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I’m Sorry

Hey guys heres my contribution to #choicescreates round 16 with the prompt “Don’t ask me to say I don’t love you” This is a JakexMC fic set right after the gang escapes La Huerta. Enjoy! 

As always thanks to @texanhusker and @hollyashton for hosting :) 

As soon as they step foot on dry land the gang erupts into cheers and everyone jumps off the boat in excitement.

Jake is bombarded with hugs from everyone, surprisingly even Zahra.

“Not bad Pilot,” Sean says before he slams into him from behind and pulls him into a long hug.

The last person to hug him is MC who turns to him with bright eyes and a blinding smile before she’s in his arms and her lips are on his.

He closes his eyes and lets the warmth that spreads through him every time they kiss make its way through his body as he tries to memorize the feeling.

When she pulls away she rests her forehead on his and stays close.

The rest of the group has started walking towards the street presumably to look for some sort of transport into the city, their cheers growing quieter as they move out of view.

MC’s eyes are shining with joy and Jake just stares at them for a moment, unable to bring himself to do what he knows he has to do.  

“We did it,” she smiles and Jake has to gulp back the emotion he feels rising to the surface.

He pulls away from her and turns his head.

“I can’t stay”

He can’t bear to look back at her after he’s said it. Hurting her is the last thing he wants to do, but he’s a wanted man and he can’t let her get hurt. He’d never forgive himself. It’s better this way.


“I’m leaving to Costa Rica as soon as I can find a plane to get me there.”

He feels her hands on his chest but he still can’t bring himself to look at her. 

“I’ll go with you.“

He wants to say yes; every fiber of his being is telling him to bring her with him. It would save a whole lot of heartbreak. But he can’t. He’s selfish to even entertain the thought.

“No, you can’t. You have friends here. You have school. You can’t ruin your life just because of me. I’m not worth it.”

“Jake,” he voices breaks and Jake finally looks into her eyes and is shattered to see the hurt that has replaced the unmistakable joy that had been there just moments prior.

He did that. He hurt her. He won’t ever forgive himself.

“I’m sorry,” is all he can say before he turns completely around and starts to walk away. He stops in his tracks when MC speaks again.

“How could you?”

His blood freezes at the anger and bite in the three words. Let her be angry he tells himself. It’s better than to be heartbroken, but it kills him so much more.

He keeps walking despite how with every step he aches to run back into her arms.

“You might as well just say you don’t want me, it would hurt a hell of a lot less”

At that Jake turns around, because no, he can’t let her think that, not when it’s as far from the truth as she could get.

“Princess…" he trails off trying to hold back the tears he knows are threatening to spill over. 

He sees her visibly deflate at the nickname and he takes a step towards her hesitently.

“Don’t make me, Princess please, please don’t ask me to say I don’t love you. Because I-”

She cuts him off,

“No, don’t say it. Don’t you dare say it to me.”

She’s crying now and he wants nothing more than to pull her into his arms and hold her tight until there’s a smile on her beautiful face. 

Instead, he turns around and finally lets the tears fall as he leaves her behind him.

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How did you become a Fannibal?

I have Tumblr friends who watched the show from day one. I caught a couple of episodes then set it aside for winter - given the scenery, it always seemed odd that Hannibal aired over the summer! I finished S1 over Christmas break, then read all the Thomas Harris novels and watched all the movies over the course of a month, in time for the S2 premiere.

What do you love about the Hannibal fandom?

I love that Hannibal fandom always takes it to the next level. I love the physical object - I was around anime fandoms for a long time, where doujinshi circles publish fan anthologies that are beautiful small-press books. The fans do it all: painting, crafts, cosplay, perfume, musicals, academic papers, multi-course gourmet dinners… Aesthetics, sensuousness, and enthusiasm, which I guess are Hannibal’s own better qualities that resonate.

How would you like to spend a day with Will Graham?

