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Windows & Doors, a Shandy meta post.

Why they are important to Sharon & Andy’s relationship.

“When the lord closes a door, he opens a window.”
I can’t help but think about that phrase and maybe it plays a much bigger role in Sharon and Andy’s relationship than one would think. MC has used windows & doors as a running theme in Sharon and Andy’s relationship in a symbolic and visual way. Here is a break down on our couple’s pivotal moments.

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Okay, I saw a production of The Merchant of Venice last night, and even though that play is not normally my fave, I loved it and am here to rave about it

  • It was set in 1930s Germany, which contextualises both the anti-semitism and the money concerns (set in such an economically unstable time and place, it makes sense that Shylock cares so much about money, and that Bassanio suddenly finds himself poor)
  • Antonio was pretty explicitly played as Bassanio’s lover
  • The actor playing Bassanio doubled as Portia’s other suitors, which was used to show that he was actually no different to them- he just wanted her money. In fact, Bassanio was portrayed pretty unsympathetically, which was refreshing.
  • The actor playing Shylock was amazing, I was in tears during the “Hath not a Jew eyes?” speech, Shylock was probably more sympathetic than Bassanio or Antonio
  • During the courtroom scene, Bassanio kissed Antonio- Portia, disguised as the judge, looked as if she was about to cry
  • This, in turn, made Portia asking Bassanio for the ring way more significant, as if it was a test to see who he loved more, her or Antonio, rather than it just being her screwing with him for the fun of it.
  • Instead of the argument about the rings being played for laughs, it was made dramatic. Bassanio and Gratiano got scarily angry, Portia and Nerissa were in tears. The reveal that Portia had been the judge didn’t defuse the tension at all, but made the men angrier, culminating in Bassanio grabbing and forcefully kissing Portia, who pushed him off, and Gratiano cornering Nerissa so that she couldn’t run to Portia
  • The ending was almost entirely played for tragedy - Portia and Nerissa are trapped in unhappy marriages, Jessica, despite having the happiest marriage, was implied to feel guilty about leaving her father/becoming a christian - which I loved because the farcical happy ending always felt really forced to me after the drama of the courtroom scene

Borderlands Appreciation Month → Day 29: Favorite Overall Borderlands Moment

“So…You want to hear a story, eh? One about treasure hunters? Haha, have I got a story for you!

i hate when i’m watching a movie about someone who lives in nyc or something and they’re having a hard time and i’m like, “man, i feel for this character,” but then in the next scene they’re eating lunch with their parents who own an apartment in the city? like shut up and move in with your rich parents. you no longer have a movie about you. you tricked me into caring about you? i should have known, only people who don’t really have to worry about money have time to dwell on their other problems. i have a combined 10 minutes a day to have passing thoughts on my other problems because i’m constantly thinking about money. always! there could never be a movie about me because i’d just go to work and buy the same frozen pizza and feel tired. some main character would be like, “hey are we going to have a conversation about maybe progressing the plot on this thing?” and i’d be like, “i just got home from work.”

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I feel like Elena tries to turn Damon into Stefan. With the compulsion scene in season 4, she used the same speech she did on Stef, like she needed to justify her love for Damon by him fighting compulsion. And when she heard Stefan wanted to take the cure and grow old with her, she used the same speech on Damon. Same with the future speech. But Damon always shuts her down. When will she open her eyes??

Yeah, you know I really don’t have an explanation for it other than the writers trying to sell something. Everything about DE suddenly became a washed-up, used version of SE. Seriously. They even used the story that Damon brought her to ‘life’ in death. I mean—check this. In the beginning of that season, she was feeling lost, depressed, suicidal even. Very close to how she felt after her parents died. Then she nearly dies as a vampire again on Wickery Bridge where it’s Damon that saves her. After that she’s as chipper as ever—-saying Damon changed her life, and that she’s falling in love with him. It mirrors SE only, it looks ugly and used. After that there are so many scenes with DE that are comparable to SE and SE just wins out every time. You know what—-I’m going to have some fun with this. Let’s just play this out shall we?

