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{PART 19} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Not knowing whether to stay and fight, or run and protect you; Jungkook gets thrown into a world of fear and panic. Meanwhile, Yoongi and Serrena battle for victory in the silent game of war they play;

“How dreadful…to be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules.”

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 18} {Part 19} {Part 20}

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Non-Default Eyes for Toddlers

Hey guys, I apologise for basically being dead over the Christmas period. I’m back! I’ve had a lot of requests to make a few of my eyes compatible with toddlers since their release, so here they are!

I’ve updated the original files so the links should still work as they are, if you have any of these eyes and want them for toddlers just re-download and overwrite the original. 

These are non-defaults, I can also do contact and default replacement versions. Those are coming soon, it’s a little difficult keeping up with what I’ve done already :P (I think I’ve already updated the Lovers eyes to have contacts)

Here are the links to the posts for the eyes, as I said the files for each should be updated but please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Dreamy V1 & V2


Elsewhere V2

P.S. Daydream skin is now also available for the little ones too :)

Connection Part 1

Summary: You’re a Winchester. Sam and Dean’s little sister. Same dad, different mom. You spend your life traveling with your brothers and moving to different schools, never staying in one place for more than a few weeks. But when your brothers tell you they found a case in California, you’re thrown into a completely different world - the town of Beacon Hills. When you meet a group of suspicious friends who keep finding themselves in the middle of murders, you realize that this case is going to be a lot more difficult to solve - especially when you’re starting to fall for one of the suspects.

Warnings: Mentions of violent murders

“Dinner’s here!” Dean called, his voice echoing through the halls of the bunker. You emerged from your room almost immediately, heading towards the grumbling sound of your brothers talking in the kitchen. You could smell the pizza before you reached the room and ran in, spotting Sam pulling a slice from the box, Dean already halfway through with his piece.

“I hope you got fries,” you warned as you grabbed a paper plate, Dean instantly plopping a take out container in front of you. You smiled in victory and sat down next to Sam, the both of you facing Dean.

“So, we got a case,” Dean told you, his mouth full of food.

“Chew first, then speak,” you reminded him, earning an eye roll.

“This town in California. Lots of crazy things going on over there.”

“Crazy how?”

“Supernatural crazy, that’s for sure,” Sam chimed in. “We thought it was just werewolves at first, but when we dug a little deeper, we found a lot more.”

“Bodies found in the woods, teenagers missing, wolves spotted in public places,” Dean added.

“California doesn’t have wolves,” you stated.

“Exactly. It’s basically anything you wouldn’t expect from a small town that’s almost in the middle of nowhere,” Dean said.

“And get this - the FBI was sent there a few years back to research a string of murders, but they left after a while without finding anything,” Sam said, wiping his hands on a napkin before grabbing his laptop. “The reports didn’t say much, but the sheriff of the town was being watched. Actually, so was his son…” he trailed off, squinting his eyes at something he was reading. “His son was in the middle of the mess too. But I saw him somewhere else… here. Wow.” He clicked a button and turned the laptop around for you and Dean to see. He had searched the sheriff’s son’s name and found a list of cases that he was tangled in.

“Troublemaker,” you muttered, taking in the list in front of you. “So what’s the deal now?”

“Murders are happening again, but… this time they’re even more confusing. We don’t know what it is, but the victims all have the same injuries. They were all strangled, took a blow to the head, and had a slit throat. Each separate injury was fatal in itself. Whoever killed them really wanted them dead,” Sam explained. You let out a breath at the vulgarity of the situation.

“We wanna get going as soon as possible so nobody else dies. We’ll probably head out tomorrow morning. You good with that?” Dean asked, and you nodded at him, sticking a fry in your mouth.

“On to school number 24,” you joked, causing Dean to freeze up.

“Have you been counting?” He asked cautiously.

“No, I just like that number,” you laughed, watching his shoulders drop with ease. You were receiving your education from schools all over the country, and Dean hated it. He knew what it was like to keep transferring, how it was hard to make friends or even pass a grade when you knew you were going to be gone in a few weeks time. You didn’t mind it, though. You loved your brothers more than anything, and you wanted to stay with them on every hunt, even though they tried to keep you out of it most of the time. Besides, it was fun to meet different people and experience different towns. The best part was that you never cared what people thought of you, since you knew once you left you’d never see them again. You finished your pizza and stood up from the table.

“I’m gonna go pack my bag,” you informed, dumping your paper plate in the garbage and strolling towards your room.

Almost an hour had passed when you were sat on your bed, your duffel bag stuffed with clothes, shoes, and notebooks. Your family knew how to pack light, considering you basically lived on the road, so having only one bag was plenty. There was a soft knock on your door before Dean peeked his head in.

“Hey, kiddo. Can I come in?” he asked, and you gestured for him to enter, moving the bag over so he could join you. His emerald eyes were tired and watching you with a hint of regret.

“What’s up?” you asked, your eyebrows furrowed. He hesitated before responding.

“Are you good with us leaving again? ‘Cause we’ve made the bunker our home, and it’s really a pain to keep switching schools, so if you want to stay behind, you can. I don’t have a problem with that. You don’t have to keep stopping your life to follow us around the country,” Dean told you, guilt apparent in his features. You sighed, upset to see him in such a manner. Your brother had a rough childhood. You weren’t there to witness it, but it was evident in almost every encounter he had with you. Sam used to tell you stories about how your father treated them while they were kids, and it made your stomach churn. He had been completely different with you during the few years he was alive to take care of you. Once he passed, Dean swore to let you have a normal life, even though you knew that hunting was inevitable for the Winchesters.

“Dean, it’s okay. I like traveling. I don’t mind switching schools. I’d rather be you guys than stay here alone. Our job is important, no matter the price we have to pay,” you said.

“I know, but when you said that at dinner, I-”

“I was joking! Dean, I was making light of the situation. I really don’t mind. I promise,” you insisted. He glanced at you for a few seconds before pulling you into a hug.

“Okay. We’re gonna leave at eight o’clock tomorrow. Get some sleep,” he told you, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“Goodnight, Dean.” You watched him walk towards you door.

