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Like on one hand I’m super embarrassed by old art but on the other I’ve gotten better! Which is! The aim! As well as having fun!

So yeah, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s followed me, and especially thank you to those who have stuck with me since my very earliest n00b days. But above all! Thank you to all the amazing friends I’ve made!

@little-noko - Gah I can’t even describe how important you are to me. I never expected that I could get so close to someone and trust them that much, but with you it just happened so naturally. I love spending time with you, whether it’s chatting or rp-ing, and I can’t wait to meet you! You really are the most amazing girlfriend, and I feel so lucky to know you! I love youuuu <3

@askinfresh - Dude it really is thanks to you that I got into rp-ing. You were the first rp blog that I followed, and I felt super nervous sending in those asks, but you were always super nice and it encouraged me to be more confident and to become more involved in rp-ing! Becoming friends with you was completely unexpected (but considering how much we rambled about torturing our poor muses and/or screaming over the shippy-ness it was pretty inevitable xD) but I’m really happy we did! I really admire your writing skills, and it’s always so fantastic to rp with you! ilu beeeeeeb <3

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Surprise - Auston Matthews

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How could you not like that smile???? Absolutely unreal, what a cute human.  Also I like how this turned out and I hope you do toooo!  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 992

Warnings: just fluff!!

Request: “Heeeey, could you please write an Auston Matthews imagine, one where you end up pregnant, and his reaction! Thank youuuu, your writing is amazing 💕💕” - @jessicaa1994

Up next: Teuvo Teravainen


“Are you sure? Like you’re not reading it wrong?” your friend questioned from the doorframe of the bathroom.  

You silently nodded, sitting in the counter and staring at the little stick in your hand.  Your friend moved to stand beside you, the two of you sucking in a breath as the reality hit you, you were pregnant.

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kiss me through the phone

↳ Genre: Fluff | ↳ Word Count: 1.3k | ↳ Characters: Jeno x Reader: | 

↳ Summary: hello! could you write smth where you and jeno keep having the longest skype calls together until like one in the morning and it gets really sweet bc u start saying things that you admire about each other or smth (it can be friendly or like where you’re dating whatever you would like) and yeah haha thank you so much!!!

↳ Author’s Note: THIS TOOK WAY TOO LONG IM SO SORRY ANON IM SO SO SORRY I HOPE YOU DONT HATE ME,, Also happy (belated) birthday to nct’s eye smile king 

Originally posted by tybeoji

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Let’s talk about sex... (M)

Request- Hi can I request a namjoon smut about you and him are married? y’all are having sex and your child accidentally walked in on you two? Then you and/or him try to give your child the sex talk (awkwardly?) Lol please be super smutty and fluffy!! Thank youuuu!!! 

I hope you like it, thank you so much for requesting! 

This scenario contains mature and sexual content. You have been warned! 

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

You and Namjoon got married ten years ago. With Namjoon it was really love at first sight. He was like a gust of wind that swept you off your feet and had your whirling in the wind. The butterfly’s you had got on your first few dates, you still had them. 

You had gotten pregnant with a baby boy, both you and Namjoon were over joyed. You had a little girl a few years after your son. People always told you that marriage was hard work,especially with Namjoon away all the time for his job.  But you never thought like that. You felt blessed to be able to be with Namjoon for the rest of your life. The only thing you found difficult was trying to be quite having sex at night. Afraid you would wake one of the kids. Namjoon could always manage to make you scream in pleasure. 

You both tried different things to keep quite. Having sex in the shower in the mornings was the usual spot, or Namjoon would shove panties in your mouth to muffle your screams. Which was always fun. But Namjoon was just back from tour, you needed him now, or you thought you were going to explode. As soon as he walked through the door you wanted to jump his bones, but y’know you had kids who wanted to see their daddy. But you wanted your daddy too…

You missed his smile, you missed everything about him. Namjoon was your husband, but he was also your best friend. The sexting was fun, but you needed his hands on you, consuming you, taking you to a different world. 

“Daddy!” Your daughter excitedly ran towards Namjoon, whom picked her up and held her close to his chest, dropping his bags on the floor. 

“Hey, sweetheart! I missed you so so much. Oh my, you’ve gotten so talk since I last saw you! I told you not to grow up when I was away, I don’t want to miss any of it!” Namjoon scolded the giggling little girl in his arms. The sight had your heart swooning, you loved watching Namjoon with your kids. He really was a great dad. 

“Dad!” Your son ran towards Namjoon, who set the little girl on the floor in order to hug his son. Namjoon kissed the top of his head. 

“I missed you so much.” Namjoon looked up, making eye contact with you smirking. Your lust filled gaze couldn’t tare away from him. He made long strides towards you embracing you in a tight hug, his face snuggling into the crook of your neck. Leaving a soft kiss on the nape of your neck, his hand sneakily snaking down your back to cup your ass.  

He’s trying to kill you. 

“Baby, I missed you so much. I’ll show you just how much later.” Namjoon gave your ass a final squeeze, pulling back to wink at you and turn to play with your kids. What a little shit. You were already starting to get wet. 


The rest of the night consisted of Namjoon teasing you, in front of your children. Its fine when he does it in front of the boys, but the children.. All you wanted to do was have Namjoon fuck you into oblivion. Was that so much to ask for? 

You have never been happier putting your kids to bed, tucking them both in, kissing them goodnight. Wishing them the sweetest of dreams, partly hoping they wont be having nightmares and want to bed buds for the night. You pad your way down to your shared bedroom, finding Namjoon lounging on the bed with his phone in his hands. You gently close the down behind you. 

You really needed a quick fuck and then you could take it slow. You were just so horny. You pull your top off and slip out of your trousers, leaving you in Namjoons favourite lingerie set. You climb up the bed to him, straddling his hips. You take the phone out for his hands, placing it on the bedside table. 

“Someone missed me.” Namjoon singsongs, with a smirk plastered across his face. His hands running up and down your bare thighs, your hands on his toned arms. 

“You have know idea, how much I missed you, Joonie. I thought I was going to have to fly to see you, or I’d explode.” You whined, making Namjoon chuckle. 

“I do know. Being without you is so hard, its hard to stay sane. Especially, when you were sending me ten nudes a day.” Namjoon kisses you your jaw, making you giggle. The whole time Namjoon was away, you were constantly sending Namjoon pictures of you naked, wanting him to send a few back. Which he did. 

“I was just being a good wife.”You smirk, leaning down capturing his lips with yours. Oh how you missed how his soft, plump lips move against your own. He was quick to stick his tongue out, licking your lips to stick his tongue down your throat, which you obligated. Opening your mouth to play with his tongue. You moaned loudly into the passionate kiss, hands running down his chest to rip his top off. He lifted over his head, flinging it on the floor to return to kissing you. 

“You’re so beautiful, baby. How did I go so long without you?” Namjoon says, kissing down your neck and chest. He smooths his hands up your back, unclasping your bra letting it fall. Namjoon looks into your eyes, licking his lips before he leans into your chest. Kissing, sucking and nipping your breasts, still maintaining eye contact, so start to grind down on his hardening member. 

“Fuck, Namjoon You’re already so hard.” You moan, missing being this close with him over the last number of weeks. 

“You’re just so sexy, baby. It’s not my fault.” He smirks, sucking purple and blue bruises all over your chest. 

“I wasn’t complaining.” You retort, grinding down on him harder making him moan. You loll your head back in pleasure, the feeling of his hard member rubbing against your wet pussy had you moaning. 

“What are you’s doing?” You look towards the door, seeing your son standing look at you and Namjoon. Namjoon quickly rolls you over so hes on top, blocking your son from seeing anything. 

“Hey, buddy why don’t you go back to your room and we’ll be in in a moment.” Namjoon assures him. 

“Okay.” He turns around and walks out of your bedroom. 

“Oh my god! How long was he standing there? Hes scared, we’re going to have to send him to therapy!” You blurt out. Namjoon chuckles, stroking your cheek. 

“Baby, its okay. At least we weren’t fucking yet. We just need to go and have the sex talk, hes ten its fine. We would of had to do it sooner or later.” Namjoon sits up, so you can get out from under him. You put your top and shorts back on. 

“He’s only a baby!” You exclaim, Namjoon pulling you into his chest. 

“Well, after our talk hell know to knock.” Namjoon chuckles, taking your hand in his, bringing you to your sons room. You really didn’t want to have this talk, he was still your little boy. You wanted him to stay innocent and pure for a while longer. 

