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IT’S HERE!!!!!!

(okay, to be more accurate, it’s been here for a while, but i’ve been composing my thoughts about it for like a week now.)

of course, i’m talking about @nisat‘s wonderful symmetra fanbook, namaskaram! it’s a beautiful love letter to the character with so much gorgeous art and some fun backstory comics.

i’ve always related heavily to satya, because i come from the same city in india as her — hyderabad. among other things, we share a love for balance, physics, and even classical indian dance. i was so overjoyed to see a character like her in overwatch, and even more thrilled to see that others love her and are making such amazing fanart of her!

this book in particular does a FANTASTIC job of paying tribute to the traditional forms, facial expressions and hand gestures (mudras) of indian dance, as well as the significance behind them. it’s beautiful and everything i could have asked for! not to mention it sparked so much nostalgia for my old dancing days that i even did a bit of the traditional makeup just to take some fun selfies with the book. :P

all in all, i love this book so much, i’ve been endlessly flipping through it the past few days, plus it actually prompted me to make an original post, which my followers know i very rarely do, haha.

orders for the extra prints of namaskaram are still up and can be found right here — i highly encourage everyone to at least check it out, because this book is just too beautiful not to. :’D

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From the trailer for in the flesh it looks like it's just about zombies, but I don't think people would love it this much if that's all it was about (or, I mean. People love the walking dead:/ I guess I don't think people who also love skam would think just a zombie apocalypse is enough). So what's it really about, what makes it great?

It’s in moments like this I regret having deleted my ITF sideblog.

Usually we, In The Flesh fans, omit mentioning that they are zombies in because we know what it makes it look like and how it deter people from watching. But you know already so here goes:

In The Flesh is a BBC TV series created and written by Dominic Mitchell, a lovely bean who’s always in touch with the fandom and makes most of his characters queer.

The show starts after a zombie apocalypse: the dead rose from their graves, people fought The Walking Dead style, except…a cure was found.

OK so it’s not really a cure, it’s a drug (the Neurotryptiline) that makes the Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers better. It restores the mental abilities they had before turning into zombies, makes them like they were. Only they’re still dead. And they have to take the drug (that has side effects) every day. If they miss a dose, they might revert back to their rabid state.

Quickly, the government decides to release these treated PDS sufferers into their old homes (despite a lot of people being against that decision and downright just killing any PDS sufferer, treated or not, who crosses their paths), and Kieren Walker is one of them.

Before the Rising, Kieren committed suicide. But now he’s alive again, more or less, and being send back to his family after such an act, well…it’s not going to be easy.
Especially seeing as his parents and sister still live in Roarton, a small English village famous for giving birth to the violent HVF: Human Volunteer Force.

The show has canon queer characters and relationships and portrays mental illness the most realistic and respectful way I’ve ever seen in a TV series (with SKAM). It has great cinnamontrography, complex and flawed characters, doesn’t talk down to its viewers, and did I mention queer people? (oh and it won a BAFTA)
Worth mentioning that it’s very white (like SKAM) unfortunately.

It’s only two seasons (9 episodes) long and it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever watched and you should just go give the first 10 minutes a try you’ll see what I mean (here are the first 3 minutes readily accessible)

Sorry for the wall of text. I really hope you do give it a try.

|| Easier ||

[inspiration || @kirbyshay11: “It’s nice to be told you’re beautiful or hot or whatever, but I’d love to hear some say that I make things easier, that they’re happy that I exist, they don’t know what they’d do without me, I’m strong, that they hope we never lose each other, that they’re proud of me, that I have something to offer. Compliments don’t always have to be about appearance.”]

{post source: https://kirbyshay11.tumblr.com/post/137982171348/its-nice-to-be-told-youre-beautiful-or-hot-or}

here’s something sweet for draco, because despite his checkered past and flawed character, i still love him enough to give him at least a semblance of a happy ending with this au-ish type story.

warnings: none

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


Draco knew that his life would never be easy again when he resumed his seventh and final year at Hogwarts after the events that transpired during the Battle of Hogwarts.

The young wizard was actually surprised that he was allowed to attend at all. If it wasn’t for his status as a pureblood coupled along with the power of absolute authority that was known with his surname, Draco was sure that he wouldn’t have been allowed to return.

