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Writing ‘Shippable’ Romances

Anonymous asked: “How do I make a pair ‘shippable’? Like, how do I make their relationship into one that readers will support, and not just wrinkle their nose at?” 

Writers and “shipping” don’t always seem to go together. As readers, we can feel free to cheer on any relationship in series or book we read, but from the writer’s vantage point, there really aren’t usually as many options. It’s kind of hard to explain, but if you, as the writer, can see two characters getting together, you might not even be able to imagine other possible relationships. 

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(This is all my personal opinion)

Wynnona Earp is represention done right.

As much as I love Supergirl, and stand by Sanvers, I can’t get over how Maggie’s character was introduced just for the sake​ of a gay storyline. And while I hate to admit it, she always felt one dimensional and…bland.

Meanwhile we have Wynnona Earp, where while Nicole might have been integrated to give LGBT+ fans a lil something-something on the side, it’s not her sole purpose for existing in the show.

Her character has depth, feelings, emotions, and more importantly a storyline outside of Waverly.

Not complaining about Supergirl, Alex’s coming out episode hit so close to home and was beautifully executed. But that’s the only thing they did right.

Give Maggie a storyline outside of Alex and maybe then the CW may finally deserve a pat on the back.

Wynnona Earp, keep up the good work.

Eva + Jonas

I might be in the minority (I’m not really sure), but I always thought that Jonas and Eva were one of those couples that got together way too young, needed to do a little growing up, and then one day would find each other again (be older/wiser) and would actually work out. Love was never an issue, but there were other variables that were.

Given that we won’t get to see the characters continue to develop as people, I’m glad the show ended with there still being feelings between the two. It gives me hope that they’ll continue to grow as people, learn from their previous mistakes, and one day get their own happy ending….together.

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Please do share your stoned Gangsey headcanons, if you have any! It could also be part of the Gangsey or just one character, I'm really curious now


Gansey: himself but about 90% more so. He always gets significantly higher than he meant to. He’ll probably shed actual tears at some point as he thinks about how much he loves his friends. Just wants to hold hands. He says “I love you” to Adam Parrish once every 20 minutes. Sometimes he’ll just stand up and wander off and then they rest of the gang finds him like an hour later working on a very strange building or craft project. If anyone asked him if he wanted to makeout he’d be incredibly down for that. Almost always ends up losing his glasses. Always buys food for everyone (one time he got chick fil a for himself and Ronan and then Adam came over later and Gansey felt so bad for not preemptively buying Adam a chicken sandwich he took everyone else for ice cream). Voted most likely to go on a tangent and forget he’s holding the bong.

Adam: Pro Stoner™. He can take massive hits without coughing or anything and it’s very impressive. Has the ability to make anything a smoking apparatus and has 0 qualms about smoking out of a coke can or an apple. Rolls the tightest joints. It’s hard to tell between regular Adam and stoned Adam unless you know what to watch for. He really likes getting baked because he can just not think for a while. Doesn’t have any strong desire for physical affection but enjoys it when other people play with his hair or hold his hands etc. also 100% down for makeouts. More outwardly bold and impulsive than he is sober. STONED SCRYING. He gets THE WORST munchies known to man. Really into shotgunning.

Ronan: Giggly as shit, finds most things hysterical, especially Gansey. Do not sit next to him unless you want to get cuddled, he gets super physically affectionate. Once started crying real tears because there are dogs that aren’t adopted. Has smoked joints rolled from bible pages and felt immensely guilty about it. He chainsmokes joints like cigarettes and gets too high. King of hot boxing cars. He’s always the guy that turns on a nature documentary. Most likely to make dope edibles.

Noah: Stoner Classic™. Doritos, Mountain Dew, CoD. Used to own like 12 bongs, all of which were shitty. The creative high, he likes writing and painting. Gets really into textures and touching and how things feel on his hands. 100% will come and sit in your lap. He will not stop talking until someone reminds him to take a hit. Most likely to dab, most likely to have a weed blog and weed socks.

Blue: she’s kind of over weed? Like she grew up with it around her constantly at home so she just doesn’t really care. She’ll smoke if other people are but she never really is the one to suggest it. Begrudgingly knows the best dried herbs to mix tiger different highs. Knows how to make the best edibles because Maura makes THE ABSOLUTE BEST edibles and Persephone grew the best custom strains. Most likely to take her shirt off for being uncomfortable, always gets really flushed and hot when high. Insists on doing other people’s makeup when high, and will more often than not end up painting all of the boys’ nails. Usually ends up wandering off with Gansey on his craft interludes. Cuddle piles with Noah, uses her hookups at Nino’s for free pizza.

