycheck by significant amount. This plan is intended to continue for over 15 months. 

The worst of it all is the timing. Just this morning I paid off my credit card bills on impulse, reassured by the fact that I would soon be paid and have money in my account again. My nest egg was never really large to begin with thanks to expenses, but now it is nonexistent.

Is my boss a huge jerk? Yes. Is this illegal? Surprisingly less illegal than you might think. :( I’m going to be working on contacting the first free legal clinic I can find to see my options, but until this outstanding sum is paid I cannot quit without incurring some sort of penalty, either via legal action or a collections agency. Not to mention… I simply cannot afford to be out of a job! I live with my girlfriend and her heavily disabled mother, who is often sick and needs care, which my girlfriend provides and makes it difficult for her to also work. Her mother works from home and together we share the bills. Me quitting with this outstanding balance could be very bad for not just me, but them, and that is why I’m coming to you today about this. 


  • I have set up a donation button on my page. Some truly kind, wonderful people have already helped me through that means and I cannot thank them enough for their kindness. If you do choose to donate, please let me know who you are in the donation comments so I can thank you in some way either with sketches or boundless love or anything.
  • If you are or know someone familiar with Nevada employment law, I would love to speak to you. I’ve asked around and had very little luck sorting out whether or not I have any grounds to stand on in the form of restitution. As is, it looks like I will have to stay in this job at least until the debt is paid before seeking new employment, but I would really love to speak to someone familiar with this. 


  • COMMISSIONS! If you don’t feel comfortable donating, I understand completely. Here is a selection of my work. Per some advice from dear friends, I’ve decided to introduce a pay what you want style. I only ask that they not be lower than my current commission rates, which we can discuss via email: 3farthingstone@gmail.com
  • POSTERS! I have 12 copies of Yosuke Vs. The World left in stock. I will be selling them for $30 apiece (expensive, I know, but I’m sort of in crisis). If you would like one, please contact me at my email (listed above) and I will be happy to send them your way. 


  • I want to be upfront about this, because I feel transparency is important when it comes to any request for a bailout. I am a cosplayer, I do go to cons, but only 2 a year and trust me, next year it will probably bust down to ‘zero’ unless I can work this out with my boss. I would be cancelling my current plans to go to AX, but transportation/cosplay supplies/accommodation/otherwise have already been arranged and paid for. I don’t want people to see posts from me about AX and wonder if that’s where their donations are going to. All travel I am doing for the remainder of the summer has already been paid for, and that is actually part of the problem and poor timing of this. If I had any way of knowing this would happen, any warning whatsoever, I would not be going at all. 
  • COLLEGE! More examples of bad timing, I will be attending school again starting this fall. I was born a year too late to apply with independent status on financial aid and, despite the fact that I have been living completely independent with no monetary intervention from my parents for the last 4+ years, my father’s income level leaves me ineligible for financial aid. This will change next year, but I have to foot the bill for this year myself. It’s a state school so it’s not as bad as it could be, but again… I was budgeting for having a lot more income than I will be, with this wage garnishment. 

I know this has been long and I know times are tough for a lot of people. In no way do I think I deserve your charity or kindness… in all honesty, I’m feeling pretty low about this, and putting things out there at all is very hard for me. Obviously, you don’t have to believe me on that, but I sincerely thank you for making it this far in this wordy post whether you do donate or not. And if you fall into the ‘not’ category (again, I know times are tough), signal boosts are always deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much for listening.

The life of an illustrator : 2013

I am always writing about how some months are leaving me exhausted. I am forgetting to say how much my job is demanding. If you just discovered my cover art, I guess you think it’s a dreamjob and I would be the first to admit that my conditions are some of the bests I could have hope back when I started.

I am actually making a living with illustration and only illustration, that’s already a victory, but even now, it’s still a real fight.

Here’s how I started the year.

At the beginning of 2013, my collaboration with MARVEL seemed to have reached a deadend. Both of the series I’ve been working on regulary stopped and it quickly appeared that my main client didn’t know what to do with me anymore, regardless of the great opinions of the readers regarding my work.

I had always thought that one of the worst mistake you could make as an illustrator would be to push all your options on the hands of a single editor and that was exactly what I did in 2012. The work with MARVEL had been incredibly exciting, the lesson was hard.

