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Wounded Warriors (Part 12)

Bucky x Reader Drabble Series

Summary – Bucky finally takes Sam’s advice to try some therapy sessions at the VA, but you end up being the reason he keeps coming back.

Warnings – None

Word Count – 580


Notes – I hope you guys have enjoyed this little Drabble Series!  This was both fun and heartbreaking to write!  As always, I enjoy reading all of your feedback, comments and questions!

Part 1

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October 2018

Ever since he’d realized that he was in love with her, he’d been dying to tell her, but he didn’t know how. He was scared that she didn’t feel the same way, but he knew that he’d go crazy if he didn’t at least try.  They were sitting in the coffee shop after their therapy sessions, just like they did every Wednesday.  He was idly thumbing through the container of sweeteners on the table when she reached over and grabbed his hand.

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anonymous asked:

I used to love Victuuri but its shippers turned me off from the pairing for good after I saw how acephobic and biphobic they are. They also romanticize unhealthy codependency and never let Victor or Yuuri shine as their own characters. I used to like Yurio too but his fans made me hate him with a passion since they always bash the other characters just to glorify him. The saying is true. Fandoms do ruin your enjoyment of a series.

I’m sorry this fandom made you think this way :( it’s so unfair to the people who enjoy YOI to have it ruined for them! Sadly this fandom is quite chaotic and messy, it sucks that they caused you to hate yurio and not like Victuuri any longer

anonymous asked:

Alright so I was going through the creepypasta tag and came across the list of the scariest cp's you've read an I just finished reading mayhem mountain, and I think that's the scariest I've read in a loooooong time

same! I absolutely love that creepypasta. I love creepypasta that’s based around amusement parks, because I’ve always been extra creeped out by terrible things happening in places that should be fun (like amusement parks or camping trips) or safe (at schools, in broad daylight, etc). Mayhem Mountain is just the right amount of fucked up and mildly gory that I like to see in amusement park creepypasta.

if you like Mayhem Mountain, thematically similar pastas are the Abandoned By Disney series (link to first one and next instalments are linked at the end) and Whimsywood! if anyone else has any other amusement park themed pastas let me know, because honestly they’re probably my favourite.

anonymous asked:

Hello thank you for always being awesome! I scrolled through your recs but didn't find anything that relates to what I was looking for. Can you please recommend shoujo mangas which had a happy ending and have special chapters after the ending that showed how the couple lived. Like Wolf Girl Black Prince where the author shows Erica and Kyouya's married life and daughter. I just really like seeing how the couple progressed after, preferably the married ones. Thank you very much in advance 💕

Hehe, thanks! And yes, I love seeing the “after endings” of manga series! It’s cute when I get to see the main couple’s children, and maybe some of the side couples too. ;)

I already have a list for that here, but I’ll put all the links here since the manga series aren’t linked there (because in the past I never linked it to the manga;;)

rehulklove  asked:

Will there be a season 2 of Lloyd and does that also.mean Chevy Chase is dead in the Lloyd universe?

I’d love a 2nd season of Lloyd, but in order for that to happen, more people need to spread the word and share the series with other people.  And Chevy Chase will always be in our hearts.

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Halla girls <3. Hope you're doing okay. I read in another blog someone asking about a fic where Even can read people's mind but not Isak's and he can see other people's aura (like colors depending on what they're feeling). But in that blog didn't know it and now I'm intereseted because sounds like an AU based on The Immortals Series and I love those books so much. So... any chance you know what is the fic? love you <3

+ Anonymous Said: do you know that fic where even can read other people’s minds, but he somehow can’t read Isak’s? like, he sees people and colors around them depending on how they’re feeling??

Hi, Lovelies!

  • Out of my reach, but always in my eye line by desert_coffin
    Summary: “He likes to watch people laugh. The colors are never quite the same but they always glimmer and shine, and Even likes to play that little game where he closes off his mind and tries to guess what they are laughing about.” - Even can read minds, until the day he can’t. He can’t tell what’s so special about that blond boy.It shouldn’t be that big of a deal but Even soon finds himself obsessed.

Much Love,


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I shake my head in disappointment when SS fans use interviews in arguments to justify their ship. When I ask for proof, they send me shit like that. Bitch I meant proof from the manga boo boo. Then they send me shit from the manga of Sasuke helping Sakura or blushing at Sakura or protecting his teammate. But I'm 100% sure that doesn't prove that he loves her. I bet if there was a chapter where Sasuke farted on Sakura they'd use that to prove he always loved his "waifu"

First of all, you’re right. Secondly, I can’t help but laugh at the way you describe their fanaticism. Now, the thing is, it doesn’t matter what Kishimoto—or anyone else involved in the series for that matter—says about Sasuke’s alleged romantic feelings for Sakura when he fails to properly convey their development in the canon material. His tendencies to tell instead of showing is a pittance in comparison to Naruto and Sasuke’s development. The reason I’m bringing them up is to draw a parallel and show what actual and believable development is. Obviously, it doesn’t prove Sasuke loves her. And you know why? Because he rejected her not once—but twice. 