Henry: 100% owns a stupid $600 vape. Smokes exclusively fancy designer strains. Weed Snob™ but he’ll smoke literally anything. Always down to blaze, and wanted nothing more to get Adam Parrish high and then couldn’t keep up with him. Impulsively buys glass. Has a stoner YouTube playlist of dumbass videos and baker wave. Will get really excited about cool clouds. Stoner Selfie King, has a weed blog and a weed instagram. Takes videos of himself dabbing and doing vape tricks. Most likely to order $290 worth of Taco Bell in the drive thru.

i’m so thankful that i got to experience this special show. i will always, always carry all of these stories in my heart, wherever i go. thank you julie for writing such lovely characters and thank you to the cast for bringing them to life.  


Congratulations Mamo & UtaPri!  Right in time for UtaPri’s anniversary, bit too late for Mamo’s birthday, but here we go! 

I’ve always liked the duality between Mamo and Tokiya, that gray zone between Seiyuu and Character. Mamo’s the only one during the UtaPri Lives that gets to perform as both himself and Tokiya. And during the 5th Live the difference between him and Tokiya is reflected in his outfit as well. I’ve been wanting to draw Mamo and Tokiya in one picture for a long time now, and fuelled by the 6th live hype, I got the idea a few weeks back. First time drawing a real person more cartoony. Eep.

I actually drew the 6th Live version earlier, before I got this idea. Please check that one out as well.

You may not upload this picture on other websites, alter, edit or claim it as your own in any way. 

Personal message under the cut.

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Hope that I can see you today ♥

A lovely Lucy Heartfilia that I had in my sketchbook, I’m thinking about getting my illustrations out of my sketchbook before the manga ends… I love this characters so much, I just want to share my love with all of you.

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lady Red, oh queen of the fandom, how do I stop people from hating so much on DA characters that I love? It's all over my dash and I can't even follow people anymore without having this problem

You can’t, my dear. Characters from all kinds of media will sometimes be demonized by some people. It always happens. You just need to learn not to read their posts or ignore their hate. For your own sake.

Mind you, I’m not talking about rational, intelligent critique of characters. Noticed I said demonizing. As in mindlessly hating and oftentimes attributing more -if not all- negative traits to characters than they canonically possess. Keeping in mind that all -or most- characters have at least one(1) good quality.

But objectivity is hard for some.


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Prompt:  “Are you blushing?  That’s so cute!”

Character: Wanda Maximoff

Warning: N/A

“Look at you!” You whistled as Wanda came out of her room, all dolled up for Tony’s party. She looked beautiful, well more than beautiful and it was your duty to remind her of that as her partner. Every time you saw her even if she was only in some old pajamas. She was always beautiful. “How did I get so lucky, huh?” You walked towards her asking her to spin around for you, god, you loved her. 

“Are you blushing?” You noticed the red hew crawling up over her neck and cheeks, bright, near the colour of her powers, the bashful bite of her life, the awkward shift of her eyes, “That’s so cute!” You pulled her to you, hands cupping her cheeks. 

“You’re adorable, Wanda.” You placed a kiss on her bright, warm cheek and watched with joy as it grew darker. Even after a year you could still get Wanda to blush. You could still make her bashful. Part of you hoped you’d always be able to. 

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Hi if it's possible can you do a headcanon about the guys reaction that there's a new girl and she play volleyball verygood like kage almost his level and they became friends by the time theyre in the end they fell in love?? Sorry for my bad English hope not bother u ::>_<:: .

Anonymous said to sfw-haikyuu-nsfw:
I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you the characters about the volleyball thing then if u don’t mind “ hinata, akashi, tendo ” and thank you soon much for this, I love your writing ❤ .

Here we go, Anon, hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Hinata Shouyou

  • Pretty much instantly smitten with her. Like, not just from the first moment he sees her - because there’s always a mystery to a new person that’s attractive - but from the first moment he sees her play.
    • He probably caught a glimpse of her spiking or setting (whatever position she plays) as he was passing by the gym where the girls team practices and was immediately like, “WAAAAAOOOHAA!” And his eyes are all a-sparkle!
  • Oh, and once he found out she plays he wouldn’t waste any time, especially if they’ve already started a friendship, in walking right up to her and calmly ask, “WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY YOU PLAYED VOLLEYBALL?!”
  • They’d just start doing almost everything together and they’d constantly be practicing their skills, even outside of their clubs. After some time it’d just end up being second nature that they start dating.
    • Everyone probably assumed that they were already together and were extremely confused when they stated that they were a new couple.

