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As previously announced, I’d like to throw a short NH event
to celebrate the ending of Naruto Shippuden/Konoha Hiden.
The last episode will air on March 23rd, the event will take place over the weekend to give people more time to work on their entries and since it stretches on two days it should also be less stressful, but I kindly ask you to respect the dates. Every work will be reblogged on the @naruhinamonth - now week - official blog ♥

All kind of contributions will be accepted.
There is a lot of material to work with, but I’ve prepared some panels from The Last - Naruto The Movie credits scenes to color or redraw (you can color them digitally or traditionally, just make sure to have a good scanner/camera if you choose the latter) ↴

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Native mermaids make me happy! <3 I wonder how many people actually know this Disney lady? If you don’t; this is Nita from Brother Bear 2! I think that the movie is just OK (beyond gorgeous animation and background art thou), but I really, really liked her. :D 

(Turning this into a GIF killed the colouring’s quality… O_Q) 

Wanna see more mermaids? —> 

Belle, AuroraTianaPocahontas, MulanMegaraJasmineKida & Cinderella

Just finished Dirty 30 and I genuinely laughed through the movie. Also the message you can learn from this and “Kate’s speech”. It’s not just a comedy. Of course this is my personal opinion, so for you that haven’t watched it need to watch the movie and make your own opinion =P

CONGRATS HANNAH, MAMRIE AND GRACE!! We’ll be waiting for more movies from the three of you =D

IMAGINE: Introducing Steve to Star Wars and Tony comes in and outs your crush on Kylo Ren. This prompts Steve to admit that he likes you. 

“My goodness!” Steve exclaimed as (Y/N) and himself finished yet another Star Wars movie.

“My goodness, good or bad?” (Y/N) teased as she removed the disk and put on the next one.

“Good, definitely good.” Steve nodded. “I’ll go get some more food.” He got up as (Y/N) turned around, which gave her a good view on the Cap leaving. She always did like to watch him leave.

(Y/N) sat down on the couch, making herself comfortable. She snuggled down and pulled the blanket up. “Ooo, Reese’s pieces, give me!” She grabbed the box from Steve’s hand making him laugh.

“Lights on or off?”

“Off.” He nodded and went to turn off the lights.

50 minutes into the movie they had to pause as Tony came in. “Hey, you’re watching Star Wars without me!” Tony looked at the TV. “And it’s the newest one! (Y/N)!” He pouted.

“You’ve seen this about a thousand times Tony, and frankly we don’t need your weird commentary throughout it.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes as Tony went to put some Reese’s pieces in his mouth.

“Hey, has (Y/N)’s favourite character showed up yet? The sexy, broody one as she calls him?” Tony only received a cushion in his face. “Well, it’s true. She’s weird about him. She has this weird things-.”

“SHUT UP TONY!” Tony laughed as he left the room.

“Enjoy the movie kids!”

(Y/N) and Steve rolled their eyes. “So you like your men broody and angry?” Steve teased as he looked at the woman beside him.  

“Uhm, no.” (Y/N) blushed as she looked at the screen instead of him.

“I could be broody and angry.”


“I could be.” Steve replied.

“I don’t think that would last long Steve. It’s not in your nature.”

“But I could be for you.”

(Y/N) looked at Steve and wondering if he was serious. It only took a look at his eyes to know that he was sincere about what he said. “You don’t have to do that.” Steve tilted his head. “I like my men blonde, heroic and who says ‘language’.” She gave him a goofy smile and he chuckled.

Steve turned the movie on again and this time instead of just sitting next to (Y/N), he threw his arm around her and she burrowed into his side. He gave her a small kiss on the head and tried to focus on the movie, rather than how elated he was that he finally got his girl.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this. Prompts are open, so requests away! 

Suicide Squad’s cast ♦ Jared Leto Imagine

Requested by Nikola
Words: 1,548
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language

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Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 24 - A for Actor


映画BORUTO、今回は全てが一から始まる、初めてのキャラクターばかりになります。 それはつまり、原作者である僕の頭の中でしか存在していないという事。 NARUTOの映画11本目にして初めて脚本を原作者の僕自身が全て書き、キャラクターデザイン案を出し、自分が納得できるまで練り込んだ上にさらに完璧を求めスタッフと練りこんでいきました。 連載が終わり、今まで漫画に費やしていた時間を全て映画に注ぎました。 本当に僕が作りたかったNARUTO映画がここにあります。 最後に一言…これ以上のものはもう僕には描けません…

“This Boruto movie features all new characters, starting everything from zero. It means, it still exists only in my head, who is the original creator. For the first time in this 11th Naruto movie, I wrote the screenplay all by myself, provided the ideas for character designs, refined them till I was satisfied, then discussed more with the staff seeking perfection. After the serialization finished, I have spent all of my time used to spend for manga to this movie. Here is the Naruto movie that I have really wanted to make. One last word…, now I can’t draw anything more than this….”


Attention ALL you wandering woy weirdos! After being apart of Wander Over Yonder for more then a year now, i feel that i should give back for what this awesome fan base have done. Like making a whole lot of group pics of a bunch of mine and other’s fan characters doing some stuff, like either watching a movie or huddling around a camp fire. (Here’s an example of what i’m talking about) >>> LINK:v Of course i’ll include Wander and possibly other characters from the show as well! 

Any who here’s what i would like for you guys to do~

I would like woy fans to submit their own fan characters or woy-sona in my submit box! 

Please include: 

A full body colored reference of your character

Name of said character

A little description on who and what their are like. (Example) Are they brave, shy, grumpy, on the run from a nasty space mafia? You decide!

And if i like your characters enough then maybe i’ll add them in my next group pic!

Also please submit either 1 to 3 characters per user, it’ll help make things less complicating

Hopefully i’ll get a good amount of characters as the days go by.
Later Hater~

The Revenant

All elements of this movie are outstanding with ground breaking film making. The bear attack alone had me wide eyed, mouth open with a tight grip on my leg. Hugh Glass goes through some shit in this movie, and the bear attack is tip of the iceberg. My lady and I have only three more Oscar nominated movies to watch but The Revenant is our favorite to win so far. This also may be DiCaprio’s year to bring home that gold statuette. It was breathtakingly beautiful, powerful and gripping from the beginning until the end.