i will always cry with this scene

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  • Why I like them - a fun-loving and peppy boy who loves his friends and always does his best that also has deep-seated insecurities and imposter syndrome that is very relatable he’s great!!!
  • Why I don’t - sometimes i think they tried too hard to make him seem straight, but otherwise i don’t really have a lot to complain about!!
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie) - episode prompto! i, how do u say, love to fucking cry. also it was just?? such a journey?? i was so sad for him? but so proud of him when he finally figured out what he wanted??? i was just??? fucking crying the whole time??? anyhow, that day i figured out my makeup was water resistant 
  • Favorite season/movie
  • Favorite line - yo i got 5, but i die inside when he’s at max cheese being like “ever at your side”
  • Favorite outfit - i really like his episode prompto gear he looks so warm
  • OTP - prompto x discovering his self-worth and loving himself. i do rly like him with the bros tho!
  • Brotp - prompto and aranea!!! the niflheim best sibs!!!
  • Head Canon - he definitely has a DS that he just wasnt allowed to be seen with because -square enix hissing voice- nantoondo, but he just seems like the person to play it on the bus and trade pokemon with the overenthusiastic kid sitting next to him!! also, ‘hey dude what’s your friend code?’ sounds so right in his voice
  • Unpopular opinion - THIS IS A RLY OBSCURE OPINION BUT i think his ass slaps are really just friendly ass slaps!!! & this is as someone who’s written promp//tis fics & is also emotionally invested in these bois smoochin!!! admittedly i’m a very touchy friend & WILL hold hands once i’m given the ok to, so this is likely a skewed opinion, but sometimes u just gotta slap ur buds on the ass!!! gentle booty tap of friendship!!
  • A wish - I jUsT WANt Ed HIm TO BE hAPpY
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen - one of my anxieties when approaching episode prompto was that i would have to watch him see an illusion of his friends abandoning him and saying mean things to him so likeeee… YEAh i DonT WANt TO SEE THAt
  • 5 words to best describe them - fun!! bright!! good!! resilient!! loyal!! alt. he is doing his best!!!
  • My nickname for them - i just call him prompto!! also, sometimes, my boy, my good good gun boy

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Tom Holland always ends up on a positive note whenever he’s sharing something. He’ll be like “I was wearing the tight spider-man suit and I had to hold my pee for 11 hours and I was really sweaty but it was great! I loved it!” “I got major migraines after being upside for a long time when shooting the Washington monument scene but it was a learning experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! :)” “Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan make fun of me and I cry at night but it’s all fun! Loving life!”

Me, through tears: Fuck, dude, you sure are…

Hi my name’s amanda and I’m real messed up about Davenport. Catch me in your local broom closet crying about this gnome. You’re welcome to join me.


“About a week before we all got on the plane, I got to talking with this man in a bar in Sydney. He was American, too. Doctor. I’ve been on some benders in my time, but this guy — he was going for an all time record. Turns out this guy has a son. His son’s a doctor, too. They had some kind of big time falling out. The guy knew it was his fault even though his son was back in the States thinking the same damn thing.”

  • how i always hope writing goes: crafting a solid outline, starting at chapter one, and flawlessly writing all the scenes i had planned until i get to the end of the story, feeling confident in my abilities
  • how writing actually goes: having a vague idea of what's going to happen written in shorthand in notepad, writing a bunch of random scenes and hoping i can magically connect them at some point, all while crying
The Signs as things Tom Holland has done/said
  • Aries: the whole lip sync battle performance, crashes rdj's interview wearing sunglasses
  • Taurus: hates spiders but only the small ones, brings his dog Tessa to random interviews
  • Gemini: "my nickname is Dutch because holland=dutch", literally can't keep his mouth shut and spoils all of Sony/Marvel's secrets
  • Cancer: can sing but is super shy about it, went to a party dressed up as spiderman only it wasn't actually a costume party
  • Leo: "I'm under strict instructions not to swear but I can't help it because I'm British", spends his free time doing flips in his backyard
  • Virgo: has called multiple people "darling" during interviews, can't properly pronounce crossaint
  • Libra: really hates quinoa, made people cry with That Scene under the rubble
  • Scorpio: takes his little brothers to premieres and the gym and is overall a good sibling, can't touch his toes
  • Sagittarius: hair always looks really fucking good no matter what, is creeped out by cats
  • Capricorn: moves into an apartment five minutes away from his family, cut his hand washing dishes
  • Aquarius: brings Harrison everywhere because they are pretty much attached at the hip, "with great power comes great lattes"
  • Pisces: visits kids in hospitals dressed as spiderman and is super nice and sweet to all of them, broke his nose proving he could do a flip in the middle of a jungle

we - pledis girlz (2016)


“Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. The dream I must have had, I can never recall. But… the sensation that I’ve lost something lingers for a long time after I wake up. I’m always searching for something, for someone. This feeling has possessed me I think from that day… That day when the stars came falling. It was almost as if… it was a scene from a dream. Nothing more, nothing less than a beautiful view.

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top 5 noya and tanaka brotp moments plsss

I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP! They’re brotp goals, prepare for trouble and make it double, everything they do together is my favorite thing they do but let’s see:

1. Tanaka crying over Nishinoya’s bruises. This is always the first scene that comes to my mind when I think about them, mostly because I relate to Tanaka on a spiritual level. Nishinoya actually makes Tanaka cry over how badass and selfless that he is. Plus notice that here Tanaka calls him Noya-san, despite being not only from the same year, but being his best friend too. He respects him…so much. I cry too every time

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2. Every time Tanaka lifts Nishinoya up. I adore the fact that they’re so physical and affectionate with each other. Out of all the boys, they’re the two that hug, touch and lean on the most. Plus this thing where Noya let’s Tanaka do all kind of things with his body gives me life. And the lifting thing is for sure my favorite one. 

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3. When they almost killed Tsukishima after his insane block. They have a thing for harassing him in general, but here they were just the most proud. Noya and Tanaka were the first of the team to go cheer on him after he did what’s probably the most iconic block of the Haikyuu history. And this shows that they do are the greatest dork that the world has ever seen, but they are the most supportive teammates ever too, always there and ready to acknowledge every single good thing and picking them up when they’re down. They just…show their affection in their own way, sometimes hitting, sometimes eating people alive too

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4. Their special cheering dance. Precious both in anime and in real life 

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5. Being extra: a compilation

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Love is Love

Okay, but this scene right here, will always hold a special place in my heart. This is when Jonathan suddenly realises the feelings our little redhead has for him and it’s like he’s actually sees Sherwin for a moment, and I’m not talking appearances, it’s like he’s actually looked at him and all the pieces fell into place. Then he looked at the kids who judged them and you know what he did? Instead of brushing it off and pretending it didn’t happen, he goes to look for Sherwin because it doesn’t matter what they think. I can’t even say I didn’t cry during this scene because I bawled my eyes out over this.

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How to break your own heart 101:

Step 1. Fall deeply, deeply in love with a pairing.

Step 2. Spend all your time scrolling through their tag on tumblr.

Step 3. Have every song remind you of them.

Step 4. Watch all the fan vids on Youtube.

Step 5. Get super excited for the couple’s future scenes & development.

Step 6. Realize the show featuring the pair has been cancelled/has ended & you will never have any new content.

Step 7. Cry and click on tumblr. Repeat the cycle all over again.

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