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Phil’s Liveshow // 5.28.17

He’s wearing his Star Wars shirt

Hes still mildly jetlagged

“Wake up Phil” “Actually wake up now” “Oh my god Phil” 

He feels like a withered cactus

His houseplants survived 

He thought he was going to turn into an American because they were in Florida for so long

The black wall is consuming his hair he looks bald

He didn’t have pancakes at Playlist because room service didn’t have any

Pancake shakes

He did finally get them though

Dan’s Bahamas experience 

Phil and bald guy at security had some proper bants

Heatwave jingle

He’s a 23 degrees kind guy

His frecks are dense 

He burped

Dig Down is growing on him (nice but not his fave)

They were going to see Muse in Orlando but ended up not

They got loads of stuff at Playlist 

His dad is an artist but that didn’t get passed down to him

NASA haul

His mug broke in his suitcase #rip

Dan got a mug too though so he can steal Dan’s

He also bought Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce ??

And stuff from Bath and Body Works

Aloha beaches

He didn’t love Split

Him and Dan didn’t fly back together and he almost had to sit next to an old French woman

“Clean us daddy”

Returning to the place of the squirrel incident was symbolic 

“Too much maple syrup in that blood”

He found ASMR very enlightening

He got locked outside and Dan didn’t let him in what a bitch

A paperboy laughed at him locked out of the house

He didn’t think throwing newspaper boys were an actual thing

He’s usually really bad at prank but the banana one was pretty good

New anime themed video with Shawna on his channel this week if you’re interested in that or whatever lmao

“Headline: I love space”

He was enthralled with his Superman ice cream

Martyn is a troll don’t trust him in a kayak

He’s hyped for Vidcon

He was talking to Dan about making noises when someone did something wrong at school 

Where does it come where does it go 

His family all watched Eurovision together 

He couldn’t handle himself in a prank war

Everyone is getting dogs 

Riverdale graph 

He has a full box of Haribo that he’s going to try make last until next week

Next liveshow may be on Sunday watch his twitter from updates

Dan and Phil shop newsletters will be out soon

He’s missed doing liveshows this has been very nice

Ode to Broken Mug


Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||| ||||

I had been having wild unadulterated sex with my fifteen-year-old girlfriend for over a month when she said, “I want your sister in bed with us.”

I had been having the very same thoughts but I hadn’t said it. Just to be coy I asked, “Why?”

Rachael replied, “Because she is cute and I really want to fuck her with your cock.”

I asked, “How can you do that?”

Rachael replied, “The same way that my mother fucked me for over two years with my father’s cock. He was always tied to the bed and blindfolded but he always knew that he was fucking me. The first few times my mother had to shove my tight pussy down onto his big cock but after that I managed to get myself down onto it every Saturday night. After daddy had cum in me we got into a sixty-nine until I had given my mother two orgasms.”

I asked, “What changed?”

Rachael replied, “One of my schoolteachers found out that my father was fucking me and turned him in, he implicated my mother, and they both got into trouble. I was taken away and given to my Aunt Rachael, whom I was named after. That’s when I came here and met you. I’ve never been fucked like you fuck me.”

I smiled and said, “I didn’t think I was all that good at sex, in fact I was a virgin.”

Rachael laughed and said, “I knew that but you could look at me and be on top and that was what I needed.”

I asked, “So why do you want to fuck my sister?”

Rachael replied, “Because I miss being with another girl. I never had sex with a boy alone before, until you came along, that is. My parents always had sex with me together. I can get your sister in bed with us and then you can fuck her too.”

I didn’t want to seem too anxious so I said, “If that is what you really want, then it’s okay with me, set it up.”

I got a great big kiss and then she sucked my cock hard for another round.

The very next day my sister Bethany came into my bedroom and sat down on the edge of my bed like she had a hundred times before. She asked, “Will you be gentle when you fuck me?”

I about died but asked, “Why are you asking me that?”

Bethany said, “Because Rachael said that you and she wanted me to join you guys for a threesome. I know what a threesome is. You both want to fuck me.”

I tried to be calm as I replied, “We had discussed it but it was mostly Rachael’s suggestion.”

Bethany said, “That’s what she said too. I don’t mind eating her pussy in fact I just finished doing that in my bedroom She tastes okay but Mom and my girlfriend Lori taste much better, especially Mom when she has a fresh load of Dad’s cum in her snatch. I’m hoping your cum improves Rachael’s taste too.”

There was a slight pause while she thought about what she was going to say next. “I really want you to fuck me but I don’t want it to hurt too much. Lori let her brother fuck her and he hurt her bad. He raped her dry. He didn’t care either. Now he rapes her about every month right on her most fertile days too, the bastard. He just wants to knock her up.”

I said, “But she is only twelve.”

Bethany replied, “I know that but she has periods just like I do. You know what they say…if you’re old enough to bleed, you’re old enough to breed.”

I asked, “Won’t you get pregnant?”

She giggled and said, “No silly. The first thing that Mom did when I got my first period was to get me on birth control. Then she ate my pussy right in the doctor’s office.”

Shocked I asked, “Right in the doctor’s office?”

Bethany giggled again and said. “The doctor was a woman. She ate my pussy too and then I got to eat theirs. I like eating pussy but now that I am thirteen I want to try cock too…your cock.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

Bethany smiled and kissed me saying, “I’ll be back in an hour then. I want to get ready for you to take my virginity.”

After Bethany left Rachael came in and said, “It wasn’t very hard to get your sister in bed with us, was it.”

I replied, “No! She wanted it as much as you did.”

Rachael smiled and said, “She isn’t the only one either. Your mother wanted to join us in bed too. She likes anal but your father’s cock is to big and hurts her when he gets ready to cum. She’ll be in for a big surprise though, you are just as big as your father is.”

I asked, “How would know?”

Rachael laughed and said, “Because I’ve seen it silly. One night after we first started fucking I took off my panties and let him look at my pussy while he jerked off on the couch. That is why I get to come up here every day without him complaining about you having a girl in your room.”

I had often wondered how I had become so lucky. I didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth so I just accepted the fact.

An hour later Bethany tapped on my bedroom door and opened it. She said, “Mom took Dad out to dinner and a movie so we have all night if we want it.”

She was absolutely naked. She had a little peach fuzz on her pubic mount. She was also wearing a short bridal veil, glass slippers, and a pearl necklace.

Bethany said, “Mom fixed my hair into a bun and let me wear one of her costumes. I thought that I could wear white seeing as how I’m a virgin. My hymen is broken thanks to Lori but I’m still a virgin.”

Rachael asked, “Should I add Lori’s name to my threesome list?”

Bethany said, “Probably, but first I want my threesome with my brother taking my virginity.”

She looked at me and said, “How about we start kissing, you play with my boobs, and she gets my pussy good and wet.”

No more needed to be said. We spent several hours pleasing one another. Bethany had too many orgasms to count. Rachael did her part to see to it that I kept getting hard enough to fuck my sister again. I managed to cum in her mouth once and in her pussy four times. Bethany never did find out if my cum improved the taste of Rachael’s pussy…not that night anyway.

When my cock first entered my sister’s virgin pussy we both knew that we were made for one another. It was the perfect fit like her glass slippers. The three of us slept together that night, Mom got Dad off to work in the morning, and then brought the three of us breakfast in bed. She also brought us lunch in bed and dinner too. It was a good thing that we had Monday off from school for Columbus Day and Tuesday off for a teacher’s conference. That gave us four full days together in bed.

After that Bethany and I let Rachael, Mom, and Lori join us in a threesome occasionally but mostly we just to have sex with one another.

