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Phil’s Liveshow // 5.28.17

He’s wearing his Star Wars shirt

Hes still mildly jetlagged

“Wake up Phil” “Actually wake up now” “Oh my god Phil” 

He feels like a withered cactus

His houseplants survived 

He thought he was going to turn into an American because they were in Florida for so long

The black wall is consuming his hair he looks bald

He didn’t have pancakes at Playlist because room service didn’t have any

Pancake shakes

He did finally get them though

Dan’s Bahamas experience 

Phil and bald guy at security had some proper bants

Heatwave jingle

He’s a 23 degrees kind guy

His frecks are dense 

He burped

Dig Down is growing on him (nice but not his fave)

They were going to see Muse in Orlando but ended up not

They got loads of stuff at Playlist 

His dad is an artist but that didn’t get passed down to him

NASA haul

His mug broke in his suitcase #rip

Dan got a mug too though so he can steal Dan’s

He also bought Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce ??

And stuff from Bath and Body Works

Aloha beaches

He didn’t love Split

Him and Dan didn’t fly back together and he almost had to sit next to an old French woman

“Clean us daddy”

Returning to the place of the squirrel incident was symbolic 

“Too much maple syrup in that blood”

He found ASMR very enlightening

He got locked outside and Dan didn’t let him in what a bitch

A paperboy laughed at him locked out of the house

He didn’t think throwing newspaper boys were an actual thing

He’s usually really bad at prank but the banana one was pretty good

New anime themed video with Shawna on his channel this week if you’re interested in that or whatever lmao

“Headline: I love space”

He was enthralled with his Superman ice cream

Martyn is a troll don’t trust him in a kayak

He’s hyped for Vidcon

He was talking to Dan about making noises when someone did something wrong at school 

Where does it come where does it go 

His family all watched Eurovision together 

He couldn’t handle himself in a prank war

Everyone is getting dogs 

Riverdale graph 

He has a full box of Haribo that he’s going to try make last until next week

Next liveshow may be on Sunday watch his twitter from updates

Dan and Phil shop newsletters will be out soon

He’s missed doing liveshows this has been very nice

Ode to Broken Mug


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random turn ons

billy hargrove

disclaimer: me writing this is not me excusing his racist, abusive and impulsive behavior

an: don’t ask why i wrote this…. because i have no idea why…. i was supposed to be working on requests….. and i don’t even write smut…….. also the whole car thing with the feet out the window, i do that… so i added it in lolol sue me

  • ok
  • so its a given that billy is legit always turned on
    • he just never stops
    • ever
  • but sometimes the small things you do turn him on
  • for example
  • when youre riding in the car together 
    • you always place your feet out the window and lean back onto the seat
    • it’s relaxing to you
      • the sun hits your face
      • the wind is hitting your bare legs
      • and the music is loud so you tap your shoes together to the beat
    • but for some reason
    • that turns billy on
    • i think it would be because your legs are on full display
    • and all he wants to do it run his hands up them
    • and all he can think about is your legs wrapping around his waist
    • but thats just a thought
  • totally in awe when you have your thumb in your mouth
    • whenever youre studying, you always have your thumb on your lips  while you lean your chin on your fist
    • just your thumb on your lips makes him ‘ugh’
    • when you suck on the pad of your thumb while reading
    • or when you bite down on your thumb concentrating 
    • that makes him go crazy
    • because he thinks about your thumb being something else
    • hes crazy
  • hes a shoulder type of guy
  • he always kisses your shoulders and shoulder blades when you guys get funky so when you wear loose shirts
      • like when you go swimming and stuff
    • it makes him wild
    • because it just makes him wanna kiss every square inch of you
    • and it reminds him of his own shoulders the morning after, with your nail marks streaking down his back
    • okay listen
    • he’s big on hair
    • his hair means a lot
    • but im talkin’ your hair
    • he loves to play with your hair
    • and he loves to start off by playing with your hair innocently
    • then tugging on it and watching your eyes flash towards his with parted lips
    • ooOOOh that makes his loco
  • your neck????
    • whenever you're sleeping
    • or sunbathing
    • or even just stretching
    • and your neck is on full display because your head it tilted or something
    • his jeans go a little tighter…
      • all he thinks about is wrapping his hand around it
      • or kissing it until it’s purple
    • bonus if while you're sunbathing, your neck is on full display and your shoulders are exposed
      • he wouldn’t be able to hold back if that happened
  • touching
    • if you guys were cuddling and you started to trace his face
    • or collarbones
    • he would go crazy
    • and he would get turned on, but in like a soft way??
      • and he’d probably start touching you too
      • you’d start kissing his neck and he’d just let it happen
      • let you control what was happening 
      • yeah, i like that
      • that it totally what would happen
    • it would usually be during the early hours of the morning or Sunday afternoons when you guys wake up at 11:30 and don’t get out of bed till 2:00 pm 
    • lolol soft sex
  • hes just all around a crazy dude and i cry just thinking about him
BTS Hyung Line Reaction- Orgasm Denial

Anon Request: Can you do a BTS reaction to orgasm denial ? (like their s/o inflicting it on them) Thank you sooo muchhh ❤️❤️

Author’s Note: Sorry I really am so busy wth school these days so I seperated this request to Hyung Line only. Please let me know if you want a maknae line too


Your boyfriend was always so kind towards you. He would do whatever you wanted during sex, if you wanted him to go faster he would, if you wanted him to eat you out until you start seeing stars he would obey. You loved it, every second of it but you always wanted to try out new things and he was kind of old fashioned when it came to sex. So here you were, dedicated to give him a lesson. You’ve been pumping his length up and down, spitting on it, changing the pace, squeezing and releasing it with a relentless pace, his face changing every second, seeing you all over him pleasuring him in the ways he could never imagine of, groaning and letting breathy moans escape his now plump lips from biting on them for so long. It’s been almost an hour now and he started to feel pain growing along with pleasure, he wanted it to end he wanted to climax more than anything, but he was still kind towards you asking whether he could come. But the answer is no, he will take it like the good boy he is.

