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Hey guys I'm taking comissions

I’ll be taking comissions for the next few days

I’m sorry I don’t have a fancy page about it but here’s the gist of it:

Icons: $3

Bust: $5

Midbody: $10

Full body: $20


Sketch: $5

Flat color: $10

Cell shading: $15

Smooth shading: $20

>>additional characters and background are $5 each

I will not draw:
-offensive art
-porn (for the moment)
-comic pages
-intense gore
-complicated designs

Please message me if you want a comission~

Fuck management

I work at that pit bull puppy store. Usually it’s pretty okay. I had to request off a week for my schools spring break, so I requested off Saturday through the next Sunday, 8 full days. Awesome right? Yeah, until you look on the schedule and have a shift on that Saturday. Like what? I had to talk to the HR lady and she said I didn’t request Saturday off, which I know is BS. luckily hours are so low that people will take anything. Still waiting for the next schedule to come out to see if I’m scheduled to work on that Sunday

400 Follower Requests!

You voted for it, so here it is!!

Though it is a bit early, I’ll be taking requests to celebrate 400 followers! You can reblog this post once with a ref for either one Toon or one Cog! The requests will be full-body and will be colored, so include a full-body picture! 

I will be taking requests until 11:59 EST on Sunday, March 12! Though, I may start working on the requests earlier than that. Any requests made after that will be void. Remember that these will take time, so please be patient!

They’ll look something like this:


Sunday run-day 🏃🏼‍♀️

• selfie from last night at work :) it was actually an awful day. Must’ve been a full moon or something bc all the crazies were out!?!! And one of my bosses was in a mood, which was understandable considering the said crazies, but still. It was just a stressful day.

• anyways, this morning was nice! I slept in until 9am, then woke up and went running! I decided to basically make this week a lazy/easy week and so it was a relaxed short 3 miler today.

• ended my 3 miler at Starbucks and got a soy sugar free vanilla latte that I brought home and am now drinking while watching Vampire Academy! ☺️

• things are pretty great overall though guys! I told my mom about my new plans in regards to school and not getting a 4 year degree, pursing personal training etc and she was 100% cool with it?!!??? Like not even remotely not okay!! She was just like “if that’s what you want to do then that’s your call. It sounds like you know what you want to do!” She’s never been this accepting about something and it just blew my mind.. like I’m on cloud 9 right now?!!!! Guys, this means I’m done!!! No more math classes, or bio classes blah blah!! Just nutrition classes, boot camp classes, kinesiology classes!!! Ahhh!! And then taking my PT certification test!!! 🙌🏼
I. Am. So. Fucking. Excited.

• yep. That’s all guys! I am going to relax and do nothing until work from 2-10pm!

I hope you’re all well!


Happy birthday to me! (On Sunday, but I got these lovely transparent stickers when I was out today, aaaand, my new BuJo notebook arrived! Sadly I won’t be moving into it until May, because I have pages left in my old one, but I’m happy it’s here and I can’t start planning. Showing two pictures of the BuJo because of the glare off the talmp on the plastic cover, but I want to show it in it’s “full” state as well.

These awesome notebooks are by personalplanner.com, and I buy the dot grid A5 size. This time it only took four days between order and arrival!

Sunday: Bechloe week


“You won’t know until you try,”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Beca, really? I’ve been building this for years, and with the help of Stacie I think it’s going to be fine.”

That time travel bechloe au PREVIEW OF A FULL FIC IM GONNA WRITE EVENTUALLY nobody asked for, as the Sunday prompt.

It started when they returned from worlds, Bellas began packing up their rooms and boxes of stuff started to clutter the living room. By the end of the week, Cynthia Rose was leaving and Amy soon after. Emily had already gone home for the summer, and the rest of the bellas were leaving Saturday.

Except Beca and Chloe.

Becas flight to LA didn’t leave until 10pm Sunday, Chloe driving her to the airport before making her way back to her parents house in Florida.