Akaashi Keiji

  • Honestly, unless they were in the same class, this boy probably wouldn’t really know much about her until both boys and girls clubs were on a bus heading for a tournament or training camp.
  • They probably ended up sitting next to each other and conversation just came easily to them. It probably started with volleyball, considering they have that in common, and before long they’re talking about personable things, like favorites and ‘what would you do it…?’ kinda things.
  • Oh, and it won’t be until they’ve really gotten into practicing and such that he’ll notice just how good she is at the sport.
    • I can see him watching the girls team and next thing you know she does this awesome crazy move in the middle of the match. And while Bokuto is hooting and hollering, Akaashi’s just totally awestruck!
  • I think they just developed such a good friendship while away at practice camp they didn’t waste any time in getting to know more about each other. Bokuto surely calls them dating before they even figure it out themselves that they’re so in love with each other.

Tendou Satori

  • Omg, I can see this kid passing by where the girls are practicing with Semi and Ushijima when he sees her pull off an awesome toss or something. This boy will literally oooooh and ahhhhhh ridiculously loud as he sticks his head into the gym.
    • That’s the start of their friendship, really, just all this crazy amounts of support while being waaay overzealous about it, ya know? Like at his next match he’d go this crazy block and she’d scream from the audience something like, “OHHHH YEA! Guess monster in the HOUSE!”
    • Okay, for real, let’s say it started as a joke that became something they seriously did, but I can see them not even knowing each others name beforehand. This is what made them friends!
  • Aw, and then this baby would develop such an adorable crush on her, especially as they started to hang out more. He’d probably talk about her all the time during practice to everyone’s announce. They’re probably constantly telling him to just ASK HER OUT.
  • AHHHHH! It’s not until they lose to Karasuno that she makes the move! He’s trying to play it off and all this stuff and then she just lays one on him! Bam, they start dating and they even go to the same university together.

So this is it…
All I want to say is thank you Skam

Thank you for making me fall in love with the characters, who will always be important part of my life
Thank you for teaching me so many things, for showing real struggles, for the perfect portraying of the characters
Thank you for making me see small parts of myself in every character, for making them so real for me
Thank you, Julie, for this masterpiece
Thank you, fandom, for translating everything, for the fanarts, the edits, the fanfics
Thanks to the cast and the crew for the brilliant job they’ve done
And a very special thank you, to my best friend who just couldn’t stop talking about “a tv series she found” 6 months ago and making me so obsessed


I really loved what Cengiz said about him and Iman always mucking around and getting on really well. I feel like their natural chemistry really reflected in a lot of Yousana’s scenes, like I really think that if they didn’t get on as well, Yousana wouldn’t have been as beautiful. I also think the moments where the actors would break out of character and improv really added to Yousana’s cuteness. 


Skam. Thank you so much for guiding me, educating me and making me a better person. I’ve never fallen in love with a TV series quite like this before and I’ll always remember it as one of the most refreshing and amazing experiences. I’ve grown and I’ve seen my favourite characters grow along with me.
Although I wish those stories that Julie planned had been told and this show went on forever, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Especially Isak and Even and Sana, who had the most impact on me.
I’ll remember these characters as my friends and I’ll always look out for the talents of the many young actors cast. Tarjei, Henrik, Iman, Lisa, Marlon, David, Ina, Ulrikke, Sacha, Carl, everyone, thank you for bringing these amazing characters to life. Your talent is the essence of this show and without you I can’t imagine Skam being the same.
Julie Andem and Mari Magnus, thank you so much for your hard work. Your writing and deep, caring research was able to touch so many around the world, including me. Thank you.
I hope I’ll see all of them in the future. And I’ll always imagine where the characters will be.
Alt er Love. Thank you.

Henrik saying “ I’m not as brave as Even ”
Isn’t totally true. I know should be not easy playing an pansexual and bipolar character in a prejudiced and misinformed world from we live but even so, he accepted and hugged it and did that beautifully. And this has soo helped for many many people who accept themselves and move on with their own differences. This is very bravely! Henrik has an enlightened soul that I will always remember, we’re so lucky to meet him. All my love and respect for him, a young man more than brave , HH ❤

Saving Hope (S3-5x12 things I loved (99% Lintz)

-Dr Maggie Lin - her personality is just - who wouldn’t fall in love with her? 

-Dr Sydney Katz - the way she just stands up for her beliefs and values. 

- how Lintz met, how Dr Katz was so intense for Maggie. The contrast between these two characters which come together at the end to be much more similar than we first thought. 