‘Y-Y/N please may I cum now? Please let me cum I can’t take it any longer. I feel like exploding please baby let me…’

‘Not until you learn your lesson Jin. Tell me, tell me that you will try new stuff in bed or else you are not cumming for a week.’

You started to rub the tip of his cock and he throw himself further into your hand, the pleasure becoming too much for him. He started to moan in a more high-pitched voice, sweat making its way down his chest to his abs. When you leaned down to his cock you felt hands holding your shoulders and Jin flipped you over the bed, taking off your underwear in an instant.

‘Okay then how about we change the game a little tonight jagiya?’

That night was the first time you saw dominant Jin and definitely not for the last.

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It simply started with you offering him a blowjob. He has been working on the new comeback and you witnessed him not leaving his chair for 10 hours straight. You knew he was stressed and you knew he lowed it when you blow him so why not. You were on your knees, his length filling your mouth and hitting you throat. It was not painful at all and you lost the urge to gag so you were taking him perfectly in every way possible. His low groans were an encouragement for you to take him deeper, harder, moving your tongue to change the pressure you put in. He hissed removing your hair from your face.

‘Oh babygirl you drive me crazy. A-ahh baby I won’t be able to hold it much longer.’

And that’s when you had a spark. You suddenly take him out letting his dick fall to his stomach hard as a rock. He looked at you confused and saw the smirk on your face. What the hell were you doing. You knew really well not to tease him, you remember the many night when he punished you, you squirming underneath him, not being able to even talk because of overstimulation. You well knew your little game will be over soon when he looked at you with a dark yet sexual way. In the blink of an eye he pulled your hair toward his lips making your body shock with pain. He leaned in closer to your ear, his breath on your neck sending waves of pleasure down your core, arousing you unbelievably. He let out his breath and whispered.

‘Bad girls don’t deserve to get their candy Y/N, and by the looks of it you need a punishment for being a disrespectful bitch.’

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You were screaming by this point. Yes, you may be on the top and going up and down on Namjoon but he always made sure that he was the dominant one. Even though you ended up with reverse cowgirl he was still pounding into you mercilessly, your clit throbbing with sensitivity and You were trying to meet his thrusts moving yourself up and down, holding your breast to stop them from jiggling around. You were a moaning mess and you knew that everybody in the damn apartment knew what you two were up to.

‘Louder baby I want every damn soul here to know that I am the one making you feel this good. Oh such a pretty ass lean down a little so I can have a perfect view of your cunt.’

You instantly obeyed and opened your eyes half closed. You saw yourself on your makeup mirror which turned you on more. You could see your boyfriends well defined leg muscles moving and him gripping your hips, spreading them. Your eyes suddenly spotted a crack on the mirror and you knew Namjoon broke it when you were away. You were mad. So mad that you instantly got off of Namjoon and stood up on your feet. He groaned when he lost contact with your tight pussy, it was so painful for him to keep his orgasm.

‘WTF Y/N???’ He screamed.

You looked at him angry and started yelling at him how you were so tired of him breaking your things. You looked for an answer, you waited for him to yell back at you, but that never came. He answered with a cold but steady tone.

‘Fine then…but mark my words, I will never forget your bratty attitude just now. I will show you who is in charge when it comes to house rules, especially when it comes to sex.’

He didn’t punish you with sex that night…or any following night. Your punishment was no sex for one month and you damned yourself for making that stupid mistake.

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One thing Hoseok loved more than rough sex was the intimate and slow exploration you two had together every late Sunday morning. He loved your hands slowly tracing his lower stomach and how he lost himself when your hair tickled his arms, his chest. You slowly moved your hand down and grabbed his now hard cock with both of your hands. He hissed and pushed his head back giving you full access to his beautiful neck. You started licking it slowly from his Adam’s apple until you reached his earlobe and he groaned. Your hand moving up and down, now wet his precum, the pleasure rising every second you touched him.

‘Keep going slow baby I want this to last as long as possible. Fuck baby I can feel your wetness on my thigh. You have no idea how much you turn me on.’

That was the moment when you decided to play as he wished. In a couple of minutes his breath got faster, his legs twitching from time to time to suppress the feeling to cum.

‘I-I’m gonna cum baby. Fuck let me cum on your beautiful breasts.’

But that was a no for you. You pulled our hands away from his cock and travelled them to his nipples, the wetness of your hand turning him on to a higher level.

‘Ohhh if my kitten wants to paly it like that then fine, I have a lot of free time today. But you know I will get my revenge sooner or later babygirl.’

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Sheriff Stilinski: Father of the Year

Stiles and Derek have been dating on the downlow for a few months. Stiles is eighteen and all, but the thing they have going is so low key that it didn’t seem worth announcing. They hang out, and sometimes they kiss, and sometimes they cuddle, and sometimes Derek sucks Stiles off until Stiles literally sees stars–but it’s not any kind of great romance, nothing like the relationships they’re surrounded by.

They’re even tentatively planning to keep an open relationship when Stiles goes off to college in the fall (which Stiles claims is ridiculous, since his school is only an hour and a half away, totally within booty call limits).