Many tears and hours of loading different girls boxes into cars, the two sat curled up together on the couch for one last night.

“Strip monopoly?” Chloe offered after close to an hour of cuddling in silence, all other bellas gone.

Beca gave an amused yet sad smile, Chloe mirroring her. “I’ll grab the booze.” She slowly got off the couch and made her way to the kitchen.

Chloe pulled out monopoly and began setting it up, placing a small metal pair of headphones and a music note (courtesy of Lily) on Go.

Beca returned, plopping onto the ground across from her friend and pouring two shots of Jiggle Juice, leftover from the other night.

“One last time?”

“Hand it over Wierdo, let’s do this.”

No less than fifteen minutes into the game, Chloe owned 7 spaces and was currently only wearing her bra and underwear, as well as taking her 4th shot. Beca however in the same amount of clothing, on her 6th shot.

“You landed on go, finally!” Chloe exclaimed, grabbing the empty bottle they kept for the game and spinning it in the middle of the board.

“Dude there’s nobody else here, why are you even spinning the bottle?” Beca laughed and smiled when it pointed towards Chloe.

“Truth or Dare, Becs,”


Chloe began thinking long and hard, she needed something from Beca before they left tomorrow evening. Something to let her know that the brunette could possibly care about her in the way that she did.

“I dare you to kiss me.” Chloe said, locking eyes with her best friend.

“What? Chlo, come on,”

“A dares a dare. Either you kiss me, or take off that sexy bra of yours.” Chloe challenged, either would be a win in her book, but the first all the better.

“Fine,” Beca said, getting up and sitting on the couch where Chloe had moved to not to long ago.

The ginger grinned, pulling Beca closer and waiting for the other woman to make the first move.

“Do I have to?” Beca asked, hands already on Chloes cheeks, her friends at the back of her neck.

Chloe nodded, smiling that smile that said ‘I am so in love and happy right now’ that she always seemed to have on around Beca. The brunette groaned quietly but slowly moved forward, inching their faces together.


It was 1 in the afternoon when Chloe woke up, Beca wrapped tightly around her which wasn’t unusual, they often fell asleep in eachothers beds and woke tangled together.

She didn’t remember much, only that they had been playing strip monopoly and had kissed on the couch. That’s where she couldn’t remember anything.

She remembered what they had been wearing, and that it was only a short time until they were in their underwear, but how they had gotten into Chloes bed? And how they had ended up…underwear-less?

As in naked.

As in why were there hickies all over Becas neck.

As in why the hell did Chloes back hurt and—

And they were currently naked together in Chloes bed.


The day wasn’t awkward at all, actually.

They had taken a shower together, testing the acoustics for the first, and last time together in the Bella Household before snacking on the couch all day.

Chloe wanted to ask so bad, what had even happened last night, besides the obvious sexy times.


The hardest part was quite possibly when all of Becas boxes, a total of 2 and a suitcase, as well as Chloes stuff was in the gingers car, and they were locking the house.


“Yeah?” The brunette asked, smiling as she took Chloes hand after walking down the front porch.

“Last night was…the best night of my whole college career.” Chloes eyes misted over, her voice becoming thick with emotion quite quickly.

“Chloe,” Beca said softly, cupping her best friends face with her hand and pulling them into a soft kiss.

“I just want you to know that– that I really love you Beca. And I don’t know what I’m going to do without you anymore, we’re going to be on opposite sides of the country.” A tear fell down the red heads cheek, followed by another and another.

“We’ll call and Skype and text Chlo, don’t cry–”

“Come with me.”

“What? Chloe I–”

“Beca. I’m in love with you. I need you, please come with me to Florida, you don’t have a job yet in LA, just come with and we can build a life together. Please?” Chloe asked, tears falling quickly.

“Chloe I can’t I just…LA’s my dream and it has been for like 5 years, I can’t just drop everything and go to Florida,”


The car ride to the airport was silent. Uncomfortably silent, like it had never been before.

