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Empathy isn’t just something that happens to us—a meteor shower of synapses firing across the brain—it’s also a choice we make: to pay attention, to extend ourselves. It’s made of exertion, that dowdier cousin of impulse. Sometimes we care for another because we know we should, or because it’s asked for, but this doesn’t make our caring hollow. The act of choosing simply means we’ve committed ourselves to a set of behaviors greater than the sum of our individual inclinations: I will listen to his sadness, even when I’m deep in my own. To say “going through the motions”—this isn’t reduction so much as acknowledgment of the effort—the labor, the motions, the dance—of getting inside another person’s state of heart or mind.

This confession of effort chafes against the notion that empathy should always arise unbidden, that genuine means the same thing as unwilled, that intentionality is the enemy of love. But I believe in intention and I believe in work. I believe in waking up in the middle of the night and packing our bags and leaving our worst selves for our better ones.

Westallen Season 3 Spoiler Quote Wrap-Up

“She’s a fixed point for Barry Allen, so no matter where we see her, no matter where we find her, she’s still very similar to the Iris that we’ve always known and loved, which is why Barry sees her as the shining star in the sky…He can always find her somewhat the same.” - Candice Patton

“Iris is Barry’s lightning bolt. It doesn’t matter what season, or what obstacles in front of them, those two have this fated history and future together.” - Todd Helbing

“Barry Allen and Iris West are an iconic relationship. We set it up, at the end of Season 2, that they were going to get together, and then he undid it. But, these two are destined to be together. I would say to keep watching. As with destiny, things end up playing out the way you hoped they would.” - Aaron Helbing

“Their relationship is a completely different experience for him, and it’s a challenge now because he still sees Iris, she’s still beautiful, he still has a crush on her… it’s “how do I now approach this girl who I know all of these things about, but I can’t say anything?” - Aaron Helbing

“This season you’re going to see a lot of Barry and Iris. [Aaron: A LOT] A LOT of them together. It’s great, yeah.” - Todd and Aaron Helbing

“In the Flashpoint universe, he hasn’t really grown up with her. They’re essentially strangers. She’s someone he used to know, and he’s someone she used to know, back in the day in grade school. It’s exciting because it’s like, “Oh, this is what would have happened, had Reverse Flash not done this and had Barry not become The Flash. He would have been a normal guy, nervous about going up to a pretty girl that he’s had a crush on forever, and get to know her and try to have a relationship with her.” For us, that’s really exciting because we get to explore that.” - Aaron Helbing

“Iris West in the comics is so integral to Barry Allen’s story. The “Lois Lane” of The Flash, how could I say no? Especially as a black female actress, knowing that they were open to changing the ethnicity of Barry Allen, the hero’s, love interest was a big deal. I knew this role would be important, even in a small way, in changing what an ingénue and a desirable romantic love interest looks like on television. On top of that Iris is a badass, she has so much strength of character.” - Candice Patton

Love to Hate You

Note: Written for Anon-ie (thank you so much for requesting!) as well as @kriselynne who wanted a jealous Jaehyun~ 

Pairing: Jaehyun/ Y/N

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Y/N didn’t believe in love at first sight.

But she did believe at annoyed in first sight.

She couldn’t exactly tell the reason why, but she always got annoyed at Jung. Jae. Hyun.

How he always seemed to smile at everyone, showing off his set of deep dimples (“Like yeah. We get it. You got a million-dollar smile.”); how he always seemed to tower over everyone else (“Can I scream giant?”); and how everyone, including their mom, seemed to like him to damn much it was nauseating. (“Ugh.”)

“Y/N. Hey, Y/N.”

Ten, your best friend, smiled at your predicament.

“There he goes again,” Ten whispered. “The bane of your existence.”

You resisted the urge to roll your eyes heavenwards.

“When will he ever leave me?” you whispered back.

Jung Jaehyun has made it his life’s mission to annoy the living hell out of you every chance he got.

