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ooo 63 for the prompts

This is a post ep for Plus One cuz honestly how am I suppose to write about anything else right now!!

The prompt was “I am home” hope you like it!!


  “I love you Mulder. ”  Her words wind into the crook of your neck, her skin slick, sweat and salt, smooth all around you.  She showed up tonight wide eyed with invitation.  She picked you up, crumpled shirt from the floor, smoothed out all the wrinkles deeming it just clean enough to wear again.  You’ll always wait for her to come back, wait for her to want you again.  

  Standing on the other side of the door anticipation inching out of your bones, part of you still believes she’ll never really want you again.  Somehow here you are spreading like sawdust before her.

  “I love you Scully.   Always have, always will.”  Brushing her hair from her shoulder giving you a fresh place to nibble, crooning against her skin.  "I can’t believe you could ever think that Scully, think that I could meet someone else.“ 

  Propping herself up, fingers laced across your chest, eyes looming.

  "You could Mulder… not that I think you would…but you could.”

  “Never Scully.  Never.”

  You wrap your body around hers, fold her up, tuck her away safe and sound.  You split her open centuries ago, dug a deep dark hole inside her, placing your heart at the bottom.  You knew one day she’d realize no matter how old, she’d always have it.  It’s why you can’t survive without her.  Just an animated corpse fumbling, faltering, fleeing for the promised land of her presence. 

  “We should really get it together and start heading home.”  Her words empty as she nuzzles your neck, limbs languid, lashes fluttering, fighting sleep.

  “I am home Scully.”  Kissing the top of her head, running fingers from spine to hipbone to lips.  "Every motel room, every car ride, every case, that’s home Scully.  Me and you.  That’s all we need and we’re home.“

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How does a person give themself the right to come in and out someone’s life and shatter their heart as they come and go? He didn’t care about me you know,he doesn’t and I’m certain that he never will and if you ask why we are always crawling back to each other even after months of radio silence,I wouldn’t know what to say. Which makes me think about how much this isn’t worth my tears,I mean he never really was. I wish I could go back and never tell him my name that June,take back my kisses

because you let him

TAZ Balance characters as Monster Factory Quotes:

Taako: "I’m all about hope, change, and zestiness.”
Lucretia: “Can you stop talking? I’m trying to read the fucking Terms of Use.”
Davenport: “He’s a spacefaring kissboy.”
Barry: “Let’s do the stuff we know it’s gonna be: jeans on jeans.”
Lup: “Maybe kitties have fire resistance.”
The Voidfish: “And you get wished into nonexistence, and you get wished into nonexistence!”
Angus: “A cream-faced business boy.”
Kravitz: “It’s a human….it’s a spectre of death.”
Killian: “In a sword fight what are you not gonna see coming? Kicks from big meaty legs.”
Noelle: “I see you’re drinking from a cup. I’ve never done that.”
Avi: “Where are you going in your egg?”
Johann: “She’s DJ Slime Time. She did a sick set at my son’s Bar Mitzvah.”
Garfield: “We can always find our way back to G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D.”
Leon: “Grandpa Piss is unconscious.”
Robbie: “Vape Life.”
Magic Brian: “Spider dreams!!”
Jenkins: “Nasty. Crime. Boy. Has. Come. To. Town.”
Sloane: “How underrepresented are furries in fighting games?”
Hurley: “Bikes have killed this entire family.”
Maarvey: “Just a rowdy, dirty boy.”
Legion: “Bye idiot, thanks for the souls.”
Lucas Miller: “Right now I’m “kissing the frog”. That’s what I call hacking the Matrix.”
Roswell: “That’s a crime and it’s punishable by crime!”
Vogue Elves: “Was it worth it, Todd? What you did to my family for ratings?”
The Hunger: “If H. R. Giger saw this, he’d shit his pants to death.”
John Hunger: “Extra! Extra! Read all about it! I’m a hell man!”

BTS’ Kinks Masterpost (Based on Astrology) - Maknae Line

warning: mature content, pure filth ahead 🥀


  • anyone who still doesn’t believe that man’s a dom, listen:

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Then let me say one more thing. It’ll clear the air. I may have come close, but I never had what you two have. Something always held me back or stood in the way. How you live your life is your business, just remember, our hearts and our bodies are given to us only once. And before you know it, your heart is worn out, and, as for your body, there comes a point when no one looks at it, much less wants to come near it. Right now, there’s sorrow, pain. Don’t kill it and with it the joy you’ve felt.

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For the "I wish you would write a fic where..." thing: In a canon setting, except Stiles is older, went to highschool with Derek and was friend with him. He can be a deputy at the beginning, trying to deal with a newly bitten Scott, whom he considers a little brother, and the return of Derek, his friend from school and old (current) crush. Do you think it's a good idea?

So, turns out I love this idea more than anything, and I have so many ideas about this and how it would proceed, but I’m not rewriting the first season, okay. I’m not.

Stiles was very cold, very wet, and very tired, because it was midnight, raining, and he was out in the preserve looking for a body.

Half a body.

They had the bottom half, they just had to find the part they could actually ID.

East side clear, the radio on his shoulder crackled, and his dad’s voice responded for the pair of deputies to head north to meet up with the K9 team. Everything cool was happening on the northside, and yet Stiles was stuck on the southside of the preserve, with Jordan Parrish.

Jordan Parrish of unending optimism and energy.

How he got paired up with the newbie, he’d never know.

Okay, he would, because technically he was also a newbie, except he really wasn’t. Sure, he might’ve been somewhat new to being employed as a deputy of the Sheriff’s Station of Beacon County, but he’d literally grown up in that station; not one person there could say he was really a rookie.

“God, this sucks,” Stiles muttered, sweeping his flashlight back and forth across the wet and muddy ground in front of him. So far he’d found all of two dead rabbits and some dog shit someone didn’t clean up, so, real thrilling night here. Great search.

“Could be worse,” Parrish responded lightly with a shrug, and Stiles rolled his eyes at the darkness in front of him.

“Don’t say Afghanistan.”

The audible smirk in the following pause told him that was exactly what Parrish was about to say.

“I’d rather be a little damp than have sand in my boots, any day.”

“Yeah, well you didn’t step in that puddle.” Stiles’ foot was still freezing and squelched even more than the muddy forest floor beneath it.

It sucked that a woman died, yes, but Stiles was also having a rotten time.

Time passed, there were more updates of nothing found over the radio, a couple dog barks in the distance, and still they found no body.

Given that it was almost one in the morning and everyone Stiles normally talked to was either at home asleep or out in the woods with him on the radio, it took a second for his ringing cellphone to register beyond a mild annoyance that Parrish would have his phone on that loud during his shift.

