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Courfeyrac always carries at least one book in his backpack he has with him 24/7 (because he needs a lot of stuff throughout the day) because he know his boyfriend’s silly habbit of underestimating how much he can read in one day. Whenever he sees Combeferre messing with the cover of a book or randomly flipping through the pages before a Les Amis meeting he just walks over and pulls it out of his bag and sets it on the table in front of him before walking away with a smile because he knows his nerdy boyfriend is gonna start reading what ever he put in front of him as soon as he can.

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1, 5, 3, 16! :D

1.Who’s the oldest character of yours that you still use?

mmmmmmm, pretty certain that Aretha holds that spot. She’s still a relevant character in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever trash her. 

5. Do you prefer to make human, animal, monster, or _____ characters? Why? 

Human and Monsters. My life revolves around humans and supernatural beings in general or co-existing in the same story line. I love monsters and folklore and have ever since I was little. I’ve always loved fantasy type settings because they’re my absolute favorite worlds to get stuck into. And I’m a sucker for monsters living in regular modern settings too. 

3. Has creating a character ever made you realize something about yourself?

Ehhh….Idk…A lot of the time I put myself into my characters. Most of my OCs share some aspect of my own personality or experiences. 

16. Is there a character of yours who’s a real struggle to write/draw? Why do you think that is?

My character Mary has been proven to be kind of difficult for me I guess. She’s the happiest/most care free character I’ve made so far, and idk drawing her has been hard for me for some reason???? Not entirely sure why. 

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What's the best Caryl stories have you read? One with preferably lots of chapter. Thank you. xxxx

Yay more fan fic asks!

Thank you again for the ask!xoxox


hello everyone! yesterday I couldn’t really post a blog because I was extremely busy but anyway I’ll make it up to you all in this blog. I expect that most people are leaving all responsibilities right now and reading this so, I just wanted to say, welcome to the club!

not so long ago my friend suffered through a hard relationship and she sent me this quote,

“every tear that falls from a woman’s eye, because of a man’s negligence, he would be cursed by the angels with every step he took.”

honestly, that’s one of the best quotes I’ve seen but there’s always a truth behind it. love is as critical to your body as oxygen. normally people would spend more time getting over someone than falling in love with them because they are addicted to the pain and the idea that someone will always be there for you.

no, this mind set will only cause you to lower your self-esteem and self-worth everyday. set your wings and let your soul be free, as the good always outweighs the bad.

thank your for taking your time on this and reading this. it would mean a lot to me if you would tell me your opinion in the comments!

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i have a question but also i wanted to tell you bc i know u love moonlight that i'm doing an analysis essay on it this semester. i just ??? don't know which point i want to elaborate on: how color and light were used to set the tone for each act, or how the environment affected and shaped chiron as he grew up. i could always do both, but it might get too long-winded. but then there isn't a whole lot of info out about their coloring decisions either, so maybe the second one would be more fruitful

oooh both ideas are so good!!! i do agree that the second one would be more fruitful, there’s a lot more information on the second topic in interviews & stuff whereas with the cinematography & stuff there’s only a couple of interviews with substantial information out there. i’m really intrigued about this… i say still talk about the choices in light & colour but mainly focus on the effects of the environment on chiron. i wish i could write about moonlight for uni, i’m sad now

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I've always loved the concept of a jealous steeb. He loves both his boyfriends very much but, he gets insanely green when Bucky starts to hog Sam for himself.

God this is something I’m SUPER into if it stays ot3. I’m too much of a stove stan to break them up without crushing my soul into little pieces.

You know what makes me wanna die anon… the thought of Steve being jealous that Bucky’s taking up all of Sam’s time and then deciding that he’s just gonna wreck them both and set them straight. Boiiii

my favorite underappreciated au idea is “everyone is affected by some sort of love spell and falls in love with person A but person B’s behavior curiously doesn’t change at all”

abuse doesn’t always look like yelling or hitting or even anything we see as hurtful; abuse can be backwards comments like “you’re pretty when you’re thin”, abuse can be quiet and vicious and insidious like, “i’m the only one who gets you” “if anyone else knew about this they’d be horrified but i love you for it” “your friends don’t understand you like i do and they never will”

abuse works because you don’t realize it at first, if ever. abuse works because it trains you, slowly. it makes you compromise on things. it sets you a step back by an inch, because if you go too quick, you’ll realize what’s happening. it’s being the frog in water, but the water tells you that it’s trying to make you better. and abuse works best when you’re mentally ill. it runs off of it. it takes the negative things you already feel and just amplifies all of it. how can it be abuse when you were already thinking all of it? it was your idea to begin with, it’s just that someone confirmed it.

sometimes i still wonder if it actually happened or i imagined it. sometimes i realize in a flash what felt normal was actually abusive. something as small as being worried when someone isn’t smiling. abuse rarely fits the way people want it to look, because abusers want you to think it’s only bloody teeth and a right hook. this is how they get you. they say, oh you’d never be silly enough for that, and you think, of course, if my partner hit me, i’d leave. but then your partner, who you love more than anything, they say things like “i don’t want you going out tonight” and at first it’s fine. nobody ever wakes up letting someone hit them. it’s just that you compromise. you let little things go until you’re trained to let big things go until you’re trained so well that you’ve let your own soul go. and you can’t just pull back control. abuse works because you can wake up there, at the bottom of the hole - but there’s just nowhere to go.


The first day on set [of Rogue One], I always remember - at least my first day on set - you turn up and there’s like a hundred of stormtroopers all running around… and that’s so trippy. You just feel like a six-year-old. ‘So, okay, this is kinda weird. I wanna get some head space’. So, you go over to the coffee table, you go over the crafts services. But there’s hundreds of stormtroopers trying to drink coffee, which is even weirder.

I write poems about flowers but can’t manage to keep any alive. I spent a whole summer when I was fifteen not going to bed until the sun was up because I thought the dark was trying to eat me. Even now, when I bleed, I expect demons to seep out. My days are arranged by color; my brightest moments are always shimmering in pink. I’ve cried at too many sunsets and not enough sunrises. I don’t live anywhere near the water and can’t swim so I’m always falling in love with boys on the west coast. I collect song lyrics instead of stamps. I won’t be content with my body until it’s covered in ink and I don’t mind looking at it in a mirror. Home still feels like just another empty word I don’t fit into. I’ve never broken a bone and I guess that’s my consolation price for a jumbled mind. At twenty-one I’m still too small for most roller coasters, but can still fit on most swing sets. These days I sleep with lavender and blueberry incense on my pillow to try and keep the nightmares away. My heart is always straining against my rib cage, and I think one of these days it might liquefy and spill right through the cracks.

MY HONEST POEM, angelea l.

(After Rudy Francisco)

I am fascinated by you. The way you tick, what makes you wake up in the morning, what sets you over the edge. I want to know why hearing “I love you” makes you jump and shake and worry. I want to know the little things, too, like your favorite color and what the best part of the day is for you and I truly cannot wait to know the answers to all of my questions about you.