“Hey buddy, I think we should have a talk.” Namjoon pulls you to sit down on the edge of your sons bed, across from him, who sat on his desk chair. Your son looks at both of you with wide, innocent eyes. 

“What were yous doing? I could her yous, it sounded like your were being hurt.” He was so innocent and cute, Namjoon squeezed your hand in his. 

“We were having sex-” Namjoon starts, but you interrupt him. 

“But you can only have it when you really love someone like me and your dad love each other.” You blurt out, making Namjoon chuckle. 

“Yeah, but its for pleasure and its also how you make babies. Sex is when a man puts his penis in the woman’s vagina, but again as your mam said, its only for adults, okay.” Namjoon held your hand tight the whole time. 

“Are yous trying to have more babies?” Your son asked, with a confused look on his face. You smile at how cute he is. 

“No, sex isn’t just about making babies, its also a very intimate experience. People have sex for pleasure and to feel intimacy with the person they love.” You explain in a soft voice. 

“There’s a lot more to it, but you don’t need to know it all yet. You should get to sleep, you have school in the morning.”Namjoon stands up, kissing the top of your sons head. Whispering and ‘I love you’. 

“I love you so much, okay. But don’t have sex until your 25, okay. You said more as a statement. You embrace your son in a hug and pinch his cheeks, kissing his forehead. 

You and Namjoon retreat back to your bed, sliding under the comfort of the sheets. Namjoon pulls you into his chest. 

“I don’t have work tomorrow, I’ll leave the kids to school. When I get back I expect you to be fully naked on the bed waiting for me.” You smile, excited for what tomorrow morning will bring. 

“Yes, daddy.” 

A/N- Okay, my mam never actually gave me the talk. She gave me a book when I got my first period that told me how everything and everything else was from movies, friends and my own curiosity soo I don’t if thats how they go. Sorry that it suck so much~ 

Ohhhh and im so sorry for the wait, I suck. But thank you so much for requesting! 

-Admin Abe x


Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU

also on ff.net

Thank you so much to the fantastical @lenfaz, for lessons on child development, read-throughs and general hand holding.

Tagging: @katie-dub, @wholockgal, @kat2609, @whovianlunatic, @optomisticgirl, @ladyciaramiggles, @the-lady-of-misthaven, and whoever else asks.


Emma Swan had a PhD. Emma Swan had 1265 followers on Instagram. Emma Swan had every line of The Princess Bride memorized.

But one thing Emma Swan did not have?


She flicked the switch again, in the vain hope she’d just imagined it the first time. Nothing happened. She tried the outlet by the toaster. Nothing. Nada.

Because of fucking course Emma would wake up on the first day of the year to find her new apartment shrouded in unending darkness. Because what landlord in their right mind actually picked up the phone at 7am on January 1st? Hell, judging by what she’d seen out her window over the last few hours, they were probably just getting started on all their Hogmanay festivities. Everyone else seemed to be.

Only, Emma wasn’t going to accept defeat right away. Sure, cold Pop-Tarts were okay in a pinch, but it was still freezing out and she had a mighty need to crank up her space heater and put on a pot of coffee. She was very motivated.

It went to voicemail three times before someone finally picked up, the voice on the other end of the line irate and decidedly not sober.

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Sick Days (James x Reader)

I apologize in advance, this is pretty horrible. But it’s cute and fluffy, so I guess it’s all good.

Warnings: none

Words: 904 (lol sorry this is so short)

When you came home to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend and found it silent, you knew something was up. James wasn’t really the type of person to go out often, especially without you. Since you two met, you had been attached at the hip, and nothing could stop that. Once you started dating, it only continued.

The silence worried you. You were almost always greeted with some sort of “Hello beautiful” or “I’ve missed you,” but today you got nothing.

“Babe?” You called out into the apartment, only to be answered with silence.

“James? You here?” You walked around, checking all of the rooms downstairs. Just as you were making your way upstairs, you heard a cough, followed by a series of much worse coughs. Gently pushing the door to your bedroom open, you softly walked over to the bed where James was lying, being careful to not wake him.

You sat on the bed next to him, placing a hand lightly on top of his cheek. You rubbed your thumb across his cheek, noticing his flushed face and fever.

“Oh baby,” you quietly cooed, kissing his forehead. This action caused him to stir, turning away from you. You frowned.

“What’s wrong?” you asked him, rubbing his back in a soothing way.

“I don’t want to get you sick,” he replied, his voice raspy.

“I’m not going to get sick, just let me take care of you. Please?” You stuck your bottom lip out and gave him puppy dog eyes even though he couldn’t see you. A smile crossed his face, a silent agreement.

“I’ll be right back, just get some sleep,” you whispered, kissing his cheek before walking out of the room.

After returning from the store with various bags of cough drops, cough syrup, tea, soup, and medicine for fever, you quickly made James a bowl of soup and waited until it was cool enough to eat before bringing it to him. You walked upstairs, your footsteps soft as though to not wake him just yet. You set the bowl and spoon on the nightstand next to him.

“James,” you said in a sing-song voice, “I’ve got something for you.”

“Hm?” he mumbled, turning over to face you. He opened his eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the bright light flooding your room.

“I made your favorite. I know you don’t want to, but you need to eat.” You held the bowl out towards him, only to have him gently push it away.

“I’m not hungry, just please let me sleep,” he groaned, pulling the covers back over his head.

“No, not until you eat. You need to get better. I’ve got medicine for you too,” you said, holding the bowl out once again.

He reluctantly took the bowl from you, and slowly, but surely, ate the whole thing.

“What would I do without you?” he asked, smiling up at you.

“I don’t really know, and I hope you never have to find out.”

Once you had bargained with James so he would take the cough medicine, you let him sleep for a few hours. Soon after, another coughing attack sounded throughout the apartment, signaling that it was time for more medicine.

“You know, this medicine is absolutely disgusting,” he said, holding the tiny cup filled with red, sticky cough syrup.

“I know, but you need to get better,” you replied, smiling at him.

“If I take it, do I get a kiss?” he tried to bargain with you, but you just shook your head, a small laugh escaping your lips.

“Can’t get sick, remember?” you offered him a small smile in return, and he pouted.

“Using my own words against me, I’m hurt,” he joked, putting his hand against his chest.

“Just get some sleep, we’ll see how you feel in the morning.” Kissing his forehead, you exchanged I love you’s and went to sleep in the guest room.

You tossed and turned all night. Every time you managed to actually fall asleep, you woke up soon after, only to find that maybe 15 minutes had passed. You were so used to sleeping next to James, that you now found it impossible to sleep without him.

Slipping on your fuzzy socks, you made your way down the hallway in one of James’ shirts that was too big for you. Pushing the door open, you found him lying awake, staring at the ceiling. The door creaked, causing him to look over in your direction.

“Y/N?” he mumbled, sliding over in the bed to make room for you. You gladly slid in next to him, instantly feeling more relaxed in his embrace.

“You’re gonna get sick,” he said into your hair, shaking his head.

“At least I’m with you,” you replied, turning around to kiss his cheek. You soon fell sound asleep, James right next to you.

The next morning, he scolded you for coming into his room when he was sick.

“The last thing I want is for you to get sick, you’re always so miserable,” his voice scratchy.

“I haven’t been sick in about two years, I’ll be fine,” you shot back, waving your hand.

James was better in about 3 days.

You were in his position in about 4.

“I told youuuu,” he cooed, bringing you soup, as you had for him.

“Shut up,” you grumbled, pulling the covers back over your head, quickly falling back asleep.

Highlights- Beau Bennett

Originally posted by hattricksandhockeyfics

Ok I kinda bash the Devils a little here but I LOVE THEM OK? So no slight intended it’s just… no one seems to like the Devils. Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: An imagine with beau Bennett where you see each other again after 10 years. thank youuuu; and for the beau bennet imagine: like you dated in highschool and then you see eachother again and hit it off


              The New Jersey Devils. Ugh.

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BTS reaction to you calling them on tour

Anonymous said: BTS reaction to you calling them while they’re on tour and saying you miss them! 💕

Here you go! Enjoy! \(^.^)/

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Originally posted by baebsaes

Namjoon would sit there in the corner while the other members were getting ready, smiling away at the sound of your voice, dimples clearly visible on his face.

“I miss you too baby, I do.” The sound of your voice would energise him, leaving him feeling more ready for their performances than ever before. Though the fans may be screaming his name throughout the whole performance, his thoughts would be with you the whole time, longing for your warm hugs.