His parents were too proud to simply let Draco drop out of Hogwarts, choosing instead to completely ignore their actions last year. With the Dark Lord gone, admittedly, there was a peace that settled across the famous wizarding school. Everyone knew that their futures were no longer uncertain and riddled with the constant threat of Voldemort looming over them.

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.crystal princess collection                                                

and the last set from this collection~ i always loved luna’s human form (so pretty!) and then i had to add her daughter :3 but then i thought i should draw kakyuu and chibichibi too so all the good female characters are here :3 i know the starlights are still missing, but i drew a little fun picture of them, i’ll post it next week :3

.please do not use without permission~

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Hey! So I really want to get into character drawing. I'm gonna be honest and say that my experience with it is like zero to none. So I was wondering if you have any book recommendations for me to read or any advice on how to start out. Your art is always so wonderful and I just love your style. Thanks in advance!

Hi! For books, I’d recommend anything by Burne Hogarth for anatomy. He breaks the form down into basic shapes in space that make sense. Also did a book on drapery/clothing behavior that’s really nice.

For color, James Gurney’s books are the best. For perspective, I loved “How to Draw” by Scott Robertson. Very intuitive way of understanding space and how to apply grids to both mechanical and natural forms.

Here’s a post that has a much more comprehensive list of art books.

Generally, my advice would be to get a bunch of cheap sketchbooks and draw a ton (and draw in pen). Keep it loose and don’t overwork anything. Just experiment! If you mess up, just move onto another drawing. You’ll improve a ton this way. Like Chuck Jones said: “Every artist has thousands of bad drawings in them and the only way to get rid of them is to draw them out.”

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Well Lindsey did say ruby understands her relationships with her teammates (vol3 DVD extra) so I don't think any romance is planned for her with her team. Maybe down the line she could meet someone. Kara says if Weiss were to date someone it'd be someone we haven't seen yet someone more her pace & style pre vol2 interview. I agree with her they joked & laughed about Weiss being a useless lesbian. Also joked about her watching yuri on ice the fact they joked about her being LGBT speaks volumes.

I’ll say that while I love the voice cast, on the Always Open they all admitted that they don’t really know anything beyond the BIG stuff (like Yang and her arm) when it comes to the direction of the show/characters so I kinda take what they say about it with a grain of salt. Also anything before V3′s big shift is not viable because that changed so much. Even the relationships RWBY had with one another. 

Again though I don’t need White Rose to be romantically canon to still love it. Especially not if they become close and they already love each other - in whatever way you want to define it. If it becomes canon someday, I will pop the BIGGEST bottle. 

I will admit though, Yang and Weiss in particular are two characters that I really struggle to see dating guys. Like in fanfictions and stuff. Weiss because I just think she’s, as you said, a useless lesbian (in the most endearing way possible) and honestly with Yang…I haven’t seen anyone in the show not named Blake Belladonna (or Weiss Schnee if we’re naming names) that is good enough for her. Not one other person has come close.

Plus I think introducing a character late in a series to then be the main love interest of one of your originals falls flat. They don’t have the history.

It’s all just chatter though - romance isn’t a priority in the series yet. 


#ThankYouBones Week: Day 8 5 B&B moments that made you fall in love with them

The very first scene I watched of Bones was the one on the first gif (s01, The Woman in Limbo), not only Brennan broke my heart with her speech and almost made me cry, but I loved how that man was by her side just supporting her. I wouldn’t start watching Bones regularly until season 5 (I don’t know why, really), but the first thing I loved about this show was Brennan/Booth’s relationship: their chemistry, the tension between them, their fights, their support for each other, their bickering, their talks, their gazing at each other, their hugs, their friendship, their jokes, their evolution as characters and as a couple. They’ve always loved and supported each other. They complement each other perfectly without having to sacrifice their own personalities. They have grown together, and they have taught us that everything happens eventually. They will always be one of the greatest couples on TV, with a beautiful family, a loving healthy relationship and the most amazing chemistry I’ve seen on modern TV. Thanks for everything Brennan & Booth. 

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I dont understand why some larries are so mean and hostile to Harry. I thought being a larrie meant supporting them both equally.

I actually disagree. For me, being a larrie means that you believe Harry and Louis are together. I don’t think all larries must love Harry as much as they love Louis. That would be hypocritical of me, because I love Harry more than I love Louis and the other boys.

