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Close enough

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jimin X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request:  Hey could you please do an imagine where the reader and jimin are fighting and he says that he hates that she’s really clingy and he hates when she ‘steals’ his clothes and that hurts you but you didn’t show it and then you guys make up but you still thought about what he said so you stopped being clingy and stopped wearing his clothes and doesn’t realize at first but when does, he feels really bad and sad bc he loves when u are clingy and loves when you wear his clothes.

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Your eyes followed your boyfriend’s annoyed figure as he paced around the room. Today must have been really stressful for him because since he came through the door he’s been nothing but on edge. A small thought in the back of your head told you not to pick a fight with him but another part of you knew that you didn’t need to be treated rudely because of something that effected him at work. 

“Fine. Look, I’m sorry….Let’s just drop it..” You told him, sitting back on the bed. 

Jimin stopped in his tracks, looking back at you.

“Drop it? Y/N this might not be a big deal to you but this isn’t something I’m just going to drop!”

You grew silent as you heard his voice raise towards you. He groaned, bringing his hands up to his face. 

“All I’m saying is I can’t have you texting me all the time. I already got scolded once for responding during a meeting and I really don’t need to be on my boss’ bad side right now. It’s just- too much…Sometimes I feel like you’re always trying to talk to me about something and I need personal space. I don’t get why that’s so hard for you to grasp..” He mumbled.

“I just missed you. I didn’t think it was a big deal-”

“You didn’t think. That’s my point.”

You tilted your head, giving him a direct look. 

“What the hell is your problem today? I already said I was sorry..”

Jimin sat down on the bed. 

“There’s just so much going on right now and I just don’t need you always on me. Maybe we should take a break or something.” 

Your eyes widened at the words you feared most besides, “I think we should break up”. 

“You can’t be serious-”

You hand extended to hold onto your boyfriend’s arm but Jimin pulled his own away. 

“I can’t do this right now. I can’t hear about how much I’m away from you, I can’t deal with you always stealing my clothes, or waiting for me to come home, or making jokes about me leaving you all the time. I’m tired of you being so clingy!”

The tears you were holding back started to well up on your eyes until your vision became blurred. You hadn’t realized how he really felt about all of this. You had just assumed that all those times you were missing him that he was feeling the exact same way. You stood up from the bed, sliding the hoodie of his that you were wearing and threw it onto the ground. 

“Fine! I won’t be!” 

Seeing you cry must have really hit a nerve in him because before you were able to head out of the door he stood up in front of you. He held you against his chest even as you tried to push him away. 

“Wait. I didn’t mean it about the break thing. This went way too far and I crossed the line. I wasn’t trying to make you cry, I just got upset over nothing.”

He looked down at you but you avoided looking up at him as your head was now resting on his chest. He could feel your head move every time you sniffled, just giving him even more guilt.

“This isn’t really about you texting me too much. I think the lack of sleep and over working is just getting to me…I’m really sorry. I’m taking this out on you when it’s not even your fault.” 

You felt his warm hands come up to your cheeks as he leaned your head up to face him. 

“I’m so sorry…” He whispered. 

Jimin used his sleeve as an attempt to wipe your tears off and by the look in his eyes you could tell he really meant what he was saying. You knew this sort of stuff was hard on him but you wish he wouldn’t hold it all in until he explodes all the time. Nonetheless you accept your boyfriend’s apology by giving him a nod.

“Seriously. If I ever do something like this again I really wouldn’t blame you for leaving me.”

The worried expression on his face made you crack.

“I get it.” You let out.

Jimin gave you a light kiss on top of your forehead.

“Should we get ready to go out for dinner then? It’s on me.” He said in a convincing tone.

Seeing the puppy eyes he was giving you, you gave in instantly.

“Alright.” You smiled, running off to get dressed.

Ever since that one fight things seemed a little off between the two of you. He would do things that made you think he was still trying to make up for that one day and even though it still bothered you, you wish he would just let it go. You tried to be empathetic but you didn’t want him to keep doing things just to keep you happy. You wanted things to just be normal so you decided that maybe it wasn’t all just because of work. Maybe he actually wanted space and was afraid to come to terms with it and tell you. From now on you didn’t send him good morning texts at work, no checking up on him, no telling him that you miss him or think about him, no more wearing his clothes because their comfortable or smell like him, no more waiting for him to come home in the living room, and no more random I love you’s.

Jimin also was taking notice of the new changes between you both. He was, in fact, trying to do things to make up for what happened because of how bad he felt. He’d bring home presents, take you out, try to text you more often, and just overall praise you whenever you were around. The problem was he couldn’t help but think you were mad at him still since you started to distance yourself. That is until he realized the things he spewed off during the fight between you. He wondered if you were distancing yourself because of what he said despite him not meaning it. Jimin loved coming home to finding you waiting for him or surprising him with how much you loved him. He missed seeing you wake up wearing his shirt from last night or stealing a hoodie or two from his closet. He never really noticed how much he loved those things about you until they were gone. It was starting to drive him crazy.