Jin (Seokjin):

Originally posted by missbaptan

“Aw, I’ll be back soon, (Y/N), don’t you worry.” Jin would worry about how you were doing without him, were you eating well, were you taking care of yourself? He’d bombard you with questions like these, concerned about your health and wellbeing. He’d of course miss you too, longing for your warm hugs and kisses. Instead, he’d simply reassure you that he’d see you soon and make sure you were taking care of yourself. 

Suga (Yoongi):

Originally posted by queen-of-suburbiaa

“Yoongi oppa, I miss youuuu,” you’d whine over the phone.

His lips would quickly stretch into a gummy smile, as he spoke to you, waiting to go on stage. 

“I miss you too (Y/N),” he’d say lovingly, still smiling away to himself. He’d want nothing more than to be back home, holding you in his arms while you cuddled together in the warmth of your blankets, but the reality was he wouldn’t see you for the next couple weeks, so for now, he was content listening to the sound of your voice. (On a side note, cuddling with Yoongi would be the best thing everrrr.)

J-Hope (Hoseok):

Originally posted by nekosshi

“Aigoo, you’re so cute jagiyaaa,” he’d pout. 

Hearing your voice would only make him miss you even more, as he’d wish you were there to cheer him on during their performance. For now, he’d have to settle with the thought that you’d be there watching through the screen, cheering away from the comfort of your home.


Originally posted by fieryjimin

“Aigoo, you miss me babe?” 

Jimin being the adorable fluff he is, would start giggling at your whiny voice, thinking you were the most adorable person he’d ever seen. Hearing your voice would immediately lift his mood, and he’d want to work extra hard in their performances, knowing that even though you may not be there in person, you would be at home, cuddled up in blankets, watching their performances on your laptop and cheering them on through the screen.

V (Taehyung):

Originally posted by bwipsul

Taehyung would press his hands to his face as you complained about how much you wanted to see him. 

“Ah, jagi, you’re so cute, you know that?” He’d giggle, his lips forming into a rectangular shaped smile, as his heart flutters, his mood instantly lifting as he realises just how much you care about him. 

“I miss you moreee, so much more, jagiya.” He’d say with such a loving tone, making you smile uncontrollably.


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

“Ah, you miss me babe? Really?” Jungkook would say with such a cocky tone to his voice, feeling overly confident hearing those words. This charade would only last about a minute though, as he finally admits that he misses you too. The truth is his thoughts would always be with you, throughout all their performances, so hearing that you felt the same way would honestly make him so happy. He’d feel inspired to work extra hard at their performances, wanting to make you proud.

Yano as boyfriend

- secretly loves being called ‘oppa’
- your dates are mostly in cafes because no one loves cafes more than seo sangwon
- lots of couple photos
- like every time you go out on a date he insists that you take photos because MEMORIES
- and you’re like: “sangwon this is like our 46472810th date”
- but deep inside you’re really happy bc!!! He is so sweet and he really treasures all the times you’ve spent together
- buys a new memory card w/ a larger capacity bc his old memory card basically just gave up on him bc
- asks you like 1000x times which filter is better (and tbh you dont see any difference)
- you’re like: “you don’t need to filter your photos you’re handsome anyways!!”
- and he’s like “awwwww jagiyaaaaaa~” and leans in for a kiss
- but you’re like: “sangwon we’re in public!!”
- So he’s like “ok when we get home you owe me 27281827 kisses”
- the type of boyfriend who would help you w/ your homework
- although he’s also struggling with his school works + idol life
- disses your professors who always gives you a hard time in class
- gets all your classmate’s phone number so he knows who to contact IN CASE OF EMERGENCY
- and you’re like: “you don’t need to get that guy’s number i dont even know him LOL”
- he always gives you updates whenever you’re not together
- Like sends you a selfie w/ the caption “jagiiiii, we’re going to practice until late todaaay ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ i miss youuuu”
-  and “Jagi, me and Sanggyun went to the konbini to buy some snacks, i’ve bought some of your favorites, wish you were here”
- and sanggyun’s like: “wtf Br0 it’s like 4am she’s prolly sleeping”
- like when you’re out on dates he always hold your hands and kiss it
- or when youre just lazing around your house, he likes giving you hugs and showering your face with kisses
- likes to lie down on your lap whenever you watch movies
- he plays with your hair when you can’t fall asleep
- sometimes when he gets writer’s block & can’t find the inspiration to write lyrics, he would video call you
- and you would tell him that he shouldn’t stress himself so much and that the lyrics will come to him in no time
- and he will feel much better bc just simply hearing your voice makes him super happy and inspired and he will have the energy and the passion to write lyrics
- when you get into a fight, he will free style rap and you couldn’t help but laugh bc it’s so silly and funny and sangwon would be like: “heheheh i’m sorry jagi-yaaaah”
- And you would end up making out in the couch bc what is a better way of making up than making out ???
- And YOU COULD SAY THAT HE CAN DO OTHER THINGS W/ his mouth other than rapping ;) ;) ;) ;) 
- is just basically a ball of fluff and you love him so much bc he is so sweet and caring and always finds time for you
- and you can only stand being mad at him for like 0.7471818 seconds
- because he is so CUTE and seriously who can stand being mad at him he’s literally like a baby!!!
- he sends you song recommendations & you find it really funny that despite him being a rapper, he actually likes ballad & sad songs
- Like he likes listening to Sam Smith and gets emo when he listens to “i know im not the only one”
- he is the maknae of the group & is always being taken care of so when’s he’s with you he tries his best to take care of you instead
- Like you got a small cut when you were cooking & he immediately rushed to the first aid kit and returned holding alcohol, betadine, cotton pad and even some bandages LOL
- and you’re like: “RELAX, i only need band aid”
- and he asks if you wanna go to the hospital and you’re like: “sangwon it’s just a wound it’s not even 1cm long!!”
- volunteers to help you cook dinner
- but is actually just finding a reason so he can flirt w/ you @ the kitchen
- like he spends half of the time hugging you from behind and kissing your neck
- and telling you how sexy you look wearing that apron
- anyways, having Yano as a boyfriend is the best thing that can ever happen to you
- because he makes you happy and smile and laugh a lot bc he hates seeing you sad
- and he would diss anyone who tries to make your life harder LOLZ
- and yep, seo sangwon is not perfect but you love him anyways bc seriously, who can hate Seo Sangwon (besides sanggyun ehem) ???

anonymous asked:

hey sydney, can you rec a handful of larry fics you've read and liked recently? you always have great recs and I'm looking for something new to read and have no idea where to start! thank youuuu 😌

of course, darling!! i don’t know how many of these are recent, but i just have a lil folder on my browser where i put all my recs until i stop being lazy and update my fic rec so i’ll just put the fics i’ve got in there here for ya (and added in a couple of old faves that i’ve re-read recently)

Confession (B.A.P’s Daehyun scenario)

Request: Can I have a DaeHyun imagine where we’re friends (and I’m also friends with the rest of B.A.P) he treats me like a little sister but then I go away for university for 3/4years and then come back completely different and then he starts developing feelings for me but doesn’t know how to confess so he asks the boys what he should do and comes up with a plan to confess to me and I accept. Could you make it angsty? Thank youuuu 😘😘❤️❤

Just so no one will be confused: The cursive writing at the start of this scenario is when the reader confessed to him all those years ago!

The scenario ended up being pretty long compared to my other stuff so it’s under the cut!

Amount of words:  1592 (rip me)

Originally posted by bbcblackjack

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anonymous asked:

Tfln; H away for work and he's seen pictures of the missus out w Gemma, Anne and others of his friends or family and she isn't making him feel better bout missing out. Maybe even making him jealous?

Harry. Missus.

You know, it’s not fair that you’re back home in Chapel without me. With Gem, too. You’re really not helping me.

Helping you? What are you wittering on about?

I’m trying not to miss you as much during this promo season but you’re out walking with mum and Gem and Robin and my grandad and I miss you.

If it helps, I miss you, too.

Seeing how very handsome you look on the carpets of award shows and during interviews, it’s hard not too scream.

You scream?

Or cream? ;))

I hate you.

Can you not make me blush? Your grandad is sat opposite me in this café.

I’m sorry, love.

But, yes. Sometimes, I do.

You sometimes cream?


I scream.

Only cream when you’re here.


You’re making me miss you more.

Missing ME or missing me CREAM?

You. Always you.

Love youuuu. xxx

Although, I do love it when you cream. Especially down my cock. Damn. That feels so damn good. Looks hot as fuck, too.

