i will also cry if people don't like them


I promised DA:O art, so here, have some speedy paintings of my fave companions  jk i love them all they’re my babies i cry everyday

Lmao ngl I love that mea has shit animations that look like it was either badly mocap or no one gave a shit and terrible writing to the point they did something worse than the shit with Krem in dai and not giving us bi Cullen or Solas also in dai

Mostly because I think it’s hilarious how people keep trusting a shit company that makes shit games

Like lmao bruh imma buy da4 when it’s like super cheap to give them the least amount of money possible cause truly they were never a good game company
Like their games have Potential™ but the execution is at the very least lacking specially lately like their best game is def dao and that says a lot since games are supposed to get better with like more money and resources being added into making them

But yeah no I love how bad this shit is in a hilarious wtf did you expect kinda way
Lmao bioware doesn’t even try and ya guys keep trusting them

Then again there’s people who still think Gaider is a good writer which extra lmao that probs says enough

Chanyeol’s seriously a cute, toll cinnamon roll. Like how can people hate on him? I know it’s a little thing he did, buying food and feeding a stray cat even though he’s allergic to them and like some people say, he’s also busy with his schedule and all but isn’t this little random acts of kindness which is clearly lacking in this society nowadays and not to mention humanity. Sometimes, I just wanna cry cause humanity’s almost extinct. Idk y’all, but I love him so much. I’m really thankful for God for his existence. He’s a kind hearted, cute, friendly and a considerate man and I couldn’t be prouder than to stan him along with other pcy stans :”)