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How do you manage to draw characters the same way in every frame..?! Is it just practice or is there some tips? :D Please!! I feel like only if I color them they look similar :P (looove your art btw)

oh my goodness thank you for this message!

I hope I don’t disappoint with my answer, but honestly just practice. And it’s also difficult and frustrating!! I was actually drawing Dean recently for the first time in months and I FORGOT HOW TO DRAW HIM. I’ve drawn Dean Winchester hundreds of times yet taking a break for a few months ruined it all. But when you draw the same character enough they WILL start looking the same. For example I couldn’t figure out exactly how I wanted Ephraim to look, and you may notice in the first several pages his appearance changes very slightly. Even with Alex I have trouble with him either looking like the suave prince he is, to looking like a sunshine child, that I am still trying to find a happy medium

And with the SPN characters- it took me forever to find a version of Dean and Cas that I liked!!! So just draw them over and over and eventually they’ll look similar, and it’s ok to change your mind about how you view them! Have a happy day, anon and good luck!! :D

On the first day of school, our first assignment in film class was to spend ten minutes in class writing our response to the phrase “What is Art”. While we were writing, the professor had Pandora radio playing on the speakers, and a Papa John’s ad came on and went on and on and on and on about pizza. So, because that’s all I could think about, I wrote “Art is Pizza and Pizza is Art”. After ten minutes were up, the professor had everyone read aloud what they’d written, so I did. Everyone got a kick out of my answer and it started becoming a meme throughout the school. Every class, someone would bring up without fail and apply it to whatever we were talking about. Even the teachers would bring it up.

Fast forward a few weeks; our latest project was to spend 3-5 minutes telling a story/message using an unconventional medium, like a costume, something you cooked, a song you wrote, or something like that. One kid (who’s also in my art class) got up and presented his work: a beautiful detailed painting of a single piece of pepperoni pizza against a striking red background. The entire class clapped for 3 minutes and that was his presentation. We’re planning to hang his painting somewhere in the school and let future students wonder about the existential meaning behind a painting of a piece of pizza and why all the first-year-students walking by are laughing at their confusion.

So anyway, that’s how I helped start a meme at school.


You try to comfort Yoongi after he gets injured

So, after hearing the news about Yoongi today, I felt the need to write this. For those of you that didn’t hear, or that heard the misinformation that’s been spread around, Yoongi tripped over a door frame and hurt the outside his ear. He doesn’t need surgery, and it doesn’t seem to be serious, but he has to sit out of the next few performances. And, if any of you are newer ARMYs or don’t know what happened, the mention of Kobe in the text refers to last year when Yoongi got sick and wasn’t allowed to perform in Kobe. He ended up tweeting an apology, feeling like he’d let everyone down and asking fans to forgive him.

Kinda feel like writing a scenario to go with this, but I’m not sure. If you guys want it, I’ll do it. I’ll also try to get more requests out soon, I promise, but - as you can probably see - I got a new phone! And at first, all of my texts and calls were going to my Dad’s phone as well for some reason, so I couldn’t do fake texts… Finally got it figured out today though I hope so I should be able to start working on requests once again~

i’ve got quite a few messages in my inbox abt jinyoung’s appearance in legend of the blue sea so im just gonna answer a lot of them here with my thoughts. no, that kissing scene is not cute. no, it’s not romantic. no it’s not anything to be fangirling about. that girl he’s kissing is 14 years old. jinyoung is 22. if they wanted the love story around that point then they should’ve casted an older actress or not have casted jinyoung and instead a guy much closer to her age. i don’t blame jinyoung for this, the decision was out of his hands, it was in the script, he’s just the actor and he had to just play his role. but i’m getting sick and tired of seeing this recurring gross theme in k-dramas of young girls getting casted to act with older guys.

So, Season 2 on Netflix...

Hi LoliRockers

So, it seems the whole Season 2 is already available on Netflix. I’ll be honest : I knew it would happen eventually, but not so soon. :) 

I invite you all to refrain from posting spoiler for a few weeks, or at least to give the proper tags so people can avoid getting spoiled.

Enjoy this new season, and see you all soon to discuss about it. ;) (PS : I have many messages, I can’t answer them all, sorry for that.)

