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I love Weiss so much in this episode. She had her own shit to deal with, running from home, seeing those people die, nearly dying herself, getting captured by Raven. And still she is focused on Yang, making sure she's okay. Weiss has grown so much as a character, into the person she always wanted to be. She's there for Yang right now 110%. I also liked how she rolled her eyes when Raven said she wouldn't be as nice next time. She knows emotional manipulation when she hears it.

Weiss is a gift, I really do hope we see her and Ruby get a moment like that too, where she asks Ruby if she’s okay and is there for her cause you know she wants to be

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Hi! Loved your posts about Robbie and Ben! Since you mentioned Castiel's initial four episode arc, could you elaborate on that? Or maybe tell me where to look? I've always wanted to know but so far only found vague mentions and stuff. TIA <3

Oh, sure! Originally, Castiel was only set to appear in four episodes (that’s how long Misha was signed). He was written initially as a minor character with the expectation that he was going to be killed off in the same season in which he first appeared, but the life that Misha brought to him inspired the writers to keep him on for longer. And as I said, I think that Ben Edlund played a key role in keeping him onboard. 

From Supernatural Wiki:

[Castiel] is among the most popular characters of the show; in fact, he was spared from the writers’ original plans at least twice of being permanently killed off in On The Head Of A Pin and Swan Song for this very reason.

It’s amazing, but a brief guest star role turned into a 100+ episode presence. It’s really miraculous that Castiel is where he is now. His behind the scenes journey almost parallels his journey in the Supernatural narrative: he tore up the script and wrote his own story, became his own hero. I love that. I love how powerful this character has gotten through sheer force of will. 

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why do you like billy from stranger things? He’s abusive and racist, not some misunderstood edgy uwu boy :/

Idk how long you’ve been following my blog, but in no way have I ever excused any of the shit Billy’s done, or been like “PROTECT THIS BBY BOY AT ALL COSTS”. Like naw, fuck that shit.

But he intrigues me.

I think he’s a very compelling and unpredictably chaotic character, and those are the type of characters I love. I’m very interested to see how he develops in further seasons.

Just because people like a character doesn’t mean they approve of everything that character does. I don’t know when it became unacceptable to like villain characters, but I’m not down for that. Some people like villains because they relate to them on some level. Some people love to hate villain characters because they’re villains.

I have always been drawn to villains, because TO ME they’re just more complex and interesting. Especially ones that are given a sense of humanity, like Billy’s scene scene with his father. I like seeing how villains can be created; how the experiences they have, and environment they grow up in has a direct effect on the person they become.

Also when I look at Billy, not only do I see his finalized character. But I see all of the hard work that went into bringing him to life. Actor Dacre Montgomery’s incredible performance, his dedication, his passion. It’s very strong, and it shines through in the final product. I admire that, and I respect that.

So as a result, Billy is a really enjoyable character to me.

The bottom line is that all of this discourse, the narrowly-defined and sky-high expectations, and brutal levels of vitriol between opposing camps have come thisclose to ruining this film for me, and I’m angry with myself for that considering how good it’s likely to be.

So I don’t care if Reylo is ever canon. That was my position way back in the beginning, and I’m going back to it. I’m here for Kylo and Rey to be important to each other. I’m here to see how Kylo can possibly pivot and begin to make amends for his actions. I’m here for seeing what his and Rey’s roles are in the grander scheme of the Force.

But I’m done with the discourse. Mentally I just can’t handle it anymore. And I’m tired of it coloring so much of my expectations for TLJ.

I just want a good story, and for the characters we love to continue to grow and change in unexpected ways.

For everything else, there’s always fanfiction.


A new Scrooge for a new generation of fans! Woo-hoo! I watched the original Duck Tales as a child and Scrooge McDuck (or Dagobert Duck in German… it’s impossible to reproduce a Scottish accent in German, you know. ;D) had always been one of my favourite characters… and I’ve never drawn him so far. I love his redesign though, looks very much in accordance with his adventurous character. And David Tennant is great whatever he does. So… why am I so nervous they might be botching up Darkwing?

