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Writers in general tend to be a depressed lot, and when I am like I have been of late, I get this and it just makes me feel really good, so I screen cap it and it sits on my desktop. All of the beautiful posts from @andantezen and @simsmono (singled out because the last couple days) and everyone else give me so much of all the feels, I sit and read them over and over again they mean so much to me always, but right now even more so… that anyone takes the time to write something, anything, I am so grateful. All words all the little hearts everything is appreciated and nothing is ever taken for granted. I’m so thankful I have so many people who are dedicated to keeping up with my story. I love you guys.


PS you get written sexy time Thursday AND Friday. 😉

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omg can you PLEASE make a one shot where Emily and Ali get in a fight but Em crawls into bed eventually after and then they cuddle/talk/make up? kinda like your other one but more of the make up and cuddling and stuff! you're the BEST fan fic writer ever omg

this is a part 2 to this prompt here, but it’s mainly just fluff so you can read it as a stand alone if ya want xx and thank you, i’m so glad u enjoy reading my stuff<3

She curled up next to her, their problems falling away as she was just grateful to be back in her arms, feeling the touch of her delicate skin against her.

“I get it” Emily muttered under her breath “I overreacted” Their room was dark, but she could feel the movement of Ali’s head as she shook it slowly.

“No” Ali shot her down “this is my fault. I guess I still have some stuff I need to work through” Emily sighed in response, reaching out from Ali’s embrace and kissing her softly,

“I really don’t wanna talk about it” she rebuffed, tracing a patch of freckles on Ali’s shoulder with her finger.

“Okay” Ali agreed quietly. They sat together in silence for a little while, Emily helplessly decorating Ali’s skin with small touches and kisses, enjoying the soft sighs that came along with them as they relished in not having a toddler to check up on every 5 minutes.

“The thought of seeing her again makes me anxious” Emily said unexpectedly as Ali ran a hand through her hair, admiring each strand as she did so. Her fingers froze for a moment, before she cleared her throat and continued.

“Why?” She asked, not envious but curious, and concerned that hearing from Paige again after all these years was going to cause Emily some upset. Emily gulped, sitting straighter and resting her head on Ali’s shoulder.

“I was an ass to her” she admitted guilty.

“That was my fault, Em. If I wasn’t so confused I wouldn’t have pushed you back into her arms” Emily sighed, biting the inside of her cheek. On the one hand, sat in bed naked with her girlfriend wasn’t really the optimum time to have a discussion about her ex girlfriend, but on the other…she wanted to be honest. About everything.

“To a certain extent, that is true” She said with a smile, stretching up and kissing her so she knew it wasn’t a problem anymore. Ali sighed, her heart still knotting every time she thought of life before Emily. “can I ask you something?” Emily broached the subject, nervous that Ali was going to shut her down. Ali frowned, a crooked smile tugging at her mouth before replying.

“Anything” She breathed. Emily took a moment to figure how to word her question, struggling to say it in a non-accusatory manner.

“Do you think you would’ve realised that you were in love with me? If Paige hadn’t come to your house that night?” Ali didn’t even have to consider her answer before it fell out of her.

“Of course” she reassured her girlfriend, but Em stared at her sceptically “Em, in every single scenario I ever imagine in my head, this is how it’s supposed to go” She motioned around their bedroom,  their engagement photo sat on the night-stand, Finn’s new-born handprint sat on the wall.

“You think about me in every single scenario?” Emily teased, snuggling back into her chest.

“Yep. We could’ve met when I happened to stumble into a bar where you were serving and I would’ve fallen in love with your eyes as you handed me a cosmo” She spoke as if it were the most natural thing in the world “I could’ve been a famous reality TV star and you could’ve been a reporter trying to dig up some dirt and I would’ve fallen in love with the way you asked questions about why rather than what”

“What about a Prisoner and a prisoner guard?” Emily played along, trailing her finger around Ali’s arm. Ali scoffed.

“Babe, that’s a whole ‘nother type of fantasy” She grinned, and Emily wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. “seriously though, every single path I could’ve taken in life, it would’ve always led me to you” Emily couldn’t help but blush, her mind suddenly flashing back to every moment that had taken her here.

“Is it weird that I’m kinda grateful to your dad for moving you all here?” The bed shook with Ali’s laugher, and she pressed a kiss onto Emily’s lips, sending her melting into her embrace.

“No” She said, pulling away and burying herself further into the covers “but, like I said, we would’ve met anyway” Emily scrunched her face up in sarcastic agreement, nodding lightly.