“Night, sweetheart,” he smiled, closing the door behind him.


The three of you met in the hallway at eight on the dot, everyone sporting a flannel and gripping a packed duffel bag.

“Wow,” you giggled. “I wonder if we’re related.” Your brothers dismissed your joke with a chuckle as they headed towards the Impala, leaving you to trail behind. You put your bag in the trunk first and climbed into the backseat, making yourself comfortable as your brothers packed the rest of the stuff and settled into the car.

“Alright, let’s go,” Dean said as he started the car.

“How long will the drive be?” you asked once you were on the road.

“Twenty-four hours,” Sam answered, laughing when you groaned loudly. “Don’t worry, we’ll drive as much as we can today and stop somewhere for the night. You might as well go to sleep for a bit to pass the time.” You agreed to that, grabbing one of Dean’s jackets from the floor to use as a pillow. You suddenly remembered you didn’t even know exactly where you were headed.

“I forgot to ask. What town are we going to?” Dean looked over his shoulder to respond.

“Beacon Hills.”

**I’m not really sure what I want to do with this, but I had an idea and I wanted to write it! I don’t know how long I’ll make it, but please leave some feedback!**

Carry On: The Musical
A fan musical of the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell using songs from many musicals (and a few non-musical songs). Each song is annotated with a quote or reference to the book to demonstrate where in the book the song is taking place. Sadly, the annotations are not available on mobile. :( (Please suggest any songs and/or quotes you feel need to be added!) Incredible cover art by ddoale.tumblr.com ! Go check out their blog; their art is fantastic and they are a really cool person!! (And so talented!!! Like holy s m o k e s)

Carry On: The Musical - listen here

A fan musical of the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell using songs from many musicals (and a few non-musical songs). Each song is annotated with a quote or reference to the book to demonstrate where in the book the song is taking place. Sadly, the annotations are not available on mobile. :( (Please suggest any songs and/or quotes you feel need to be added!) Incredible cover art by @ddoale ! Go check out their blog; their art is fantastic and they are a really cool person!! (And so talented!!! Like holy s m o k e s)

Since the songs have annotations that don’t show up on mobile, I’ll put them under the cut! Hope you enjoy!!

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Based on not today mv and past eras 

 1. Namjoon start of with a group of people and lyrics ‘all the underdogs in the world. The day may come when we lose’ So they are all underdogs : a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest. synonyms: weaker party, victim, prey; a person who has little status in society. 

 2. All got shot/kill except jungkook. The hyungs have lose their fight with the evils of society ‘the day may come when we lose’ leaving only jungkook.

 3. Remember rapmon wrote in the mirror in prologue: you need to survive. This message was for jungkook all along to continue fighting. 

 4. In run mv, the scene where jungkook was alone in the party after the camera when back . Shows that the hyungs are never with him since run era. 

 5. The spring day mv was jungkook’s most beautiful moment in life with his hyungs in omelas. He reflects back on memories he had with his hyung before they died. A) Him alone on the carousel. B) alone on train C) alone in Omelas D)him alone lighting a matchstick wishing his hyungs to be with him 

 6. Now he is alone without his hyungs. (Link back to my theory on the short flim: begins) The shoes hanging on the tree could actually be a parting of the hyungs to jungkook and the 6 people on the last part of the mv are jungkook’s hyungs and they are all in heaven bidding goodbye to jungkook/ guarding over him 

 7. Jungkook solo dance scene in not today further emphasise that his hyungs are no longer with him. 

 8. The last part of not today where jungkook saw his hyungs get shot and the close up of his eyes reflect the last scene in spring day mv where he saw the moments he spend with his hyungs flash before his eyes before they die or (refer to point 6) he saw the message his hyungs were trying to tell him : to survive 

 9. The part where they form a gun at the end of the dance. The hyungs would support and guard jungkook against the evils of the society where they have lost because in the end : you never walk alone. Life or death.

 In summary: In the not today mv only. They hyungs are all dead and are giving their support to jungkook for him to keep living or fight as much as we are weaklings(underdogs) in society. 

 Sorry. I know this is a horrible theory for the not today mv but well… i will have a full fledged theory that links everything up from day 1 soon. Not today is lit asf and i am also tired asf. 🔥loving the song and dance.

 Bts 💯 keapjiang! 

i fixed the paragraph already. yays.


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#69 [Enzo Amore]

Requested, #69. “It just…hurts.” (Prompt from here.)

Author Note: So this is actually from a part of a story I wrote way back when Enzo first got injured on the Payback 2016 PPV. When I got this prompt, it was the perfect reason to finally finally finish this. It’s long and fluffy and I’m not sorry.

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Add tag or remove tag, let your girl know! :) I know some of your follow this blog, some don’t, and sometimes Tumblr is good at tags/notifications and sometimes it’s not. So I’m just trying to help y’all out however I can!

You felt like the worst girlfriend in the world as you ran through the back hallways of the arena, attempting to make your way to the car bay.

You’d been in your locker room, finalizing getting ready in your ring gear, when Nattie had come in, asking if you’d been watching the current match. Truth be told, you’d been so busy being in your hometown, visiting with people and making appearances, that you hadn’t remembered to turn on the closed-circuit TV. You were too focused on getting ready for your own title match that night on the PPV.

But all it took was one sentence from Nattie for all of your focus to shift entirely away from anything to do with you.

“Enzo got hurt in his match.”

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2 | Save Me

word count: 3,405 
i’m sorry

warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies etc

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“You’d better take her back to headquarters, Namjoon will want to know why she’s still alive." 

"You can stop pretending to be asleep now.” Jungkook whispered as he started the car engine, “Taehyung can’t see us through the blackout windows.” His comment was everything but comforting, you were awkwardly sprawled across the back seat of a car without blacked out windows, about to be taken to some kind of headquarters where you would no doubt be killed. 

“Who are you? What do you want with me? Are you going to kill me?” Your voice wobbled as you sat up in the car so you could watch the city lights zoom past you, the memory of Jungkook killing a man still playing in your mind, 

“If I wanted you dead I would have killed you by now.” His voice was stern and flat, emotionless. 