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How about bra shopping but with Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands? (≖‿ฺ≖)

I know why you chose this trio….Those cheapskates..but I love em. (Two out of the three are my favorite characters, actually.) Anyways, enjoy!~Admin Sarah

Austria: “A new bra? Hm..alright..”
Roderich would often try and keep his daughters bras intact as long as he could. If that means hand washing them, or occasionally sewing a little hole or two, that’s fine. He’d know that every once and a while they would need new bras, though..he’d always let his daughter get whatever bra they wanted..even if it was out of his price range, he wanted to make her happy..and also look like the better dad.

Switzerland: “Just…hurry up..please..”
Vash has a little sister..so shopping for a bra wouldn’t be a new thing for him..but that doesn’t mean he is fond of bra shopping…bras are usually way overpriced..especially for something that are “mandatory” for most women..He would let his daughter get whatever bra she needed..he’d just try to find a coupon while he waited outside.

Netherlands: “Try not to go over budget..”
Ned wouldn’t have a huge problem with bra shopping, especially since he has a sister, so he would know a thing or two. He’d often try to find good quality bras for a cheaper price..but since those are usually hard to come by, he’d often let them go to an actual bra store..though, he’d give them a slight limit..He’d hope to leave the store spending under 100 dollars..not to mention, he’d find and use as many coupons as he can get away with.

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How do you stay motivated to keep making costumes? I need a costume in January and started it but I'm already stuck and things about it are bothering me.

If I start to drag on a cosplay, I go back and rewatch the movie, game, or show it’s from. That’s usually enough to remind me why I love the character so much that I wanna be them and I come out of it being HYPED again.

If a specific part of a cosplay is frustrating me, I’ll switch gears and go work on a different part of it for a while instead. It keeps me from laser focusing my panic onto one piece, keeps me productive, and I always have a clearer head when I then go back to work on the frustrating piece.

And I look at my favorite cosplayers’ work on Instagram! Seeing other people’s builds always brings back my love for the hobby because of how cool it is that there’s thousands of creative nerds all over the world building ridiculous costumes just because they love characters so much!

The Pacific Rim soundtrack is also amazing for pushing through work.

There’s also no shame in mistakes or remaking things if you’re not happy with them. I know it’s not a good feeling, but messing up means you’re actively learning and improving. If I’m repeatedly getting stuck or making mistakes, I’ll go back and look at other methods I could be using, study where I’m going wrong, or talk to other cosplayers for advice. Deliberately changing my thinking from “oh shit, I’m fucking up” to “it’s ok, I’m learning” helps me a lot.

Also also, for me a big part of getting through motivation slumps is recognizing whether I’m momentarily frustrated or if I’m full on burnt out. Cosplay burn out is real and sometimes you hit a point where you need a break. If you’re hitting burn out point where you feel like you’re suffering more than you’re having fun, it’s ok to walk away for a few days, weeks, or months. Sometimes you just need to recharge your creative batteries by taking a breather.

I love the gluttony you

by furafura (@fuu_lo_eve77)

I’ll give this to you.

In my childhood, whenever I was eating something delicious, mom would always say this to me. I wondered why she would ever give something this delicious away. If it were me I’d never do that, is what I thought. But now, I understand.

“Zuramaru, I’ll give this to you”

“Thank you, Yoshiko-chan!”

Just by looking at the face you’re making fills my heart to the brim.

TN: The Japanese have a tag on twitter where they try to write with 140 characters a short novel / fanfic. It has existed for a while, though, I don’t know when or why. These (yoshimaru specific ones) just popped up in my timeline very recently so I’m guessing it started to trend in the Love Live community.

This is Why I Need You - Mogitz - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Riverdale (TV 2017), Riverdale (TV 2017) RPF, Archie Comics & Related Fandoms, Archie Comics
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Betty Cooper/Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper & Jughead Jones, bughead
Characters: Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Toni Topaz
Additional Tags: Romance, Angst, Love, Forgiveness, Fluff and Angst

“The only way he can describe it is… different.
Not good different. Not necessarily bad just… off.
It wasn’t as though Jughead was accustomed to kissing a lot of girls, and he certainly didn’t have many to compare it to. But there was just always something about the way he could taste Betty’s strawberry chapstick long after he’d kissed her, or the way her soft, pouted lips molded to his. It was as close to perfection as he’d ever know.
As though they were meant for only him.
It just wasn’t the same, with Toni.”
A one-shot taking place immediately after the events of Season 2, Episode 5 “When a Stranger Calls.” Based on three requests I received on Tumblr, as well as my own need to rectify the mess our Bughead babies are now it. So, there’s a lot of healthy communication, understanding, and all that good stuff we love about them.