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Hey guys I'm taking comissions

I’ll be taking comissions for the next few days

I’m sorry I don’t have a fancy page about it but here’s the gist of it:

Icons: $3

Bust: $5

Midbody: $10

Full body: $20


Sketch: $5

Flat color: $10

Cell shading: $15

Smooth shading: $20

>>additional characters and background are $5 each

I will not draw:
-offensive art
-porn (for the moment)
-comic pages
-intense gore
-complicated designs

Please message me if you want a comission~

so when it came time for all us ten year old boys to have a dick measuring contest we’d do it by way of bakugan, obviously, it being 2009ish, and there was always the one spoiled kid who’d pull this shit out of his backpack

strap that onto his wrist like it was a fuckin rolex and bust out his unbeatable deck full of cards that he got shipped in from china off eBay while the rest of us had to fucking check toyz R us every friday after school but they were always out of stock waiting for a new shipment except the shipments came in on saturday night when i had KARATE PRACTICE and my parents wouldnt take me after dinner so i had to wait until sunday morning and by then they were all gone but fucking NOAH still wanted to show off well fuck you NOAH! I have thousands of people on here who will listen to me trash talk you and where are you?! What are you doing?! You’re fucking nothing! You’re worthless NOAH

Anyway while i was googling that, i found this picture:

Slytherin!Tom AU - Two

One // Three | Four | Epilogue 

“He went back to get the flower?” I shrugged, looking away bashfully. It had been three days since my last interaction with Tom, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had seen him in classes and in the hallways, the cafeteria and even when we went down to Hogsmeade. He avoided me, and I could only assume it was because he knew that I knew he went back for the flower I’d given him and he thought I’d out him to his friends. But, truth be told, I liked being Tom’s secret pleasure – knowing that even though he deemed my House a joke, he still favored me.

“It’s not a big deal,” Beatrice and I walked into Honeydukes, trying to find something for Beatrice to send back to her mother for her birthday – her mother had quite the sweet tooth and being a Muggle, she insisted there was something sweeter in ‘wizard candy’. “Besides, Tom hasn’t even spoken to me. Maybe he just has a favorite flower.” Beatrice scoffed, sifting through the arrangement of Cauldron Cakes, looking for the best one.

“Slytherin’s and flowers? Highly unlikely, I’m more than positive it was less about the flower and more about who had left it there.” I ignored the blush rising from my neck and threatening to flood my entire face while I picked up some Sugar Quills for myself.

“Just because they’re Slytherin’s doesn’t mean they’re void of all feelings, Beatrice.” I put down the Sugar Quills and picked up a few Chocolate Wands instead. “And maybe he just picked it up as a joke – the whole lot of Slytherin might be laughing it up from it right about now.” I argued. “Have you found something for your mother?” I desperately tried to change the subject. “I still have to study for Flitwick’s Memory Charm quiz and I’m craving some Butterbeer.” I turned to face her, “So, can we go to Hog’s Head?” Beatrice looked up from the items in her arms and frowned at me.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I have a – uh, a date.” My eyes widened. “Yeah, it’s no big deal… You know the Ravenclaw boy in my Creatures class I told you about? Ryan? He asked me to lunch and I promised I’d meet him.” I shrugged and lightly smiled.

“That’s fine, I suppose. But, just this once.” I winked at her, both of us laughing as we paid for our things. “So, when are you heading out?” She glanced at her watch and her eyes widened. “I guess you’d better leave now, before you’re late?” She nodded rapidly.

“Did you want to head back with me?” I shook my head.

“I’m gonna head over to Hog’s Head. I still have that craving, if I don’t satisfy it I’ll get a headache.” She smiled at me, leaning in to hug me. “When I get back to the room, I want full details, okay?” She stuck her hand out, prompting me to shake it.

“Deal. Have a Butterbeer for me!” I watched her receding figure until she was no longer in sight before heading the opposite direction toward Hog’s Head. It was very quiet in here, considering it was Sunday and most of the young wizards were all probably studying in the library back at Hogwarts. I sighed as I set down my things at an empty table after ordering the Butterbeer. I pulled out my notes from my sling bag and read through the charm. I repeated the word in my head: Obliviate. I nodded to myself before moving on to the hand motion. I lifted my index finger to imitate a wand and motioned it in a disoriented circle motion.

“Studying for Flitwick’s quiz?” I opened my eyes, not realizing I had closed them in concentration. I looked up from my notebook, seeing Tom standing in front of me with two Butterbeer’s in his hand. “I offered to bring yours to your table,” he placed one of the drinks in front of me on the table, “this seat taken?” He motioned to the seat across from me and I shook my head, gesturing for him to sit down.

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bad omen | C2 | sweet pea

chapter one

My first weekend in town was spent exactly how I envisioned it: I applied at Pop’s for a part time serving job, was essentially hired on the spot and would start sometime later in the following week. Josh asked if I wanted to drive up north to go watch a movie Saturday night — I obliged, but had also invited Danny and Don along. I was forced to sit through some retro-horror film; I wasn’t particularly a fan of anything involving guts, guns and glory so I opted out and stood in line to get snacks.

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JetBlue (JBLU) is capping its ticket prices in every city in Florida where the airline operates so people can evacuate as Hurricane Irma barrels through the Caribbean.
JetBlue will charge a maximum of $99 up to the last available seat for direct flights and a maximum of $159 up to the last available seat for connecting flights. That includes government taxes.
The airline has also added flights to its schedule out of select cities where they have aircraft available.
“Given that many Floridians are struggling to get out of harm’s way, this is welcome news,” Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) said in an emailed statement sent by a spokesman. “I hope more airlines do the right thing and follow suit.”
“While there are limited seats remaining before the storm hits, we will cap our pre-tax fares at $99 for MainCabin seats on direct, single leg flights out of Florida for tickets sold through Sunday Sept. 10 for travel until Sept. 13,”. We have full details on the waiver at delta.com,” the Delta spokesman said. “We also are adding flights and increasing the size of the aircraft we’re using on flights to and from San Juan and south Florida, providing more opportunities for customers to leave. New flights are being added to and from San Juan, Miami, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Key West, all to Atlanta (where people can connect to destinations across the U.S.).”Delta is capping fares at $399 on flights out of Florida and the impacted islands.
A number of travelers had complained of steep airfares as they scrambled to book tickets to flee the storm. Some had even noticed prices above $1,000.