Dad gets to fuck Rachael on Saturday nights now but he is tied to the bed and blindfolded. Mom and Rachael like it that way, then they have fun until the sun comes up Sunday morning.

Mom and Rachael both have Dad’s cum in their pussies when he takes them to church. Bethany and I get to sleep in and miss church.

Life can be wonderful.

Hey guys I'm taking comissions

I’ll be taking comissions for the next few days

I’m sorry I don’t have a fancy page about it but here’s the gist of it:

Icons: $3

Bust: $5

Midbody: $10

Full body: $20


Sketch: $5

Flat color: $10

Cell shading: $15

Smooth shading: $20

>>additional characters and background are $5 each

I will not draw:
-offensive art
-porn (for the moment)
-comic pages
-intense gore
-complicated designs

Please message me if you want a comission~

so when it came time for all us ten year old boys to have a dick measuring contest we’d do it by way of bakugan, obviously, it being 2009ish, and there was always the one spoiled kid who’d pull this shit out of his backpack

strap that onto his wrist like it was a fuckin rolex and bust out his unbeatable deck full of cards that he got shipped in from china off eBay while the rest of us had to fucking check toyz R us every friday after school but they were always out of stock waiting for a new shipment except the shipments came in on saturday night when i had KARATE PRACTICE and my parents wouldnt take me after dinner so i had to wait until sunday morning and by then they were all gone but fucking NOAH still wanted to show off well fuck you NOAH! I have thousands of people on here who will listen to me trash talk you and where are you?! What are you doing?! You’re fucking nothing! You’re worthless NOAH

Anyway while i was googling that, i found this picture:

Sheriff Stilinski: Father of the Year

Stiles and Derek have been dating on the downlow for a few months. Stiles is eighteen and all, but the thing they have going is so low key that it didn’t seem worth announcing. They hang out, and sometimes they kiss, and sometimes they cuddle, and sometimes Derek sucks Stiles off until Stiles literally sees stars–but it’s not any kind of great romance, nothing like the relationships they’re surrounded by.

They’re even tentatively planning to keep an open relationship when Stiles goes off to college in the fall (which Stiles claims is ridiculous, since his school is only an hour and a half away, totally within booty call limits).

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Sing for you

Hi, thank you for sending in this request! Hopefully it is as you want it to be because I had a lot of fun writing this up! Gentle reminder: REQUESTS WILL ONLY BE OPENED UNTIL SUNDAY, 2nd JULY 2017, 23:59PM KST. After that I will not be accepting requests for a bit! Anyways, enjoy!

“Look at my eyes and tell me, a heart full of love can’t be hidden.”

Your voice, rich and vibrant, resonates beautifully throughout the entire living room. You have missed singing – you used to sing to your grandmother all the time because she really enjoys listening to your voice and somehow along the way of growing up, you sung less and eventually stopped singing when your grandmother passed away.

Though today, you woke up feeling extremely good, full of spirits and seeing as you really had nothing planned at that very moment – all of your boys were out and about in the city – you decided to help Alfred clean the manor. Even though Alfred has tried to dissuade you from cleaning because – and you quote – “you should be resting, Ms. Y/N,”. You had a nasty landing after slipping on a wet mop so you have fractured your right leg. It was only a hairline fracture so thankfully, it was nothing too serious and even though in hindsight you really should be resting, you got bored.

Hence the reason why you are currently cleaning the living room, singing out loud to this song you recently started liking. It was from some drama you happen to stumble on while browsing the internet at work. You are so engrossed in your own performance that you fail to realize your boys slowly filling up the open area of the living room, each carrying a look of surprise on their faces except for Alfred who looks rather smug at their expressions.

My love, look at me, do you still love me?”

You are startle when someone gave an impressed whistle. You abruptly stop singing and turn around to the doorway, cheeks flushing red immediately when you catch sight of your entire family. Your eyes travel from all of their faces, landing on Alfred who is smiling at you proudly.

“Whoa, Ma. Why have you kept that from us?” Jason claps his hands, taking a few steps toward you and you laugh sheepishly as you shake your head.

“I, uh, I’m not sure what you are talking about.” You reply lamely and almost smack yourself for not coming up with a better excuse.

“You have been holding back on us, ma.” Dick points out. Your voice had been more than charming – it had been really captivating and the lyrics is still ringing in his ears. It sounds very sad to be quite honest. He wonders why it sounds so familiar though.

You smile at your oldest son before shaking your head, still pretending to not know what he is talking about. “I didn’t know all of you are here – when did you get back?” You try to change the subject as you meet Bruce halfway. He wraps his arm around your waist, planting a kiss on your cheek, all the while staring at you calculatingly.

“I didn’t know you could sing.” Bruce says.

You shrug your shoulders, looking at your other two sons who are still staring at you in awe. Though to be honest, you kinda think Damian’s expression is a mix between awe and being cross.

“Actually, the Missus also knows how to play the piano wonderfully. On several accounts have I stumble upon her playing wonderful, classical pieces too. Not just singing.” Alfred finally speaks up after a while. The first time he had heard you sing a song – he had been really surprised: he has known you for the longest time and that day had been the very first day he had heard you and when Alfred had confronted you, you immediately told him you had used to sing a lot but now you rarely ever do. So whenever Alfred is working around the manor, he can always hear you singing and it is always such a wonderful performance.

“You know how to play the piano too?” Damian stares at you in shock. For the amount of time he has been here, Damian has never seen you showing any interest in listening to music – whether it be classical or modern – or even singing and to know that you also play the piano and know how to sing too, it is really coming off as a surprise to him!

Tim snickers at your flushed face. “Ma seriously can’t take compliments. We have never heard you sing before, Ma. Other than the fact that this seems to be a common occurrence here, what changed?” Tim is curious and when he is curious, he often needs to know the answer lest he wants to stay up the entire night coming up with theories.

“Well, today, I just felt really light and singing comes naturally to me.” You finally confess and Bruce tightens his hold on you. “I used to sing for money when I was really young – stand on city streets with a hat out to get money for sweets and to save up. Used to sing for my grandmother too!” Talking about your grandmother used to hurt you a lot but now, you are slowly starting to feel at peace.

“You should sing more often.” Bruce leans down to whisper on your ear and you give him a small smile. “You have a really wonderful voice.”

“Master Bruce, may I suggest we have a Karaoke night after the weekly family dinner?” Alfred suggests, amused glint in his eyes. “It would definitely add some more entertainment to our otherwise repetitive lives – everyone should try to at least sing.”

All of your boys stare at each other before staring at Bruce and you. “Karaoke night?”

It seems as if they are waiting for your answer so you stare at Bruce but he is staring at you too.

“If you are still uncomfortable about it, then we don’t really have to do Karaoke night.” Bruce whispers. He knows about your grandmother’s death but he never knew why you had an aversion to singing or why you kept your singing talent a secret from everyone except for Alfred.

You shake your head. Maybe it is about time you start singing again. “Of course, we can have Karaoke night.” You smile when your boys cheer loudly – even Damian! – and laugh when the boys start bickering over who is the better singer out of them all. “I think this is going to be fun.”

High Tensions - Twelve

Are you guys all as frustrated as Spencer and Y/N are?

What the hell was that smell?

Wait…what the hell was that beeping noise?


Smoke detector. 

You leapt out of bed and grabbed your dressing gown from the back of the door, running into the kitchen. 

“I’ve got it….. I’VE GOT IT!”

A load sizzling noise came from the kitchen area and you followed the noise and the smell to find Spencer stood over your sink, wafting smoke out of the window.  

The basin was full of water, a frying pan handle sticking out and your counters were covered in an array of jugs, utensils and flour and eggs. 

