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This Sunday, the Academy Awards will be given out to the best of the film industry.  

While the awards are chosen by the mysterious Academy members, today we’re making our predictions of which nominees will win based on what Tumblr users talked about the most. We pulled data from March 2016 (when nominee Zootopia was released) through February 2017 and analyzed original posts, reblogs, searches and likes to calculate a film’s overall Fandometrics Score and what would win an Oscar if the Tumblr community got to do the voting.

Overall, Zootopia dominated movie fandoms on Tumblr during this time period. It had 165% more engagements than the next-biggest animated film nominee, Moana. Engagement around Zootopia also blew live-action films out of the water, with a whopping 1298% more engagements than La La Land, the most-engaged live action film nominee.

Best Supporting Actor

5. Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea | 0.00% of the engagements
4. Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water | 6.14%
3. Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals | 12.49%
2. Mahershala Ali, Moonlight | 24.33%
1. Dev Patel, Lion | 57.04%

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Best Supporting Actress

5. Naomie Harris, Moonlight | 5.63% of the engagements
4. Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea | 5.68%
3. Nicole Kidman, Lion | 9.65%
2. Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures | 29.42%
1. Viola Davis, Fences | 49.62%

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Best Leading Actor

5. Viggo Mortenson, Captain Fantastic | 5.22% of the engagements
4. Denzel Washington, Fences | 6.15%
3. Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea | 6.85%
2. Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge | 34.21%
1. Ryan Gosling, La La Land | 47.56%

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Best Leading Actress

5. Isabelle Huppert, Elle | 1.93% of the engagements
4. Ruth Negga, Loving | 10.10%
3. Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins | 21.59%
2. Natalie Portman, Jackie | 24.09%
1. Emma Stone, La La Land | 42.28%

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Best Animated Feature Film

5. My Life as a Zucchini | 0.00% of the engagements
4. The Red Turtle | 0.00%
3. Kubo and the Two Strings | 1.70%
2. Moana | 26.66%
1. Zootopia | 71.65%

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Best Picture

9. Hell or High Water | 0.87% of the engagements
8. Manchester by the Sea | 1.09%
7. Hacksaw Ridge | 1.16%
6. Fences | 2.92%
5. Arrival | 4.90%
4. Moonlight | 16.92%
3. Lion | 21.09%
2. Hidden Figures | 21.99%
1. La La Land | 29.07%

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For more Oscars action, head on over to the Academy’s official Tumblr (@theacademy) and be sure to follow along on the #oscars tag.

The Promise of Next Time

Summary: The reader is Dustin’s sister, and the night takes a weird turn when Steve Harrington is invited to the annual movie night. Steve has to decide what’s more important; keeping his promise to Dustin, or telling the reader the truth. 

Word Count: 3153

Authors note: THIS IS SO ANGSTY! Please let me know what you guys think about this one!

You were sitting in your kitchen when you heard the doorbell ring. Loudly you called to your brother, “Dustin, the troops have arrived!”. Dustin was fooling around with something in his room.

You heard a weird noise and faint whispers. Shaking your head you called out, “Is that Mews making that noise because I-”. Dustin yelled back no, and asked you to get the door.

You rolled your eyes but agreed, “Fine I’ll get it”. You didn’t mind getting the door because you weren’t really doing anything.

Tonight you’d be babysitting the gang because it was movie night. You had to admit you enjoyed being with the kids, they were hilarious and extremely entertaining.

You were wearing your normal movie night gear; leggings, fuzzy socks, and an oversized shirt. The doorbell rang again and you yelled, “Calm down guys I’ll be there in a second!”.

Looking down the hall before answering the door you saw Dustin was still in his room. You brushed it off and finally opened the door. To your surprise it wasn’t any of the kids.

It was Steve Harrington. He’d caught you off guard, “Steve what are you doing here?”. He was wearing a tight black shirt and a pair of light jeans, making your heart swoon. To say you had a crush on him was an understatement.

You’d first started to get close with Steve from tutoring him. For the past month or so you’d spend two hours a week with him, helping him with his english class and college essay.

You’d started to see a side to Steve that not a lot of people knew, and you loved it. The problem was that you were way to insecure to think you were anything but friends with him.

The little voice in your head constantly reminded you that Steve was too good for you. It didn’t matter that he’d broken up with Nancy awhile ago, you still hid the way you felt about him.

Steve took off his sunglasses, “Dustin said it was movie night”. You smiled to yourself over the fact that Steve wore his sunglasses despite the fact that it was already nighttime.

You moved to the side and let Steve enter. Over his shoulder he said, “I like the socks by the way”. You were happy his back was to you or else he would’ve seen your blush.

Steve made his way into your living room, sitting down on the couch. You heard Dustin loudly say, “Shit” while still in his room. You raised an eyebrow and called for him again, “Dustin what the hell is happening?”.

He poked his head out of his room, “Nothing (y/n)! Oh hey Steve…oh shit Steve”. Dustin had completely forgot he’d invited Steve to movie night. Steve turned around from the couch, “What’s up little man”.

You heard more noises coming from his room, and you were getting extremely suspicious. Finally you walked into the living room, making your way to where the footrest was.

Opening it you took out your stashed walkie talkie. Steve raised an eyebrow, “You have one too?”. He found himself smiling while watching you fiddle around with it.

While finding the right channel you explained, “It’s for emergencies…and I think Dustin is hiding one from me”. Steve swallowed hard, he knew for a fact that Dustin was keeping everything from you.

Smiling he said, “Why don’t I try to talk to him, that way you don’t have to eavesdrop!”. You put down the walkie talkie, it was worth a shot. Nodding your head you said, “You’re right..I wouldn’t want to break his trust”.

Steve let out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding in. Quickly he made his way to Dustin’s room, slamming open the door. As he took in the scene all he said was, “What the fu-”.

Dustin pulled him forward, getting him to shut up. All Steve saw was bloody towels in the corner of Dustin’s room, and a broken window.

Steve realized it was Mews, dead, in the corner of the room, “Dustin, explain”. Dustin started talking quickly, giving Steve the quick version of everything that had just happened.

Dustin had found this little lizard thing, named him Dart, and kept him hidden from everyone. Dart was from the upside down, and had killed Mews…and was now somewhere on the loose.

The first thing Steve asked was, “So how do you know it’s not a lizard?”. Dustin rolled his eyes and went on another big tangent. Steve laughed, “Okay..Okay! Look we need to tell (y/n)”.

Dustin shook his head, “Hell no is that happening! I want to keep (y/n) safe which means this stays a secret! Everything stays a secret, promise that Steve”. The last thing Dustin wanted to do was put your life in danger, so he hid everything from you.

Steve shook his head, “Look man, I really don’t think that’s a good idea..she can already tell you’re hiding something from her”. Dustin finally heard the rest of the boys responding to his code red.

He rushed to get his bag together, “Look I need you to distract her for me okay I-”. Steve crossed his arms over his chest, “Ain’t gonna happen you need too-”. The boys were already forming a plan while on the other line.

Dustin looked to Steve, “Please Steve….I care about her too much..and I know you do too”. Steve was taken back, and he ran a hand through his hair trying to deflect things.

Dustin smirked watching how Steve was nearly blushing. He was already halfway out the window, “Tell her plans changed and I went to Will’s house okay?”. Before Steve could even agree Dustin was gone.

He yelled out the window, “You owe me!”. Steve left Dustins room, but not before covering up the rest of the crime scene. He clapped his hands together before leaving the room, proud of the job he’d done.

Steve made his way back to the living room to find you standing up with your arms crossed over your chest. You were nervous, “What did he say? You guys were in there for awhile..”.

Steve smiled, “Uh movie night plans changed…Dustin left to go to Will’s house”. Immediately you grabbed your coat and made your way towards the door.

Steve pulled you back by grabbing your arm, “(y/n) slow down, trust me he’s fine”. You shook your head. Too determined you said, “No Steve, something is up!”. Steve felt bad lying to you, but he knew it need to be done.

“He’s going to meet Max…they’re having a date at her house!”. Your eyes widened and you found yourself smirking. Calmly you asked, “Why didn’t he tell me?”.

Steve continued to think on his feet, “That’s why I was in there so long..I was..uh giving him advice…he felt weird coming to you”. You thought over the last week, and realized it started to make sense.

