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Crystal Magick 101

Okay. So. Rocks.

First of all, I fucking LOVE ROCKS. My collection is vast. So I’m always happy to blab about these beautiful ancient beings.

1) Crystals are alive. You need to acknowledge this before even thinking about working with them. Each individual one has a personality and a specific set of strengths and skills.

2) Sometimes the crystal will pick you. It’s a good idea to clear your mind and listen carefully when shopping for crystals. If one wants to come home with you and you can afford it, buy it.

3) Cleanse your crystals! Some, like citrine, are self cleaning. But for the most part, you will need to cleanse them regularly. I cleanse mine two to three times a week or as needed. Crystals and stones are very receptive and can absorb emotions and even memories. It’s important to keep them clean so they can perform their jobs properly.

4) Get to know your crystals. Spend time with them. Tuck a few in your pillowcase. Carry some in your pocket. Set some on your desk at work. Meditate with them. Talk to them. Play music for them. Touch them. Cleanse them. Charge them.

5) Some crystals are a gateway to another realm, or a bridge. Some crystals harbor a connection to a magical creature or being. These are rare and wonderful things and a joy to work with.

6) Learn about all your crystals. Read up on them. Get to know the science behind them. How old they are. Etc.

7) Program your crystals. Once you know the function your Crystal will serve, hold it in your palm and focus your energy and intention to that purpose into the rock. It will be happy to help.

8) Charge your crystals. This can be done by setting them out in the sun or under the full moon. It gives them a little extra oomph.

9) Display them proudly. They are beautiful and have waited millions of years to be with you. Don’t hide them.

10) Be nice to them! Love them. Enjoy them. And most importantly, have fun. :)

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Are there rules of being a master?

I think most rules are sort of up to the people In their relationship to figure out because each relationship requires different needs and rules etc. But just some basic rules that can go for any master/Dom/ mistress etc.
💜-never hit you sub out of anger/rage etc.
That should never be the fuel behind a punishment.
I really shouldn’t have to explain this any further.

💜-Always set up a safe word. No matter what. There’s no excuse not to have one. Don’t be a doucher just do it.

💜- Always listen to the safe word. Don’t ignore it. This isn’t a joke. If you can’t respect a safe word then you don’t have any business being a “Dom”.

💜- Be consistent with your sub. Don’t just one day give them so much attention and love and expect them to listen to all their rules and then the next day drop them like a rock in the river and stop enforcing rules. It’s confusing and neglectful and not to mention emotionally damaging.

💜- Always always always provide your sub with sufficient after care. Ask questions, tell them you love them. Make sure they really are OKAY. Don’t make your sub have to ask you for after care. It’s down right insensitive and honestly the thought of asking for after care from your Dom can be enough to set them off into full blown sub drop. So save every one the pain and tears and just give them the aftercare they deserve. Okay¿?

💜- be kind to your sub. Show compassion and understanding. Listen and love. Don’t use fear as the leverage over your sub. Simply saying I’m disappointed in you can be enough to put a sub in their place.

💜- understand that everything you do. Can. And will affect how your sub feels and reacts. They are not toys to be thrown around and left on the floor after you’re done. They require care and attention just like any one else, some times more. And That’s okay.
Just be aware of what you are getting into.

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I love you! Could you write some Percabeth? Like maybe when they decide to move back to NYC? (They totally do)

“Smell that fresh New York air!” 

“Smells like piss.”

“That’s the charm!” 

Percy spun around on the street, excited to be back home for good. In the four years they were away at college, they had come home to visit, but now they were finally setting up their lives there. 

“You are happy here, right? We can always go back.” Percy asked Annabeth. 

Annabeth smiled, “I’m sure I’ll love it, I just need to readjust to the New York charm.” 

Percy leaned down and kissed her, “Then lets get moving, we have an apartment to move into.” 

There apartment was small, smaller than any dorm room they ever had, but Park Slope wasn’t too bad. Annabeth already had an architecture job lined up, and Percy started as a teacher at Goode in the fall. They figured money would be tight, but they could manage. 