God. I take my love back. I hate you. :)))

Love you, too, Gorgeous. x

What are you up to today then?

I have an interview this afternoon with Cillian; for some Italian magazine outlet or something. And then a photoshoot for the magazine with him and Fionn. And then, Nolan’s taking us all out for dinner. Might go out for a few beers with the guys, and then, I’m going to come home and skype you. Tell you all about what I’ve been up too.

I look forward to it.

I may have your mum and Gem there with me. I’m staying in Chapel for a few days.

Mum mentioned something about having you round.

No funny business. You here me?

No sitting there with your cock out like you did last time. 

I promise.

That was funny last time though… Your face was a true picture. 

:O :P 

Is that meant to be me?

Nope. :))))

Maybe we can have another Skype session later tonight, too? Before you go to bed?

Maybe, Peaches.

Maybe you can cum on the same bed that I used to cum in…

What has gotten into you today?

I’m horny. Sue me.

You’re a typical teenager but in a man’s body. 

I know… I’m so bad… I deserve a spank… Right on the arse… You love my arse. 

For God sake!




What have you got planned for today?

Gemma and myself are going shopping for dinner ingredients and then I’m going to take the kitchen from your mum and make some cakes and the dinner for tonight.

Oooooh. What are you making?

Please not your garlic chicken…

My garlic chicken, yes.

Daaaaamn. I miss you so much more now.

It can be your first home cooked meal. I promise.

I look forward to that, love.

Only 3 more weeks. x

3 more weeks. We can do this. xx

One Night Stand

Loki x Reader

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1495

Warnings: Swearing, implied smut, kissing, alcohol, parties

A/N: This was a lot of fun to write! I hope to write more Loki imagines in the future because I have the biggest crush on him! Hope you enjoyed and have a happy New Year! Love youuuu!

“Good morning, love.” A deep voice whispered in your ear, waking you almost immediately.

You looked around slowly at the room you had woke up in, it definitely wasn’t yours. Besides that, you had no idea who laid beside you. It wasn’t that you were scared to turn around, okay maybe a little bit, but it was mostly because his arms were holding your back tightly against his chest.

Sensing your slight panic the man chuckled. Wait…you knew that laugh. That laugh belonged to Loki, but it didn’t make sense. I mean sure, you always had a slight crush on him, but that didn’t mean you would hook up with him at Tony’s New Year’s Eve party!

“You’re alright, love. There is no need for you to be panicked or scared.” Loki’s warm breath up against your neck sent shivers down your spine.

“I’m not.” Your voice slightly faltered, not use to being this close to him.

“You’re whole body tensed when you woke up, I know you’re panicked. Does it calm your nerves to know that you’re not with a complete stranger in a place you’ve never been?” Loki asked, trying to make you feel comfortable with him.

“I guess that’s slightly calming.” You said, without noticing your body became more relaxed in Loki’s arms.

“Would you like to have some breakfast?” Loki asked, wishing that he hadn’t asked that. All he wanted to do was just lay here with you in his arms. Maybe he shouldn’t have woken you.

“That would be awesome. Would you mind filling me in on what happened last night? I have no idea how I got here.” You blushed as you imagination began to play out multiple different scenarios on how you somehow ended up in Loki’s bed with all your clothes scattered across the room.

“You really don’t remember?” You could feel Loki stiffen up against you.

“No I don’t…” You trailed off feeling slightly bad for forgetting.

“Well, I’ll fill you in while I make some pancakes.” Loki said, his arms unwrapping from you waist.

You would never admit it, but when he got up from the bed you missed his warmth and his tight grip on you. Sitting up in the bed, you watched Loki pull a baggy sweatshirt over his bare chest. This was a sight you never wanted to forget. Rummaging through the closet, Loki turned and chucked something to where you were sitting.

“You can wear that. I don’t think you want to change back into the clothes you wore last night.” Loki nodded towards the outfit you had worn to the New Year’s Eve party that was now on the ground. The party had been formal, so you couldn’t have been more grateful for the cozy sweatshirt and sweats he had tossed you.

“Thank you.” You said smiling at how soft the fabric of the sweatshirt was.

“Of course. I’m going to get started on those pancakes, meet me when you’re done. And just yell for me if you get lost.” Loki walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Quickly pulling on the clothes he had given you, you tried your hardest to remember anything from the night before. All you could remember was arriving to the party and joking around with the Avengers. After that, you drew a complete blank. You hadn’t even had that much to drink last night! Shaking off your jumbled thoughts, you opened the door and headed down a hallway you had never seen.

Loki had been living in Avenger’s Tower for a couple of months now. Thor wanted to keep a close eye on him and the constant mischief he was causing. The Avengers didn’t like this very much and decided to make him his own kitchen and living room. This way they didn’t have to seem him too often and everyone stayed happy.

Following the sound of music and a light humming, you found the kitchen easily. Loki stood in front of the stove humming and lightly singing along to the music as he flipped the pancakes. You leaned against the wall, smiling as you watched him sway to the music.

“Are you going to come and sit down or continue to admire me from the doorway?” Loki asked, smirking as he put a couple of pancakes on a plate.

“How did you know?” You asked, a blush rushing to your cheeks.

“I could hear you walking down the hallway and could feel your eyes on me when you came in.” Loki put the pancakes on the table, the smirk still present on his face. “Am I as attractive cooking as I was when you watched me get dressed this morning?”

“Oh my god…” You groaned, the embarrassment creating a pit in your stomach.

“Don’t feel bad love, most women can’t resist looking at me either. I’m just glad that you enjoyed it.” Loki handed you the syrup for the pancakes and watched you in amusement.

“Can you just tell me what happened last night?” You asked, trying to hide how flustered you were.

“You sure you’re ready for it? It’s quite a story.” Loki warned.

“Just tell me.” You said, taking a huge bite of the pancakes.

“The Avengers had decided to play a drinking game. Someone would choose a question and we’d all drink a shot before answering. It was incredibly fun, at least for those of us that can handle more than three shots without being completely hammered.” Loki paused, giving you a pointed look.

“That reminds me, how do I not have a crazy hangover right now?” You asked, realizing that usually when you are really drunk you have a terrible hangover the next day.

“I have magic, remember?” Loki grinned, winking at you. “Anyway to the story…”

The question game had been going on for four rounds and you were already completely drunk. It was a hilarious sight for everyone to see, yet a terrifying one at the same time.

“Who in this room, would you want to fuck?” Sam giggled, he was also not handling the alcohol very well.

“I’d fuck Loki, anytime, any day.” You grinned looking towards where Loki sat in shock.

“Loki? (Y/N), you do understand that I’m sitting here, right?” Tony laughed, nudging you with his elbow.

“No, I’ve had a crush on Loki since the first day he walked into this tower. I mean, look at him! Tall, handsome, kinda mysterious and dark. But he’s also kind and caring. He’s just really perfect!” You exclaimed, never taking your eyes off of a smirking Loki.

“You have had too much to drink kid.” Steve laughed patting your head.

“Would you want to fuck me Loki?” You asked, giving him a coy smile.

“Like you said, anytime, any day.” Loki said, trying to not show that he was slightly freaking out inside.

“Then do it.” You smirked, leaning back in your chair.

“What?” Clint asked, choking on his beer.

“Come on Loki, it’s past midnight and most people have gone home to have sex. You said anytime, any day. Let’s go!” You stood up, grabbing your coat and beginning to walk out of the room.

“I’m never one to argue to a good thing.” Loki chuckled, following you out of the room.

“She’s going to regret that in the morning.” Tony laughed, shaking his head.

“Oh my god.” You groaned, banging your head on the table.

“Who knew you were so flirty and blunt when you’re drunk?” Loki said, the cockiness obvious in his voice.

“Can you forget everything I said last night?” You asked, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks.

“I don’t believe I can. It’s amazing that the person I’ve liked since I saw them, likes me back! They even admitted in front of the Avengers. I never want to forget that.” Loki’s smirk faded into a smile.

“You like me? Is this a joke to you?” You asked bringing your head off the table.

“I don’t think I could lie to you, love.” Loki cupped your face in his hands. “I never would lie to you, you’re too precious to me.”

“Will you kiss me?” You asked, looking down at his lips that kept inching towards yours.

“I can do more than that, love.” Loki smirked, kissing you roughly and deeply. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long.

“OH GOD!” Tony screamed as the elevator opened.

“Hi Tony.” You smiled, pulling away from Loki’s kiss to smile at him.