Doing something meditative and outdoorsy. Fishing, or monitoring sea turtle nests on the beach (like he does in Manhunter). I get seasick, can’t do anything with motors, and am tragically allergic to dogs, so I’m afraid Will would consider me kinda deadweight! But at a pinch I could help him build more folk art installations with bottle glass and shells and feathers, that looked like loads of fun.

I’m always a little surprised when I see someone who absolutely loves Cullen (as a character) but despises Samson. Just because of how they’re quite deliberately set up to show two ways both of their stories could have gone, and how much of what has happened and where they ended up was out of their control.

When Cullen say he could have been one of the Red Templars, the same thing goes for Samson, he could have been in Cullen’s position by da:i. Their roles could have easily been reversed.

I also don’t believe either Cullen or Samson is morally superior (or inferior) to the other and the only thing that makes Cullen more likeable - though obviously not to everyone - is how much time we get to spend with him. So that’s kinda why I’m confused about people who hate Samson but do like Cullen.

Not saying it’s wrong of course, just surprised, though feel free to add to this post if you think I’m missing the obvious.

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Kamui relationship headcanons?

Kamui relationship headcanons:

Thirsty Note: I’m assuming this is the Echoes Kamui. He honestly is such a straightforward character but I love him so much~

  • Kamui is the easiest boyfriend to ever be with. He is extremely easy going and he is always up for an adventure if it stays far, far away from necrodragons. His wanderlust always brings an adventure, and he lives to explore the world with his s/o.
  • Even though he loves his s/o, he still loves his money. The two become a traveling set of mercenaries, and sometimes they can play a good game of hustling to get some more weight in their pockets. All in all, the two just love traveling around together and lining their pockets with cash. It’s the things Kamui loves all together, his partner, money and travel. Also throw in a few animals for him to take care of and he’d be ecstatic
  • Kamui loves to be complimented by his s/o. He likes to know that he is appreciated and his s/o is one of the only sources of love he gets. While he likes to stick with Valbar and Leon, the two don’t exactly like to give him the attention he wants (ie,. They like to make fun of him). Leon especially knows how to get under his skin. His s/o has to tell him that he is just as good a man as Valbar to close the wounds Leon may have opened.
  • Kamui wants nothing more than to show his s/o all the beautiful things he has seen in his travels. He wants to give them the same love for the world that he has, and he wants to see his beautiful love in beautiful places.
  • Kamui is a supportive boyfriend. He likes to make sure that his s/o can do all that they want, so he sometimes parts with his money to make them happy. He’s more of an experience man, but he does like to surprise his lover with little gifts here and there as a nice little surprise.
  • Kamui really likes to lay on his s/o and watch the clouds go by. After a long day of exploring and making bank, he likes to just enjoy all that the world has to offer. Being in the company of his love makes it ten times better.
  • As much as he wants to protect his lover, if there is any sign of necrodragons, he hides behind them in a blink of an eye. His s/o thinks it’s hilarious though, and makes sure to protect their small baby no matter what. 

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Hi! I love your blog so much and the little stories you write are always so adorable. I was wondering what tropes/tags are your favorites to read? Or what tags/tropes do you feel like reading the most?

Awww, thank you!! That makes me very happy, indeed! *snuggles* Hmmm, there are very few tropes I actually turn away from but I am a complete and utter sucker for ‘friends to lovers’ fics and ‘high school AUs’ (I like college settings as well, but HS AUs kind of take the biscuit between the two). They can have angst but I confess, if I see a fic and it’s tagged ‘friends to lovers’ or ‘high school AU’ and ‘fluffy’?? I just cannot resist. I used to be quite into fics that made me cry but the way I feel on a day to day basis these days, I just crave fluff. I like getting lost in it. It makes me happy knowing the characters are happy and their pain isn’t too significant beyond major pining. 

