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Debut I/II


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Someone being called a bitch and a jerk. Kicking someone in a very sensitive, male spot.

Word count: 2k

Summary: You’re a small town actress catapulted to fame when you land a role in an immensely popular TV show. After turning down the flirtations of the lead male character, the media paints you as a bitch and you end up being bullied by his fans. Struggling to stay true to yourself, you find comfort and friendship in one of actors who makes his debut on the show.

This is a two-part mini series! No tagging sorry x

All Sebastian Stan’s characters & fics can be found here

A/N: Written for @bbparker

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Cartman would you sacrifice Kyle to the Gods for a donut?

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Since I know you've played FE Fates, how about Leo and Takumi for the OTP Meme?


Send me a ship and I’ll rate it!

hell no | how about no | eh | kinda cute i guess | that’s adorable | omg omg yes | otp | you’re fucking kidding right i’m dying because of these two

and i’ll also tell you who:

  • proposes: Leo ofc do you really think Takumi would throw away his pride like that
  • shops for groceries: Leo…he’s such a housewife he does all the chores and shopping
  • kills the spiders: I FEEL LIKE LEO WOULD LOL and Takumi would be really afraid of them and Leo would make fun of him for it CONSTANTLY
  • comes home drunk at 3am: Takumi;; whoops
  • makes breakfast: Like I said. Leo’s the housewife so he totally would
  • remembers to feed the fish: Leo again lol
  • decorates the apartment: Okay both of them would!! But their styles clash so much so it’s hard for them to come to a decision hahaha (one coming from dark and rich Nohr and the other bright and colorful Hoshido)
  • initiates duets: Honestly neither of them would be the singing type but if I had to pick one. Takumi
  • falls asleep first: Takumi!! Sleepy kid who pushes himself too hard doing archery all the time
  • makes the first move: Takumi!! He takes the credit for taking the initiative
  • plans spontaneous trips: Takumi probably. Leo is all about planning and Takumi’s just like “Hey I wanna go to the market and we’re leaving now let’s go” and Leo’s like “Wh–? I have a meeting at three, and then after that I’m taking Elise to–” “DON’T CARE NOW TAKE MY HAND WE’RE GOING”
Say it to My Face- tom holland x reader (part two of Dead)

Summary: Tom found out about your ‘new song’, he starts to treat you like shit again, and he doesn’t mind saying a few things about you too.  Now you’re trying to find out what the situation is, but he won’t say it to your face.

Inspired by ‘Say it to My Face’ by Madison Beer

Warning: language, angst (again)

A/N: This is a part two of Dead, and I just found out about this song and it sounded perfect for part two. Also this one is probably equally as long as part one idk

Part One

Requests are OPEN

“Y/N Y/L/N’s new single ‘Dead’ is hitting billboard’s top 100, passing ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheehan and ‘Sorry not Sorry’ by Demi Lovato.”  You smiled as you saw that on Clevver News’ twitter account.  Your song has been a great hit, and you got the opportunity to have a music video.  You retweeted the post saying “Thank you guys so much for listening to my song!” your post started getting comments, likes, and people started to retweet your post.  You look at the people who liked it, and saw Tom’s username pop up. Your heart froze. 

 Does he know that the song is about him? Are you dumb?! Of COursE he knows. Whatever. Maybe what went on between us two is gone.  Maybe he is just happy for me… Maybe.

Tell me, what’s your situation

I’ve been racking on my brain 

Just want some answers if I ask you

But I know you’ll never say it to my face

Say it to my face

 A few days later, a tweet went out from Tom’s account saying, “When somebody uses you for fame.. and also uses you in a song to get even more famous… I should’ve known that they weren’t worth it.”  People were commenting and saying that it definitely was about you, some people calling you a bitch, user, and many more where that came from. But, other people sided with you saying that you would never do that, don’t say that to her, etc. You were entirely grateful for those kinds of people. 

Because you didn’t use Tom.  You truly loved him with all your heart, but you’ve gotten over the way he treated you and you didn’t want to stay in a toxic relationship.  You didn’t know why he was all of a sudden making a huge situation on what he ended. And it’s more of him playing innocent while you were seen as guilty.

You were quick to subtweeting back, saying:

Please, tell me your situation. I just want some answers.” and following it up with                                                                                           

But then again, I know you’ll never say it to my face.

Your fans started to go crazy from being you act like a queen, comments saying “PREACH” “YESS HUNNY WORK” and it just put a toothy grin on your face that looked absolutely dumb.

Cause I’ve been up in the night

Just tryna be honest

But you’re cuttin’ the corners

You were once again on instagram live, and it was late at night, probably 1:30 am. early in the morning dumbass  You were just talking to your fans- but you like to call them your friends- answering questions they had for you. Then, one question popped up.

“What really did happen with you and Tom”

You thought it was just some other magazine account, but when you saw that it was a fan account (and multiple accounts were asking you about it too) you decided to tell them on how you and Tom broke up.

Everything was perfect, then he treated you like shit, you confronted him about it, he ended things with you, accused him for saying something that isn’t true, came to your door crying and begging for you to come back, declined, and made a song about him.

“And now, for some reason, he talks shit about me and says that I used him just for fame- which I did not.” you took a deep breath “I truly love him, and I tried to make things better when we were going out by planning dates, but he usually forgot and made other plans.” You looked at the comments, reading them, and went back to talking.  

“He was the one who broke up with me, and after that, I found out how toxic our relationship was, and I decided that I didn’t want that to happen again.  So, I moved on.  That’s when I found a video, where Tom said ‘he couldn’t live without me’” You emphasized what he said with using hand- quotation marks “And that was when I thought ‘wait, he was the one who ended things with me. Why is he the one mourning?’ and that’s when I put together all of what I felt into my song.” You were just answering a few more questions until you saw that it was too late for you to be awake.  “Ok, guys it’s like morning already, and I’m starting to rant.  So, bye and I’ll be back here soon when I have free time.” you ended the live stream and went back to sleep.

