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21 for Komahina ? I hope you'll feel better soon !

Thank you! These days have been weird for me but having requests and writing them makes me really happy ♥

21. A Promise 

Now what? What were they all supposed to do? Was that a happy ending? Was it even an ending?

What was going to happen?

So many questions without answer, Hinata didn’t want to dwell on them so much anyways. But he couldn’t help himself, feeling that although everything was okay… there was someone who wasn’t.

The ship was sailing, they were supposed to help the Future Foundation in who knows what kind of disaster they were involved in. And they were going to arrive too late, he knew that. But if they were going to leave, no one should be left behind.

This way, they all waited for Komaeda to finally wake up, the last of them. Damn, Hinata really suffered waiting for that to happen. He was about to lose hope, but he just couldn’t give up. He couldn’t give up on Komaeda.

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Kuchisake-onna, the “Slit-Mouthed Woman”, is a paranormal figure which frequently appears in Japanese folklore. Legend says that the woman was mutilated by her husband after he believed that she was cheating on him. By slicing open her mouth, he was said to believe that no man would find her attractive again. Now, she haunts unsuspecting men.

When Kuchisake-onna appears, she is reported to ask “Am I pretty?” to her unsuspecting victim. If he answers “yes” then she will remove her mask to reveal her wounds and ask the question once again. If the man answers “no” or appears distressed by her appearance, she is said to slit his mouth from ear to ear. If he answers “yes” once again, then she follows him home and murders him as he sleeps.

Kuchisake-onna first appeared in Japanese folklore in the 1970s. Several rumours of how to escape her soon began to wend throughout the country. For example, many believe that if you give her confusing answers such as “you are average” then they have enough time to escape before she attacks.

The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 7)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Cursing (Tony Stark again!)

Word Count - 947

Notes – I’m too wordy!  I had to go back and edit out more filler, again!  I actually think the parts I deleted detracted from the overall feel of this part, so I’m not disappointed.  As promised, Bucky will be joining us, and things are about to get interesting!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 

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“What are you saying, Tony?” you asked again, scared that you already knew the answer.

“I’m saying that we were wrong, (Y/N),” he replied as he turned off the video. “Steve reached out to me a few days ago. He’s ready to come home and I think it’s well past time he did.”

“What about him?” you questioned.

Tony turned to look at you for the first time since you’d come into the room. “Barnes is coming, too.”

“I don’t even get a say in the matter?” you asked in complete disbelief.

“(Y/N),” Tony pleaded. “Hear me out on this.”

“No,” you stated.  “If that monster is coming to live here, then I’m leaving.”

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A strange feeling overtakes me when I think of you because it’s not that we were in love, I never got the opportunity to let myself fall for you but I still gave everything I had. My world was overtaken by questions that don’t have answers. Like why do people die and what fucked up force is keeping me alive when I simply want to stop existing? You were a mess that needed to be cleaned up and something inside me needed to assure you that you would be happy again, maybe not soon, but this wouldn’t last forever. So I pulled on a pair of gloves and grabbed a bottle of bleach and I tried to fix you. Not everyone deserves second chances, but when you watched your heart fall to the ground and shatter before your eyes my soul ached and I prayed that that’s what you would get because I know the feeling. Why do people hurt the ones they love? I don’t believe in a God but hell, if there is a greater power somewhere I wasn’t going to let my ignorance stand in the way of your happiness. So I reached down and gave you a hand. Yours were bleeding. I didn’t mind the blood stains as long as the tears on your face were replaced with a smile that made its way through the heartbreak. You never did get your second chance. I never did get any answers.
Q&A Saturday!

It’s Q&A Saturday! I’ve gotten a lot of new followers recently, so I just want to explain again that every other Saturday, it’s Q&A! It’s when I try to answer as many of your questions as I can! <3 This week I’m doing questions I wasn’t able to answer when my pen broke, so that’s why I didn’t make an announcement, but! You’re welcomed to send any questions you want for next Q&A or to be answered soonish with text! This post btw is non-squid! There will be a squid ver soon!

I’m not sure if you meant the pillow defense thing or just pillow kisses in general but I hope this is okay! <3

Not that he is very romantic, but he is less guarded of his heart than Garrett (but they both take a loooooong time to come to terms that they’re in love)! But in almost any universe, Dario is the first to say “I love you” but Garrett doesn’t take long to catch up  💕

While I mostly welcome shipping, Garrett is exclusively gay (side note: Dario is bisexual and Mei is aromantic) and he’s not really Mei’s type anyways LOL They’re good bros tho! 