They didn’t have any furniture, the truck wasn’t set to come until tomorrow.”Think you’ll get sick of me in such a tight spot?” Percy asked. 

Annabeth shrugged, “It’s not worse than a stable.” 

Percy laughed, “I’d say this is pretty free of horse shit.” 

“Then it’s perfect.” 


Extreme Photo-Dump, July edition.

1-3. Shameless selfies featuring a sort of french top I got at J. Crew. I was proud to say I could still interpret it with 100% accuracy (about the only thing), and it is the comfiest piece of clothing I have.
2-4. I’ve lived in a sports bra for the past seven days. But actually, there was virtually zero laundry. Also set up rings on my pull-up bar set. So much better. Love me some dips.
5. Rainbow almost-paleo food (as always)
6. Dragonflies decided my kayak was an excellent thing to hump the living daylights out of each other on. Thanks for reminding me of my not gettin’ any, creatures of the earth. Super duper.
7. I cleaned my room, it looks like a cozy cafe at times (especially with the constant stream of little pick-me-up cups), and my dog is hysterical.

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You know what I noticed with those westallen comic scans you do...how Iris is totally more into Barry Allen over the flash. Like when they were having dinner together in Hollywood all Iris wanted to do was invite Barry. Or how she wanted the Flash to play matchmaker and set her up with Barry. Like no one can ever say Iris is more into the flash than Barry judging by those comics XD

I know!!!! It’s adorable. Like, Iris is always teasing Barry and criticizing him because she has high standards and Barry sometimes fails to meet them, haha. But at the end of the day, it’s Barry that she loves and she’s perfectly happy with him so long as he shapes up. They’re so great, man.

She just wants Barry to be the best he can be - and as we know from the TV show, Iris thinks Barry’s potential is infinite.

One day you’ll realize that all those boys that screwed you over don’t matter. They were rude and ignorant and you shouldn’t have had to put up with them anyway. All these people that come into your life just to tear you don’t down matter. Stop worrying so much about them. Start focusing on the people in your life that care about you and only want to see you succeed, not the ones that set you up for failure. These are the people that love you and you should always hold them closely. Don’t pay so much attention to him, he hurt you, it has happened to you before. This time, notice the people helping you heal the wounds, not the ones who caused them.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #90

I grabbed all of the townies that had the Wilkie family name - which was one man, Leo, and one woman, Michelle, who I promptly got in love and married, after de-aging the man to an adult. They’re almost halfway through their adult days thanks to the simblender. And then I grabbed Sadie and renamed her to Sadie Wilkie instead of the random name she got. I set her as a child to Leo and Michelle, so that she’s playable, the General Store is owned, and she’s not a teen on her own. So, without much further ado:

Meet the Wilkie family

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Hi folks, just a quick word

As some of you have seen, I don’t feel really good these days. And this since Friday evening. To be short, honest and to keep private what needs to stay private, my family is going through some serious troubles.

For the moment the situation is a bit confused, but when the situation is cleared up I will keep you updated as it could be a very big change in my life. 

For this reason I will step away a bit from Tumblr. I think I will set a queue but I will stay here often, I just won’t be as active as I am used to. 

I am always here to listen to you, to kick off douchanon arses, just expect me to be less in a fangirling mood than usual. 

I love you folks, thank you for being here! xx

i was tagged by keep-laughing-till-it-hurts in the 11 questions tag & you’re supposed to answer the questions, then tag people and write your own set of 11, but as usual, i’m going to skip out on that. the questions are as follows:

1. What height are you? 5′9, or  175.26 cm

2. Who is your overall favourite person in the world ? (they can be fictional)

my father, he’s always been there and he means the world

3. What is your favourite food? any sort of pasta, i love to eat steak a lot as well

4. What was the last movie you watched, did you enjoy it? let’s be cops, yeah was alright i suppose

5. Hobbies? internet, swimming, horse riding, shopping, being a hipster and taking shitty photos (and does partying count cos that)

6. Do you play any instruments? nope i’m shit

7. What was the last thing you ate? a bacon and egg sandwich 

8. What is your favourite video game? mario party 4 for gamecube (i play it on my old shit wii) or mario kart lmao

9. Are you a deep sleeper? yeah i slept through a thunderstorm once

10. Do you play sports? lmao who me? nah, i’m a “yoga doing, swimming, horse riding, cycling” kinda gal

11. What is your biggest personal achievement? breathing, still being here, being alive


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I was tagged by seekanddestroysupremacy thank you!!