As you’re sitting on the couch on your laptop you hear him come home, shutting the door in a rush. You pretend to be uninterested, just scrolling through your dashboard but you hear him walk all the ways over to you. As his figure shadows over you, you look up at him.

“You’re home-“

“I can’t do this anymore. I don’t know what I can do to take all of what I said back but I want to. I miss you like crazy and god, I love you so much, you know that? There isn’t a second that I’m not thinking about you and there’s not a second that goes by that I’m not reminded of you. I want you to take wear my stuff until it smells like you, I want you to text me during work to tell me what you can’t wait to do until I’m home, I want you to just-…I want you to love me like you did before.”

Speechless you sit up from your seat to face him properly as you push aside the laptop in your lap. You hadn’t expected him to come home like this nor did you think you were the one doing the wrong thing. You thought you were just doing what he wanted but there was a hidden guilty pleasure from hearing him admit how much he needs you.  You decided to just tease him a little bit more.

“Hmm, I don’t know. It’s just not really my thing anymore and I think you were right. Somethings are just better left unsaid. I mean you already know I love you, why would I need to tell you that daily?”

Jimin groaned, pouting like a child.


You crossed your arms across your chest.

“Yes, Jiminie?”

Without warning you feel him cup your face like before but instead of wiping your tears you felt the familiar feeling of his soft, full lips being pressed up against yours. He took 5 long seconds to completely make you feel as if you were going to melt in your seat just from one kiss. As he pulled away from you, you saw the glimpse of seriousness in his eyes.

“I miss you. Please….just forgive me this once?”

Damn it. For once you thought you had the upper hand but his dumb cute face and amazing lips had won you over again.

“Fine but you have to say it first today.”

Jimin let out a small laugh.

“I love you, Y/N.”

Hurt one of us and you face us all ~The Originals~

You stomped into the kitchen, slamming your bag down on the counter. Your dried tear stained cheeks probably leaving foundation stripes over your cheeks along with the short lines of the weak mascara you wore. 

The bruise forming under your eye already visible from your angle. It pounding slightly. You had to stifle another sob from escaping your throat as another body moved into the kitchen without warning. As swift as a ghost. 

“Good evening darling,” Elijah’s voice came from behind you as you immediately turned towards the fridge. You quickly opened it, sniffing to keep back the tears. Ravaging around the three or four consumable things for you- the only human in the house. 

“Hey Elijah.” you quickly replied, pulling a bottle of water from the fridge trying to wipe at your cheeks and your eyes. You could hear him walking around behind you. 

“Are you hungry? I can fix you something? I’m sure you won’t appreciate a glass of blood” he remarked behind you. You forced a slight laugh, 

“No-no I’m fine thank you” you replied, taking a sip of your water. Carefully surveying the backdrop of the kitchen. You still not turning towards Elijah. They all had warned you. Kol, Rebekah, Elijah even Klaus had warned you about your boyfriend. The boy that you had been with for more than a year had finally showed his true colours tonight. 

He had cursed your name, uttered all your flaws, admitted that he cheated on you and enjoyed it, disrespected you and had lifted his hand against you. You should’ve listened to them. You should’ve listened to them because they knew who and what he truly was. 

“Y/N- may I ask you to turn to me?” Elijah questioned in his informative voice. 

You shook your head, forced to bite your lip as you didn’t want to cry about that pathetic ex boyfriend of yours especially not in front of Elijah. You heard him sigh and you could only imagine his facial expression. Regret, maybe a knowing glare but sadness. 

“Y/N” he soothed as he slowly put his hands on your shoulders forcing you to bite away the tears even harder. He slowly turned you around and his jaws clenched upon seeing your bruised facial feature. 

His hands gently cupped your face, his thumb grazing slightly over the bruise and then his eyes locked with yours. 

“Y/N, whatever might’ve happened- it is not your fault,” Elijah’s voice soothed as your eyes brimmed with tears once again. Then you heard footsteps behind Elijah and you ducked away but it was too late. Klaus had already saw you and he paced over to you. 

“What in the bloody hell is this?” he snapped angrily. You turned towards him slightly and his facial features morphed into anger. 

“Oh that bastard- how dare he!” Klaus exploded as Elijah opened a cupboard a few feet away from you. Klaus firmly took your face into one of his hands and inspected the bruise. Careful not to hurt you. His eyes danced in anger. 

“Death” he announced turning towards Elijah as well and you wanted to interject but Elijah turned and talked over you.

“I’m sorry Y/N but I have to agree with Niklaus” he spoke wetting a cloth in the sink next to you, “But first you need to tell us what happened” 

“I don’t need to know the full story to know I’m going to kill the lad” Klaus declared. 

“I’m fine- really just leave it both of you. It was just a misunderstanding but its over- ” you tried but Elijah slowly padded the bruise making you flinch slightly. 

“It is not fine- he physically abused you and most likely verbally and mentally and honestly Y/N he needs to be taught a lesson before meeting his maker” Elijah declared, slowly dabbing at the bruise a bit more. 

