i will always love this remix

disappointed by mainstream LPers lately? try Geek Remix

i just love geek remix so much…everyone who even slightly enjoys lets plays or Video James in general should consume their content, please!!!

mari & stacy are 2 hilarious, insightful women and are very inclusive & respectful of their audience which are mostly LGBT+ individuals & ppl with mental illnesses or neurodivergent individuals. also they arent wildly anti-semitic which is always a plus

i recommend starting out with some of these lps:

  • life is strange - INSIGHTFUL COMMENTARY, GOOD CHOICES, FAN THEORIES, THEY KISS CHLOE, all in all best lis playthrough out there 
  • skyrim romance mod - mari & stacy play that infamous skyrim romance mod. you know the one. lots of (censored) dicks, very nsfw, but fucking hilarious
  • fahrenheit/indigo prophecy - mari & stacy mercilessly make fun of the what-the-fuckery that is david cage’s (heavy rain guy) game indigo prophecy. they also have a very loving argument about temperatures at one point. its good content
  • resident evil 7 - not caught up w/ this one yet but its just hilarious to watch them both freak the fuck out (and helps me feel better about also freaking the fuck out). 

‘you should have been born a boy’
she said to the excitable kid
with scraped-up knees
muddy hands and
unruly tangled curls
coming in from playing football.

‘i’m sure you should have been a boy’
she said to the child sat
crying over an argos catalogue
because the red power ranger costume
didn’t come in ‘girls sizes’.

‘for god’s sake, i thought i raised a girl’
she said to the teenager asking
for a laser quest party for their 16th
for clothes from the men’s section
for permission to cut all their
‘beautiful long curls’ off that you always said
you hated.

but then you discovered that you
didn’t raise a girl.
and you also didn’t raise a boy.
you raised something,
in between
new, remixed, not-quite-girl
and they wanted to be called they.

and you said you still loved them
and you said you would try
but nothing changed.

i am the daughter
i ‘should have been born a boy’
i am ‘them’

surely your first born is worth the effort of
a single syllable

i’m from a straight cis family
in a straight cis community
so how are they supposed to know
that every
feels like a punch in the gut and every
feels like a razor cut and
trust me
i know exactly what that feels like

‘all you talk about is pronouns
there are people fighting wars!’
well i’m at war with a world
that doesn’t believe i even
fucking exist
fucking deal with the fact that
the world is changing and
people are
finding themselves

you encouraged me to be myself
to aim high and achieve my dreams
well i HAVE found myself

and they are right here, in front of you, bearing their soul
opening themself up to you
straining for your approval
for your acceptance
for your

so whether i was raised a girl
or should have been born a boy
this is what you’re stuck with
this is WHO you’re stuck with
so suck it up
because i don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

—  a single syllable - daria
Okay but

Remember when Liam was involved in both the instrument arrangement and production of Love you Goodbye? And Liam had the brilliant idea of having fans in for the recording of History? And Liam’s obviously been involved in remixing the tracks throughout the years? Liam is so skilled and talented and has been improvising and dabbling here and there, like it always pissed me off that his solo duration would progressively decrease every passing album, but boy’s been doing more than just brilliant vocals and incredible harmonizing and I-

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Secret blowjob

Did somebody say the ULTIMATE GUIDE OF YURI BEING A LIL SHIT 101 CHAPTER ONE SECTION ONE PAGE 394?? Glad you did my friend I’ll share with you the snippet.