Comparing the scene where Damon and Elena are lying in bed together vs. the scene where Elena and Stefan are lying in bed together.

Damon: This would be so much more fun if we were naked.

Elena: That was your fault, not mine.


Stefan: You’re staring.

Elena: I’m gazing.

Stefan: It’s creepy.

Elena: It’s romantic.

I mean even the lighting, and how they looked was just soooo different. Damon and Elena have a dark and uncomfortable atmosphere. Things are strained because of the sire bond. And they have to try and stay apart. In Stefan and Elena’s scene—-it’s soooo light and beautiful in her bedroom. They’re being all cutesy with each other and they don’t have to stay apart because they know it’s real. In DE’s scene—-Elena looks drab and sick almost. In SE’s scene she’s so beautiful and glowing.

Comparing first I love you scenes.

Elena: Something happened today. I realized something about you—about us. And you can say that it’s the sire bond (*Elena shrugs) and you know what? Maybe, maybe it is. But I’m telling you it’s the most real thing I’ve felt in my entire life. I love you Damon.

Elena: No. If you walk away now, it’s for you. Because I know what I want. Stefan, I love you.

I’ll never get over that little shrug she makes about the sire bond—-cracks me up. She has to try and convince Damon that it’s real. She has no—-well, I don’t want to say conviction, but there’s something missing. She’s not charged up the way she was with Stefan. Notice in both instances the brothers are trying to do right by her for this reason or that. With Damon, he’s trying to stay away from her as to not take advantage. With Stefan, he thinks he’s trying to protect her. But she’s so driven and so fierce in her confession to Stefan. And he’s not questioning her love because he doesn’t have to. And we get to see an extremely beautiful first love scene between them not to mention it happens after the ‘I love you.’ Not before it.

Comparing Lake house scenes

Damon: You’re not allowed to feel this sorry for yourself unless you’re sitting on a barstool. Fortunately, I travel with the bar. *Hands her a bottle*

Elena: It didn’t work. I shouldn’t have put so much hope into re-programming someone’s mind (Pfft, the irony). If it were that easy then you and I wouldn’t be in this situation. Last time I was here I was so completely in love with Stefan. Now it’s barely a memory. Is that the sire bond? Or just that I’m so happy to be here with you? *Damon looks uncomfortable and leaves to ‘try something else.’


Elena: Do you ever think about us? What our future will be like? Our memories?

Stefan: I think there are a lot of conversation to be had about our future—-what kind of life we could have together.

Elena: There’s a box that we shouldn’t open.

Stefan: We can open it, whenever you’re ready.

Elena: No. I’d rather just be here now.

Stefan: *Arms around Elena* You know this is a future memory. It’s the one where your boyfriend whispered to you that he loves you. *I love you.*

Do I even need to make notes here? I don’t think so.

Comparing compulsion scenes

Elena: You’re strong enough to resist the compulsion. I know you are.

Damon: Why? Because Stefan did?

Elena: Because I love you. And you love me. And you’d do anything for me so please do this for me.


Elena: You can fight it, you just have to want it bad enough.

Stefan: Why, because I love you?

Elena: That’s right Stefan, because you love me!!

Again, Elena has drive, conviction and something truly fierce in her fight for Stefan. And Stefan—-there are no words. This scene was everything it was supposed to be. When Stefan narrows his eyes to Klaus and screams ‘Nooo!!’ I still get chills and I still get that haunted broken feeling when he had to be forced to turn it off. And that’s how it’s fucking done. With DE—-I’ll use Klaus’s words: ‘You disappoint me Damon. You’re not trying very hard to get out of here. I expected more the daring escape artist, less the stale potato.'  Nuff said, why thank you Klaus.

Soooo, yeah. SE just comes out on top and to answer your question—-soon, I hope.