“You murd-" 

"I’ll explain everything in time. Which way is your apartment?" 

"I’m not telling you where I live! Are you crazy?! You just shot a guy in the face! I- I thought we were going to-" 

"Don’t underestimate me and just tell me what I want to know. How do I get to your apartment?" 


"I could always pull the car over and break your fingers until one of them points me in the right direction." 

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Rabbit Hole

Dean starts being honest with Sam when Sam is asleep and it turns into a habit.

“You remember,” Dean begins conversationally, adjusting his grip on the steering wheel, “when we were young and dad was the one driving? I was never any good at sleeping in the car but as soon as we hit the road, you’d drop off right away against my shoulder in the backseat.

I remember that one winter — you must have been eight or nine… The heating didn’t work and we wrapped ourselves into that god-awful excuse of a blanket. It was so scratchy and stiff and literally did nothing to keep us warm, and you still managed to sleep like a dead person.”

He pauses, glancing over at his brother’s sleeping form. Curled into himself, his breath fogging up the window where he’s got the side of his face pressed against it, he makes the occasional sleep noise and barely even stirs when the car hits a pothole on the uneven road.

Dean can’t stop the smile that’s tugging at his mouth from growing wider so he doesn’t try, giving in to it instead.

It’s too easy to lull himself into a false sense of security. Even if the world is studiously headed for damnation, in these quiet moments, nighttime on the road, nothing to keep Dean company but the engine and his brother’s breathing, it’s easy to have hope. Hope that everything is going to work out after all in the end.

Dean doesn’t believe in fairy tale endings.

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any tips on how to live like dauntlessly? like bruised knuckles, finding dirt in a scraped knee, a wing of a bat, damp mossy caves? thank you

i like this suggestion.

  • you have 2 homes. one is inside, one is outside. nurture the outside. turn fallen trees into sofas, forgotten plastic chairs into thrones. tend to the weeds. make it comfortable, a place for reading and talking and doing nothing at all.
  • of course, don’t forget the inside either. make a home for special rocks and interesting branches. what will start as a handful of pebbles will soon grow into a shrine
  • bury dead wild animals. give them a proper funeral, or, if they died too young with still so much to give, dig them up again to preserve their beautiful bones. if you can, keep their heart in a jar by your bed (this is taken from a friend) 
  • it’s okay to climb some trees and leave others alone. not all are meant to hold you. it’s okay to hold onto the lowest limb and call it climbing. it’s okay to climb to the highest branch, just take your time coming back down. adventure does not call for broken bones
  • learn to love the creatures you fear. here is a picture of me at age 6 holding a tarantula. in my head i am thinking “princesses love everything and everyone.” my princesses always lived dauntlessly. the greatest act of bravery is doing what scares you, not for a thrill, not for a heartbeat, but because it is right and good. be dauntless because the world needs you to be

so i was gonna do Real Coloring for this but I gave up lmfao


I started this before episode 10 aired and I was sad because I realized only their right hands were showing and i was too lazy try to change it so i threw the rings on their right hands anyway




Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader
Requested: No (Just thought of this)
Warning(s): Physical attack (a slap)
Sirius couldn’t silence the whirlwind of thoughts spinning in his head. He raised a hand to knock on the door ahead of him.

He didn’t know if she’d answer. It had been twelve years. It had taken him a month to figure out where she had been living. If she was dating someone. If she was married. She wasn’t.

The door cracked open and he saw her eyes peering through the space between the wood.

“Who is it?” she asked sternly. Merlin, he missed her voice. He missed everything about her.

"It’s me, love, open up.” Sirius breathes out.

The door inched open.

"Sirius?” she asked.

"That’s right. It’s me.”

The door slammed open, a slim hand immediately stretching out and slapping him across the cheek. He lifted a hand and covered it numbly, not knowing why she’d done it.

"Love?” he croaked. “Y/N, why?”

"Why?” she gasped out, and Sirius noticed that she’d started crying. She almost never cried. Only when she was seriously angry with him. “You left me! You left me and killed Peter and, and I was all alone! You disappeared off the face of the earth! Remus told me you were in prison! In azkaban! I couldn’t visit you! And Harry started Hogwarts without us! He doesn’t even know us! I couldn’t take him! They wouldn’t let me because of you and what you did! Sirius, I—” he cut her off with a sob as he collapsed on the floor in front of her flat.

"Darling, I’m so sorry.” His voice cracked and Y/N immediately knelt beside him, wrapping his broken body in her arms.

"Shh, come inside. I’ll make us some tea.” she mumbled as she pulled him into her flat. He sat down on a chair at her kitchen table quietly, tears still streaming down his cheeks. Y/N had never seen him this broken.

"Here, Sirius.” She handed him a cup of tea and he held it in his shaking hands, not even attempting to take a sip. Y/N sighed.

"What happened, Sirius?” she asked quietly. He turned to look at her. She almost couldn’t handle the tears on his face. He looked like a wounded animal.

"It was Peter. He was the secret keeper.” Sirius started.

"But I thought James—”

"No. I made him choose Peter. Peter was supposed to be the safe choice. But he chose Voldemort’s side. He sold James, Lily, and Harry out. He killed them.”

"Who did?”

"Voldemort. Peter told him where they were, and he came and killed them. He almost killed Harry. When I found out, I—” he took a breath and paused, “I went after him. I went after Peter. I confronted him, but then he threatened to blow up the square and I had to stop him. I tried to disarm him, but it was too late. He blew up the street and himself, and I ran. They caught me soon after and threw me in prison. Remus tried to get me out, but it was useless. I wasn’t allowed visitors.”

"Oh my …” Y/N breathed, her hand reaching to clutch onto one of his. “Sirius.”

"I thought about you. I thought about you every single day. I wondered if you were dead. Or if you had moved on. If you hated me. Or if you still loved me. You were the only thing to keep me sane in that horrible place. It took me a month to find you. You moved out of my flat after the war?” he asked, the crack in his voice reappearing as he stared into her eyes.

"I couldn’t stay there. It reminded me too much of you. I loved you too much.”

"Loved?” Sirius croaked.