…First post after month….I feel so bad about it :( but I’m like super busy with my internship at the psychiatry and the work is already stressing me out a lot, so I won’t be able to post stuff anytime soon. Thanks for sticking with me anyway

So here is a GinnyxLuna commission I did back in December, just to tell you I’m still alive 8)) And thanks for the messages and request and kind words I received in the last few month, I will answer them all as soon as possible!

krvshnaa  asked:

Have you ever considered that, like America, Europe has a sense of hope for migrants and instead of resisting innocent, hopeful families, you should welcome them? I can understand the weariness but the whole "this land is ours" is extremely outdated. No one owns land, whether they think so or not. The idea of antifascism, without its violence is a sense of common sense as fascism does its job with targeting minorities. Non-whites are not niggers or monkeys, we are human like you.

It is always the same text. These messages repeat and repeat without really addressing what I write. Well, I am going to answer you. 

First of all it is not possible to compare America to Europe.
Then, “’this land is ours’ is extremely outdated”… really? An ideology which is a few decades old declares a natural fact that humans have known for hundreds of thousands of years as outdated just because a couple of kids think so? 
It is fashion and it will be gone in ten years, I promise you, because either will we find our way back to our roots and accept the necessity of being a strong culture, or islamisation will just end our existence. This is simple to understand and it already happens in Europe: If you combine the fact that birth rates of migrants are about three to four times as high as those of European people with the ongoing migration, Europeans will be a minority in Europe in 20 to 30 years, promoted by the fact that their are already quite a lot of islamist politicians in Europe. It is not the multicultural utopia you image. It’s not going to happen. Also this is not racism or “white supremacy” - on the contrary it is the admission to the fact that Europeans are weak and decadent today and that there are other cultures that are more vital and stronger today.

Now, “innocent, hopeful families” - I don’t wonder about your opinion if that’s how you see things. I want to help those people, especially women and children, but I want to help them in their countries. Bringing them here doesn’t help anyone. First it destabilises the states they came from even more, which again helps militant groups like the IS - a vicious circle. Then, it destabilises our own states. With the masses of migrants came masses of terror, rape, murder and other forms of crime and violence. It’s not that I would tell you it’s the fault of minorities or migrants in general, but rather it’s the fault of our own decandece. Also they have no realistic chance within our economies besides serving capitalist industries as “human capital” - masses of people seen as exchangeable goods, just like our own people are seen by economy.

 Again, “innocent, hopeful families” - in fact about 70-80% of the people who come here are young males. 
Europeans have built this continent with sweat, tears and blood in thousands of years, millions of people died for it. Men who leave their homelands in times of war are cowards. If you want your home to become a better place, you fight for it and you work for it and then you shall have peace. The world is not Disneyland. Good, because Western civilisation in its modern form is not an example and I am thankful that we go through times of change. People are empty consumers who serve liberal capitalism which is destroying the beauty of this planet. Only strong cultural roots can stop that, because an individualistic society without traditional values will always fall for a consumer culture, replacing the ethnocultural identity which is politically represented by the nation (allthough I am not even a nationalist, but that’s another topic).

So we do own land and it’s the only natural right of humans to defend their own way of living. What people need to learn today is that loving your own roots and culture doesn’t mean hating others. Making a difference between “we” and “the others” is natural, it doesn’t mean hate. For what you wrote, please see this question I answered.
What you believe - “nobody owns land” - is anarchy, an illusive utopia that would essentially lead to another order again. 

The “idea of antifascism” is just antifascism. It is not an idea, it is an obsolete movement prolonging a past to the present, because there is no Fascism today. I will probably write a post about what Fascism actually means to clear up your illusory view on it.
Thinking there is Fascism (e.g. Trump or Putin) means a fundamental misconception of what it even means. Antifascism is not an idea today - because it is just a movement against something that doesn’t exist anymore - but an instrument of terror against people who simply don’t share leftwing or liberal opinions. Ironic: in that way it has become a bourgeoisie instrument of capitalism, fighting against traditionalism and conservative ideas, which leads to a “levling” of cultural “barriers”, making the way free for liberalism.
Let me give you an example: Berlin today has a leftwing government and they want to cut down a nature park (which is hundred years old) to build a place for refugees. That’s a good example for what I try to tell you: migration, capitalism, destruction of nature - they work hand in hand and you - indoctrinated by the media - don’t see it. But of course that’s only a small example for a process that goes on in all of Western Europe. 

But it is probably useless to write it. Rightwing parties will win in all of Europe and you will see: it will be better for Europe like it will be better for the people who experience war today - because what makes war today is not traditionalism or “Fascism”, but liberalism. 