I also adore the ‘friends with benefits’ trope, especially fics where both person A and B are all, “I LOVE THEM SO MUCH BUT THEY JUST SEE ME AS A FRIEND AND OH,  BUT THEY WANT ORGASMS FROM ME AND I PROBABLY SHOULDN’T DO THIS BUT….I’M GOING TO DO THIS.” Equally, I love the ‘enemies with benefits’ trope where unexpected feels drop in. One minute it’s all angry sex and the next, person A or B is just like, “oh no….why do I suddenly…..want to….hold their…..hand…….?” 

I enjoy a vast amount of tropes but I have to say, those four get to me every  time and I will consume every single one under a pairing I ship. 

Stakar and Yondu and my feels dammit!

Okay so I’m just gonna throw down some personal feels I have for Yondu (and some Peter) and Stakar because I have so many thoughts about them.

First off, it’s kinda implied that Stakar is like a father figure of sort to Yondu and as we know Yondu is the daddy figure to Peter. We get that. We get the message  from Yondu to Rocket, that family loves and sticks by you even when you’re a fuck up or things fuck up around you. Yondu was always - in a way - there to back up Peter. And The Ravagers - the good ones - were there to back up Yondu like family and brothers. They were a family.

So we have this set up that Ravagers are space pirates that are brothers and family, right? Well you know who wasn’t much playing family? Stakar. Stakar and the Ravagers that cast out Yondu.

In family, your kids or your sibling or your parents fuck up. I’m not talking about the assholes that beat their kids, starve them, molest them, or anything like that. They’re not people. They’re not family.

Stakar saved Yondu. He very much probably helped Yondu find a purpose again after being stuck as a slave. He probably drilled the code of the Ravagers into his skull. He was like having a military dad I’m sure. Or at least like the military dads I’ve met; hard on their kid but secretly damn proud of how much they’re trying even if they don’t show it.

Yondu fucks up. He breaks the code. He traffics  Ego’s kids. It gets found out. He gets banished by the Ravager council…. Did none of them even think to hear him out? Yes we have the line of “I didn’t know” and “you didn’t want to know” from Yondu to Stakar, but that doesn’t mean shit.

Maybe I was raised weird, but I was raised that you hear both sides of the story before you cast judgement or make a choice. Did Stakar or Aleta or Martinex or any of the council even give Yondu a platform? Did they not listen to him? I’m sorry but isn’t one of the rules of being a Ravager that “Ravagers look after their own?” (It’s like a pirate/military set up of you back your team up because your team is your family).

Yes. They’re a bunch of thieves. But even so, they’re a team of thieves. A family of thieves. That’s the image I got from the movie anyway!

I guess basically what I’m getting at, is that The Ravager council gave up wayyy to easily on Yondu and cast him off like it was nothing to them. Yeah we see the betrayal and hurt from Stakar, but otherwise there’s no show of this being any kind of deal to them. It was like that whole internet set up of “you fuck up once, that’s it for you” and I hate that shit with a passion.

So a part of me wants to kick the shit outta Stakar because if Stakar had been there for Yondu sooner instead of waiting to give him back his trust AFTER HE DIES, then maybe just maybe Yondu wouldn’t have been alone and could’ve gotten help to fix shit.


Papalecki and Dadckles

requested: no

Tw: mentions of cheating, break ups, alcohol, other illicit items, jared being an adorable father figure, jensen being such a dad , age gaps

Summary: The reader loves her dads and Austin a lot, so much that she brings home a new friend and they have to protect their girl. 

Tags: @lightthischickup @mishaohmygod @sassysupernaturalsweetheart @darkkitty @arian5a 

A/N: I’ve had this in the drafts since last July when I went through a breakup . I’ve gotten tired of looking at it, so here you go. Enjoy the bullshit. 

Originally posted by bilosan

They hadn’t been on set long when they noticed Y/N on her phone more than usual with that adoring smile she seemed to reserve for everyone. She was always so caring, so consumed with her loves that she often grew blind to the reality of the situation. Every time, just like clock work, she opened her heart and just the same was crushed. Her dads hadn’t always been around for the aftermath, but having experienced it twice was enough. 