  • Yuri always loved watching Otabek flustered and trying to hide his blush and keep his cool while he was being teased. Yuri knew all about the perfect Art of Tease, and used it to his full advantage to drive his daddy crazy. Sometimes, one thing would lead to another and things would escalate to Yuri taking care of hardness buried beneath Otabek’s pants.
  • During DJ gigs, Yuri always finds a way to make Otabek completely lose his mind and mess up the playlist, especially his remixes, by trailing his fingers down his chest and waist, settling once he’s on his pretty pale knees and taking all of his length into his mouth. Otabek would sometimes just forget that there was music playing overall from the blissful numbness clouding his brain.
  • There was once while Otabek was having a Skype call with his family while he was at a competition. So he was sitting at the hotel desk and casually talking to his laptop screen, while Yuri decided to slip under the table and suck him off right then and there. Beka hissed, and his family asked what happened and he simply replied with a shake of his head and a grunted, “I just hurt myself on accident, that’s all.” Yuri so got punished for it later.
  • Yuri loved to dip his hand into Otabek’s pants while they ate out together with other skaters. The way his rough hands would halt in the middle of cutting his steak, darting dark eyes at Yuri, who just smirked and continued about his actions until they hide to politely excuse themselves, retreating to a bathroom stall where Otabek yanked Yuri by the hair and pushing his head down to his zipper, demanding he take care of the situation he caused.
  • There was another time while Otabek and Yuri were waiting for everyone else to show up, so he decided sucking him off would be a way to kill time. Eventually people did show, and Yuri kept himself hidden under the table, doing his magic with his tongue, waiting until he swallowed every drop poured into his mouth. “Where’s Yuri?” Viktor had asked. Otabek made a noise with a shrug. “Probably out having fun.” He paused for a moment when Viktor and Yuuri had to excuse themselves to the bathroom, until Yuri finally crawled back up in the seat. A while into dinner when Yuri hadn’t even touched his food, Yuuri even asked, “You haven’t eaten. Are you okay?” Yuri just shrugged, “I already ate.”
  • During long road trips with the four of them, Viktor and Yuuri in the front seat, and Otabek and Yuri in the back. Glancing eyes over to Beka with a smirk, Yuri pretends to yawn and lays down on Otabek’s lap, quietly unzipping his jeans and despite Beka’s frantic hands trying to pry him off and his hushed gasp of “Yura,” the kitten still wouldn’t stop, finally taking him into his mouth. Otabek even made eye contact with Viktor in the rearview mirror a few times, but nobody suspected a thing, even after he came.
  • Yuri isn’t excluded from the receiving end, however. Especially when Otabek made his kitten wear a vibrator in his ass out in public, one that he could control with a simple remote. Turning it up all the way, he excused himself to go “out to the car,” while Yuri just bolted to the bathroom. Otabek followed him, asking if he needs assistance and grinning with dark eyes when Yuri nods, biting his lip as Otabek started to unzip his pants.
  • There’s also the extremely common occurrence of the two of them getting riled up at practice or at a competition and they decide to get each other off in the locker rooms before it’s their turn to skate. It happens so often and they’re pretty sure they’ve been caught once or twice, but they don’t really care.
  • Also, please consider: blowjobs in front of the dance studio mirror mmmkay bye
sneaky 2016 playlist x

kanye west - ultralight beam
rihanna - needed me
the weeknd - secrets
frank ocean - nikes
tove lo - cool girl
gabrielle aplin - night bus
kate miller-heidke - youve underestimated me, dude
bamiyah - hero
the magician - shy (aston shuffle remix)
san cisco - slowmo
louisa johnson - so good (alex adair remix)
gibbz - oh my god
gorgon city - ready for your love
frank ocean - solo
the veronicas - on your side
tinashe - company
pnau - chameleon
katelyn tarver - hate to tell you
bruno mars - chunky
martin solveig - do it right (feat. tkay maidza)
banks - trainwreck
rihanna - work (feat. drake)
james vincent mcmorrow - get low
young franco - drop your love
drake - fake love
elk road - hanging by a thread (feat. natalie foster)
alunageorge - not above love
flume - say it (feat. tove lo)
carly rae jepsen - gimmie love
ariana grande - into you
cashmere cat - wild love (feat. the weeknd)
james arthur - can i be him
hayden james - just a lover
the veronicas - in my blood
the weeknd - starboy
ta-ku - love somebody (mr. carmack remix)
cazzette - static
sohn - conrad
carly rae jepsen - higher
gretta ray - drive
northeast house party - diamond
cashmere cat - trust nobody (feat. selena gomez & tory lanez)
jamie t - dragon bones
troye sivan - wild (feat. alessia cara)
zhu - genertionwhy
bryson tiller - dont
neiked - sexual
hayden james - embrace
terror jr - super powers
solange - weary
tkay maidza - simulation
dami im - fighting for love
betty who - i love you always forever
jarryd james - claim my love
snakehips - cruel
flume - smoke & retribution
james arthur - say you won’t let go
lady leshurr - where are you now (feat. wiley)
vancouver sleep clinic - killing me to love you
leaf - plate
poolclvb - you give me love
the xx - on hold
nicole miller - signals
kimbra - sweet relief
alunageorge - mean what i mean
astrid s - hurts so good
illy - papercuts (feat. vera blue)
drake - once dance

Hyung Line: s/o being a member of a dance crew.