I would also suggest to take a look at the questions I answered before. You may find them here


Ripped Away - Lee Taeyong

I based this off of a song called “Ripped Away” by This Wild Life. I recommend listening to this song at some point, I absolutely love it. It’s my favorite song by This Wild Life. All the song lyrics I used are in bold. I hope you enjoy!

Genre: Angst

Words: 1785

All it took for you to confront him was two weeks. Two weeks full of ignored messages, cancelled plans, and excuse after excuse. These two weeks made you need answers.

It started small, a few cancellations here and there but what can you expect, your boyfriend is Lee Taeyong, the leader of SM’s newest super-group NCT. At only 20 years old, he has a lot of pressure to make sure his team does well. These cancellations weren’t anything new by any means. Almost all your plans were rescheduled only to be cancelled again around the time of his debut. Now as an idol, you’d at least expect some dates to go through.

But half way through the first week, you started becoming skeptical when his excuses started becoming… weird. Usually he just mentioned a new schedule change or a new unit debut he had to prepare for (it was rumored for NCT 127 to be coming back soon, so none of these seemed out of the ordinary). It was when he started saying that “I promised Chenle I’d take him out to ice cream” even when you already knew Chenle had different plans with Renjun or “my mother just surprised us and I can’t have you over” despite no inflection in his voice changing that made you question him. Sometimes, he’d skip the excuse completely and just stand you up.

That led to the most recent problem you’ve been experiencing, getting absolutely no response from him at all. One message quickly turned into five which turned into 10 and soon to 15; 15 messages left read but with no reply. After that, you simply gave up. If you wanted change, you’d go to him yourself.

Which leads you to where you are now, at the front door to Taeyong’s dorm. You rang the doorbell without much thought, you knew that if you continued to think about it, you wouldn’t be able to do it. Nothing could calm your heart at this point, and hearing the approaching footsteps didn’t help either. When the door opened, you weren’t met with Tae’s face, you were met with another man, Jaehyun.

“Oh! Hello, what are you doing here?” Jaehyun asked politely. The politeness, however, could not mask his widened eyes and his reddened face.

“I think you know why I’m here, Jae. Is he home?” You asked trying to peer into the dorm, it seemed quiet, no kids running around causing chaos. Dream must have a schedule, you thought.

Jaehyun peered into the house before turning back to you, shaking his head, “I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

“Jaehyun…please. I need answers.” You could feel tears start to form as you basically pled to the man to let you in.

“Please, just believe me. It’ll be the best if you just leave, okay? You don’t know what’s hap…” He started to close the door, but before he could, a new voice cut him off.

“Jae, where are our extra tissues?” What was standing in front of you completely broke what was left of your heart. There, stumbling out of his room, was a frail and fragile Taeyong. His face was sporting under-eye bags as if he just returned from a shopping spree. His eyes themselves were blood shot, swollen, and wet as if he spent the days emptying the ocean out of his eyes. His hair stuck up in multiple directions and his clothes were just as tattered. To keep it short, he looked like a mess. While Jaehyun was distracted by the leader’s presence, you took the opportunity to enter the dorm.

“J-Jae, what are they doing here?” he asked quietly before disappearing back into his darkened room. You tried to race in and stop him but all you got was a door slammed into your face.

“Taeyong, please open this door, I need to talk to you. Please…” you couldn’t manage to conceal the tears. They soon poured swiftly over your cheeks.

“Just leave okay? Please.” His voice was weak and shaky, and you could barely hear it over the weight of his body being pressed against his creaky door.

“Just tell me what’s wrong. Did I do something wrong? Am I a bad partner? I need to know, so I can change and make you happy again. Just please tell me what I did to make you hate me. ” You rested your forehead against the cold door - hoping, just praying, that he would open it and let you come into his arms.

He took a large sigh before responding, “Honestly, if you think you’re the problem then you really need to leave before you get all your hopes crushed. Don’t you see what’s going on?”

“Tae - please don’t tell me you’re breaking up with me.” You didn’t want to believe it, and with every word, it triggered your cries to become louder and harsher. Jaehyun stood behind you, silent, and slowly decaying. “I honestly thought it’d be us against the world forever. You know I love you, and I know you love me, too. Why are you doing this to us?”

“Stop lying to yourself, I’m a horrible person and you know it. I’m a horrible boyfriend.”