"Love. I love you too much, Sirius.” Y/N corrected herself quickly.

"Oh thank Merlin,” he gasped out, and suddenly she was in his lap and they were kissing. Their lips clashing and melding together all at once. His hand were wandering across her waist, recommitting to memory the way her body felt. Sirius felt like he hadn’t been living or breathing since he had last kissed her. “I love you so much.”

"I know.” she mumbled, “Just kiss me, you big idiot. I’ve missed you. Don’t you ever leave me like that again.”

"Trust me love, if I do, I’m not going by choice. I love you too much for that.” he whispered, hands tucking stands of hair behind her ear. His tea was long forgotten on the table as he looked at her. She smiled.

"That’s all I ask. Don’t leave me without a reason.” she traced his jaw and hands with her fingertips.

"I won’t.” he promised before kissing her again, just like she’d asked.

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Hey friend!! I LOVE YOUR WORK SO MUCH AND YOURE SO TALENTED OM MY GOSH. Could you do one with Josh or Tyler where the reader and Tyler/Josh fight and don't talk for a long time (days) and then one of them breaks down. So like angst but then fluffy?!! HOPE YOU SMILED TODAY :))


“Hey,” you say into your phone, “I’m just walking home from work right now.  I haven’t heard from you in a couple days and I guess I just realized that I couldn’t remember what city you were in tonight.  Newark?  Maybe Toronto, I don’t know— wherever you are… it’s far.  And I just wanted to say I miss you.” You take a deep gulp before continuing, “Anyway, hope the tour’s good, call me if you get a chance.  Love you.”

With heavy fingers, you hang up the phone before returning it to your back pocket.  You were hoping to catch Tyler before he and Josh went on stage tonight, but he was obviously occupied with other things.  What those other things were, you had no idea.  Tyler had been increasingly distant since his new tour started two weeks ago.  Other than a couple of phone calls and a few returned texts, you’d barely heard from him.  

In your head, you liked to think that you and Tyler were solid.  You’d been together for seven years now.  You survived the years and years of him and Josh just trying to make it through.  You survived the endless nights of gigs in the same venues where the same handful of people would show up.  Then, you survived the sudden spike in popularity of his band, and the chaos and madness that came with it.  You survived the months and months of him being on the road, sometimes time zones away.  And yet, every single time he left, you still got this dreadful feeling in the pit of your stomach that scared the hell out of you.   Because the more times Tyler left, the more you were able to realize that this gig wasn’t short term.  He was in this band for the long haul and life as you knew it when you first met and fell in love with Tyler, had changed.

You held on to the concept that after this tour, Tyler and Josh would have a little break.  At least six months was what Tyler had anticipated before they went on the road again.  That would give you and him time… much needed time… to rekindle your relationship and make your image of your solid relationship a reality again.  

The concept of a long-distance relationship weighed heavy on your shoulders the rest of the way home.  You tried distracting yourself, thinking about what you were going to make for dinner instead, but it was no use.  Your problems with Tyler pushed their way to the forefront of your brain with force and power, clouding your mind.  

In fact, you were so distracted with your thoughts that you barely even heard the music coming from inside your supposed-to-be-empty-apartment.  

You stop dead in your tracks, your mind wheeling back to reality as you’re faced with the situation at hand.  You hesitated slightly, your heart beating loudly in your chest before opening the door slightly.  You recognized the sound as Tyler’s record player.  

As you stepped inside, you immediately smelled something delicious.

“Crap!” you heard someone say.

You jumped at the sound of his voice, but turns towards the kitchen to see a surprised looking Tyler wearing mismatched oven mitts and holding a casserole dish in his hands.

“I thought you were getting out at 6…” he says.

You sincerely hope he puts down that casserole dish because you can’t help but fling yourself in his direction, dropping your bag and jacket in a heap on the floor with tears already welling up in your eyes.  

(Tyler does in fact set the dish down) before you crash your body into his.  You wrap your arms around his neck and let him spin you in a circle before setting you back down.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to be home for a week,” you say, smiling widely.  

“We had the night off,” he explains.  

You press your lips to his desperately, trying to make up for the last couple of weeks without him around.  When you finally pull away, there’s a smile plastered over his goofy-looking face.

“I attempted dinner,” he says.  

It’s spaghetti and sauce, which was about the only thing Tyler truly knew how to cook.  You weren’t complaining though.  The mere image of seeing Tyler sitting across the table from you was enough to make you want to eat spaghetti for the rest of the week.  

“So how’s the tour?” you ask, twirling another bundle of noodles together on your fork.

“It’s good,” he says in between bites.  “The venues are insane, I couldn’t believe the size of some of these places, but most are selling out, so it’s all good,” he chuckles.  

You nod as you chew.

“We started recording the new album,” he says.

His words are quite and muffled even more so by the pasta swirling around his mouth.  But it’s loud enough to catch your attention and make you look up from your plate.  He’s refusing to meet your gaze as he focuses on the meal in front of him, but you continue to stare.

“You what?” you ask, keeping your tone as smooth as possible, trying not to let the surprise be evident in your voice.

“Yeah, well I mean just a few songs here and there, but we think it’ll be done soon.”

You shake your head suddenly, putting down your fork and looking Tyler dead on.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand… so you’re going to finish the album up now, then what? Let it sit for a bit?”

“No…” Tyler says, looking equally confused, “We’re going to finish up the album, release it, then tour it… You know the drill.”

“What about the break?” you say, your voice getting more and more heated.  

Tyler sighs heavily before putting his own silverware down.  “Y/N…”

“No-“ you say, emotion starting to flood into your words, “Don’t ‘Y/N’ me… You said that after this tour there’d be a break.  I mean, did you not?”

Tyler sighs, like this entire conversation was becoming a burden.  

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you…”

“I want you to tell me why you said you were taking a break after this tour if you had no intention of doing so.”

Tyler pinches the bridge of his nose, clearly growing irritated as well.

“I never said for sure that there’d be a break, so I don’t know why you’re acting all defensive about this.”

“You did, actually… you said that we just had to make it through this stretch and then you’d be home for a break. Six months with no tour or recording or interviews.  Just a break.”