But I do think being a larrie means that you always remember that H and L are a team, that they trust each other and make their decisions together, as all normal couples do. Larries should always keep in mind that Harry/Louis is their fave’s love and should be kind to them. That’s my main issue with larries who are nasty toward Harry and his solo career: they treat Harry like a fic character whose life must revolve around Louis and who shouldn’t have any ambitions as an artist. I’m sorry, but that’s not how healthy relationships work.

People in a relationship aren’t in a competition. Like, my husband has been without a job for half a year. He’s kind of depressed because of that, but he never resented me for my job or wanted me to quit my job so we could be depressed together. It’s not how it works. His problems are my problems, and my happiness is his happiness, because we’re a team. Like, if you can’t be happy for Harry himself, think how happy and proud of him Louis is and how much Louis would hate his “fans” for all the ugly things they say about Harry.

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I love love love love love your Bucky selfie. But he's in the mirror and the wrong arm is metal >.< Sorry! I love you! I'm sorry! *Hides*

Hi anon! ^^

Oh don’t worry, I know, but I always draw my selfies “not literally inverted” (I’m not sure of the word though). Even if it’s closer to reality, it seems off to me. I used to do it when I started to draw character selfies but then, seriously, having all the writings on T-shirts inverted or stuff like Bucky’s metal arm on the right, was really strange. Screw accuracy, I draw my pics not inverted, and you know, if you look at selfies on Instagram, people do invert them with softwares so that the right is on the right and the left on the left. I mean, look at this girl’s selfie, the writings on her cap are not inverted:

And also, I stopped to do it because I was fed up to deal with comments like “but his metal arm is the left one!!” and me copy/pasting “In a mirror, things are inverted” or people asking me: “What’s written on the T-shirt?”.

So don’t worry anon, I know xD That’s why my selfies are always, except for the old ones, reversed. :)

I love love love love love your Bucky selfie. 

Thank you ♥ I wasn’t really satisfied with it you know? I haven’t used these brushes and textures in a long time so, I was tempted to stop working on it more than once. I’m really happy that you, and my followers liked it! (and no need to hide xD)

Have a great day! ^^

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Is it un-feminist of me to find Dana Scully annoying a lot of the times?


I’m just kidding, Anon. Scully’s character, during the first couple of seasons especially, sometimes annoyed me, too. But a lot of that was because she always seemed to just not witness paranormal events while Mulder came literally face-to-face with them so she was left to be her skeptical, eye-rolly self. But as with everyone I love dearly, I’m willing to overlook the few things that annoy me about her and focus on the things that make her special and irreplaceable.


I actually had an anon ask if I had a favorite subject 18. My 18, will always be my love. When I first made her there was like I dunno 2 other 18s I saw. And they didn’t use the name subject 18. I love my baby girl. No other 18 will beat her in my eyes.
She’s my little genius. Who is gonna burn Aperture.

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You are not alone in your dislike of Elinor. I NEVER liked her. I have always wished Evie was Serena's daughter.

She just wasn’t my thing. I mean she was introduced as a plot device to cause problems for Serena so she was never really introduced as someone for us to like. I really do not care that her character is gone from the show in the slightest. Elinor was never really her own character, she was an accessory to Serena.

That being said, I love when fics romanticize her as a character for Serena to get close to but canonically, no.

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what are your top 5 favourite poi fics

Oh jeez, well I only read Shoot fic (I assume that’s what you mean lol) and I have too many faves to narrow it down but ones I would absolutely die for let’s see….

My number one is always gonna be ‘8 Ways For Sameen Shaw To Say I Love You’, that fic is perfection and everyone should read it asap if you haven’t already. It hits every single one of my feels and is so in character it’s crazy.

Second - 'Axiom’, I love it so much and Hannah (weytani) is an amazing writer. I will always yell about her lol

Third - 'The 32nd Annual IFTEC’, I read it again recently and it was just as good as the first time I read it. A forever fave and I love Jen (ionizable)!!1

Fourth - just all of ofendlesswonder’s fics, I can’t choose tbh; I recommended which fics in my last fic rec but Wicked Game, Adrenalize & Bloodsport are my top from them. They’re all equally good I can’t :-(

Fifth - is tied with One Million Bullets & Repeat String (these two bumped all the others down for right now lol; they’re both newer fics I just discovered but already they’re important to me) read these as soon as possible!!1 lol

(This was hard, I hate you for asking lmfao)

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i was wondering if you could do some prompts for me. i've always loved the idea that the characters see in b&w until they meet their soulmate. do you think you could help with this? what would it be like when person a realizes they just met their soulmate?