“I came to rescue you, but I see that isn’t needed…” Tony said, the elevators beginning to close again. “OH AND USE PROTECTION PLEASE!”

“Where were we?” Loki smirked, turning back to where you still sat.

You giggled, pulling him closer for another kiss. It was a new year and you were already having one of your dreams become a reality. You couldn’t wait to see what else would come your way in this new year with Loki.


Kwon Jiyong/ G Dragon X Reader
WARNING: Drug use, smut, and all around general rudeness.
He’s been known to take pictures with people that don’t remember having even met him, but the ones he left you were different.

It was already afternoon by the time you woke up on Sunday. Panic set in suddenly when you realized you weren’t in a familiar bed, but subsided fairly quickly  when you spotted your suitcase in the corner and remembered that of course you weren’t, because you were in a foreign country. You’d come to Jeju by invitation of Chaelin to celebrate her 25th birthday. The two of you had been inseparable during the two years she’d lived in Paris on her own but hadn’t seen each other very much since. She would always stop to see you when she was traveling nearby for work, but it was hard for you to make it to South Korea very often. There just wasn’t time for it in your schedule or money for it in your wallet. However, when you opened the priority envelope from her a few weeks earlier with an invitation and a plane ticket, you dropped everything.

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I’ll Love You Till The End

omg omg omg can I request a park seo joon scenario where you two get in a really really intense argument and he says something very hurtful (in the heat of the moment type of thing) and tries to make it up to you? thank youuuu!!!!!

Here it is. I’m really sorry it took me so long :( 

I hope this is what you wanted? But I’m not too sure. So if it’s not, let me know and I’ll change it. 

Requested by: anon

Type: fluffy/angsty

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

-GIF isn’t mine-

“Tonight was fun” Seojoon quietly says. We were driving back to his place.

I didn’t want to answer, my eyes were glued to the window. We had dinner with some of our friends. It was supposed to be a good night full of joy. But it was the complete opposite.

At first, everything was going well. All of us were having fun. 

I was having a conversation with some of our friends. No problems till I heard Seojoon talking about me, about us.

“Y/N?” he asks. “I’m tired, can you drop me off at my place?” I ask, still looking out of the window.

“But most of your stuffs are at my place” he says, probably frowning.

“Don’t worry. I still have enough clothes at my place” I whisper loud enough for him to hear. 

“But I thought we could spend the rest of the night together” I could hear him pout.

“Well I’m sorry if I’m tired” I roll my eyes. “You know the ride will be longer if I drop you off” he explains.

“If it bothers you that much, I can call a cab” I sigh.

“I don’t want you to. It’s late” he answers. “I really think you should stay at my place tonight” he quickly adds.

“Why should I?” I ask, raising my eyebrows and finally looking at him.

“I want you to. I missed you and you know I love spending time with you. This is what we always do, I don’t know why you suddenly want to go back to your place” he frowns.

“Alright, we’re going to your place” I sigh in defeat, looking away. 

“Why are you sleeping so far away from me?” I suddenly hear Seojoon ask. “You’re body heat is too much for me. The side of the bed is cold” I lie.

He didn’t answer. I didn’t want to talk, I didn’t want to be anywhere near him and here I was, lying next to him.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been quiet most of the ride and you didn’t look at me. Did something happen at the restaurant?” he carefully asks.

“I’m tired, goodnight Seojoon” I answer.

“No. Y/N! I can’t just ignore the fact that something is bothering you. You know I can’t” he explains, sitting up.

“I’m tired. I have work tomorrow, so please let me sleep” I say, closing my eyes. 

“Y/N. You know how stubborn I am. So please, tell me what’s bothering you” he asks.

“I don’t want to talk about it alright?!” I answer, frowning.

“So there IS something bothering you! What is it? Did something happen at the restaurant?” he asks.

“Drop it” I sternly say. “Did I do or say something. Did someone say something to you? Did you read something?” he adds. 

“Seojoon, I want to sleep. Nothing’s bothering me so please DROP IT” I explain, trying to stay as calm as possible.

“The thing is that if I drop it, you’re going to think that I don’t care about you. Which is not true at all. I care about you and your well-being. I want this to work so please share your worries” he explains.

“Fine! You really want me to share it? You know, this is really something I wanted to avoid tonight cause I’m pretty sure it’s not going to end well” I ask, sitting up.

He looked into my eyes and nodded. I knew he was nervous, I could clearly see it. 

“Alright, where do I begin. Let me see, if I say ‘I don’t think it’ll be this serious’ does it remind you of something?” I ask, staring at him raising my eyebrows.

“No” he simply says, frowning. 

“Okay, so if I say ‘if you don’t think I could hear you talking earlier tonight you’re stupid’” I ask, staring at him.

“Is this about the conversation I had earlier tonight?” he frowns.

“See! That wasn’t difficult” I answer, sarcastically smiling at him.

“Y/N, I really don’t know why you’re upset” he quietly says. “Seojoon, I think this was pretty clear. So please don’t try to justify yourself” I say.

I stood up and took my pillow, my phone and left his room.

“Where are you going?” he asks, panicking. 

“I’m sleeping on the couch, I really don’t want to deal with this or you tonight” I tiredly say, yawning.

“Y/N, I really think we should talk” I hear him following me.

“Seojoon, I’m really tired. I have work tomorrow, it’s a big day so please leave me alone” I ask, whining.

“Y/N, Jagi, I’m the one who asked you. We need to have this conversation right now! I really don’t know why you’re angry. I mean I didn’t say anything wrong” he says, frowning.

“I can’t believe you! You’re an asshole. If you don’t want our relationship to be this serious just say it. I don’t want to waste my time. If you don’t it to be serious, just leave me already” I explain, looking at him.

“What the hell are you talking about??? Why would I want to leave you? We’ve been together for 4 years. 5 in like four months, do you really think I would’ve stay that long with you if you didn’t have all the things I was looking for?” he frowns, looking hurt.

“Now, you’re trying to make me feel guilty. Seojoon, it’s alright. We should make it easier, so I’m packing all my stuff tomorrow morning. I’ll delete all of our pics, your number and boom. You can go around and do whatever you want. Now, if you could just leave me alone. I need to sleep. You need to sleep. Goodnight” I sternly say.

“Y/N!!! Can you please STOP!!!! I love you, I don’t want you to leave or pack your stuff” he answers.

“I don’t care anymore. Was I just a distraction?” I quietly ask, frowning

“You really think I ‘used’ you???? Do you even hear yourself?” he frowns.

“Did you even hear yourself earlier tonight?” I answer, raising my eyebrows at him. He didn’t answer, he just looked at me confused. 

“That’s what I thought” I sadly chuckle.

*knock knock*

I opened my front door, only to see Junho, one of our friends.

“Junho? What are you doing here? How did you find my apartment?” I frown.

“Not important. Can I come in?” he asks, looking worried.

“Huh.. yeah I guess” I say, stepping aside. “Are you alone?” he asks, looking around my place.

“Look, I really don’t know how you find my place or why you’re here. But if Seojoon asked you to ask me some weird questions, you can leave!” I frown.

“Seojoon Hyung didn’t ask me to come. I came because I wanted to talk. It’s my fault if you guys broke up” he slowly explains.

“What? What do you mean?” I carefully ask, frowning.

“I shouldn’t have asked about your relationship at the restaurant. This is none of my business and honestly the way he was going to ask you was totally fine” he explains, sighing.

“I just ruined everything. You guys were perfect for each other and I messed up. Hyung doesn’t talk to any of us. We haven’t heard from him for the past three weeks” he adds, not letting me speak.

“What?? What do you mean?” I ask, concerned.

“We haven’t heard from him since you left. He doesn’t text back, he doesn’t answer our calls. We tried to go to his place but he doesn’t even open his door” he sadly explains.

“Maybe he’ll answer your texts” he adds, looking up at me.

“Junho… You know we broke up. I don’t think that’s a good idea” I quietly answer. 

“Y/N, I know you still love him, I know you regret your decision. I can see it on your face and you know he misses you. Y/N, he loves you so much you have no idea” he says.

“You know he was really excited. He wanted to ask you to move in with you. He wanted to make something casual and not too serious. This is why he said that he didn’t think it’ll be this serious. He wasn’t talking about your relationship” he sadly adds.

“Move in with me?” I whisper, sitting down on my couch.

“Seojoon??” I ask, knocking on his door. “Seojoon please, open the door” I add. 