“Just give him a chance, Y/N,” Ten said, smirking this time. “Poor guy needs your love and attention.”

You shuddered and made gagging motions. “The hell you talking about, Chittaphon?” you said through gritted teeth.

And as much as you wanted to change directions to avoid interaction with annoyance personified, you no longer could. Talking to Jung Jaehyun was inevitable. It didn’t stop you from rolling your eyes, however, before facing him with a forced amicable smile on your lips.

“What is it, Jung?” You could never call him his first name. It had always been ‘Jung’.

“Whoa,” Jaehyun raised his hands as soon as he saw the expression on your face. “You look like you’re about to kill someone.”

Then he laughed so loud as if he hasn’t laughed in centuries. Ten laughed with him, that was, until you silenced your best friend with a glare.

“I’m about to,” you replied, still pasting the fake smile on your lips, “if you don’t remove yourself from my presence.”

“Ooohhh,” Ten taunted him. “Whatcha’ gotta say, Jung?”

It seemed that Ten was the only one entertained with the exchange between you two.

You crossed your arms across your chest and stared straight into his eyes, hoping it relayed how annoyed you were with him.

“Shut up, Nine,” Jaehyun replied and Ten looked offended.

“Hey! I’m always a Ten!”

Jaehyun rolled his eyes. “No, you ar—“

You waved your hands in front of them before it became a full-blown argument. “Make it quick, Jung. You’re wasting my time.”

“Ouch. That should fucking hurt.” Ten made stabbing motions to the heart to taunt Jaehyun some more.

Jaehyun just raised his middle finger to flip him off. But Ten, being Ten, had been long immune to this kind of stuff. He just shrugged Jaehyun off.

Addressing you again, Jaehyun finally said, “I just wanted to ask you out to lunch.”

Your heart almost leaped out in surprise.

You? Jaehyun? Lunch?

What in the world happened to him?


“Because you looked like someone who hasn’t eaten in days,” he finished off with a smirk on his lips. He looked proud and there was nothing more you wanted to do than wipe that smirk off his face.

You held your breath as your smile cracked. The chill you felt throughout your body was comparable to doing the “Ice Bucket Challenge”.

They broke into another bout of laughter, even clapping each other while you felt your cheeks go red.

“Oh.” You ran your tongue on the inside of your cheek. “So you think that was so funny?”

You could no longer hide your annoyance so it didn’t matter to you if your mouth ran with no filter.

“Well, fuck you, too.”

You spun on your heels, whipping your hair, and hitting Jaehyun intentionally on the face.


You looked back at Ten, still with the same annoyance on your face. “Are you coming with me, Ten? Or you’d rather stay with your buddy over there?”

Ten clapped Jaehyun on the back, whispered, “Sorry, bro,” before running to catch up with you.


Jung Jaehyun was annoyance personified.

A long tired sigh escaped your lips as you placed your notebook and pen inside your bag.

“Someone’s got a long day,” Ten commented as he prepared his bag, ready to leave school.

You deadpanned at him. Sometimes, you wondered how you even got to be friends, no, best friends with him when he’s sarcastic as hell.

“And with that sigh, you sound like you were just asked to carry the world,” he added.

“Are you done with your speech, Chittaphon?” you asked, rolling your eyes at him. “At least, it’s a sign of hard work. When will you?”

The two of you got out of the classroom still bickering.

“Well, excuse you, Y/N, but I work—“


At the sound of his voice, your heart melted and your panty dropped. You gripped Ten’s hand so hard he yelped at the pain.

“Ow, Y/N!”

Trying to recollect yourself and act cool, you fixed your expression into a neutral one. You turned to the sound of the voice and had to control the urge to sigh in bliss.

‘How could anyone be blessed with that face?’

“H-Hi, Taeyong.” It surprised you how you managed to find your voice even if it was shaky.

Taeyong smiled at you and you swore you held your breath. It was a miracle how you didn’t faint. His smiles were always rare.

