i will always care about kiki


your POV

I quickly disconnect with another creep on omegle. “Why did I decide to get on Omegle again?” I mumbled to yourself. When I got no reply I scoffed, “oh that’s right, because I’m alone on a Friday night bored as hell.”

I clicked connect again and the screen lit up with a black and white image of a boy, “it’s Friday night and I’m all a lone!” The boy yelled at his phone.

Laughing, I spoke up, “that’s exactly what I just said.”

The boy looked up at the screen, “oh hi I didn’t know it reconnected.” He looked down on his phone, “I have to go mom I’ll call you later.”

“Mom?” I smirked.

He blushed, “yeah… Don’t judge.”

“I’m not!” I giggled.

He smiled, “you’re the first normal person I talked to on here.”

“I can say the same to you,” i giggled, “what’s your name cutie?”

Again, the boy blushed, “I’m Kian.”

“Hi Kian,” I waved at the camera, “my names y/n.”

“Cute name.”

It was my turn to blush, “thanks.”

The two of us talked for hours. I really got to know this ‘stranger’ whom no longer felt like a stranger.

His phone rang, “hey y/n, I have to go now. I don’t want to lose touch though.”

I nodded, “I don’t either um…”

He typed on his computer and a number appeared on my screen, “text me.” He said before disconnecting.

Immediately, i plugged in the number into my phone and texted, “hey Kiki it’s y/n.”

My phone buzzed right away, “hello beauty ;)”

two months later

I was on Skype with Kian yet again. The two of us became really close in the past two months and we are always talking. “Y/n?” Kian fixed his snap back.

“Kian,” I replied as you texted away on your phone.

“What do you think of long distance dating?”

Momentarily forgetting about my phone, I asked, “why?”

Kiki shrugged, “just answer the question.”

I thought for a little bit. “I think they are really challenging. They test your trust and love. If you care about the person enough and make it work. They can be the best and strongest relationships.”

Kian the ought of what I had said for a little bit then finally said, “do you think we would make it work?”


“Will you be my girlfriend?”

Smiling, you said, “I thought you’d never ask.”



Part 2 here

kiki’s delivery service gives me such a weird feeling i can’t describe of happiness and sadness at the same time

like i know it’s about Growing Up and Coming of Age and whatever but i also have always related to it a lot as a depression/mental illness thing where kiki feels like she can’t do the only things she’s good at and becomes withdrawn from everyone who cares about her and i love that it’s through caring relationships with older girls and women that kiki starts to understand how to get her powers back and that she’s beautiful even though she feels like an outsider and that she’s like, worth something

also on a less sentimental note i’ve been gay as hell for ursula the artsy bird girl in the woods since i was literally a toddler and nothing has changed

BTS reacting to you being busy all the time but always having time for them

”HaviSeriously people who are always busy but still have so much free time…tell me your secret xD

Thanks for the request!

-Kiki <3



On the phone:

“Oh, you are going to work again? Honey, make sure not to overwork yourself like that. I mean I am happy we can meet later today but maybe you should just relax at home, our date can wait…”

You on the other side, shake your head and smiling about the worries of your sweet and caring boyfriend:

“No way..we planned this the whole week and you are now in Korea again, finally, I am not missing out on this, but I need to get away from the phone now, I have work to do, see you later!”

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As you arrive late at night in the studio, he stands up from his chair and lets himself fall on the sofa right next to you.

“I am glad you were able to come today…didn’t you have work, you mentioned something earlier?”

“Oh yes, I just came from work as I got your message…what is it that you wanted me to be in the studio at this unholy hour?” You chuckle and lay into his arms.

“Wanted you to be here…with me. That’s it. Never even expected you to have time so I am really happy to see you now. You should relax, though, you seem busy these days.”

“Says the one who does live in this studio here.” You laugh and carress his hand with your thumb. “I am fine, you are the one who should relax.”