At the moment I just had moved in Berlin, where I quickly felt isolated, stuck in a neverending winter, not knowing anybody.

One of my FB friends offered me to join his illustration studio as a guest but it didn’t last, the oppening hours didn’t fit my way of working.

I still met great people there.

I thought I would work on personnal project to not lose myself in self loathing and also mailed some of the professionnals contacts I have been keping for later. I knocked on a few doors, sent portfolios and had a few lucky opportunities.

2 years ago, I had met a DYNAMITE editor at NYCC, He remembered me and hired me for the cover of Damsels. last year, at the same NYCC, I had met an editor from BOOM, she offered me a few covers for Suicide Risk. I’m still working on it :)

I was hired to paint and design illustrations and characters for a video game. That was really fun but the company went bankrupt and I was never totally paid for my work. It still was a good experience.

I did a test for some figurines character design but it didn’t work out, my style didn’t fit.

In february, I painted a cover for Fearless Defenders. The editor likes my work, she knows I am looking for interior art. She offers me to paint the whole 7th issue of the serie. I finish it in May, reviews are incredibles. It fills me with hope.

In the end of february, I am offered to work on the comic book  of Once Upon A Time. Unfortunalty, the deadlines of this book and Fearless Defenders are too close and the editorial comity of MARVEL fears that I won’t be able to do it. I have to let go Once Upon A Time with a very heavy heart.

In March I paint covers for french Young Adult books for Hachette and Flammarion.

In April I take out the representation contract I have been keeping since january without signing it. I am very hesitating. After all, I always did ok by myself, but the truth is I hate to promote myself. I sign for an exclusive worldwide representation for illustration, minus the comic books field and the french territory. I keep my former clients and am free to accept some minor contracts. I think that in worst case scenario, I would call it quit and I wait.

I have been lucky, until now my agent had jobs for me every month.

In may I do not go out of my flat anymore. The fearless defenders pages are literally eating away all my time. It’s exhausting and exciting in the same time. At the end of the month I fall asleep while walking in a museum. It’s really time to rest. A friend makes a stop in Berlin, leaves, I barely saw her.

Finishing a comic book is always an ordeal. You have to recover from intense weeks of work while trying to deal with the free time you’re not used to have anymore. It’s as if a treadmill would suddenly stop while you’re running on it wildly.

May, the weather is warm. I finally come to enjoy Berlin and got my first contract with a big north americain literature publisher. Penguin Press pays me 4 times my usuall rate for a cover. I’m still speechless.

They will ask me for a lot of retakes but will offer me a big compensation for my time.

I also paint a cover for a movie in preproduction.

July, I work on some BOOM covers and I illustrate the cover of a magazine.

August, I am offered a new 20 pages comic book.. I feel lucky.

While waiting for the script, supposed to come around the 10th of september, I finish a few cover works. The next NYCC is in only 2 months and I start to accept commissions.

French comic book publisher DELCOURT contacts me for the covers of the soon to come Superworld new serie. I am very happy to be welcome once again in the french comic book market from which I grew appart these last couple of years.

All year long I’ve been sending my portfolio to my former publishers or contacts. I keep them informed with my progresses or my wishes. After all, I’ve known for a long time that, in this job, you have first of all to stay visible.  Each year there are new and very talented new illustrators. I have no illusions about my work. I kow my qualities and I work on the rest. Editors know that the quality of my illustrations is even, That I never, never miss a deadline and that I am always willing to listen to every suggestions or retakes. And if sometimes it annoys me, I never show it because I know that we are all working as a team to promote a book with our very best . The book comes before my ego. Editors appreciate that.

In september, Dynamite gets in touch with me through my contact form for a cover for Red Sonja. I already worked with DYNAMITE in january  but apparently the editor didn’t know about it. Comics books publishing studios are huge, it’s understandable. Still it’s funny.

I finish this cover, another for BOOM, and a last one for a magazine and I wait for the soon to come comic book script.

September is quickly gone  and I still don’t have the script. I start to panick since I am supposed to spend 15 days in NYC for the convention and I know I will need 2 more days to compensate for the jetlag. My MARVEL editor offers me a spidey cover meanwhile. I refuse in order to stay fully available for the script. I am still regretting it.

