i will always love you


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Solo Stage ~ I Will Always Love You ~ Moosical 160814

Who knows if we truly met one another at the wrong time in our lives. All I know is that if things do come to an end I will forever love you even if we distance ourselves. We met not knowing you would mean the world to me and you forever will hold a place in my heart if you ever wish to be mines again. Maybe later in another time and place we will be right for one another. Or maybe you’ll fall in love all over again with someone new and I don’t want you to worry about hurting me ever. Live your life your way and love someone else if that’s truly what makes you happy. I want you to spend your life with someone you love back just as much as they love you. But most importantly before you go if you ever do decide to please show up in my path even if it’s for the last time. For those last seconds just hold me closely and let me thank you for all the moments I shared by your side. Kiss me one last time, promise me you’ll be okay without me around, cry if you have to, but smile because we met. There were billions of people and somehow we managed to cross in this one and only life. Many would say that there are billions of others I can end up with, but it will always be you and only you. My first love, first heartbreak, and I will never forget that. So maybe just maybe down a new path somewhere down the road under billions of stars we will meet again and maybe just maybe we will be right for another…
—  baefiveoneoh (Jan. 25, 2015 maybe in another road we will love again..)
You know, I never really saw it coming. You meet someone and maybe your heart will beat in a different pattern. Or you’ll see something special in their eyes or the way their voice lights up your soul, but you never really see it coming. I knew she was someone I’d never want to lose from my life, I just never saw it coming. I didn’t expect to get the butterflies every time she walks into a room. After 11 years you’d think that would fade away, you’d think that those butterflies would stop but they haven’t. She walks into any room and she is still the only girl I see. You never really know how important someone is to you until you’re laying in bed next to her. Until you’ve revealed all that the world does not know about you. Until you’re no longer scared to show her, all of you. All of your flaws and your insecurities all of what makes you, you. I never expected to ache for her kisses and live for her hugs. Or how she’s gone for a month and I countdown like a kid on Christmas till I have her in my arms again. I didn’t expect to look forward to Sunday mornings when I can finally see her or getting off work just to have her by my side. You never really see it coming. How you’re not much of a dancer but somehow you find yourself looking up YouTube tutorials to impress her the next time you take her hand and drag her onto the dance floor. I never expected how much I’d love someone, even though she’s hard headed and sometimes fights with me about the smallest things. I never really thought I’d fall this hard. You never really expect it. How much you live for moments with them. How laying naked in their arms is the one place you’d feel fully clothed, you’d feel secure, and untouchable. I want Monday evening tea with her. Tuesday movie night with her. I want Wednesday morning eggs and pancakes and Thursday afternoon sex with her. I want Friday night “let’s just cuddle in bed and forget the world.” Saturday “I’ll wait here for you, go out and have fun babe” nights. And I want Sunday morning kisses, Sunday noon wrestling in the middle of our living room floor, and Sunday night, “Let’s cook dinner together.” I never expected that, I never thought I’d believe in love as much as I do when I look into her eyes. I never thought I’d want the house, the kids, the wife, and our Husky dog. You know, you never really expect it. You never really see it coming. You never realize what love is or what it does for us. You never realize it, until you’re laying in bed and her head is on your chest, and all you can fathom to say is, “this is all that I’ve ever needed.”
—  I know now (V.I.T.)
Your memory feels like home to me.
So whenever my mind wanders, it always finds it’s way back to you.
—  Ranata Suzuki
And I still question why you decided to leave when I needed you the most in my life. I wanted you to stay and tell me that we were going to make it through our challenges. You didn’t have to fight for me at all whatsoever because I wasn’t going anywhere. In fact I was so damn sure it was you all along that I was waiting for to meet. I gave you all the love I had and even still you walked right out of my life as if it was all so simple for you. You were the best damn thing to walk into my life in years and I was never prepared to watch you walk away. But you know part of life is all about losing those who mean the most to you. You meant everything to me and losing you has become something I’m learning to accept. I’m not saying I stopped loving because then that would make this entire written piece false, but I’ve accepted your disappearance. I don’t expect for you to ever return but I do expect for you to make it far in life. We may have had our differences but I hope you keep growing into a better person then the one I fell in love with. Always keep a smile on your face and whenever you think of me remember part of me will always be with you even if we become strangers again…
—  baefiveoneoh (March 21, 2015 6:56 PM)

I will always wait for the day we find each other again.