“Goodbye Beca.” Chloe said, tears once again falling as she held tightly to her best friends hands at the gate.

“Goodbye Chloe, I’ll call you when I land, okay?”

Chloe nodded, and Beca pulled her in for a tight hug, burying her face into red hair.

“I love you too, and I’m so, so sorry,” she whispered as she pulled away, someone calling for the final minutes to board.

Chloe only nodded and allowed herself to be pulled into a kiss, long, passionate, and filed with all sorts of emotion and tears on both sides.

“I’m sorry,” Beca said, turning and not looking back as she boarded the plane to LA.


She didn’t call, didn’t text, didn’t Skype or even Snapchat Chloe when she landed.

Worst. Sunday. Ever.


(3 years later)

“You won’t know until you try,”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Beca, really? I’ve been building this for years, and with the help of Stacie I think it’s going to be fine.”

“What if I say yes this time and we make it to Florida, but she changes her mind?”

“The woman is getting married tomorrow Beca, the best shot you have is to go back to that Sunday, Saturday night actually, and fix what you broke 3 years ago.”


Basically just some parts of a story I’m going to write in the near future, in which Beca travels back in time to that Saturday and Sunday where things finally happened between her and Chloe.

Sunday morning thoughts

Fell into bed last night and before falling asleep managed to make two eBay purchases that I’d forgotten about until I saw the emails this morning. Think I’m fighting yet another sinus thing; hoping I can stave it off before it turns into full blown sinusitis.

The husband isn’t working today so we get yet another family day - three in three weeks! How novel and exciting. Some months we’re lucky to get two. (Woes of him working retail).

A whole bunch of my friends are going to this hippy festival camping over Easter. I’ve got FOMO but equally as much as I’d like to go it all seems to hard and anxiety inducing. I’d like to be a family that goes camping. And this could be a way of getting into it. But it would just be F and me (plus whole bunch of my friends and their kids). And I haven’t been tent camping since Easter 2009 (which is the last time we got our tent out - god only knows what condition it’s in), and the last time we went any form of camping was October 2009. It’s in the lead up to our trip too, so I really shouldn’t be spending anything extra. Then I ask myself it really my “scene” and would I fit in? Which is a yes and no because they’re my friends and I grew up as a kid who loved being dirty and went camping (even if it was only in backyards and paddocks) fairly often as a teen. Maybe next year? Urgh.

I can’t believe F is starting school next year. We have to start booking in some school tours, even though we’re 99% sure he’ll go to the one that’s walking distance from our house. Some deep anxieties from my own schooling experience hang around.

Anyway, he’s just jumped on my bed. Time to get up!

Oven Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic Soup

I have a new favorite soup y'all. It’s creamy, it’s savory, it makes your kitchen smells good, and it is FULL of veggies.

An entire head of cauliflower, plus potato, onion, garlic and 20z of mushrooms (plus veggie broth and soup things) go into this recipe. It takes a little longer than I usually have patience for, but is well worth it. I recommend this soup for a Sunday night dinner, or a there’s-a-blizzard-outside kind of day.

If you haven’t roasted garlic before, you’re in for a treat. Just slice the top ¼" of a bulb, wrap in foil, and roast 30-45 minutes until it becomes magical gooey goodness. I like to eat roasted garlic all on its own, but roasting it along side the cauliflower and potato in this soup is a bit more efficient.

I also sautéed mushrooms until they became crispy for a topping. (I did something similar in a stir fry the other week.) This is the only way I like to eat mushrooms now. If you slice them thin, and add them with some oil to a skillet and stir occasionally while everything else is roasting, everything will be done at the same time with minimal supervision!