You woke up with a vibration on your bed, seeing that your twitter- once again- is going crazy.  You opened the app and saw what Tom posted.  It was a video of your live stream last night, but it was only the part where you were talking about him. In the text, he said:

“@y/u/s/n, you know, it’s not good to lie to your fans.”

You couldn’t believe it.  You were just trying to be honest, but he was cutting the corners.

Holding on close to you pride

You got a good reputation,

But it’s no revelation

When you’ve been running all over town

Making a fool of me now

Instead of just stating the truth, he has to make up all of these rumors to make himself look good.  He doesn’t want to be seen as a jerk. Instead of calling him out, you actually call him.  You go to his contact, press call, and the ringing starts.

  ‘ Ring. Ring. Ring.  Im sorry, the caller you’v-’ you hung up the phone.  You did that for a solid two minutes until he finally answered.

“Y/N, what do you want?! Can’t you see that I don’t want to talk to you.  I’m also reall-damn it-  r-really busy right now.”

“Tom, what the fuck?! Why are you talking shit about me when I didn’t even do those things you.”

“Are you sure about that?” “Yes! Why the hell are you being such a jerk the a few months back you came to my door crying?!”

“Your song is basically about me, Y/N!  You’ve basically used me for fame!”

“No, Tom.  That is just me trying to let out all of the emotion that you put in me.” you emphasized the ‘you’ while saying so “if you didn’t do all of those shitty things to me, that song wouldn’t even be made. It’s all your fault in the end.”


“And now you’re just running around everywhere making a fool of me, making up rumors just to keep up your ‘good reputation’” you said with sarcasm dripping from your mouth.

“You know what, I don’t even have time for this” you heard him mutter before he hung up.

You just- loudly- sighed and rolled your eyes.  You couldn’t believe how Tom was acting.  First, he was a jerk to you and broke up with you.  Then, he comes to your doorstep crying and begging to take you back. And now, he comes back to being a jerk by making you look bad to everyone just to keep his good reputation.

(Tell me, tell me, tell me)

Baby, what’s the situation?

I’ve been racking’ on my brain

Just want some answers if I ask you 

But I know you’ll never say it to my face

Say it to my face

(Tell me, tell me, tell me)

Tell me, what’s your allegation? 

You’re accusing me of something

I don’t wanna be mistaken

If I ask you will you say it to my face?

Say it to my face

(Tell me, tell me, tell me)

You start to see more and more of Tom making such a big situation over you.  You just want some answers, asking him why he is doing this, but he never gives a clear answer. You know he has a reason for doing this, but he will never say it to your face.  

You wonder if you are the one to come up to him, he might say it to your face.

‘Cause you’ve been bluffin’ behind

Those shades that I bought you

Doing it just like I taught you, oh

Can’t look me straight in the eye

Too intimidated

But it’s no revelation

When you’ve been running all over town

Making a fool of me now

Finally, you got the chance to meet Tom, with the luck of keeping it a secret so no paparazzi people will find you two.  You sat down in a booth, and you saw familiar chocolatey hazel hair go into the cafe.  He was wearing sunglasses, specifically the ones you bought for him.  You remember that he was needing new sunglasses, and you saw a pair of those in the mall, and you knew that he would love it.  And apparently, he did.  That was about four years ago when you bought him those shades.

You quickly went out of your thoughts when he sat down in front of you.  Shades still on, arms crossed, and full on poker face.  You knew that he didn’t want to be here, but you just needed answers from him. 

“I just need to know why you are doing this to me.”

“Doing what to you?” you knew he wasn’t even looking straight at you.  His face was staring directly right at you, but his eyes were looking at everything except for you.  

“You know what you’re doing to me.  You’re making up all of this crap just to keep up your good reputation.”  He still wasn’t looking at you.

“Look, the reason I’m doing this is because I’m just getting back at you for the song.  That’s all, okay?” he said with the slightest bit of worry in his voice to the point where you could barely tell, but you heard it loud and clear.  

You knew that wasn’t all to the story.  He was just bluffing behind those shades he bought you.  There is more to the story.

“You know what? We’re done here.  I know you’ll never say it to my face.” you said and stood up.  He finally looked at you but you had already turned and walked out of the booth.

Tell me, what’s the situation? 

Make me come to your location

I’m not good with confrontation

I’m just asking you to say it to my face

Say it to my face

(Tell me, tell me, tell me)

“I’m pretty sure that you know what the situation is.  So.. why are you still bugging me about it?”

You could not believe it.  It was almost a week after you and Tom’s little meeting, and all of a sudden he is doing this again.  You decided to call him to talk about it- once again- because you just wanted him to tell you, straight to your face, what is happening.



“Tom, please.  Just tell me what the situation is between us.  I can come to your house to talk about it.  I know I’m not good with confrontation,  but I just need you to tell me- straight to my face- what is the situation.  Because I’m so tired of my thoughts racking in my brain.  I just need you to explain all of this.”

“Listen, Y/N.  I’m sorry that I did this to you.  I’m sure that my explanation will be reasonable, but not now.  In another time I will tell you why I am like this, but not now.  I can’t do it right now.  I don’t have a reason why not now, but just bare with me, ok? I’m sorry.”

You took a long pause, deciding that you shouldn’t push it.  “Ok, Tom.  I trust you.  But please, just stop all of this.  It is getting tiring for me.  Just tell me when you’re ready.”

You didn’t give him time up, since you already hung up the phone.  