I was about to leave when his front door opened.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” he asks, clearly confused.

“Can I come in?” I quietly ask.

He simply stepped aside to let me in. I missed his place, it was so familiar, so cozy and warm.

“Did you forget something?” he carefully asks, closing his front door.

“Well I- Junho told me that everyone was worried about you” I give him a small smile.

“I’m fine. They don’t need to worry about me” he suddenly says, looking annoyed.

“Junho told me what you guys were talking about at the restaurant and what you were planning to do..” I quietly say, feeling shy. 

He suddenly looked up at me a little bit confused. He then opened his mouth as if he was about to talk but quickly closed it.

“I’m sorry.. I just- I should’ve asked you first. This was a huge misunderstanding. I thought you were talking about our relationship.. Turns out I was completely wrong. I’m really really sorry about it” I quietly explain.

“When Junho told me about you, I really don’t know why but I came over here. I needed to see you, I needed to know you were okay. I was worried about and I’m still worried” I add, looking into his eyes.

“You don’t have to. You were pretty clear when we broke up” he coldly says.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry you have no idea” I whisper, looking down at my feet. 

“Sorry? Do you know how I felt when I saw you leave with all of your clothes, leaving nothing behind you? We were talking about how I was going to ask you to move in with me. You assumed things and it hurts” he angrily explains.

“I know how much it hurts because I miss you just as much as you miss me” I whisper, looking away and tearing up. “And I can’t do anything about it because I’m the one who decided to break up and I really hate myself for this” I quietly add. 

“I hate you” he calmly says. I immediately looked up at him, I didn’t know what to say. Maybe he did really hate me and I don’t blame him.

“I hate you so much you have no idea. I hate you because I can’t get you out of my head. I hat you because I still love you. I hate you because I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I hate you because I’ll love you till the end” he quietly says, looking into my eyes.

I didn’t move. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. 

‘Maybe I should leave’ I thought. I started to walk towards his front door.

“If you think I’m stupid enough to watch you leave a second time” I hear him say, his hand caught my wrist.

“Please stay. Please don’t leave me ever again. Please let me love you for the rest of our lives” he whispers, hugging me so tight.

I really hope you liked it. I’m not too sure about the end, so let me know what you thought about it.

If you have any requests, questions my ask box is opened. I should be able to update a little more often in the next few weeks!


Love you all xx

Back Home (Newt x Hufflepuff!Reader)

**Gif not mine**

Request:  Could you write about Newt getting home from NY, still a little sad to be leaving his new friends and meets a girl also previously in hufflepuff (but a year younger) who does the typical hufflepuff thing n helps to cheer him up somehow? Fluff would be nice <3

Even if you’re not in Hufflepuff this is still really cute in my opinion

IMPORTANT: The Reader and Newt’s relationship in this is platonic, no romance.  Also, I kind of lost it at the end xD

Newt had returned to England.  Alone, but with his case.  When he got off the boat, he disapparated to the door to his flat.


Newt’s neighbor was a wizard, and he knew that.  Ever since the day an Occamy escaped and slithered under the door.  Newt wasn’t aware it had gotten loose until he opened his front door to reveal a teapot, the Occamy inside, with a note attached to the lid.:

You’d better keep that Occamy under control, Mr. Scamander.  The Ministry would have a fit if it were to get inside a muggle home.

Fellow Hufflepuff, Y/N L/N

(This is how he got the idea to trap the Occamy in a teapot in New York).  Newt felt like a blasted idiot for letting a creature slip away from him so easily, so as soon as he read the note he knocked on your door to apologize.

When you opened the door he immediately began to speak.  “I am so sorry about my Occamy getting into your flat.  I-I hope he didn’t break anything, if he did I’ll replace it.  Thank you so much for returning him.  Once again I’m truly–.”

You cut him off with a laugh.  He looked at you confused.  You smiled at him.  “Don’t worry!  It was no trouble at all, really.  My mother use to breed Occamies, I picked up a thing or two.”

He smiled.  “So you work for the Ministry too?”

“Yes.  At least I hope to; I’m training to be an Auror.”  You realized you were still talking to Newt in the open doorway.  “Oh!  I’m sorry, you’re still standing in the doorway.  Would you like to come in for some tea?”

“I would love to, Miss L/N.”

“Call me Y/N.”

Ever since that day, you and Newt began to talk more and more, eventually to the point where you would always have tea and dinner together on Saturdays.

**End of flashback**

When he got back from New York, you were thrilled to have your best friend back again.  As he was about to unlock the door to his flat, you popped your head out of yours.  “Good to see you again, Newt!”

“You too, Y/N.”

You tilted your head and knit your eyebrows.  Newt didn’t have the typical pep-in-his-step that he always seemed to have.  He never acted like this unless something was wrong with one of his creatures or beasts.  You stepped out of your flat and approached him.  “What’s wrong?”


“Come on.  I know you.  Something’s wrong.”

He sighed.  “I met some really nice people in New York, and I miss them.”

You looked at him sympathetically.  “Oh.  I’m sorry, I know how that feels.” You paused, and your face brightened.  “But I can’t stand to see you sad.  That’s why you’re going to drop your stuff off in your flat and then come to mine.”

He nodded and his lips perked upward.  “Thank you, Y/N.  Merlin knows what I would do without you.”

You hugged him and then went back to your flat.  Newt did as you said: he dropped his case off in his bedroom (and put some heavy books on it for precautions).

He walked next door and when he was just about to knock on it, you flung open the door.  “Come in!”  You exclaimed, tugging Newt’s arm gently, leading him to where the sofa was and pushed him down onto it.  “Sit.”

Just then, the kettle made it’s high-pitched whistle to signal the tea was done boiling.  You poured the steaming tea into two cups and walked over to where Newt was and set both cups down on the coffee table (or, in this case, a tea table lol).  You grabbed a nice heavy blanket and draped it over Newt.

“You really don’t have to do this Y/N… I was being a child,” Newt said.

“Yes, I do.  You’re a good man that doesn’t deserve to be sad  Plus I haven’t seen you in a week and I’ve missed youuuu!”

He grinned at your childlike demeanor.  

You stepped over to your bookshelf in the living room and turned on the radio.  You then got under the blanket and snuggled up to next to Newt.  

“So.  Tell me about your adventures in New York.”

“To sum it up, I basically lost some of my creatures in New York, befriended a muggle that helped me find them, sentenced to death but a Bowtruckle helped me out if it, met two sisters, one of them probably wanted to kill me and the other fell in love with said muggle, and then I found Grindelwald, and I got on a boat and now here I am.”

You looked at him in shock.  “Niceee.”

(lmao that’s ALL I could think of you saying in response)

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

Behind The Story | S2 - Pt. 1

Summary: They say things never go as planned and oh were they right. When you are giving a second chance in life, you’re only just begun to live. A baby girl came to the world but it doesn’t mean their road is over yet. The story about their relationship and family while shooting Supernatural and attending Conventions continues…

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.2k+

Warnings: Fluff.

Beta: @waywardlullabies (thank youuuu!)


Tittle: Baby, it’s Cold Outside.

Songs: Wild Mountain Thyme & Baby, it’s Cold Outside.

A/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’ALL!!!! This is my gift for y’all, BTS IS BACK!!!! I’ve missed this series soooo much. I’m so excited for y’all to read the first chapter of season two. Please leave feedback ? Happy Holidays! Xoxox.



Originally posted by christmas-winter

The accident shifted your perspective of life. You’ve always been grateful, but having a near death experience made you think more about how you were living. The thought of not being able to witness your daughter grow or seeing Jensen’s smile every day haunted you sometimes. The accident was a wake up call for you; it was the universe saying ‘life is short, are you living it correctly?’.  Some nights the thought of not being able to experience the little things in life infected your thoughts and drained you. It was the little moments that gave sense to your life. You wouldn’t trade the sound of your daughter’s small giggle or Jensen’s soft voice when he says ‘I love you’ for anything in the world.

Your recovery was truly a miracle from the doctor’s perspective.  Waking up from the sleeping spell after being unconscious for three days was shocking for some who didn’t give you more than a day, given the dire situation. Trauma was a reality not only for your skin and limbs but your organs as well, several bruised as your body tried healing itself. You kept fighting though, raising from the list of soon dead and waking up to one of the most beautiful visuals. Jensen singing a lullaby to JJ while he fed her being the first visual your eyes took in after being in the dark. You wanted to cherish that moment forever. After all these months, your daughter was finally here and all you wanted is to have her in your arms.