“Don’t try to tell us your fine your emotional state is all over the place” Klaus declared and you shrieked away from him. 

“I was just stupid- I should’ve listened” you declared. 

“You sure should have Love” Klaus declared as Elijah turned to his brother. 

“Niklaus you are not helping at the moment. I suggest you keep your mouth closed.” Elijah sarcastically replied. Klaus rolled his eyes, leaning against the counter keeping a watchful eye on what Elijah was doing. 

“He admitted he cheated” you sheepishly stated and Elijah clenched his jaw. You bit away tears that had suddenly creeped up on your eyes when you thought back at what he had said. Elijah saw and Klaus stiffened as well. 

“Whatever he said, whatever he insinuated, whatever he made you feel- it was lies and you deserve better than that low life.” Elijah said as the tears started falling from your eyes. He wrapped his arms around you and you didn’t hold back. 

You cried into him. Him holding you tightly. 

“I’ve got you y/n” Elijah soothed as someone else entered the kitchen. That is when you wanted to disappear.  You pulled away from Elijah as he turned to see who entered and it was Rebekah. You saw her confused expression and then she stalked over to you. 

“Bloody asshole” she hissed as she slammed her arms around you and hugged you, Elijah moving out of the way. When you pulled away from her Klaus was angry all over again. 

“I won’t kill him, I’m just going to hurt him” Klaus declared and Rebekah nodded. 

“I’m in” she hissed as Elijah nodded in affirmation. 

“Let’s go then- he hurst one of us, he has to deal with all of us” Elijah said and Klaus and Rebekah stalked out of the kitchen. 

“You mean everything to us, Y/N” Elijah’s deep voice interrupted the brief moment of silence,  making you look up, “Your our family wether or not your a Mikaelsson or not” he informed. You smiled slightly, when he returned it and disappeared leaving you in the silence of the kitchen. Just when you thought you were alone boots  thumping on the floor, Kol strode in with a bat comfortable seated on his shoulder. 

“So I heard that so called boyfriend of yours hit you?” Kol knowingly stated, trying to provide an encouraging smile. You nodded sheepishly biting your lip slightly but before you could try and talk him out of anything he interrupted. 

“Well, I finally get to try out my new bat” he smiled and you couldn’t help but laugh at the smile he gave you before leaving. You quickly ran after him but when you turned the corner he was gone a small smile still playing on your lips. 

(Request: Can you do a darylxreader where he’s scared to admit he really needs a cuddle and gets annoyed that reader wont pick up the hints that he needs someone but comes to her on the verge of tears because hes desperate to have all her attention, so she slowly takes his clothes off & makes him spend the night with her but he wakes up at crazy early morning like 2am & asks her to lay ontop of him so hes 100% sure shes actually with him maybe a bit of morning smut aswell)

Note: i really enjoyed writing this so i hope you like it!!

warning: mentions of glenns death, mild angst, smut!

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You saw Daryl sharpening his arrows on the front porch. You decided to go and see how he was doing, you knew he was feeling guilty about Glenn’s death and everything that went down in the sanctuary. As you walked closer to where he sat he looked up at you but said nothing.

“Hey Daryl, you alright?” you asked, sitting down on the step below him.

He grunted in response and you thought of another way to get him to talk. “You going out on any runs soon?”

“I can’t, gotta stay out of sight from the saviors” he replied, taking his focus away from his arrows and onto you.

“Sorry, I forgot about that” you apologised, feeling silly for bringing it up.

You sat in silence for a moment, staring out at the secure walls protecting you from the outside world. You thought Daryl was doing the same, but he was actually looking at you, admiring how soft your facial features looked. He wished that you knew how he really felt, he wanted you to be there for him, he needed someone to hold and cry to, he was tired of keeping his feelings bottled up inside, he could feel himself ready to explode soon.

“Yeah, whatever” he said almost angrily.

You looked back at him in confusion, why was he being hostile all of a sudden? “I didn’t mean it like that Daryl, there’s just a lot going on right now” You tried to justify your words.

“Everyone has a lot going on right now. Hell, a lot has been going on for years!” he raised his voice.

“Daryl-” You were shocked by his behaviour change but he interrupted you.

“Na forget about it!” He stood up and you did to. He looked down on you and you felt small considering you were a step lower than him. “You don’t care, no one does, so just leave me the hell alone!”

He stormed into his house, slamming the door shut behind him. You stood in shock, surprised by how easily he got mad like that, you didn’t think he’d take it to heart. You wanted to go in there so badly and just hold him. You knew Daryl since the prison and you understood how emotionally unstable he was, he wasn’t in check with his feelings and it had gotten worse. You stepped forward to open the door but you stopped yourself, remembering that he wanted to be left alone.

You were getting ready for bed after a stressful day. After everything that had happened with Daryl you were exhausted, but then Jesus had come down to Alexandria to warn you guys about the saviors coming to look for Daryl. It was a tiring day and all you wanted to do was sleep. You were about to jump into bed when you heard a knock on the door downstairs. You sighed and made your way down in only a baggy top and white panties. When you opened the door, you were surprised to find Daryl standing there, he was drenched in sweat and he looked like he was about to burst out crying.