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Hello! I was wondering if there are any winter sports aus out there? Preferably ski/snowboard? Thank you, keep up the good work!

I can only find two fics with snowboarding and/or skiing, but I hope hockey and figure skating fics are okay too!

Some Killer King You Are by lethallergic - In the game of love, everyone’s a winner.

that night, in winter by sassyneki - Jeongguk and Taehyung, through a series of winter nights.

Comeback Kids by Rix - Taehyung is infuriating and Jungkook’s always been easy to rile up. Which isn’t the best combination, but also isn’t the worst, either. (or: Taekook as hockey fuckboy rivals)

dancing on the blades (you set my heart on fire) by dunedain - Taehyung’s pride was weak these days, and it’s probably why he pressed his nose against the plexiglas of the rink, blowing hot air on it and telling himself he wouldn’t be able to look Jimin in the eyes ever again if Jimin caught him making fog hearts with little Y’s in them (which he really wanted to do if he’s honest). So he peeled his eyes off Yoongi for a moment (he’s not sure why) and caught Jungkook staring at him, head tilted like a confused mutt. Taehyung drew a dick on the glass instead, and then winced at Jungkook as he held his thumb and forefinger a centimeter from each other. Jungkook aimed a slapshot at Taehyung’s face.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyways by Taeminnie2000 - Jeongguk’s lips twitch and he moves forward so their noses are almost touching. “If you’re truly not scared, give it all you got and beat the shit out of me. Do something so good, people will be knocked off their feet.” Taehyung holds his breath as he looks into Jeongguk’s eyes. They sparkle with excitement, “I’ll give it all I’ve got, and we’ll make this a fun competition,” Jeongguk says with a smirk, “It’s been awhile since there’s been someone who I actually had to worry about losing to. Don’t be scared to compete against me because I don’t know if I’ll win this one.”

forelsket. by sesquipedalia - Jeongguk is participating in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and Kim Taehyung is his world renown competition.

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask when the inbox is open^^

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Wow!! I love all your stories. And I know I say this everytime. But I love your new short story so much. I would and really want to read a full story of this!! Im always so impressed with you because your writing is just so great! Its really instantly captivating as good writing should. :D Keep up the good work!

Thanks! I seem to have the bad habit of setting up a premise out of a single prompt (This new story, Death by Misadventure, Suzy of the House Miller), but I appreciate the support! Maybe after I finish some of my other projects I’ll write more of this (or if I need another break). I did have some ideas for continuing this story when writing it, so we’ll see if I continue this in the future.

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Ichi probably loves the goth aesthetic, but for whatever reason always wears a more casual fashion in official art. I think the only time he ventured into semi-gothic clothes was with the HW Date set, the one with the black longcoat.

I would imagine that he does, but is too lazy and unmotivated for an actual “style” that he has to keep up with. I know official and game art likes to dress him up for things but canon wise he’s the most laid back and relaxed even with his general outfits (slip on shoes, sweat/baggy pants). So like a “that looks cool” mentality but a “I don’t actually wanna put all that on” way of living LOL

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DPO is one of my favorites. Hello baby Jack Black 😄. I think the episode captures the 90's really well with the music and the arcade setting. It's got a great creep factor and there's some nice little msr moments tucked into it. Just a good all around episode imo!

I LOVE D.P.O.! Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black are fantastic in that one. I also love Soft Light, and Humbug has ALWAYS been up there for me, but in terms of Darin’s episodes, it never gets as much love as Clyde Bruckman or Jose Chung, which always confused me.

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Five things you’ll find in my bag!

  • portable charger
  • ibuprofen
  • wallet
  • pens pens pens (currently orange and pink)
  • charms are on the outside but charms

things you’ll find in my bedroom!
  • Plushies!
  • Too many earrings I forget to wear
  • TOO MANY NECKLACES I also forget to wear
  • a pile of laundry that needs to be put away
  • a pile of dirty laundry lol

Five things I’ve always wanted to do!