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Part two of the OS series about Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘Divide’. Based on the song ‘Happier’, lyrics in italics.

Save Myself

Genre: Angst, fluff
Word Count: 2265
Summary: Sometimes you have to let go of the things you love to save them. That’s why Baz broke up with Simon. But maybe he isn’t as fine as he pretends to be. And maybe Simon isn’t either.

They say, some things just aren’t meant to be. Do they say it to console us? Or is it true?
Maybe some stories simply aren’t meant to have a happy ending. Perhaps he and I were never supposed to be together.
He and I, we were a fairy tale. Our names alone sounded ridiculously magical and said together, they sounded like a spell.
I’d sometimes still say them out loud. They still feel like magic, though that might be just me. I wonder whether he can feel it, too, sometimes, despite knowing that that’s not fair.
When we crashed together, he and I, there was a storm and I barely made it out alive. He and I together, I know that there will no good come from that. I know that he’d die from it, some day. Sometimes you’ve got to make the tough decisions and be strong in order to write the story in the right way.
Radiating around one another, we lived to set each other on the right path, to love, to live, to burn.
That’s what inevitably ought to happen, once Baz Pitch and Simon Snow met. The world, on fire. So, a happy ending wasn’t possible, for the two of us. Just an ending that hurt less. And for him, I’d choose the less painful version any time.

Walking down 29th and park
I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier

I saw Simon the other day in a bar. (I go to bars more often, these days. Not much else to do when your life is a mess. When you think you might see him again.)
He looked so different from the last time I saw him. The look on his face – oh, that look. He smiled differently than he smiled with me. I wondered whether this was what he looked like when he was happy.
I think maybe that guy beside him managed to do what I was never capable of. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?
I saw Simon Snow sitting there, in front of the bar, talking to another guy. Light brown hair, goregous green eyes, a charming smile. Everything I’ll never be. And I’m bitter when I’m thinking about him. I can’t help it.
But Simon is happy with him. And that’s all that matters to me.

Saw you walk inside a bar
He said something to make you laugh
I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
Yeah, you look happier, you do

I miss him. I really can’t help it. I’ve got no other choice but to think of him, all hours of the day. Because I’m not like Snow. I can’t just turn my brain off and stop thinking. And I don’t think I want to. Because memories of him are all I have left.

(And I know it’s pathetic. You don’t have to tell me that.)
We still see each other every now and then. He’s got a new boyfriend now. Someone who is more fit for him than me. Someone kind. Nice. And surely not a tragedy. That’s what Simon deserves. That’s the reason I split up with him.

Simon Snow deserves everything. And I wonder if that boy can give it to him. (I hope.)

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody love you like I do
Promise that I will not take it personal, baby
If you’re moving on with someone new

When I told Simon that I wanted to end things between us, he looked vulnerable and small. He didn’t understand why it was the right thing. I broke his heart. (And mine too.)
I wonder whether he understands it now. I wonder if he would thank me if we’d properly meet another time.
(I hope he doesn’t.)
(Because I’m bitter.)
(I hope he does.)
(Because it means that he’s happy.)
I console myself a little, thinkng that he’d never have been able to be happy with me. A vampire. A monster. A disaster. And I wasn’t capable of curing his sadness. Maybe someone can do it – someone who is positive, and happy, and much more like Simon.
Simon deserves someone who matches him. I thought once that I did. (But we shouldn’t match. Because that means that he’s a mess, too. And I don’t want that for him.)
I saw Simon in a bar once, and he looked happier. (He did.)

‘Cause baby you look happier, you do
My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too
And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth
But I know I was happier with you

When I saw him there, my heart broke a little more. When I saw that glow in his eyes and the crinkles around them and the dimples on his cheeks, when he was smiling so widely, my heart broke. Because I knew that there was a time when I, too, had looked like that.

That exact same expression. When we were together.

But he and I, we weren’t meant to be. I wonder if, after months and years have passed, I’ll be a stranger to you. I wonder if I’ll run across you in the streets, years from now, and you’ll feel nothing when you look at me.
Fiona told me, one day I’d get over him. (I won’t. I’ve loved him since I was eleven years old. I’m not stopping now.)
“I used to smile like that, too,” I want to tell him. But he deserves this and I won’t ruin it for him.

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody need you like I do
I know that there’s others that deserve you
But my darling, I am still in love with you

Sometimes I get weak and then I have to drink to make myself stop from chasing after him because the longing gets too strong. But the drinking never helps. It only makes my vision blurry and my head feel funny.
And I miss you. I miss you so much, it physically hurts.

I cry for him. I cry because I lost him and it’s my fault. And in these weak moments, I regret it. I can’t allow myself to regret. (Because I don’t want to be selfish. But maybe I have to be.)
I’m scared that he’ll never forgive me. I’m scared because he’s happy now and I’m alone. I’m not even a part of his life now. And I’d take whatever he’s able to give me. If we’d only meet once a year, I’d take that.
Because even though I’m not meant for you, you are meant for me. I used to be happy.

But I guess you look happier, you do
My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too
I could try to smile to hide the truth
But I know I was happier with you

It’s four months and two weeks after I’d broken up with Simon when I meet him again. It’s three months since I’ve seen him in the bar, with the guy.

(It’s not like I’m counting.)
(Of course I’m counting.)
I missed that messy hair of his. I missed all the moles and his face and everything. I missed his stuttering and mumbling and the fucking spectacle he is.
We’re in a bar that’s barely crowded. I saw him sitting there and I couldn’t help it. It was like a force pulled me towards him.
“Hey,” I murmur as I sit next to him.
He looks up from his drink and his eyes go wide. Then they lit up and he smiles at me, but he tries to contain it.
Carefully, he averts his eyes but I can tell that he’s trying hardly not to look at me.
Crowely, I missed him.
“H-hi, Baz,” he eventually says and I smile at him. He looks different, I think. Maybe being away from me did him good. It helped him. (I don’t care.)
(I do care. But only because I want this for him. Crowely, I want it.)
And suddenly, as I watch him (it’s still a disaster and I’m glad that hasen’t changed), I feel something blooming inside of me.

Strange, I think. I thought it died months ago. But apparently I really am still able to feel joy.
Because, all out of a sudden, I realize that all I need to be happy is for him to be happy. And if he can’t be that with me I have to accept it.
“How have you been?”
He laughs silently.
“Really? How have you been? That’s not the question I’d have expected from you.”
“What? Do you want me to insult you?”
He hesitates for a moment.
“Yes. I’ve missed it.”
“That’s pathetic.”
He laughs again. It saddens me to see him like this. Maybe he isn’t as happy as I’ve thought.
“I know.”

“How’s your boyfriend?” I ask. Because I want him to smile again. Please, Simon, smile for me.

Baby, you look happier, you do
I know one day you’d fall for someone new
But if he breaks your heart like lovers do
Just know that I’ll be waiting here for you

Simon’s face falls and he frowns just a little but I notice his discomfort immediately.

“What?” I ask and he stays silent. “Has he hurt you? I swear I’m going to break his bones if he did anything-”
“No, Baz, he didn’t do anything. He was perfect.”
I go quiet and it still stings to hear him say this. (It will always sting.)
“Oh Baz, he was so bloody perfect. He was kind and a great person and- and-”
It stings and it stings and it stings. I can’t help it.
“And I was just fooling myself. It’s ridiculous.”
“What do you mean? You must have loved Mr. Perfect.”
He looks up at me and studies my face for a second.
“Yes,” he whispers softly. “I did love him.”
He takes another sip of his drink.
Mr. Perfect.
And I don’t know who he’s talking about anymore.

“Simon?” I whisper. “Are you happy?”
“Happy?” he laughs and it sounds bitter again. “Sure. Of course I’m bloody happy. I can’t believe you’re asking me this.”
“But- But I let you go.”
For once, I’m lost at words.
“I let you go so you could go find your happiness with someone else, someone who deserved you.”
He stares at me and I can tell that he’s surprised.
“So that’s why you dumped me?”
“I didn’t dump you. I let you go.
He laughs again. It sounds crazy this time.
“Oh Baz, I can’t believe you.”
“Well, I’m sorry, I only wanted what’s best-”
“You’re a nightmare.”
“Hey, that’s my sentence.”
He grins at me.
“I missed you.”
I don’t know what this means. I don’t know what I’m doing. All I know is that I’m suddenly smiling again and I can’t lie to him.
“I missed you, too. I only wanted to give you what you needed, and that was to be away from me.”
“Oh Baz,” he says again and I start to belive he’s lost his mind. And then he starts singing. “Baby, all I want for christmas is youuuu.”
“It’s not christmas for another three months. Stop making fun of me.”
“I’m not making fun of you. I mean, I am. But it’s also true that… All I needed was you.”
“I thought you were happy.”
“I was happy. When I was with you. These last few months… Not so much. I mean, I tried to be. I had a boyfriend, briefly. And I told myself that I loved him, but the truth is… I’ve never loved anyone but you.”
“You- You haven’t-”
“He was a good guy. And he didn’t deserve to be treated like that. Guess I’m no better than you.”