My Thoughts : The author’s note on this fic reads “fanfiction is the righting of wrongs. I am here to fix what happened on S2E5” and that’s exactly what she did. @mogitz mended my poor little heart. Fairwarning, it does start with THE kiss, but that wrong is definitely made right with how Jughead and Toni move forward from it. She calls Jughead out on his BS, which is really nice to see. This fic does not vilify Toni in the least, which is definitely a relief, because I don’t want to hate Toni. I hope we see more from her, and that the writers do her character justice. ANYWAYS, back to this beautiful fic. The writer does such a fantastic job making you feel Betty and Jughead’s pain. The first time I read this, I will admit I got a little teary-eyed. We get to see the honesty and communication that we’ve recently been lacking from our favourite duo. If you are still needing some heart-mending from last Wednesday’s episode, this is the fic for you. It’s so beautifully written, and everything we need to happen and more.

Thanks for reading my recommendation! Hope this will help fill your need for more of Bughead. Please let me know how you liked this, if/what I should change or add.

I Will Always Love You

Genre: Angst

Characters: Hoseok x Original Character {Haeyeon}

Summary: Haeyeon’s memory was deteriorating at a rapid speed due to a rare case of Dementia. Her fiance, Hoseok, was with her every step of the way. The one thing she swore she’d never forget would be her love for him, but when she forgets his name and face, how could she remember her love?

Word Count: 2771

So, at dinner, my grandmother made a comment that if she forgot everything in the world, the one thing she wouldn’t forget was the love she has for my grandfather. Well that led me to this. I’m a terrible person.

Credit to gif owner


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I LOVE that you address class when you talk about Severus. It's one thing that's always bothered me in discourse around him, is that people ignore his impoverished background and his half-blood status

Ahh class is a tricky beast - I am pleased that you like the points that I raise regarding it, because it’s something that’s quite important to me - which I think probably comes across in my posts.

I think it adds another dimension to Severus as a character; it’s not just the juxtaposition between light and dark, or even Muggle and magical (which are both rich in themselves) - but between classes, and that’s so ripe for pulling apart and interpreting.

@thecatsaesthetics replied to your post “jenniatthemovies replied to your post: if finnrey…”

lmao they are not all happy, I’ve seen them in the comments section talking about how it’s gonna be a love triangle now, and trying to rearrange their metas into fitting in Finn’s feelings for Rey. They are totally threatened. For 2 years now they’ve gone from understand they were a crackship to believing their metas about how “canon” it is.

They have always been threatened by Finn. Finn has everything they wish Kylo’s character had. He has the actual tragic backstory that made him a better man. He has the caring heart, the friendships with Rey and Poe (why you think fandom constantly tries to push the idea Ben and Poe were bff). He is a hero and he left the FO to now bring it down.

Finn is literally everything they want Kylo to be, but will never be. Let’s be real in another universe if Finn was played by some white dude he would be the most stanned character in this franchise.  

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Do you really think Hachi will be the seme? I'm really unsure how to predict anything here, I think they would both be fitting because we know Rogi takes both roles(as we saw with Tatsuyuki) and Hachi would also make a cute bottom in my opinion, maybe we'll get a reversible couple?? What do you think Nini?I'm really bad at analyzing character dynamics help😅

Reversible would be great but I really think Hachi will be the Seme. Topping Tatsuyuki was more of a control and dominance thing. Rogi’s always been a bottom before. And Hachi fits into Sensei’s “cute seme” pattern ^^ (which I love so damn much)


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I absolutely love your artwork, its always anatomically perfection and the colors are beautiful. If I may, I just have a slight bit of critique: I recommend face variation, because you seem to have the same-face syndrome with all of your characters. Nonetheless, your artwork is beautiful!

Oh man, my greatest nightmare, thank you for bringing this to my attention!