“T-Tae, what are you talk-.”

“STOP. Don’t try to sugar coat it. You deserve so much better. You deserve someone who isn’t me. Someone who can actively make plans with you, someone that can make you feel loved, someone who has their future figured out and can support you - all things I wish I could’ve done for you. I’ve hurt you so much and yet you’re here, trying to convince me to continue. I can’t keep doing that. I’m turning into everything I hate and for some reason, you still want that in your life? You expect me to be this perfect boyfriend and I can’t do that. I can’t be anything you want me to be. Not now.” His sadness turned slowly into anger as he continued speaking. With every word, your heart shattered.

“What about me?”

“Don’t you see I’m doing this for you?! Chittaphon had the audacity to tell me to start caring for your feelings more. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t care! I wouldn’t hurt myself in order to make you happy if I didn’t care. I can’t even look at you right now because I know that I’ll crumble into your touch. Even my eyes are swollen because I can’t have you around so if you tell me I don’t care, I think something else may be the problem.” Your head started to ache. This couldn’t be happening. How could the man you love so much think so lowly of himself? “I’m toxic, and I don’t want you to crumble with me when the inevitable happens. This way, the inevitable is less painful.”

By the time he finished, all your tears were gone and dried on your face. There was nothing left to come out at this point besides you weak and raw voice, “What does that mean for me, then?”

“It means find someone worthy of yourself but for now, just go. Just go…” His body lifted from the inside of his door and his footsteps became quieter as he walked towards his bed. There was no talking to him now.

“Hey…” Jaehyun slowly whispered. He was there the entire time, shedding a few tears of his own.

“Leave it, Jaehyun.” You said before rushing towards the front door. His arm reached out and grabbed your arm. You quickly shook it off with force and weakly addressing him, “I said leave it, Jaehyun.”

The last thing you remember about that night was walking home in the rain, which seemed to develop as you rid yourself of all your tears, and weeping yourself to a restless sleep.

~ 2 Months Later ~

The first month away from him was full of pain. It seemed as if you couldn’t avoid him. Social media was absolutely flooded with him, but what could you do, Taeyong was extremely talented and you always knew that.

The second month however, began to finally look up. It seemed as if you found someone else, despite him being an idol as well and in such close proximity to your first love. It was hard at first, but he made you remember what happiness and love felt like. You always had happiness and love from friends, but the love from a relationship is so much different and you missed the sensation after Taeyong’s departure.

After a long day out in the winter day, you craved to go home to a warm house. With you, you brought the mail in and set it on your counter. You skimmed through it and saw the usual; bills, spam letters from companies, newspapers, along with the occasional coupon packet. There was one item that caught your eye. You could recognize his handwriting from a mile away. You quickly ripped open the letter while trying to scan your brain for an explanation on why he would write you - nothing you could think of could be a valid reason. Inside, it wrote:

My Love,

I know you didn’t expect me to write you but there were a lot of things I left unsaid on that night. I don’t have the spine to go to your place to tell you in person, so this will have to do. Back then, I didn’t have the strength to just come clean, I was feeling weak and hurt. Now, I feel I have just enough strength to get this out without breaking down.

I hope you know I still love you (I did address you as “My Love” and all). I was reckless with your love, I know I never gave you enough. But what can I do? What can I say? Nothing I can do will ever win you back after all I pushed you away. If you ever forgive me now, it would be too soon. I know I wouldn’t forgive me. I let you slip away from me.

I should have never let you go. It’s all my fault but it feels like you were ripped away from me, and by one of my friends too. I hope he treats you well, that was my one wish from this after all.

I try not to regret much in life, but letting you go was my greatest mistake.


By the time you finished reading it, your new boyfriend came home and wrapped his arms around your waist, trying to warm up himself from the cold.

“Hey babe, what’s that?” He asked resting his head on your shoulder. You looked over it before crumpling in your hand and snuggling into your boyfriend’s touch.

“Oh…Just nothing, Jaehyun.”

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(This is the closest I got to a teary Taeyong rip) 

Short Hiatus

Hey everyone. I think I need to take a few days off.

If you haven’t already heard, something horrible happened today. Sensei is gone. We’re all in pain and I can’t concentrate so answering asks would be useless. I need to be with the turtles right now. I need to support them. They need me.

I just need a few days off to grieve and clear my head. I’ll try to be back online soon. I’ll still be replying to direct messages whenever I feel up to it. I hope you understand.