Originally posted by moonlighting94

He would be so impressed, after telling him he’d be so supportive of you and your team. Taeil would always be willing to give his opinion on your dances and some pointers and whenever he had time after training or a day he’d spend it at all of your competitions, cheering you on from the side.


Originally posted by ji-hansol

When he found out you could dance and even better, you were in a crew?! Words wouldn’t be able to describe how overjoyed he was, you’d always have his full support and would be more than happy to help you out with any moves you found difficult. Every once in a while he’d even ask you to teach him the dances so he could join in.


Originally posted by txnct

Your very own personal cheerleader, what else can I say? I think johnny would be a very supportive boyfriend in general, you could burp and he’d give you a round of applause. Anyways, he’d love to see you dance, it was your passion and anything that made you happy always made him smile too and every now and then he’d make a remix for you to perform a routine to.


Originally posted by boysaloud

He’d be so proud of you because he knew how difficult training could be but you still went but he’d keep a close eye so that you don’t overwork yourself. He would constantly promote your crew to anyone and everyone without noticing just because he was so delighted to see you excel in what you love.


Originally posted by y-ta

Oh my god he’d be your number one fan, videoing all of your competitions and uploading them to youtube to get your group even more recognition. Literally would act as the manager of your crew and would brag about how talented you were to the rest of nct and slowly, you’d see them start to appear at your competitions too.


Originally posted by honeyxxxmoon

He’d be so excited to see you succeed in your dreams of making it as a dancer and would support you in any way he could, whether that was got to your dance battles, drive you to competitions, convince you to go to practice when you didn’t feel like it and you couldn’t be more thankful for it.


Originally posted by mkayjaemin

He wouldn’t let a day go by where he doesn’t brag about your dance skills or just you in general, honestly expect him to go to all of your competitions, even if it means missing a day or two of practice. He’d go all out, banners, little flags and whistles, and although it embarrasses the shit outta you, you still wouldn’t have it any other way.


Originally posted by hermosadani

absolutely adores the fact you dance as well and would definitely take advantage of it, dancing around the kitchen with you and helping you learn all of your dances, even taking you to his practice room on some of his days off to give your team the best advantage in competitions to be scouted.


Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

he would be totally amazed by your dance skills, often bringing you to practice with him so that you could train together as well as spend time with each other, taking you for some ramen afterwards. Watching you dance with so much passion, only made him love you more.


Originally posted by kunq

He’d be pleasantly surprised to see your dancing skills, always visiting you at practice whenever he could, sometimes bringing some food for you both to eat during your break. Sicheng would be so proud to see you achieve your dreams and goals and would always be by your side, supporting you all the way.

~admin luna  ♡

we’ll stay young - a fanmix for the blue and yellow girlfriends

i do adore - mindy gledhill | girlfriend - icona pop | jane doe - never shout never | you always make me smile (remix) - kyle andrews | you and i - ingrid michaelson | if you love someone - the veronicas | goodnight and go - imogen heap | flowers in your hair (cover) - natalie bartnick | girls like girls - hayley kiyoko | good time - owl city and carly rae jepsen | little numbers - BOY | for the keeping - wayward daughter | can’t stand it (cover) - sincerleypaisley | shut up and dance - WALK THE MOON | alone together - fall out boy

listen here

what to expect on b.a.p’s concerts (and why you should attend):


amazing solo stages by members who worked hard in creating their own songs or covers

iconic and powerful performances (perhaps warrior, no mercy, one shot, badman, yw&f, skydive, wake me up, etc.)


illegal sexy bap

heartfelt talks

bap always saying thank you and i love you

bap always saying to not worry about them

*member says a joke or something

water fights

encore #1

song between bap and babyz (either with you or b.a.b.y)

encore #2

happy bap and their happy songs (like carnival, be happy, dancing in the rain, etc.)

encore #3


encore #126

What Kind Of Music Does the RFA (+ V & Saeran) Listen To?

this is probably really bad and cringy, but I tried? I went through my Spotify and chose what songs suited the characters, which ones I thought they were most likely to sing/like, and etc

▪listens to really super cheesy pop music & soundtracks probably
▪Boomerang by the Summer Set seems like his kind of song 10/10 sign me the frick up
▪Undertale soundtrack! If LOLOL has one too, then he owns a copy in every format
▪Favorite songs: Boomerang by the Summer Set, Punch-Drunk Love by the Summer Set, Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low