- the progression of both characters in their attitudes both in work and in self. Especially Maggie since we’ve watched her grow since S1 and goodness she was adorable but impulsive and always had a took what she wanted attitude. So, so different from how she is with Sydney. It’s like ripping open a present vs taking off each layer making sure not to rip the wrapping of a Christmas present. 

- Dr Katz’s glasses 

- Maggie’s hair length from S1 - S5. I just can’t deal. It’s gorgeous and well her personality shifts to match it too. Well I guess that’s the point. Maturation. But really she’s beautiful. And she has grown to be such a great doctor

- The friendship between Alex and Maggie. Also between Zach and Maggie. That progressive love for each other that grew so significantly throughout the series. 

- The Leave/Stay theme of Lintz. They are basically built off this theme, (kinda like Julia Taylor Ross said in her interview they’re a ‘will they won’t they’ couple). 

- The  ‘I love you’ from Sydney that probably Maggie was not expecting at all. I wasn’t expecting it and I think that’s what makes it so real so raw. That even when they’re in conflicts, dilemmas, arguing-ish, that Sydney doesn’t ‘want to be with her any less’, that Sydney loves her. And well you know what they say, if you love them, let them go. And that’s what Sydney did. She couldn’t be the reason for Maggie giving up something that she loved and regretting it. She wanted Maggie to be happy. 

- Because the thing is Sydney knows how important their careers are in each of their hearts. They value being a doctor almost over everything and really nothing triumphs the essence their job gives them and what they can give to others. Their whole life, it was building up to this point - this pinnacle of where their endless studying, love for being a doctor brings them to the best. They didn’t really have anything else that they wholeheartedly loved. Maggie even says “I’ve got nothing to live for”. That is until they started really, creeping in into each other’s heart, lodging themselves there and staying there. Because for that period where Sydney was in Israel gone from Hope Zion and Maggie was finding someone to date, they were both in each other’s heart staying there subconsciously and slowing invading, but well, they probably did know it but didn’t acknowledge it, decided that it was impossible. 

- The respect this show has for differences, whether its with religion, culture, sexuality among many other things. 

- Little bit of Dawn: the unfolding of the tender hearted Dawn. That one scene where she attempts to get on everyone’s good side in order to get her chief of surgery role back and Zach told her to be her but kinder and she praised Maggie and the residents. That little proud smile and giddiness after Zach praises her was so cute. Also her scenes with Giselle shows just why she is such a wonderful doctor. Also that she says what she wants to say. Her dignified aura. 

-also Shahir

- From the beginning Maggie felt something for Sydney (‘from the moment I met you I always wondered what it would be like to be with you’) and her cautious walking and patience with Sydney was sorta her defence mechanism. So that it wouldn’t hurt as much if and when she did leave. (That conversation with Zach pretty much sums it up) Then he replies with “I think you’re in love”. Sigh. 

- The fact that during the little amounts of time Sydney spent with Hershel, she spent it talking about Maggie. Which also implies that she is very attentive with Maggie, well she is a doctor, but knowing her nose twitches when she fibs - let’s just say she pays a lot of attention on Maggie. 

- free falling 

- The feeling when Maggie passed her boards. I was so happy. Hard work pays off. 

- That Maggie was probably Sydney’s first. First for a lot of things. 

- Also “ you love her don’t you.” to Sydney and Sydney’s face when it all clicks.

- ‘(thought about you every day.’ ‘ I thought about you too’ Then that kiss, that makes Maggie feel like she was being strangled on the inside. That deep breath she tried to take afterwards was all too telling. She felt it way too much that she was finding it hard to breathe. Isn’t that just….sigh.  

- Sydney’s defence mechanism was leaving and not staying in touch. From what is seen in the series, in order to not hurt others or herself, she always is the one leaving. From leaving Maggie after the first kiss to be engaged to Herself, leaving to Israel, then leaving her girlfriend after finding out that Maggie really was the one, leaving so her family didn’t have to see her, leaving when Maggie got her job. So when she stays - it’s all too heartwarming, because for her that is her way of loving someone. 

- How fast Maggie bounced back into her soul and body after her injury. Like her personality is just so - I dunno I think she just always willing to try, to be better. 

- Maggie with Bree as her kickass guardian angel. Just in general how much Maggie cares for her patients. Like the one time she had the patient with the drinking problem and she did all she could to help her. 

- But also on the other hand how heartwarming and cool Maggie was when she went over to the Shelby after the bomb explosion. She never really looked out for herself, she went straight to helping others, treating others, saving others. 