(It’s a really sensitive topic for Dario)

I’m not sure if they would ever be ready for kids, but I drew this before so here you go! <3 I’m not sure about the name yet, but she’s got her dad’s love of sports and her other’s dad love of goofing off! 

She’s both “what their kid would look like” and their adopted daughter if they get one, because they just love her to death <3 

I’m sort of anti-genderbend (sorry!) It’s something I try to avoid, but I do have a rough draft from when I designed Kathy as a genderfluid boy! Using he/they, Keith is a gentle guy with a love for music!

(Sorry, I got serious vibes from Susan/Mandark’s hippie days LOL)

ROAR. (Imagine a soft honk) Also that’s probably because Dario is a lionhead bun! <3 Lionhead buns are called that because, you guess it, they have a mane around their faces! All my buns have set breeds that made them look that way (like Kathy/Jaleena being dwarf buns)

AAA! I’m glad you can! I’m worried my Spanish is iffy sometimes so I’m happy to hear this! Please let me know if I ever make mistakes! <3 And thank you for your nice words!  (I need to incorporate more Spanish dialogue with Dario/Gabby/Cable too)

It’s very rare, but the last one I watched was Mob! It was a good show ; O ; 

The answer, though, is yes, they do! Garrett gets cuddly and Dario welcomes it! And for reference, here is my NSFW blog! Tread with caution!

Oo! Dario’s perf idea of a date would be taking Garrett to try something outdoors and fun, like swimming, hiking, rock climbing, etc! Garrett’s not really into exercise, though, and rather spends their date watching movies at home with takeout. But! I think they would both agree that their favorite dates are the time they spend together in private (like watching the stars, cuddling in bed, taking naps together). Dario loves it most when Garrett falls asleep on him, and Garrett loves it most when Dario opens up to him during their talks.

Whoa! It’s nice to see excitement like this, aa! Q v Q Yes, Garrett loves watching Dario work out and play sports! He admires his athleticism! Dario’s fave sports is soccer and track, with an occasional baseball and basketball for fun! I’m not sure what he’d be bad at, probably anything that requires thinking/accuracy? Like archery, golfing, etc. And Dario does get hurt a lot but nothing really all that serious, and Garrett (so far) hasn’t been hurt yet watching (especially since he tends to watch from a distance, he doesn’t like crowds). And I can’t reveal any details, I def need to work on their stories soon, haha!

Yes, he has! Dario’s hair is a very dark brown but he dyes it to a lighter brown!

LOL It’s also funny because I’ve drawn him in one of Shakira’s outfit before

Now that I got my pen back, YES! I’m excited to draw my boys again! <3 And welcome all my new followers to my blog! Thank you for following and I really hope you enjoy your stay!

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! I hope you enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3

A voice in the darkness

Sherlock x reader

Note: and here is another one x) I am on fire xD I wrote this one yesterday before bed time from the suggestion of the lovely @prettyxlittlexwriter who beta-read it for me once again this morning. I tried something different this time since it’s supposed to happen when Sherlock get shot in HLV, you’ll see, several lines were taken from the scene, if anyone want them identified, just tell me :) Once again my computer is being an annoying little… so it chose not to work this morning, I’ll edit this as soon as I’ll have borrowed one (which actually shouldnt even take that long) additional thanks to the few who answered my question about Redbeard, I really needed to know his breed so yeah, thanks guys :D

With that I shut up and leave you to enjoy this :)

‘’Come on, it’s me. It’s me, come on! Come on!“
The dog ran to his master, barking happily as the sound of the alarm filled the air.
“Good boy, clever boy!”
The man lovingly pet his Irish Setter, fighting the panic menacing to take him over.
“Hello Redbeard. They’re putting me down too now,” he mumbled, as the canine tried affectionately to lick his face. “It’s no fun, is it, Redbeard?”

The soft sound of footsteps, somewhat still possible to hear with all the noise, had him turned around to face his friend.

“Y/N…” he tried to get back on his feet but failed miserably, wincing in pain. She knelt down beside him.

“Don’t try to get up, it will only make things worse.”