‘How could anyone have a jawline so sharp it could cut throats? How could anyone have eyes so bright they’d rivaled the stars in the sky?’

Inside your head, you knew you were so cheesy as fuck.

But basically, Taeyong was the perfect person.


With probably glassy eyes, you looked at Ten. “Hm?”

“You’re drooling.”

Ten laughed while your eyes widened. The rest of his laughed got swallowed in pain as you ribbed him. Trust him to ruin this perfect moment with your crush.

As Ten rubbed his sides, your eyes sent clear warning.

Shut up or die.

Ten smiled sheepishly at you before saying, “Well, I take that as a cue to leave.”

Your soul sighed in relief. Finally! Just you and Taeyong. No more annoying, sarcastic best friends on the side.

Ten walked away from you two, but not before leaving one last remark.

“You two lovebirds enjoy the rest of the day. And Y/N, stop imagining Taeyong in your head.”

You were a froze block of ice at what Ten said.

“Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul!”

You wanted to hit him, but it was too late. Ten had already scampered out of your reach, leaving a teasing laugh in his wake.

You eyed Taeyong, and he at you. His gaze made you stare at your shoes, as if finding them interesting.

Coughing out a nervous laugh, you said, “I’m sorry about that.”

Taeyong shook his head and laughed with good-nature. “Let’s go?”

You nodded, finally lifting your head to meet his eyes. You had to look to the sides to hide the goofy smile threatening to split your face in two.

The relationship you had with Taeyong was questionable. There was no exact label, but you two had been hanging out for a couple of weeks now.

Even with the set-up where there was no commitment, you loved every second of it.

That was until Mr. Annoying Face, also known as Jung Jaehyun appeared in front you two just as you and Taeyong were out of the school gates. Just seeing his face was ruining your mood and your perfect afternoon.

You stopped from walking and your eyebrows met like a natural reaction.

However, seeing Jaehyun made you wonder why he looked like he was about to eat someone.

“Y/N, who’s this?”

Both you and Taeyong were taken aback with Jaehyun’s tone. You felt your temper rise. Why did he sound so entitle, like he had any right to dictate who you should hang out with and who you shouldn’t?

Good thing that Taeyong just smiled and offered his hand. “I’m Taeyong. Nice to meet—“

Taeyong didn’t get to finish what he was saying as Jaehyun slapped his hand away. Your eyes widened at the rudeness Jaehyun was displaying. Good thing that Taeyong kept the pleasant smile on his face.

“What the hell are you doing, Jung?!”

If Taeyong wasn’t going to react, you were going to for him.

“It’s okay, Y/N—“

“It’s not, Tae!” Your voice was getting higher by the minute. You faced Jaehyun again. “What’s your problem?!”

You’re my problem,” Jaehyun replied with the same heat.

“Me?” You pointed to yourself. “The hell are you talking about?”

“I don’t like seeing you with him.”

You were taken aback with the confession, but your anger got the best of you.

Crossing your arms, you said, “You don’t get to decide, Jung. I can be with anyone I want!”

“With this guy?” Jaehyun pointed his index finger at Taeyong who kept his silence at what was unfolding before him. “Come on, Y/N. You can do better.”

Jaehyun laughed with the intention of mocking.

“And I suppose you are the better one?” You scoffed at his remark. It sounded crazy how Jaehyun thinks he’s better than Taeyong. “Well, excuse you, Jung Jaehyun.  Can’t you see how much of a God-sent individual Taeyong is? Compared to you, he’s a god.”

You let your eyes roam from head to foot.

“You don’t stand a chance against him.”

That shut Jaehyun up.

“Y/N, you didn’t have to…” Taeyong placed a hand on your shoulder to calm you down. However, there was no stopping you.

“No! I can’t let this pass! Did you even see—“

“How about you, Y/N?” Jaehyun spoke again. This time, it no longer carried the heat from before. His voice had softened. He stared into your eyes with sadness reflected in them.

“Will you ever see me?”