“What are you doing?” The place was a mess and you were annoyed. No doubt you’d have to clean it up. 

“Erm…. I was trying to make you pancakes.” You could tell he’d caught the annoyance in your voice and you remembered how much of a bitch you could be when you were rudely awoken. 

“Pancakes?” All of the annoyance melted from you and you crossed the room to stand next to him. 

“Well yeah. I thought I could bring you breakfast in bed. But it’s not going too well.”

He looked so adorable stood there, the sleeves of his cardigan rolled up, hair still mussed up from sleeping and a patch of flour on his cheek. 

You leant forward, linking your arms around his neck and tiptoing up, giving him a peck on the cheek. He caught you, circling your waist with his own long arms and pulling you close. 

“You didn’t have to make me breakfast Spencer,” you breathed into his hair, his embrace on you tight. 

“Well it’s kinda a good job you’ve said that, cos I literally have nothing to offer you food wise. I have an IQ of 187, you’d think I’d be able to prepare pancakes.”

“Well it’s a good job you’re better at other things then isn’t it?” You really didn’t want to let go. He was so warm and cuddly. 

“Such as?”

“I think you know what Spencer.” It amazed you how quickly you could both slip from being sweet and innocent with each other to heading quickly to the gutter. You pulled away from his embrace. 

“Technically that wasn’t me.”

“Oh hush. You were the one guiding it and moving it and oh…. I’m gonna stop thinking about it now. Also, what are we doing with that thing anyway. Do I get to keep it?”

“Yep…. I figured that it might get used again once we actually do it.”

“And when will that be Spencer?”

He considering your question for a moment. 

 "Soon. I don’t think I can last much longer.“

“You know what we need to do. We need to find out who has what dates in the little pool Derek is running and then just both admit defeat on the date that no one has.”

“I can definitely work with that Y/N.”

“Awesome. I’ll bribe Penny later with tidbits of last night and get her to show me.”

“Last night?” His eye brows shot up. 

“Okay, maybe not last night. Maybe I’ll just show her the photo I sent you.” Yeah it probably wasn’t a good idea to tell Pen that he’d had you coming so hard you’d been certain you’d need a new mattress. 

“And here I hoped they were my eyes only,” he joked. 

“Haha, I’ll let you take some for your own personal enjoyment one day. Now let’s clean up and we can go out for breakfast.”

You both tidied the mess quickly before you headed off to your bedroom to grab a towel for a shower. You spotted the bullet on the floor where it must have rolled during the night and picked it up, grabbing your wet wipes and giving it a quick clean. 

Spencer tapped on your door. “Can I come in, my bag’s still in here.”


He entered, stopping dead when he saw what you had in your hands. 

Giggling to yourself you mused, “It’s about time Ryan got a friend.”

Everyone on the team knew you’d named your rabbit. It had come out one drunken night and they’d thought it hilarious. 

You moved to your bedside cabinet, placing it inside the drawer. 

“I’m thinking I’ll name this one Pretty Boy.”

You wished you’d taken a photo of the expression on Reid’s face. Pure gold. 

Spencer couldn’t believe how well the night before had gone. He wasn’t sure she’d even agree to it to begin with, but when she’d taken his hand and led him to the bedroom he’d suddenly felt less sure of himself and incredibly nervous. 

He did his best not to show it, although when she’d stripped and allowed him to secure her wrists to her headboard he was sure he was going to lose it. Just the sight of her laid out before him. She was stunning, curves in all the right places and the photo she’d sent him earlier in the day, as hot as she’d looked in that; in reality she looked a hundred times better. 

The way she’d finished him off as well.

Fucking hell. Just…… Ugh. He couldn’t bear thinking about it. Something he’d never even considered before. He knew that sex toys weren’t just for female satisfaction but he’d never in a million years thought he’d have one used on him. But it had worked. And no rules had been broken. Technically they’d not had sex, not touched themselves or touched the other. He congratulated himself on the idea and wondered why he’d not thought of it before. 

Deep-down he knew the answer though. Now he’d seen how majestical she looked when came, he knew he was going to lose. Although what she’d suggested this morning about them both surrendering on the date no one had in the pool would also work. They just needed to get Penelope to tell them. And that could prove a problem. He’d leave that task to Y/N. 

They never made it to breakfast. Y/N’s cell had started ringing the second they’d set foot out of her apartment door; Hotch. They had a case. 

“But it’s a Sunday,” Spencer had whined. 

“I’ll put out a public service announcement shall I, asking unsubs to only act during the week?” Y/N had replied. 

The case took them out of play until late Friday night and as per their agreement, they suspended the game remaining completely professional around each other. 

The team were flying home late, having wanted to get home early rather spend another night in the hotel. Tomorrow night was the annual FBI summer ball, and last year the team had missed it due to being out in the field. In his seven years in the BAU Spencer had only managed to attend once, and this would be Y/N’s first. 

The team had booked rooms at the hotel the event was staged at, the FBI having an agreement with the venue that the rooms could be cancelled at short notice if any member of the Bureau couldn’t attend due to a case. Considering pretty much the whole of hotel was booked out for them, it wasn’t a problem. 

Spencer normally hated huge events like this, but he was actually looking forward to being able to attend this one, looking forward to seeing Y/N dressed up. 

She came and flopped down next to him on the jet. 

“Hey, so I’ve talked to Penny,” she was whispering to avoid the rest of the team hearing. JJ and Emily were both asleep but Hotch,  Derek and Rossi were all engrossed in files. 

“Okay. Did she give you the date?“ 

“Yes but it’s not good. Pretty much the whole of the building knows about this bet thanks to Derek and his mouth. Everyday for the next four months has a name by it. Although you’ll be pleased to know that people seem to be having more confidence in your ability to break me.”

“Four months. Four fucking months. Seriously?” He couldn’t wait that long. He was going to have to surrender. 

“Yup. Well….. One night had been free. Last Saturday." 

He placed his head in his hands in frustration. It would have been wouldn’t it?

"What do you wanna do?” she asked. 

He thought long and hard about his answer, before leaning his head close to her ear. 

“Truthfully? You, like so fucking badly.”

He detected a slight movement in her face as she processed what he’d said. 

Her voice was so quiet when she turned to him. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Because I am not opposed to joining the mile high club.”

He chuckled, “Yes and no. Give me this weekend. I still think I can get you to beg for me and to be honest, I really don’t want to lose but I can’t wait much longer Y/N.”

Glancing around quickly to make sure no one was looking he quickly licked a line up her neck, before murmuring into her ear.

“If you’ve not begged for me to fuck you by Sunday night, then you win. I’ll admit defeat and declare you Queen Tease”

She turned to him, staring him in the eyes.

“And then? What happens after I’m declared winner on Sunday night?" 

"Then I’ll take you home and make you come over and over again until you beg for me to stop. I will have you begging me, one way or another. ”

“So it’s a win win for me then? Queen Tease and a night full of coming onto your mouth?” Her forehead was touching his now, her breath warm on his face. 


“Good. Don’t worry Spence. You might be the loser here, but I’ll make sure you get a pretty good consolidation prize." 

"Y/N, finally tasting you will be all the consolidation prize I need.” He honestly couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth when he was around her. She bought out the very best and yet the very worst in him.

Her breath hitched and she leaned in closer, their lips almost touching when a shadow fell over them and they heard a loud cough. 

“No kissing on the jet please.”


Spencer pulled away from Y/N quickly seeing the stern look on his bosses face. 

“Oh and Dr Reid, Agent Y/L/N. Before you even think about it, the mile high club is not all its cracked up to be. Trust me on this.”