  • Get in shape to go for long hikes!
  • Go to China/Taiwan
  • Make art that people love
  • Become a Poke’mon master
  • have a job I enjoy

Five things that make me happy! 

  • My SO
  • Making art
  • Skiing
  • my kitty cat Josie
  • friendship!

Five things I’m currently into!

  • Drawing in the art style of Magikarp Jump
  • Sorting my Poke’mon TCG collection by set OTL
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • I am on a huge art kick right now I just love drawing djkslf

Five things on my to-do list!

  • Get a new job ;w;
  • remember to get the mail more frequently
  • go to Costco
  • finish unpacking OTL
  • did I mention get a new job cause get a new job
  • Meet up with friends who live in the area!

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Bullet Boys is freaking fantastic. I am enjoying the slow pace a lot, I'm not a big fan of rushed plots and yours are always so good and well-planned, the pace is perfect! And I am in love with your Yoonmin. The way you portray them feels so real, it's actually close to how I picture them in my head and their interactions are so cute. ♥ Also, Yoongi is a precious baby, we need to set up a protection squad.

Thank you so much for reading and enjoying the story so much so far, dear anon. I’m aiming to post a preview at some point to update it again in a couple of days, so, stayed tuned for that!

Also, a protection squad, you say? Hell yeah, I’m down for that :)

Did you ever have a genuine psychic/medium experience?

Although many readings can be attributed to cold readings or sheer coincidence sometimes it’s uncanny how accurate psychics/mediums can be. Here’s a collection of supposedly genuine experiences from threads. If you have an experience feel free to tag me @sixpenceee!

by reddit user Jinuxxx

I never believe in palm /card readings. I don’t actually believe in it nowadays. BUT when I was in 9th grade, my friend took me with her to a fortune teller so she can have her future read. Surprisingly she mentioned about her love dilemma, a blonde guy and dark haired guy. She was completely convinced about her reading powers while I was meh… We’re teenagers, it’s natural we’ll find ourselves in situations like this. And then she predicted the scores she’ll get at the exams when you finish high school (in our country there are some mandatory subjects for the exams, thus multiple numbers) she guessed that right. If I think really hard about probabilities and stuff I can find a logic explanation to that as well. 

by reddit user GoobyBear22

About 5 years ago I saw a psychic that a family friend had told me was the real deal. I went in skeptical and came out a believer.

She used tarot cards and knew things that could have been lucky guesses, like that I had just bought a house and was renovating it, but she also knew specific things that no one else could have known.

The most amazing part of the whole thing was that she knew that I had some complications with my hormones and had a surgery in the past that would make getting pregnant very difficult, but she told me Despite all this, I would have a baby later in life. Toward the end of the reading she hands me the tarot cards and tells me to shuffle them. Then tells me to ask three questions in my mind one at a time. I decided to really test her authenticity so the first question I decided to ask was am I going to have children, and halfway through laying the five cards down, she stops and looks at me and scolds me saying “I already told you that you were going to have one child!” hah this is when I knew.

by reddit user wobblerss

This was before I was born. My mom had a neighbor who was a grandpa who could see the future. He told my mom that my sister would be really sick when she became a preteen and not to worry because she’d be okay. When my sister was a preteen she was diagnosed with cancer and after a year and a half she was perfectly fine. My mom was pregnant with me when she met him again and he told her that I would be a c-section baby. My mom already knew this and said she had scheduled the c-section already since I was breach but he was adamant that she would have me on a certain day and that the c-section wouldn’t go on the planned day. I was born on the exact day he predicted.

Nothing too crazy but the fact that he knew that my sister would be sick and would be okay is crazy to me. He also didn’t want any money and approached my mom and asked if he could do a reading for her.

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