i will always queue you

Words cannot describe how much this blog, this fandom in general, has helped me. So much crap has happened since I was outted to my parents, that I was about to give up. But the positivity and diversity in this fandom has helped me continue fighting. So thank you, everyone, for helping me stay determined


A sharp, unedged, medieval copper dagger used for delivering a final, fatal blow.             Also known as the “coup de grace.” I’m sorry, Bones.

anonymous asked:

bc of your queue i feel like you are always here but ik you aren't so can i ask you where you live? like your time zone?

I’m in DC so my time zone is Eastern time. And at least at the moment, I’ve been asleep and just woke up and saw the stalker pics lol. And now I’m going back to sleep so 👋🏻😴.