You put your coat back down, “So what exactly did you tell him casanova?”. Steve felt extremely relieved that you’d bought what he’d said. Smirking he explained, “I promised not to say”.

Rolling your eyes you made your way towards the kitchen, and Steve followed. You finally got yourself a slice of pizza, “Well let’s just hope you’re a better flirt than you are a writer”.

Steve pretended to be offended, and you both started to laugh. He winked, “I can be extremely charming when I wanna be”. He couldn’t believe that you were flirting with him.

Normally you were to shy and you’d ignore all the little comments or hints he’d make. Steve found himself smiling while watching a smirk form upon your lips. You made your way towards the couch, “Oh yeah, I forgot you’re the King”.

Steve’s jaw dropped, and part of him was turned on hearing you tease him like this. He plopped down onto the couch, letting you set up the movie.

You didn’t know why, but suddenly the voice inside your head was gone. You just had the feeling that something about tonight was different, tonight was special. So for once you flirted back.

You’d put in the movie Dustin had picked, and smiled when you realized it was one of your favorites. Steve picked up on your laughter, “What movie is it?”.

Making your way back to the couch after pressing play you sat down next to him. Turning you said, “We only watch the classics here at the Henderson household”.

Steve nodded his head, but out of the corner of your eye you saw his smirk. Smirking too you softly said, “It’s The Goonies”. You’d moved slightly closer to him when you’d spoke.

He smiled, “How about next time I pick the movie?”. You felt goosebumps in your stomach with the promise of “next time”. Trying to harness your new confidence you joked, “If there is a next time”.

Steve pretended to be offended again, using it as an opportunity to move closer towards you. There was no longer any space separating you both, and Steve’s arm rested against the back of the couch.

You smiled to yourself at the fact that he wasn’t trying to push things with you. That reassured the way you felt about him, so you leaned into him.

For a moment Steve looked down at you, surprised that you’d cuddled up next to him. Smiling he put his arm around you, “Oh there’s definitely going to be a next time (y/n)”.

Steve felt your body vibrate against his while you laughed, and he couldn’t remember a time he’d felt this happy. You looked up to him, and his breath hitched from anticipation.

As you held his gaze you moved your head up, your face now inches from his.You rested a hand on his thigh, “You were right”.

Steve looked from your lips to your eyes, and then back at your lips all while you listened to the slow rise and fall of his chest. Breathlessly he asked, “About what?”.

Smirking you moved to kiss him, “You can be really fucking charming when you want too”. Steve laughed, and moved his hand to cup your face pulling you closer to him.

Just before you could actually kiss there was rapid knocking on the door. Steve groaned, “If that’s D-”. His eyes widened when he remembered that the boys could possibly be in danger, and that could be them.

You got up, “I’ll go check, I’m sure everything’s fine Steve”. He smiled, trying to look calm. Steve remained on the couch, not wanting to concern you.

You opened the door, and saw Billy Hargrove leaning against the frame. Billy grinned, “Hi (y/n), how are you doing tonight?”. You raised an eyebrow, “I’m doing fine..what’s up”.

He sighed, “I’d hate to be such a bother, I was wondering if you could help me with something”. Billy looked you up and down with a devilish smirk.

You smiled while trying to not look so intimidated, “It depends on what it is”. He started to lick his lips while laughing lightly. Instantly Steve picked his head up, he knew that laugh.

Billy leaned forward, “Well aren’t you a fun little thing”. Steve got up and walked towards the door. Turning around you looked to Steve, and saw how annoyed he was.

Billy laughed again, “Is that really you Harrington, or am I dreaming?”. Steve had his arms crossed over his chest, visibly tense. You chimed in, “Look Billy, what can I help you with?”.

Steve stood next to you now, “You’ve got about one minute Hargrove, any second longer and I think I’ll puke from looking at your stupid face”. Billy winked to Steve before putting his attention back on you.

Smiling he said, “I’m looking for my little sister Maxine, the last I heard she was with Lucas but-”. You turned to Steve, and saw him standing there with wide eyes. Slowly you said, “Steve where is Dustin”.

Billy raised his eyebrows, all to amused, “Well well well, if it isn’t the first lover’s quarrel”. Steve turned his attention towards Billy.

Pointing a finger at him he said, “Look asshole, we don’t know where your sister is, and to be honest I wouldn’t fucking tell you if I did”. Looking to Billy you could start to see his own anger rising.

Billy let out a breath, “Wrong move amigo, I don’t think you know what you’re getting yourself into”. You looked back to Steve, and watched him take another step towards Billy.

Steve hadn’t answered you, and that was your main concern. You turned to Billy, “Look Billy, now is not the fucking time to worry about who’s dick is bigger”.

You clearly had his attention so you continued, “The only thing I give a single shit about is finding my little brother, so you’re either going to help us or get the fuck out of my house”.

Steve smiled for a moment at the fact that you’d put Billy in his place. You were extremely confused as you watched Billy start to smile.

He nodded his head, “You’ve got fire sweetheart, I can respect that”. Just as mysteriously as he had showed up, Billy left. He got in his car and sped off into the night.

You pointed a finger at Steve, “You better start explaining Steve!! Why did you say Dustin was with Max?”. He ran a hand through his hair, unsure of what to do. When he looked at your face and saw how concerned you looked, his heart sank.

Mentally he told himself, “Man up Steve, or else you’ll lose her forever”. You repeated his name, fear consuming you. Steve took your hand, “Follow me-”.

Steve lead you towards his car but you stopped walking. You were angry at yourself for pushing away your gut feelings that Dustin was acting weird.

The voice in your head came back, and you were consumed with guilt. Trying not to cry you said, “I knew something was up…and now it’s my fault…Dustin is in danger and it’s all my fault”.

He kicked at the ground, “It’s not your fault (y/n)..it’s mine..I made a stupid promise”. You were confused, what would Steve have possibly promised.

Steve finally looked you in the eyes, “I promised Dustin I would lie to you-”. Your jaw dropped, you were feeling so many emotions at once.

Something felt off, “About what?”. Steve was unsure of what to do, but out of instinct he took a step towards you.

He explained, “We wanted to keep you safe…I wanted to keep you safe”. You were shaking your head, “From what Steve?!”.

All you knew was that Steve had lied about where Dustin went, and now he was missing. You were scared that what had happened to Will would happen to Dustin, but that you wouldn’t get him back.

Steve shook his head, “I-”. Every fiber in his being wanted to tell you the truth, but he was afraid. Should he continue to lie to you and let you hate him knowing it would keep you safe?

You voice was extremely shaky and broken, “When my dad died I promised him I’d keep Dustin safe Steve…and now you’re telling me there’s real danger…and I let him walk right into it-”.

That was it, seeing you so devastated broke him. Steve knew that he needed to tell you the truth even if you didn’t believe him, even if you never wanted to see him again.

You could hate Steve for the rest of his life as long as it meant he’d never be the reason you cried again. Steve walked over to you and took your hands in his, “I made a promise too..I promised I’d never let anything bad happen to the boys…not Mike..not Dustin..none of them”.

Steve continued, “The truth puts your life in danger…but I promise I’ll always be there to protect you okay?”. Part of you wanted to think he was lying, but you could see how emotional he was.

He shook his head, “Dustin thought that keeping the truth from you would keep you safe but…but…it just fucked everything up..”. Steve was looking down at you, and looked so vulnerable.

So you nodded your head and let him explain everything. The truth about what Will had gone through….the upside down…the demogorgon…Dart… you listened to it all.

It was a damn lot to process, but you tried your best and followed along. The more he spoke the more you realized that maybe this had been the source of your weird feeling.

This was what made tonight so special…maybe this was meant to happen.

When it was all over he was left breathless, trying to read your face for any cues. Steve sort of blacked out while telling you everything and he was afraid he’d just sounded crazy.

Softly you said, “I trust you”. Steve blinked, not sure if he’d heard you correctly. You cupped his cheek, “I trust you Steve…I know you care about me and that you thought lying was doing the right thing”.

Steve smiled, he was so sure he’d lost you forever. Suddenly you remembered, “I know how to find him! The emergency walkie!”. You rushed in the house, grabbing the walkie talkie and turning it to the right channel.

There you heard Dustin clear as day, “Lucas meet us at the old junkyard with Max, code red!”. You looked up and saw Steve standing over you. You stood up, “Come on, let’s go-”.