“You gonna get that?” Parrish asked, and Stiles frowned at him for a second before realizing that was indeed his ringtone, and if someone was calling this late, it was probably something serious.

He only glanced at the caller ID for the briefest second as he answered.

“Yo, Scotty, what’s up?” He was about to add that he couldn’t talk right then when Scott’s panicked babbling steamrolled through his mind.

“Stiles! Oh god, you have to come get me! You’re in the preserve right? Because I’m pretty sure I’m lost, and something bit me, and—”

“Wait, hang on, you’re where?” He was tired, he was struggling to keep up with everything, and Scott was breathing like he would be needing his inhaler in about five seconds. “Why the hell are you in the woods, you know we’re looking for a body right?” he hissed into the phone, glancing briefly at Parrish, who was watching with raised eyebrows.

“Problem, Stiles?”

He shook his head, trying to act casual as Scott frantically rambled out,

“I’m by the west entrance to the preserve, I think? Stiles, I don’t know what the hell it was, but it came out of nowhere, and I’m bleeding, and I can’t find Erica—”

“Erica’s with you?” Christ, it just got better and better. “Okay, stay where you are, I’ll come find you and I’ll tell everyone to keep an eye out for Erica.”

That didn’t calm Scott down at all.

“You can’t do that, her parents would kill her if cops brought her home! You know how crazy they are!”

Stiles rubbed at his forehead. He was cold and wet and tired and now he was getting a headache. “Yes, because she has epilepsy, Scott! She could die out here.” Parrish was coming over, looking concerned. “Just stay where you are, we’re coming.”

He hung up with a frustrated huff.

“Scott’s out here?” Parrish asked, already heading south, so clearly that phone call hadn’t been as discreet as Stiles would’ve liked. At least he seemed to be going with it—despite appearances, not a total stickler for the rules. Good to know.

“And Erica. They went looking for the body.” They must’ve heard the call on the old police scanner in Stiles’ jeep. He needed to stop letting Scott borrow his car. And Scott needed to learn to stand up to Erica’s insane whims, because there was no way this wasn’t her idea.

They walked in silence for a second before Parrish said, “You know you’d do the same if you were their age, right?”

“Shut up.”

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When things get crazy, don’t push me away. | Come back, come back. | I did feel you there and it did make a difference. |  You’ll blow up the very ground you stand on to make something right. | Until you came along. |  I hear that relationships, they um, take effort. | I want this. | This, us, is not going away. | I love you. | You never have to prove yourself to me. | I’ll stand by you. | There’s nothing ugly about you. |  I told you things I never told anyone. | Until I met you. | You and me, we always seem to find our way back to each other. | I love you, too. | I can’t do anything without thinking of you. | I don’t think I can live without you. | (#malec saved 2017)

BTS replaced you. - pt.3

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“Ah… they did? What did they say?” Hongseok passes my phone to me as I read the messages I haven’t opened for the last few hours. Seeing them still hurt because it still feels insincere, as if I was alone in this friendship. 

“Are you going to reply?” Hongseok asked while taking one of my hand in his from under the blanket. It was barely even 6am and I wasn’t down for the drama just yet. 

“Not yet, let’s have cake.” I say smiling, and dragging him with me over to the kitchen still with my phone in one hand.

I took the cake out from the fridge and set it on the table between Hongseok and I. He placed a candle in the centre and lit it, turning the light off before he took his seat. The room was dark and the winter sun hasn’t yet risen and so all that was left to light up the room was the moonlight seeping through the gaps of the blinds and the orange candlelight. A few seconds after, the room was filled with his voice - he sang happy birthday and I couldn’t help but wear a smile on my face. His voice was pretty and I honestly couldn’t thank him enough for doing all this for me. When the short song came to an end we both clapped, I clapped to applaud his singing and he clapped to applaud me fo coming to life twenty-one years ago.

“Make a wish Y/N.” 

“Wishes don’t come true Hongseok.” 

“I’ll make sure this one does, as long as it’s realistic and I can afford it.” He laughed as I smiled. 

“There’s nothing I want.” 

“But there is, I can tell.”

“I just want a shoulder to lean on and not be a burden to people.” 

“Done!” I laughed at his enthusiasm.

“I’ll always be your shoulder to lean on, and you’re never going to be a burden to me.”

“It makes me feel as though I’m replacing them because that’s exactly what they said to me five years ago.” 

“I’m not asking to take their place silly, but just know that I’m always going to be here for you.” He grabbed my hand again from across the table and rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand. I wanted to cry in this moment because I was so grateful of him and his words. 

“I don’t deserve someone like you in my life.” 

“Idiot, I told you this already. You deserve more and better but you’re stuck with me now.” 

“I like the sound of that though.” We both laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. Until my phone dinged, showing a notification from the group chat. I un-muted the conversation but didn’t think they’d be up to say anything.

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Are You Going To Be An Overprotective Baby Brother?

Pairing: Steve x Henderson!reader 

Request:  Could you do a Steve Harrington imagine of being Dustin’s older sister and prior to the monsters you ignored Steve even though he always tried to flirt because you’re pretty and smart but you’re also snarky and friends with Nancy and Jonathan and BFFs with Dustin and all his friends love you and post monsters with Dustin and Steve’s bromance you start to be friends with him and Dustin notices he likes you and gives Steve a overprotective baby brother speech? You can decide if he makes a move  

Warnings: fluff, a few swear words

A/N: Omg I love this prompt so much! Also, I have a requested El x reader coming out sometime in the next few days :)

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all night long

Summary: Make out sessions are Steve’s favorite thing in the whole wide world, and sometimes he can get just a little carried away…

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: I actually died writing this, so this is my ghost typing. Enjoy xx | masterlist

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bts scenario: they take an argument too far (part 1)

-possible trigger if you’re sensitive to arguments.

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‘God grow up! I didn’t sign up for dating an immature person Y/N! I wonder why I even put up with you half the god damn time!’

It had seemed as if time had stopped, you knew you could act childish sometimes, it’s just who you were. But more importantly, Jin knew how sensitive you were about it, purely because he was more mature, and he knew you always tried to be better for him, and behave in a certain way, despite it going against your personality.

‘You’re.. you’re right, I need to go. Goodbye Seokjin.’

Jin hearing you use his name formally like that, broke his heart. Before he could say anything else, or take back what he had said, for he knew he didnt mean it. It was too late, the door had already been slammed shut behind you, as you paced off into the night.

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‘Just leave me alone Y/N!, God you’re so clingy, its pathetic! Just. go. away!’

The deathly silence that followed the venomous words, spoke volumes. You and Yoongi just stared at one another, whilst a single tear roled down your rosy cheek. You knew Yoongi spoke out of anger, especially when stressed, but he was always careful to never take it too far, evidently, not careful enough though.