“I’m a world-famous musician and I’m on tour like 90% of my life and I come into contact with a lot of people every night and I woke up and I can see color now so who the heck are you” alternatively “I went to see my favorite artist last night and I woke up and I can see color and it was a very crowded arena so idk if my soulmate is the friendly-enough guy I talked to in the meet-and-greet line or if it’s the guy/girl I’ve got a poster of on my door”

(I’ve only got one, because I’m not actually very good at creating my own prompts, but I bet some of the other mods can help when they’re online. This is one of my favorites, though, it’s pretty funny to read/write. ~Kylee)

Ofc we can help darling (or try at least)

It might be terrifying, they might feel like they aren’t ready.

Depending on the people they might be irate or angry (they might ‘hate’ the soulmate)

They could be relived or overjoyed (It’s the person they loved already)

shocked (they didn’t think they were going to have one/all the colors)

I hope this is what you wanted?? (In case it’s not message back and i’ll write you some!!) (Ebeth)

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Speaking of the Familiar!au... will that be continued...? I'm insanely fond of that story arc; Bill and Dipper's relationship is just great. I love the way they're growing together so much. Your writing has really helped me keep from crashing after binging on the tv series, heh. You've been really on point with Bill's character portrayal--and I'm glad. He has depth. Thank you ~🔥

Thank you so much! And yes, it’s continued in Confessing It which, uh. 

Well, take a chunk of it for the road.

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// I read all the new Demacia bios, and honestly, I’m pleased.  They feel like, mostly, the same characters.  New names added to their stories (Garen and Lux’s mother and father have different names, so no more Marcus”), a more fleshed-out world in which they live, but these are the same characters as I knew them to be.  Lux feels like Lux should, honestly, and still carries her darkness and stress within her as she always should have.  And Garen feels right, not a dense idiot, but a smart, skilled, honorable, and duty-bound knight.  I also loved that the Dauntless Vanguard are a badass band of heroes, and not just a special forces group.  It makes me chuckle that they’re basically exactly like the “Warriors of Light” I’d made up for my League Pathfinder game too, even down to the separate members all having their own badass stories behind them.  I can only assume that Riot’s writers took inspiration for them from the same source as me, Arthurian Legends and heroic myths of warriors.

All in all, good on them.

Now I just need to not have a heart attack thinking about how Noxus HAS to be coming down the pipe next. *breathes into paper bag*

@russianspacegeckosexparty and I have talked about this pretty regularly, but the marvel fandom is and always will be a giant racist cesspit, like most fandoms unfortunately are.

Adam asked his mutuals/followers to make a game out of going into the Wakanda tag on ao3 and check how many fics there actually involved and focused on black characters and not the fandom’s white faves. I found one so far.

I also found a fic that exists solely to remind me how much the fandom continues to hate black people, as the whole paragraph long premise is to show how much smarter Tony is then everyone in Wakanda. Naturally the klandom crawled out to share their love and support of this fic, including my favorite comment so far.

“Thank you for this. I hate all Sues, including Wakanda-Sue. Really, nothing about that frigging country is realistic from its economy, technology, cultural heritage, cat religion, etc. How did this country develope in isolation? Vibranium doesn’t miraculously raise everyone’s IQ. A modern country run by a king in a black cat costume? Is their military the best in the world, cuz they should have invaded a hundred times by now. If it’s so damn perfect, please knock yourself out leading the free world. The US has its own damn troubles. Oh wait, they are cowards and hypocrites, hiding and not sharing their tech with the rest of the world. Why didn’t they land a man on the moon first? Where is their cure for Ebola or HIV? Why did they not get involved in Hutu Tstsi civil war that decimated millions? Or Rhodesia? Or Khadaffi wrecking Libya The questions just add up.    Yea, I get it. It’s PC attempt to make an African country be a first world marvel. But it’s not even remotely plausible. I’ve gone from meh, to the whole place can FOAD. I want someone like John Wick to mow down the Dora. I want Tony to nuke it from orbit, just to be sure. So thank you for bringing this sanctimonious place to its knees. Please do more to humiliate them!”

Honestly it’s a really long paragraph just to say that you hate black people, including wishing that a white billionaire war criminal would commit nuclear genocide just  to get rid of them.

But it’s also telling that you hate us that much.