Robyn K. Anderson was a friend to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the perpetrators of the Columbine High School Massacre. She purchased three of the four firearms they would use in the massacre, not knowing of their use until then. Anderson was Klebold’s 1999 prom date. She told the House Judiciary Committee in January 2000 that a background check would’ve intimidated her sufficiently to keep her from buying the weapons.

The full statement she presented is below.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had gone to the Tanner gun show on Saturday and they took me back with them on Sunday. I remember this as being in November or December of 1998. When Eric and Dylan had gone the previous day, a dealer told them that they needed to bring someone back who was 18. They were both 17 at the time. This was a private dealer - not a licensed dealer. While we were walking around, Eric and Dylan kept asking sellers if they were private or licensed. They wanted to buy their guns from someone who was private - and not licensed - because there would be no paperwork or background check. At one point Eric was interested in a gun from a licensed dealer. The dealer asked me if I would fill out some paperwork and I said, “No, I didn’t feel comfortable with that.’ I didn’t want to put my name on something that I wasn’t going to have control of.

They bought guns from three sellers. They were all private. They paid cash. There was no receipt. I was not asked any questions at all. There was no background check. All I had to do was show my driver’s license to prove that I was 18. Dylan got a shotgun. Eric got a shotgun and a black rifle that he bought clips for. He was able to buy clips and ammunition without me having to show any I.D. The sellers didn’t write down any information. I would not have bought a gun for Eric and Dylan if I had had to give any personal information or submit to any kind of check at all. I think it was clear to the sellers that the guns were for Eric and Dylan. They were the ones asking all the questions and handling the guns. I had no idea what they were eventually going to do with the guns. When I look back at it, I think I was kind of naive. Iwish a law requiring background checks had been in effect at the time. I don’t know if Eric and Dylan would have been able to get guns from another source, but I would not have
helped them. It was too easy. I wish it had been more difficult. I wouldn’t have helped them buy the guns if Inhad faced a background check.


Robyn Anderson


this isnt a life or death emergency but!! a friend ive known for a long time has the chance to visit and do something really special so!! im opening commissions!! 

halfbody sketch: $5 +$3 every extra character; halfbody colored: $8 +$5 every extra character

fullbody sketch: $10 +$9 every extra character; fullbody colored: $13 +$12 every extra character

halfbody line: $15 +$9 every extra character; halfbody colored: $18 +$12 every extra character

fullbody line: $20 +$15 every extra character; fullbody colored: $25 +$15 every extra character

i WILL NOT do: 



i WILL do:



-cute fulffy stuff

-p much anything 

send me a message if you’re interested and ill give you my info!! also as a precaution i will not show you the art until youve payed in full thank u

details abt whats up under the cut

EDIT: i changed the prices and added linework to the commissions so!! yay!! also please reblog this version not the other one thank you! <33

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mcu body inclusiveness day♡

hey pals! it’s me again. so as some of you know, recently i have been wanting to give more representation to plus sized women (AND MEN!) in the marvel fandom. i myself have been trying to make my fics, moodboards, etc. more centered around giving my fellow curvy gals some more representation in the fandom; of course, there is great content out there for us, but honestly, it goes ignored sometimes, and i firmly believe that we should give these creators more credit, and praise them a lot more. at least for me, sometimes i feel like people don’t really see that i don’t fit into these norms, and it really blows my self esteem. because i think that sometimes (not always), people tend to ignore those who don’t fit into society’s stereotypical “beauty standards”, in general, not even just people who are plus sized. but I truly want to change that! i would love for everyone to feel like they are appreciated as who they are, no matter what their body type is. we’re all people, and every single person should be treated equally, regardless of their appearance :)

therefore, i came up with the idea to have a “mcu body inclusiveness day”, similar to POCofMarvel day (which is SO important and i hope that people continue to participate in it and that maybe i can get even see some POC plus sized reader fics because of this too!!) however, i have decided that i’m going to make it a whole weekend thing since i’m a lil busy and might not get to everything until sunday (december 8th-10th).

to participate, you can do any of the following: 

  • post a mirror selfie or full body picture of you that you feel confident in, and say the things that you love about yourself (make sure to #mcu body inclusiveness day and tag me so i can shower you with compliments!)
  • make moodboards featuring readers of various body types 
  • post fics geared towards promoting body positivity
  • send me recs to your favorite “marvel character” x plus sized reader fics and i’ll put together a post with all of people’s favorites:)

note: this idea stemmed from my frustration with the lack of plus sized reader content, so that’s just something that I would like to focus on, HOWEVER, this day is for each and every one of you. i would love for you all to participate and join in on giving those who feel like they’re overlooked some love. always remember that every body is a beautiful body, and each and every one of you is truly gorgeous. i can’t wait to see what you all come up with xoxo

High Tensions - Twelve

Are you guys all as frustrated as Spencer and Y/N are?

What the hell was that smell?

Wait…what the hell was that beeping noise?


Smoke detector. 

You leapt out of bed and grabbed your dressing gown from the back of the door, running into the kitchen. 

“I’ve got it….. I’VE GOT IT!”

A load sizzling noise came from the kitchen area and you followed the noise and the smell to find Spencer stood over your sink, wafting smoke out of the window.  

The basin was full of water, a frying pan handle sticking out and your counters were covered in an array of jugs, utensils and flour and eggs. 