You went to walk out, but Steve pulled you back again. He couldn’t wait any longer, Steve finally crashed his lips against yours. You melted into the kiss, dropping the walkie and instead running your hands through his hair.

Steve held on tightly to your waist, all his feelings rushing forward. The kiss left you breathless, all you could do was smile. He softly said, “Wow”.

Smirking you teased, “Just wait until next time Harrington”. Steve laughed softly at your joke. He bit his lip, “Next time”. Shaking your head you kissed him again, unable to resist.

You heard Dustin’s voice again on the walkie, bringing you back into real life. This time you took Steve’s hand and lead him towards his car, “I hope you still have that bat”.

Steve found himself laughing again as he started the engine. As he took off towards the old junkyard, he looked to you in the passenger’s seat.

He watched the street lamps light up those beautiful eyes of yours. That infamous half smirk of yours you did when you were determined to conquer a situation.

Most importantly, he watched himself fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

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Title: Into Focus
Character: Peter Parker
A/n: I really hope we get to see more of the photographer aspect of Peter’s character in later movies.

“Do you have any idea what you’d want for your birthday?” You asked Peter as the two of you made the usual walk home from school.

Peter shook his head. “I already told you that you really don’t have to get me anything, just make a card or something.”

“Don’t be so lame, of course I’m getting you a present,” You said, lightly elbowing him. “So, come on, help make my job easier.”

Peter made a zipping motion across his lips. “Nope.


“Ned, can you help me out with something?” You asked, balancing your phone between your jaw and shoulder as you scrolled through various shopping sites on your computer.

“Look, if it’s about the English homework, I don’t really get it much either.”

You chucked. “No, I got that done an hour ago. But I need help picking out a gift for Peter.”

“Oh, okay. What do you have down so far?”

You went through your short list of things you had bookmarked, all of which were met with noises of disagreeance.

“Eh, I’m not really liking any of them so far. What else do you have?”

You sighed, leaning foward to rest your head on your arms. “That’s all of it.”

“Well, looks like we have a lot of work to do before Pete’s birthday.”

Your head shot up. “You mean you’re gonna help me?”

“Of course,” Ned said, but after there was short pause. “But in return, you gotta send me the English homework.”



With Peter’s birthday coming closer, you and Ned spent a lot of your free time trying to narrow down your options for a gift. The two of you had been on every shopping site known to man, but so far you only had a few things picked out, none of which that stood out to you.

“I wanna make this special, I finally have money of my own so I’m actually able to get him something nice.”

Ned glanced over his laptop screen to give you a look. “Oh okay, I get it now.”

“Get what?”

Ned’s smile got wider. “You know.”

“I really don’t.”

“You know..,” He said, waggling his eyebrows. “You having a thing for Peter.”

“Oh come on,” You said, going into full denial mode. “Seriously?”

“Eh, you can deny it all you want. But everyone else notices the doe eyes.”

Your eyebrows shot up. “I do not make doe eyes.”

“Maybe, but Peter does.”



“Hey, do you wanna come over and hang out for a bit?” Peter said, showing up at your locker as you started to shove your things into your backpack. “I can order pizza.”

“Ah man, I would. But me and Ned have to do something.” You told him, trying to give him as little detail as possible.

“Oh, that’s okay. I can just tag along instead?”

“No!” You said, much too quickly. “I-I just mean, it’s kind of a me and him thing, y'know?”

Peter didn’t know, but he wasn’t about to tell you that. “Yeah, yeah. It’s fine, don’t even worry about it.”

“You’re a doll,” You told him, giving his shoulder a punch. “But we’ll hang out soon, okay?”

Peter didn’t even have time to reply before you took off down the hall.

That was incredibly weird, even for you.

But he was interested in what the two of you were doing. Most of the time, all of you hung out as a collective group. There was the off occasion when Peter would invite you over, but that was more because Aunt May liked having you over for dinner every now and then.

Peter just wasn’t under the impression that you and Ned were that close.


“So, are you free tonight to come over? Aunt May’s making in dinner and wanted me to ask you.” Peter said, once again at your locker after the school day ended.

Just as you were about to answer, Peter could see walking up from the opposite end of the hallway.

“Sorry, Pete. Ned and I are doing something.”

“Again?” Peter couldn’t help but feel a little irritated at this point. The two of you had been running off almost everyday for the past week, and each time he was left out of the circle. He’d try and work his way into tagging along, but you were dead set on Peter not being where you two went.

“Yeah, but I’ll stop by tomorrow, okay?” You said, giving him a smile before catching up with Ned.

Peter’s brows furrowed together. What were the two of you doing?


You looked proudly down at Peter’s present, you had spent the night trying to figure out how to wrap it in the most neat way possible. You had even gone out to buy some fancy ribbon to place around the whole thing.

It had taken some time, but you and Ned finally came up with the perfect idea for a gift for Peter, and you were quite happy with it.

Carefully placing the present into your bag, you left a small note on the kitchen counter for your parents to read so they knew where you’d gone.

You practically sprinted the whole way to Peter’s apartment complex, coming up to the door and knocking rapidly.

Peter was the one who answered, and you instantly pulled him into a hug. “Happy Birthday!”

You had caught him off guard, half because you actually showed up and the other half because of the sudden hug.

“Thank you,” He said with a laugh, returning it before showing you inside. “I’m surprised you made it.”

“Of course I’d make it, what do you mean?”

“Just like, the whole thing with running off with Ned, like every day for the past week.” Peter explained, trying to say it in the least bitter way possible.

“Oh no,” You said, reaching around to pull his gift from your bag. “He was just helping me pick this out for you.”

Peter slowly took it from you. “You didn’t have to.”

“Yeah, but I did,” You said, practically bouncing from excitement. “Open it!”

Peter laughed, starting to undo all the nice wrapping. “Oh wow,” He said quietly once he could see enough of the box to know what it was.

Peter looked up at with wide eyes. “Oh wow.” He said, flipping open the box and pulled out a camera.

You gave him a broad smile. “Do you like it?” You asked him, setting the box on the sofa while you moved to stand beside him. "It’s not very fancy, but I thought it was perfect to start out with.”

“No, No.” Peter said, carefully flipping it over as he examined it. “It’s perfect.”

“Good, took Ned and I days to decide on what to get you. You’ll get his present later though.”

“How much was it?”

“Doesn’t matter,” You said with a cheeky smile before pulling him to the fire escape. “Come on, let’s try it out!”

It was late into the afternoon, so the sky had already begun to shift into various shades of pink and oranges. “This is a great view, give it a whirl.” You encouraged.

Peter brought up the camera to his eyes, taking a second to get used to the features before the skyline came into focus.

He was just about to press the button when he glanced over at you and saw the pure expression of happiness etched across your face as you had all of your focus on the city.

Peter found himself aiming the picture at you instead, and that was when he took it.

“Did you get it? How does it look?” You asked him, still keeping your gaze outward.

Peter pulled the camera down and smiled at you. “Perfect.”

It was hot. Way too hot. And there was no place to hide from the heat. Well there was inside, but due to being the hostess of this little get together you couldn’t hide indoors all day. You almost regretted planning this little shindig for the middle of summer but Harry had convinced you it’d be fun. Plus today was the only day everyone had off and could come together.

Harry and you had spent all morning getting the food prepped, the back yard set up, and the pool cleaned. People were set to start showing up any minute now. You were hoping maybe you’d have a minute to run inside, cool yourself off a bit, maybe apply some more deodorant. You looked at your phone to check the time, seeing that you had pretty much no time to do any of that. “Uugggghhhhh, noooo.” You whined under your breath.

“What was that for love? Not excited for our guests?” Harry chuckled. You rolled your eyes before you turned, pointing a finger at him. “Don’t even. You know I am excited to see everyone, and am happy we all finally can get together. But why does it have to be so bloody hot today?!” You stated as you wiped the sweat off your brow. “I just wanted one moment to run inside and cool down, maybe apply some more deodorant before guests arrived”

Harry walked up to you and wrapped his arms around your waist as you placed your arms around his neck. “Here lemme see…Ooh yeah, you do stink a bit” You smacked him upside his head. “Ouch okay, I’m just joking love. No need to get violent.” He chuckled and pressed a kiss to your cheek. “You do know that to answer the door you have to go inside? Which means, you can cool off in doing so and then you can send them outside to me and you just run upstairs real quick and do whatever you need”

You huffed. “Damnit, how come I didn’t think of that?!” Harry just stuck his tongue out at you in response. “Uhm excuse me Styles, put that thing back where it came from or so help me”

Harry let out a quick loud laugh. “Did you seriously just quote a children’s movie to scold me?” You just smirked and shrugged. “Wow, you watch way too many kids movies love”

You just rolled your eyes at him. “Well I do work as a Nanny H. With two kids under the age of 5 all you ever watch is kids movies or tv shows. I can’t help it if lines from it get stuck in my head from time to time. But you have no room to talk, you knew that was from a children’s movie!”