▪yupp, I said it
Look me in the face and tell me Hotline Bling is not his song I s2g
▪"Used to always stay at home, be a good girl. You was in a zone, yeah. You should just be yourself, right now, you’re someone else"
▪100% Zen
▪screams “Someone Like You” in the shower with tears running down his face
▪probably likes Marian Hill too, especially their more sultry & seductive songs
▪loves the Death Of a Bachelor album
▪favorite songs: Death Of a Bachelor by P!ATD, Crazy = Genius by P!ATD, Lovit by Marian Hill, the entire 21 album

707 *spoilers?*
▪has every single bad remix downloaded & playing
▪has all of the worst country music in his playlists
▪if you make him mad or meme him, he builds a robot that follows you around all day playing Never Gonna Give You Up and the Dat Boi remixes
Saeyoung stop this goddamn it it’s been two whole days
▪likes Fall Out Boy, especially The Phoenix and My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark
▪PiNk GuY
▪Meme Machine is his favorite song though, just accept it

▪classical obv
▪that one Piano Cat song is his favorite
▪has a really super picky taste so he doesn’t like many other genres

▪precious boy needs precious music
▪likes indie, old pop, classical & soft jazz
▪not their rock stuff, but the mellow pop stuff
▪the lyrics to him are 👌👌👌
▪fave songs: Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley, When I’m Sixty-four by the Beatles, Fireside by Arctic Monkeys

▪would give everything a try at least once, but also has a picky taste
▪anything with Zen in it, plus indie acoustic?
▪might like Jasmine Thompson especially her song “Fast Car”

▪a lot of people canon him to listen to super eDgY metal but I have to disagree
▪I think he likes more 90’s grunge music and the emo trinity (Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance)
▪would never admit it but classical music really calms him down when he’s upset
▪so he likes some of that too
▪definitely the type of person who wouldn’t like a band just because his brother does (but when he finds out 707 likes Fall Out Boy? Slight anger)
▪probably steals 707’s FOB shirts and denies it heavily
▪fave songs: My Own Worst Enemy by Lit, Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers, What a Catch Donnie by Fall Out Boy

ʜᴇᴀʀᴛʙʀᴇᴀᴋᴇʀ || a darkiplier mix

sleep - my chemical romance // 1940 (amplive remix) - the submarines // an unhealthy obsession - the blake robinson synthetic orchestra // volatile times - iamx //  i want you - summer camp // (i always kill) the things i love - the real tuesday weld // seven devils - florence and the machine // reaper man - mother mother // sound of madness - shinedown // the widow - the mars volta // child psychology - black box recorder // neighbour - mother mother // dead! - my chemical romance // i love you - the dandy warhols

The Raven Cycle | [listen here] | Playlist

“She wasn’t interested in telling other people’s futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own.”

i. boy - harrison brome | ii. her (remix) - kye kye | iii. on hold - the xx  | iv. midnight island - harrison brome | v. fall - blooms | vi. never know - golden vessel | vii. humming man - men i trust | viii. put me down - aquilo | ix. gone are the days (sohn remix) - honne | x. without you - oh wonder | xi. blow out the light - gems | xii. high off love - cannons | xiii. tragedy - always never | xiv. runaway - szymon | xv. paint the pictures - of verona | xvi. over - honors

A Ritshou Playlist

Available on Spotify here!

Say My Name by ODESZA ft Zyra
Operate by Kill Paris ft Royal (Illenium Remix)
Fortress by Illenium ft Joni Fatora
Speechless by Glades
Raging by Kygo ft Kodaline
Baby by Anna of The North (Felix Cartal Remix)
Heartburn by Wafia (Felix Cartal Remix)
Blow Your Mind (Mwah) by Dua Lipa
Clear by Pusher ft Mothica
Come Back to Me by Urban Cone ft Tove Lo (Filous Remix)
Love Won’t Sleep by Lostboycrow
Painted in Gold by Strange Talk ft Bertie Blackman
Future by Transviolet

I’m always open to any song suggestions!