Serves 4


  • 1 head cauliflower, sliced into florets
  • 1 russet potato (or 2 yukon potatoes) cubed
  • 1 head of garlic, top ¼+ sliced off
  • 1 20oz container baby bella mushrooms, rinsed and sliced
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided
  • 1 ½ teaspoons dried parsley (or other herbs)
  • salt and pepper, to tastes


  1. Combine cauliflower florets, cubed potato and 1 tablespoon of olive oil on a baking sheet, shaking the pan to evenly coat with oil. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Wrap the garlic bulb in foil, and place on the baking sheet with cauliflower and potato. Bake at 425F for 40 minutes, shaking the pan every 15 minutes to make sure the veggies don’t burn.
  3. While those veggies are baking, add the sliced mushrooms with 1 tablespoon of olive oil to a skillet over high heat. Stir on high heat until mushrooms begin to release their water, then turn down the heat to low and stir occasionally for 30 minutes.
  4. Remove cauliflower/potato and garlic from the oven, and transfer to a large pot. 
  5. After the garlic has cooled, squeeze each clove into the pot on the stove.
  6. Then add 4 cups of veggie broth. Simmer over low heat for 30 minutes.
  7. Combine soup in batches, and top with mushrooms.

anonymous asked:

Hey Liza, are you excited for the episode on Sunday? Just wondering how the week has been for you and processing the ending from last week. Thanks for everything!!!

I am excited for the CS in tonight’s episode, thanks for asking. (Couldn’t care less about Beowulf). I had a very busy week at work, followed by a workcation trip, plus I came down with a horrendous sore throat/cold while traveling so I haven’t been around much (not to mention my inbox being full of asks on topics I’ve said I’m not addressing until there is real news.) However, I should be home in time to watch the episode live.

Very interested to see how any CS conversations goes down.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m wearing a green shirt with a golden shamrock on it.

My garden, which should be full of daffodils is frozen solid under a sheet of snow and ice, with more snow on the way Sunday.

And one of my teeth cracked and fell out during dinner (on a Friday night, my regular dentist isn’t open on weekends and their appointments are booked up until April anyway… and it hurts.  Gonna have to find another one and pay a bunch of money).

Not a great day, overall.

Monday probably mostly TMI things

I lay my clothes out Sunday night because I have to be at my sister’s early Monday. Well I put on my tank, shirt, and sweatshirt this am before I realized I didn’t put a bra on. I had to leave so I just stuck it in my purse and when my brother in law left I put it on in the bathroom. You couldn’t tell I didn’t have one on because my sweatshirt is so baggy. I then started that weird semi spotting but not quite full blown period and all my sister had was tampons or regular pads not the thin ones I would normally use for this weird in between. So now I’m at the gym feeling like I’m wearing a diaper and wondering if anyone can tell. I should have gone home first but that thought didn’t enter a my mind until 20 minutes into my workout . I also feel like I smell like food from Sunday dinner.

anonymous asked:

I have noticed that Stella is not on SB with G kids. It also seems Apollo and Leo go to the same preschool (which my guess is public), so I am thinking Apollo still has school and would not want him to miss two full weeks. Therefore, I thinking they might leave to OK until a little later this week. Additionally, it might just be Blake, Gwen, the boys and a nanny, which makes me really happy. As a result, we might not get snaps, because they tend to keep that time private, as it should be.

So if still in LA, why church on Saturday not Sunday. Why no outings Sunday around LA, park, Chinatown etc?

Why a manicure with shorter nails?

We’re sorry, Canada.

Our sincerest condolences to the friends and families of those who lost their lives in the terror attack on the Quebec City mosque this past Sunday evening.  We wish the wounded a quick and full recovery.  We also wanted to thank all those who helped the victims and everyone who stands against hatefulness and bigotry.

I apologize for the lateness of this post.  With all of the current political turmoil over executive orders and high-level firings, I hadn’t seen reports of this until now.

Friendly Neighbor- Part 6

Dean Winchester has been your neighbor for the last few years. He’s obnoxious and full of himself, and the two of you have done nothing but compete since he moved in.

You hate it.

Until his girlfriend Lisa moves in, and the competition stops.

So why do you miss it? And when you notice Lisa moving out, and don’t see Dean for a couple of weeks after that, why are you so concerned?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Summary of Part 6: Somehow, you end up at Dean’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Word Count: 1850

A/N: Next part out on Sunday!