Harry pulled you into him and gave you a quick peck. “Let’s be honest with one another love. You watch kids movies even when you’re not working. You watch them at home and make me watch them with you. You’re a kid at heart” He smirked at you. You just rolled your eyes at him again, but smiled.

He was right, of course he was. You had seen more kids movies than adult movies probably. Or at least knew them better. You were a kid at heart, but that was what had attracted you to him. Your carefree, goofy, happy go lucky attitude instantly won him over. Sure it meant lots of kids movies but it also meant lots of laughs, smiles and someone to always keep his mood up. Also his heart warmed any time he saw you with the children you nannied for. He couldn’t wait till until the he got to watch you with your own children. Children that you two would have together. He would be done for then.

Harry smiled and leaned down to be eye level with you. “But that’s what I love about you.” He placed a sweet soft peck on your lips. You wrapped your arms back around his neck, and started kissed him back. Your kissing had started to turn into more when you heard the doorbell ring. You groaned.

“Well our guests await love. Go let them in, send them out to me and go freshen up if you still want” He shot you a smile and a wink, placed a kiss to your cheek before you removed your arms and started to walk inside the house.

You turned your head back to him before you got fully indoors. “Hey H?” He looked up from his phone, “Yes love?”

“I love you” You said with a smile. Harry smiled back at you, a small one, the one reserved for only you. “I love you too”

Do not hesitate to contact me through ask if necessary!

As previously announced, I’d like to throw a short NH event
to celebrate the ending of Naruto Shippuden/Konoha Hiden.
The last episode will air on March 23rd, the event will take place over the weekend to give people more time to work on their entries and since it stretches on two days it should also be less stressful, but I kindly ask you to respect the dates. Every work will be reblogged on the @naruhinamonth - now week - official blog ♥

All kind of contributions will be accepted.
There is a lot of material to work with, but I’ve prepared some panels from The Last - Naruto The Movie credits scenes to color or redraw (you can color them digitally or traditionally, just make sure to have a good scanner/camera if you choose the latter) ↴

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A Cure For Each Other

- yo yo yo this is my first story whoop! sorry it has a few sad parts in it lol its all i could think of. i hope you all enjoy it and feel free to request a scenario w any of the svt members!!! ♡

-1559 words
-fluff with a hint of sadness


study! study! study! thats all i heard from everyone. from my parents who pressured me to be better than everyone else. from my teachers who labeled me as their star student. from my few friends who just wanted the best for me. it was all tiring though. i never had free time. i never had random friday night get togethers with someone. i was  always alone with silent tears and studying.

my current thoughts consumed my entire mind until the sound of the classroom door opening disrupted those oh so “pleasant” thoughts.

“Mr. Chwe. Late again I see. Must I have to call your parents?” asked Mrs. Smith with obvious annoyance lacing every word.

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😌One of the reasons I can tell why antis like to believe The Last is not canon is because of this scene. This scene makes it canon fact that Hinata was the first person to treat Naruto like a person and actually care about him. Hinata even thanked him for defending her, which is more than what I can say anybody from their age group did for Naruto during his childhood. Antis clearly hate this scene because Hinata was the first person to show kindness towards him and the fact that this is canon, makes them even more butthurt😠. Sucks for them, huh?😏

I can recall playing Paperboy for the NES, years ago and wondering what the purpose of this guy was. Ok, his purpose was one of the game’s obstacles and if you ran into him, you lost a life but what in the world was he doing? He’s resting on his shoulders on the sidewalk, flailing his legs into the air and holding his butt. 

It raised a lot of questions as a kid. Was he doing this to distract the paperboy? Was he exercising? 

Years later, I played the original, arcade version of Paperboy and ran into this guy.

This makes a lot more sense. This fella was obviously break-dancing on the sidewalk in front of his house. How did we go from this, to what we got on the NES?

In no universe would anyone look at this…

and say “Oh he’s just break-dancing.” 

Imagine these two in a dance contest. One endlessly spins on bare concrete with no protection. The other guy just throws his legs in the air. 

That’s how the movie “You Got Served” was made. 

[SUMMARY: Negans relationship with his daughters bestfriend hits another bump when she thinks he’s cheating. Their relationship becomes more of a challenge to hide from Ana.]

Smut/Fluff little bit of Jealous Negan

Negan and Audrey PART FOUR.

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 (requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 145
warning : character’s death
summary : Reader and Kai have a child together.
[CONTINUES IN - Part II , I couldn’t possibly fit all I wanted to say in one part , sorry 😅🙈 not sorry 😜]
* gif by jake-riley