“What are you doing?” The place was a mess and you were annoyed. No doubt you’d have to clean it up. 

“Erm…. I was trying to make you pancakes.” You could tell he’d caught the annoyance in your voice and you remembered how much of a bitch you could be when you were rudely awoken. 

“Pancakes?” All of the annoyance melted from you and you crossed the room to stand next to him. 

“Well yeah. I thought I could bring you breakfast in bed. But it’s not going too well.”

He looked so adorable stood there, the sleeves of his cardigan rolled up, hair still mussed up from sleeping and a patch of flour on his cheek. 

You leant forward, linking your arms around his neck and tiptoing up, giving him a peck on the cheek. He caught you, circling your waist with his own long arms and pulling you close. 

“You didn’t have to make me breakfast Spencer,” you breathed into his hair, his embrace on you tight. 

“Well it’s kinda a good job you’ve said that, cos I literally have nothing to offer you food wise. I have an IQ of 187, you’d think I’d be able to prepare pancakes.”

“Well it’s a good job you’re better at other things then isn’t it?” You really didn’t want to let go. He was so warm and cuddly. 

“Such as?”

“I think you know what Spencer.” It amazed you how quickly you could both slip from being sweet and innocent with each other to heading quickly to the gutter. You pulled away from his embrace. 

“Technically that wasn’t me.”

“Oh hush. You were the one guiding it and moving it and oh…. I’m gonna stop thinking about it now. Also, what are we doing with that thing anyway. Do I get to keep it?”

“Yep…. I figured that it might get used again once we actually do it.”

“And when will that be Spencer?”

He considering your question for a moment. 

 "Soon. I don’t think I can last much longer.“

“You know what we need to do. We need to find out who has what dates in the little pool Derek is running and then just both admit defeat on the date that no one has.”

“I can definitely work with that Y/N.”

“Awesome. I’ll bribe Penny later with tidbits of last night and get her to show me.”

“Last night?” His eye brows shot up. 

“Okay, maybe not last night. Maybe I’ll just show her the photo I sent you.” Yeah it probably wasn’t a good idea to tell Pen that he’d had you coming so hard you’d been certain you’d need a new mattress. 

“And here I hoped they were my eyes only,” he joked. 

“Haha, I’ll let you take some for your own personal enjoyment one day. Now let’s clean up and we can go out for breakfast.”

You both tidied the mess quickly before you headed off to your bedroom to grab a towel for a shower. You spotted the bullet on the floor where it must have rolled during the night and picked it up, grabbing your wet wipes and giving it a quick clean. 

Spencer tapped on your door. “Can I come in, my bag’s still in here.”


He entered, stopping dead when he saw what you had in your hands. 

Giggling to yourself you mused, “It’s about time Ryan got a friend.”

Everyone on the team knew you’d named your rabbit. It had come out one drunken night and they’d thought it hilarious. 

You moved to your bedside cabinet, placing it inside the drawer. 

“I’m thinking I’ll name this one Pretty Boy.”

You wished you’d taken a photo of the expression on Reid’s face. Pure gold. 

Spencer couldn’t believe how well the night before had gone. He wasn’t sure she’d even agree to it to begin with, but when she’d taken his hand and led him to the bedroom he’d suddenly felt less sure of himself and incredibly nervous. 

He did his best not to show it, although when she’d stripped and allowed him to secure her wrists to her headboard he was sure he was going to lose it. Just the sight of her laid out before him. She was stunning, curves in all the right places and the photo she’d sent him earlier in the day, as hot as she’d looked in that; in reality she looked a hundred times better. 

The way she’d finished him off as well.

Fucking hell. Just…… Ugh. He couldn’t bear thinking about it. Something he’d never even considered before. He knew that sex toys weren’t just for female satisfaction but he’d never in a million years thought he’d have one used on him. But it had worked. And no rules had been broken. Technically they’d not had sex, not touched themselves or touched the other. He congratulated himself on the idea and wondered why he’d not thought of it before. 

Deep-down he knew the answer though. Now he’d seen how majestical she looked when came, he knew he was going to lose. Although what she’d suggested this morning about them both surrendering on the date no one had in the pool would also work. They just needed to get Penelope to tell them. And that could prove a problem. He’d leave that task to Y/N. 

They never made it to breakfast. Y/N’s cell had started ringing the second they’d set foot out of her apartment door; Hotch. They had a case. 

“But it’s a Sunday,” Spencer had whined. 

“I’ll put out a public service announcement shall I, asking unsubs to only act during the week?” Y/N had replied. 

The case took them out of play until late Friday night and as per their agreement, they suspended the game remaining completely professional around each other. 

The team were flying home late, having wanted to get home early rather spend another night in the hotel. Tomorrow night was the annual FBI summer ball, and last year the team had missed it due to being out in the field. In his seven years in the BAU Spencer had only managed to attend once, and this would be Y/N’s first. 

The team had booked rooms at the hotel the event was staged at, the FBI having an agreement with the venue that the rooms could be cancelled at short notice if any member of the Bureau couldn’t attend due to a case. Considering pretty much the whole of hotel was booked out for them, it wasn’t a problem. 

Spencer normally hated huge events like this, but he was actually looking forward to being able to attend this one, looking forward to seeing Y/N dressed up. 

She came and flopped down next to him on the jet. 

“Hey, so I’ve talked to Penny,” she was whispering to avoid the rest of the team hearing. JJ and Emily were both asleep but Hotch,  Derek and Rossi were all engrossed in files. 

“Okay. Did she give you the date?“ 

“Yes but it’s not good. Pretty much the whole of the building knows about this bet thanks to Derek and his mouth. Everyday for the next four months has a name by it. Although you’ll be pleased to know that people seem to be having more confidence in your ability to break me.”