I’m not sure how old this messages, but thank you for the advice! I tend to do the same face for generic doodling I do during class, though when I’m creating character for projects, I put a lot of effort in working on facial proportions and what it says about personality! I have to admit though, I could exaggerate and not be afraid to push facial expression a little more, honestly, my go to faces look a lot like these guys…

Mostly because they are main characters, i tend to fall back to that pattern out of habit! I honestly have been working pretty hard, and I’m honestly glad that you bought this to my attention! I’ll do my best to add more variation in the future! Thank you!

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Ok I just read your post about the bullshit you had to experience in school because of your disability and honestly??? You're my freaking hero. You're a damn legend and the fact that you're still standing tall and proud after all that is just so inspiring and amazing I love you

Omg you’re sweet. Thanks so much. This post is going to turn into a PSA LOL

It’s funny because it still happens every damn day. Like I can always name at least one instance of someone being a prick to me over my disability, and all you can really do is make a decision.

Which is more important to you? You, or how they see you? I’m not asking people to like me. I’m asking them not to be giant fucking dicks. They don’t have to like me to help me, to show they have character. I’m asking them to have integrity, and when you put someone in that kind of situation, frame it like that for them? They will almost always either do the thing or give you a clear picture of them (which really helps you to keep your confidence).

Let me see if I can explain it in a way that makes sense.

Often when dealing with a physical impairment, particularly one that other people don’t notice, is that you will get bullshit. You often have to find ways of building yourself up, prevent yourself from internalize the bullshit. So there are usually two ways of doing this, either you learn how to effectively handle people and frustration and build mantras that sort of get you to remember that you are not lesser than anyone, or you get angry.

Anger is effective, and plenty of disabled people use it, but it backfires, because while it makes fighting easier, you very quickly build yourself into a kind of prison you can’t get out of.

So you have to learn how to turn every situation into a learning experience for them and you. you have to become a more effective communicator, you have to make up little quick fire speeches about your condition so that people can be managed. You have to learn how to ask for things, when to get forceful, when to get out the attitude. How to remind yourself that you are a person, and that your disability is also turning you into someone who is strong, independent, capable, communicative, knowledgeable. Your disability is giving you the tools you need to be an amazing person. And when you, this amazing person, confront an asshole, it’s important to keep that perspective.

They’re not stooping to your level to do you a favor. You’re on a level so high above them you’re asking them to climb, and that’s not something everyone can do. I mean they can’t help it if they’re just weak or stupid. A person could even say that these normal people are “handicapped”. Being a giant dick is easier.

Every time you hit a wall, every time someone bullies, mocks, or refuses to help you, you need to be able to remove yourself and flip the perspective. That asshole who told you you were lazy…they just showed you what kind of person they are. That person who made fun of you…their psychology is feeble. That bastard who thinks you need to be educated about your own condition, who has a list of things you should eat and exercises you should do to cure yourself…they’ve just handed you everything you need to tell them off.

Confidence isn’t hard so long as:

1. You know your condition inside and out (do your research about your body and be proactive.) if your condition is idiopathic (like mine) then know everything that you can about potential causes

2. You learn how to say no. Don’t say “if you don’t mind” or similar ways of avoiding questions. Don’t let them think they are allowed to control the conversation. Say simply and firmly “I would rather not talk about my condition to you Can you please just compensate in this way?” For example, I paid for a walking tour of Italy. I went. I told the tour guide that I have a visual impairment. It doesn’t need to be addressed except that you can’t just walk away without saying something. If you move the tour on, please be sure you still have me when you arrive at the next destination. She wanted me to tell her everything. I simply said “I spend a lot of my day explaining my condition to complete strangers who think they’re entitled to know about my body. I’d prefer not to talk about it in this kind of setting.” And she and the group immediately felt as if they were being the invasive assholes they were actually being. They apologized and no one asked me a single fucking thing about it for the next week, except to ask me if I needed help with anything. I was absolutely friendly and civil, and no one behaved toward me as if my bid for autonomy was offensive to them.