Y/N and Kai went on their daily afternoon walk in the park. It was warm , sunny with not a cloud in the sky , unless the super thin clouds that looked like a stroke of a brush. They got some ice cream , or more like Y/N got some ice cream , and they sat on one of the benches in the shadows near the duck pond. Kai couldn’t take his eyes off her , his eyes drifting between Y/N’s face and her pregnant belly. His life could’ve taken a completely different turn if it hadn’t been for her. He loved her so much , he didn’t even mind all those times she woke him up in the middle of the night asking him to go get her something from a store near by. Her cravings had been all over the place , so had been her moods. Sometimes they fought , she’d yell at him and then start sobbing without any warning. Lately however she seemed calmer. Maybe it was because the doctors had said that any day now the baby would be born. Kai couldn’t wait to see his child. His excitement grew more and more each day, so did his love for both Y/N and their baby.
“I love you.” whispered Kai , placing a soft kiss on her neck. “And … I love you.” he repeated , placing a hand on Y/N’s giant belly and leaning in towards it and placing a soft kiss on her stomach. A moment later his eyes lit up and he smiled widely. “It kicked ! I bet he or she can hear me. How awesome would that be ? I wonder if our child will remember me talking.”
Y/N laughed , nearly dropping her ice cream. Her fingers brushed through Kai’s hair. She was sure the baby would remember. Kai had been talking to their unborn child for months now , day and night. Her husband looked so beyond happy the past 9 months. The night she had told him she was pregnant had been the night he returned from 1903. He had sneaked into her bedroom through the window like he had done a dozen times before and nearly had scared her to death while she had been taking a shower saying he couldn’t wait a second longer to see her. The next day was Jo’s wedding and he mentioned that he wants to get his revenge on that day because his entire coven would be there. Then he noticed that Y/N had started looking nervous. A few moments later he realised her shirt was a bit tighter on her meaning she had put on some weight. He had asked about it and she had told him she is pregnant , halting his plans for revenge. Kai’s entire world had shifted in that moment. He still wanted revenge but he also realised that if he does what he had planned , he’d kill his own child and that had changed everything. Y/N hadn’t asked him to change his mind , he had done that on his own and he never regretted it.
“You are such an adorable softie.” teased Y/N.
“I am not !” he protested , a smile spreading across his face a moment later. Y/N scooped up some ice cream from her cup and held the spoon out for Kai. He shook his head. “No. You enjoy it. I’m fine just enjoying my day in the park with the most gorgeous , strong , fierce girl that has ever lived on this planet.”
“Oh shut up.”
Kai laughed and pressed his lips against hers , his palm brushing against her cheek. It had been almost 5 months since their wedding and and he still couldn’t believe it. Any of it. Y/N was his sunshine , even in the darkest moments she always found a way to brighten things up. He couldn’t imagine his life without her. Not anymore.
“You taste like chocolate.”
“That’s because ever since I got pregnant that stuff has literally gotten into my bloodstream.” she said scopping out another spoon with ice cream. “Apparently our baby boy or girl loves chocolate as much as you do.”
Y/N tapped him on the nose with her tiny plastic spoon. Kai laughed , his eyes sparkling with love and excitement. In all his life he had never imagined he’d find someone , that out of their relationship would come something as special as a child. If someone had told Kai that he’d be this excited about becoming a dad , he probably would’ve laughed and called them crazy.
“I still can’t believe you didn’t want to know the gender of our child.” said Kai , resting against the bench with his hand across Y/N’s shoulder. “How will we call our child when he or she finally arrives? Can’t call it ‘baby’ all the time. We have to pick names.”
“OKAY .. You go first.”
“No. You go first.” he said softly in her ear.
Y/N’s heart fluttered and just as she was about to suggest a name , a sharp pain tore through her stomach. Her hand automatically held onto it as she scrunched her face in pain. The feeling was similar to her monthy stomach cramps only much more intense.
“Wh-what is it ?” asked Kai worried. Sometimes when their child kicked a bit too hard , Y/N would groan out in pain. “Are you okay ?
“Yeah I’m- I’m fine. ” she sighed. “Wow that hurt.”
Kai stroked her hair and then Y/N groaned in pain again.
“I think the baby is coming.” she whispered turning towards him.
“N-now ?”
Y/N tilted her head , glaring at him. “No , tomorrow. YES NOW.”
“Can’t you hold it ?”
“Yeah yeah sure of course..” she said. “I bet thats what everyone does - hold it when the baby decides to come into this world until a more convinient time. HEY maybe we can go on to the movies and later on stop at the hospital.”
“Your sarcasm is not helping.”
“KAI …” she groaned in pain again.
“What do I do ? Tell me. What do I do ?” he said with panic in his voice. Kai knew it was the 9th month and that the baby could show up at any moment but all of the sudden everything vanished from his head. Y/N glanced at him opening her mouth to make a comment and groaned in pain again. Her hand shot for his forearm , squeezing it tightly.
“Call Jo you dummy !” she snapped. “And stop panicking. You are not the one about to give birth to a new human.”
They had gone over the scenarios dozens of times. How can he forget it all now ?!
“I am not -”
Her hand reached for him and Kai helped Y/N get up , pulling out his phone with his other hand and dialing his sister’s number. Y/N had thought ahead creating a speed dial button on his phone for when the time comes. Jo had given birth about a two months and a half ago and was still technically on medical leave but had promised when the time comes , she’d be there to help.
“Pick up , pick up , pick up …”
About a minute passed before his sister finally picked up.
“It’s happening ! Jo … It’s happening NOW.” he said looking at his wife , they were a few metres away from his car. “I don’t sound panicky. Why does everyone keep saying that I’m panicky ?! Just - just meet us at the hospital. Now. ”
Y/N and Kai got in the car and he quickly pulled out of the parking lot heading for the Whitmore hospital. Her contractions had started happening more frequently and her hand shot for his forearm digging her fingernails in it each time pain cut through her body.
“Just breath.” he kept repeating and Y/N wasn’t sure if he was talking to her or trying to calm himself down. They got to the hospital faster than Y/N had expected , mostly because Kai kept using magic to turn all traffic lights on their way green. A few minutes later just as they were about to turn down the street to Whitmore hospital -
“Oh God … I think my waters just broke.” she said quietly , turning towards him and groaning in pain a few moments later.
Jo arrived a little after them , right on time for the newest Parker’s arrival. Kai went in the operating room with them , holding Y/N’s hand the entire time. She kept squeezing and squeezing it so hard nearly breaking the bones in his hand, sweatdrops appearing on her forehead for the effort. Kai kept talking to her to keep her calm but didn’t appear to be helping much. He started hating himself knowing his is in pain because of him. Never in his life he had imagined that giving birth can be this painful. Then their baby cried for the first time. Kai had thought Y/N’s laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world , now there was another sound he loved maybe even more. Kai smiled through tears , carresing Y/N’s forehead.
“It’s a girl.” said Jo smiling and glancing at them. “A healthy beautiful baby girl.”


Kai had been at the baby ward most of the night looking over their daughter. It was starting to get clear he wouldn’t let anyone even look at her without him around. Meanwhile Y/N got a few hours of sleep. Giving birth had exhausted her in a way she never even knew existed. When her eyes opened Kai was sitting next to her and the room had been filled with balloons , flowers and cupcakes. Y/N couldn’t help but smile seeing everything but what got the most to her was Kai. He was glowing , literally. His entire aura had shifted a bit and he had turned into literal sunshine , even more than usual. In his hands there was a cupcake and some frosting had smeared across his lips. His eyes lit up seeing she was looking at him. It had been a long night and it was hard to believe less than 15hrs ago they had been in the park eating ice cream while Kai talked to their unborn child.
“Oh hello my queen.” he said smiling widely. “Want some ? You must be hungry. I know I am.”
“Yeah.” he laughed nervously. “You are the queen and our little girl is the princess.” he said as if its the most obvious thing in the world.
Y/N laughed. “My king , where is my royal treatment then ?” she teased tapping on her lips with her finger , pretending to think. Kai got up and kissed her lips briefly. “Nah-uh. I want more.”
Her hands quickly tangled in his hair , pulling him towards her until he was almost on top of her , tugging on his lip at the end of the kiss. He pulled away leaving her leaning into the empty space between them.
“Always so greedy.” teased Kai , kissing her deeply again. “Not that I am complaining. I could never get enough of you.”
“I could never get enough of you either.” she smiled. “I love you.”
“I love you more.”
“Knock knock.” interrupted Jo. “I believe someone wants to see you… and by the looks of it , her dad can’t wait a second.”
Kai had jumped up so fast getting to Jo , his eyes fixed on the little girl in her arms. Her eyes were closed for a moment , then they opened and she yawned. Kai was absolutely mesmerized by the little budle of joy. He looked at her with such affection , Y/N got a tiny bit jealous for a second. Kai tapped the little girl’s nose and the baby gigled a for a few seconds. Kai’s smile was getting wider by the second. A few hours into this world and he loved his daughter more than anything and was ready to do whatever just to see her smile and make sure she is happy.
“I would’ve jumped too , but it still hurts a bit.” laughed Y/N , outstretching her arms for Jo to put the baby in them. Y/N had seen the baby right after it had been born but now she could get a really good look at their daughter. Jo put the baby in her hands and Y/N’s eyes lit up like never before. “She is so beautiful.” she said smiling.
“Just like her mother.” smiled Kai leaning against the bed. “Look at her smile and how she just scrunched her little nose..”
Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away from his girls. How was he that lucky ? After all that he had done , he had never expected to find love , thought never even crossed his mind. Sure there had been girls back before he was sent away but … it had felt different until he had met Y/N. And now he had not one but two people in his life , making him the happiest person in this world. He didn’t want to disappoint any of them , ever.
“You are going to be the best father there is.” said Y/N taking her eyes off their new born daughter to look at Kai. Their eyes locked for a long time and he could see him worry about that. Like he thought he wasn’t good enough. “Our daughter is the luckiest girl on this earth to have you as a father.”
Y/N could see their baby daughter all grown up and Kai acting like the most carrying yet a wee-bit over protective dad when she went on her first date or more like every time any boy even dared to breath near her.
“Jo ?” she wondered. “Could you take a picture of us ? I want to remember this moment forever.”
“Yeah , of course.” smiled Jo. Kai reached in his back pocket and gave his sister his phone. He was sure he’d remember that moment even without the pictures. Kai wrapped his arms around Y/N and kissed her cheek gently hearing the camera click in that moment and then again and again as he looked up. “I never thought I’d say this - but …I’m beyond happy about you brother.”
“Jee thanks sis.” he laughed , a geniune light laugh. “Could you give us the heads up next time before taking a picture? I think I blinked.”
Y/N and Jo burst out in laugher.
“Hey baby girl.” said Kai gently , brushing his finger against their daughter’s tiny cheek , his daughter wrapping her tiny fingers around it a moment later. “Remember me ? I’m your dad.”
Y/N stared at Kai , his eyes glowing like never before. It was as if a completely different person was standing in front of her. Kai was quite literally melting at the sight of their child. And still they had to pick a name.
“Can I hold her ?” he asked Y/N , barely able to contain himself from grabbing his daughter out of her hands. Kai quickly left the rest of his cupcake aside , wiping his hands and reached for his baby girl.
“Careful with her head , okay?” said Jo.
“I’m not going to break her , sis.”
Y/N carefully gave Kai their child. He looked so happy to have her in his arms , it was as if he was flying. He held his little girl in his large arms, afraid he might actually break her. She was so tiny and fragile.
“So tiny…” he whispered smiling.
Their new born daughter looked like a mini version of Y/N - same eyes , same nose… except there was this michevious spark in her eyes , the same spark he had in his eyes. Her tiny hand wrapped around his finger making him smile. She had been brought to this world barely a few hours ago and it appeared she already loved him.
He knew in that moment he’d protect her at all cost. Always.
“Daddy’s little girl.” he whispered smiling at the little budle of joy in his arms. Then he looked up at Jo who was starring at him as if seeing him for the first time. Same with Y/N. “What ? I don’t have cupcake frosting on my face anymore right?”
“Nope. No frosting..” smiled Y/N , wiping happy tears from her eyes. The most dangerous sociopath , as her friends always described him ,turning to jelly because of his newborn baby girl.
You definitely don’t see that every day. she thought.
“Have you thought of any names ?” asked Jo.
“We were just about to talk about it when this cutie here showed up.” said Kai smiling at his daughter and making funny faces at her to get her to laugh. “Would’ve helped if we knew if our child will be a boy or a girl but someone insisted on it being a surprise.”
“Hey. You could’ve still found out and not tell me about it.”
“We both know I can’t keep a secret from you..” he winked at her.
Y/N reached for one of the cupcakes , swirling her tongue around the frosting. During the past few months she had thought of names but now that she had to pick , it was like half of the names had vanished from her mind.
“I like Emma.. Katie.. Alexandra? ” she paused seeing how they were looking at her. “I got frosting on my nose , didn’t I ?”
She wiped her nose with the back of her hand , another name popping into her mind. “Lucinda. Lu for short.. or Victoria.”
Kai shook his head.
“You are terrible at this.” he said.
“OH and you can do better ?”
“What about Grace ? Alice ? Mel or Meg ?”
Y/N thought for a moment turning to his sister.
“Care to weight in Jo ?”
“I’d rather stay out of this discussion.” she laughed. “I’ll leave you to it. Call me if you need me.”
Jo carressed the baby’s head , squeezing Y/N’s hand for a moment before leaving the room. Kai looked after her. His baby girl cried out in the next moment.
“OMG What … what did I do wrong?!” he asked with panic in his voice. “Why is she crying ?! I swear I would never hurt her ! Why … why is she doing this ?”
Y/N laughed.
“Calm down. Our daughter is just hungry.” she said. “Give her to me. Bet you’ll be jealous of her in a moment.”
“What ? Me ? Why ..?” he paused for a moment realising what his wife meant. “OHHH… ”
Their baby girl calmed down pretty fast after starting to feed. Kai sat on the chair next to the bed, his elbows resting on it and holding his head in his hands. He looked at them with such interest and affection it was turning Y/N’s cheeks red. Not longer after their baby daughter fed , she fell asleep in her mother’s arms.
“How about Alexandra Grace Parker ?” she suggested.