“Four months. Four fucking months. Seriously?” He couldn’t wait that long. He was going to have to surrender. 

“Yup. Well….. One night had been free. Last Saturday." 

He placed his head in his hands in frustration. It would have been wouldn’t it?

"What do you wanna do?” she asked. 

He thought long and hard about his answer, before leaning his head close to her ear. 

“Truthfully? You, like so fucking badly.”

He detected a slight movement in her face as she processed what he’d said. 

Her voice was so quiet when she turned to him. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Because I am not opposed to joining the mile high club.”

He chuckled, “Yes and no. Give me this weekend. I still think I can get you to beg for me and to be honest, I really don’t want to lose but I can’t wait much longer Y/N.”

Glancing around quickly to make sure no one was looking he quickly licked a line up her neck, before murmuring into her ear.

“If you’ve not begged for me to fuck you by Sunday night, then you win. I’ll admit defeat and declare you Queen Tease”

She turned to him, staring him in the eyes.

“And then? What happens after I’m declared winner on Sunday night?" 

"Then I’ll take you home and make you come over and over again until you beg for me to stop. I will have you begging me, one way or another. ”

“So it’s a win win for me then? Queen Tease and a night full of coming onto your mouth?” Her forehead was touching his now, her breath warm on his face. 


“Good. Don’t worry Spence. You might be the loser here, but I’ll make sure you get a pretty good consolidation prize." 

"Y/N, finally tasting you will be all the consolidation prize I need.” He honestly couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth when he was around her. She bought out the very best and yet the very worst in him.

Her breath hitched and she leaned in closer, their lips almost touching when a shadow fell over them and they heard a loud cough. 

“No kissing on the jet please.”


Spencer pulled away from Y/N quickly seeing the stern look on his bosses face. 

“Oh and Dr Reid, Agent Y/L/N. Before you even think about it, the mile high club is not all its cracked up to be. Trust me on this.”

Spencer turned took at Y/N, both of them understanding what he was implying and bursting into laughter. 

Sing for you

Hi, thank you for sending in this request! Hopefully it is as you want it to be because I had a lot of fun writing this up! Gentle reminder: REQUESTS WILL ONLY BE OPENED UNTIL SUNDAY, 2nd JULY 2017, 23:59PM KST. After that I will not be accepting requests for a bit! Anyways, enjoy!

“Look at my eyes and tell me, a heart full of love can’t be hidden.”

Your voice, rich and vibrant, resonates beautifully throughout the entire living room. You have missed singing – you used to sing to your grandmother all the time because she really enjoys listening to your voice and somehow along the way of growing up, you sung less and eventually stopped singing when your grandmother passed away.

Though today, you woke up feeling extremely good, full of spirits and seeing as you really had nothing planned at that very moment – all of your boys were out and about in the city – you decided to help Alfred clean the manor. Even though Alfred has tried to dissuade you from cleaning because – and you quote – “you should be resting, Ms. Y/N,”. You had a nasty landing after slipping on a wet mop so you have fractured your right leg. It was only a hairline fracture so thankfully, it was nothing too serious and even though in hindsight you really should be resting, you got bored.

Hence the reason why you are currently cleaning the living room, singing out loud to this song you recently started liking. It was from some drama you happen to stumble on while browsing the internet at work. You are so engrossed in your own performance that you fail to realize your boys slowly filling up the open area of the living room, each carrying a look of surprise on their faces except for Alfred who looks rather smug at their expressions.

My love, look at me, do you still love me?”

You are startle when someone gave an impressed whistle. You abruptly stop singing and turn around to the doorway, cheeks flushing red immediately when you catch sight of your entire family. Your eyes travel from all of their faces, landing on Alfred who is smiling at you proudly.

“Whoa, Ma. Why have you kept that from us?” Jason claps his hands, taking a few steps toward you and you laugh sheepishly as you shake your head.

“I, uh, I’m not sure what you are talking about.” You reply lamely and almost smack yourself for not coming up with a better excuse.

“You have been holding back on us, ma.” Dick points out. Your voice had been more than charming – it had been really captivating and the lyrics is still ringing in his ears. It sounds very sad to be quite honest. He wonders why it sounds so familiar though.

You smile at your oldest son before shaking your head, still pretending to not know what he is talking about. “I didn’t know all of you are here – when did you get back?” You try to change the subject as you meet Bruce halfway. He wraps his arm around your waist, planting a kiss on your cheek, all the while staring at you calculatingly.

“I didn’t know you could sing.” Bruce says.

You shrug your shoulders, looking at your other two sons who are still staring at you in awe. Though to be honest, you kinda think Damian’s expression is a mix between awe and being cross.

“Actually, the Missus also knows how to play the piano wonderfully. On several accounts have I stumble upon her playing wonderful, classical pieces too. Not just singing.” Alfred finally speaks up after a while. The first time he had heard you sing a song – he had been really surprised: he has known you for the longest time and that day had been the very first day he had heard you and when Alfred had confronted you, you immediately told him you had used to sing a lot but now you rarely ever do. So whenever Alfred is working around the manor, he can always hear you singing and it is always such a wonderful performance.

“You know how to play the piano too?” Damian stares at you in shock. For the amount of time he has been here, Damian has never seen you showing any interest in listening to music – whether it be classical or modern – or even singing and to know that you also play the piano and know how to sing too, it is really coming off as a surprise to him!

Tim snickers at your flushed face. “Ma seriously can’t take compliments. We have never heard you sing before, Ma. Other than the fact that this seems to be a common occurrence here, what changed?” Tim is curious and when he is curious, he often needs to know the answer lest he wants to stay up the entire night coming up with theories.