You then again, like last time, took a paper and pen, wrote down a few sentences and chords.  You turned on instagram live and a crowd started to form.  You started to sing:

“Tell me, what’s the situation?

I’ve been racking on my brain

Just want some answers if I ask you 

But I know you’ll never say it to my face

Say it to my face”

You played a few chords until you saw comments.  There were mostly people saying that this will be a new song, which isn’t false.  And others were saying rather mean things about Tom.  

“Guys, please.  Stop it about Tom.  I know he said rather mean things about me, but you don’t need to say that about him.”

You ended the live, after saying bye to them, and let out a rather loud sigh.

You knew that you had to get over Tom.  You somewhat did, but you knew you had a special place in your heart for him.  But you knew that someday,  there will be somebody else that will care for you the way Tom didn’t.  


A/N: I hope you guys like it! Give me feedback on this!! Also if you have anything you want to request, requests are open!

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Adopted Daughters - Part Two

An AU in which Jenny turned Laoghaire over for shooting Jamie so Marsali brings Joanie along when she elopes with Fergus.

Part One

The ship rocked hard and Claire rolled into the wall of the top berth, catching herself just before she smacked her forehead. From Marsali’s groan below, she hadn’t fared as well.

There was a quiet murmur and further subdued grumbling from Marsali as Joanie slept on, buffered by her older sister’s body and her own smaller size.

Claire yawned and squinted at the small porthole window on the other side of the small cabin. It was difficult to tell whether the light coming in was the glow of predawn or unfiltered moonlight. The water could be incredibly reflective when there was little cloud cover and the moon was close to full. It didn’t matter what time it was. The sloshing of the water so close was triggering the need to void her bladder.

There was a trick to climbing in and out of the top berth without bashing her head on something or falling unceremoniously out and onto the floor. Claire was getting closer to mastering it. She rubbed her head where she’d grazed it on the lip that came down from the ceiling as she crossed to search for the chamber pot, praying the ship would stay steady long enough for her to pee without either falling over or sloshing the pot’s contents onto her bare feet.

She felt Marsali’s eyes on her as she ducked behind the small curtain in the corner that offered her a little bit of privacy. It was more unnerving to discover Marsali still watching her through narrow eyes as she made her way back to the berth.

When she got close enough, Claire saw the way Joanie was familiarly sprawled in the berth with her limbs thrown across Marsali and making an already cramped berth even smaller. It reminded her of when Brianna would crawl into bed with her during thunderstorms or after she’d had a nightmare. No matter how many times Claire would straighten Brianna out and shuffle her to her own side of the bed, she would always wake with a hand or occasionally a foot in her face and only an inch of space to call her own.

The memory had summoned a nostalgic smile, one that Marsali saw and resented. She took hold of Joanie’s limbs and rearranged them so that her sister was back on her side of the berth, then with her eyes still on Claire, Marsali resettled herself lying on her side with her back to the wall. Finally she draped her arm over Joanie though whether it was meant to be protective or to restrict the smaller girl’s movements as she slept was unclear.

Claire bit her lip to conceal her amusement as she successfully negotiated her way back up and into her berth. She lay on her back and smiled as she stretched her limbs to the full extent the cramped space allowed. There were moments when Joanie looked so much like Brianna had as a child… And then seeing her with Marsali…

Would Brianna have come to her bed seeking comfort half so often if she’d had Faith to turn to as well? Claire had never had a sibling of her own and so always had little experience to base her wonderings on when her mind drifted to what Faith would be like if she’d lived and how she and Brianna would have been together as sisters. Marsali certainly expressed a stubbornness that some would see as Fraser in nature but what was the underlying force driving that stubborn streak? For the Frasers, it was undeniably love, the need to protect those most dear. That’s what would have driven Faith as Claire had seen it drive Jamie, Brianna, and Jenny.

She turned her mind back to the sisters sleeping below her. What drove Marsali’s stubbornness? Was it the same as what had driven Laoghaire’s for so many years? That selfish need to have what she wanted and damn the consequences to anyone else, even those who depended on her? Laoghaire’s stubbornness in holding onto Jamie—not even to have him for herself, but to prevent anyone else from having him—had left her daughters in an incredibly vulnerable position. What would Marsali do if she ever had to choose between having Fergus and protecting Joanie?

Claire shivered and rolled over. Just because Joanie looked like Brianna didn’t mean they were entirely alike and the same was true for Marsali and Laoghaire. The girl might be Laoghaire’s daughter and have her hair and some of her attitude, but Marsali was her own person and it was up to her to decide who that was.

Marsali put the extra bowl of parritch in front of Joanie as she sat at the table across from Fergus. She hadn’t swallowed three bites before she felt the pressure of his foot on hers. She felt her cheeks go hot and lifted her eyes to meet his.

“Is there honey I can put on this?” Joanie asked, drawing Marsali’s attention away from Fergus. “It’s so thick I can hardly mix it and it doesna taste like anything.”

“There’s no honey and no like to be any till we make port in Jamaica in a few months’ time so ye’d best get used to it while there’s parritch at all.”

“If you ask Milady, she might be able to speak with the cook to find something that will make it taste better,” Fergus suggested.

Marsali used her free foot to kick Fergus’ off hers. He raised an innocent eyebrow to her glare.

Joanie looked up from the parritch sticking like glue to her spoon and caught the glances back and forth between them. “I think I’m done. My stomach isna fully settled yet from yesterday. Do ye ken where Da is?”

“He is indisposed. His stomach is not settling well either. Perhaps some fresh air will help you, though,” Fergus said with a look to Marsali. “There is not much to do aside from walk on the deck but I would be happy to go with you and answer your questions.”