I’ve been asked for quite a few ~*~themed~*~ book recs recently, and I thought rather than expending the energy of answering a billion (four) different messages I’d just answer them all in one post and everyone can steal each other’s recs! yay!!

summery reads for swanky beach holiday: 

  • CALL ME BY YOUR NAME BY ANDRÉ ACIMAN – if one of those trashy, sizzling, whirlwind summer romance books you can buy at the airport had a lovechild with nuanced introspective literary fiction then it would be this, the best, book.
  • THE BEACH BY ALEX GARLAND – possibly an obvious one, but reading about the eventual ruination and collapse of a secluded hipster beach utopia in the 1990s is what every beach holiday needs. 
  • THE GOLDFINCH BY DONNA TARTT – this book is pure summer to me, possibly because a) I read it in summer, some of it on a beach, and b) a big slice of it is set in Nevada. fantastic beach book because it’s BIG! THRILLING! UNPUTDOWNABLE! but also heartrending in the best way.

gateway drug books/YA primers:

  • THE RAVEN CYCLE BY MAGGIE STIEFVATER – I honestly think this is the best YA SF/F series out there right now. it has absolutely everything: magical realism, magical magic, intense and realistic friendship, romance, Ronan Lynch, robotic bees. show me a more iconic quartet. I’ll wait. 
  • THE ALEX CROW BY ANDREW SMITH – I love absolutely everything Andrew Smith writes. his books are weird and wonderful and, I genuinely think, really important for Teen Boys. I know generally Teen Boys are The Worst, but these books are gonna help them be Not The Worst. 
  • BONE GAP BY LAURA RUBY – love that magical realism life. plus, Bone Gap was a National Book Award finalist for YA and won the Michael L. Printz Award, which… damn. 
  • THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN BY HOLLY BLACK – I get the feeling everyone looks at me funny when I rec this book, but I’m serious. it’s a new take on old tropes, breathes life (lol) into vampires again, and stars an incredible female protagonist, her bisexual ex-boyfriend, a bunch of nutcase vampires and a trans babe. it’s Everything. 
  • BOO BY NEIL SMITH – so many middle grade/YA books have ~messages~ that smack you around the face all the way through, but this isn’t one of them. it has some Quite Obvious messages, and it sounds like The Most Trite And Predictable Thing In The World, but it is unbearably wonderful and subtle and absolutely stunning. 

funny, sweet, generally feel-goods: 

  • GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE BY ANDREW SMITH – this is my favourite book. I always fall back on my original one-sentence synopsis to sell it: ‘half bonkers McCarthy era sci-fi b-movie, half high literary introspection, narrated by a bisexual teenage boy who talks like The Perks of Being a Wallflower written by Stephen King.’ [ETA: the group chat dragged me for including GJ in this section, so YMMV…]
  • THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE BY PATRICK NESS – this one is packed to the brim with overdone, predictable YA SF/F tropes, except it’s about all the normal kids on the fringes who aren’t Chosen Ones and don’t have magical powers but do have anxiety disorders and shitty burger jobs. it’s HILARIOUS and absolutely lovely. 
  • A HERO AT THE END OF THE WORLD BY ERIN CLAIBORNE – imagine Harry Potter having a panic attack at the last second and Ron Weasley saving the world instead. this is that, except a thousand times more diverse and also hysterical. 
  • THE WATCHMAKER OF FILIGREE STREET BY NATASHA PULLEY – this is the single most gentle book I have ever read. it’s a sweet, loving caress of a book. there’s also explosions and science and clockwork and civil war era Japan, but trust me. it’s a soft embrace. 

A/W collection reads: 

  • WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE BY SHIRLEY JACKSON – apparently I was the only person in the world who didn’t already know why the villagers hated the Blackwoods. I was completely in the dark until the book revealed it and yo. yo. if you haven’t been spoiled for this book, then run don’t walk to your nearest bookshop IMMEDIATELY. 
  • UPROOTED BY NAOMI NOVIK – this is a classic high fantasy ~girl stolen away to a far-off tower~ thing except it’s SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT and also LIT. low key Beauty and the Beast/high key Koschei the Deathless and Marya Morevna vibes, except with less Stockholm Syndrome and less murder.
  • THE CIRCLE BY MATS STRANDBERG – this book is about a bunch of normal yet very different girls from the same school in small-town Sweden finding out that they’re witches, and it is absolutely amazing. I haven’t read the other books in the trilogy because I’m trying to drag it out as long as humanly possible. it’s that good. 
  • THE GRAVEYARD BOOK BY NEIL GAIMAN – baby toddles into a graveyard; baby is raised to young adulthood by an entire graveyard’s worth of ghosts and one lone vampire. ultimate nice Halloween read. 
  • THE SECRET HISTORY BY DONNA TARTT – I’m always torn between ‘this book is an absolute masterpiece and deserves to be lauded among the classics’ and ‘a bunch of hipster fucking idiots murder a douchebag’. it’s probably somewhere in between. the first time I read it I was on a deckchair in Spain, and yet it’s still the most A/W book I have ever read. 
  • STATION ELEVEN BY EMILY ST JOHN MANDEL – the human race slowly being wiped out by a not-at-all-sci-fi superflu, juxtaposed with a post-everyone-dying-of-the-superflu band of nomadic actors putting on Shakespeare plays for small villages of survivors and contemplating the universe. made me feel very small and irrelevant and human. 

anonymous asked:

do you have any blog recommendations?

oh boy, I have a lot! I’m not sure if you were thinking specifically in the marvel fandom or something, but I’m gonna assume not! I’m probably gonna forget a few, but here are some of my favourite RPers that I can remember off the top of my head:

marvel/DC:  @averagearcher , @bleachskin , @vrooms , @viduamor , @nexusbeing , @studyoffear , @purrsuasion , @dokkstjarna , @warcompass , @cyberyond , @lovedfalling , @citysaviour , @citystarlet , @nonaziharlot , @kilgrins@techpaired , @pantherforged , @gammamade , @assetrelocation , @aftcrshocks , @foundingavenger , @nxgotiator 

star wars:  @ralek , @17000 , @jedibetrayer , @legacyappetite , @kybercore , @alderaanheir , @libertinedeath , @khagaan , @sunworn

other: @moranument , @ironclad , @laidre , @spunstories , @redlocked , @stygere , @thedestrcyer , @ensavaged , @westwoods , @townterror , @ignte , @alleyspat , @killsam , @hewillrise , @valorslain , @lionswrath@teenhero , @playsvulgar , @aevea , @codeion , @oceancalled , @carminous 

Sorry guys

All my appologies for being gone so long ! 
It’s just that now is very difficult and complicated for me. I’ve been hospitalized for a long time and even now have to keep going there every week.
Plus school and family issues haven’t been very kind to me either. To say frankly, I’m exhausted.
I’ve tried to come back a few times, but always lost the motivation for it. People taking my muse as a joke and sending quite rude messages either didn’t help.
(About Francis liking to wear revealing outfits and  feminine outfits and all that)

I’ll try to come back on this blog slowly now, but don’t worry this blog is not dead yet !

Thank you for taking the time to read, and thank you all for following me so far. You’re all lovelies. ❤


Helloooo! This is really random but I quite like it, I mean it’s alright so why not post it? I REALLY NEED REQUEST GUYS! I am in a lack of inspiration lately but thanks to the lovely @twistedlywrites I do have a few ideas! But please, you need to send in some stuff! By the way, there might be another part to this story, if you want to ;) xx

Y/N was pissed off. More than ever. Joe was late, once again and he was not answering her messages. She was incredibly angry. She looked down to the dinner she had made with all of her love and wanted to smash the plates down. She couldn’t help but go through the worst of scenarios because maybe he was cheating, maybe he was wasted, maybe something happened. She already felt her eyes wet from anger. She was not even hungry anymore.

She suddenly jumped a bit at the sound of him turning the keys in the lock and she felt her heart because she knew they would argue. She watched him step in as Joe smiled warmly at her but she stared at him, coldly. He frowned but took his jacket off and walked towards her, leaning in for a kiss but she leaned back. “What’s wrong?” Joe asked, the confusion evident on his face. Y/N flinched at his question. “Are you serious, right now?” She spoke, her voice being loud and rough. Joe stepped back in surprise. “What again?” Joe questioned, raising his eyebrows. Y/N suddenly got up, the sound of a plate smashing on the floor echoing in their shared appartment. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you?” She snapped, tears starting to scroll down her cheeks. The hurt was obvious on her face but Joe still seemed confused. “Three hours, Joe. Three fuckings hours, sitting there, waiting for you to come home so we could eat the dinner I cooked us.” She yelled, letting all of her anger out. “I’m sorry, love. I was out with the guys and-” Joe said, his voice soft and welcoming but Y/N ignored it and cut him off. “You are late, once again. What do you expect me to do? Wait for you all my life? That’s not how it works, Joe!” Y/N cried out, turning on her heels and making her way to their bedroom.