There shouldn’t be any long-winded debates in regards to whether Sasuke loves Sakura or not since the manga itself is extremely simplistic in its meaning. Kishimoto doesn’t beat around the bush. If Sasuke states he has no reason to love Sakura, then it clearly means that he doesn’t experience romantic attraction for her. It is sinful ignorance at this point. While I’m completely fine with the shippers as long as they remain polite and civil, I’m not going to pretend it isn’t a grim reality that, say, Sasuke protecting Sakura implies he simply cares for her as his comrade; that’s it.

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Soooo hi hi hi I really like your work-! <333 I was wondering, what are some of your other favorite games and stuff? You did that cute crossover with Blueberry and KH and I just got curious, I really like KH too, hope this isn't a weird question...

awww geez thank you, sweet anon! ♡♡ ;//v//; it’s not weird at all, no worries :) hmmm as for some thhings i’m into…

well, game-wise, the entire Zelda series is always one of my absolute favorites. i also love the Ace Attorney series, and Pokemon (though i’m always in it for the story and friendship, i fail at ever completing a pokedex…). i’m REALLY digging Bendy and the Ink Machine so far, annnnd some more off the top of my head include Grim Fandango, Hatoful Boyfriend (seriously do a complete run of that game holy hell), Uncharted, various Mario games (esp the 2nd Paper Mario), Ape Escape, Spyro, the Ace Attorney/Professor Layton crossover… my access to games has always been sporadic really, heh. so basically i LOVE them, especially story-focused and/or puzzle rpg ones, but i have a ton i’ve only been able to watch or play through a friend or my sister. oh! for fun multiplayer shenanigans i also enjoy some hilarioud rounds of mariokart, or splatoon (once upon a time) - i also love the look and story behind overwatch, and have dabbled in a fair share of mmos.

outside of that, i don’t watch a ton of shows, but some current and past faves in no particular order include AtLA, Courage the Cowardly Dog, old school Spongebob (…don’t judge me), Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, Ouran HSHC, Villainous, Gravity Falls, Parks and Rec, Samurai Jack, Cowboy Bebop… ahhh basically a whole bunch of assorted animated shows, almost entirely. also some late night comedy news shows. i also am getting into podcasts while i work, and am hardcore hooked on The Adventure Zone in particular.

… hoo boi i’m still on mobile so i’ll leave it there, that’s already almost certainly more than you were looking for, and i’m sure i’m forgetting a bunch. =v= hopefully that’s what you were asking about~! ♡ oh, and i actually finally started a general reblog-blog, so i suppose if you wanted to see general stuff that i just reblog you can check it out - @nighttimeshares. i think i made it yesterday or the day before, so there’s genuinely not a lot, and i won’t be posting much (if anything) i’ve actually *created* there, so only check it out/follow if you want that kind of stuff on your dash, i suppose, haha. ^^

(i’ll tag this when i get my laptop up again, sorry ;v;)
Vrains personal opinion about romance

In the all the past series, it’s always the female lead in love with the male but the male being stupid and stuff. but i hope this time, While Aoi starts to have a crush on Yusaku, like just the beginning of the crush, Yusaku already knows and realizes he is in love with Aoi. It will be very awesome. of course it will be the best if they start dating early in the series rather than the end like having an episode or two just for them to develop relationship, like a date episode that causes them to go out together. just hope it doesn’t end up like the previous 5 of the series with konami giving us blue balls all over again. i had enough of this shyt man seriously, it’s been 20 years…

Thinking about the trans narratives of discworld and how I feel about them the other day made me also think about the autistic narratives

Brutha, Jeremy, Stanley, Detritus, possibly Mr Bent?? Leonard?? There are a lot of male discworld characters who fit the Pratchett Vaguely Neurodivergent Trope

All Problematic Representation, though I’ll always maintain that it’s super important that Brutha is explicitly autistic and non nt-passing and a protagonist who gets to have a story about confronting deep philosophical religious and ethical questions and is definitely one of Pratchett’s most 3 dimensional and intense protagonists who delivers some of the series most quotable lines about the meaning of life

But yeah I really love Brutha and Detritus and am fond of all the others even though I’m mad they all fit bad stereotypes

God I love Brutha and Small Gods (man it’s weird that his name is a silly joke when it’s one of the least silly books)

I’m on The Truth in my reread now and William’s thing about truth and lies is also very relatable

anonymous asked:

I know requests are closed but I had an idea. Just finished reading your void smut and just died. It was so good. I was hoping you could write a void stiles smut where the pack always tells her to be careful about void stiles but she is secretly turned on by him. And one day he fucks her and they become an evil couple that goes against the pack but stiles can't believe it because he's in love with her but she doesn't care. And they end up killing the pack and there's lots of hot evil smut

I would, but I have way too many requests right now. Plus, this sounds super similar to my best girl Steff’s mini-series called Kurai Koibito so check that out bc you’ll love it. @dumbass-stilinski

Psych's Big Reunion Movie Just Cast Gus' New Love Interest, And It's The Perfect Choice
The Psych reunion promises to bring back all the old familiar faces, but there will be somebody new as well. Gus is getting a love interest, and she'll be played by the perfect person.
LGBT content guide (TV shows , Movies , Music , Books, Youtube , celebrities)

Hey guys , I realised that a lot of people on here(including me) are always looking for new shows, moviee , music or youtuve channels with lgbt content to watch (as they can relate more to such content) so i decided to make a list of all those which I know.

Ps. This list is of what all I know and can remember. Pls reblog and add whatever i missed!

TV shows with WLW/bisexual female characters
1. Supergirl
2. Humans
3. Pretty little liars
4. Famous in Love
5. Sense 8
6. Orphan Black
7. Orange is the new black
8. Carmilla (web series)
9. Game of Thrones
10. Veep
11. How to get away with murder
12. Empire
13. Arrow
14. DC legends of tomorrow
15. Black Sails
16. Jane The Virgin
17. Faking It
18. Wynnona Earp
19. Lost Girl
20. Doctor Who s10
21. Glee

22. Person of interest 23. Greys anatomy 24. The fosters

Tv shows witg MLM/bisexual Male tv characters
1. Shadowhunters
2. Riverdale
3. Orphan Black
4. How To Get Away With Murder
5. Empire
6. Game Of Thrones
7. Brookly 99 8. Sense8 9. Glee

Trans characters 1. Transparent 2. Sense8

Youtube channels with LGBT content-
1.RoseEllenDix (Rose)
2.Roxetrawr (Rosie)
3.Tyler Oakley
4. ShaneDawsonTV
5. JoeyGraceffa
6. CammieScott
7. Nowthisisliving (Shannon)
8. Stevie Boebi
9. Ally Hills
10. Alexis G Zall
11. Melanie Murphy
12. Troye Sivan
13. Hannah Hart
14. Ingrid Nilsen
15. Miles Chronicles
16. ElloSteph
17. AmyOrdman

Musicians who generally make LGBT music
1. Troye Sivan
2. Hayley kiyoko
3. Mary Lambert
4. Tegan and Sara

Movies with LGBT content-
1. Carol(2015)
2. But i am a cheerleader
3. I cant think straight
5. Loving Annabelle
6. Bound

1. Annie on my mind by Nancy Garden
2. The price of salt (carol) by Patricia Highsmith
3. Ash by Malindo Lo
4. Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters
5. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
6. Madam President by Blayne Cooper
7. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare 8. Ask the passeners by A S King

Out and proud celebs - 1.Lauren Jauregui (singer) 2.Kristen Stewart (actress) 3.Ricky Martin (singer) 4.Halsey (singer) 5.Miley Cyrus ( singer and actress) 6.demi lovato (singer and actress) 7. Cara delevingne (voctoria’s secret angel and actress) 8. Stella maxwell(victoria’s secret angel) 9. Angelina Jolie (actress) 10. Sir Elton John(singer) 11. Lady gaga (singer) 12. Sarah Paulson (actress) 13. Kate McKinnon (comedian actress) 14. Ellen DeGeneres(tv show host , comedian) 15. Portia DeRossi (actress)

These were all I was aware of and could think of. Pls reblog and add those you know

“what is love? how did you know you were in love with him?”

“i guess i knew i was in love with him when his bad days became my bad days. when his good days became my good days. i don’t know, i never met anyone like him before. i guess i knew i was in love when i wish it would storm so i could see him become excited about something he loved. so i could see him smile. i guess i knew i was in love with him when the thought of him leaving scared the hell out of me. i guess i knew i was in love with him when i would roll over to the other side of the bed and reach for a hand that wasn’t there anymore. i guess i knew i was in love with him when losing him felt like losing a friend, best friend and boyfriend all in one. i guess i knew i was in love with him when i use to dread the morning but somehow wanted to wake up to it everyday. i guess i knew i was in love with him when my days suddenly became more quiet. i guess i knew i was in love with him when the thought of him never left my mind even though it’s been a year. i guess i knew i was in love with him when i wasn’t the best version of myself the way i was with him. he made me feel like i knew what love was. he made me feel like i was worthy of a type of love they talk about in movies and fairytales. the closest thing we have to magic is love and with him.. magic was our love. magic was us. magic was him. it’s always going to be him.”

—  I think that’s love // Deeply Feeling Series