“That means I was wrong,” I say grimly.

“I thought you didn’t love me. I thought that’s why you left me. But I guess you loved me too much.”
Still do.
“I suppose it’s too late now to set things right.”
“Baz, you should know by now that it’s never too late.”

“But now you don’t need me anymore.”

“And that’s a good thing! Baz, we were so dependant on each other, we didn’t even know how to function on our own. I’ve had a lot of time to think about that.”
Hesitantly, I reach out and touch Simon’s hand with my own. My heart beat speeds up. Simon takes my hand fully and I’m nervous.

“So you still- I mean, are you still-”
“Of course, you twat. And you?”

“So we’re fine again?”

“I hope so.”
My heart flutters violently and I know that everything will be alright.

Some stories aren’t meant to have a happy ending. Like Simons with that guy from the bar. But he and I, we’re a fairy tale. I know that there was a reason for the time we pretended to hate each other and for the time we were apart. I know that that time was of use, to make us grow and learn.
But I know also that I won’t waste another second. Because I’m happy now and so is Simon and I think we do belong together.
And now I know that it’s not death, not suffering, not jealousy, nor pain that we deserve. Him and me. We got lucky.


This is what we deserve.

Chanwoo the Type...

(boyf edition)

!!! it’s finally here!

I am so sorry it took me forever- I have been super sick with the flu and had no energy to get up and think and write… the drabble series is next! Xx

also this is obviously later in life not current chanwoo

  • big bear hugs the minute you walk through the door
  • “i missed youuuu,” in the most child-like whiney voice
  • “I missed you too, chanwoo,”
  • him grabbing your arm and clinging to you the whole time
  • trying to change but him clinging to you still
    • aka give me a kiss please
  • kissing him lightly on the lips before pushing him off to change
  • video games before dinner
    • beating him everytime
  • finally letting him win the last round
  • him announcing he’ll cook dinner
    • an actual disaster
    • eats cereal instead
  • is actually super romantic
  • plans out super nice dinner dates at a nice restaurant
  • brings you flowers
  • is a gentleman and pulls out your chair
    • this kid isn’t even nervous
  • goes elsewhere to get dessert
  • three scoops of ice cream
  • actually the most caring man ever
  • buys you a lot of destress teas 
  • makes sure there is always healthy food in the house even though he can’t cook any of it
  • forces you to go to bed at a reasonable time
  • weekend mornings at the gym together
  • tries the best to live a healthy life-style together
  • gets really involved in his work all of the time
  • puts 2000% percent into everything he does
  • tries his best to juggle his idol life and his personal life
  • wants to see you at least once a week
  • sometimes fails to do so and feels really bad
  • cares so much about your happiness
  • tries to make you laugh and smile every chance he can
  • is actually so witty and funny
  • you want a cuddle buddy? you got one
  • loves to play with your hair and fingers
  • kisses on the nose
    • cute little giggles
  • shy but meaningful “i love you”s
Like Father Like Daughter- Part 3




Initial request:
Don’t know if still taking requests but Could you write one where Free will is in the bunker and a little girl shows up at the door claiming to be Deans daughter *which she is* please and thank you

Part 3 requests:
part 3? X3333 loved the second part btw ^^ amazing job as always!
Thank youuuu! ^^

PART 3!!!!!!!!!!

Like father like daughter is so good aww ♥ Requests are closed so im not technically requesting but, I definitely would read a part 3 on it ♥ Love you~
Ty hun! Ily2

You were slumped in the chair, your legs hanging over the side as you scrolled through your phone. You glanced up to see your Dad and Unce still researching. You were supposed to be helping but you got distracted… Besides, they didn’t seem to mind all that much. Either that or they were so focused on finding a case they hadn’t even noticed- not that you were complaining.

Your Uncle Sam wore such a concentrated frown you were worried he’d get stuck like that. He hadn’t blinked for a good minute or so as he scanned the pages on the blaring screen. Your Dad looked half asleep yet determined to stay on task. He was chewing a pen lid as his eyes squinted at the mass pile of books. the actual pen itself was in his hand as he silently tapped it against his leg.

Your Dad’s phone broke the pair of them from their trance. He picked up and you and your Uncle both listened curiously. “Garth?…Yeah I suppose it is…Uh…Okay…Sure…Ohio?…Got it we’ll be there asap….Yeah you too.” He put the phone down and shared a look with Sam you didn’t recognise.

“Garth?” You echoed.

“A hunting buddy of ours.” He informed you before turning to his brother and speaking to him instead. “He’s found us a case in Ohio. Demons. Lot’s of demons.” 

“Let’s get packed then.” Your Uncle declared, shutting his laptop and rising from his chair. You followed suite but they both turned to look at you.
“Oh hell no.” Your Dad shook his head and gave you a disapproving look.

“Why not?” You frown, trying your best to look cute.

“Because I said so.” Your Dad declared.

“Oh don’t play that card! I had enough of those from my Mum.” You sigh.

“Y/N, you’re not ready.” Uncle Sam softly mentioned but it didn’t make it any less irritating. “I’m never going to be ready if all you do is leave for hunts without me. No one’s training me when you’re gone!” You protest.

Your Dad then pointed at you and nodded to himself like he’d just had some sot of light bulb moment. “You can stay at Bobbys.” 

“Who?” You frown.

“He’s basically like the Uncle we never had,” Sam started “He hunts. You can train with him.”

“Sound fair?” Your Dad asked. You nod reluctantly.

**** **** **** ****

You watch as the Impala drives out of Bobby’s land off to hunt and you can’t help but feel like you’re being abandoned- even though you knew he was going to come back.

Bobby put his hand on your shoulder and tugged you away from the window. “Come on, kiddo. Let’s do something interesting before I go out of my mind.”


“Yeah?” He turned around to look at you.

“Will my Dad ever let me hunt?” You tried not to pine but it was starting to bug you.

He sighed and adjusted his cap. “Your Dad cares about you and he doesn’t want you to get hurt, Y/N. You need to give him time, remember. He’s never had a kid before and you turned up out of the blue. Besides, are we here to train or to talk?” He finished with a smirk and you rolled your eyes.

Bobby was nice and he was a damn good trainer. But you still missed your Dad. You hadn’t known him long but you still wanted to be with him and to make him proud. Show him and Uncle Sam you can hunt.
You wondered if you’d ever get that chance.

That’s when you got the call. You picked up the phone, Bobby was out getting supplies. “Bobby?” Your Dad asked when you didn’t say anything.

“Dad?” You rubbed your eye, having been asleep.

“Y/N where’s Bobby?”

“He’s not here.”

“Well, okay uh…man,” his tone changed from nervous to amused but it was unsettling “This place is one hell of a funkytown.”

You froze. You knew what that meant. Your brain went back to when Uncle Sam taught you the Hunter’s code. You gulped, knowing full well you could be on loud speaker “Is it?” You chuckled confidently.

“Sure is. Well, when Bobby get’s back tell him to give me a call okay, sweetie?”

“Sure.” You put the phone down and went straight over to your bag. You stuffed in some extra necessities and raced out the house. You knew if you told Bobby he would go and make you stay and you weren’t having that.

As you reached the road you started praying to cas. You went on for a good ten minutes non-stop. You must have repeted yourself a lot but you didn’t care. You went from internal monologue to talking aloud. “Please, Cas. My Dad’s in trouble. Maybe Sam and Garth too. Please.”

A flutter of wings made you turn and stare at the man in the trench coat. You sigh with relief. “Where?” He demanded coldly.

“Ohio, Mudhouse Mansion.” You state, adjusting your backpack straps.

“Okay, I won’t be long.” 

“I’m coming with you, Cas. I need to help.” You say firmly.

He stared at me for a while and I couldn’t read his expression. He then sighed and nodded “Alright.” before placing his fingers on my forehead and Singer Salvage Yard disappeared from my view.

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