“Can we, Marsali? Please? I didna get to see much when we came aboard yesterday. Ye had us below deck so fast and then we were barely up top again when—”

“Aye, Joanie, I was there too, was I not? I ken how it was and yes, we can walk about up top just as soon as I’m done with my parritch. I’m no so choosy about it as you,” she said in a scolding tone before taking a big mouthful to demonstrate her own willingness to adjust to their new circumstances without complaint. It tasted terrible and stuck to the roof of her mouth but she grimaced through the bite and managed to swallow.

She gave Fergus a small kick under the table when she caught him from the corner of her eye trying desperately not to laugh. He looked more triumphant than she did when she swallowed the last bite and he pushed himself up from the table.

“Shall we, mademoiselles?”

They made their way up onto the deck and started to stroll along the rail. Fergus was able to give explain the technical terms for some of the rigging and was relieved that his limited knowledge hadn’t been completely exhausted before Joanie’s interest in it. They’d come across Yi Tien Cho with a bucket of water and an odd looking paintbrush tracing unfamiliar characters on the boards of the main deck.

Fergus and Marsali left Joanie learning to draw the Chinese characters and continued on their way together, more alone than they had been since the final decision to forge ahead together had been made. There were several of the crew on deck busy in their own ways. There were some in the rigging tending to the sails and a few sitting and mending nets while others tossed the repaired ones over the side to test them and hopefully catch something to supplement their suppers.

Marsali slipped her arm through Fergus’ and leaned her head against his shoulder as they sidestepped the slippery mess on deck where the latest catch had been dumped. She felt the chuckle ripple through his chest before his kiss pressed to the top of her head.

“Were you as miserable last night as I was?” she asked. “I’d hoped to share my bed with you and instead I had Joanie kicking me in shins and smackin’ me in the face.”

“And what makes you think I will not do such things sleeping next to you?” Fergus teased.

Marsali laughed as they reached the end of the stretch they could walk and turned to head back. Joanie was on her hands and knees beside Yi Tien Cho, mimicking his movements with the long-handled brush.

“Though, I would take the kicks and the elbows and the hitting over the smell and the sound of Milord’s retching,” Fergus confessed. “One is bad enough but both together is enough to make my stomach sour in sympathy.”

“Poor Da. Is there nothing to be done for it?”

“Milady is giving him a special tea that is supposed to help but it does not stay in his stomach long enough to work yet,” Fergus explained. “But I am sure she will think of another way to help Milord.”

Marsali groaned. “Will ye stop goin’ on about her like she’s a saint? Ye ken she’s the reason—”

“Marsali, stop,” Fergus snapped. “I understand that you have heard things about Milady from your mother but what about the things you have heard from me, hmm? I knew her too and so did Milord. Have you not seen how happy he is now she is restored to him? Do you think he could love someone so awful as what your mother says? She is not a saint but she is not a witch or a whore either. And given what your mother did to Milord and how she speaks of me, she is not one to be speaking ill of others.”

Marsali pulled her hand from Fergus’ arm and stormed off only to realize they’d reached the far end of the deck again and needed to turn back once more. It was true that her mother could be ungenerous with her words and Marsali had told her so on many occasions—especially when her mother fell back to calling Fergus a son of a whore—but Marsali couldn’t help the way hearing other people say such things riled her up to defend her mother. And look at all that her mother had suffered over her years? Two husbands dead and buried, two mouths to feed and those lassies who couldn’t help with the farm the way sons would have. Another husband who at the very least sent money and didn’t beat her but who promises to leave her altogether when another woman comes along.

Marsali sighed and looked to Fergus who was standing waiting for her to rejoin him as she made her way back along the rail. Before she moved again she saw a flurry of activity past his shoulder and squinted to see better. He turned to follow the direction of her attention and hearing something, ran to the hatch and called down for help.

Looking back to the group, Marsali spotted Yi Tien Cho gesturing for people to back away. That was when she spotted Joanie’s legs. She wasn’t standing watching the commotion; she was lying on the deck. Whatever had happened, had happened to Joanie. Marsali ran.

Dating someone with anxiety entails:

-them saying sorry at least five times a day
-promising doesn’t come easy
-them not wanting to order food themselves
-them asking you the same question about fifteen times
- telling them it’s okay and that they’ll be okay
-them being nervous for seemingly simple tasks
-making phone calls for them
-texts as soon as you leave
-sweaty palms
-repeating directions multiple times but then realizing they really don’t want to go alone so you go with them
-answering the same question multiple times
-constant reassurance
-them always being early never late
-directions can never be clear enough
-checking to make sure something is done correctly multiple times over and over again
-them constantly freaking out
-and anxiety attacks

This is my experience and what I need add what you want.
My Savior

Type: One Shot | Imagine about Shawn M.
Rating: Rated PG-13 (Violent Warning)
Word Count: 2,713

I could feel the cold of the road against my skin. My breathing was shaky, it was like I couldnt catch my breath. I closed my eyes for a split second, trying to figure out what was wrong. I looked up as the snow started to fall, I saw the man standing there. The knife in his hand was dripping blood, my blood to be exact. Once again I closed my eyes as I knew it would be easier if he attacked me again. I heard footsteps come near me, I tried my hardest not to move. If he thought I was died he couldnt do anymore to me. He used his foot to turn me over, I kept my eyes closed and I stopped breathing. I heard his footsteps walking away as I could hear the car in the distance. I pulled myself off the road, it was pitch black so the odds were against me. I could feel the blood running down my legs as I started to walk. I finally made it to where there were street lights, I was hoping someone would see me. At this point I was wondering if dying would be easier. I was getting weaker with each step but I knew I needed to keep going. I stopped to take a breather, leaning against a pole. I could hear a car coming to a stop and a door opening up.