Spencer turned took at Y/N, both of them understanding what he was implying and bursting into laughter. 

kittykitty-mewmeww  asked:

A mission is cut short which is fine by Bucky because now he can slip into your apartment, in full tac gear, and give you one hell of a wake up call. Until there's a knock at the door but Bucky just fucks you harder and you can't stop moaning and begging for more. The door bursts open and Steve marches in, grabs the earpiece that Bucky threw to the side and crushes it in his hand. "Turn it off next time, Christ." "Take yours out next time," Bucky growls, not even slowing down behind you.

have I told you, you’re my favourite person

Sinful Sunday™

The song is the answer.

Sherlock’s method is a distraction, but as always, there’s hidden truth to be found. I believe the three instances of numbers in words in the song—sixteen by six, five by seven, nine by nineteen—hold metafictional meanings derived from external sources; while the rest of the text refers to Sherlock, the show itself. The following is my attempt at deciphering the song.

Before I begin, a disclaimer – the result inevitably lead to some tin-foil hattery, please proceed at your own discretion. Also, my interpretation is based on the premise that the song is meant to be read as a whole. It’s from Mycroft to Sherlock about John, Mycroft himself and his role in the entire saga.

Ready? Let’s go.

I that am lost, oh who will find me?
Deep down below the old beech tree 
Help succour me now the east winds blow
Sixteen by six, brother, and under we go!

You can take the meaning of this verse pretty much at face value – it’s about Redbeard. But it was Mycroft who’s lost, he’s been buried under the memory of the original Redbeard; his best friend from childhood, Carl Powers. The East Wind has come for Mycroft, he’s asking for Sherlock’s help.

What’s sixteen by six then? There are two obvious ACD canon references in this verse: the old beech tree to The Adventure of the Copper Beeches and the east wind appeared in His Last Bow. My translation: the 16th story of the canon is The Valley of Fear, the next level of information in the hierarchy is a chapter title; chapter 6 A Dawning Light, which is a clear reference to John Watson the conductor of light. There are likely some connections to be found in the three canon stories listed, especially to do with the truth about Mary, but I’m happy with this for now:

I that am lost, oh who will find me?
Deep down below the old beech tree
Help succour me now the east winds blow
The valley of fear by a dawning light, brother, and under we go!


Without your love, he’ll be gone before
Save pity for strangers, show love the door.
My soul seek the shade of my willow’s bloom
Inside, brother mine -
Let Death make a room.

No number to be found in this verse, we must seek meanings from the words then. My take on the first two line: Without Sherlock’s love, John will be gone as he did before – girlfriends, wives; for the sake of these strangers, it’s time for Sherlock to give the key to love to unlock the door to his heart. The next three lines are fascinating as they are about Mycroft and what he did. Willow’s bloom – willows are dioecious, with male and female flowers. If Mycroft’s soul seeks the shade of his willow’s bloom – he wants to be out of the closet then; because the only textual evidence we were presented about his sexuality was his office rendezvous with Lady Smallwood; the other half remained hidden (as subtext, mostly in THoB). The last two lines were about this scene from TLD:

Which implies that Mycroft had a hand in Sherlock’s creation of a mind palace, and the special room where Sherlock’s memory of love and being loved dies. This is also alluding to the dominate “burying the gay” narrative in the mainstream Sherlock Holmes universe, as Mycroft represents the British Government, the establishment.

Moving on:

Be not afraid to walk in the shade
Save one, save all, come try!
My steps - five by seven
Life is closer to Heaven
Look down, with dark gaze, from on high.

So Mycroft is encouraging Sherlock to come out. Save your love and John Watson means saving all that still remains in the shadow (I think we can take this as every version of Sherlock and John ever past/present/future, or just people in general). 

The next three lines take us back to S2. I believe “my steps five by seven” is referring to Sonnet 57, as a sonnet is with a fixed structure of lines and rhyme schemes – steps, line dancing; this is Mycroft talking, remember. The last two lines, in my opinion, are referencing what happened on the rooftop of Barts, there’s more to the story than we’ve been presented to date, after all.

Last but not least:

Before he was gone - right back over my hill
Who now will find him?
Why, nobody will
Doom shall I bring to him, I that am queen
Lost forever, nine by nineteen.

Before John was gone he was right back over my hill – could be interpreted as John and Mycroft were in the same position; whether in the realm of heteronormativity, or they were actually working together, or both. Also, Mycroft’s hill – Parliament Hill? Formerly known as Traitor’s Hill, it’s also one of Sherlock’s bolthole according to Lestrade. (side note: there’s also Parliament Hill in Canada, 5 hours away from Niagara Falls  👀  👀  👀 )

But Mycroft implies that as queen, his position as the British Government, will bring doom to John – it’s to do with Lady Elizabeth Smallwood’s slaughterhouse/Thatcher, and likely Mary, then. 

So what of “Lost forever, nine by nineteen”? This goes right into the tin-foil hattery of The Lost Special, more under the cut in you’re interested!

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Through the eyes of an INTJ – by INFJ

So I had this idea that I’ve really wanted to write: how the two humans behind this blog see each other. That is: INTJ according to INFJ and vice versa. This might be a little more chaotic than usual, since it started from me and not from INTJ (who is the one that keeps the blog on check). I am going to go first, starting with a little info about myself so you get to understand why I might feel like I feel.

For the longest time, I had this slight feeling of loneliness. I wasn’t alone. I had meaningful connections. But most of the time, it felt like I could click well with the people I loved because I spoke “their language”. When you can adapt little things about yourself to fit your interlocutor, after a while you might feel like nobody knows the real you; like nobody gets the real you. You might let it be as it is, because it feels like it is your fault. All of these things happened to me. It sucked hard, especially because I had to move out and I started to be not only lonely but also alone most of the time. Since I really wanted company, for a while I used to be with people that thought I perfectly got them, while they had no clue of who I was.

And more or less at the time, I met INTJ.

I was super into them since the beginning. INTJ looks a little aloof and maybe distant at first. I guess it might be because they are terribly reserved with their feelings. For the longest time, they were the coolest person I saw (disclaimer: I still think they are cool. However they are, at the same time, one of the lamest nerds I know. Love them deeply). Reading cool things, answering smart and calculated things to every question, and oh my god, they had (and have) the wittiest humor. After a while I started to see little things that helped me see them more clearly. They are observant ALL THE TIME. I am serious. 24/7. But it is in a very fascinating way. It’s like they can keep different windows of thoughts open. They will give you their full attention in what you are saying. Simultaneously, they notice:

- The way your tone went up meaning that you got excited for a second about the topic you were ranting about.
- The way some people on the back look a little aggressive, so they change the way you are walking so you don’t bump into them.
- That the pizzeria behind you now is closing Saturdays as well as Sundays.

(Disclaimer: I also saw them once walked directly into a wall. And get fever because they spend all day thinking until they overheated their brain. You have to love the nerd).

I am very observant as well, but I feel we make our connections and analysis a little differently. Sometimes I just stare at INTJ while they stare at the world around us. I really like trying to guess what caught INTJ’s eyes based on slight changes in their expression.

I don’t feel lonely when we are together. When I speak, it feels like they get everything or that they can get everything if we have a long enough conversation. I can speak in their language, but they can speak my language too. And it is probably the most satisfying thing I’ve felt with another human.



Prompt : Jason Todd may have the worst luck ever, but it doesn’t mean it bring bad things to his life. 

A/N : Grammar mistakes of course. || Jason POV

Song: I don’t need a reason

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings:  FLUFF 

Word Count: 2913

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My heart was pounding in my chest, I took big breath as I looked at my surroundings until I saw Roy, he nodded with his head and I closed my eyes. I focused on my heartbeat trying to calm down.