You could feel yourself becoming riled up.  Of course Tyler knew what he said, but he’d be damned it he ever admitted to being wrong.

“So, what I’m trying to understand is why you would say that if you didn’t mean it—“

“Just because you’re allowed to sit at home constantly doing absolutely nothing doesn’t mean I can!” Tyler snaps, finally looking up.  “Someone’s gotta pay the bills and actually work.  Because this is my job, you know?  I can’t just take six months off whenever I feel like it.”

You look at him with venom in your eyes, but hurt in your heart.  Tyler’s words cut through you like glass, shards of it breaking off and cutting deep.  

“I’ve always dreamed of being successful in this band, and now that that’s actually happening, you can’t stand it.”

“That’s not true—“ you try to interject.  Your voice catches in your throat as you feel tears welling up in your eyes.  

“It is true!” Tyler takes a deep breathe, collecting himself before continuing in a softer tone, “You liked me when I was at the bottom because it made you feel less shitty about yourself. Because then we were both losers.”

His words hang heavy in the air and you hold your breath, refusing to swallow them down.  You thought that if they just lingered then maybe the reality of their context wouldn’t hit you fully.  

But your emotions caught up and you couldn’t hold back the tear that fell silently down your cheek.  

You look at Tyler, sitting across from you.  He looked the same.  Short hair, swallowed eyes, flushed skin.  But he was so different from the person you met eight years ago.  

People change.  That was not a new concept for you.  And they say that people who are in love change together, growing closer and working as a team.  But as you stare across the table at Tyler, his hand pulled into a tight fist, resting on the table, you realized that the two of you had not changed together.  Instead, you’d grown apart.  

You swallowed the lump in your throat and bundled up the napkin that had been resting on your lap before standing up.  His words still stung as you opened your mouth to speak.  Anger, resentment, frustration… all flooded through you.  But hurt was the most prominent emotion… the one that made it’s appearance in your words.

“Good luck on the new album,” is all you can manage to say before your throat caught on the lump you’d tried swallowing earlier.  You collected your purse from the chair near the door before twisting the knob and hurrying out without looking back.  

You made your way down the street, half expecting Tyler to race after you.  But you got further and further from home, and heard no protests or calls of your name, so you continued dreadfully all the way to your friends house across town.

They were warm to welcome you inside, and assured you that you could stay as long as needed.

“He should be gone by morning,” you told them, smiling appreciatively.  “Thanks.”

No texts.  No calls.  

No note when you returned home the next morning.  


He was gone, the apartment looking exactly how you left it, and the gaping hole inside you seemed to grow just a bit bigger.

The days to follow were excruciatingly painful.  Tyler didn’t reach out to you, and you didn’t reach out to him.  Part of you wanted to believe that this was just some horrible fight you two were having, but the logical part of your brain made you wrestle with the fact that this could be the end of your seven-year-relationship.  The final chapter, written specifically with pain and anguish in mind.  

You wanted to call, just to talk and to find out where you both stood in all of this.  The break was your one plan to restore the fire that once burned between the two of you, but now that that was gone out the window, you had no idea where to look for hope.

You always thought of Tyler as being the love of your life.  But maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.  

You didn’t call.  Part of you was still so angry about the words he said.  You were afraid you’d burst into angry, embarrassing tears the minute he picked up the phone.  So you just stayed clear.  You let the silence speak for itself.

The silence did nothing to help the gaping hole inside your chest.

It made it hard to sleep.  On day three, you laid in bed, your arms wrapped around your frame in an attempt to hold yourself together.  But your mind raced for hours about what was going to happen.  Exhaustion finally took over, crashing over you and sweeping you into an uneasy sleep.

You were woken up abruptly in the middle of the night, your clock reading 3:56 a.m., by a loud noise.  You would have thought it was in your dream had it not been for the continuing footsteps that followed the noise.

You sat up in bed, your heart racing at the immediate thought of an intruder in your apartment.  You slipped off from your bed and grabbed the baseball bat Tyler kept hidden under the bed, ready to clock whoever the robber was when the door creaked open.  

You almost screamed as the moonlight coming in from your open shade illuminated Tyler’s sunken face.

“Jesus Christ!” you gasped, dropping the bat and clutching your chest.

“Sorry!” he says quickly, holding his hands up in defense.  “I didn’t mean to scare you…”

“What the hell are you doing here, it’s 4 a.m!  I could have bludgeoned you to death!” you say in your loud-whisper voice.

“I came straight from a show—“ he explains.  “I’m sorry it’s so late, but I had to see you—“ you’re half sure you hear his voice crack.  “It’s like I couldn’t function these last few days.  I left so mad, but once I got out there and started playing, I couldn’t thinking about anything but you.”

You shift your weight from one foot to the other, letting Tyler continue.

“I just kept thinking what if the next time I come home…” this time his voice definitely does crack, “what if— what if the next time I come home, she’s not there?” you hear him break and your chest heaves from the sound of it.  

“I couldn’t stand thinking about coming home and you not being here— I couldn’t stand it, I had to come home.  I had to see you,”  you see his silhouette shaking violently in the doorframe,  tears evident in his voice and you want to run over to him, wrap your arms around him and hold him tight.  But you hesitate.  You’re unsure and afraid and nothing makes sense in your mind right now.

“I said awful things,” he continues, sniffling hard, “Awful things that make me deserve to be alone.  But I didn’t mean any of them.  Not a single one.  I was tired and upset about the fact that our break got postponed again and I knew you’d be mad about it, but there’s nothing I can do— I got locked in without realizing and I just don’t know what to do.”  He pauses, watching your face, and trying to gage a reaction.  “Just tell me.  Tell me what you want from me.  Do you want me to quit?” he asks, his eyes glistening with tears.  “Because I will.  I just, I don’t know how we got here— I don’t know what happened.  We were strong and we talked and now… I just don’t know what happened.  