“Daryl, what’s wrong?” You asked, moving back so he could come into the house. He walked in and stood by your counter, leaning his hands on it.

He shook his head before talking. “I’m sorry” he said, his voice cracking as the first tear fell down his cheek. He turned to look at you and you got worried that something might have happened. You walked towards him and placed your hands on either side of his cheek as he continued to talk.

“I just need someone, I’m tired of everyone dying and I don’t know how to control my anger anymore” His tears were flowing freely now and he made no move to try and wipe them away.

“I lashed out at you this morning for no reason and I’m sorry” he finished.

He lowered his head and you wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling your bodies as close as they could get. He wrapped his muscular arms around your shoulders and he hid his face in the crook of your neck.

“Stay here tonight, you shouldn’t be alone” you whispered.

He nodded his head and you led him upstairs. You turned on the shower for him, making sure that the water was to his liking. You stood in the bathroom with him and watched as he struggled to undo the buttons on his shirt. His hands were shaking and he was getting frustrated. You had never seen Daryl like this, he was the strong one in the group, the one who showed no emotion, and now here he was letting it all out. You walked over to him and moved his hands to his side.

You started to undo his buttons for him, going at a slow pace as to not alarm him. You felt his eyes on you as you removed his shirt and vest. You then moved down to his belt buckle and you took his jeans off in a swift motion, leaving him completely naked. There was no sexual tension between you, just one friend helping out another. When you were done, you roamed your eyes across his toned body before looking into his eyes. He was already staring at you; the tears were gone and replaced with the same emotionless glare he always had.

“Take your time, I’ll get some spare clothes for you” you said softly, planting a kiss on his cheek before leaving to go and find him some clean clothes.

You got back in the house and found Daryl sitting on your bed with a towel wrapped around his waist. You both stayed silent as you walked towards him and handed him the fresh clothes. You turned around as he changed, and you slid under the covers on your bed. Once he had the jogging bottoms on you turned to look at him. His back was facing you and you watched as his muscles prominently moved as he put the black t-shirt on. He turned around and saw you staring at him, he offered you a small smile before sliding in on the other side of the bed. His hair was tangled and still a little damp from the shower, making him look gruff and sexy under the moonlight.

You leaned on your elbow and stared down at him.

“What?” he asked.

“You wanna talk about it?”

“Na” he said, looking back up at the ceiling. You ran your hand across his chest and leaned up to bravely plant a kiss on his lips. He didn’t move at first, but he didn’t pull away either. After a few seconds, he warmed up and kissed you back, both your lips working together in unison. It was slow, and meaningful. You and Daryl weren’t a couple, you weren’t anything but friends and you were willing to do anything to help him forget about the pain, even if it was only temporary. He placed his hand on the back of your head and stroked your hair before you pulled away and placed your head against his shoulder. You moved your arm across his stomach to give him some sort of protection and he placed his hand over yours. You were asleep in the next couple of minutes but Daryl lay awake for a long time after you.

You stirred from your sleep as Daryl lightly shook your shoulders. You immediately jolted up and looked around.

“What is it?” you asked, your heart rate speeding up, was something wrong?

“Calm down (Y/n), you’re safe” he replied, his voice gruff from sleeping.

“Oh” you murmured, your eyes almost closing again. “Are you okay?”

“I just woke up, didn’t really sleep well”

“What time is it?”

Daryl shrugged his shoulders and you looked at your watch. “It’s 2am” you said. He looked at you apologetically and you pushed him back down onto the bed slowly.

“You don’t need to worry anymore Daryl. I’m here, you can talk to me and trust me” you whispered.

He nodded his head and you lay down next to him, you draped your leg across his and moved your arms over his chest. “I’m here” you said one more time before he wrapped his arm around you, and you both fell asleep once again.

The feeling of your neck being nibbled on woke you from your sleep. You had barely opened your eyes when you felt Daryl’s big hands roaming your body.

“Morning” he said into your neck. You quickly intertwined your fingers in his hair as he started to suck at your pulse on your neck, making you feel weak.

“Wait” you said suddenly. You pushed him off of you and moved your leg over his waist to straddle him. You could feel his hard on poking into your panties through his jogging bottoms. You knew what he wanted and you were prepared to give it to him. You started grinding yourself against his member while you kissed his lips, taking control of everything. Your arms traced his muscles along his arms before he involuntarily snapped his hips upward against you. You moaned into the kiss as the connection sent a spark buzzing through you. You didn’t make him wait any longer as you pulled the jogging bottoms and boxers down, revealing his hard cock. He moved your panties to the side with his thumb, making sure to lightly brush it against your clit as he did. You grabbed his now throbbing member and slid it along your slit, making his head wet from your juices. You then slowly lowered yourself onto him, throwing your head back at how he stretched you out. You both stayed still so you could adjust to his size. When you were feeling ready you started to lift yourself up again and then lowered yourself down. Daryl saw you were comfortable and he started to thrust up into you when you lowered yourself down, sending extra pleasure through both of you. You leaned forward and kissed his neck, making him grunt and moan. He continued to thrust up into you, keeping one hand on your ass and the other in your hair. You let your hands roam under his shirt, allowing you access to his toned body. You then brought your hands to his hair and squeezed at it, making him moan into your ear.