“Are you ok?” he asked as he rushed over to me.

“Uh?” I was so out of it.

“Come on”  he wrapped his arm around me leading me to his car.

My knees got weak and I couldn’t walk anymore. He picked me up placing me into his car, returning to the driver seat. I felt the warmth of the heat around me as I laid back against the seat. I slowly started to drift off and I guess I blacked out. I didn’t remember getting to the hospital I just remember waking up there.

“Where am I” I looked around the room.

“You are in the hospital” the nurse said.

“Am I ok?” I asked.

“Yeah​, just need time to recover” she said.

“Thank you” I whispered.

“Don’t thank me, you should thank the man who bought you in” she smiled slightly.

“Do you know where he is?” I looked at her.

“He said he would return later” she nodded slightly.  

“Ok” I laid my head back against the pillow.

I drifted off to sleep, I guess hours passed. I could hear his voice as he enter the room, I started to move slightly in the bed. I opened my eyes and saw him standing there. He was my savoir but I could admit he was the man of my dreams. Tall and dreamy, gentle but manly I could stare at him all day. I bite my lip as he looked over at me. I could see the smile grow on his face as he realized that I was ok.

“You are ok” he smiled as he sat down next to the bed.

“Thanks to you” I looked at him.

“I couldn’t let someone die on the side of the street” he chuckled slightly.

“I guess not” I smiled slightly.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“As good as I can, I guess” I laid my head back.

“That’s good, im glad that you are feeling better” he spoke softly.

“Thank you….Wait what is your name?” I asked.

“Sorry, my name is Shawn” he placed his hand against mine.

“Nice to meet you Shawn, Im Y/N” I responded.

“Beautiful name, better question is what happen?” he asked.

“Question to be answered at a later date” I looked at him.

I found myself staring into his eyes, losing track of what was going on. I finally looked away closing my eyes as I felt a sharp pain. I took a deep breath in, I knew I needed to get out of the hospital. He wrote down his number on a piece of paper, laying it on the night stand. He soon left since visiting hours was over. I waited for the nurse to leave the room before removing the iv. I pulled myself out of the bed slipping on my blood stained jeans. I tied the gown so it was kind of a shirt since my shirt had to be ripped from my body. I slipped my shoes on grabbing my phone and the piece of paper before making my exit.   I got into the elevator waiting for the door to close, That’s when I got spotted.

“HEY” the nurse called out.

I kept hitting the button and thank god it closed before she got to it. I leaned against the wall as I calmed myself down, no one could take care of me the way I could. I finally got off the elevator and made my way out of the hospital. The sky was pitch black, but a streak of lightening lit up the sky. The road of thunder made me jump as I wasn’t expecting it. The rain started to come down as the wind started to blow, it was a mixture of beauty but also danger. It was my type of scene, I started to walk down the street.

“Where are you going?” I heard someone asked.

“Home” I keep walking.

“You will catch a cold, get in please?” he said.

I turned around and I saw Shawn standing there. We were both getting soaking wet with the rain picking up. I looked up into his eyes, nothing else seemed to matter. Some how he took my mind off everything as well as the pain. I started to believe in love at first sight, but could he be my prince charming who came to rescue me? He moved closer to me putting his jacket over my head. He leads me back to his car, allowing me to get into it before getting in himself. The road was pitched black, all I could see was what the headlights hit. I leaned back in the seat as we went down the street. The rain started to pick up as the thunder rolled in. Streaks of lighten flashed brighting up the whole sky. All the lights were out in the city, he finally pulled up to a building. He disapeared into the night sky as he got out of the car. He opened the door, I jumped because I wasnt expecting it.

“Come on” he grabbed my hand helping me out of the car.

“Thank you” I said as I stayed close to him.

He opened the door allowing me to enter first. I heard the door close behind him, his hand still holding mine. I felt my way to the couch as he let me go, moving to the kitchen. He came back with a candle lit so we could actually see each other.

“I dont know how long the power will be out” he sat down next to me.

“I have no clue” I looked at him.

“You are safe here” he nodded slightly.

“Thank you for everything” I said.

“Its ok” he smiled slightly.

“Ill get out of your hair in the morning” I looked away quickly.

“I dont mind helping you” he titled my chin back towards him. “You are beautiful and deserve the world” he looked at me.

“I…” I got lost in his eyes once again.

He kept his hand on my chin, brushing his thumb against my chin. I leaned my forehead against his as our eyes were locked to each other. I took a deep breath in pulling away from him. I leaned back against the couch, just taking everything in. I couldn’t believe that I was so close to death until he came and saved me. I didn’t understand why he saved me or what the catch was. For some reason I felt safe with him, as if he would never hurt me. I closed my eyes as I started to drift off. The next thing I knew was the sun started to peek in the window. I shuffled in the sheets, but soon realized this wasn’t where I fell asleep. I sat up on the bed looking around confused, I had no idea how I got into his bed. I eased myself out of the bed making my way downstairs. I found him in the kitchen cooking, I must admit it smelt good. I leaned against the door frame as I watched him cook.

“Is that for me?” I asked.

“Why yes, it is, ” he chuckled slightly. “How did you sleep?” he asked.

“Fine, just don’t know how I got into your bed” I admitted.

“I carried you upstairs, ” he nodded slightly.

“Oh ok” I smiled slightly as I took a seat at the table.

He put the plate in front of me before moving back to the stove. He grabbed two bottles of waters as well as his plate before sitting down. We started to talk while we ate, it was like I knew him forever. I’ve never met someone that made me feel so comfortable, and was easy to talk to. I finished eating so I got up putting my plate in the sink. He moved behind me reaching to the sink, his arm around me. I took a deep breath as I felt his body close to mine.