The sound of the alarm kept ringing louder and louder, his heart racing, fighting for his life.

“What do I do?” whispered Sherlock, panic filling his eyes.
“Breath,” she said calmly, taking his hands “It’s going to hurt, but I need you to stay focus. I’ll be right here, don’t worry.”

“Y/N, I-” he groaned in pain “… I won’t make it…”
“No, you will Sherlock! As long as I’m alive, I will not let you die!”
“You’re not even real, just a construct of my mind to-” he stopped in mid-sentence, gasping for air, crying out in pain as he fell against Y/N.

She held him in her arms, whispering to him in a soft and appeasing voice, getting through him in a way that only she knew how, as he kept groaning in intense pain.

“I might not be the real one, but I won’t let you down Holmes.”

He tried to answer her, to tell her it was probably too late even if the ambulance had already been there but everything went dark around him.


“Mrs Hudson will cry.
And Mummy and Daddy will cry.
And the Woman will cry and John and Y/N will cry buckets and buckets…
It’s them I worry about the most.
And that wife…
You’re letting them down Sherlock.
And John Watson is definitely in danger.”

He suddenly opened his eyes, groaning. No one would hurt his friend, not under his watch. Pushing himself up off the ground, he screamed in pain as he got up.

“Oh, you’re not getting better, are you?”

Now back on his feet, fighting the pain and the temptation to go back to the void for once and for all. Against the padded walls of the room, breath shallow.

“Was it something that I said, uh?”

To the door, screaming and then out as his archnemesis screamed his name, trying to lure him back into the nothingness.

A stairway, the exit was up there, he could feel it. Gripping the banister with all the strength he had left, groaning, then dragging his own self up to the next stair. Gritting his teeth, extending his hand once again and gripping another one to his surprise. It was Y/N.

“I told you I wouldn’t let you down Holmes.”

He wasn’t alone anymore.

She pulled him up to the next flight of stairs. Placing a hand on his back, half pushing him, she helped him to grip the banister once again.

A second hand on his is back, a bigger one, a man’s hand.

“Alright Sherlock we can do this.” John.

He had friends on whom he could count.

Pushing on his back to the next flight again, closer and closer to the top, getting stronger and stronger every step. Another hand, frailer, older, Mrs Hudson’s, and the larger one of Lestrade.

And he would never let them down again.

Higher and higher to the top of the stairs, closer than ever from the exit. One more step… Stumbling on the last one, he was about to fall down but a powerful hand gripped him by his shirt before he did, and pulled him up.

“Watch your step, brother mine.” Mycroft. ‘’It would be a shame if you were to have to do it once again, wouldn’t it?’’


He opened weakly his eyes, only to be blinded by the light over the operation table, as doctors were running around everywhere in the room, trying desperately to keep him alive. He closed his eyes once again, knowing he was safe now.

He did it.

Iron Will (Part 5)

Tony x Reader

Summary – Tony Stark isn’t a man who takes no for an answer, even if his feelings for you complicate an already delicate situation.

Warnings – Tony Stark’s flirting, PG-13 moments (this is as smutty as I get guys!)

Word Count – 1,620

Notes – This part is really hot and steamy!  I got a little carried away here and …well, you’re just going to have to read for yourself.  Tony is just too sexy for his own good!!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  

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“Sir,” FRIDAY interrupted again. “Hydra has attacked a city in Eastern Europe and Captain Rogers feels as though this is a mission that can only be neutralized by the entire team.”

You pulled Tony’s head up so that you could look him in the eye.  “Go. The world needs Iron Man.  I can wait.”

Tony buried his head in the crook of your shoulder, completely frustrated.  “Fine, but don’t move!”  He pointed at you with a stern look as he untangled himself from your embrace.  “I’ll be right back, and then we’re finishing what we started here.”

You rolled your eyes at him with a smirk on your face.  You watched as he tapped the watch on his wrist and in a few seconds one of his suits emerged out of the shadows in the corner of the building.  He stepped into it and gave you a wink as the face plate came down. He took off into the night as you continued to lay on the lounge, your overheated skin quickly cooling as night settled in around you.