Your eyes furrowed in confusion. The anger you felt just moments ago left you. “What are you talking about?”

Jaehyun sighed then looked heavenwards before resting his gaze back on you again. “Sometimes, I wonder why do you hate me.”

Inside your head, you were screaming, ‘The hell? Why is Jung so dramatic all of a sudden?’

“I don’t—“

“Don’t hate me. Please,” Jaehyun said it so low you almost didn’t hear it.

You were almost filled with pity for him until you glanced at Taeyong who was frowning at Jaehyun and looking sorry for him. Then you remembered how Jaehyun acted moments ago.

A decision was made in your mind.

“I don’t hate you…”

Jaehyun looked relieved at what you said.

“But I can’t bring myself to like you either.”

With that, you held Taeyong’s hand and left Jaehyun alone.

Note: Jaehyun friendzoned you? You friendzoned Jaehyun. Lol joke. I wrote this back in the day (The Space Between Girl and Friend 1 | 2 ) and thought of a scenario this time where this time, the girl got to do the same to him. They are not connected stories tho. Hope you guys liked it!


I was tagged by the lovely and eccentric @apricotica to share five idiosyncrasies about myself. Everybody seems to think I am highly idiosyncratic, so this should be easy? I don’t know.

1. I am always on time for social engagements, or early. I have spent many hours, cumulatively over my life, hanging out in bars alone or watching party hosts set up, because when the invitation says, “6:00,” I’m just fucking dumb enough to show up at six o’clock. This is apparently not a problem that anybody else has.

2. I never crave a steak. Never, in my life, have I desired to eat a steak. Now, I have eaten them, and I have enjoyed them occasionally, but never because I craved one and made it myself. It’s just what was offered. I have literally never cooked a steak. I don’t get the appeal.

3. I never go through the drive-thru. I always go in. The drive-thru gives me anxiety and I hate it. So many opportunities for miscommunication and weird social interactions, barf, no thanks.

4. I think I am actually more comfortable with a sexual relationship that takes place entirely over the Internet than one in “real life.” My sex drive and my desire for companionship operate at different frequencies and rarely align. This is a great recipe for being alone forever.

5. If I don’t see an anticipated movie within around a week of release, all desire to see it immediately goes away. In fact, I have had this desire disappear while driving to the movie theater. I am going to see The Magnificent Seven today, which I have been eagerly awaiting for months, because if I don’t do it now, I will have to wait until DVD.

That’s all I could think of at the moment. I’m sure, if my friends chose the idiosyncrasies, you would have 5 different ones.

Welcome to Shelley Hennig Style!

Welcome to a style blog specifically about the amazing style of Shelley Hennig. I have noticed lately that a lot of you guys love her personal style so much, so here you can find exact matches of your favorite outfits from her. We also can find you lookalikes or make you inspired style sets that is similar to Shelley’s. We also can post links of the clothes where you can buy them (ex. official brand site, poshmark, ebay, etc…) Our box is always open for questions or requests. I hope you guys will enjoy this blog.

P.S. this blog is looking for members who can help me run the blog daily. Just go on ahead and message me here.

~ KC

halfkree  asked:

Hi there! So I remember you got a Pat McGrath glitter kit awhile back. Have you gotten a chance to try it yet? I would love to see/hear what you thought about it (or any makeup you feel like talking about honestly, you always wear the best stuff!!!)

I tried it once and didn’t have a lot of luck – glitter on lipstick that doesn’t try loses its shine really quickly.  I’m not sure if she didn’t actually mean for you to pair the glitter with the lipsticks that came in the set…?  Maybe I’m not using it as she intended.  But it didn’t work for me.  Don’t think I’d buy again, alas. I do like the colors, though.  And the gold pigment is incredible.  

My favorite lipstick/glitter combo is a Kat Von D liquid lipstick red, with Espionage Cosmetics Leviathan red glitter patted on right before it dries. Stays for hours, remains shiny the whole time. 