“I’m close” He barely whispered as the pleasure was too much for him. You carried on doing all you could to make him go over the edge. He didn’t hold back as he yanked on your hair and squeezed your ass cheek, he pounded into you for the last time before holding himself there. You felt his cock throb inside of you as he let himself go. You panted and laughed as he finally came down from his high and looked at you with dazed eyes.

“I haven’t felt that in years” he said, laughing along with you.

“I’m glad I could help” you giggled as you kissed his lips one more time before rolling next to him and rubbing his chest. He pulled the cover over your naked bodies and he finally opened up about what was troubling him.  He sighed as he got it all out, and it felt like a weight off his shoulders.

Meant to Be - Part Eight: Silence

All Parts

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

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Word Count: 2485

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks

Dedicated to: @falling-open, @jamiltonhivemind, and @sovroski for drawing me tHE BEST ART PLEASE YOU ARE ALL AMAZING 

also @mymintispeeling for adding tags that literally make me laugh out loud (ex. #we’re reaching new tips of the yikesberg)

A/N: this is a lot… i feel like it’s badly organized aaah, but enjoy anyway <3

“You can’t be in here.”

“He was just trying to work on his art project.”

“School’s over, boys. Pack up your things and leave.”

“He can’t! He passed out.”

“That’s not my problem. We could have a lawsuit on our hands if the board found out one of you got hurt when the school’s supposed to be closed.”

“With all due respect, sir, that’s not my problem.”

John’s eyes cracked open slightly. His mouth felt dry. His head was pounding. He blinked twice to clear his vision, and tried to take in his surroundings. He was staring at a pair of loafer-clad feet. He was very close to the floor, but his head felt cushioned. He rolled his head to look up, and found himself staring at Aaron’s chin, set forward defiantly. He realized then that his head was nestled into the boy’s lap.

Aaron looked down when John shifted his head, and his eyes brightened. “John, you’re awake! Are you okay?”

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[NEWS] Popular Idol Group Member Gets Tearful During Performance On “King Of Masked Singer”

A member of one of K-Pop’s most popular idol groups made his first performance after his discharge from the army on this week’s “King of Masked Singer”!


In February 19’s episode of “King of Masked Singer,” contestants Orange Tribe and Gangnam Swallow went head-to-head in the first round with a duet performance of Ulala Session’s “Beautiful Night.”

Gangnam Swallow ended up taking the win, but Orange Tribe was given the chance to sing another of his prepared songs while he was revealing his identity. As he sung JK Kim Dong Wook’s “Foolish Love,” he removed his mask to reveal that he was Super Junior’s Shindong!

Host Kim Sung Joo had Shindong salute the audience as it was his first performance since he finished up his mandatory military service, and Shindong admitted that he got tearful during his performance once he removed his mask.

In his private interview Shindong said, “My voice wasn’t in our first album at all. There were around ten tracks, but it didn’t include my voice at all. Not even the sound of my breathing. So I didn’t even need to be wearing a microphone when we were performing!”

“I think that’s why I got a bit tearful,” he admitted. “When I was singing, people were cheering for me and seemed happy to see me, so things like being better than another singer didn’t seem important.” He went on to explain that it was a great experience because it allowed him to feel like he was a singer.

Watch his performance here! 

Source: Soompi

Lords reaction to accidentally hitting their daughter [Headcanon] (Request)

A/N: I just know this is going to be both hilarious and painful. Rest under the cut to save dashboards.


What did he do? That was the price of his pride, wasn’t it. The girl was crying in his arms, a big bruise on her forehead that was caused by his own practice sword. Nothing seemed to work. She wouldn’t stop crying. He knew it had been a bad idea to let her stay. He should have sent her away, with her mother, but no, those puppy eyes were stronger than he was. And everyone tried to warned him, to tell him that his girl was walking right to him, but he thought they were trying to distract him.

They weren’t.

“Here, have some sugar stars”, he wiped her tears away, before kissing the red mark on her forehead. “Mama’s sweets will make you feel better, ok?”


He thought it was a good idea. To show his daughter that he was strong, that he could protect her too. And so, he couldn’t say no when she asked him if she could stay in training. Well, what could go wrong? Right? Everything. Everything could go wrong. He was always so defensive that when he heard something behind him his first impulse was to attack.

He wish he hadn’t.

“Are you okay?!” he rushed to her, hugging her and trying to cease her tears. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Papa was careless”. Mitsuhide showered her in kisses and pampers, guilt heavy on his shoulders after seeing the bruise that was sure to appear any time.


Oh boy. 

Oh boy.