“You are going to wash dishes?” he slides his hands down my arms.

“Maybe, ” I bite my lip slightly.

He guide my hands over the dishes, I slightly tighten the grip. I leaned back against him as he rested his head against my shoulder. I smiled to myself as we washed the dishes. He soon to pull away as we finished with the dishes, I returned back to my seat. He sat down across from me, for a second it was quiet.

“Can I ask you something?” he broke the silence.

“Sure” I nodded slightly.

“Why would someone want to hurt you?” he asked.

“It’s complicated” I looked down, not really wanting to answer the question.

“We don’t have to talk about it, ” he got up kneeling in front of me. He placed his hand against my chin titling it up slightly. “You are safe, ” he whispered.

“Thank you, ” I looked into his eyes.

“I believe in destiny, it was faith that we meet, ” he smiled slightly.

“Yeah Shawn” I smiled.

He brushed his thumb against my chin as we locked eyes again. I soon closed my eyes as I felt a sharp pain, I gripped my leg. He helped me upstairs, taking my pants off so we could clean the staplers. Over the next few weeks I stayed with Shawn, not because I didn’t have a place but because it was fun. I finally got my staplers out and got the clear to do whatever I wanted to do. Shawn was such an amazing person, I didn’t know how I got so lucky but I was glad I did.

“Hey” he smiled as he came into the room.

“Hey, ” I looked at him as he sat down behind me, wrapping his arms around me.

“What are you doing?” he questioned.

“Just checking a few things” I leaned back against him.

“So you want to go ice skating tonight?” he kissed my cheek.

“Sure” I laughed slightly.

“Do you know how?” he asked.

“No, ” I played with his hand.

“I’ll show you, ” he whispered into my ear.

“Sounds good, ” I said.

“So it’s a date, ” he said as he stood up from the bed.

“A date?” I smiled.

“Yeah a date, ” he leaned over to kiss me softly.

I left his apartment making my way back to mine. I took a quick shower before putting on a pair of jeans. I tried to dress as warm as I possibly could since I knew it was going to be outside. Plus, it was ice skating so it was going to be cold. I laced up my snow boots as I heard a knock on the door. I ran downstairs opening the door so Shawn could come in. He walked in sitting on the couch as I went back stairs. I finally finished getting ready and we were on our way downtown. The nerves started to kick in as we pulled up to the place. I took a deep breath in as he got out of the car. Opening my car door holding out his hand for mine. I grabbed his hand and got out of the car, I followed him to the ice rink. He got out skates as I sat down on the bench, of course he helped me get my skates on. He sat down next to me putting his skates on, I smiled as I watched him. I stood up with his help, we both walked towards the ice. He got onto the ice first, guiding me onto it. He placed his hands on my hips as he started to skate backwards.

“Don’t let me fall” I held onto his shoulders.

“I got you” he smiled.

“Good” I smiled as I started to move with him.

He kept his promise and never let me fall. We finally got off the ice and I sat on the bench as he took our skates back. He came back to me grabbing my hand as we started to walk back to the car. He opened the door for me, making sure it was closed as soon as I got into the car. He made his way to the drive side and we were off again. I played with his hand as he drove, with each red light he would lean over kissing my cheek. I couldn’t help but smile, I turned on the radio as we both started to sing at the top of our lungs. He pulled into a restaurant parking lot turning the car off. I undid my seatbelt but he grabbed my hand pulling me closer. Placing his hand on my chin, his lips pressed against mine. I smiled against his lips before kissing him back. I placed my hand on his chest as I kept the kiss between us. I soon pulled away resting my forehead against his, I could see the smile grow on his lips. He moved away from me as he got out of the car. This time I beat him to it and got out before he could open the door. I grabbed his hand intertwining our fingers together as we walked into the restaurant.

“What are you getting?” I asked as I looked over the menu.

“Probably pizza” he chuckled slightly.

“Can we share?” I asked.

“Of course, if you bring your ass over here” He said.

“Oh, I didn’t know you wanted me to sit next to me” I got up moving to sit next to him. He placed his arm around my shoulder, holding me close to him,

“I always want you close to me, I have a question, ” he looked at me.

“Go for it” I nodded as I played with his hand.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked.

“You want a relationship?” I looked at him.

“Yes, I do, with you, ” he kissed my forehead.

“I would love that” I leaned up, kissed him softly.

We finally ordered our food and drinks. I stayed close to him as we started to talk, but once the food arrived it got quiet. I would look at him from time to time, realizing how lucky I was. It was official I got to call him mine and boy was I happy about that. We finished eating, he got up to pay the bill. I took a few more sips from my drink as I waited. I saw someone walk through the door, I froze once I realized who it was.

“You’re still alive” the guy said.

“Ready babe?” Shawn said as he grabbed my hand.

“I’ll fix that” the guy said as he pulled out a gun, pointing it directly towards me. I swallowed hard as I closed my eyes, I knew things had finally come to an end.

Worthy (Reader x Thor)

Word Count: 1658

Summary: Reader is a goddess that can control the elements, and reader secretly has a crush on Thor. 

A/N: Guys. GUYS. THis was so fun to write. Pulling at my Norse heart strings. I feel you! Hope you enjoy!! (also, Y/N, you’ve totally got some Avatar powers. Oops. Enjoy them)

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Eternity and radiance of... friendship

You know why VKM 13.5 ended up to be one of the best chapters of the sequel so far?

Not only because it showed us the characters we haven’t seen for a long time, but because the story finally switched to a new, fresh focus - from never ending and already exhausted topic of Love to Friendship, which is no less important actually.