“It’s nice to know you have so much faith in destiny” Emily said, flipping on top of Ali and tracing kisses down the centre of her body, tingles dancing across her skin as heat washed over her.

“I don’t have so much faith in destiny” Ali said through soft moans “I have so much faith in you”


Hello lovely followers!

Soooooo today is my birthday and I’ve decided to post a little gift for you guys for being so wonderful and so kind. 

This blog is coming on its year anniversary faster than I thought it would and I just wanted to say how ridiculously grateful I am for the endless love and support you all have offered me. My heart is so full today and your kind hearts clearly know no bounds as you continue to show me more love than I could ever deserve.

I appreciate you all so very much.

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i survived! just wanted to thank you to all of the amazing people on here (yeah i’m taking about you) who helped me get to this point in my life. i didn’t think i would ever get to this point let alone get to this point so comfortably and without a doubt in my mind. please know that i’m so so so thankful for everything you guys have done for me whether it just be sending me a little message, following me, donating, or whatever. i don’t deserve it but i sure am grateful for it. none of this would’ve been possible without you guys. i swear i’m the luckiest dude in the world to have friends like all of you. now that i’ve rambled on about my love for u all and gotten such a huge weight off of my chest (hehe) i’m gonna go back to sleep bc ouchy.


why twelve is beautiful & magnificent  ♡  s e r i e s  1 0

Imagine if time all happened at once. Every moment of your life laid out around you…like a city. Streets full of buildings made of days. The day you were born, the day you die. The day you fall in love, the day that love ends. A whole city built from triumph and heartbreak and boredom and laughter and cutting your toenails. It’s the best place you will ever be.

Not an everyday food

I ran a Hero Kids adventure for my sons for the first time ever. The Knight (7 years old) and the Storm Mage (5 years old) had just rescued the innkeeper’s son (NPC) from the Basement o'Rats. 

Inkeeper’s Son: “Oh I’m so grateful! I’m getting you as much ice cream as you can eat for free, all week long!”

Storm Mage: “I don’t like ice cream.”

Knight: “Ice cream is not an everyday food.”

Me, OOC: “… who are you and what did you do to my sons?”

Storm Mage, OOC: “It’s only pretend!”

Knight, OOC: “Don’t worry, you can take us to the ice cream parlour later and we’ll prove it’s really us!”

i can’t wait until vilde starts figuring out her sexuality and goes to isak for help and he introduces her to even’s 2 moms to show her that she can have exactly the life she wants being exactly who she is!!

I’m really excited about the Louis record because it’s like the… I usually write a lot of my own music and in this case I didn’t. He sent the record over to me through email and he was like ‘just check it out’. So I listened to it and in the first five seconds it immediately caught my attention. I went to go take a shower and while I was in the shower I could not stop thinking about the song that I just had heard. So like after I got out of the shower I went back on my phone to listen to the link and the link expired after like one listen or something and I was texting my manager like 'I need the song! I need to hear the song! Please, send it back to me! I need the link again, I need the password.’ Ever since I heard it I was obsessed.

And working with him as well was just… it was such a cool experience. Very nice guy. Because you just don’t know what to expect. Especially like you know, he’s a part of One Direction and you don’t know… but he is so chill and like so cool and like just still seems grateful and humble and that’s I think really really cool.



For those who are having a bad day, week, month, or even year, here’s some YouTuber inspiration.

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will i ever get over isak asleep on even's chest and even looking up like he's so thankful to the universe for getting to have isak

and it’s something he purposefully showed him by putting it in the video?? He wants him to know he’s grateful to have him?

Even is such a demonstrative person, in both words and actions. I don’t think he leaves Isak in the slightest doubt about how much he loves him but, with all that, I get the idea he still feels like it isn’t enough? Like, he hasn’t gotten across just how much he loves him? This video is him trying to bridge that gap, trying to capture what Isak means to him and how thankful he is to have him. Showing it in a way Isak (and the whole world) could see it. :`)

It’s why the Nattergal lyrics were so apt too:

You would last for days, write you in different colors, you should’ve known
I have way too big plans, I wish you knew, I’m only yours, yours, yours, yours


You are the only exception and I’m on my way to believing.

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su critics need to chill tf out. its a kids show. it was made for the kids. filler episode packed with moral lesson stuff? kids arent usually obsessed with the plot like you all are and the lessons are good lessons most kids shows dont even hit on. height difference issues? kids dont notice that shit and god forbid a creator have a touch of individual creativity. bright colors? yep thats for kids too. kids. like. bright. colors. yeah the majority of the people who watch su are older teens and above but kids are the target audience. this show was created for children. now can we all respect that please.