Todd, this isn’t the first time, you have this’ I told myself over and over again but it was impossible to stay calm. IT. WASN’T.

I opened my eyes again and I felt dizzy, I didn’t felt well, everything was in slow motion I didn’t want to keep moving but somehow my legs started moving, I was walking, so the best I could do was try to stay calm, but my shaking hands said otherwise.

I was reaching my target when I slipped on the floor. And now everything was on a speed camera. What happened?

Well, before I started walking, some random dude threw his coffee on the floor, so an employee went from a mop, on those flashing seconds I decided to step on the wet floor, I was shaking before that, so when I reached that point, I slipped. What happened after? 

Well, I tried not to fall, but I made things worst. My hand reached the nearest table so I could hold myself but, of holy fuckers, my weight made the table broke and I heard a scream and crashing dishes.

I looked up and I saw the blonde girl leaving the coffee shop as she looked back at me, with disgust in her face. ’Well Fuck you, I didn’t want your number anyway’ I said to myself. I was still looking at the door where the girl went and I didn’t notice that  someone was trying to catch my attention.

“Dude!” I looked to my right when I felt someone touching my shoulder.

And well, I wasn’t expecting this. I must have been blind all these hours, all these time I was looking at the wrong girl. This one was breathtaking, I could only see her face, but Lord help me, her (Y/E/C) were so bright, her hair looked so soft, her lips, okay, she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, okay?! But… something was wrong, she looked down and I saw worry in her face.

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Imagine meeting your son. (Part C)

A/N: Part 5C! Holy crap, okay. So it’s 3:52AM, I just finished this and I cried like a baby. Well, I’m crying like a baby which is why I’m going to leave this here and do the links tomorrow. Enjoooooy! ❤️ (Also, I feel like strawberry Jell-O now.) You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist; Chapter 7: ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/4C/4D/Part 5A/5B)

The closer your contractions got, the more nervous you and Chris became. You were in a lot of pain so you tried to focus on that pain to distract yourself from the fact that you were about to have a baby. You channeled your writer’s mind, convincing yourself that this was an experience you could use to better your writing. You did things like that all the time, you found you coped better if you saw what you feared doing as an experience to help with your writing. The last time you went to the dentist, you told yourself you were a spy who’d been caught and was being tortured for information. Chris thought you were insane, but said if it worked to relieve you of your anxiety that came every time you had to go to the dentist that you should “do you, boo.” So now that you were having ridiculously painful contractions- which had become five minutes apart- you convinced yourself you were being stabbed so you could later utilize the pain to write something in the crime/thriller genre.

Chris couldn’t do what you were doing, he was too focused on you to think of anything else. You were in absolute agony, whimpering every time you had a contraction. It’d been three and a half hours of five minute apart contractions, yet still no progress. You wished it was easier, that after your water broke you’d just start pushing and a baby would pop out of you. Unfortunately, it was not; you were going to suffer for quite a while before your son arrived. Chris was glad your parents were around to keep the two of you company, but he really wished his mom was too. He glanced at his watch, it wouldn’t be long now. It was 11:56AM now, and her flight was arriving at 12:15PM. Your dad left for the airport half an hour ago to pick Lisa up for Chris as neither you nor Chris wanted him to leave your side. You needed him with you every step of the way, there was no way you were going to do anything without him.

“What do you need, sweetheart?” Chris asked, gently brushing away the tears that had rolled down your cheeks. You couldn’t take the pain anymore, your distraction was losing its effect because no story was worth what you were going through. “Do you want me to get you something from the vending machine? Do you want me to go get you a packet of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?” He asked you and you nodded quickly, hoping chocolate would help subside some of the pain.

“Oh no,” your mom stopped Chris, “no. I don’t recommend eating while in labor, sweetheart. It’ll be dangerous if they have to end up putting you under, you could vomit and choke.” You frowned with a pout, and Chris gave your hand a light pat. “If you really need to eat something, you’ve got to keep it light. You shoulder only eat things that won’t make you feel worst than you already do, and we all know chocolate is not one of those things.”

“That’s true, baby,” Chris agreed with your mom, and you silently did too; you liked chocolate, but chocolate didn’t always like you. It wasn’t like you were allergic or intolerant, it was more of a psychological reaction because you preferred to clean eat and chocolate was part of clean eating. “You can have Reese’s after you have Jack, as a celebratory snack.”

“So what can I have?” You asked, then screwed your eyes shut as another contraction hit you. It wasn’t even just the contractions that caused you pain, it was everything; everything hurt at that point in time. “Other than ice chips because I’m sick of chewing ice chips,” you told them, taking another few deep breaths.

“I’m going to go see if I can get you some Jell-O,” your mom offered, patting the back of your hand. “Watch her and call Dr. McCullough if anything changes.” She told Chris and he nodded. “And don’t you try and convince him to get you that chocolate bar, young lady.” She told you before she took her leave because she knew the both of you all too well.

“She’s good,” Chris chuckled softly when he saw you roll your eyes. “But honestly,” he pulled your hand to his lips. “I don’t need much convincing, I would do anything for you right now.” You opened your mouth to ask for chocolate, only to get shot down. “Anything that doesn’t make you feel worst than you already do. How are you feeling?” He quizzed, lowering your hand back onto the bed.

“Conflicted,” you answered, pulling your hand away from his touch so you could wipe the tears from your eyes. “Like I want this to be over, but I don’t think I’m ready to have the baby.” You told him and he gave you a sympathetic smile. “Chris,” another fresh set of tears filled your eyes. “I don’t know if I can do this. I know I said I wouldn’t be like Pam, but-“ you started to cry, “I don’t think I can do this. It hurts so bad already, I don’t know if I can take anymore.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” He got off his chair and sat down next to you on the bed, wrapping an arm around you. “Everything’s going to be okay, I promise. Look-” he huffed. “I can’t promise you it won’t hurt because we both know it is, but I promise I’m going to be right here with you. Okay?” He waited for you to nod then kissed the top of your head. “I love you, sweetheart.” He whispered into your hair as you leaned into him.

“I love you too.”

Your mom came back with strawberry Jell-O about ten minutes later, and you ate that while you weren’t suffering from contractions. Around 1:24PM, your contractions became even closer at four minutes apart, and your dad arrived with Lisa. The rest of Chris’ family, and yours weren’t due until the 15th of March which was a Sunday, the day after Jack’s original birth date. They figured you were already panicky enough, you didn’t need a room full of people while you were trying to push a baby out of you.

The next few hours leading up to 4:14PM- when your cervix was finally dilated enough- your contractions progressed at a steady pace to the stage your doctor needed you to be at. Chris joked, saying “Jack must know I needed Mom here.” You managed a light laugh, then went back to freaking out because you knew you were about to start pushing. The nurses checked your pulse, blood pressure, and temperature, then strapped a monitor to your abdomen to check Jack’s heart rate. You and Chris couldn’t stop smiling when you heard Jack’s little heartbeat. As scared and nervous as the both of you were, you were excited to bring a little life into world.

Your delivery took about ninety minutes, and all ninety minutes was engulfed in immense pain. You cried, you screamed, you swore, and you squeezed the life out of Chris’ hand- but you did it, all without pooping on the table or having an episiotomy. Your afterbirth was fairly easy on you too, it took no less than five minutes. You’d read birth stories online about women having trouble with their placenta, and you were glad you weren’t one of them. But that it, you were done. You were no longer pregnant, you no longer had to suffer contractions or push because- Jack was here and you were a mom.

