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Okay, watched 2x14 yesterday and 2x15 today, and something which I don’t even think was entirely intentional is that they ended up with 2 episodes back to back where big players drop in to test the Winchesters against each other… I think the Trickster always metaphorically served the purpose that having some extra bro drama with Sam and Dean pitted against each other served the themes at the time…

This is *supposed* to be the lighthearted episode after 2x14 makes “Sam” demand Dean kill him already and Dean resists everything Meg throws at him in staying compassionate to his brother. The Trickster waltzes in and makes them *actually* want to kill each other for non-plot related reasons and in that silly sibling way where you just say you want to kill them but haha that’s the actual plot of this show.

Obviously with hindsight this is round 1/3 of Gabriel screwing with them to figure them out (and how screwed he (and the rest of the world) is based on their behaviour) and he’s probably been fucking around hoping to get them to come investigate him sooner ever since the main plot started up in season 1 for all we know :P I like to think he was baiting various small hunts that could turn into total nonsense just waiting for them to pick up on it.

Anyway, it gives them a really claustrophobic sense of all eyes being on them that isn’t really there until, like, season 5 when you have all the hindsight. Meg came to screw around with them, since 2x12 they’ve got Victor hunting them, and Gordon was hunting them earlier too and who knows what other hunters might come after them…

Somehow retconning in Gabriel to be watching them and fucking around with them is like the final straw to just making it so every episode is about the universe watching them, I guess waiting with baited breath to see if they do all the stuff they’re foretold to do, and sure enough they do and go into season 3 which is the part where the rollercoaster stops clicking up and goes into freefall for the apocalypse.

I’m just reflecting on how this is a pretty good retcon, as retcons go, because of the way it substantially changes the story but in a way which still fits perfectly with the rest of the story around it and even adds to the themes and expands on the original sense of unease from this season.

giving away villagers!

hey everyone !! i’m going to be restarting gothem !! i’ve had a lot of fun with it over these past few years but i want to try something new and fresh. so that means i’m going to be giving away my villagers for free in hopes that they can have a good home even after gothem is demolished. there are, of course, going to be some rules !!

💕 please only contact me if said villager is your dreamie. i’m very attached to these villagers and went them to have a forever home. do not message me if you’re just looking to sell them or trade them for later.

💕 first come, first serve, as always.

💕 i will not hold villagers, so please make sure that you’ll be available all day today as i want to get them out as quickly as possible. if you become unavailable, the villager goes to the next person.

💕 please only request one villager, so everyone gets a fair shot at getting someone.

these are the villagers, if interested please contact me via IM only.

✨ Chrissy


✨ Bob

✨ Marina

✨ Marshal

✨ Sprinkle


✨ Fang

Something I’ve realised working in retail is that………..ppl just don’t fucking read……


One year of Lemonade

I had my ups and downs, but I always find the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons, but I made lemonade. My grandma said “Nothing real can be threatened.” True love brought salvation back into me. With every tear came redemption and my torturers became my remedy. So we’re gonna heal. We’re gonna start again. You’ve brought the orchestra, synchronized swimmers. You’re the magician. Pull me back together again, the way you cut me in half. Make the woman in doubt disappear. Pull the sorrow from between my legs like silk. Knot after knot after knot. The audience applauds … but we can’t hear them.


Did I save these gifs or did these gifs save me?

this is not goodbye
this is not the end
this is good luck

Today’s a day that a lot of us have been dreading for a long time. Today, TOP begins his military service. There’s a lot of emotion going around at the moment as the prospect of no TOP for two years becomes reality.

But I am not sad. Sure I worry for his health and safety, but that’s a natural part of my anxious nature. Instead, I see this as a day of courage. TOP, like every able-bodied man in Korea, has a duty to his country to fulfil. It is a scary thing to face, not only for us but for him too. We’ve seen him lose weight and heard stories of his tears and it hurt my heart to have seen him like this.

We all have to face frightening things in our life. For example, I have an intense phobia of needles. Everything about them - the sharpness, the cold steel, the pain and invasion of my body - makes me want to run and hide and never face them. But I also know that vaccinations are vital to protecting not only my health but the health of others around me through herd immunity. So no matter how scared I am of needles, I still get them. Because it’s something that needs to be done.