It had been a long time since last time the retainers had seen Yukimura panicking so much. He was carrying the little girl in his arms, running around the castle, yelling to the maids, for someone to help him. When you heard him, you left the kitchen as fast as you could. Then you saw him. Your daughter in his arms, both of them crying. 

“I… I…”, he sobbed. “She… I… I’m sorry…”

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Books Bring Us Closer

Anonymous asked: Hiya, Meg! Can I request a Loki x fem!reader? Maybe the two of them don’t get along, but they begin bonding when neither of them can sleep one night. The realize they both have a love of books and share that. Eventually they fall in love. Just something sweet and fluffy. Thank you!!

Here is your one-shot, lovely! I do not own Loki! He belongs to Marvel. 

Warnings: Fluff and it’s a little long

Pairings: Loki x fem!reader

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You groaned as you turned to look at the clock. 2 am. You’d been trying to sleep for hours to no avail. Groaning once more, you threw back the covers and swung your legs out of bed. You quietly made your way out of your room and down to the kitchen. You quickly drank a glass of milk before heading to the living room. “Maybe reading would help,” you muttered. You stopped short when you saw Loki sitting there.

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You Saved Me - Part 4 (End)

Original request from @fandom-rpblog: Hey can I make a request? Can you write one in where after the events of winter soldier, (ignoring civil war as I haven’t seen it yet), Bucky has been re-introduced to the world and is recovering slowly and he and reader are sort of a thing as she was the one who found him after the events of winter soldier and she find out she is pregnant and fluff, and stuff. Please.

Note: So we have now reached the end of this story. I had so much fun writing this and all the feedback and comments I got from you all was absolutely amazing so thank you! <3 I love each and every one of you! (I have a feeling that I missed someone off the story tag list. I remember someone asking to be on it but couldn’t find the ask to get their username so I apologise to whoever it was if they’re not on the list.)

Bucky x Pregnant!Reader

Words: 1,483

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4(End)

As the door opened you wasted no time in wrapping your hand around the edge of it to prevent him from closing it should he change his mind about letting you inside and then you stepped foot inside his room. You couldn’t see his face as he had his back turned towards you but the scan picture was no longer on the floor near the door, or anywhere else nearby for that matter, so you could only assume that he was still holding it.

“Buck I understand that you hate me for what I did. I should have been honest with you from the start but I…..I didn’t want to hurt the man who had given me reason to wake up on a morning.”

At your words he turned himself around to face you and that was when you saw first-hand just what you had done to him. The bags under his eyes were so dark they could easily have been mistaken for black eyes and tears he had cried had stained his cheeks. It broke your heart to see him in such a state but before you could say anything else he spoke himself.

“What do you mean I gave you a reason to wake up on a morning?”

You had never spoken to him about your life before you met, at least not in great detail anyway, so when he voiced his question you felt your nerves beginning to set in as an awkward lump formed deep inside your throat. One that didn’t seem to disappear no matter how many times you swallowed down onto it.

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Rock Bottom - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Bucky x college age reader where they dislocate their shoulder during a swim meet and Bucky kinda helps out(cause I just did and I need a pick me up) ? Idk if this is good or doable but thank you anyway ❤

Warnings: Mild profanity. Injury.

Words: 840

A/N: Did- did you see what I did with the title?

Anyway,don’t know if this is what you wanted? Don’t know if you wanted some hinting of a romantic interest? But this is what it turned into. It’s also extremely short which I can blame on no one but me-self.


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She dropped her towel on the pier, the rays of the early, morning sun casting a golden glow on her skin and warming it slowly. A thin fog laid over the lake in front of her and birds tweeted in the forest nearby, causing the moment to become completely magical, despite the concrete construction of the new Avengers Facility behind her whose lake she was swimming in.

She walked to the ledge of the pier and looked down into the surprisingly clear water, seeing the pebble bottom beneath. She bent down to her knees and reached with her hand for the water with a gasp. “That’s too good to be true for an outside lake.”

She smiled happily at the warm water which she had assumed to be freezing cold. She corrected her black swimsuit which couldn’t be any more basic even if she tried. She pressed her hands together and raised them above her head along with a deep inhale, pushing herself off the pier and into the water.

Her hands broke the surface, but she had aimed far too steep for the shallow shore. Her hands hit the bottom and her left arm bent forward, causing it to not bend much at all and therefor making her dive with a stiff arm right into the bottom. Her arm pushed back up naturally upon impact and the forceful push caused it to completely unhook from its hinges, so to speak.

She scrambled to the surface and stood up in the water that reached her chest, wincing loudly with a string of curses leaving her mouth as she grabbed her left arm with her right hand to keep it still. She waded to the shoreline and climbed through the greenery growing around the edges. She fell to her knees in the soft grass and did not glance to her arm until that point.

“Oh shit.” She looked at the bone which was poking out of her unnaturally, straining her skin.

“Y/N!” Her eyes snapped up towards the trail in the grass between the nearest building of bedrooms and the lake. She saw Bucky further off, wearing swimming trunks and waving at her unknowingly. As he noticed she didn’t wave back nor did she stand up from the ground, he realized something was wrong. “Y/N?”