Turn It Down

(A/N: so this was requested by @justapieceofsimstrash . They said they wanted an Alexander x Reader fluff and I am going to deliver. This will be another modern AU. I can do canon era and I will do the actual actors x reader such as Lin Manuel, Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom, and Anthony Ramos all you have to do is request it. I think after I finish ‘Your Distracting’ I will start a series with Leslie Odom or his character Aaron Burr because I feel like he doesn’t get enough love. Anyway remember that my asks are open and you can request anything at all and I will respond as soon as possible.)

Title: Turn it Down

Summary: The reader is studying music and the professor started them on a project to remix two songs using the remix style of their choice. Alex started noticing the reader wasn’t listening to them and always had their headphone in on max volume. Alex gets put out. Alex’s friends decide to intervene

Rating: G

Warnings: maybe a little cussing, It has very little angst

Word count:

*Alexanders POV*

“-and then John flipped Thomas’s tray of mac and cheese,” I laughed playing with your hair as I stared out the window smiling. I felt your head shift in my lap but I received no response. I looked down and noticed your eyes were closed with your headphones in and if I listened hard enough heard the slight hum of high pitched voices coming out of them. I sighed and tugged on one of the cords making them fall out. Eyes flickered open and looked up at me with a confused face. “I was talking and you weren’t even listening.” I chuckled with a sigh.

You looked at me sheepishly. “Sorry you know I am stressed about this project I am learning new software and I have never remixed music before.”

“I know, did you decide on the style yet?” I asked running my fingers through your hair again as you leaned back into my hand and smiled.

“No I am still trying to figure it out. I should be able to decide soon.”


Everyone in my group and a lot of people outside of it know my lack of patience. I believe the word my friend Burr used to describe me was ‘non-stop’.  They said the only time I ever seemed to slow was when it came to my relationship. They all loved you and said you probably supplied some much needed stability that wasn’t in my life before. I suppose I would have to agree considering I was a mess from not seeing said ‘stability’ for a full week.

I trudged onto the quad not even stopping to start a debate with Jefferson on how wrong his opinion was on the current political situation he was talking about to Madison. I slumped down at the table with my friends. I went to pull out my computer to continue writing when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“No. Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents Seems a little odd for you Alexander. Not to mention, you look so tired.” Lafayette said, worried. I noticed everyone giving me the same concerned glances behind him.

“Yeah, Y/N normally makes sure I get to sleep instead of working all night but she hasn’t been around this week. She has that big project and we have barely been able to talk.” I sighed resting my head on the table.


Later in the afternoon I left the quad and chose to go back to my dorm to continue working. However, when I got there I was surprised to find you sitting on my couch with a worried look on your face. As soon as you heard me you stood up and gasped.

“Oh my God. They were right!” You said. I gave her a confused look as you grabbed my arm and dragged me into the bedroom before grabbing my jacket off me.

“What’s going on?” I asked with a yawn muffling my last word.

“You’re going to take a nap.” You said and shoved me on the bed motioned for me to toe off my shoes.

“No! I haven’t seen you in days, and now you show up and expect me to waste my time with you sleeping. Sleep is stupid there are better things to do.”

You sighed, “Alexander … I noticed you glance me up and down with an exasperated look.” What if I stayed here with you and then after you sleep for a while I can make dinner for us?”

I knew you were trying to compromise but I didn’t want to give up any time with you until I noticed a few things. Things that in my tired state I wouldn’t have noticed without being 100% focused on you like I was now. Your hair was down and flat looking compared to smooth looking curls or high ponytail you normally put it in. The bag under your eyes were a slightly darker shade than normal. The thing that really stood out though was your makeup. Instead of the normal precise crisp lines that lined your eyes it was smudged as if it was just left over from a previous day.

That moment was when it hit me, you hadn’t been sleeping either.

It was normal for you to get stressed and lose sleep or composure over your problems. I sighed and nodded crawling under the covers and motioning to you. “Fine but you have to come lay down with me.” I watched as you seemed to debate with yourself but then climbed under the covers with me.

Wrapping my arm around your waist to pull you close and nuzzled my face into your hair. I felt you slowly relax and slumped against me humming. You slowing turned around and I leaned down to place a few slow lazy kisses on your lips. As soon as you buried your face into my neck I felt sleep beginning to drag me down. I wrapped my arms around you tighter and let sleep over power me.


When I woke up I noticed my head was in your lap and you were sitting up with your headphones in your ears. I smiled and tugged at the cord making them fall out. You jumped slightly put smiled down at me. I took your phone out of your hand set it aside. You gave me a confused look until I got a good grip on your hips and pulled you down. You squeaked and I leaned over you to give you a kiss.