A few hours later Kai went outside to grab something for Y/N to eat. There was this place barely a street away from the hospital that had her favourite avocado/chicken/leafy green salad. When he came back to the room she had fallen asleep. He left the paperbag on the far edge of the bed and leaned in to kiss her forehead. Something was wrong. Kai placed his hand on her forehead feeling her skin burn. Quickly he ran outside and down the hall to where Jo’s office was.
“Jo ! Something is wrong with Y/N.” he said opening the door without even bothering to knock. “Her skin , its burning to the touch I -”
He didn’t wait for his sister to reply and directly grabbed her hand , pulling her after him. On the way Jo grabbed another one of the doctors and they rushed into the room. Y/N’s eyes fluttered open for a second and then closed again. She was mumbling something that sounded a lot like ‘I’m coming. Wait for me.’ Jo and the other doctor quickly checked her eyes , pulse and blood pressure , her temperature and looked at each other with empty expressions on their faces.
“What is it ?” asked Kai , pacing back and forth around them not taking his eyes off Y/N. Her eyes seemed unfocused and sweat drops had appeared on her face. “WHAT IS IT JO?” he snapped.
“Her blood pressure is too low and her body temperature is almost 40C.” said Jo calling out for one of the nurses. They quickly hooked Y/N up to an EKG , a needle and a tube going in her forearm leading to a fluids tube. One of the nurses passed Jo a syringe and his sister pludged it into Y/N’s arm.
“What does that mean ?!” asked Kai. Everything around him was happening too fast and too slow at the same time. “JOSETTE , TELL ME NOW!”
“There must be an infection in -”
“K-Kai ?”
Kai turned towards Y/N rushing to her side in an instant. He took her hand , bringing it to his lips kissing her knuckles. His other hand caressing her face.
“Yes sweetheart?”
“Why am I on fire?”
“Don’t worry. Jo is going to fix everything.” he said softly. “You are going to be OKAY and in a few days we will go home with Alex , start decorating her room. We have to buy the pink curtains now , remember ?”
Y/N smiled weakly , her eyes fluttering closed for a few seconds too long. Kai hated that knot forming in his stomach. She was everything to him and he couldn’t imagine his life without her in it. That life no longer existed. Y/N was slipping away and everything Jo and the doctors were doing didn’t have any result. He had never feared losing her more than in that moment. Seeing the light slowly drain out of her eyes made him feel as if he was the one dying.
“I want to tell you so-mething.” she said weakly.
“You can tell me later.” he said with a small smile on his face.
“There is no-time.” her eyelids fluttered closed again. “You need to know… just in-case. I -”
Her mouth and eyes froze semi open. A machine near by beeped.
“Y/N? Y/N wake up.” he cried leaning in closer to her. His palm brushing against her cheek. “No ,no no. Come back to me. Jo please do something !”
His sister shook her head. “There is nothing I can do. I’m sor-”
“I don’t need your sorries ! I need you to bring her back!” he snapped. “Please Jo , I can’t live without her. There has to be a spell or something.”
“There isn’t. I know you love her but -”
Kai looked at his sister with tears in his eyes then at Y/N , her hand still in his , her head turned towards him. It was like someone had thrown him straight into hell , a nightmare he couldn’t wake up from no matter how much he wanted to. Kai felt all air being pulled out of his lungs , feeling like his soul had been ripped away. He was ready to do anything just so he can have her wrap her arms around him again , just so he can see her smile and hear her say his name one more time. Just one more time. He hadn’t even gotten to tell her he loves her one last time before she had slipped away. Kai let the tears fall down his cheeks , not minding all the water pooling in his eyes at all.
“I love you.” he whispered, pressing his lips to hers on last time.
Jo closed Y/N’s eyes , hugging her brother from behind. They didn’t like each other much but she knew he needed her. Kai’s hand still held onto Y/N’s , not willing to let go. In all his life she had been the only one who never looked at him with a disgust and threated him like a person and not like trash like his whole family had. When they had met , he had been at his darkest - freshly out of the 1994 Prison World , ready to slaughter his entire family for sending him away. Even then , before the merge he had felt something towards her , an inexplicable desire to be near her. Kai had told her the truth about who he was the first night they had met and she hadn’t ran. Y/N had hugged him and comforted him , promising him he would never be alone ever again , that she’ll always be with him.
“You broke your promise.” he whispered, tears rolling down his cheeks. A moment later he realised he wasn’t going to be alone. Y/N hadn’t wanted to leave him. It had happened , but before she had died , she had left him a part of herself. Even in death she had found a way to keep her promise.
“Jo?” he asked. “How soon can I take Alex home?”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017

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Event: Emergency Fluff Content @jeffreydeanmorganrarechar

Title: First Kiss

Character: Erastus “Deaf” Smith AU/Modern

TV: Texas Rising

Warnings: None!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Erastus “Deaf” Smith paced the waiting room at Dr. Y/N Michaels Veterinarian office.

His horse, Merribelle had a run in with the towns trouble makers. They had stolen her for a ride on the many acres of land that he owned, only for Merribelle to end up with multiple wounds from some barbed wire.

Erastus, as you could tell by his nickname, was deaf, so he never heard the youngin’s come onto his property.

Merribelle was his last animal that was tied to his late wife, Lupe.

She had passed from stage 4 ovarian cancer, leaving her precious horse as the only memory for Erastus.