“Well, today, I just felt really light and singing comes naturally to me.” You finally confess and Bruce tightens his hold on you. “I used to sing for money when I was really young – stand on city streets with a hat out to get money for sweets and to save up. Used to sing for my grandmother too!” Talking about your grandmother used to hurt you a lot but now, you are slowly starting to feel at peace.

“You should sing more often.” Bruce leans down to whisper on your ear and you give him a small smile. “You have a really wonderful voice.”

“Master Bruce, may I suggest we have a Karaoke night after the weekly family dinner?” Alfred suggests, amused glint in his eyes. “It would definitely add some more entertainment to our otherwise repetitive lives – everyone should try to at least sing.”

All of your boys stare at each other before staring at Bruce and you. “Karaoke night?”

It seems as if they are waiting for your answer so you stare at Bruce but he is staring at you too.

“If you are still uncomfortable about it, then we don’t really have to do Karaoke night.” Bruce whispers. He knows about your grandmother’s death but he never knew why you had an aversion to singing or why you kept your singing talent a secret from everyone except for Alfred.

You shake your head. Maybe it is about time you start singing again. “Of course, we can have Karaoke night.” You smile when your boys cheer loudly – even Damian! – and laugh when the boys start bickering over who is the better singer out of them all. “I think this is going to be fun.”


Spencer x Reader

You were buzzing. Spencer had called you moments ago, he’d be home in ten minutes.

He’d been away from you for two weeks. Two whole weeks! You hated it but at the same time, you loved how important his job was, he saved lives for a living, you couldn’t complain about that. The team had gotten home this afternoon and they’d all gone straight into the office to complete their paperwork so that they wouldn’t have to return tomorrow. His colleague Derek was going to drop him off so that he wasn’t going to be further delayed by the bus. Spender could drive, but he rarely chose to, and you COULD go and pick him up, which you’d offered to, but he didn’t like you coming out of your way and had convinced Derek to bring him home.

Your apartment had been cleaned and you’d swung by his place, using his spare key to pick up some clean clothes for the weekend. He had a few items in a drawer you’d put aside for him, but having some more stuff at yours wouldn’t hurt. It would just be so much more easier if you lived together, but you hadn’t dared suggest it to him yet. It was a big step and you’d not had a roommate since college. But still, you spent all your spare time when he wasn’t on cases at your apartment and he spent more time in your bed than his own.

Hearing the familiar turning of the spare key in your lock, you bounded over to the door, a huge grin spreading over your face.

Seeing Spencer’s smile as he opened the door, you flung your arms around him as he dropped his bag to the floor to embrace you.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he murmured into your hair, squeezing you tightly.

“Spence… Can’t breathe! Too tight!” you gasped out, laughing as he released you.

“Sorry…. I have missed you though, so much.”

“I know, me too. I hate sleeping without you, it sucks. How was the case?”

You studied his face, whilst he was happy, he looked weary; the shadows under his eyes, darker than normal.

“It was a bad one. It didn’t end well.” He never revealed too much about his work. He could if he wanted to, but he’d always said that when you were together, he wanted to focus on happy things. You hugged him again, stroking the back of his neck softly.

“I’m sorry Spence. If you wanna talk….. ”

“I know. Thank you. I’m gonna have a quick shower if that’s okay, then can we maybe watch a film?”

“Sure thing. I ordered the pizza when I knew you were on your way. I’m gonna change into my pj’s too.”

Spencer slunk off into the shower and you went and changed into the pajamas you’d adopted earlier this week. You’d had a bath earlier in the day but had gotten dressed as you weren’t sure whether you’d be picking him up or not.

He came out the living room ten minutes later, loose sleep pants and a Marvel t-shirt on, his hair damp. He looked you up and down, a slight smile playing on his lips.

“That’s my shirt.”

You nodded, lifting the long shirt.

“And my boxers.”

“They were clean ones… It makes me feel closer to you, wearing your stuff when you’re away. I can go and put on a sexy little number if you’d prefer?” you offered.

“I don’t think there’s a sexier sight than seeing you in my clothes… Although I don’t know why I like it so much.” He came and stood behind you in the kitchen where you were fixing you both a drink, whiskey and coke to help you both relax a little.

You giggled and handed him a drink hearing the door buzz. Pizza.

Spencer took both of the drinks through and sat them down as you collected the food from the delivery girl and then joined him on the couch.

“What do you wanna watch?” you asked.


You laughed again. “Don’t be silly. Choose something.”

“Fine! I choose… That programme where you take off the clothes you’re wearing.”

“Eat first. Then cuddle time.”

“And then naked time?” Spencer asked, pouting at you.

“Well I guess now that you’re home, I don’t have to wear your clothes to sleep in.”

His eyes lit up and you smirked. “Later though.”

You both ate, idly channel surfing until you settled on a film that was just beginning. Spencer moved the empty pizza box into the kitchen and then dropped back down next too you, resting his head on your shoulder.

“Can we snuggle now? I’ve missed my Y/N snuggles.”

Nodding, you shifted your position until you were laying flat on your long couch, Spencer laying between your legs and resting his head on your chest, his arms around you. Perfect.

You began stroking his hair softly, loving his soft messy curls that smelt like apples from his shampoo. You’d began to notice more and more of his toiletries creeping into your bathroom, not that you minded. Your apartment was the bigger of the two so it made sense that you spent more time there. And it was only one stop further on the bus for him.

Spencer twitched when you stroked against a particularly sensitive spot on his neck and you adjusted your hand. He had a very sensitive neck and were too full right now for any of THAT. You just needed an hour or so….

“Thanks for fetching some more clothes for me, Y/N. I’ll need to nip back on Sunday at some point though.” Spencer moved his head slightly, squishing your boobs.

“I’ll come with you, I’m not spending a second away until I have too,” you told him.