“How much sleep did you get?” I asked quietly leaning down to brush my lips over your collarbone lazily.

“I don’t know maybe a few hours?” you sighed.

“No, I mean like this week Y/N,” I laughed. Until I felt her tense.

“I don’t know maybe a few hours?”

I snapped my gaze up to you and found a nervous and sheepish smile on your face looking down at me. “Y/N …” I nuzzled my head back into your neck and took a breath. I ran my hands down your sides as I came back up to kiss you lightly. “I will call in some food and we can watch a movie and get some more rest.”

“I don’t know–“

“You promised.” I chuckled at the look of defeat on your face knowing I wouldn’t let you go. I leaned over and grabbed my phone to call your favorite pizza place and ran my hands over you as I placed my order. When I was finished I set my phone down and went back to running my lips over the skin on your neck. “What movie do you want to watch?”

“Let’s watch some episodes of that show we were trying to finish.” You said softly and I grinned.


I kissed you again not quite ready to get up and away from you. You slipped your tongue across my lips and I opened up willingly lazily kissing you. I didn’t expecting anything else from you knowing that we were just enjoying basking in each other’s affection.

“I love you.” I heard you whisper as I pulled away.

I stuttered in my line of kisses on your neck. You had never said that before. I grinned as I felt you tense when I didn’t respond.

“I love you too.”

Reasons To Listen To Enter Shikari

Thanks everyone for getting this blog to 100 followers! Here’s my reasons why you should listen to Enter Shikari if you haven’t already. Hope you enjoy: 

1) #ShikariFamily = The sense of family is important to these guys. Everyone in this fandom considers each other as family and not as fans. It gives a sense that you’ve known people for ages.  

2) Second biggest independent band = The fact that the band have grown while staying independent mind boggles me. They release their music through Ambush Reality which is their own record label they created and are still under to this day. 

3) Music Releases = Also the fact that they release music so regularly throughout the year. Their last release was in November last year which was a live album (which was magnificent may I add) and now they are working on their fifth album. 

4) Future projects = The band are doing so much right now. From writing album five to working on the Take To The Skies 10 year celebration tour to a new book this band are definitely hard workers. 

5 ) Step Up clothing = Rou Reynolds, frontman, has created his own sustainable clothing line. With his clothing line he promotes topics that are important to him; veganism, LGBTQ and the environment among others. 

6) Interactive on social media = Many bands are not as interactive as the guys are on their social medias, mainly Twitter. Their main Facebook page replies to comments as well as the individual band members replies to tweets sent their way. This supports the first point and makes the #ShikariFamily connection even stronger and makes the fans feel as if they have some sort of a connection with the guys. 

7) Growing up with the band = Even though this may not be true to newer fans but some older fans who have been with the band longer will have felt that they have grown up with the band. When Take To The Skies was released the band were around 20 years old and when I got into the band I was 14. Even though there was an age gap it still felt like I’ve grown up with them. 

8) Seeing how they’ve developed as people = This links into the seventh point that because the fans have felt that we’ve grown up with them we’ve also seen how they’ve developed as a band and individually through their personal lives. Such as them getting married and having children. It can be quite emotional for the fans when they make big decisions in their lives; or it has been to me anyway. 

9) Their signings are free = Rou has expressed his views against VIPs and hates the fact that people have to pay to see other bands and has decided to allow fans to meet them for free. he doesn’t believe that the #ShikariFamily should pay to meet the band. 

10) Trying to meet everyone = This links in with the ninth point that when the band do signings they try and meet everyone and spend a lot of time talking with them. Even if they are told that they have a certain time limit they will go over it to make sure they get to see people that have queued to meet them. 

11) The cats = Let’s be real, Freya and Crumpet are the stars of Enter Shikari really.  

12) Rory C’s growing family = It’s so cute being able to see Rory’s family grow not that he has two kids; a boy and a girl. It will be exciting seeing these two grow and develop. 

13) Pre-Enter Shikari era = It’s always interesting hearing what your favourite band did before they formed their current band. This is what Hybryd was. This was pre-Enter Shikari and it’s just interesting to go and listen to their EP on youtube to see how much Rou, Chris and Rob (Rory joined when Enter Shikari were created) have developed as musicians. 

