i will always love you played in pandora


Characters: Jared x Reader, fans, Jensen

Word Count: 1579

Warnings: implied sex and kinda fluff

Summary: All people ask you about is your past relationships and your relationship status during your panel. They are pleasantly surprised with the end result of their questions.

Authors Note: Honestly, this whole idea came from listening to Intertwined by Dodie. I wanted to have this song as like how they fell in love type thing. This is my first RPF. Also, Jared is single for this. No disrespect to Gen. Hopefully I satisfied your imagination with this! Feedback is always appreciated and enjoy xx

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You slowly woke up in your hotel room with Jared’s arms wrapped around your waist. You lazily look at the time before jumping out of bed, realizing that you were running late for your panel.

Your panel starts in twenty minutes. It takes ten minutes to get there, leaving you with ten minutes to get dressed, and you still have to shower.

You texted Rob that you were going to be running late before taking a quick shower and getting dressed. You were about to rush out the door, then you realized that you hadn’t woken Jared up. You shake him awake and his eyes slowly flutter open.

“Morning sunshine,” you joke as you give him a quick kiss. “I’m running late for my panel, but I’ll see you down there after you get dressed.”

He hums in response, leaning on the headboard, looking at you. “Go on, don’t want to keep the fans waiting.” He smiles at you. “You’ll be great.”

You rush out the hotel room and made it to the panel, even though you were ten minutes late.

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I Can’t Even

1. Jenny was the star of this episode 

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2. Pandora being shady as always, but you gotta love her

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3. Ichabod trying to cheer up a kid the old school way and failing, but we still love you.

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4. Mills sisters bonding, ‘nough said

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5. My poor Abbie getting hurt.

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6. Ichabod reaching for Abbie’s hand and my feels just can’t take it.

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7. Paul Revere the dentist and his bad ass weapon. 

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8. Ichabod being high after seeing the dentist and calling himself adorable.  

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9. Me still not understanding how Betsy Ross plays into all of this.

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10. Pandora saying sleepy head and you’re just sitting there and wondering if the writers did that to mess with you, because my feels right now are on high, and I may be going slightly crazy. 

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