‘Babe I-‘

‘Save it Yoongi, you’re right, I’ll give you all the space you need. Clearly I’m more in this than you are, it’s not fair. We’re done. I’m sorry.’

At that moment, all the wind left Yoongi’s chest, how quickly things could change in a matter of minutes. He watched in silence as you slowly left his dorm. Silently wishing you would come back to him. Only realising how important you were too him, as he already lost you.

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‘Seriously do you have to been so stupid sometimes! It’s simple instructions Y/N! i told you not to disturb me, and you never listen! Christ just get out of the way.’

You stared at Namjoon in shock, he had never spoken to you in such a way before, you had just come to the studio to drop of some dinner for him, worried he would be hungry. Your entire body ached at the hands of his words. So much so that you silently placed the food on the table, and turned to leave.

‘Y’know Joonie, I only care about you. It’s a shame I can’t say the same for you, have a pleasent evening. Don’t bother looking for me.’

You whispered, before casually closing the door, and walking away without turning back, leaving a hurt Namjoon, stood in his place, already regretting the harsh words he spoke.

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‘Do you know how embarrising that was Y/N? Do you always have to be so careless? Can’t you do anything right?!’

Hoseok blindly shouted the words, completley oblivious to the glassy look in your eyes. He knew that you always put yourself down on your behaviour, you weren’t the best at etiquette, and during a meal you had spilt your glass of red wine all over the tablecloth. Hoseok was already having a bad day, and seeing this had sent him over the edge. Shouting the first things that came to his mind, with no regard to how effected you were. He continued shouting untill he heard a quiet sob, immediatley turning in your direction and trying to console you.

‘Don’t Hobi, I just… I need to go, I’m sorry I’m useless, you deserve better, goodbye.’

You spoke in hushed tones before walking away from him into the stormy night, before he could even mutter a quick word to you. The last words you spoke devestated him, and he already knew he needed to make it up to you. He just didn’t know how.

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‘Stop treating me like a little kid Y/N! I don’t need you, okay? I’m perfectly fine on my own! I can handle myself!’

Jimin rambled in annoyance as he walked quickly beside you, you had only mentioned that he should have brought a coat with him, as now he was freezing cold. You were most certainly not expecting the harsh tone of his words, nor were you expecting them to have such a gut-wrenching effect on you. You stopped walking, and just stared at Jimin, who hadn’t even noticed you stop, before silently turning a corner, leaving Jimin by himself, potentially for good.

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‘So what if I stayed late at the dorms to play overwatch! You’re so god damn needy, all the time, give me a break for crying out loud! You can be so annoying!’

At that moment, you couldn’t hold back, not only had Tae forgotton you’re date, but he had also forgotton it was your anniversary. Normally, you wouldn’t have minded as much, you try to be understanding. But he had taken this one too far.

‘Y’know what Tae? I’m done with this, I can’t do this anymore, it’s gone too far, I was only bothered because its our anniversary today, but now i know how you really feel about me. Don’t worry about the neediness anymore, I’m gone. Good riddance.’

You exclaimed before storming out, refusing to let Taehyung see the tears streaming down your face. Not realising that Tae was in the exact same position, not seeing - until now - how bad of a boyfriend he had been recently, leaving him completley devastated in the process.

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‘Don’t you get it Y/N? I don’t need your help! I’ve never needed it! If you want to be useful then get out! You’re just making me angrier and I can’t put up with it anymore! Just leave!’

All you whimpered was a simple ‘okay.’ Before quickly packing up your things and leaving in a silent rush, totally forgetting you had left behind your exam results, which you had wanted to share with your boyfriend, but he clearly had other ideas.

By the time he had noticed the 100% on your exam results, you had gone, setting Jungkook into a blind panic, worried that you wouldn’t want to come back to him, instantly he ran out into the rain, only to arrive to an empty apartment. The only thought he could process, was how worried he was. Thinking that he had lost you for good.

- - - - - - - - - -

part two.


(all gif creds go to owners. please let me know feedback on this, always feel free message me too!i hope you have/are having a good day ♡ )

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Hi... Please CMIIW, but I just realize that late JongHyun have his signature pose with eyes closed. Is that right? I miss him...

Yeah, you’re right…

He really liked that pose…


And can you blame him? Look how beautiful he is?

Even right from the start…

I miss him every day…and I’ll continue to miss him…always. Rest in peace sweet angel.

Short Stuff

Summary: Y/N has problems reaching the handlebar on the train so she finds another suitable way to stay upright.

AN: i’m sorry this isn’t inclusive ahsjasj but this was such a cute idea i couldn’t help it  :( also i’m short as fuck if you didn’t know so this is a dream

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist //

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My foot tapped along to the beat of the music rushing through my ears. People around me were either on their phone or talking to someone as we waited for the train to arrive. I shoved my hands into my pockets to warm them up from the chill of the wind.

Eventually, the train arrived but I soon found that it was more crowded than usual. All the poles that I usually held onto were occupied and the only things left were the handlebars up above. Which I was too short to grab hold of.

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BTS / Another member doesn’t like their S/O

Request: anyway i would like to request bts/exo/got7 (whoever you want really; i love them all) reacting to another member not liking, not getting along m, or hating their s/o.            

thank you for requesting this, i did this reaction with BTS but if you want me to do it with a different group, let me know! 💕

warning: some strong language


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The two of you thought you were alone in the dorm, which was why you had turned the TV on at full volume, and laughed loudly at every single funny thing that happened in the comedic movie that you guys were watching.

Suddenly, the fun was interrupted when the door of Jin’s bedroom was thrown open. Both of you turned to look at Namjoon – who had just burst into the room – with startled expressions.

“Namjoon, what—”

“It’s loud,” Namjoon cut Jin off, a frustrated expression on his face. “You’re loud. Some people are trying to work here.”

“Sorry, we didn’t realize anyone else was here,” you added awkwardly.

Namjoon glared at you. “How would you? You don’t even live here.”

He only told the truth, you tried to tell yourself to avoid feeling hurt by these words. It wasn’t as important what he said, but the way he said it. He looked really annoyed with you and his eyes told you that he’d rather you weren’t here.

“Namjoon,” Jin said, suddenly getting up from the bed. “Can I talk to you outside for a moment?”

“I have to get back to work,” Namjoon turned him down and began to close the door.

“It will only take a moment,” Jin repeated in a stern voice and Namjoon sighed deeply before walking into the hallway to wait for Jin.

“What’s the matter with you?” Jin accused Namjoon, once he closed the door. “Why do you always turn into such a dick whenever Y/n’s over?”