You lay on the lounge for a few minutes to catch your breath.  If FRIDAY hadn’t interrupted, you would have ended up having sex with Tony Stark on the roof of your apartment building.  You knew you should be scandalized at the thought, but just thinking about it thrilled you.  Tony Stark wanted to be with you!  You just couldn’t wrap your mind around it.  You tried to keep a level head and tell yourself that he only saw you as a challenge, nothing more.  You could have continued to play hard to get, but what good would that have done either of you?  You were a woman with needs and he was renowned for being a ladies man.  If the past few minutes were any indication, you knew sex with him would be the best you’d ever had, potentially the best you’ll ever have.  You never knew if the next mission you flew out on would be your last, so why not live in the moment and take something for yourself for a change?

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Selling prints of my work over the last year for a limited time. 8x10′s for $20. Buy two, get one free. Message me or email me at engmank@live.com (Subject line: 2016 Prints) if you’re interested. You can find prints on my Tumblr page, Instagram and on my website at kylejengman.com.

Also thank you to everyone for the amazing support I’ve been receiving on Tumblr. I just hit 1000 followers on Tumblr and I am incredibly grateful for your support. I truly appreciate everyone who has gone out of their way to ask me questions or comment on my work. 

I want to do an FAQ/comments post soon where I answer anything you guys want to ask me. So send me all of your questions/comments and I’ll do my best to answer everything. Thanks again everyone!


This is what my desk actually looks like on a daily basis… :/

Side note: I don’t always use the whiteboard for studying/planning purposes which is why its not featured in most of my photos, basically I just remove it from the wall whenever I feel like it… :)

On a different note: I’ve been a bit inactive on Tumblr the past couple of weeks since I took a little break after my exams but I’m back again and will be answering all of your questions soon. I’m also working on a couple of posts, so stay tuned! • instagram/snapchat: charlenevenice


What’s up my dudes. I haven’t posted in a while.

Just about to finish the story outline and now just about to start whiteboxing all the campaign missions, write the characters, think about the script, and overhauling a lot of stuff in game. So… basically a lot of stuff still needs to be done.

Other than that, I did a minor lighting update and a tiny landscape parameter update. It should look a lot better and more coherent than before. I think the clouds could use a little bit more work too, so I’ll be checking that out soon. 

Now that I’m back home, I can work on the game again, and the game is entering the big push now. Expect to see more updates coming up! (hopefully)

Questions and Answers (They’re a bit overdue. Sorry about that)

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Scorbus. "Albus, come in here, we need to talk to you'" Albus heard his mother call from the living room.

Albus sighed heavily, and followed his mother’s voice into the living room, where he found his parents seated on the couch, waiting for him. 

“Albus,” his father began tentatively. “James’s tongue slipped the other day and, well… Are you and Scorpius together? Are you a couple?”

The question took Albus by surprise and his mouth hanged open for a few seconds before he could use it again in order to answer.

“I… Yes, we’re a couple. I-I was going to tell you soon, I swear. It’s just that- well, it never seemed like a good time to do it. But Scorpius, he makes me really happy. I really…” he trailed off when he noticed that his parents were beaming at him. 

“Excellent!” Ginny spoke enthusiastically. “I’ll send Draco and Scorpius invitations for our Christmas dinner right away!”


the next five paragraphs more like it lmao

Sorry it took me so long, Anon. But limiting myself to a certain amount of sentences proved to be so much harder than I expected. 

Dating Luke

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1500k+

Warning: NSFW

Should i make this into a series of non chronological events of big milestones in Luke & Y/N’s relationship or should i leave it as a oneshot? 

(Gif isn’t mine)

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((Hello all!  Thank you so much for all the amazing prompts and questions for Newt!  I’ve closed the ask box temporarily, so I can catch up and answer as many messages as possible without flooding the blog with answers only.  I hope to have it open again soon.

In other news, I’m completely blown away by how many amazing people I’ve met, and the response this blog has gotten in such a short amount of time.  Like woah.  I try to keep down my posts as the writer so it can stay focused on Newt, but I did want to thank you all!  I’m happy to answer any questions too, and I’m usually around in chat.  I can’t wait to write more.))

Something Unexpected [Part 6]

The request: You’re Clint’s younger sister who is first introduced to the Avengers when they battle Ultron and they need to stay at the safe house. You are soon sucked into the world full of heroes and villains when Steve takes an interest in you. [Reader has powers]

Pairing: Steve / Reader

Warnings: I don’t think so

Word Count: 1,450

Featuring: Clint, Wanda, Tony, Thor, Natasha, Banner, Ultron, and Pietro

A/N: Again, I hope you guys like it! :)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

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“Does this make me an Avenger?” You asked tearing robot after robot apart next to your brother. He grunted and gave you a look before shooting two more arrows not answering your question..