We got bits of it in some previous chapters with Yuuki and Yori but, to be honest, the focus of their conversations was usually centred mostly around Yori asking Yuuki to move on and start any kind of romantic affair with Zero. Which is, to be fair, also not as bad a thing: it’s a better choice for Yuuki to live on and cherish the moments she was given (at the end of the day, this is what Kaname also wanted for her). So their friendship was shown more from advisory side. But here, in VKM 13.5 we were driven to a point when the author was trying to speak about what friendship actually is. And it’s far from only giving pieces of advice. Friendship is about compassion and support.

To wrap up the line with Yuuki and Yori, I’d like to say that I totally loved their part of the chapter though there were just a couple of pages. Yuuki has mixed feelings about Yori’s question and this is no wonder. Yuuki knows what being a human is and how serene and carefree human life is, but she also completely understands Aido’s side - to be doomed to live a longer life when your beloved one has been already gone is a terrible thing. Moreover, Yuuki doesn’t want to lose one more dear person so soon again, I think? Yuuki sees all benefits and disadvantages of vampirism and can’t give a proper answer to her friend. (Besides, there’s always Zero who would freak out if Yori took a decision to be turned, it also was depicted in the chapter). But what is important, she says to Yori very good words:

No matter what your decisions are, I’ll support you with everything I’ve got.

So even if deep in her heart Yuuki is against Yori’s decision, no matter what it is, she comes to a conclusion that she will support Yori expressing her utmost respect towards her friend because of her personal understanding of difficulties of this situation.

Now we come to a more complicated case.

Takuma had to witness Kaname taking severe decisions and going a dark and thorny path. But instead of going “screw you filthy bastard” way Takuma, while condemning Kaname for doing it, got deeper into understanding him - why and what for he did that. He expresses his compassion and full understanding of Kaname’s position in it because he still sees the full picture of his best friend’s true nature:

The contradiction of you falling into the darkness, while trying to counter it for the sake of protecting the light.

Takuma was able to acknowledge that condemnation is not enough. Especially when Kaname was aware what he was doing - he was already condemning himself by confessing in his sins and planning to atone for his past/future deeds. And in this situation there’s the point when you start questioning yourself: what was it all for? It wasn’t for gaining any extremely personal goals, might or revenge. There always was something greater than that and it was rooted deep in his past. Of course, a personal reason is always present, but at the end of the day personal reasons are the instruments that fuel our determination to do something even bigger. We have to base our decisions on personal experience, ideas to change anything don’t come out of the blue. And Takuma was allowed to look into Kaname’s soul and see the spreading wound in it that let Takuma understand what it all was for. Probably when and where it’s been started and why Kaname didn’t let himself look back and change his mind.

The fact that Takuma clearly sees that Kaname fell into the dark to protect the light and instead of simply condemning him he came to sympathize him (I’ve ended up feeling love for this beast’s suffering) makes me feel proud of him. He looked into the core, he saw Kaname’s true nature and… stayed on his side. He expresses compassion to Kaname’s contradictions and supports him in his future way on walking on a light side. Because he knows what Kaname did was always for the sake of light, even if the actions were radical. Which means Takuma (as well as Yuuki and the rest) believes, no, even more - he knows that  Kaname has strong will and ability to fight the darkness till the end to face the light he’d been longing for.

Takuma also talks about a very interesting thing in his bond with Kaname. He says 

Some may say that this attachment is because I’m a pitiful man whose soul was sucked out by a pureblood vampire


I think it’s friendship, but honestly, whichever it is, I’m fine with it.

By many fans Takuma is considered to be a vampire who easily falls into charms of purebloods and some may ask themselves if Takuma really was Kaname’s friend or it was just another case of pureblood attraction for nobles. The story with Sara makes a good example to assume this is not that: as soon as Sara dies Takuma isn’t seen mourning over this loss, not even at least one time he says a word about her or remembers her. Which means, when a pureblood dies any types of imposed ties seem to be not workable anymore. And what’s more important, even when Takuma was under Sara’s pureblood charms he still behaved loyal towards Kaname and didn’t look as her fully faithful servant. The moment Sara dies, Takuma turns to Kaname. The moment Kaname dies, Takuma stays on his side.

And though it’s obvious for us that this is friendship (God, even the chapter itself is titled “A vampire who speaks of the friendship that sustains him”, no over-analyzing is needed lol) Hino sends a really good message I liked:

Is it so much important to dig deeper trying to find out the source of it if you feel comfortable with this relationship?

It isn’t. If you feel okay with it, if this relationship sustains you then get rid of all the demons that are nagging you from the inside. Entrust your heart into it if this is what pacifies you. No need to waste time for figuring out if it’s a true friendship/love just indulge yourself falling into the warmth these feelings give to you.

homicidalholmes  asked:

Are you planning another part to your Military AU? Or, do you have any other part-sketch doodles you did for fun? I'm absolutely in the love the idea of Sniper Lance and your artwork of it is BOMB! :D

i get this question so many times and, well, i guess i have to answer it again. I really do want to continue the military au sometime but i’d really rather work on other projects or drawings right now. Any and all sketches i’ve done for the voltron military au is posted here, except for some doujinshi exclusive comics i included in Voltron Force [Battlefront]

Yes i’ve thought about it, but no im not going to be working on it anytime soon. Please stop asking. 

i do have some sniper lance drawings i want to do so it’s in the works! Thank you so much for enjoying it!! :>

anonymous asked:

Can you do 26# “Why are you so impossible to shop for?” . I love your writing btw, it's so full of love!

26: “Why are you so impossible to shop for?”

“Why are you so impossible to shop for?” Danny muttered to himself, looking around in the store for the millionth time but still finding nothing. Finally he gave up, sighed, and turned to his friend. “Kono, this is hopeless. I’m never going to find a good Christmas gift for Steve here.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find something. He’s actually not that hard to find a gift for. Besides, we all know what he really wants and that’s-” Kono started to answer, but they were interrupted by Steve walking up to them.