Namjoon debated what to say for a moment and then sighed. “I don’t like her, man.”

Jin hadn’t expected him to say that which is why it took him a moment to regain his balance.

“W-why?” Jin asked.

“I don’t know,” Namjoon shrugged his shoulders, looking down. “Maybe it makes no sense, but she’s just… I don’t know. You’re always with her. Literally, always. You’re late to rehearsals and you’re constantly stuck in your dream world. It’s like… It’s like we lost you.”

“I’m in love, Joon,” Jin said, sighing sadly. “I’m sorry for being late, but I’m not sorry for anything else.”

Namjoon just nodded and swallowed, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

“You haven’t lost me,” Jin continued then. “Maybe I’ve just been a little preoccupied with my relationship but I’m still here. I’m still the same person. And, honestly, it hurts me to see you dislike the girl that I’m in love with. Give her a chance, Joon. Please.”

“I’ll try,” Namjoon said. “I’m happy for you, Jin. I am, even if it doesn’t seem that way. Just… try to find a way to make your relationship and job work, okay? And apologize to Y/n for me.”

Jin nodded his head and the two boys watched each other for a moment before laughing uncomfortably and sharing a quick hug to let each other know that there were no hard feelings between them.


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Yoongi was exiting his studio, on his way to his bedroom to prepare for your date, when he heard a voice outside of Jin’s room and stopped short.

“He’s not coming,” Jin was talking to someone on the phone. “Ever since he met Y/n, he hasn’t bothered to hang out with us. I’m not going to even ask him.”

Yoongi’s heart started to race when he heard your name slip from Jin’s lips. He listened more intently but he couldn’t hear what the other person on the phone was saying.

“No, I’m pretty sure she tells him not to go,” Jin said, then. “I mean, Yoongi was never a big fan of parties but if we asked him nicely, he would go. But then he started dating—”

Not wanting to hear him say your name again, Yoongi stepped into the room, surprising Jin and forcing him to drop his phone in panic.

“Knocking seems to be a thing that exists!” Jin exclaimed, clutching his chest and breathing deeply. “You scared the hell out of me.”

“What the fuck were you talking about?” Yoongi asked.

“W-what do you mean?” Yoongi saw Jin hang up the phone and put the phone in his back pocket without getting up from the bed.

“I heard you talk about Y/n, hyung,” Yoongi said. “It’s not cool.”

“Oh,” Jin said and then stayed quiet for a moment, trying to choose his next words. “I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just that she’s sort of stealing you away from the rest of us, isn’t she?”

“She’s not stealing me away from anyone,” Yoongi replied angrily. “I’m the one who makes the choice to spend as much time with her as I can because, believe it or not, I love her. And I’ve never had anything like that before.”

“Look, I understand but—”

“No, Jin,” Yoongi stopped him, shaking his head. “If there’s a ‘but,’ then you don’t understand. And honestly, I can’t believe you would voluntarily talk shit about someone that means so much to me.”

“I’m not talking shit,” Jin defended himself. “And for the record, you haven’t even introduced her to us.”

“Well, maybe the reason why I haven’t introduced her to you is because you’re already behaving like a dick,” Yoongi said. “It’s already hard for her to be with me, she doesn’t need my friends hating her, too.”

Jin sighed, finally understanding that fighting with Yoongi about this was pointless. He was never going to win.

“I’m sorry,” Jin said, finally. “I’ll be nice. All of us will be. Bring her around sometime.”

Fighting the urge to yell a little more, Yoongi swallowed. “I’ll think about it.”


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Hoseok was really excited when he told the rest of the members that you were coming to visit him since he was on tour and hasn’t seen you in a month now. All the other members cheered and congratulated him. All, except for Taehyung, who continued to sit on the couch at the other end of the room.

“Taehyung,” Hoseok called out. “Is something wrong?”

Taehyung raised his head from the phone in his hands and shrugged his shoulders.

“Okay, hold on,” Hoseok told the five guys around him and headed towards Taehyung, sitting down next to him once he reached him. “Seriously, what’s the matter?”

Taehyung took a deep breath and locked his phone before turning to look at Hoseok.

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” Taehyung started. “But I don’t think Y/n is the girl for you.”

Hoseok’s mouth had suddenly gone dry. “Sorry, what?”

“I know you like her and that’s great, hyung,” Taehyung said. “But, really, there’s so many fish in the sea. I could introduce you to—”

“Wait, Taehyung,” Hoseok placed a hand on Taehyung’s face, covering his mouth to prevent him from saying anything else. “What are you trying to tell me? That I shouldn’t be with Y/n?”

“Well…” Taehyung shrugged his shoulders. “She’s just so… weird. And she’s not your type at all.”

“I don’t have a type,” Hoseok said. “And if I did, I’m sure I’d just describe Y/n.”

“You say that now, but, seriously, hyung, she’s just a girl—”

“She’s not just a girl!” Hoseok jumped up from the couch, suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. “She’s the love of my life.”

Taehyung wasn’t expecting this. Not even Hoseok himself expected to say that.

Intense silence was the only thing left in the room as Hoseok tried to get himself together. Once he felt like he did, he turned to look at Taehyung with a soft expression.

“I love her,” he told him. “And I’m sorry if you can’t accept that. But I would love it if you at least tried. I’m really not looking for anyone else, Taehyung. I’m happy with her.”

Taehyung swallowed slowly, understanding. “Okay. I’m sorry.”

Hoseok nodded, standing up again.

“Maybe try to get to know Y/n better,” he addressed Taehyung one more time. “I’m sure you’d really like her if you tried.”


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Namjoon always claimed that you brought out the best in him and all of the guys seemed to love you for it. They immediately accepted you as one of their own, and whenever the seven of them hung out together, they would invite you, too.

You were more than happy to hang out with them, of course. The only downside was Yoongi.

At first, you thought he looked annoyed all of the time, but then you found out that this was not the case. He was actually a really fun guy. And yet, whenever you were over at the dorm, Yoongi was always looking frustrated. You tried to start up a conversation with him, but he just cut you off shortly, basically letting you know that you shouldn’t even try.

You hated that. You saw how happy it made Namjoon to know that you got along with his friends and you didn’t want him to suddenly be upset because Yoongi seemed to have a problem with you. Which is why you decided to take matters into your own hands.

“Can I talk to you, Yoongi?” you asked him one night, when the eight of you were hanging out in the dorm.

“We’re talking,” Yoongi replied subtly enough, so no one else would notice his immediate change in demeanor.

“No, I mean, alone,” you said. “I just have something I want to tell you.”

Namjoon perked up at this. “Keeping secrets from me, baby?”