And I have no idea what to do.  All I know is I want to stay here, right here— with you.  I have the tour and the music but you, you’re all that matters to me.  The other stuff is nothing.  It’s nothing without you.  But I don’t know what to do.  I’m trying to figure it out, but I don’t know— and I just… I need you to tell me what to do, because I don’t know.  I have no fucking idea, I just need you to tell me,” Tyler’s voice is frantic and desperate.  There’s tears running fluidly down his cheeks as he pleads in front of you.  

You can’t help it anymore as your heart breaks in front of him.  You rush over, taking long strides before opening your arms and crashing into him.  He’s still shaking violently, whispering the same phrase over and over, “Please… I need you to tell me, just tell me what to do—“

“Shh,” you whisper, rubbing his back.  

He finally hugs back, wrapping his own arms around you and burying his face in your hair.  You can feel him heaving as he sobbed into your shoulder and you held on tight.  

You’re not sure how long you stay like that, wrapped up in each other, both scared about the future and what it might bring.  It was long enough to make the back of your heels burn from standing there.  It was long enough for your light gray shirt to be stained dark from Tyler’s tears.  It was long enough for his familiar scent to wrap you up and make you feel at home again.  

When you finally untangle, you’re quick to grab back on to Tyler’s hand, desperate to keep touching him for as long as you could.  You led him over to the bed where you both climbed in silently.  As you curled into his side and rested your head on his chest you sighed deeply, feeling exhausted equally mentally as you did physically.  

But Tyler felt like home.  His embrace, his smell, the sound of his voice.  It was all things that made you feel loved and valued and important.  And you knew you’d both changed.  You knew you’d both grown slightly apart.  But this was not how your story was going to end.  This was not the final chapter in your book, because Tyler was still Tyler and you were still you and your love still had some spark left in it.

“We’re gonna make it,” you whisper into the dark room, clutching to the fabric of his cotton shirt.

Tyler squeezes you gently before kissing the top of your head.  “We’re gonna make it,” he repeats.  

The promise was sincere and bursting with love.  It caught the spark.  Your love would continue burning.  

Once Upon a Time...

In a magical land, there lived a handsome prince named Sherlock. He lived in a castle where he was taught by his brother Mycroft how to be a king, but Sherlock was different from his brother. He didn’t want to be a king. He wanted to be a dragon slayer.

As Sherlock was sitting in his study reading about different types of dragons, someone tapped lightly at the door.

“Come in,” Sherlock said, hardly glancing up from his book.

A woman came in with tea on a tray. Her name was Mrs. Hudson. She had been serving tea at the castle for years, but she was more like a mother to Sherlock than a servant.

“Mrs. Hudson, do you know of any dragons in our kingdom?” Sherlock asked.

“Dragons?” she laughed. “Not in our kingdom. Although, there are stories of one in the kingdom over the hill.”

“What kind of stories?” Sherlock asked. “For the safety of our kingdom, of course.”

“Well, some people say that there is a young prince guarded by a dragon in a tall tower. He was cursed to be forever blind when he was a baby because his father refused to fight for his kingdom like a true king should. A witch’s son was killed in the battle that the king refused to fight in,” said Mrs. Hudson.

“So the witch cursed the king’s son,” Sherlock said. “But why does he need to be guarded? Is blindness not punishment enough?”

“The king and the witch are long dead. The prince’s sister Queen Harriet rules the kingdom now with her wife Clara, but if the prince regains his sight, he has the right to overthrow Queen Harriet and rule the kingdom,” said Mrs. Hudson. “Harriet ordered the strongest dragon in all the land named Eurus, meaning east wind, to keep her brother locked in the tower.”

“How does that prevent him from regaining his sight? The only witch who knows how to reverse the spell is long dead,” said Sherlock.

“Oh, Sherlock,” Mrs. Hudson laughed. “Everyone knows that any curse can be broken by true loves kiss. Harriet could not risk Prince John finding his true love.”

“Prince John…” Sherlock whispered to himself.

“Thank you for the tea, Mrs. Hudson, but I think I want to go riding now,” Sherlock said as he slammed his book shut and jumped up from his chair.

Soon, Sherlock had his horse saddled and was ready to go riding, but this was no short gallop that he was planning. Sherlock carefully buckled a sword to his belt before mounting his horse. He was going to slay a dragon.

End of Part 1.

For @thegayestpilot

Safe Haven AU

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: My Safe Haven is not 100% the same as the Nicholas Sparks one. I changed a few things. I took out the dead wife as a friend because that just kinda didn’t make sense to me in this. Just a heads up.

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged.

Steve had taught you to help paddle the canoe, and soon you were on your way. Gliding across the water, under the warm sun and pretty scenery of the water and woods around you. Steve smirks at you, as you continue to struggle with the paddling, he was mainly keeping the boat on track, you felt nervous, yet somehow comfortable with him, even though this was clearly a date.

“It’s so beautiful here.” You smile looking around.

“This is my favorite place to be.” Steve smiles at you as the two of you rest your paddles in your laps, the boat slowing down.

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My name is Jessica. And I was raped by a person I looked up too.
I knew what rape was. And I knew it was happening to me. I won’t go into detail because you probably don’t won’t to read that- but I thought it was manly soo terrible because it was a someone violating your body. But I was wrong. It so terrible because you blame yourself. Because when it’s the next day and go to walk it’s soo painful in between you legs. People can’t touch me. I freak out when they do. Because I have bruises all over by body from him.

For me I lost my virginity. When someone ask me in ten years what my first time was, do I tell them I was raped. Or do I tell them something else. We have a girl in my home group class. And she’s lost her virginity. And everyone calls her a slut. Am I now seen as a slut? Will I go to hell because I’m not married and no longer a virgin?

I told my grandmother after some amazing advice from @redqueenfandom @queenmareena and @maremollybarrowcalore. And she went to my parents and told them. And then they called the police and everything happened. I went to hospital, they took photos of my naked for proof. Police asked me questions. Asked me tell them everything in full detail. And I did. And I realised as I was saying it it’s my fault that it happen. I didn’t go with mum and dad when they went to pick up the pizzas. And I let myself get cornered in my bedroom. Maybe I didn’t scream loud enough or fight back hard enough. Maybe I gave up. I didn’t stop fighting- but maybe I could’ve fought harder. I was scared- am scared. He’s a teacher at my school and I see him, every day I’m there. And he doesn’t look sorry.