Even though he had photos of Lupe around the house, he had started to forget what she sounded, smelt and looked like.

Erastus came to terms with the fact that she wasn’t going to be coming back two years after the fact.

He was ready to move on, to be happy again and he knew Lupe would be proud for him not to dwell on a ghost of the past.

Twirling his cowboy hat in his long fingers, he turned to walk across the floor again, only to bump into Y/N.

“I’m sorry!” he apologized, his voice deep because of his lack of hearing.

Y/N held onto his arms, laughing softly. He could hear it, but it sounded slightly distant to his damaged eardrums.

“It’s okay, Deaf,”

He had to close his eyes at the sound of her voice.


“Hmmm?” he opened his eyes to find her frowning.

“You okay?” she signed.

He realized that he still held her arms in his hands. Clearing his throat, his gave a gentle squeeze and stepped back.

“I’m alright, Y/N. Thank you,”

She smiled and nodded.

Fidgeting with his hat, he felt like running, “Um, would you mind stopping by to check on Merribelle?”

He could tell the second that Dr. Michaels made an appearance.

“Yes of course. Is she having any problems?”

God, he felt like an ass for the lie he was about to tell, “One of the cuts is looking somewhat angry,”

Y/N checked her watch and looked back up at him, “Let me finish with my last patient and then I’ll stop by,”

Deaf slipped his hat back onto his head and tipped his hat at her, “Thanks Y/N. See you in a bit,”

Y/N waved and headed off to finish her job.

He hoped like hell that all this went according to plan.
It had been a long time since Deaf had to woo a woman. Not that he stopped once he had Lupe, but the newness of it all made him jittery.

He fiddled with the collar of his black button up shirt, then his black vest.

The steady thumping of his heart fluttering rushed to his ears, making him swallow multiple times.

At the sound of a loud neigh, Erastus turned and found Merribelle with her head sticking through the window of his bedroom.

He clicked his tongue, making the horse neigh again as she bounced her head up and down happily.

“C'mon girl. Let’s get you back into the barn,” he coaxed, taking off his jacket so it wouldn’t get dirty.

Merribelle wiggled her lips and pulled her head from the window.

Just as Deaf had Merribelle near the barn, he saw Y/N’s black Ford truck pull into the driveway.

Once again the blood and thumping rushed to his ears as he watched her jump down from the truck, her black medical bag in hand.

Her beauty showed even more out in the setting sunlight.

The wind was still gusty, blowing her hair to one side as she neared him.

Y/N wore a blue and pink plaid button up, jeans and sneakers. Her makeup stayed the same; barely there, with her glasses perched on her nose.

From the roar of the breeze he couldn’t hear her. So when she signed, he returned the gesture and she followed him into the barn.

“Hooo!” Y/N laughed, fixing her hair, “that wind is picking up,”

Deaf smiled, grabbing a carrot and feeding it to Merribelle.

Y/N walked around the horse, her brows pinched as she couldn’t find any angry wounds on the animal.

“I thought you said she wasn’t fairing well?” Y/N questioned.

Jesus, was it hot in here all of a sudden?

“Y/N, I-,”

Immediately she came over to him and rubbed his arms, “What’s the matter Deaf?”

He rubbed his sweaty brow and blew out a puff of air.

“Would… would you have dinner with me?” he asked, lowly.

All wrinkles disappeared as her face went slack.

Slowly, when the worry was starting to eat away at him, she smiled softly.

“Are you asking me out on a date, Erastus?”

He blushed, “Yes Ma’am,”

Gathering up the gumption, he took a deep breath, “It would be a great honor to have your company, Y/N,”

Shock filled her features at his thoughtfulness.

Just as bashful, she put some hair behind her ear, “I’d like that very much, Deaf,”

Holding out his arm, Y/N grabbed ahold of it as he led her from the barn.
Dinner was enjoyed in a comfortable silence, shy smiles and hand holding making the experience all the more better.

They both washed the dishes and cleaned up and Deaf was ready to further the date.

“Care to watch a movie?”

Y/N raised a brow, “Ohhh, pulling out all the stops, I see,”

He nodded, his dimples deepening, “I’m trying, yes.”

Y/N laughed, “Then yes, I’d love to watch a movie,”

A Mel Brooks classic, Young Frankenstein, was chosen.

Deaf sat on the end of the couch and felt rather bold when he patted the spot next to him.

“I could never say no to you,” she giggled, cuddling into his side.

They both sighed as he started the movie; making sure that he had the subtitles on.

At the point in the movie when Igor appeared, Y/N began to laugh.

Deaf watched her and felt the vibrations of her laughter as she laughed again at one of the jokes.

He couldn’t help himself.

Cupping her cheek, he turned her head towards his, softly placing his lips over hers.

Her smile faded, her laughter turning into a soft whimper as he kissed her.

Deaf took his time tasting her lips, using gentle pulls and soft caresses.

Pulling back slowly and their noses touching, Deaf opened his eyes, running his thumb over the apple of her cheek.

“Deaf?” his name left her on a whisper as she blinked her eyes.


He watched her mouth as she spoke since it came out as a whisper.

“Kiss me again,”

He smiled, obliging Y/N’s wish.


Yo, Clone Club! 

This morning I realized OBCrack had reached the 12K followers milestone a long time ago.  Thank you so much for supporting this blog!

I know Orphan Black is over but I really do not want to lose this community.  We have built a strong network, full of incredible people, and I’d like to keep it going (until drones replace video editors, that is) So, this is where I would like to hear from you.  

Obviously, I will keep making Orphan Black videos but I’d like to expand this space to include more shows, movies, etc.  I have also realized that a lot of queer folks who follow my blog are into the same shows I am, and it is important for me to keep creating content for us.  We all know we need it. 

That said, what are your thoughts? What would you like to see in this blog? Do you like the idea of expanding OBCrack?

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20 Day Romione Challenge

Day 9: Favorite Ron/Hermione moment of Half Blood Prince.

This was my favorite movie and would have been my favorite book if it wasn’t for Prisoner Of Azkaban. The Romione moments are gold throughout the entire thing, and I’m sure the missing moments are even more wonderful.

However, the movie did mess up my favorite seen moment, when Hermione is “asking” Ron to the Slug Club party.

THIS IS HOW THE EXACT MOMENT WENT FOLKS!! (Taken from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Chapter 14: Felix Felicis and totally 100% the work of J.K. Rowling.)

Slug Club,’“ repeated Ron with a sneer worthy of Malfoy. "It’s pathetic. Well, I hope you enjoy your party. Why don’t you try hooking up with McLaggen, then Slughorn can make you King and Queen Slug.”

“We’re allowed to bring guests,” said Hermione, who for some reason had turned a bright, boiling scarlet, “and I was going to ask you to come, but if you think it’s that stupid then I won’t bother!”

“You were going to ask me?” asked Ron, in a completely different voice.

“Yes,” said Hermione angrily. “But obviously if you’d rather I hooked up with McLaggen…”

“No, I wouldn’t,” said Ron, in a very quiet voice.

Why couldn’t they do it like that instead of having Ron sound dumb and be like “really?” Come on now!!

Anyways, its my favorite moment because of the fact that you really get to see Hermione using her Gryffindor courage in an attempt to ask Ron out. And you see Ron actually a bit shocked, but very much appreciating the fact that she did. No duh that they like each other. That’s a given. But neither one ever really made a 100% bold move like that (in front of Harry of course). It’s so cute and so awkward and its even cuter how it says that afterwards they were more polite to each other. They were probably being more flirty, and he was probably holding the door for her more, carrying her books, and just being freaking cute!!

And then Ginny messes it up by pissing Ron off and then the miscommunication starts, and then a Lavender Brown sized hole is made in my beautiful ship 😡😡.

how i fell in love

character: sungwoon
genre: slight angst, fluff
word count: 1.6k
author’s note: i feel like this really sucked but i have no idea how to rectify it and that sucks even more?? :((( btw I’m thinking of making this into a series with wanna one,,,, do y'all want to see it happen?! :0)

to-do list:

• one. grab sooin’s files from professor yoon

• two. get two chai lattes for david tomorrow on the way to school

• three. send sungjae the chemistry class notes

• four. finish haejung’s part up for the literature task (deadline is tomorrow!!!!!!!)