The script doesn’t come and I fly to NYC. During the con, I will explain to the readers that I am supposed to work on a new comic book and that my deadline is in less than a month but I am not panicking. Panicking was 2 weeks ago, just behind freakin’ out. Now I m just floating over all this while chanting to myself the “whatever will be, will be” mantra. The publishers I meet keep cheering me up with some “you’ll be fine, you’re gonna do well”, I suspect they had instructions :)

At the con, I also meet one of my first marvel publishers, he now works for valiant and wants to work with me soon. We exchange emails and I sign a contract the next month.

I work on 2 covers for my agent, finish them and finally get the 2nd alf of the script. At the moment, I only have 12 days left to paint the 20 pages of the book, colors included. The deadline can’t move anymore.

I send a mail to my editor to explain that expecting the book done in due time seems a bit utopical. They extract me from the project. I guess I won’t be paid for the sketching I did.

Luckily, at the same moment Marvel trusts me with the “superior spiderman : inhumanity” one shot. I have more or less a month to sketch and paint it.

I am very excited and a bit afraid. It’s a lot of pressure to work on such an iconic character. I know very well that usually MARVEL usually hires me on projects with a more feminin readership. My style is not “girly” but I still wonder how the spidey fans are going to see it. Some of them are really engaged in the book and already have a hard time dealing with the last freaky friday plot of the house of ideas.

I use what’s left of my NYCC earnings to buy me a cintiq to save some time.

I do not really like Cintiqs; each time I’ve tested it, I’ve felt uncomfortable but I make the bet I will get used to it . The lines of NYC and the spidey costume convinced me I needed to invest.

Today I realise it was well spent money and that I can use the screen in portrait mode. That’s a huge plus, almost a revolution.

November is gone in a moment. I paint a cover for BOOM, another for a young adult book, always for my agent but what really occupies my time are the pages. Print day is the 13th of december and I absolutly have to be done on the 10th since I also accepted 6 covers for the same month.

Among them, a cover for the new Tomb Raider comic book for Dark Horse. I already worked for Dark Horse a couple of years ago and I am very glad to have their trust once again, since I was a big fan of the video game when it first was published. Was it in 1994 ?

December 8th, I am done with the black and white of the comic book, I grant myself 2 days for the colors and retakes.I realise at that moment that I work 13 hours a day and haven’t gone out of my appartment for a week. My boyfriend is worried, the food deliveries services love me.

My absolute obligation is to finish a page a day. I do not go to bed before finishing the page because it would mean walking up to an unfinished work. I cannot afford to fail. nevermind if sometimes my work is uneven, it has to be printed on due time.

However, I have to note that it’s far from being the most exhausting final rush I ever did and I think that soon I will be able to finish a book without going to bed at 5am each days of the final week or even just being exhausted.

I finish the last covers of the year, two of them had an extended deadline and finally, here am I , today, at the dawn of a new year.

This year was not exceptionnaly difficult. It’s just the regular way of life of an illustrator. I guess it’s easier for the really famous ones. I am not really even sure about that.

Honestly it was even a good year. I had a lot of very good opportunities and diversified my field of activities. I am rather proud I of what I achieved and of the contacts I had with most of my publishers.

The most difficult moment of the year was certainly when I opened the script of the spiderman script and realised I would have to paint a broken NYC. Because a floating alien city had fallen on it. I think I cried. A little :D

Being an illustrator is a tough job. Each year is different and you can never know what is gonna happen the year after. You have to stick to your plans, never give up and never leave the commands of your life to destiny, chance or other people.

I know now I have a new book for Marvel for June; till then I guess I will go on knocking on doors and trying to secure my place in the market.

I do not know what is gonna happen to me in 2014 but I will work hard to make it a fantastic year.

See you in 2015 for the review.

Help Shelly Get Home

TLDR for those who don’t want to click through:

I have 2 neurological disorders that affect my ability to work at times. I’m going through a divorce I was not expecting. We don’t have a lot of assets at all, so I’m going to be leaving with basically just my belongings.

I have two jobs and I’m working 50+ hours a week at federal minimum wage(fuck Georgia man), so that I can save up to move 2600+ miles to get back home after the actual divorce, because I moved across the country for his job. The more money I can get from Etsy, Commissions, and donations/tips(paypal button on blog)), the sooner I can reduce my work hours for my health.

If you want more details, go ahead and click through.

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