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“Cannot believe you agreed to my idea.” Hoseok laughed as you two went on your hiking trip on his day off.

“Why shouldn’t I? It is a great opportunity to spend time together…”

“Yeah it is, but you even worked this morning and now still have so much energy left…even I am impressed by your daily productivity.”

“Anything for my sunshine of a boyfriend.” You laugh and hit his arm playfully.

“No really, I am so happy you went with me today…I don’t know you do that day in day out but I am glad you still spend time with me despite your crazy schedule.”

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“Okay…just tell me your secret already, I cannot take it anymore to not know…” Namjoon says as you come into the dorm, takeout in your hand and a shopping bag.

“What secret?” You ask confused.

“Having so much time although you work all day…is this a shopping bag?”

“Oh yes, I saw something cool at my way from work and thought I should buy it.” You smile and take out the snapback you bought for him.

“That was not necessary, sweetie…okay now really, tell me your secret…how do you manage to have so much time? I don’t seem to get it and well, I am a genius and yeah I feel pretty helpless right now…”

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“Like, don’t you sleep at all?” He looks at you in shock: “I know it, you are a vampire.”

“No I am certainly not a vampire, Jimin” You laugh and continue eating.

“What is it then? You seem to do so much by day and night and like how? Even I can’t do that and I am an idol…”

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“So next week, you are away in Japan for three days…we could meet up on Thursday then?” You ask him as you two sit on the floor of his room.

“No, I have a photo shooting this day…”

“How about Friday then? Or Saturday…it is both fine for me…”

“How do you seem to have so much time? I feel so bad that I don’t have a lot of time because of my schedule but your schedule is crazy as well but you can manage that properly…I am such a bad boyfriend…” He pouts.

“You are not! And you cannot compare my job to yours at all. You could work on your time managment though.” You laugh and tease him playfully.

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“Okay how about we meet again tomorrow and continue playing? I am free tomorrow.” Jungkook asks as you both are focused on the video game you are playing together.

“Yeah I think I can manage that…I have work to do but in the afternoon I should be free tomorrow…then let’s meet at 4pm.”

“Oh you have work tomorrow? You didn’t mention that?”

“I also had work today what is it with that?”

“Don’t know you are so busy but have so much time though…it is making me wonder how you manage to do that.”

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Some thoughts on Kiki and Mitsuhide as a pairing. :)

From the very beginning Kiki and Mitsuhide were shown to be two people who are incredibly…what’s the word? Comfortable with each other. Accustomed to each other. They are able to trust each other with anything, though that’s not to say that they will. Somehow, they have grown to know each other extremely well. Mitsuhide has an amazing ability when it comes to understanding people, and he’s incredibly open about himself. So while I can’t imagine the two of them staying up late getting to know each other, it makes sense how these two specific individuals were able to get to where they are in their relationship.

There’s something about Mitsuhide that makes him so true and genuine. (Those were the two words that came into my head and I didn’t want to use the word “pure”) It’s very clear that he cares for everyone. While it does seem like he likes Kiki romantically, we don’t know if he loves her in the sense that he really wishes to always be with her. I think he was anxious because he was not aware that their partnership had a predetermined deadline. I think it’s more of the My Fair Lady thing with Henry Higgins. “I’ve grown accustomed to her voice.” (though just that one line haha)

Mitsuhide values being relied on. And that quality of loyalty combined with his natural empathy, makes it unusual for him to give too much thought to his own feelings. It’s just not the way he’s wired, so to speak. Though when he is faced with the reality of his very present feelings, he is very quick to sort them out. He’s good at confronting his feelings once he’s made aware of them. And Kiki knows this. Although his passive aggressive behavior, however brief, seemed to take her by surprise.