3. You learn how to think about yourself and your “disability”. Remember that you may have a few limitations, but what you gain from those, in terms of knowledge, integrity, character, are invaluable. So no matter how frustrating it is to not be able to do the things you want, keep thinking of this as a chance for you to be better. It’s not a test. There’s no one who is grading this, and sometimes you’ll fuck up. It’s a process. You have to see it that way. A lot of people will think that by saying this, I’m somehow giving thought tools like, how to trick yourself into believing you’re valid. No. You are valid, but your mind isn’t letting you believe it because your mind is being attacked from a million sides and is firing back with all the stress hormones you can imagine.

I agreed to be a test subject for a group of grad students. They were measuring the responses to stress of disabled people. Disabled people, on any given day, produce way more stress hormones than a normal person. Makes us more prone to secondary illness, fatigue, cancer, chronic pain (because it is cyclical and once started cannot be stopped. Stress hormones trigger it). In one of my posts I talked about how having a disability isn’t just the actual impairment, but also the other shit that comes with it like PTSD and stress management. When under that kind of stress chronically, it can be impossible to see yourself clearly. It can even lead to clinical depression. You need to find ways to convince yourself NOT OF LIES, but of the truth.

You are not lesser. You are different. This difference makes it difficult to deal with the world of the other people, but it makes you better at seeing facets they cannot. Find ways to convince yourself of that truth, and the stress will dissipate. It will be managed more effectively.

4. You know how to navigate. If you have a mobility issue, learn those elevators. If you have a difficulty with navigating, research and find the strategies that work for others. Should you have to learn clever ways to hack the world? No. But are you worse for learning them? No. When I was in college, I did a year abroad. My mom was fucking white knuckling her life right, because if I kept being independent, I’d either get hurt or I wouldn’t need her anymore. But like, when I got there, I realized they’d segregated the disabled people in dorms where they were like, clumped together. I had a few hall-mates who were blind. I mean one had only light/shadow, one had no eyes. I was partially sighted so I had a foot in each world.

Who do you think the fully blind kids wanted guiding them around school or shopping? It wasn’t a fully sighted person. It was me. Why? Because I knew exactly how to give auditory clues, how to lead them, how to get around. If I couldn’t see something, I’d ask for help, and they knew I could do that too. I learned a ton about my own thinking of my disability in that time. I was amazed by how capable they were with so much more extensive blindness. I learned that I was really throwing myself a pity party, not learning how to think. They taught me how to see past that stress and just build my strengths. How to feel no depression whatsoever about learning extra information to keep myself safe. I’d do it for them in a heartbeat, so why couldn’t I do it for me?

It was an emotional barricade. It prevented me from traveling and doing things because of fear. So I broke it down and rethought it and memorized those step counts, those elevator maps, those short cuts, those tricks. I just fucking did it. And I felt better about my capabilities than ever before.

5. You learn to feel comfortable defending yourself. I don’t mean necessarily physically (but that’s also a good idea). I mean verbally. You need to feel justified in speaking up. That can be the most difficult thing, because many people with chronic illness or disability feel a sense of shame or responsibility for their condition. You may have some measure of responsibility, but you’re not asking people to forgive you your sins. You’re asking them to not be giant dicks, remember? So you were driving the car that got in the crash that put you in that chair. So fucking what? That fact HAS NO BEARING upon how people should behave. I mean really. No matter how or why or what is “wrong” with your body, this doesn’t excuse people from being giant fucking dicks! This is about how they behave toward someone who is disabled whom they SONT KNOW! They don’t get to be an asshole. They don’t get to pass a value judgment on your body.

You are your only advocate. You’re the one who knows it best. You need to be able to call bullshit and stand up to bullies.

I told the story about the guy whose dog attacked my friend’s guide dog. And that even though he was a full grown man, and those people around us were strangers, I called them out. That was easy to do, because I was defending my friend, but you have to be willing to do that for your own disability too, like the time the guy got in my face and got physical with me over my guide dog.

Take a self defense class if only to learn how to scream and punch. Get your voice out. Practice that until you feel no more embarrassment. Then refine that voice to match your own self-advocacy.

Anyway, sorry that turned into a lecture! I didn’t mean it to, it’s just that I want people to feel confident being what they are.

Thanks for the shout out.