He began jogging towards her and gasped upon seeing her shoulder. “Oh sweet mother of god… What happened to you?” He knelt beside her.

“I dove into the bottom and my arm just snapped somehow. I don’t know.” She admitted upon not being able to recall what had really been up and what had been down.

“Okay, lay down.” He became a lot calmer in a very short time which threw her off.


“I know how to pop it back.” He gestured for her to hurry.

Scared and in pain, she gave into him and moved to lay down with Bucky helping as much as he could. She breathed heavily and frequently, the pain becoming worse for a moment.

“Okay, roll over on your good arm.” He said and helped her do that too. Her back was against him when he grabbed ahold of her limp arm carefully. He stroked up and down with his hand carefully to calm her down.

“I didn’t know you went swimming every morning?” He lied, as he had watched her walk down to the lake every morning since it became warmer outside and had only been brace enough to attempt and join her that morning.

“What?” She repeated as she thought he would help her get her arm back in place. “Oh I like to do six laps to get some exercise.”

“And I guess the lake is a lot nicer than the pool here, huh?”

“Hundred percent. I love going here and just lay down on the pier to soak in the sun after my laps.” She admitted and he knew. However creepy it may sound to others, he had watched from the safety of his room just a bit further up the premises. He just couldn’t tear his eyes off of her. “The mornings are so peaceful out here that I just have to- OW! Fuck!”

He popped her arm back without wanting, causing her to roll over her stomach and bury her face in the grass.

“You asshole!” She cried out as she turned back around and sat up, holding the elbow of her left arm. “That’s not cool!”

“It’s better than to build up the stress by letting you know when I’m going to do it!” He justified and she only groaned in frustration, getting up off the ground.

“Yeah? Well I wanted a little heads-up before you relocated my goddamn shoulder…” She let out a sharp breath, moving her hand up and rubbing it over the sore muscles of her shoulder that still ached. “Thanks though…”

Bucky smiled at her silent thank you, watching her cheeks flush red as she had been so harsh towards him. “Any time, sweetie. Any time.”

Rick Grimes:

Still laughing about the silly joke you made with Rosita, you head back to the house. The light is still on as you’re trying to open the front door as quiet as possible. Suddenly it opens from itself and impressed your eyes follow the disappearing door knob before you stare at a chest.
“What are you doing?” He asks amused as you look up.
“Sh, ya gonna wake Judy.” You press your finger on the mouth and straighten up.
His warm arm wraps around your waist as he leads you in the house, closing the door behind you.
“Seems like you had some fun tonight.”
“’m not that drunk.” You pout.
“Ok ok.” He chuckles quietly and you blush slightly as he has to help you upstairs.
You barely notice how he has to help you out of the clothes as your body finally meets the soft mattress.
“Hey!” You whisper as he brings you a glass of water.
“Don’t tell my boyfriend.”
“I’m…” Rick sighs quietly, shaking his head still amused. “I won’t and now sleep well.”

Daryl Dixon:

Even when it’s your fifth date you’re still nervous. Daryl ain’t a talker, but he seems to enjoy your presence.
Or why should he take you to his favorite bar?
“Easy with them.” He mumbles as you gulp down one of the shots which are supposed to be tequila.
You draw a grimace at the bitter taste, a warm feeling tingles in your stomach. But not only because of the alcohol, but because of the quiet laughter of Daryl. To overplay the feeling you grab another shot as Daryl stills your hand.
“Ya don’t have to prove somethin’.”
“I don’t.. ok, maybe a little.” You admit and he smiles slightly.
“Come, I bring ya home.”
Tears swimming in your eyes as you nod and stand up, stumbling a bit as you turn to the door.
That’s it, you’ll see him never again.
But then you feel his hand on your back, leading you out to his bike. With the help of him you’re sliding behind him, wrapping your arms around his muscular stomach.
As you reach your apartment there’s this awkward silence, because you still don’t know how he feels.
“Uhm, you want a coffee?”
“Yea.” He nods.


“Stop laughin’.” You whine, nearly slipping from the bed as you try to get out of the tights.
Again he snickers as you rip another hole in it. “Neeeegan!”
“Yeeeeeah?” He imitates your voice and like a lady you show him the middle finger. “Maybe it’d fucking help when you get out of your shoes first.”
It’s getting ridiculous and awkward as you struggle with the buckles of the shoes. Even Negan seems annoyed as he crouches down with a sigh and opens them.
“I start to like your drunken ass.” He says, pulling down your tights with a dirty smirk.
“When you also like when I vomit on you, go ahead.” You mumble as he puts a finger on his chin. “You really think about that? Ugh, sick.”
“C'mon, I’m just joking.”
With a raised eyebrow you watch him how he crawls on the bed and pulls you with him. But nothing happens, he’s just holding you in his arms.
“I’d say you owe me a fucking blow job.” He says after a while and you groan quietly.
“Maybe on your birthday.” You say and he snorts half amused, half pissed off.