“Here’s your son, you two.”

Chris felt his heart skip a beat when Dr. McCullough held up Jack for the two of you to see. You were a little too distracted by the pain to zero in your blurry vision on your baby, but Chris saw him. Chris saw Jack; he covered in blood and gunk, but he was absolutely beautiful. You cried out of joy when Chris said, “you did it, he’s beautiful, baby” and kissed your forehead. The nurse quickly wiped your son’s face then bundled him up so he could meet his parents for the first time.

You were hesitant to take Jack at first because you’d never held a newborn before. He seemed so small and fragile, and you were afraid you’d hurt him. But Chris, and everyone else in the room assured you “babies are a lot stronger than they seem.” Chris sat beside you as the nurse carefully placed Jack into your arms, and the moment you held him- you understood why people wanted children, why you would gladly have a second in a heartbeat. Everything you’d been so afraid of faded and everything just fell into place. You were a mom, the baby in your arms was yours. You started to sob which worried Chris until he realized you were smiling. He wrapped an arm around you and kissed the top of your head, his other hand gently interacted with one of Jack’s.

Your son was beautiful with eyes as blue as Chris’; you had hoped they would be and you were glad they were. Now every parent believed their baby was the most beautiful baby they’d ever laid eyes on, but you knew for a fact that yours was. He was utter perfection and you couldn’t believe you were finally in your arms after nine months of waiting. Neither you nor Chris could stop smiling, or crying at the sight of Jack. He was real, it wasn’t just a vivid dream. You’d just had a baby boy, the two of you were parents.

“Hi,” you smiled at Jack, who you swore smiled back. Chris smiled, he smiled widely as he watched you interact with Jack. “We’re your mom and dad, we made you.” You started crying harder when you said that because it still seemed impossible that humans could make smaller humans. “And we will love you unconditionally and endlessly.” You whispered softly then kissed his tiny forehead.

“Just like I love you,” Chris said and you turned to him, smiling when he dipped his head and pecked your lips. “I am so proud of you, Y/N. You brought life into this world, you helped me become a father.” You pressed a kiss to his jawline then turned back to Jack when Chris’ gaze fell on him. “Welcome to the world, Jackson Christopher Evans.”

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Part 5D


John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836–1893, England)

Marine scenes

Grimshaw was an English Victorian-era artist, popular both during his time and in the present for his night-time depictions of British cities.

Grimshaw’s earliest influence was the Pre-Raphaelites. True to the Pre-Raphaelite style, he created landscapes of accurate colour and lighting, vivid detail and realism, often typifying seasons or a type of weather. Moonlit views of city and suburban streets and of the docks in London, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow also figured largely in his art. The focus on atmosphere, and lack of moral message or historical reference allies his work to some extent with the Aesthetic Movement.

His careful painting and his skill in lighting effects meant that he captured both the appearance and the mood of a scene in minute detail. His “paintings of dampened gas-lit streets and misty waterfronts conveyed an eerie warmth as well as alienation in the urban scene.” Later in life his colour palette shifted from dark blues to golden yellows, and towards the end of his life were hints of a change in artistic direction, with looser brushwork influenced by his friend James Abbott McNeill Whistler, who was quoted saying “I considered myself the inventor of Nocturnes until I saw Grimmy’s moonlit pictures.”

SNS nuggets 1

I mean, yeah, Sasuke and Naruto could be “just friends”…


Can’t you just see Naruto and Sasuke sitting at the pier, watching the trees and clouds reflected in the water, every year, year after year, especially new year’s eves, until blonde and black are grey and grey?

A lifetime of birthdays, anniversaries, ramen dates and practice fights full of foreplay. Stupid fucking arguments about who ate the last yoghurt and whose turn it is to mow the lawn and, “Where the fuck is my Katana, you absolute dobe?” and “Teme! Kurama says he could kick your butt ten ways from Sunday with my eyes closed!”

A deep, inherent understanding that what the other person needs is to light candles, have a soak in the tub and them hold someone specific really close while listening to soul-healing gut-clenching sob songs.

The aftercare that’s necessary when one or both come back from a mission. All haggard and forlorn. In need of comfort and too uncomfortable to ask for it at the start as opposed to learning to ask for exactly what they need with time.

The Uchiha district slowly and steadily turning into an orphanage that nobody calls an orphanage unless they want a Rasengan through their living room window. It’s a symbol of chaotic hope; once the site of a terrible massacre the district now features a playground, a training ground, and a library that doubles as a day care for all kids, not just the ones living under the watchful eyes of Sasuke mother-duck Uchiha.

Naruto as a teacher, I mean he doesn’t jump straight to Hokage and Kakashi has a good bunch of years in him still, imagine Naruto as a jounin instructor, doing it right, starting with the bells and finishing with a team confident and able enough to ace the Chunin exams and ten times over.

Exhausted mumble-y pillow talks that consist of updates and information exchange on the progress of children living inside (and outside) the Uchiha District: Home for the Lost and Unpredictable and Loved.

My dash has been so full of Lena love today. No fights, no hate, no discourse, just love and Katie’s beautiful face everywhere and I feel like I’m in Tumblr heaven! 

The best thing is that it’s going to be like that until Sunday and then we will get a new episode full of Lena on Monday! 

This week is going to be great! I love reading everyone’s thoughts on this amazing character ♥

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At Your Service ~Three~

Part One ~ Part Two

*so I have a full day ahead and can’t make a promise for the next part until maybe Sunday, depending on how the weekend unfolds. Thank you for your patience.*

Thranduil had always been a sound sleeper but that night he was inconsolably  restless. He could barely close his eyes to dream for the thoughts swirling around in his head of the next day. It was a mystery which eluded him why his mind fixated on the stone-faced maid. She was not an immaculate beauty, no more or less attractive than the elvish ladies he encountered every day, but she intrigued him to his core. Perhaps it was the forbidden nature of his curiosity which aroused him so.

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anonymous asked:

You dying Bucky up in a chair, and then you sink down in his lap, all while he's looking at you with those big, blue eyes that look so sweet but are full of lust, and you say, "Buckle your seatbelt. Its gonna be a long ride..." You pause to get close to him. "Sargent." You let out deeply. He grunts and you ride him until you're both coming undone on one another xx

I just imagine what happens if he breaks free 

Sinful Sunday™

A New Life (Sam Drake)


Here is my latest Sam X Reader requested by utara-north ! Sorry if this took awhile I’ve been swamped with my classes lately since this semester is almost over. I hope everyone has a happy Friday night! :) 

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warning: none

Word Count: 2,665


“I’ll have a black coffee”

“Uh, just water with lemon.” Sam turned to me a look of confusion on his face.

“You okay?” His eyes were fixed on me as if I was a crazy person.

“Yes.” I said adamantly

“Well I’ll have that right out for you two.” Our usual waiter disappeared back into the restaurant.

“Why no coffee? We come to this place because you love their cappuccinos.”

“I’m just not in the mood today.” I shrugged casting my eyes back down to the menu that I already had memorized. Sam and I came here almost every Sunday for brunch. Other couples had date night but we did brunch on Sundays which then consisted of us going on a walk around town. We would window shop and then he would drag me to some museum or historical sight that had to due with his up and coming job. My favorite’s were the art museums because Sam didn’t usually have as much to say ‘Art speaks for itself’, he would always tell me. The two of us had been together almost 4 years now but we have been married 2. We started out as young lovers until life caught up with us and I was a full time college student and he was off doing what the Drake’s do. I never thought I would see him again, he was always the one that got away until we stumbled upon each other at an art auction in Venice. To my dismay he dragged me into his heist and from then on I never looked back. Now it’s 4 years later and we are sitting here at our usual cafe, eating our usual food, talking about which stores I wanted to stop into and what historical sight he would be taking me to today. The only difference now is that I’m pregnant with Samuel Drake’s child and he had no clue.