See this time of TOP’s service as a vaccination. It’s important for him to do for his country and even though you may not want him to go away, it has to happen. And, like vaccinations, it’ll be over before you even know it.

TOP is a strong, loyal, capable man and even though it’s only the first day, I am already so proud of him. I hope he will serve well and stay healthy and happy throughout these next 2 years.

Good luck, Choi Seunghyun. <3

Why is no one talking about MBLAQ’s current situation?!

It really is quite surprising to me that NO ONE has reported on what’s happening with MBLAQ right now. Like, it’s been several days since G.O spilled everything about the company just up and fucking disappearing on them, but I’ve seen not a word on any international KPop “news” outlets. Not even trash allkpop has made a post about it and they fucking LOVE anything that will cause drama…


A KPop idol revealing that their company screwed them over so badly that he doesn’t even want to be a singer anymore and that “You guys will have to prepare for a handkerchief when you guys learn that how much all three of us got hurt in the future“ is apparently not news??!?! A big name KPop group has been technically disbanded (a regrouping after military service seems likely, but it’s still unclear at this point) and no one even says anything?!?!!

This is equally the weirdest (no one is talking about it) and saddest (what actually happened) KPop situation I’ve seen in awhile. Ugh… I was never an A+, but I have always liked MBLAQ. I hope they serve well (G.O and Mir are enlisted now, Seungho will join them soon) and come back stronger. JTC never did right by them and everyone knows it; they deserve a new start.

Commission OPEN for a very short time.

I will be taking four colour portraits over the next three days. So first come first serve as always. I am looking to warm up a bit before a large project so let me draw you! 

As always colour portraits are $25 and $10 for each additional subject - meaning person - in the drawing. 

At the end of the week, commissions will be closed for a long time due to a large project that I’m starting, so get a portrait while you can. 

My first and last <3

-haechan just falling over in that chair ME SAME
-renjun the entire video plsssss
-jeno’s lines!! #slay
-when they fought over the cup
-the fact that they were the only students in the whole school
-she was the only teacher
-speaking of
-she was adorable (I LOVE HER HAIR)
-the choreo was lit
-including the naruto run
-chenle not caring that the teacher was married lolololol
-all their faces
-jisung solo dancing ALL THE WAYYYY
-haechan’s solo bless up
-chenle’s smile ahhhhh
-the sort of muted/pale colours!!! love it

hello, it’s friday night and i have a reach for you:

mcdonald’s & coke, best buddies

mcdonald’s and coke have had a commercial partnership since 1955. i always knew that mcdonald’s only served coke (though never on a conscious level), and finally bothered to look up their connected history thanks to whatever theory this is trying to be. they’ve both been major players in brand globalization, and i think this is what the mcdonald’s sign in sana’s header is referring to.

i don’t think skam plays with product placement the way american shows do; they mention brands and shows and places the way real people would, prioritizing reality over indirect endorsements. so i thought it was…strange that we saw the mcdonald’s brand balloons featured so prominently. why these? why not plain balloons? and why did the logo get so much screen time?  

but then people pointed out that this was a reference to the balloon boys’ connection to even, because of where he tried to go in 3x08.

i wanted to believe those two small references were meant to bind the two squads together, but i was also able to brush them off as coincidences. mcdonald’s is pop culture, so you cannot erase its existence from a show dedicated to depicting teenagers in that context.

but then we got another reference, shortly after even confirms his connection to the rest of the balloon squad in 4x03.