So is it my fault? I’m going to court soon. And what happens if the jury thinks I’m lying? Does he live his life and rape more people? What do I do if they think I’m lying? Do they expect me to keep one living my life? Do I move schools?

I was in the bath last night and I was looking at the bruises on my body- my breasts, my wrists. And I just thought that maybe I should put my head under the water and never come up. Would that make him happy? Knowing that he’s the reason why that I’m dead. Maybe. But It’d make my parents so sad. So I got out of the bath.

I was going to say this in another anon. But why? I shouldn’t feel the need to hide that I was raped- that some precious part of me was taken. So here it is. My vent. And I want to let other victims know that you’re not alone. And that talking to someone helps.

I also want to say thanks to the people who helped me. Who gave me advice. And also the people on Tumblr who post stuff every day. Because every time I go on here it’s full of hope and happiness. So thank you. And I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

empty eyes - 3/3 [KHR]

- Promise -

“Tsuna-kun, where did you get this jacket?” Nana lifts the jacket Ricardo gave him the day before up. Tsuna pauses mid-bite, suddenly remember he hadn’t given the man his jacket back before rushing inside yesterday. He should fix that today.

“A friend gave it to me yesterday,” Tsuna says. “His name’s Ricardo. He’s nice, Mom!”

“Well, I’m glad to hear you made a friend, Tsuna-kun. I’ll dry the jacket, and you can return it later on once you get Ricardo-san’s address, okay?”

“Okay!” Tsuna agrees. “I can ask him.”

Iemitsu, previously absorbed in his food, seems wary of the jacket as Nana tucks it over her arm and walks out to the clothes line. “Say Tunafish, what’s this Ricardo fellow like?”

Tsuna ponders the question. “Well… he’s really tough-looking. And he does this a lot,” he arches an eyebrow in an imitation. Iemitsu’s mouth twitches and he hastily covers the smile.

“What’s he look like?”

“Tall, long hair, pretty red eyes–”

“Red eyes?” Iemitsu interrupts, and there’s alarm in his voice. “Tsuna, are you sure?”

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No Secrets (Daveed x Reader) Platonic

WC: 1394

A/N: Hope everyone’s having a great day!

“I was asked to do a Late Night interview,” Daveed said one night after you had finished watching a movie in his apartment. You were packing up your backpack, getting ready to head out and begin your walk home.

“That’s awesome, D. When?”

“Next week, you wanna come?” His eyes rounded out, pleading ever so slightly. You laughed your agreement, nodding.

“I’ll forward you the email with the information. I’ll pick you up at your apartment night-of, and then we can go together,” Daveed was grinning, pleased that you wanted to go with him. You left his apartment, heading back to your own.

“What am I wearing? What are you wearing? You’re the one going on Late Night TV,” you said into your phone, which was on speaker as you finished pinning your hair in place. You could hear Daveed sigh on the other end of the line.

“I’m just wearing a suit. People are still going to see you though, in the green room. You can’t be wearing sweatpants,” he teased, knowing your preference for comfortable clothes.

“Relax, Diggs. I’m wearing a dress and sandals. My hair is braided and tied back. Happy?” You shot back at him.

“Yes I am. I’m outside your building now. Get your butt down here,” he said lightheartedly. You grabbed your keys from the table and exited your apartment, doing your best not to trip down the stairs. You were almost successful up until the stairs that led down to the street. Your sandal got caught on the cement, and you felt yourself falling forward. Luckily, a pair of strong arms caught you.

“If we weren’t friends, you would be dead, I swear (Y/N),” Daveed was stifling a laugh. You rolled your eyes.

“Let’s just go, you’re gonna be late if I keep almost dying.”

Personally, you didn’t like it when Daveed did interviews. Your best friend was shy and awkward when put into situations like this, traits not many people knew. You felt like the world didn’t get to see the real Diggs that you were friends with.

“Aw, look at our boy all grown up,” Rafa pretended to wipe away a tear. You joined his jest, pulling a tissue out of your pocket and dabbing at your eyes.

“Soon he’ll be out in the world on his own, leaving me with you,” you teased. Rafa had met Daveed first, in California. You had met Daveed in New York, at the bar that you worked at. You had bartended one of the cast parties, and Daveed immediately took a liking to you after you gave him sass. Daveed later ended up inviting you to a party a week later (not bartending), where he introduced you to Rafa. The three of you became an inseparable group, though Daveed always joked that one day you and Rafa wouldn’t need him to be the mutual friend anymore.

“So Daveed, I noticed you brought some friends with you, would you like to introduce us?” The host asked. Daveed laughed casually, as cameras were brought into the green room.

“So the fine looking fella on the left is the great Rafael Casal. If you aren’t a fan of his work, you should be. He’s amazing. And the woman on the right is the beautiful, wonderful, (Y/N),” Daveed answered.

“Can we get (Y/N) out here please?” The host asked. The cameraman waved for you to follow him. Rafa gave you an encouraging smile, so you did as you were asked. You walked out onto the stage, in front of the audience, and took a seat on the couch next to Daveed.

“I just wanted to show you guys this tabloid article,” the host pulled a magazine out from under his desk. The image of the article was shown on the screen behind you. Reading the headline, Daveed let out a loud laugh.

“HAMILTON STAR DAVEED DIGGS’ SECRET GIRLFRIEND” The host read aloud. There was a photo of you and Daveed out for lunch attached. The host began reading out bits from the article.

“Hey Diggs, guess what?” Daveed turned to you after the host had asked about your thoughts on the matter.


“Apparently we’ve been dating for 3 months!” You said, feigning surprise and excitement. Daveed cracked a smile, lifting his hand for a high five which you gladly accepted.

“I’m glad someone finally told us!” The host and the audience were laughing along with you and Daveed.  

“Just to dispel the rumors, (Y/N) and I are not dating. Never have, never will. And she’s not pregnant with my child either,” he added for good measure.

“I thought we had something special,” you pouted. Daveed’s eyes flickered with worry before he realized you were joking.