• sighing in accomplishment, you scratched yet another task off the list. you’ve finally finished seven of them; you’ve helped chris order a table off etsy, printed out lena’s notes, tuned your guitar to lend it to jisook tomorrow afternoon and more.

• if anyone were to step in to your room at this point of time, they would slowly back out, utter a small prayer, and close the door quietly. post-it notes were strewn all over the place, your bed was even messier than how mama 2017 went down.

• the last time your mom called you for dinner was ages ago, and the pink-and-orange-streaked sky had now been replaced with a sea of a black and sparkling stars.

• this was a regular thursday night for you,,, despite having finished your work already in school, you were still huddled at your desk, busying yourself with the errands your classmates had entrusted you with

• even though that meant that you rarely had free nights, you just couldn’t seem to say no to them. besides, the grateful looks on their faces every time you helped them out (and occasional treats) would just make your day. (be gone, cheese!)

• but sometimes,, just like how it was today, it would do nothing but to suck the life out of you, and you could not help but to blame yourself for having such a submissive personality. you really wanted a break but you still had many assignments left and you were on,, the,, verge,, of,, death

• just then, your phone buzzed.

• sungwound: yo can i come over

• sungwound: why aren’t u replying me

• sungwound: i mean pft i won’t even need to get ur permission because ur parents love me but

• sungwound: i’m starting to think that u’ve been kidnapped

• sungwound: I’M GETTING WORRIED??1?!?!??!??

• sungwound: i’m wounded that u aren’t looking at my texts

• sungwound: k nvm i’m coming over in five mins, make sure u don’t die

• BUT because you were too engrossed in rearranging your notes for sungjae, you missed those texts and left your worried best friend, sungwoon to fend for himself///1/‘’1/

• and that was why when your door was flung open,, you were just like “m OM i’ll go down and eat a snack later iM fI NE!!!!”

• sungwoon, in a fighting stance: “i swear to god if you do not get your hands off that laptop in two seconds you might have to catch some hands”

• you turned around and jumped, hit your head on your ceiling, left a hole there and shot to the outer space

• jk but that literally was how shocked you were to see him

• but wo w sungwoon with fluffy pyjamas and and tousled hair?? an aesthetic concept that u’re totally digging 

• you also noticed that he had carried a duffel bag with him too

• you, squealing: “YOU’RE SLEEPING OVER?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?”

• him, in an equally high-pitched tone: “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!”

• he launched himself into your arms,, squealing gibberish and laughing (like how he did when jisung handed him his fairy wand in wanna one go)

• (0_0) (0o0) \(0o0)/ 1!!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1! <- your heart/mind at that moment

• after holding on to his soft body for a whole five minutes you pushed him off, telling him apologetically to give you twenty minutes to finish up your work.

• all while chanting *nope i do not like him, i’m a nun, i shall devote my life to my boy bands, i do not have an attachment to this amazingly beautiful boy* in your mind

• sungwoon, holding his hand to his heart and sprawled on the ground: *gasps in korean* *rolls up sleeves* look y/n, i’ve climbed hills and swam seas to finally reach your house,, and you’re telling me to mIN D MY OWN BUS INES S FO R 20 MINU TES!!!??!?!!? REALLY??!?!?! IN FRONT OF MY SALAD????

• you, focusing on your computer screen: firstly,, you live just a block away and secondly,, there ain’t no salad here hAh so CASE CLOSED

• and then it went surprisingly quiet for ten minutes,, and your sungwoon-o-meter told you that this was dangerous but hell nah your focus was just as strong as park seojoon’s in she was pretty btw great drama

• first attempt: just as you predicted, a few moments later, you found a small gummy bear right below your nostrils. “c’mere c’mere” he chanted, tickling your chin and trying to bribe you out of your sitting position.

• second attempt: “look (look) at (at) me (me)” tried to whip out his echoing talent but nuh-uh.

• third attempt: “i’M tELLiNg yOuR pAreNTS”

• finally giving up, he pulled up a chair next to you, quietly sifting through the contents on your table.

• just then, he noticed something.

• snatching the to-do list from your clutch, he read through it, the look on his face hardening.

• “what the hell is this?” he gritted his teeth, fixating his intense gaze on you. shocked and frightened at his sudden change in mood, you stumbled over your words. “e-erands f-for my f-friends?”

• he scoffed, “your friends? you call them your friends? they’re using you, for god’s sake.” he scanned through the list again, shaking his head and turning to you. “why can’t you see it? they are using you.”

• “n-no, they said they were busy.” you felt the need to stand up for your friends, especially since they looked like they’ve got so much on their plate when they pleaded with you, puppy-eyed look on their countenance.

• he closed his eyes, as though trying to steady his furious, short breaths. “believe me, i can guarantee you that all of them, who have given you these tasks, are either at a party, drinking, sleeping or watching netflix right now. in fact, haejung just posted a picture of her with her boyfriend half an hour ago.”

• whipping out his cell phone, he scrolled to her profile, confirming what he just said.

• “but-“

• “look, y/n. you have to understand this. you can’t keep helping people like that.” he reached for your shoulders, gaze boring into yours.

• “think of it this way. if everyone in the world only has one last glass of water to drink from, people who can’t take the thirst anymore will start sipping from their glass. and once they’ve downed the entire thing, if they are greedy, they’re going to ask others or more water. and people like you,” he pointed at you, his tone exasperated and furious.

• “people like you, who puts others before yourself, will give their water to them. i get that you’re magnanimous and will hate to see anyone feel down, but before you know it, your drink will be empty. you will be the one suffering, whilst they enjoy the water you’ve given them.”

• “i’m blessed to have such a kind-hearted person by my side but, i hate it that you’re so naive. why can’t haejung finish up her own part for the project? i know for one it’s because she knows that you’ll do it for her and not complain about it afterwards! didn’t you see sungjae watching anime during lessons just now? he should face the consequences of his own actions! and lena is just lazy to walk over to the library to print her stuff out. why are you wasting the ink for a thirty-page document for her when she can’t even be bothered to waste her time and get it done herself?” he rubbed his temples, pacing up and down the room.

• “you’re the smartest person i’ve ever seen, but you’re an idiot too. and you know what’s the worst kind of idiots in the world? kind idiots. because people will trample all over you and make you do their work. and i hate that you’re just that.”

• huffing, he walked to the end of the room, sliding open the balcony door and slamming it, going outside to clear his mind.

• and at this moment, while others would expect you to be mad at the seemingly offensive words he had spouted our, you found yourself feeling nothing of that sort.

• first came the intimidation. this was the first time he had shouted at you like that, and you were shocked at how mad he was. the five hours you’ve been friends with him, he had only bickered with you, getting frustrated sometimes. but never like this.

• then came the realization. that you were in fact, just a puppet made for people to drag and pushed around. that people you thought you knew and liked were now anything but what you thought of them. and that you should probably get yourself away from them as soon as possible, though it might just be the hardest thing ever.

• then came the great epiphany that

• holy feck,, you liked him. you liked sungwoon and tonight’s incident just confirmed and in fact, caused you to fall for him even more. this was the first time someone ever cared for you like that, and it was…strange.

• but nice.

• and warm.

• and comfortable.

• and makes your heart beat-box and do dub-step.

• snapping out of your daze, you placed your hand on your chest in a bid to calm your erratically beating heart down.

• just then, sungwoon came in. he shuffled towards you sheepishly, rubbing the nape of his neck and looking anywhere but you.

• “u-uhm, i’m sorry for shouting at you just now, you wanna put some face packs? i brought some from innisfree over. we can use those and w-watch a movie?”

• you, observing his handsome features that now seem to be more prominent to you: ……

• “i’ll teach you my skincare routine???”

Well, I gotta start somewhere! So far my plan is 1 gif/gifset a day, probably from different projects. Today’s one is from No Time To Be Young, maybe because that movie is relatable to me in that that I also don’t know what to do with my life, because, well… I think I’ll make more gifs of this movie, but that depends on my wandering brain and whether or not I’ll choose to do a different thing every day.

Just finished Dirty 30 and I genuinely laughed through out the movie. Also the message you can learn from the movie and “Kate’s speech” are the extra precious thing. It’s not just a comedy. Of course this is my personal opinion, so for you that haven’t watched it need to watch the movie and make your own opinion =P

CONGRATS HANNAH, MAMRIE AND GRACE!! We’ll be waiting for more movies from the three of you =D