“Are you listening?” I quickly looked back at Sam his brow furrowed in annoyance. He turned around looking behind him at the people walking past us and then to the cars passing by. “What are you looking at?” He questioned looking around in the warm summer air again as if he missed something.

“Nothing, sorry I zoned out.”

“So this is what it feels like when I don’t listen.” Rolling my eyes he smirked that charming smirk of his. This was all to true.

The day was perfect, it was just the right temperature, the sun was out, we had gotten our favorite seat in the outdoor section of the restaurant, our food was better than usual. Everything was perfect, this would be the ideal moment to tell my husband I was pregnant but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I was scared. Sam and I never really talked about having a family, I just assumed it might not happen because he loved to travel and hated the idea of staying in one place for to long. I never pictured myself having kids and I know Sam was the same way, but now this was a reality the two of us had to face. I just had to tell him that his whole life was about to change.

“You feeling okay today babe?” I turned to my lovely husband who had been complaining about the price of the shoes I had in hand.

“Yeah, why?” I asked placing the box back.

“No, no, no, you’re getting those I saw how your eyes lit up when you saw them.” Sam picked the box back up “It’s like you’ve been in a daze all day, I feel like I’ve been talking to a wall.”

“Sorry sweetie” I kissed his cheek feeling his stubble against my lips. His toned arm wrapped around my waist stopping me as I tried to walk away.

“You know avoiding the question isn’t helpful.”

“These heels are gonna look great with that little black dress of mine.” I mumbled against his neck not wanting to discuss this right now.

“Maybe you can show me when we get home?” I shivered as his voice became low and gravely. “Then after you can tell me what the fuck is wrong.” He stepped back looking at me seriously now.

“Samuel” I warned. He knew how I was, yet he always pushed when it came to me being upset, almost like he needed to know.

“Babe, I worry.” His vice turned back to its normal tone no longer gruff.

“I know.” A sigh fell from his lips as I ran my fingers through my soft hair.

“Come, lets by the shoes then we can go to home.”

“No museum?” I called after Sam as he walked to the register.

“I’d much rather see you in these heels and that black dress.”

My body felt limp and hot as I lay in my bed covers covering my naked body. I turned my head looking out the window at the beautiful summer day that was coming to a close. The sky was turning purple, orange peeking through the transparent clouds. It was humid in our small apartment our AC was broken leaving both me and my Sam in a constant sweaty state, even more so right now. This apartment is going to be too small to raise a child in, we are gonna have to move. Fuck, can we even afford to move? Do we have the proper finances to raise a kid, you know give them, it a good life. Am I gonna get fat? Shit, I’m gonna get fat.

“That was amazing.” Sam’s sleepy voice mumbled against my ear as he pulled me closer to his warmth, our bodies intertwined. “What are you thinking about?” His voice was so hushed and loving I just wanted to cry out of frustration. Having a child is not something that can be taken lightly, our lives were going to change dramatically and it’s not like we had the choice to give it back if we didn’t want to be parents anymore.

“About how much I love you.” I turned to face him seeing a little smile on his lips, his hazel eyes hidden from his drowsiness.

“Hm, me too.” I could see the sleep taking over his rugged, handsome, perfect, tan, peaceful face. Wow, I love this man. Maybe having a child with him won’t be a bad thing.   

“I’m gonna get started on dinner.” I kissed his face slipping out of bed. “You can stay in here and rest I know you’re tired.” He grunted in response sleep taking over his body.

I couldn’t help but admire his toned body along with his handsome face.

“No stay” He groaned out.


“Food can wait I want to hold you.” His offer was impossible to refuse. Crawling back into bed I laid there in his warm embrace our sweat soaked skin sticking together as our heart beats synched. He was the love of my life despite, the smoking, grumpiness when stressed, the distance when he was away for work, and the obsession with pirates, I still loved him endlessly. It took a toll but nothing could make this man anything but perfect. Another week went by and I found myself at the same restaurant in our favorite seats outside the summer air humid casing my hair to frizz. The only difference now was I was throwing up in the bathroom from morning sickness. I was walking back from the bathroom when I noticed Sam had ordered my drinks for me.

“You okay? You look pale.” He didn’t wait for a response as he quickly turned his attention to the drinks on the table “They had mimosa’s as a special today so I got you one.” He smiled at me clearly proud of himself. I couldn’t help the wave of guilt that came over my body. Sam was being so thoughtful, he knew I loved mimosa’s, well alcohol in general, but I couldn’t drink while pregnant. “Maybe if I get you drunk enough I’ll get laid.” He joked as I took my seat.

“Thank you so much sweetie, but I’m not really feeling alcohol today.” I placed my hand on his but the smile on his face didn’t falter.

“I had a feeling you’d say that so I ordered you a cappuccino too.” How did I get so lucky to have a man who thought this far in advance. “I’m really trying to get laid here.” His hand moved so he was now holding mine. His eyes were bright as the sun as he gazed at me making my body run hot.

“I, uh-“ I took a breath “I’m not really in the mood for coffee either” I shot him a guilty look as his face fell, all traces of happiness lost.

“Am I doing something wrong babe?” He searched my face for the answer because he knew I would lie.

“No not at all! You’re being such a sweetheart I just haven’t had the same taste recently.” I squeezed his hand for reassurance.

“Okay good, you’ve been worrying me. First you don’t want coffee, then you didn’t want eggs cuz the smell has been making you nauseous, and now you don’t want alcohol. It’s like your pregnant.” He laughed to himself. Sweat needed on my forehead at his words. I stared at him speechless. My face must have given me away because I watched as Sam’s face fell. “Wait you’re not pregnant are you?” My eyes began to well with tears as a dead give away.

“I uh-“ Then the hot tears started to roll down my flushed cheeks. The summer air stung as my vision became blurry.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, why are you crying!” Sam’s chair scraped against the ground as he moved towards me. “Do you not want kids?” His voice was closer as he was by my side.

“Sam I think we are making a scene can we talk about this later.” I pleaded trying to contain my light sobs. The feeling of his hand on my back gave me a slight sense of comfort but I was not ready to come face to face with Sam.

“Am I not suppose to be excited?” My head whipped to my husband who was kneeling beside pure joy radiating off of him.

“You’re actually happy?” I whispered in disbelief. He laughed standing back up, placing a firm kiss on my forehead.

“Of course I’m happy” and with that he took his seat. “We’ve been married for 2 years I kind of assumed you would start wanting kids. I know I use to say that was the last thing on my mind but having a kid or two doesn’t seem like an awful idea anymore.” Both of his hands were holding mine as I tried to gain my composure again. “Are you not happy?” His hands squeezed mine as if he was begging me to say I was.

“Yes I’m happy. I’ve just been scared to tell you.” I sighed feeling the weight of the world leave my shoulders.

“Holy shit, I’m going to be a dad! How long have you known?”

“You remember that day we went to Nate and Elena’s and she told you I was crying because we watched a sad movie? Well while you and Nate were setting up the grill I told Elena I was late and she made me take a pregnancy test.” I shrugged not being able to look at Sam but I could feel his fiery eyes on me.

“That was a month ago.” There was a long pause. “Shit we are gonna have to get a bigger place!” He sat back in his chair, running his finger through his chestnut hair our eyes meeting again. “Can we get him a trampoline when he’s old enough. I always wanted one as a kid.” Once again my eyes filled with tears at Sam’s words, I don’t think realized how cute he was.