I’m obsessed with this line: https://litcosmetics.com …but I haven’t tried anything yet.  Sephora was sold out of the set I wanted.

make up make up make up make up… 

What I Never Knew I Always Wanted (Rami Malek x Reader)

Request: Can I request an imagine for Rami based off the Carrie Underwood song “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”? :) I’m a sucker for the sweet imagines and whenever I hear this song I think of him. Hehe. Love your imagines btw! Xoxo

A/N: For a beautiful follower I was able to get to know! I very do hope you like this! xoxo btw, you definitely need to listen to that song while reading!

Word count: 1,447

You were standing at the window, watching the sun setting down. The sky was already colored with many shades of orange and red. You held a cup of green tea in your hand, trying to keep your hands warm. Winter was finally approaching and slowly the weather became colder and even rainy some days. You turned around to have a look at the watch which was hanging on the wall, showing you that it was already after six. You wondered where he had been. Normally, he had to be home already.

You take a sip of your tea, feeling the hot liquid warming your inside in no second. Taking a deep breath, you turned around and went to the nursery to check up at your six month old son. He was sleeping peacefully in his crib. You went closer to the crib, covering him with his blanket even more to prevent that he became sick. Kissing his soft cheek, you whispered “I love you.” Then you stepped out of the room, closing the door behind you cautiously.

As you went back to the living room, a special photo drew your attention. You smiled abruptly as you looked at it. Taking it from the sideboard, you placed yourself on your couch, wrapping your body with a thick blanket. The photo pictured two people in love at their happiest day. You and your husband Rami.

Before your wedding party, you both attended a photo shoot, organized and taken from one of Rami’s best friends. Your back was turned to the camera, but your faced looked right into it, a wide smile was plastered on your lips. Your eyes were shining so bright, almost compared to diamonds. Your hands were placed on Rami’s shoulders while his were wrapped around your waist. His face was turned to you, staring at you in the most loving way.

Sometimes you even wondered what you did to deserve a husband like him. To be honest, before you met him, you had never the need for anyone in your life. Your friends sometimes urged you to go out with someone. But you never felt like it was necessary. While your friends spent their time with their boyfriends, you’d rather spend your time at home, cuddling in your bed and watching romantic series.

But one day changed your life completely. Making you aware that you truly needed somebody in your life. It was love at the first sight, as you bumped into him in the middle of the street in Manhattan. You were in a hurry because you were late for work and probably it was the same with him, and as you turned around the corner, you bumped into each other, tearing the folders in your hands down. The two of you knelt down at the same time to pick them up, and as your fingers touched each other softly, you took a look at the handsome man in front of you, and  it hit you hard. You fell in love with him right the second.

After that incident on the street, you saw him almost every day on your way to work. Smiling to each other or even greeting lead to him asking you out for grabbing a coffee with him. You exchanged numbers, and one evening he even took you out to a fancy restaurant. He confessed his feelings for you and you did the same and after that night, you were lovers. You thought you couldn’t be happier in your life, but you were wrong.  When he went on his knees and asked you to become his wife, you were the happiest woman on earth.

Your fingers slowly brushed over the glass of the picture frame and you smiled. You looked adorable in your white wedding dress. Almost like a queen. “Never thought I was the kind of dressing in white.” You mumbled.  “Me neither.” Someone whispered in your ear, making your body flinch. As you turned around, you saw Rami standing right behind you with a smirk on his face. “I didn’t even notice you came in.” You said. “Probably you were too much distracted with your thoughts.” He replied, kissing your cheek and then placing himself next to you. He also glanced at the photo. “I thought you would turn me down, as I proposed to you. I was very afraid.” He confessed. You looked at him questioningly. “Why would you think that?”

“Well, you never seemed to be the kind of woman going into something as serious as marriage. We never really talked about marrying. Whenever we passed a bride shop, you wouldn’t even take a look at the wedding dresses in contrary to other women. I never expected you to say yes.” You laughed after he finished his statement. “Well, you see, I’m wearing a wedding ring, right?” You pointed at your finger. “And that has to mean something.”