14) Pre-Take To The Skies = Even though I personally wasn’t a part of this era it’s interesting to listen to their EP that was released before the Take To The Skies album was released and such as the thirteenth point it’s interesting to listen to how they’ve developed as a band. 

15) Intimate shows = The fact that they still do intimate shows when they are getting as big as they are is testament to how much they care about their fans. They love to feel the connection between them and the fans when they are playing and playing small venues allows this and creates a positive atmosphere.  

16) Amazing Arena Tour = Even though the band still does intimate shows they just embarked on their arena tour last February and played sold out venues. They wowed audiences around the country and showed that they have what it makes to create excellent live arena shows. 

17) Creating an experience at their shows = With their new arena tour they used a Quadraphonic sound system that meant that they had speakers around the venue, and not just at the front, which meant the audience gets a slightly disorientating but interesting experience at the gig. 

18) Shikari Sound System = This is there DJ set since a lot of the band members love Drum N’ Bass. Even though I’ve never really been a fan of this music I went to their DJ set last year and they did open me up to some new music that I didn’t think I would like. It’s always great to get into new music by your favourite band. 

19) Collaborations = The band always seem to be collaborating with other artists either on new songs or by remixing other bands tracks. 

20) Featuring other artists in remixes = They feature many artists who remix their songs on their albums such as the remixed album of The Mindsweep. It’s always interesting to see other people’s interpretations of Enter Shikari’s songs in remix form. 

21) Inside Jokes = If you don’t understand the jokes of the #ShikariFamily then you just haven’t been in the fandom long enough. That’s just how it goes. 

22) Punk influence = the band are influenced by punk music and term their band as punk. It’s great to see punk bands still thriving with the current affairs happening right now. 

23) Calling out people = The band aren’t afraid to raise their voices about situations or certain individuals that are pissing them off. They do this in either their songs or their shows or on their social medias. 

24) Encouraging people to improve themselves = I know I definitely have improved myself through being an Enter Shikari fan. It can be vast reasons for Shikari improving people’s lives but they helped me to realise that I could get over my travel anxiety when I went to see them at the Manchester show last year. I’m not perfect with it but Shikari did help with encouraging me to realise I could improve on it a lot more than I thought. 

25) Enter Shikari being awesome in general = these guys are just so laid back that it’s impossible not to like their personalities. It’s great to see their personalities show on social media and their videos.  

Thanks again for the 100 followers and here’s to another 100! 

HEARTBREAKER || a darkiplier mix

sleep - my chemical romance // 1940 (amplive remix) - the submarines // an unhealthy obsession - the blake robinson synthetic orchestra // volatile times - iamx //  i want you - summer camp // (i always kill) the things i love - the real tuesday weld // seven devils - florence and the machine // reaper man - mother mother // sound of madness - shinedown // the widow - the mars volta // child psychology - black box recorder // neighbour - mother mother // dead! - my chemical romance // i love you - the dandy warhols // haunted - shirk 

CHEAP IMITATOR || an antisepticeye mix

body - mother mother // afraid - the neighbourhood // i don’t care - fall out boy // forest fire - andrew jackson jihad // emperor’s new clothes - panic! at the disco // the flipside - griffinilla ft. shadrow // control - halsey // little pistol - mother mother // animal impulses - iamx // handlebars - flobots // wires - the neighbourhood // it’s murder - mayhem //i never told you what i do for a living - my chemical romance // lights out - mindless self indulgence // cult - kikuo 

The bravest thing I ever did was

continue my life when I wanted to die

                        A Dangerous Love - An AdLock Mix!

Playlist here.

1. Dangerous - David Guetta feat. Sam Martin.
2. One Million Bullets - Sia
3. Beg For Mercy - Adam Lambert
4. Fever - Peggy Lee
5. High Heels - Omar
6. She’s Always A Woman - Billy Joel
7. Sonata No.1 in G Minor - Bach
8. This I Promise You - Shane Filan
9. Sentimental - Gareth Gates
10. Dominant - Emilie Autumn
11. Undone - FFH
12. Crazy in Love - Beyonce ( 2014 remix )
13. Power & Control - Marina and the Diamonds
14. Criminal - Britney Spears
15. She’s a Genius - JET
16. Falling Slowly - Michael Schulte

Bonus Tracks:
17. Marry Me - Jason DeRulo
18. Wherever You Will Go - The Calling


@ab_rocks always has my back! I love ignition remix #maroon5

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