Joe followed her quickly, the panic and guilt growing in his chest. “I was simply out with my mates, Y/N. My phone died out of battery, what did you want me to do?” He snapped back unconsciously as he watched his girlfriend get out a bag and throwing a few of her belongings in it. “What are you doing?” He said, a slight crack in his voice. He was terrified. “Packing.” She simply answered and the panic only grew bigger for Joe. “No, no, no. Please, calm down. It’s not a big deal, I mean I’m sorry, okay?” He rambled, walking in front of her so she would stop, his two hands holding her arms. She couldn’t look at him, she was too upset to even let him touch her so she stepped back. “Sorry doesn’t make it this time.” She spoke, her voice almost quiet as she took the bag and made her way to the door, followed step by step by Joe. “You can’t leave. Please, I love you. Don’t.” He spoke, grabbing her wrist. This time, she didn’t do anything. “I’m sick of it, Joe! I can’t handle this anymore if you’re going to make me wait for you all the bloody time! I’m done.” She said between her sobs. Joe was suddenly breaking apart, his whole body started to shake. He could not lose her. “Please, don’t.” Joe spoke, the tears forming in his own eyes as he let got of her. “We’re done.” Y/N said in a voice crack and before Joe could stop, he watched the door close, silence falling over the flat.

It took Joe a moment before he realized that she was gone and it felt too weird not having her here. Not kissing her, hugging her, hearing her laugh. As much as he tried to fight them, the tears couldn’t help but fall and he realized how much he fucked up. He never mean to hurt her that much, he was telling the truth. He was out with his friends and his phone died so he couldn’t reply to her. Before he got home and left his friends, he couldn’t wait to spend his night next to her in bed, enjoying her presence and how he would apologise and it would be okay but he was wrong because he hurt her without realizing it. He was ashamed of himself and couldn’t be more mad. He let himself fall to his knees, watching the mess he had made, wishing he could go back because she was now gone and he was almost sure that she wouldn’t forgive him but he was not going to give on her. On them. Because it was the best that had happened to him and he couldn’t let her go so easily. He couldn’t let the love of his life slip away.

i want you to know how gone i am, how i’m not coming back, how i’m a disappearing act that went terribly wrong. i am away right now, please leave a message at the tone that i’ll answer after a few drinks and a couple smokes. or maybe not at all. you’ll never know, you’ll never figure me out. i am mystery, wonder, unknowing. so try, try until your head calls your heart and tells it to stop, to give in, to let go. you’ll never know. you won’t hear my name until i’m home.


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

About Sherlock not answering “I’m gay” to John with Irene’s text

This bothered me hugely when the episode aired - WHY DID SHERLOCK SIT THERE AND NOT OPENLY SAY - “You know why I did not answer her texts? I’m gay.”

Now after thinking about the episode for a few hours, here is the conclusion I’ve come to:

NUMBER ONE: Whether or not you reply to a TEXT MESSAGE, gender of the communication partner irrelevant, gives no indication of whether you like/hate/love this person. So why would Sherlock bother to answer?

NUMBER TWO: This whole moment was NOT about Sherlock, it was about John. And Sherlock very well knew that. Being the softest human being to John Watson recently, he would not DARE to come up with labels at that point. Maybe, labels are quite irrelevant to Sherlock all the way. But the most important thing here is: This whole scene was John letting go of Mary, to prepare him to move on. So I would not be surprised if the “Get the hell on with it” was the last time we’ve seen Mary within John’s imagination. It would not have done them both any good to have a discussion about sexual orientation at that moment because that was not what it was about. In retrospect, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Steven Moffat for (not) doing that.

NUMBER THREE: To quote Mark Gattis, “We’re not going to out a character JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT.”

Do I think Sherlock Holmes is gay? YES. Do I think he will end up with John Watson? YES. Do I think this was one of the most perfect scenes ever written on BBC Sherlock? YES.

So I’ll be out in a few days, about 2 days visiting Davao for the day of the dead. Since I don’t have any internet access there, so I’ve decided to make a lil audio recording to answer all of your questions so ask away :D

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