“I can handle this, if you leave now, maybe you can find Cap.” He said changing the subject causing your mouth parted in surprise.

“What?” You spluttered and watched as Clint gave you a smirk.

“You’re my sister, I know you better than you know yourself.” He said shooting another arrow before wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you both over the hood of a car so you could take cover behind the car.

“Ow!” You groaned as you both huddled close. “And shut up.” Clint rolled his eyes and you swatted his arm just as numerous robots began to walk closer to you.

Suddenly, doors shot open and Wanda appeared. Her eyes were glowing red, and red mist surrounded her hands. She shot out her right hand, crumbling one robot before moving it around to knock out a few more. Clint and you both stood up then, he shot an arrow as you raised your hands tearing a few more robots apart.

Wanda looked at both of you and Clint nodded his head, he was proud. “Well now you’re not the only one who likes dramatic entrances.” You mumbled and Clint groaned shoving your shoulder playfully


“Alright, we are all clear here.” Clint said speaking into the comm. You and him shared a look before you looked at Wanda who nodded.

“We are not clear! We are very not clear!” Steve answered and you instantly began to worry.

“Alright, coming to you.” Clint answered just as a blue blur passed you and Wanda disappeared.

“Keep up, old man!” Pietro’s voice called out as you stumbled back with a gasp. Clint groaned raising his bow but never shooting.

“Nobody would know.” He mumbled and you rolled your eyes, a smile forming at your lips at how annoyed he sounded.

“Nobody.” You hummed in amusement as he lowered his bow.

“”The last time I saw him, an Ultron was sitting on him. Yeah, he’ll be missed, that quick little bastard. I miss him already.”” Clint mumbled as you two ran down the street. You laughed at his words shaking your head at how silly he sounded. ‘An Ultron was sitting on him,’ repeated in your head causing you to laugh a little bit more.

“Okay brother, settle down.” You teased and he gave you a look.

“Don’t make me shoot you too,” he retorted and you rolled your eyes again, a smile still dancing on your lips.

As the city lifted higher into the sky you separated from your brother. You could feel the air change, becoming colder as the altitude made it harder to breath. The clouds made the street slightly foggy and you helped a group of people enter a building safely to stay away from the streets, away from the fight.

You had just turned the corner when you saw a S.H.I.E.L.D. life boat dock next to the city perimeter. A smile formed on your lips and grew bigger when you saw Steve running ahead of a group of people. “I got about fifty to hundred more coming after this group.” You heard him inform a guy as you ran with the group.

“Hey Cap,” You called out and watched Steve look around before spotting you.

“Y/N!” He breathed, his eyes widening a fraction as he took you in. Your smile grew and you crashed into him, immediately hugging him. “I thought- Y/N- I’m-” Steve stumbled over his words and felt him squeeze you tight. If you were going to die today nobody was going to stop you from doing this so without hesitation you stopped his stuttering by crashing your lips to his.

His body tensed before relaxing, his arms pulled you closer, deepening the kiss as people ran past you two and onto the lifeboat. “I missed you too,” you said as soon as you pulled away a smile on your lips. He looked at you dazed for a moment before he smiled and pulled you close again kissing you once more.

“We’re continuing this later.” He murmured against your lips and you nodded, you both smiling like dorks before going back to saving people’s lives.

“Thor, I got a plan.” Tony’s voice floated through your comm.

“We’re out of time.” Thor answered back, “they’re coming for the core.”

“Rhodey, get the rest of the people on board that carrier.” Tony directed.

“On it.”

“Avengers, time to work for a living.” And you watched Tony fly over you.

Steve threw you the shield, it protected you as you busted through the wall. You rolled to the side, throwing the shield back to him just as a robot followed him inside. He quickly turned around knocking the robot out.

“Romanoff. You and Banner better not be playing “hide the zucchini.” Tony called and your attention flickered to him confused. Did they really stay?

“Relax, shell head. Not all of us can fly.” Natasha quickly answered your unspoken question and you felt yourself smiling, proud that she and Banner decided to stay after all. And not even a moment after hearing Natasha’s voice, you watched her walk to you and ask, “what’s the drill?”