You saw Yoongi roll his eyes at the nickname and you frowned for a moment, but then turned to face your boyfriend with a soft smile.

“Of course not,” you told him, quickly kissing him on the cheek. “Actually, this is about you. But I’ll tell you later.”

You stood up from the couch, giving Yoongi an expecting look. He finally realized that he had no choice but to follow you or he’d end up causing a scene in front of the others and that was clearly not what he wanted. So, groaning loudly, he got up from the couch and followed you out of the room.

“Why do you hate me so much?” you asked Yoongi right away, as soon as he closed the door, separating you from the rest of the guys.

“What?” Yoongi blinked. “Where did you get that from?”

“Come on, it’s obvious. You always turn into a huge mess of anger and frustration around me,” you said. “And we’ve barely had any conversations. So, what is it? What have I done wrong?”

Yoongi sighed and looked back to make sure the door was still closed.

“It’s not you, Y/n,” Yoongi said. “It’s just… don’t get me wrong, but you’re always here.”

Now that was a punch in your face you weren’t expecting. “I’m not sure how I could get you wrong.”

“No, it’s not what I—” Yoongi shook his head, sighing again. “Okay, thing is, before you come over, Namjoon always gives us a long lecture – emphasis on long – about how we need to be on our best behavior once you’re around. And you’re always around! And all of a sudden, the rest of the guys just got used to you, and they can fool around and avoid Joon’s dirty looks but I can’t.”

You listened patiently, not daring to interrupt him.

“So, it’s not you that I hate,” Yoongi said. “I hate the fact that for some reason, I can’t be myself around you because Namjoon seems to think that you’ll leave him if you don’t like us.”

“That is bullshit,” you spoke finally. “First of all, I’d never leave Namjoon, I love him with all of my heart. Second of all, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Please don’t feel obligated to hold yourself back from whatever you want to do when I’m around. You can be yourself around me.”

“So Namjoon can lock me out of the dorm later? No thanks.”

“He wouldn’t do that,” you said with some hesitation. “I’ll talk to him about this, okay? I really don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me.”

Slowly, Yoongi nodded.

You nodded back. “I’m glad we talked about this.”

“Me too,” Yoongi agreed. “And I’m sorry I gave you the impression that I hated you.”


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Jimin jumped around the back of the stage, telling everyone who listened that his girlfriend was in the audience tonight and he was ecstatic. This wasn’t the first time you would see him perform, but this was the first time you came to their actual concert.

However, thirty minutes until showtime, Jimin’s excitement died down.

“Oh God,” he said loudly. “What if I forget my moves? What if I get so distracted that I forget I’m even on stage? Or worse! What if I forget the lyrics?”

“Whoa,” Hoseok interrupted his self-doubt. “Where did that come from?”

“I don’t know,” Jimin admitted. “I just know that Y/n’s here and I want to perform really well, so she would be impressed. But I’m so nervous that I feel like I’ll screw up.”

“Come on, Jimin, you’re always nervous,” Hoseok said with an encouraging smile. “You’ll be great!”

“No, but I’m freaking out,” Jimin continued. “Seriously, what if—”

“Jimin, is this because Y/n’s here?” Hoseok said, suddenly serious. “Because you tend to lose the grip on yourself whenever she’s in the audience. So, maybe – and this is just a suggestion – you shouldn’t bring her to your shows.”

“Shouldn’t bring her to my—what?” Jimin stopped fidgeting and looked at Hoseok with confusion. “But I want her to see me perform.”

“Do you, really?” Hoseok asked. “Because it sounds to me like you just need validation. And you’re making it seem that if you screw up on stage, she’ll dump you. So, I’m just saying that maybe, if you feel this terrified of her seeing you do something wrong, she’s not the one for you.”

Jimin was completely taken aback by his words. “Are you serious, hyung? I just needed you to tell me that everything would be okay, not give me relationship advice.”

“How many times have I told you that everything was going to be okay?” Hoseok countered. “I’m losing patience here. So, I’m sorry, but I’m just telling the truth.”

Hoseok had turned around to walk away, but Jimin grabbed his arm, stopping him.

“Do you… not like Y/n, or something?” he asked carefully.

Hoseok bit his lip, looking for the right way to say this. “When she makes you this nervous – no. Not particularly.”

“But it’s not her that’s making me nervous,” Jimin said. “It’s me.”

“Yeah. And you’re nervous because of her. So, technically…”

Jimin just watched Hoseok for a minute.

“I don’t like this conversation,” Jimin said finally. “I don’t like hearing you say that you don’t like my girlfriend.”

“Okay,” Hoseok shrugged. “I’m going to go find the—”

“No, wait,” Jimin stopped him again. “If I promise to get a grip on myself whenever Y/n’s in the audience, do you promise to never ever use the words ‘hate’ and ‘Y/n’ in the same sentence again?”

“I don’t hate her, Jimin,” Hoseok said with a sigh. “I just don’t like that she turns you into a nervous wreck before every show.”

“It’s not her fault!” Jimin said a little louder than he intended to and a few make-up artists turned their heads to look at them. “It’s my fault I’m nervous. She’s not doing anything wrong. So, dislike me, if you have to. Not her.”


“No, hyung,” Jimin cut him off. “Y/n’s incredible. I love her. There’s no reason for anyone to hate her and I won’t accept it if people do that.”

Hoseok, understanding that this was a lost cause, and Jimin wasn’t even hearing him, just nodded. “Okay.”

“Okay,” Jimin repeated. “I’m going to go to freak out to Jungkook now.”


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You always found Jungkook intimidating and you’ve told this to Taehyung multiple times. And every time, Taehyung would say that it’s nonsense and that it’s just your imagination because maybe Jungkook just wasn’t used to you yet.

But it’s been a year and Jungkook still left the room when you entered it. Every time he did that, you shot Taehyung a helpless look but he would just shrug his shoulders and smile, making you forget your worries momentarily.

Taehyung always did everything he could to make you feel welcome around the dorm, and the other guys seemed to like you, too. And yet Jungkook’s indifference still made the atmosphere glum for you.

“If this upsets you so much, I’ll talk to him,” Taehyung said one day after he noticed your face fall once Jungkook left the room again. “But really, you have no reason to feel uncomfortable here.”

You nodded but didn’t say anything. Taehyung placed a quick kiss on your temple and got up to find where Jungkook had gone to.

“Jungkook!” he called out in the hallway.

“Yeah?” a voice replied somewhere at the end of the hall and Taehyung headed over there to find Jungkook sitting on the counter in the kitchen.

“What are you doing here?” Taehyung asked him.

A little confused, Jungkook shrugged his shoulders. “Sitting.”