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I am honestly living for Rhodey so much in this, his and Tony's dynamic with the way you write it creates just this perfect tough love because he knows what Tony needs and he's able to handle what Tony throws at him before Tony sees it too, it's such a tight bonded friendship, I need to find a friend like that, but for now I'll settle for seeing you write one so perfectly 💜💜💜

I am LOVING being able to write their friendship so clearly in this fic. Rhodey is always a background character in my fics, just because I dont ship him with Tony, and really I dont really ship him with anyone except Pepper, and she is always a background character as well (or already with Natasha). ive been enjoying giving him more of a role in this fic, just like how Sam is getting a bigger role too. 

Also, I hate the way MCU Showed their friendship. I feel like they didnt give Rhodes NEAR enough screen time as supporting Tony, most of it seemed like it was berating Tony for the suit, or STEALING the suits or disapproving of what Tony was doing, and while that tough love/ big brother dynamic is big between them, I also wanted more of soft!rhodey and rhodey who thinks the world of Tony, not just after a catastrophe or after Tony saves the world. 

(Im rambling lol sorry. The earlier I am awake when I start answering messages the more I jabber on lol)

Everyone needs a friend they can put all of their issues onto, and have that friend be strong enough to take it, absorb it, turn it into good advice and tough love and give it right back, and its important that that dynamic goes both ways within a friendship. I completely HC that Rhodey was there after afghanistan for Tony to scream and cry at, to answer his phone in the middle of the night because Tony has nightmares, that after Pepper left Rhodes spent the night drinking with him, and that when Tony needs to hear it, Rhodes is laying down the law of tough love for him. When Tonys chest hurts because of the reactor Rhodes is there to help him stand, and when tony was dying of Palladium Poisoning, Rhodey was learning how to make those gross green drinks that Tony needed every days, and then kept making them after Tony was better because the thought of losing his friend (again) shook him up so badly that he likes to do SOMETHING that is good for Tony because the damn genius has such a self destructive streak its a miracle he makes it through any given day. 

And I completely HC that after Rhodey was hurt in CACW, It was Tony who was spending the night at his place, and arguing with his doctors and yelling for Rhodey to just get up and walk because Tony was tired of wheeling his ass around, and it was Tony that Rhodey screamed at because he doesnt know if he will ever walk again, and how is that fair? How is it fair that after so many years serving his country, he is put in a wheelchair because of some stupid fight within a group of super powered assholes he doesnt even think should be running around unleashed? And Tony sits there and lets him yell and then maybe they cry together and toss back a drink and Tony is pushing him to get up and walk all over again, complaining that he built those braces and they werent cheap so the least Rhodes could do is use them??? 

So many rambles, JFC. All this to say— Rhodey and Tony have such a healthy, beautiful friendship, and I am having a blast writing them together. 

the fantabulous @mantismen tagged me into a cool meme where i gotta list 10 of my fav female characters!!! here i go!!!!

(i love ur new icon btw omg)

1. Slappy Squirrel

2. April Ludgate

3. Suzanne Warren from OITNB

4. Panty.. from PASWG

5. Glados

6. Hilda Berg from Cuphead

7. Toot Braunstein

8. gravity falls Mabel

9. Tank Girl

10. Ofelia from the Nemi comic

i tried not to name the same characters that i always say agshsdzs

i'mma tag: @callibra @raysfirefly @aquasexualcat @geothefafa @the-ultimate-lesbian @cuddles-the-bunny @jasper-shmasper @dumbriel @bluecreator @nasty-guest @grandint @krevs @haectemporasunt @dsgustng @goolfriend @irltintin i won’t take it personally if u don’t do this btw. also if i didn’t tag you you can totally do this n say that i tagged you!! i don’t always remember who liked being tagged into stuff and who didn’t afgafagasd

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What’s the book that you’ve had the most fun working on? Like, it was just a blast to do?

So many books that are so fun for different reasons. As an X-Men fan, I love that I get to write those characters. As a guy who grew up loving Star Wars, I found it fun and exciting to write in that universe. Deadpool is always fun to write. But THE SIXTH GUN is special to me because it was a blast with every issue and we got to tell a 50+ issue story just the way we wanted. So, I’ll go with THE SIXTH GUN.