Tony turned and pointed at the metal core in the middle of the ground inside this church. “This is the drill. If Ultron gets a hand on the core, we lose.” Just as he said that, Hulk landed by the entrance tearing an Ultron apart and then walked inside. You then noticed Ultron himself come down from the sky, and hover a few feet away from you all.

“Is that the best you can do?” Thor roared and you grimaced when Ultron rose his hand and a bunch of Ultrons came running  and flying down the street. They stopped as he raised both of his arms out and you sighed.

“You had to ask.” Steve said looking at Thor.

“This is the best I can do. This is exactly what I wanted. All of you, against all of me. How can you possibly hope to stop me?” Ultron asked and Tony answered.

“Well, like the old man said…” Steve looked over at Tony like you did. But Tony faced Ultron. “Together.”  And then Hulk roared and the Ultrons came racing towards you.

Everyone surrounded the core as robots came from every angle. Thor’s hammer swung left and right, while Wanda’s mist shot out in every direction destroying robot after robot. Tony and Vision flew around in the air, knocking out any who came from above. And you felt the tingling in your hands grow as you ripped robot after robot. The feeling grew and slowly started to consume your body. Your vision blurred and you felt yourself begin to float up in the air.

That’s when Ultron came flying into the church, knocking into Vision. They both flew out and suddenly Vision, Tony, and Thor were using their powers to hold Ultron back as other Ultrons continued to come after the core.

You were now the only one in the air inside the church and you looked at your hands to see flames. You gasped and suddenly understood why you felt the tingling in your body. “Watch out,” you yelled at everyone below before your eyes turned white and flames consumed your body, bursting from you in every direction disintegrating all the robots that were in the church.

You only opened your eyes when you landed softly on the ground. Everyone was looking at you in shock. “Okay, you didn’t always have that, did you?” Clint was the first to speak up as they all moved over melted robot.

“Not that I know of,” you mumbled looking at the damage you caused. “But we gotta move out.”

“Y/N’s right. Even I can tell the air is getting thin.” Steve said standing next you. “You guys get to the boats.” He nodded his head at your brother and Natasha. “We’ll sweep for stragglers. Be right behind you.” He said giving you a glance, you nodded.

“What about the core?” Clint asked and you all turned your attention to the core Wanda was standing next to.

“I’ll protect it.” Wanda spoke up looking at you and then Clint. “It’s my job.” Clint nodded before looking at Nat.

“Nat.” He said before nodding his head in one direction, “this way.” She looked at you and Steve before quickly following Clint outside. Steve took your hand and you nodded at Wanda before running off with Steve in another direction.

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Requests are open again

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Hiya everyone!!! Requests are open again!!! Please request stuff because I love hearin your ideas!!! Now time to answer some possible questions and or thoughts!!

Your new so I won’t ask

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 Now that that has all been cleared up I hope to hear more requests soon!! Bye luv yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Season 7b finale sounds like it will be very emotional for our star couple..Do you think they would make it a cliffhanger situation? Meaning waiting 6 months to show us if Michonne is alive.

Sorry it’s taken me a little while to get back to you. I’m usually up at all hours of the night but I uncharacteristically fell asleep last night haha. But to answer your question, no I don’t think there’s going to be a cliffhanger this season. At least not a “who died?” cliffhanger like the one they did last season. Though the show did experience a bit of a ratings bump for the season 7 premiere because people wanted to see who the lucille victims were, the cliffhanger coupled with the slow pacing of 7a has led to the ratings of the show to start slipping again, which I’m sure AMC has taken notice of. I don’t think they’d risk doing another cliffhanger again - at least not so soon - because although the show is still one of the most popular on cable, it’s clear that people are starting to get fed up with their blatant disregard for their devoted audience. 

Now, this is all pure speculation on my part and I try not to seem too confident in my predictions for shows because I hate being wrong lol, but I’m quite certain that Michonne’s fate won’t be left up in the air. My reasoning for that lies mainly in the title of the finale for this season. Unless something changed since I last checked, the finale is called The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. It’s a very hopeful title, and I believe it’s meant to be the inverse of the season six finale’s title, Last Day on Earth. If the season six finale was about tearing down Rick and the rest of team family and robbing them of all hope, then the season seven finale is about restoring that hope and showing that there’s still fight left in them, which then leads to All Out War. So just going by that, it wouldn’t make any sense for everyone, especially Rick, to be ready to rally the troops against the saviors if Michonne, the love of Rick’s life, according to Andrew Lincoln himself, was presumed dead especially because there’s supposed to be another major loss for the group this season, but I won’t get into that on this blog. 