“Why’d you leave the living room?” Taehyung said. “We were about to watch a movie. Y/n said—”

An involuntary groan slipped past Jungkook’s lips and Taehyung stopped talking instantly.

“What… the hell was that?” Taehyung asked. “Do you not like Y/n?”

Jungkook stayed quiet but Taehyung wasn’t going to leave him alone.

“Do you seriously not like her?” he asked again. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“You never shut up about her,” Jungkook said so quietly that Taehyung almost didn’t hear him. “Whenever we do something, it’s always like Y/n this, Y/n that.”

Taehyung hadn’t realized that he talked about you that much. “Okay. So, tell me to stop talking about her.”

“I did,” Jungkook said, finally raising his eyes to meet Taehyung’s. “You stopped for, like, five minutes and started again. Do you realize that our team lost nearly every match on Overwatch because you—”

“Please don’t make this about Overwatch,” Taehyung stopped him. “I’m sorry if I annoyed you by talking about her all of the time. But you’re seriously upsetting her by leaving the room every time she comes over.”

“Am I not allowed to hang out elsewhere?” Jungkook said nonchalantly. “She’s not my girlfriend, she’s yours. I’m under no obligation to always be around whenever she is.”

This hurt Taehyung for some reason and he needed a moment to recover.

“You’re my best friend,” he told him, then. “And she’s my girlfriend. She gets along with the rest of the guys perfectly but you’re being difficult.”

“I’m not being anything,” Jungkook countered. “And I don’t remember there being a rule that best friends had to get along really well with the other girlfriends.”

“There’s no rule but it would make me happy.”

Jungkook groaned again, forcing Taehyung to sigh.

“Okay. Don’t be friends with Y/n,” he told Jungkook then. “But, please, at least don’t dramatically refuse to be in the same room with her. It’s not cool.”


“And… you would definitely like her if you got to know her,” Taehyung added with a playful smirk. “She’s really good at Overwatch.”

Jungkook squinted at Taehyung. “You’re just saying that to make me like her.”

“No,” Taehyung shook his head. “I’m saying that as a warning.”

“How is that a warning?”

“When you find out how good she is, you’ll want to date her, too,” Taehyung said. “But back off. She’s mine.”


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The boys had a thirty-minute break before their next interview and they were planning to explore Tokyo for a little while before coming back. Jungkook, however, was holed up in his hotel room.

“I’m good,” Jungkook told Jimin who came to ask him to come with the rest of them. “I’m going to skype-chat with Y/n.”

“You skype-chatted her this morning,” Jimin said matter-of-factly. “Does she not have anything better to do but talk to you?”

“She’s free from school today,” Jungkook answered, not raising his head from his phone. “It happens rarely and I’m using this as an opportunity to talk to her.”

“Jungkook, you’re already texting her,” Jimin said, pointing at his phone. “And you can text her while you’re outside, too.”

“Yeah, but I want to see her. And it’s only possible on Skype.”

“But we want to see you, too!” Jimin said, raising his voice and making Jungkook finally look up at him. “Seriously, ever since you started dating her, we haven’t even heard anything from you. The only time we see you is during rehearsals and on stage when we’re performing.”

“And that proves that you see me for the majority of time every day,” Jungkook replied. “So, I don’t get the problem.”

“The problem is that she has you wrapped around her finger and you don’t even see it,” Jimin snapped. “You’re adjusting your schedule to fit hers. You’re taking extra flights to see her and then show up to rehearsals jetlagged and exhausted. It’s not good for your health. Does she care about that? No, it doesn’t look like she does, she just—”

“Stop right there, Jimin,” Jungkook said, locking his phone and putting it away to concentrate on this conversation. “I don’t remember you being part of my relationship. And I sure as hell don’t remember you talking to Y/n and asking her what she cared about.”

“Okay, no need to get all pissed off,” Jimin said, suddenly a little intimidated by Jungkook’s angry and protective tone. “I’m just stating the obvious. You’re obviously sacrificing a lot to be with her and she’s not doing much—”

“Have you thought that maybe the reason why she’s not doing much is because she can’t?” Jungkook was shouting now. “She can’t fly out to see me, because, unlike me, she doesn’t have enough money to fly around the world whenever she wants to. And she can’t hang out with me as often as she wants because she has exams almost every day. On top of that, she gets hate for simply being my girlfriend. So, I’m sorry if you don’t like the fact that I’m trying to make this relationship easier for her.”

Jimin stayed quiet for a moment. “I didn’t think about that.”

“Of course not,” Jungkook huffed, taking a deep breath to calm himself down. “I’m sorry for losing my temper. I just wish you understood how scared I am to lose her. This relationship is hard work, for Y/n especially, and it’s even harder when I’m away. But I would never even think about ending it. I love her too much.”

Jimin nodded, no longer having any other comments to add.

“Okay,” he said. “I see. I’m sorry I said those things. Tell Y/n I said hi.”

Damn- Sweet Pea x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Female!Reader

Words: 1107

Warning(s): Swearing, Fluff, Shade, Tea Pouring, Dirt Dishing

Description: All you wanted was a simple date with your boyfriend, but Mrs. Cooper has other plans.

Taglist: @the-ghost-of-hemingway @bigtravelbucketlist @raised-by-fandoms @natalieroseg @sleepylunarwolf @angrykittty24 @ghostqueen05 @superheavymetalunicorn @cair3n @kneesheee @obsessedqueenie @dbtvluv @jolomez  @fckingnostalgia

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Could you do some headcanons on SP dating Jughead’s sister?

I am so happy with how this headcanon turned out. I hope you’ll like it. I wanted to show Sweet pea’s good side a bit.😊

•You and your brother Jughead were just like Peanut butter and jelly. You only had eachother. Sure You had your father Fp but he was still in jail.

•You remembered the night where Tall boy and the serpents showed up at your trailer’s doorstep with two jackets.

•You didn’t know what to do.

•It was where you belonged after all. You were practically born for this.

•You were siting on the stairs of your trailer porch, thinking about it all when a boy sat next to you.

•You had seen him around school. He was hard to miss, he was incredibly tall.

•"You look like you could enjoy a drink.“ He said.

•"I need a sober head right now…”

•"I know it’s a big decision. I’ve been through that too.“

•"How did you make a choice?”

•"It felt right. I needed a family.“

•You stood up and looked down at him.

•"I need to clear my head. I’m sure you have a motorcycle. Let’s go on a ride.”

•Jughead was with Betty so you allowed yourself to go out.

•He would shower you with questions when you would come back but you were almost an adult and you were with a serpent. You had to trust them if you were going to be one of them.

•You got on the boy’s bike and the motor roared, making you smirk. You always loved motorcycles.

•You held on tight to his waist and he spoke up.