“I’m very glad you accepted me as your husband. I love you.” You caressed his cheek and softly placed your lips on his. “I love you, too.” You sighed. Then you stood up from your place. “Are you hungry, handsome?”  “Mhmm…” You clapped your hands together and smiled at him. “Do want to help me preparing dinner?” He stood up as well. “I’d love to.”


You woke up in the middle of the night. Soft cries came out of your son’s room. You rubbed your eyes and gazed at Rami who was peacefully sleeping. You carefully stood up, paid attention not to wake him up because he had to leave very early in the morning and needed sleep, put your nightgown on and quietly closed the door behind you. As you entered the nursery, you picked up your son and placed him in your arms. “Shh.. baby. Mommy is here.” You sat down on the rocking chair next to his crib. “Are you hungry, Lincoln? Do you need to be fed?” While you were feeding him, you hummed his lullaby which always calmed him down, rocking him back and forth.

You stared at his feature. He looked so much like his father. He had his curly hair, his nose and most of all his beautiful green eyes you always fell in love with. This wonderful creature in your arms was stealing every bit of your heart every single day. You loved him with your whole being.

Small laughs escaped your lips and you stroked Lincoln’s cheek. “Mommy is so much in love with you, baby. I love you so, so much.” The craziest thing was that you had never pictured yourself in a situation like this. You never imagined becoming a mother. You mom always complained about when you were finally getting married and having kids, so she would have some grandchildren to be proud of.

Truly, you never planed marrying or having kids. You believed, you were fine with your single life and didn’t need any serious relationship. But then you met Rami and he changed your whole vision of life.

“What about me?” You turned your face to Rami who leaned against the door, his arms crossed as a smile pout appeared on his face. “Daddy needs love too.”  You laughed at him. “Why are you up? You need to sleep, Rami.” He shrugged his shoulders, coming closer to you. “You were missing.” He explained. “And you know I can’t sleep without you. I need you as much as this precious thing needs its mommy.” He pointed at Lincoln.

“He’s beautiful, Rami, isn’t he?” He stretched out his hand to go through the tiny curls of his son. “He’s the most adorable kid I’ve ever seen.” You smiled happily. After Lincoln was fed, and already drifted to sleep, you stood up to lay him down to his crib. But Rami held you up.

“Take him with you. I want him to lie between us. ” You nodded in agreement, doing as he said and with your baby in your arms you went back to your bedroom. You slowly laid Lincoln between you and Rami. He placed a loving kiss on his son’s cheek and interwined his fingers with yours. “I love you two, so much.” Rami mumbled before falling asleep again. “You mean the world to me.” His pointer finger was wrapped with Lincoln’s tiny fingers. You watched them a little while before your limbs felt heavy and you drifted to sleep as well.

Whatever you did to deserve such a wonderful life, such a loving and caring husband, such a cute and adorable baby boy, you appreciated every minute with your family. You were glad that faith had something so precious in store for you.

I'm black converse, she's red stilletos.