“I see you are getting back in the game,” Dean called from his front porch.

           You continued to adjust the pile of pumpkins and gourds in the large cornucopia on your front lawn as you answered him.

           “With a vengeance!”

           Standing up, you wiped your dirty hands on your jeans and stepped back onto your driveway to survey your Thanksgiving decorations. The cornucopia sat in the front, its fall contents spilling over, and your scarecrow still sat on the bales of hay, now dressed like a pilgrim, jaunty hat included. Dean walked over and ruffled the fake feathers of your human sized turkey, who smiled at anyone who drove by.

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REMINDER !!  My activity will be spotty at best until Sunday.  I’ve got extra rehearsals this weekend for a concert Saturday night and my schedule is SUPER full.  I’ll be queue-ing things up in the mornings and/or at night before bed so that some stuff will be rolling through during the day. <3 LOVE YOU ALL!

hugs like warm coffee
on Sunday mornings (three years later
drinking coffee gives me anxiety)
he held me close until it hurt
too much to keep clinging to keep
lying—he always
loved someone else
more (but still I drink it
sometimes I need to)

class valedictorian and somehow he
never knew until the tears
fell that I too had also
fallen (literature is full of lies but
none like this) said more than he showed
listened more than he said and still
he left (so I gave my tears
back to Penelope and from Achilles
I borrowed rage)

seven feet tall, goliath-sized hurts
for a goliath-sized boy (you never see
emotional abuse coming) still
I waited to fix him to
change him they told me
with me he could be
different (it’s often invisible
through every lens
but hindsight)

summer romance, more of a poem
than a person (sunrises fade into days
fade into sunsets) he kissed me
like every metaphor I had never
written down because I had never
been kissed before how else
could it have ended (he was
always fading away)

the last chapter in a book you always hoped
would end happily he is
the what-you-always wanted he is
a liar. (and I wonder how long
I will still call him good) he lies
because he loves too much
too blindly to see himself
clearly and he apologizes
(I still call him good)
how long will I wait until
I name this as heartbreak
how long (I still call him good)

—  c.w., anthology of heartbreaks 
Winchester brothers-EUGH!

Title: EUGH!

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1047

Request:Yay!!! Sister Sunday okay so can do one where they put the reader in highschool *insert highschool stuff* and when they pick her up the find her making out with someone and she just laughs at their shock

Request:HI WOLF! Okay I know I’m a little early for sister Sunday ( it’s 12:14 a.m. Where I live) but I couldn’t wait until morning. Can you do one where the reader is in highschool while the boys finish a case, and they come to pick her up only to find her making you with a boy.

Sipping the milk from the edge of your spoon you glanced towards the clock with ease and turned back to your bowl full of cereal. You swirled your spoon around the bowl, enjoying the ripples that followed it. 

You watched as the cornflakes tried to float away but you scooped them up with your spoon and captured them in your mouth. Heavy footsteps came down which you recognized as Sam’s since he was normally out of breath from his morning run. 

You were right. Sam came lazily stalking through the kitchen, chest rising and falling with every pant. Beads of sweat laced together on his sweaty forehead as he walked past you to get a glass of orange juice. 

He ruffled your hair on the way there, you groaning as you tried to fix your hair. He chuckled, mouth attaching to the rim of the cup as he took a greedy gulp of orange juice. 

‘’Sam’’You groaned, hair sticking up in every direction. Sam just winked at you as he placed the cup by his side before checking his watch. 

‘’(y/n), shouldn’t you be at school’’Sam asked, a small confused frown on his face. You glanced back up at the clock before shoving another spoon full of cornflakes in your mouth and shaking your head. 

‘’No, I got loads of time’’You grinned. Sam gave you a ‘really?’ Look, brows raised. 

‘’Babe, it’s quarter past 9..’’Sam trailed off with a laugh. Your eyes widened, spitting out the milk that you were just about to swallow before it went everywhere. Sam jumped, face scrunching up as he avoided getting a milk shower. 