- ‘ I owed you’ then that longing heavy look as Sydney walks out of Hope Zion. And after that episode, Maggie was kinda all over the place. (Let’s just say which is an implication of her longing for Sydney, but knowing she won’t get to be with her - reinforced by her desperation to find someone - even with Zach.) 

- How Maggie wears her heart on her sleeves sometimes and when Sydney comes back in 410, she literally couldn’t take a proper breath. She looked so…lost. Because that brimming feeling of hope was building back inside her and she knows that she should keep a certain distance because Sydney always leaves. 

- how sad Sydney looked when she saw Maggie and Dey going to the Crab (i can’t remember the name) together. 

- I love watching Maggie and Sydney work in surgery together. Well I love watching everyone in surgery but Maggie especially. Just their dedication to medicine and to their patients. 

- Maggie’s shaking hands after Becca’s surgery tells a story. 

- The silent confirmation that if they find Martha’s ashes, that Lintz has a chance to be something. 

- ‘I don’t want an epic love affair with you Maggie, I just want you.” 

- ‘Stay’ then the eyebrow 

- ‘But seriously, we need a bigger bed’ then the little kiss. And hehehe domestic aren’t they. 

- How basically everyone teased Maggie about the ‘Dr Katz in the house’ and how utterly discombobulated Maggie was about what she was feeling when she had waited three years and ‘now it’s here’ 

- Maggie forgives quite quickly. She’s a very accepting person isn’t she. 

- ‘I chose you’ - and she meant every word

-5x12 Sydney isn’t one to keep in touch. When Maggie told her to call her after she lands in London. She gave a heavy ‘sure’ but she wasn’t going to call. I didn’t think she would. Because it hurts less to stay away completely than to have tidbits of an almost. 

- Just thinking of Sydney berating herself for not staying with Maggie. That this job was everything but so was the job offered to Maggie. Why was it she couldn’t be the one staying, why did Maggie have to be the one leaving with her. Maggie meant everything to her, so she stayed, above everything, above all the times she told herself that she will not find love because she’s gay and she’s an orthodox Jewish, she found something worth, someone worth everything, someone worth staying for. 

- the fact that Maggie never chased after Sydney after finding out that their first kiss that ‘threw her for a loop’ was more than just a kiss for Sydney. It held dire consequences and religion conflict. From there on, she was ever so patient with Sydney. That she never really chased after her. When Sydney was leaving to israel, she tried to do it so subtly but she couldn’t directly utter the words ‘stay’, not again, not after finding out she was leaving for someone else, or in their final episode where Sydney told her to not come with her to London. Those words rung in Maggie and she listened because isn’t that want was for the best. That’s what Sydney wanted. But deep down, well not even deep down, everyone could see it, she wanted to be with her, she wanted Sydney to tell her to leave with her. ‘well she was the one that told me to stay’ - Maggie’s brimming tears when she said that just did it for me. But yet again Sydney was leaving. (But that letter, it was basically a please come after me.)

- especially knowing the contents of the letter. A verse from the Book of Ruth. from the moment Sydney wrote that letter and placed it on the floor, I believed she wasn’t going to leave. That she was hoping, that Maggie would come after her. That Maggie loved her like Sydney loved her. She wasn’t going to go. Not anywhere without Maggie. 

- The kisses. I especially loved the ones in 511, the continuous pecks on Maggie’s cheeks was simply too adorable. 

- That little look back from Sydney when she first kissed Maggie. 

- From S3 upwards to S5 Maggie stays and Sydney leaves. Then in 512 Maggie leaves for Syd and Syd stays for Maggie. They both stayed for each other and leave with each other. 

- Dr Katz’s jokes in S5 

- ‘Syd’ 

- !RomanticMaggie 

- ‘my one is crossing the pond without me’ let me reiterate ‘my one’

- ‘I love you and I would give everything up to be with you.’ my heart. 

- ‘Don’t urge me to leave you. Where you go I will go. Where you lodge I will lodge. Where you die. I will die. And there I will be buried.’ 

- ‘you had me at Shalom’ 

- The airport - Can we breathe and just appreciate everything here. Departure of Lintz but the journey, oh goodness the Lintz journey was - I don’t know it’s etched into my heart like no other couple. (I love Shoot from POI truly) But this couple this couple was so real, so normal, so human and I just, it truly gives me hope. So goodbye and thank you for this wonderful creation, for Lintz, this representation and this emblem of hope. 

Happy endings and beginnings to everyone. 

(I miss them already)