While I feel that we weren’t really given the opportunity to know Kiki prior to chapter 40 and up, I still adore her. She only stood out a couple times before her past was revealed. It was difficult to put my finger on what her main value was, though now I can see that it’s independence/autonomy. I love her attitude towards Mitsuhide’s life without her. And while we really don’t get the impression that she’s in love with him, she has confirmed that if she had to take a husband someday, she would propose to Mitsuhide. After being with him for 5 years, I don’t think she can imagine being able to feel that sort of partnership with anyone else. I mean, Kiki can’t stand most peoples’ company for a day, much less a lifetime. She knows what would work with her. I can kinda get that as I’ve shared a room with my fraternal twin sister for 19 years. There’s a certain camaraderie that we never expect to find in someone else. And it’s obtained over time, subconsciously.

Mitsuhide’s the one who shows the passion and Kiki’s the one who appreciates it. But unless the situation calls for it, I don’t know if Kiki would tell Mitsuhide about her resolve in potentially being life partners. And unless Mitsuhide is really prodded, probably by someone other than Obi, I don’t know if he would ever recognize much deeper romantic feelings for her.They’re an interesting pair. So I think I understand their characters. And I respect them. But if you asked me if I shipped them, I would still say yes.  ◕ ◡ ◕

The closest comparison of their relationship that I can think of would be that of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist. Of course the circumstances are very different. Riza was considered the queen to Roy’s king. Kiki and Mitsuhide are both knights. They are completely equal partners in authority. There was that one time when Riza cried and I think we are all secretly hoping that something happens to trigger something like that in Kiki. ;) Now that I think about it, both pairings have that thing with entrusting their backs to each other. :) Ooooh.

Emotional Sincerity and SU

something I really enjoy about SU is that even in the less important episodes (I wouldn’t call them filler but they aren’t plot-driven) have a lot of emotional honesty.

Yes, some of it is on the nose, but it always sincere and always thoughtful in a kind sort of way.

Greg needs to learn to grow up, Kiki needs to learn self-care, Stevonnie needs to learn to let go and so on. It is on one level a simple exploration of characters and how they face their problems.

It is never patronizing to the audience, it just presents people as they are and their struggles that really have a universal message.

This contrasts a lot of shows that phone it in or don’t make the effort to have emotions be front and center, characters are skewed for jokes and The Point is sometimes shoved down your throat instead of said plainly and kindly

I just want to really emphasize how unique and dear to me SU is. It’s treatment of emotions is consistently respectful and top tier, no matter the episode

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i kno that kiki's pizza ep is like old already but i was so happy that jenny like broke the fucking pizza car playing sour creams mixtape bc in every other show the ""cool friends"" always like secretly hate each other but the cool kids in su genuinely like each other and are like always hanging out?? i have so much love in my heart for the cool kids

I know omg!!!! I love how much they care about one another it just warms my heart all the time I love the cool kids

thoughts on some of the upcoming su episodes

Hit the Diamond - will we be meeting yellow diamond so early? she seems like a season finale kind of villian 

Too Short to Ride - this reminds me of that text post that was like “steven and connie are too short to ride the roller coaster at funland so they fuse into stevonnie to ride” and i hope that actually happens omg

Drop Beat Dad - that sounds like the phrase “dead beat dad” so that makes me think of Marty and “drop beat” makes me think of sour cream so marty and sour cream reunion episode??

The New Lars - idk what this means but i’m excited. i love lars tbh

Restaurant Wars - the only food places we’ve seen are fish stew pizza, the big donut and the french fry place so i dont see why they would be in competition, unless a new restaurant opens up?


Monster Reunion - some people think this is referring to malachite and that’s probably true, but what if it’s actually centipeetle?

Alone at Sea - steven goes out on his own to try to find malachite? or maybe this is about yellowtail

Greg the Babysitter - is he babysitting connie or peedee or onion?

Gem Hunt - probably about tracking down peridot

Steven vs Amethyst - ???? NO I DONT WANT MY BABIES TO FIGHT


Know Your Fusion - I dont even care which fusion this is referring to i’m always  a slut for fusions

Tiger Philanthropist - sounds like the return of tiger millionaire!

source for the episode titles