“Hey! Did you guys finish all of your shopping yet?”

Kono didn’t answer the question, but instead a knowing smile lit up her face before she started talking again. “Oh good, you’re here. Steve, look at Danny and tell him the name of your favorite Christmas song, please.”

“All I want for Christmas is you?” Steve answered, looking at Danny with his eyebrows raised.

As soon as Danny realized what had just happened he groaned and put his face in is hands to hide his smile. Kono just laughed, and Steve looked more confused than ever.

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The Messenger | Part 1 | In Which She Meets the Bat, or the Bat Meets Her | (DCEU)

Hi, hello, bonjour :D

Here I go again, starting a new fanfiction… Hopefully, I’ll finish this one…

This takes place during Batman V Superman.

Summary: A strange young woman arrives to Gotham with interesting news.

Words: 864

Author’s Note: Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there. Also, I know absolutely nothing about the DC Comic Universe, aside from the DCEU movies and the TV shows Arrow and The Flash.

OC portrayed by Nina Dobrev

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Lies of Escape

I really want to go somewhere that no one will ever find me,

And the person that I am right now will be gone and far behind me,

I did it once before, but came running back again,

Only to find all had changed and I had stayed the same,

If running isn’t the answer, then I need to find one soon,

Just rolling with punches but I’m running out of room,

But when I’m backed into a corner and escape seems just a myth,

The voices take control and I just tighten up my fist,

Thinking is the end of nature, and feelings are it’s lie,

We were not meant to question, but just eat and fuck and die,

Self awareness is the curse that makes man give up on true instinct,

Mine is saying stay and fight until my fists are numb and bleeding.


Vernon Imagine: Once or Twice

Originally posted by sneezes

You were putting on your ice skates when Vernon came and sat next to you after he got his pair. He began to put his on while asking you, “So, have you ever done this before?” You smiled and said, “Uh, once or twice.” He nodded and said, “So is this an okay second date?” You nodded, “Yeah. This is great. Besides, there’s like only 2 other people here. So this is amazing.” He smiles to himself knowing he did the right thing. Once your skates were on you waited for him to finish his as you put your shoes off to the side and you looked around at the snow falling from the sky only to land on the ice inside of the rink. You smile as you’ve never been so happy to go ice skating once again. 

Vernon snaps you back you into reality as he says, “Okay, ready?” You nod and he gets on the rink instantly wobbling but he eventually catches his balance, “Okay so this is going to be actually hard to get the hang of but once you do you’ll be okay.” You laugh at him as he almost fell once again. He looked back at you, “You coming?” You get on the ice only to skate right over to him. He looked at you with amazement, “How did you do that?” You shrug, “Beginners luck?” You said more as a question than an answer. 

He grabbed your hand and you skate around with him a couple times and then you see the other 2 people start to do tricks and spins and Vernon notices that you were looking at them, “Don’t worry. We’ll be able to do that soon. Promise. But for now, I must use the rest room.” He goes off of the rink and he puts on his ice skate guards and he heads to the restroom. You decide to do some spins and turns while he’s in the restroom. You smiled at you began to do the tricks remembering when you learned them and how much fun you always had when learning, or doing, them. 

 Once you stopped doing tricks you just stopped to catch your breath and that’s when Vernon walked out and he took of his ice skate guards and he headed to you, “Hey. Whoa…..you’re out of breath already? Should we stop?” You shook your head, “No I love this.” He smiled at how much fun you were having. You both decided to come to an agreement and get some food and hot chocolate then you could come back in and skate when you were done eating and skate some more before heading home. 

You grabbed your food and you ate a lot of food before deciding to get back out on the ice. You and Vernon decided to learn at your own pace and so you decided why not take this opportunity and do some twists and tricks. So you did exactly that. You began to do some tricks and Vernon looked at you to see if you were doing okay and he was met with a professional figure skater. His jaw dropped looking at you. He stopped completely and just watched you as you just did so many twists and tricks one after the other. You ended it and you were out of breath. You looked up to check on Vernon and he was standing there just looking at you in amazement. You giggled and made your way over to him, “Are you okay?” You asked him. He looked at you up and down and said, “I should be asking you that.” You laughed and said, “Uh, I’ve been doing figure skating for a long time. I just don’t do it for a sport, just for fun.” You say smiling. He looks at you and he begins to skate away saying, “We’re never doing this again. You’re making me look like a wimp.” 

You both decided it was time to go home so you returned your skate and put on your normal shoes and on the walk way home Vernon put his arms around your waist and pulled you close while mumbling, “Once or twice….yeah right.” You smiled and giggled as he just kissed your cheek. Even though he was upset that he couldn’t do the tricks you could he still complemented you all the way home. 


A/N: I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for the request! It might be a little shorter than normal or it could be really long to what you are you used to reading. But either way I hope you enjoyed this a lot! But thank you for requesting. <3  - Admin M

smile (crystal snow) ; park jimin

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genre › angst, fluff, songfic, mature themes

Originally posted by parkjmzl

Like snow piles up, I remember what you gave me: you gave me the courage to live.

It was frustrating, overwhelmingly frustrating, to be stuck in a hospital bed all hours of the day. You could do nothing but… breathe? Stare at a wall? Stare out the window? Sleep? It wasn’t like you could do anything, anyway, which made the vexation even worse. Your body was still too extremely weak to, for example, even stand. Getting on your feet would result in dizziness and nausea, and afterward: heavy disappointment. Irritation. Despair. Sometimes, you felt your worse from these small things; things that made you bite your teeth and hold back tears, things that made you feel like mere

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