“Good. Thank you.”

A few minutes later he raised his head to look at you, nerves clouding his eyes.

“Y/N….. ”


“What if…. what if I didn’t have to go home to get my stuff?”

“Well then you’d have nothing to wear, silly. I mean, I can keep washing the clothes that you have got here but…. ”

“No… I meant… Erm. What if, my clothes were all here?” He chewed his lip, his cheeks colouring.

“But then what about all of your other things, your books and stuff.”

“What if they were here too. And your spare key, was just my key. And you didn’t need a spare key to my apartment anymore, because it wouldn’t be my apartment anymore?”


“And I stop being so dumb and understand when you’re asking if we should move into together?” You smiled widely at him.

“That too.”

“I think that that, is the best idea you’ve had all year Spencer Reid.”

“Better than no pants Thursday nights?”

“Way better… And think of the pajamas I could choose from. I’ll have an endless supply of boyfriend shirts on hand.”

“Which you won’t wear to bed when I’m home… Right.”


You felt all warm and gooey inside.

“I promise I won’t wear them to bed when you’re here. When you’re home.”

“Excellent. I will hold you to that promise. So… We’re moving into together. Now to celebrate. And I can think of a perfect way.”

His hands slipped to the buttons of your shirt, well his shirt really, and started undoing them one by one.

“No bra… You really do know how to please me, don’t you?”

Spencer started to kiss down your throat and you let out a happy sigh.

It had been long enough.. And you DID need to celebrate after all.


Sunday Feast

From the huge stuffing I did on Sunday. The first 3 are taken in the bathroom after the buffet. My pants would barely stay up over my belly. And I love how I was wearing a loose shirt, but my belly still pressed up against it. I honestly can’t wait until I’m bigger and wearing this shirt again~

The bottom two is when i got home after the ice cream. My jeans were so tight and uncomfortable that when I got home I got into some comfier bottoms. Even my leggings are starting to not fit anymore. My belly was so huge, round, and packed full that it was very firm and didn’t jiggle at all.

Honestly ca’t wait to eat like that again~

Through the eyes of an INTJ – by INFJ

So I had this idea that I’ve really wanted to write: how the two humans behind this blog see each other. That is: INTJ according to INFJ and vice versa. This might be a little more chaotic than usual, since it started from me and not from INTJ (who is the one that keeps the blog on check). I am going to go first, starting with a little info about myself so you get to understand why I might feel like I feel.

For the longest time, I had this slight feeling of loneliness. I wasn’t alone. I had meaningful connections. But most of the time, it felt like I could click well with the people I loved because I spoke “their language”. When you can adapt little things about yourself to fit your interlocutor, after a while you might feel like nobody knows the real you; like nobody gets the real you. You might let it be as it is, because it feels like it is your fault. All of these things happened to me. It sucked hard, especially because I had to move out and I started to be not only lonely but also alone most of the time. Since I really wanted company, for a while I used to be with people that thought I perfectly got them, while they had no clue of who I was.

And more or less at the time, I met INTJ.

I was super into them since the beginning. INTJ looks a little aloof and maybe distant at first. I guess it might be because they are terribly reserved with their feelings. For the longest time, they were the coolest person I saw (disclaimer: I still think they are cool. However they are, at the same time, one of the lamest nerds I know. Love them deeply). Reading cool things, answering smart and calculated things to every question, and oh my god, they had (and have) the wittiest humor. After a while I started to see little things that helped me see them more clearly. They are observant ALL THE TIME. I am serious. 24/7. But it is in a very fascinating way. It’s like they can keep different windows of thoughts open. They will give you their full attention in what you are saying. Simultaneously, they notice:

- The way your tone went up meaning that you got excited for a second about the topic you were ranting about.
- The way some people on the back look a little aggressive, so they change the way you are walking so you don’t bump into them.
- That the pizzeria behind you now is closing Saturdays as well as Sundays.

(Disclaimer: I also saw them once walked directly into a wall. And get fever because they spend all day thinking until they overheated their brain. You have to love the nerd).

I am very observant as well, but I feel we make our connections and analysis a little differently. Sometimes I just stare at INTJ while they stare at the world around us. I really like trying to guess what caught INTJ’s eyes based on slight changes in their expression.

I don’t feel lonely when we are together. When I speak, it feels like they get everything or that they can get everything if we have a long enough conversation. I can speak in their language, but they can speak my language too. And it is probably the most satisfying thing I’ve felt with another human.


French Words (Tom Holland x Reader)

Requested: YES; where the reader is a French actress but does American movies, she meets Tom during the shooting of Homecoming, the reader teaches him to speak French and Tom improves the English of the reader, then one day, she accidentally says these feelings for Tom and he understands and the end has all fluff?

Word Count: 5.2k (I went a little bit too overboard this, I’m sorry)

Warnings: Just a few swear words, basically all fluff at the end.

A/N: I’m sorry I took so much to get this done, but I got a carried away and wanted to put a lot of things so it made sense, I hope you don’t get bored reading it.

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kittykitty-mewmeww  asked:

A mission is cut short which is fine by Bucky because now he can slip into your apartment, in full tac gear, and give you one hell of a wake up call. Until there's a knock at the door but Bucky just fucks you harder and you can't stop moaning and begging for more. The door bursts open and Steve marches in, grabs the earpiece that Bucky threw to the side and crushes it in his hand. "Turn it off next time, Christ." "Take yours out next time," Bucky growls, not even slowing down behind you.

have I told you, you’re my favourite person

Sinful Sunday™

Heads up – a huge chunk of Nova Scotia is without power right now, and they’re estimating it won’t be up until Sunday. My phone won’t hold a full charge for that long. So if you can’t reach me, I apologize, but please don’t worry! I should be back soon.