And like I mentioned in a previous response, the scene where Rick tells Michonne that he believes that they can lose each other was included for a reason, and I don’t see them putting off the payoff of that scene all the way to season eight. It would obviously still be relevant to us Richonne shippers, but the GA probably wouldn’t have that fresh in their minds, which is why I think we have to witness Rick thinking he lost Michonne only to realize that he hasn’t by the end of this season. 


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I asked a question a while ago about moving while autistic and I think you might not have gotten it? It's fine if you didn't and don't want to answer that's cool I just wanted to try again in case. Anyway. How do you handle as an autistic person moving? I don't know how to move house and I have to do so soon and I am incredibly anxious and just wondering if you had advice?

hello! sorry for taking a little while to get to you- i do remember seeing the initial ask but i cant find it now! 

I think moving for me was a little different than it might be for others because i was unhappy growing up in the house i was in. i grew up in a house with my mum and it was very negative + pretty bleak + we never liked it + a /lot/ of bad stuff happened in that house. when i chose to go to uni it was 40% pursuing a life and 60% escaping that house! the need to be out of that house motivated me to work hard to get into uni! 

so when i first moved out of my mum’s house and into uni accommodation i was genuinely nothing but relieved! i was so so so glad and i was so comfortable in my new home (i had a tiny studio flat by myself) (i’ll have it again next year!!!!!!!! happy megs) that i didn’t really feel the impact of moving.

however (and hopefully this is where i can help you a bit) last summer my mum then moved into a new house and that was a bit tricky. i think we were all really really glad and relieved to see the end of living there but i found the process of moving really really stressful! I think i actually got burnt out for a lot of the summer which is why my health is so precarious this year. 

I struggled a lot with the late nights of moving back and forth between the two houses + my mum would always leave me at home with the painters/plumbers/electricians etc and that was a nightmare, too. Im unsure what kind of stuff you’ll have to deal with but i have some small general advice!

  1. Packing: (I actually love packing) I always view packing as a chance to be ruthless and minimalise my belongings (which always makes me feel better about literally everything). I pack the things I don’t need first e.g. clothes i’m not currently wearing, books, knick kacks + ornaments etc + as i pack i also consider whether i still need what im holding! I think about whether it has sentimental value or whether I would miss it etc and act accordingly! (you dont have to throw anything out if you dont want to i just find it really nice + moving house is a good opportunity to be ruthless). Pack each book with a specific category in mind so labelling and unpacking is easy- e.g. “megan, books, bedroom” + then only pack books into it! (when i moved house i literally had a box that got labelled “megan, halloween”). 
  2. Routine: although moving house can be a bit all over the place, i ended up becoming really dependant on still having some kind of routine in place. e.g. still waking up at the same time, still performing my morning + evening rituals, still trying to eat dinner at the same time. often these would get knocked about due to late nights + lots of take-out while painting walls etc + so i started enforcing other smaller rituals e.g. always listening to the ramones while painting or running house-related errands, always eating the same small snack in the car on trips between the two houses, always reading the same book before bed to comfort me etc. these small routines can be literally anything + can honestly be a huge comfort because you’ll hopefully feel less like your entire existence is unravelling around you (which it isnt, youre gonna be ok). 
  3. Stimming + Special Interest Time: Even though you’ll probably be busy, still make sure you’re scheduling in time for stimming and special interests as they’re detrimental to the general wellbeing of an autistic person! when i moved in the summer i would read my SI book in bed which was a huge relief at the end of the day, and would always do planner stuff first thing in the morning (also SI). I would always bring stims in the car with me to try and use the time effectively + also became /really really/ echolalic the whooole time we were moving and decorating the new house. 

im not sure what else to suggest so hopefully this is a little helpful! good luck with it all! (my favourite thing about moving house was being able to decorate a new bedroom/safe haven)(i made lots of really careful soothing plans for it and that was exciting)(im doing it again ready for moving back into a studio >:-) in am excite)

take care!!