•"I’m Sweet Pea by the way.“

•Ever since that moment, You never stopped thinking about him.

•Jughead seeing your smiley face as you were on your phone.

•"Who’s making you smile so much?”

•"Nobody.“ You’d blush, biting your lip.

•"C’mon tell me who it is.”

•"I said nobody!“ You’d laugh.

•You were a very good liar… But not with Jug.

•"Is it that guy from school you’ve been hanging out with who’s like a skyscraper?” He asked.


•Sweet Pea knocking at your door to pick you up for a date.

•Jughead answering.

•"She’s getting ready.” He’d tell Sweets.

•"oh.. Okay.“ Sweet Pea answered, feeling nervous.

•"Are you going to stand out here forever or you’re gonna come in.”

•Sweet Pea being on his best behaviour so he would have your brother’s trust.

•You’d come out of your room, dressed up nicely and he’d smile.

•"You look beautiful.“ He’d whisper to you.

•Jughead watching the scene from the couch, feeling a bit disgusted.

•"Bye Juggie!” You’d say, leaving the trailer.

•"Be careful and bring her home before midnight!“ He’d yell back at you two.

•Going to Pop’s and talking about nothing and everything.

•Pop’s was empty and it was getting dark outside so Sweets stood up and took your hand.

•He selected a song on the jukebox so you can slow dance with him.

•The red lights of the Pop’s sign made the atmosphere romantic.

•You had your arms around his neck and his hands were on your waist. You had to stand on your tippy toes to reach him.

•He would bring you home before midnight, just like Jug asked.

•Him Kissing you on the doorstep and wishing you a goodnight.

Getting a “Tonight was amazing. I wish it would’ve lasted longer. xo” Text from him.

•Everything was going well until it was the day of your initiation.

•Sweet Pea had totaly forgot about that.

•Toni helped you pick out a lingerie set that wasn’t too revealing for your dance, while you were staring into thin air.

•"Are you okay?“ She’d ask.

•"I don’t want to do it Toni..” You’d say, tears in your eyes.

•"I know sweetie.. I know..“

•Jughead was mad when he found out what the girl’s initiation was.

•He was about to go to Tallboy but Sweet Pea was already there, yeeling to him.


•Jughead knew in that moment that all Sweet Pea wanted, was to protect you. He was going against their leader just so he could protect you.

•But Tallboy was an idiot and didn’t care about Jug’s and Sweets yelling.

•"I can’t stand here and watch her..“ Sweet Pea would say, about to leave the bar.

•Jug stopped him and looked into his eyes.

•He had never seen Sweet Pea like that. Stressed and on the verge of tears, knowing his girl was about to strip in front of old men.

•Jug held on to Sweet Pea’s jacket and asked him one thing.

•"She needs you. I want you to be there for her as she goes through that. She’s terrified. I know it’ll be hard to watch but do it for her. It’s the only thing I can ask you.” Jughead said to him.

•So Sweet Pea stood i front of the stage waiting for you.

•He felt like throwing up.

•He sent a mean look to all the men that were looking at the stage, waiting for another sexy girl to show up.

•If one of them made a comment, he was ready to punch them right on the jaw.

•He always enjoyed seeing girls do that dance. He was a teenage boy full of hormones after all. But after today, he wouldn’t be able to watch another one of these dances.

•You stood on stage, looking like a deer in the headlights.

•Your eyes scanned the room looking for Sweets. He was there. Looking at you. He wasn’t looking at your almost naked body.. He was looking into your eyes. He mouthed something to you.

•"Just look at me”

•So you did. Everyone in the room was gone for an instant. It was just you and him.

•It was all done when Toni ran on stage to cover you with your new jacket.

•Sweet Pea ran backstage and hugged you close. His body shielding you from other mens looks.

•"I’m scared..“ You’d say to him.

•"I know baby.. I’m here and it’s all over.”

•Jughead giving you a hug and asking Sweet Pea to take you home.

•Sweet Pea felt like he had gained your brother’s trust in that moment.

•Jughead trusted him with you.

•Sweets taking you to your trailer and putting you into one of his Sweatshirt.

•Him laying next to you in your bed and brushing his thumb on your cheek.

•"I love you" He’d say, making you smile for the first time that night.

•"I love you too.“

•Falling asleep on his chest as he was brushing his hand on your back, under the sweatshirt.

•Jughead getting home a bit later and finding you cuddled in Sweet Pea’s arms, both asleep.

•Smiling to himself and turning off the light.

•Sweet Pea had gained his trust. And deep inside, Jughead knew that he was the best thing that ever happened to you.

friends with snacks

Originally posted by bwiseoks

genre: dramatic fluff; roommates!au; friends to lovers!au; drabble

pairing: jin x reader

length: 2.8k

summary: after your roommate jin commits yet another dire misconduct, you come to the revelation that you two would never work out as more than friends. ‘what could he have possibly done? did he cheat on you or something?’ your friends ask you, but it’s far worse than that. no one would understand the repercussions of his actions - no one but you and him, a couple founded on the concept of friends with snacks.

“i tried my best to not feel anything for you. guess what? i failed.”
“don’t you dare die on me!”

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My dearest Mary, if you are reading this, then you are leaving France to reclaim your scottish throne. I always knew this day would come and I wish I could be at your side as you set sail to take back what is yours. In the darkest of times you were my conscience, your heary was a light Mary, and it burned so very bright for France. No matter how far you go, that light will burn forever. I have left you a gift, something I made for you to fight for what is yours and for what you know in your heart is right. I love you, Mary Stuart. Forever. 

Request: frary + season 3

My Protector, p2

Originally posted by roadtoriverdale

Paring: female reader x Sweet Pea

Word count: 1496

Warnings: Cursing, slight stalking?

Season: 2

Request: none, just getting started :)

Short Note: you are Archie’s twin sister but went with your mom when they divorced, but when you came back after your dad got shot, you chose to stay with him and your Brother.

The Tall boy, Sweet Pea I now know, then speaks with a smile.

“(Y/N), you are now an honorary member of the Southside Serpents. Welcome.”

“Wait, what does that mean?” I speak up.

Toni puts the last bandage on my elbow and smiles at me, “This means that the serpents will have your back, no one will be able to get to you without going through us first. You’re basically part of us now, without having to go through all the formalities.”

Nodding my head I try to let this sink in. The Hood is after me for unknown reasons, Archie is basically starting a gang, and oh yeah, I kinda just joined one myself.

“Okay.” I finally find words and start to talk again. “So, if i’m not safe at home, where am I supposed to stay? And the schools not safe, so I can’t go there either. What am I supposed to tell my dad? Archie? I’m kinda freaking out here.” I burrow my head in my hands and take a few deep breaths.