You treated me like a pair of sneakers you settled on because you weren’t satisfied with leaving the store empty handed that day. You knew your heart was set on that pair of fancy red stilettos in the window that weren’t for sale. “Display Only”, the sign said. You knew you loved them though, had to have them, would always wish every fucking shoe you ever tried on were them. But. You decided to try me on instead didn’t you? Walk around in me anyways, didn’t you? You forced your tiny little foot inside me and broke me down. Tried to make me fit to your foot but you had your toes curled so tight that I couldn’t. I tried and tried and tried to help you straighten them, but it never worked. You kept getting really close though, and that feeling, the feeling of “almost”, it kept me holding on so desperately to you. “Almost” felt so much closer to something than nothing ever had. I was so used to the feeling of nothing that I had come accustomed to it. Numb to it. Now this “almost”, this, “so close”…so fucking close…I would have clung to your feet until you wore through my soles to keep that “almost” feeling. I was so weak knowing that every time you looked at me…I wasn’t what you really wanted. I knew one day you’d kick me from your feet. I knew that part. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I knew. You see, it’s not being tossed aside that hurts the most because I’m used to that by now. It’s the fact that you knew damn well you didn’t want me but still, you made me feel like red stilettos, just so I’d stay. You even made me feel like red stilletos as you walked through dog shit with me on your feet. I wasn’t even close to red stilletos to you, I was always just black converse. Secretly, you despised me for it. I never left you though. I knew you needed shoes on your feet and they felt like the perfect fucking fit after you broke me in. I thought you’d fall in love with me the way I did with you. I thought you’d stop wishing for something you could never have and realize how perfectly I fit you. I looked at you like you looked at those stilletos, but to you, I was always just a pair of black converse.

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could put an art tag up on your blog (on the mobile header) It'd be super nice! I always love scrolling through your art. Also do you have a store up? Maybe you could link that too?

Waaaah I’ll try anon! And thank you sooo much! :’ <3 I’m currently setting up my store and I don’t think I can open it in near future, but I’ll try to put it once it’s up! Thank you so much for your interest!!! <3

Whenever people ask me that inevitable question, “Who’s your favourite author?” I always say “Shakespeare”. There are some good reasons for that. First, so much of what we know about plots, characters, the stage, fairies and inventive swearwords comes from Shakespeare. Second, if you name a living author the other living authors will be mad at you because it isn’t them, but Shakespeare is conveniently dead.
—  Margaret Atwood (on rewriting Shakespeare’s Tempest)

anonymous asked:

I loved the "little monkey" mini comic, really cute!!!! By any chance is Landon a monkey in Chinese Astrology, since he's always playing pranks on others?

(in reference to this post)

OHH THANK YOU!!! I love drawing baby Landon hehe 🐒 lil monkey, indeed TTvTT))) I actually don’t have set years for them to be born, so I’m unsure! I don’t think I’ve ever picked a true year for TINF to take place. OvO))) that’s so cute though, I love it! ♥

- What’s so great about Eight?

- They are always breaking the rules and standards set by Johnny’s. From wearing diapers in concert to hitting guests with a tsukkomi, Eito isn’t afraid of how other people will look at them.
All the Johnny’s guys are pervs, but the men of Eito take it to another level!!
I love Kanjani∞ because they aren’t scared to be themselves.


- What’s so great about Eight?

- Ellos siempre están rompiendo las reglas y los estándares de los Johnny’s. Desde ponerse pañales en conciertos hasta golpear a invitados con un tsukkomi, Eito no le teme a la forma en que la gente los mirará.
Todos los chicos de la Johnny’s son pervertidos, pero, ¡¡los integrantes de Eito lo llevan a otro nivel!!
Amo a Kanjani∞ porque ellos no tienen miedo de ser ellos mismos.

∞ Nat


tagged by @slgnico !! thank u mawther !! ok so i chose jade harley from hellstuck. i deeply identify with jade (we’re both dreamers and have a lot more potential then we show) and we’re both incredibly strong and passionate when we want to be, along with caring deeply abt our friends. my next chara is cordelia from fire emblem awakening!! i share a lot of cordelia’s traits, including being a perfectionist and setting high expectations due to older influences along with always falling for people who don’t realize it lol. last is hanamaru from love live sunshine!! o gosh you’d have to have watched her ep but how she treats her friends and puts others wants before her’s and her need to make her friends happy aaa i love hana and i. deeply relate to her. 

another chara i was debating on putting was:

anyways tagging @shorthalt @prudithloone @lavabun @witch-bab @bronouns @lanadelrowe @trouble-town @nyxate @catloaf and anyone who wants to do this!! just say i tagged u !! :00


Did the Snow Queen turn up, did I miss the search party?

                              That’s not why I’m here.

requested by anonymous