1. How many music shows have you attended?

Like one, I don’t get out much

2. A movie/tv show that you loved in your childhood

I loved Jamboree although nobody else I’ve asked has even heard of it

3. Any celebrities you dislike?

Not really, unless they’re homophobic or something like that and then I can’t stand them obviously

4. What song do you listen to the most recently?

I’ve been listening to Take a Bow and Assassin on repeat for the last couple of days but all Muse songs really, I have a problem

5. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Complain about it being too early and go back to sleep

6. Do you believe in God?

Pretty much my whole family does but I’m just like ehhhhhhh I dunno maybe

7. What features do you dislike in others?

Any kind of discrimination against others automatically makes me hate them, oh and people who genuinely love Nickelback

8. What person do you consider to have the biggest influence on you?

I dunno, Dan and Phil have ruined my life so them I guess??? Idk

9. Do you still watch cartoons?

If anime counts then YES

10. Are you happy?

Yup, very happy :)

11. How much time do you spend on tumblr?

Faaaaaar too much

My questions (these are really random I’m sorry):

1. Going on holiday this year? Where?

2. What are you listening to right now?

3. Favourite subject at school?

4. What do you want to work as?

5. Top 5 bands/singers?

6. Names of your closest friends?

7. Favourite drink?

8. Own any band/youtube merch?

9. Have any fears? What are they?

10. Why did you choose your url?

11. Have any strange talents?

bisexual-whale im-fil-asf tired-internet-addict phan-fcking-tabulous wholockedathogwartswithpenguins fulltimephangirl lolzor-lolzor-lolzor-deactivate not-evil-to-the-core roughly253bagels fluffyfacemarshmallowhead anitak7

Let Me Get To Know You Better Tag!

Tagged by: these-days-i-adore-u (thanks ben but do you really need to get to know me better you see me almost every day LOL)

Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the question the person asked, then write 11 new ones

Rule 3: Tag 11 people

Questions Asked (for me):

1) What is your name? Tiffany Joy

2) Who is your ultimate bias? PARK FREAKING JINYOUNG (Vi has ruined me with all those gif sets)

3) Where are you from? Toronto~

4) What does kimbab mean to you? bobby

5) What did you think of ep 2 of smtm4? I didn’t watch it oops

6) What was the first kpop song you listened to? some really old Beast song that I don’t remember >< (or maybe Wedding Dress…)

7) What is your biggest pet peeve? people making those smacking noises when chewing on food

8) What are your top 3 favourite groups? BTS, GOT7, Seventeen (usually it’s BTS, GOT7 and WINNER but Seventeen is ruining me T__T)

9) What would you do if Mino came to you with a bunch of rubber ducks? I’d laugh and ask him to sing the duck song for me

10) What do you think about my blog? it’s so niceeeee~~~

11) Do you know any fluffy seventeen fics? I’m running out >< (forever cries) And who is your favourite otp from seventeen? I was looking for you but then I decided against it (just go search Seventeen Fluff you’ll find something lol) and WHAT IS A OTP IN SEVENTEEN WHAT EVEN IS A BIAS IN SEVENTEEN WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS

Questions Asked (for you):

(it actually took forever to think of questions I’m so sorry. Also sorry to Vi but these rude Jinyoung gifs are just ruining me)

1) Have you ever been personally victimized by igot7-love (Vi)?

2) Main OTP?

3) Favourite K-Pop song at the moment? (I need more k-pop suggestions lol)

4) YG or JYP?

5) How old are you? 

6) Park Jimin or Mark Tuan? 

7) Last concert you went to?