“We will park a car by your house with serpent surveillance 24/7 and will try to have someone to walk you to and from school everyday so you’ll never be alone. As for your dad and brother, just don’t tell them anything. Make them think that everything is normal, that you don’t know anything.” Sweet Pea takes a seat beside me and lays a hand on my back to comfort me.

“Okay, I think I’m gonna go home and change, i’ll just stay home then and say I got sick or something, idk. This is just a lot to take in right now.”

As I stand and start walking a hand grabs my arm, but a lot gentler than before. Turning, I see that it was Sweet Pea.

“Um, did you just hear my speech on always having someone with you? You’re not going anywhere alone, I’ll come with you.” He shifts from foot to foot and I feel butterflies erupt in my stomach. Before I had a chance to respond, Jughead and Toni come over.

“Yeah. we’ll all go, you really shouldn’t be alone right now. Jug, want to ride my bike with me?” Toni asks, Jughead nodded and together they walk ahead of Sweet Pea and I. Before we reached the doors he turned to me. “So I guess that means your with me, have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?” He smirks at my horrified expression. “I’ll take that look as a no, come on, it’ll be fun.” With a smile he placed a hand on my lower back and guided me forward.

The effect that that one small gesture had on me was almost overwhelming. My breath caught in my throat and I swear I was flying for a split second. I had known this guy for less than 30 minutes and I was already falling for him, hard.

He removed his hand when we got to his bike and he handed me a helmet. I shakily placed it on my head and got on the bike behind him. Not sure what exactly to do with my hands he grabbed them and put them around his middle. “Hold on tight, and relax, I just promised to protect you, you don’t have anything to worry about.” Thankful that he couldn’t see the blush blooming on my face I shut my eyes tight and squeezed my arms tighter around him.

The bike roared to life and when he took off I let out a muffled scream, wow, smooth (y/n).

After a few minutes of hiding my face in his back I slowly lifted my head and looked around. Everything was whizzing by so quickly, but the experience was overall breathtaking. With more confidence I let out a laugh and threw my head back, now enjoying the wind rushing past us. I could feel Sweet Pea shaking with laughter in front of me so I went back to holding on tight, now resting my head on his back.

The ride was over all too soon as Sweet Pea followed Toni and Jughead into my drive. Showing them where they could park their bikes so no one would be able to see them, I then took them inside.

“Dad? Archie?” I called into the house, making sure they still hadn’t come home. After not hearing a response I showed them all in.

Looking at the time I saw it was a little before noon, so school wouldn’t get out for a few more hours.

“Um, i’m going to take a quick shower and change, so please make yourself at home.” With that I almost ran upstairs to my room, grabbed a new set of clothes, then proceeded to the bathroom. It wasn’t until I was in the shower that I was finally broke down and cried. Letting the water pour down on me I allowed the tears to stream down my face. How did I get myself into this mess?

When the water got cold I turned it off and stepped out. Getting dressed I examined my minor wounds in the mirror, how do I explain these to Archie? Shaking my head I returned to my room, jumping a little when I saw Sweet Pea laying in my bed.

“Oh shit, sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” he laughed as I rolled my eyes and recomposed myself. “Jughead and Toni went to grab something for lunch, I think Pop’s.”

I nodded and threw my old clothes in the hamper.

“You don’t talk much do you?” He speaks again. I took a seat at the end of my bed before responding. “Eh, Just have to get comfortable around the person first. I’ve also had a pretty weird day so far.” I laugh a little under my breath before continuing. “Thanks for what you did back at the school, agreeing to protect me and all.”

“Yeah sure, I couldn’t just stand by and watch such a beautiful girl fall apart in front of me,” his words made me blush. “Plus, it was the least I could do after I grabbed and hurt your already wounded arm, how’s it looking?” He asked and scooted closer to me, now we were side by side, our legs slightly touching.

I pushed the sleeve of my shirt up and he gently took hold of it, examining it closely. My skin tingled where his fingertips brushed, my breath once again catching in my throat. My hopes of him not hearing it fell when his eyes darted up and met my own. His beautiful brown eyes stared into my own and I subtly saw his head move forward a bit. I’m honestly not sure what would have happened next if we wouldn’t have been interrupted by my phone ringing.

The both of us were pulled out of the trance we were in and I quickly grabbed my phone to see who the ass was that just ruined this. The caller ID was blocked and when I looked up to see what Sweet Pea thought he just shrugged his shoulders, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks.

I slid the answer button across the screen and put the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I answered, an annoyed tone laced in my voice.

“Hello (y/n). Have you gotten my note?” A man’s voice filled my ear and I almost dropped my phone. Putting it on speaker phone I grabbed onto Sweet Pea’s arm and replied.

“Who is this?” though I already knew the answer.

“Oh sweetie, you and I both know you already know who this is, are you really going to make me say it?” Sweet Pea’s eyes widened and he put his hand over my own. When I didn’t respond, the Black Hood took it upon himself to.

“Do you really think that those Serpents can protect you? You really think you can stay hidden from me? You’ve seemed to get really close with the one in your room right now, what’s his name?” I could hear the smile in his voice when Sweet Pea took the phone to hung up for me. He then quickly ran to my window and closed the curtain.

Hearing a noise downstairs he stepped in front of me and pulled out a small knife. Scared out of my mind I grabbed his hand and stayed behind him. We both turn the corner towards the stairs and come face to face with none other than Toni and Jughead.

“WOAH SWEETS WHAT THE HELL?” Jughead takes a step back to avoid being stabbed.

The both of us let out a breath we didn’t know we were holding. Quickly remembering why I was so scared to begin with, I quickly ran to lock all the doors and windows. While closing the last window, I noticed a piece of paper taped to the outside.

“Sweet Pea,” was all I was able to get out. The fear I was feeling was paralyzing.

I felt a presence behind me and felt his arm reach around me to grab the note before closing the curtain.

“Okay, i’m sorry but can someone please explain what tHE HELL is going on here?” Toni spoke up.

“He called.” was all I could muster.

Well here’s the long anticipated part 2! Hope you like it, let me know what you think!! 

The Hot Christmas Date

Summary: AU. Bucky Barnes makes it his mission to show his best friend, Reader, that sometimes, a little cheesiness is good for the heart.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (mention of Steve x Peggy)

Word Count: 2,437

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, Christmas stuff, Love Actually references (okay, I stole from that movie), total cheese, bad photoshop, I’m rusty cause I haven’t written Bucky in a month, sorry

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Emily’s ( @buckthegrump) Writing Challenge. Thanks for letting me play. My prompt was “You didn’t see anything.” but it’s only mentioned in passing.

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