‘’B-but that clock!’’You stuttered, glancing back up at the clock that read quarter past 6. Sam raised his brows before glancing at the clock. 

Walking towards the clock Sam raised his arms, shirt lifting to show a slip of his bare hip as he took it off the wall and placed it down on the table with a clunk. 

‘’That clocks been broken for months, (y/n)’’Sam chuckled. 

‘’SHIT!’’You cursed as you jumped from your seat. You were about to rush to get your shoes on and brush your teeth when Sam yanked you back by your collar. 

You yelped, surprised. ‘’What! Sammy I’m gonna be late!’’You whined as you tried to struggle out of his grip. 

‘’Don’t say that word’’He scolded as he pressed a kiss to your cheek before letting you go. You nodded as you picked up your toothbrush that you kept down here since you had a habit of being late. 

Not even caring how much toothpaste you put on you grabbed your shoes, dancing to get them on as you passed your older brother Dean who came walking in with a plate of toast. 

Dancing past him he swapped your toothbrush for your toast before pecking your cheek. This was your typical morning routine. You being late, Dean swapping your toothbrush for some toast.

‘’BYE GUYS!’’You yelled as you slipped out the door and ran to school with two different coloured shoes. 

Sam and Dean chuckled. Sam rolling his eyes at you as he pinched some of Dean’s toast who glared at him in return. 

Finally arriving to school you sighed as you made it in the nick of time. You sighed as you opened your locker and threw in your books. Opening your bag you threw in some more of your books that you had completed.

‘’Yes’’You breathed out in a smile. ‘’Thanks Dean’’You whispered as you grinned. Dean had packed your other black converse since you had got your white one mixed up with your black. Dean knew you always did this so he packed your black one just in case. 

You were about to pull it out of your bag when you felt two strong arms rap around your waste. 

‘’Hey baby’’A familiar voice purred out. You grinned, turning around as you placed your hands on your boyfriends shoulders. Giving him a sweet longing kiss you smiled as you pulled back and opened your bag again. 

‘’Erm..babe.. your shoes are odd’’He said as he glanced down at your shoes. You rolled your eyes playfully as you kicked it off and shoved the white one in your locker before slipping on the black one. 

‘’New trend?’’He chuckled as he threw his arm around you and walked you to lesson. 


‘’My brothers are picking me up soon’’You grunted out of breath. Your chest rose and fell with every breath. 

Seth grunted, lips attaching back to yours. You shook of the fact that he was being a bit bossy. 

‘’C’mon baby, we got loads of time’’He shrugged. You shrugged too, lips attacking his again as you landed yourself in a full out make out session. 

The Impala rolled up but you were oblivious since you had your boyfriends tongue down your throat. 

Dean rolled the window down as he looked around the gates to try and find you. His face paled, arm whacking Sam as he motioned for Sam to look where he was looking. 

‘’Found her’’He growled out. Sam followed Dean’s eyes, leaning over in his seat as his jaw dropped open. They both cringed when they saw your boyfriend try to shove as much as his tongue down your throat as he could. 

Sam’s face reddened as he leaned over and slammed his palm down on the horn, scaring the crap out of his brother in the process. 

You jumped, mouth detaching as you turned to see both your brothers heads hanging out of the window like dogs as they stared at you with pale faces and wide eyes. 

You laughed, throwing your head back as you kissed your boyfriend goodbye and made you way towards the car. Stepping in you gave your boyfriend a wave goodbye before Dean started to drive off. 

Sam twisted around in his seat, eyes wide as he waited for you to say something. 

‘’What?’’You shrugged. 

‘’W-what?!’’Dean gaped. ‘’You had your tongue down a boys throat and all you could say was what!’’Dean mimicked in a girly tone. 

‘’Fine then..He was such a good kisser! He was so dreamy and amaz-’’

‘’EUGH (Y/N)’’ your brothers yelled in sync.