“Yes of course we can! But he might be a she Sam.” I smiled unable to contain my joy at Sam’s reaction.

“Why are you crying?” concern filled his voice again.

“I’m just happy you’re happy.”

“Of course I’m happy!” His words rang through my ears as the final confirmation I needed “If its a boy we should name him Samuel and if it’s a girl then we can name her Samantha.”

“Isn’t that just a little vain” I laughed wiping my tears away. Sam grabbed my mimosa and quickly finished it in one quick swoop. “Slow down there mister if I can’t drink you can’t either.” His eyes widened in amusement.

“You’re really gonna make me have the same diet as you while you’re pregnant.”

“You’re suffering with me! You caused this!” I gestured to my stomach

“Oh, cmon-“

“That also means the smoking’s gotta go.” A smile spread across my lips as Sam reached into his back pocket and handed me his packet of cigarettes.

“It’s done. As of today it’s completely done.” Sam took out his wallet next and dropped a twenty on the table. “C’mon I wanna take you somewhere.” With that he stood up grabbing my hand and whisking me out of the restaurant.

I was still hungry but the curiosity of where Sam was taking me was out weighing the hunger. Wherever he was taking me was clearly not in walking distance because the two of us sat on the train heading towards the center of downtown. He had his arm around me as he told me all the amazing things he was going to do as a dad. We passed the stop that was suppose to be for downtown, now the train was taking us out of the congested part of the city towards the residential neighborhoods. The train pulled to a halt in an area I didn’t know too well.  

“C’mon” Sam said as he grabbed my hand leading me off the train. We walked for awhile until he stopped us in front of a white rundown house with a for sale sign in the front yard. It had a large red sticker across the white sign that read ‘SOLD’ in big red letters. I looked from Sam to the two story colonial style house, butterflies filling my stomach. It was small and quaint with a decently sized front yard. The shutters were falling off and the paint was peeling. “I know it doesn’t look like much but Nathan said he’d help me fix it up.” Turning to my husband I stared at him in disbelief.


“I was planning on fixing it up. I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary.” I was speechless.

“You bought me a house.” I stated deadpan.

“Yeah, you said you always wanted a white two story house preferably colonial style with black shutters, a red door, and a yard you could grow flowers in, but you didn’t want to leave the city. So here you’re still in the city but the residential part.” He paused staring at me for a reaction. “There’s a bakery a few blocks away and a park a few blocks that way.” He pointed in the direction of the house “When he, or she, is old enough I could be their soccer coach or something dadish like that.” Turning to Sam I could see my future is his eyes. “Do you like it? I know it’s not-“ Before he could finish his sentence I had jumped into his arms wrapping my own around his neck.

“This is beyond enough! this is more than enough! You are perfect!” I pretty much yelled as his arms wrapped around my waist holding me up.

“I can’t believe I’m gonna be a dad!” His excitement boomed through the summer air. Pulling back I saw tears in Sam’s eyes for the first time since our wedding day.

“We are having a baby” I whispered against his lips.

“We are gonna be parents” his voice cracked

Tender Pt. 1

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: Reader and Seb lock eyes at a convention, and he hopes to see her again.

Warnings: It’s ‘real life’, so there’s going to be naughty language.

A/N: I need to be stopped… No clue why I started writing this in third person, but I hope it works regardless. My first RPF! I’M SCARED! Reader is part of the Game Grumps in this; cousin to Suzy and half sister to Ninja Brian. Oh! And I made Tom Holland younger than drinking age in the U.S. (21).

@cassandras-musings Idk if you want in on this. If so, let me know and I’ll tag you as usual.

“Come on, guys! The sooner we can decide, the better the chance we’ll have of getting the days we want,” Suzy chided.

Y/N pouted. “But it’s so hard when we don’t know who’s doing what or when. I don’t wanna miss something awesome because we scheduled too early.”

Suzy sighed, “Fine. What’s the one thing you’d hate to miss if it happened?”

“Shit…” Y/N pondered it for a moment. “Hannibal or Supernatural cast appearances.”

“That’s two!” Arin yelled in his typical fashion. “You don’t know how to count ‘one’?!”

“I can’t choose! How about you choose which eye you wanna lose?”

Suzy looked to Danny for help, who just giggled from his spot on the couch. She should have known better than to think anyone would be of any help. Ross and Barry stepped out as soon as Suzy walked into the game space looking all business, and Kevin had his headphones on, determined to focus only on his work.

She threw her hands up in the air, “You guys are impossible! That’s it,” she said as she pulled her phone out. “I’m calling Brian.”

Y/N groaned. “Suuuuze,” she whined. “I’ll die if I miss either of those. You remember how bad I took it when Hannibal was canceled.”

“God, don’t remind me. You were so adorably pathetic,” Dan finally spoke up.

“And it’ll be worse if I’m at the same convention unable to see them.”

“What about you guys?” She gestured to Arin and Dan.

“Uhhhhhhhhh, Sailor Moon,” Arin said. Suzy facepalmed. “Uhhhhhhh, I guess I just wanna check out the anime booths and the gaming demos.” Suzy looked gratefully at her husband.

“Ok!” she said more cheerfully than she had previously felt. “Dan?”

“Gaming demos for sure, Zelda, um…”

“Cool! Barry picked the same. Ross said Doctor Who and Brian said Marvel.”

“Oh! Game of Thrones!” Danny yelled, making Suzy groan.

“Hell yes!” Y/N agreed, sharing a high five with him. “I wanna meet Jorah fucking Mormont.”

“Giiiirl, me too.” Danny did a hair flip.

“And Jaime Lannister.”

“Oh shit, yeah!” This time it was Arin that spoke.

Suzy sighed again before leaving the room. “I’ll go make some calls.”

“Wait!” Y/N called out. Suzy turned expectantly. “Bruce Campbell?” She expected Suzy to roll her eyes, and was surprised when she was met by a grin instead. “And Aliens!” she tacked on, earning her a glare. “I love you, Cuz,” she said sweetly, causing Suzy’s stare to soften.

“I love you too. But no more!” she sent her a pointed look before finally leaving the room.

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Leading Suspects - Chapter 4

Summary: When an old friend in need reaches out to Katniss, she returns to the small town she swore she’d never set foot in again. Help Madge and then leave, she decides. But a murder investigation and one sheriff with stupid blue eyes and dimples all conspire to keep her where she thought she’d never want to be.

WARNINGS: RATED E for mentions of domestic abuse, character death, mild language to include racial slurs, an obscene love affair with coffee, and explicit sexual content.

Chapters 1 and 2 have been cross posted and can now be read on AO3 and FF.net! I’ll get the rest up there in the next few days. In the meantime, Chapter 3 is still only on tumblr HERE, and chapter 4 is below the cut.

Sorry, @peetabreadgirl, this will not be completely posted by your actual birthday, but hey! That means you can continue the party for a bit longer, yeah? Enjoy!

“This is a terrible idea,” Madge says nervously as I shove aside glass bottles until I find the one I want.

“Bailey’s is never a bad idea,” I insist. “Especially not if we’re going to be drinking shitty insta-coffee. Honestly Madge, you shoulda divorced his ass just for subjecting you to that torture.”

Madge snorts and curls her feet onto the couch as I crow in triumph and pull the still sealed bottle from the back of the generously stocked bar. She holds up both mugs of coffee for me to add a generous amount of Bailey’s to each. Setting the bottle on the coffee table, I accept my mug from her.

“Besides, when have I ever had a bad idea?” I ask and sigh at the first sip of what is more Bailey’s than coffee concoction.

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