(side note: i am glad that mcdonald’s is not a negative memory for either isak or even, that it’s still part of their lives and isak is actually quite excited about it)

(okay was that a side note or foreshadowing…?)

anyway, i could leave it at that, a solid connection between even and the balloon squad. but then today’s clip of the pepsi max gang at sana’s, with their ridiculously prominent placement of the drink they are supposedly not named after anymore, reminded me of the coke vs. pepsi war that is also a pop culture cornerstone. and where have we seen coke? hei briskeby.

this could be a coincidence too, they’re just boys, casually drinking preferred beverages while they’re having fun recording their videos. but at this point i am way too sensitive to branding and the small hints that julie leaves for us to let it slide.

we’re seeing the tensions ramp up with pepsi max, but i’m hoping, on the coca-cola side, we’re going to see a reunion. mcdonalds & coke, best buddies. those balloons were the first bridge back to even, and no matter the rough times coming, we’ll see more clues that will bring them together. if i see the balloon squad eating mcdonald’s or even taking a swig of coke, then i just might actually die.

oh my god did i just try to write a corporate marketing headcanon

The origin of mum Ignis

Mr. Scientia: Okay, son, do you see that pretty baby the King’s holding?

4-year-old-Ignis: Prince.

Mr. Scientia: Yes, exactly. Prince Noctis. Do you know what you’ll be to him when you grow up?

Kid Ignis: ??

Mr. Scientia: When you grow up, all and the only thing you’re going to do is take care of him. You were born only to fulfill this task.  And this is what you’re going to do from now on: you’ll make sure nothing harms him, and you’ll take care of him if it does, like your life depends on whether he lives or not. You’ll look after him when he’s sick, when he’s injured or sad. You’ll be his friend, and you’ll stay loyal to him no matter the situation. His health will go before yours, always. You’ll make sure he eats healthy, does excercise, has good grades, tutor him if he needs it, and grows up like the future king he is. Might as well have to deal with smaller things like sewing the buttons of his clothes or comb his hair, tuck him in bed, read him some stories. All in all, your life will belong entirely to him, and all your focus will always be him. He shall become everything in your life; you’ll live your life only for the sake of his. You’ll be his second hand. You’ll be his adviser. Do you understand this?

Kid Ignis: *nods*

Mr. Scientia: So, Ignis. As your duty in life, what are you going to be when you grow up?

 Kid Ignis: The prince’s mommy.

Mr. Scientia:

Mr. Scientia: …that’ll do.


a look into their phones 2/7: modern jesper // social media king, especially with all of those artistic shots wylan takes of him. finger guns galore, pun for every scenario. he and nina are always in silent competition of who is dressed better because jesper is always serving looks

Newsies of New York...do I have a story for you.

So my current job is as a waiter at a restaurant that happens to be right by a professional theatre. Sometimes we’ll get the people who do their shows in for lunch/dinner. I always love serving these people because when do I not love talking about theater?

One Wednesday I look in our reservation book and I see that we have a reservation for 4 pm for 4 people. Now 4 pm is a really weird time bc it’s too late for lunch and a little early for dinner, so that time was usually when I would take my food break. So I was already like “ok who’s making a reservation at 4 pm…”

So it’s 4 o clock and the reservation comes in. It’s a man with three elderly women, I assumed his mother and/or his aunts. I was the only waiter there, so I sat them, and as soon as I sat them down, I overhear them talking about the current show at the professional theatre (which was Clue) so I smile and as I go over ready to serve them I say “Are you going to see Clue?” And all the women point at the man excitedly and said “He’s in it!”

So I start talking to this man (who’s name is Kevin) and I find out that he’s playing Col Mustard, and I tell him that I love musicals and that’s why I’m waiting tables so I can move up to NY.

And then.


He asks me…

“Did you see Newsies?”

And I’m pretty sure I looked like I was about to burst into tears as I tell him “It’s my favorite musical!” And as he says that he was in it, I realized who he was.



So my little nerd heart couldn’t take it and thank god I didn’t have any more tables bc I was so engrossed in talking to him about when I saw Newsies and how much I loved it and how much he loved it. And all the while he’s looking at me with a look that clearly said that I reminded him of himself when he was my age.

Unfortunately our talk was cut short bc he had a show to get to and I had a shift to finish. So two amazing things happen:


2.) When he gets up to leave, I shake his hand. I shook the hand of the guy who played Teddy Roosevelt in the Newsies movie. And I fangirled over him. In that moment, I *WAS* Jack Kelly.

That is the end. I’m sorry I don’t know how to end stories I suck at endings but like this was definitely one of the best moments of my life and I love how much he appreciated it and wasn’t freaked out by my fangirling. Like honestly Newsies are the best.