“Just kidding, Diggs and I are just best friends.” You confirmed. The host seemed satisfied with your answer, sending the show to commercial before talking to you and Daveed. Rafa came running out onto the set, throwing his arms around you and Daveed’s shoulders.

“Thank you for being on the show,” the host said. Daveed gave him a kind smile, but Rafa interrupted his response.

“Thanks for having us, we’ve had a great time. Now I have to get these crazy kids home,” he teased. You left the studio with your boys, happy they were in your life.

“Will you come over after the show?” You asked Daveed as you stood in his dressing room a day later, getting ready to go to work.

“Of course. I’m going to Stage Door first, so I might be later than normal. Then I’ll have to sneak out so the paparazzi doesn’t see me and get any ideas,” he winked. You straightened out his costume, then left his dressing room saying goodbye to the other cast members on your way out.

As predicted, Daveed entered your apartment late, grinning at the sight of you wrapped in a blanket and curled up on your couch. Your eyes were shut gently and your mouth was slightly agape, your breathing slow and steady. An empty mug of tea was on the coffee table in front of you and the TV flickered with reruns of Friends, signifying your desperate attempt to stay awake for him.

“Wake up, weirdo,” he said, tapping your knee as he sunk down onto the couch next to you. You blinked quickly as you came to, taking a deep breath as your eyes focused on your curly haired best friend.

“Hey,” you mumbled, sitting up straighter. You threw an arm lazily across his abdomen, giving him one of your signature smiles.

“How was the show?” you asked. Daveed laughed heartily, grabbing the TV remote and flipping through the channels.

“Show was great, except I missed one of my cues to move in the Reynolds Pamphlet. Anthony ended up ducking underneath my legs to get to his spot. You would have died laughing. The boys wanted to go out for drinks after too, but I told them I had prior obligations,” he tickled your side to emphasize his point.

“No wonder the world thinks we’re dating. Get it together, Diggs” you teased, pushing his hand away.

“What? I can promise to hang out with you same as I can promise to hang out with the boys!” Daveed defended his actions.

“Whatever. Are you sleeping over tonight?” You asked. Daveed had a tendency to crash at your place when he came over after the show. He always said something about your apartment being closer to the theater than his own, though you weren’t quite sure that was true.

You made your way sleepily into your bathroom and began brushing your teeth. When you finished, you went into your bedroom, seeing Daveed already passed out on your mattress. You climbed under the covers trying not to wake him, though you were unsuccessful. Daveed wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his warm body.

“You ever think about dating me?” He mumbled into the darkness.

“Why are you asking me such a deep question when I’m trying to sleep?” You retorted. Daveed breathed an apology.

“Yeah, I have,” you answered his question anyways.

“Me too.”

“You’ve thought about dating yourself?” You laughed.

“No you weirdo, I’ve thought about dating you,” he said.


“You tell me first,” Daveed defended. You were nervous.

“Same time?”

“3, 2, 1.”

‘Shit my friend & I have said’ sentence starters
  • ❛ Adios, shitlords! ❜
  • ❛ Kill my ass. ❜ 
  • ❛ Just fucking throw it. ❜ 
  • ❛ Oooh, that booty. ❜ 
  • ❛ I thought you were gonna say heterosexual. ❜ 
  • ❛ What the fuck kind of word is that? ❜ 
  • ❛ Bring your bed downstairs. ❜ 
  • ❛ You don’t control me. ❜ 
  • ❛ Who do I have to show my boobs to to get this? ❜ 
  • ❛ Don’t show your boobs to anyone. ❜ 
  • ❛ They were gonna burn them alive! What the fuck? ❜ 
  • ❛ A lot of shady ass shit is going on. ❜ 
  • ❛ Are you trying to do the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? ❜ 
  • ❛ It’s gonna be your fault and I’m gonna have to kill you. ❜ 
  • ❛ Bitch, there’s no fucking government. Shut the fuck up. ❜ 
  • ❛ Get your own damn soda, bitch. ❜ 
  • ❛ I fucking hate kids. ❜ 
  • ❛ Did a cat just die or did you just yawn? ❜ 
  • ❛ I’m gonna give her eternal life. ❜ 
  • ❛ I feel concerned for that guy in the water. He might just end up drowning. ❜ 
  • ❛ Just because two girls are banging doesn’t mean it’s good porn. ❜ 
  • ❛ I have to put pants on, god damn it. ❜ 
  • ❛ I just want her to fuck me up. ❜ 
  • ❛ Is my dead husband’s wedding ring worth nothing to you people? ❜ 
  • ❛ This is probably cubic zirconia. ❜ 
  • ❛ I knew that pussy was too good. ❜ 
  • ❛ There is no god. ❜ 
  • ❛ Kick your computer in the dick. ❜ 
  • ❛ Nipple tattoos. New fad. ❜ 
  • ❛ What’s in my boobs? ❜ 
  • ❛ Too many sexuals. ❜ 
  • ❛ I don’t keep track of my pizza consumption. ❜ 
  • ❛ I swear to god, I roll my eyes every 15 seconds. Soon they’re just going to roll right out of my fucking head and into the abyss. ❜ 
  • ❛ If everyone in this show wasn’t so hot I wouldn’t be watching it. ❜ 
  • ❛ I believe in your daddy kink. ❜ 
  • ❛ I lost my period! ❜ 
  • ❛ My poor spine. ❜ 
  • ❛ Shit shit shit! I forgot the walnuts! ❜ 
  • ❛ I can’t let any of these squids in! ❜ 
  • ❛ Go pet that dog. Follow your dreams. ❜ 
  • ❛ Holy balls, Batman. ❜ 
  • ❛ Pizza made me have a religious experience. ❜ 
  • ❛ Sleep has failed me. I feel so betrayed. ❜ 
  • ❛ Oh, sure. Just come in my house and eat all of my pizza. ❜ 
  • ❛ You look like a bumblebee with red lipstick. ❜ 
  • ❛ These are some crunchy ass pretzels. ❜ 
  • ❛ French hookers. Gotta love ‘em. ❜
  • ❛ I’ve found your weak point! ❜