8) If you could meet any K-Pop Idol (who wasn’t your ultimate bias), who would it be?

9) Favourite Artist/Group? (doesn’t have to be K-Pop)

10) Ultimate bias? (I know Ben asked me this question but I’m curious)

11) Favourite KDrama?

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Which newcomer do you like best in smash in regards to everything, from how it represents the franchise to how much you like them? I personally love villager most, as having an AC stage was enough in brawl and the trailer for smash 4 showing him at the beginning checking his mail then freaking out over his invitation. I also think his moves are amazing.

I might be with you on the Animal Crossing stuff.  Villager’s move set takes everything you have to do daily in AC with him having a shovel, slingshot, net and axe.  Really only missing the fishing rod.  The bowling ball still is an oddball but all of the details like the turnips always changing the number similar to the changing turnip prices.  The details and concepts in Villager are amazing.  Then you have the stages.  The 3DS stage totally plays off the concept of each Animal Crossing village being unique with Tortimer’s island playing differently every time you play it.  It really is a great experience trying to quickly learn how you will be fighting.  With the new Town & City, it is nice that it plays off the idea that you go between the two areas even if not much changes from a playing standpoint but nice seeing all the townfolk in the background.  Villager just seems like one of the most complete characters as he doesn’t have just standard punches and kicks, he is out pulling weeds or shoveling people into the ground.  

I have always been self conscious when it came to my body and I would have never posted a picture like this before. I’m starting to become more confident with my body and want to work hard to reach my goals that I have set for myself when it comes to my fitness! So with that being said, here’s to getting fit and healthy and loving my body!

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That weird shaded in stat twinkle thing? Ahh the one were Ollie is a merman xD

Finally, the sun had decided to start setting. Kicking his baby blue tail, a certain merman swam to the surface of the water, moving around in circles excitedly. He had heard there was a ship planning to pass by, taking the quicker route instead of the safer one. Oh, this would be fun! He loved watching humans, and practising his singing was always good.

Soon enough, he spotted the large wooden ship, and dove back under the water, beginning to make his way over to it. He swam a few hundred feet ahead of it, pulling himself out of the water and settling down on a nice flat rock near the ‘death bay’, as it was called. Numerous rocks jutted out of the water, sudden and unexpected by most human captains. Not many ships managed to pass by without getting smashed against them. 

His pink tail fin repeatedly hit against the water, showing his excitement and therefore, inability to sit still. Just as he felt the ship get closer, Oliver cleared his throat and began to sing, a soft, sweet little song. He had been practicing, and hoped he could catch the attention of the crew. He wanted to break his record of ‘most ships destroyed’, and he wasn’t one to settle for ‘almost most ships destroyed’

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Hey girl! I'm a stage manager as well and I LOVE some of your templates. I was wondering if it was at all possible to download/use/change some of your templates so they're more user friendly to me since all sm are different(:

Thank you so much!

And yes! I am always open to sending templates out in excel/word/whatever format. Message me your email address off anon and we’ll get it set up :)

The offer goes to anyone! 

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I was tagged by seekanddestroysupremacy. Thanks!

1. How many music shows have you attended? 

Only two ;___;

2. A movie/tv show that made you loved in your childhood

Toy Story

3. Any celebrities you dislike?

I don’t really care about celebrities ;)

4. What song do you listen to the most lately?

The Handler by Muse

5. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I check the time on my phone :D

6. Do you believe in god?

I’m not sure anymore

7. What features do you dislike in others?


8. What person do you consider to have the biggest influence in you?

My mum 

9. Do you still watch cartoons?


10. Are you happy?

I’ll be in a few days :D (I’ll find out if I got accepted into a university)

11. How much time do you spend on tumblr?

About half an hour a day.

My questions:

1. What was your favorite subject in school?

2. What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?

3. What do you do for fun?

4. What are some of your favorite books?

5. What are some things that make you really happy?

6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

7. How do you feel about public speaking?

8. What do you think people think of you?

9. What were you like in high school?

10. What kind of music are you into?

11. If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?

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