You know it’s a mistake to drink the gin tonic like water, but it has been a hot day and you had day shift on the roof.
Too quick the alcohol rushes in your brain and you’ve troubles to concentrate on the book in your lap. It’s actual really funny how the words form new in your brain and you giggle quietly as a knock let you look up. Staggering, but still laughing you open the door where Simon narrows confused his eyes.
“Whatcha doing?” You ask as he smells on your mouth before he looks over your shoulder.
“Did you drink the whole bottle?”
“No, I… shit… hiccup.”
He chuckles quietly and closes the door behind him. “I should stay with you tonight.”
Instead of getting an answer he sends you a worried glance, even when it’s just for a second.
“Why don’t you lie down and tell me what was so funny?” He asks while putting a bottle of water from the fridge on the night table.
“Nothing, just laughed about myself.” You say, cuddling under the blanket. “C'mere.”
A flush creeps over your face as you realize what you just said. But he stands up, kicking his boots away.
“You sure?”


It became tradition that you make a board game party once a month, but tonight you overdid it. Dwight seems to notice that you can barely concentrate on the game and takes your glass away as you wanted to grab after it.
“I think we should stop for today.”
“But I was winning.” You pout and he snorts amused, shaking his head.
“Come, I bring you to your room.”
“I can..” You stand up, nearly falling over the table. “Ok, I can’t go on my own.”
Dwight laughs a moment before wrapping his arm around your waist.
“You could also stay here.”
Surprised you look at him before you nod slowly, a warm feeling spreading in your stomach.
“Just to keep an eye on you.”
Of course..
You shoot him a grateful glare as he helps you out of your shoes and brings you to bed like a little kid.
“You want some water?” He asks and you nod, slightly awkward.
“You stay with me?” You ask before taking a small sip out of the bottle.

First Impression are important.

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Pairing: Namjoon x reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Request: Hello!! Could I request for a story(?)) where your friend like Namjoon but she’s too shy to approach him first so she gets you to do it but then he changes the subject unconsciously and then you two start talking and found out you have a looooot of things in common (speak a lot of languages, read a lot of interesting books, you are both open minded…) so when she tries to ask him out he kind of say you are better? 😂 sorry if this is kind of strange

(gif credit to original owner) 

(A/N I love this idea however I chose to have Namjoon more just already crushing on the reader then saying shes better I feel like that’s just a wee bit mean)

“Yah Y/n are you even listening to me?” Your friend called out to you while you stared into oblivion.

You turned your head towards your friend and gave her a bashful smile “Sorry F/N I am listening I am just thinking about something but you want me to talk to Namjoon for you?” You asked her.

Both of you were assistants at BigHit and for a while your friend had her eyes set on Namjoon she just never knew how to talk to him, while you had the ability to be confident around all of them because they were just easy to be around after a little while of knowing them. However your friend was really shy not to mention awkward so she struggled with initiating a conversation. You noticed her blush from just the mention of his name “You do know they are literally the easiest people to talk to, you just have to say hello.” You tried.

She looked at her hands then shook her head “You know its not that easy for me Y/N, please just talk to him for me, it would mean the world to me.” She begged while giving you her best puppy dog eyes.

You sighed and without another word went on the hunt for the purple headed boy.

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Four word prompt "you're always number one"

Nobody ever tells you about the bumps in the roads, the disagreements, the arguments, the mean comments in the heat of the moment, the irritated moods, or the nights spent at opposite ends of the bed. Instead, it is always expressed that the makeup sex definitely makes up for the disputes and that the always wearing minimal clothing is fun. They forget to emphasise the fact that the morning sex and breakfast in bed, along with cooking pancakes in nothing but his oversized shirt, does not always happen. There are times where you want to strangle each other, where you don’t even want to eat the breakfast prepared purely because the two of you disagree on whether or not the bloody curtains needs to be changed to match the new furniture you both agreed on getting. People forget to express the fact that relationships are not always full of sloppy kisses and cuddles.

You have been glued to your laptop day, to be quite frank you were glued to it into the wee hours of the morning before Harry woke up at five in the morning to find you still on the damned thing. At that point, he forced you to turn it off and get some sleep. 

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Miss Model

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Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 563

Part 4 of Utter Perfection

After Cas left, you sat on the end of your bed and reached down, slowly slipping off your heels. Your mind was reeling. He’d looked so happy when you saw him. Getting up, you took off your jewelry and dress, letting them fall to the end of the bed.

Once you were in a shirt and shorts, you brushed out your hair, and then pulled it up into a messy bun. Your bare feet moved you towards your bedroom door, and you felt like a zombie. All you wanted, was to wash the makeup off your face, crawl into bed, and do anything besides think of Crowley.

Crowley knew what you were thinking, it wasn’t hard to figure out. What it was, however, was completely wrong. After he’d destroyed far too many demons, he snapped himself to you. His eyes moved from the end of your bed, up your sleeping form, to your face. You were hugging your pillow tightly, and it was still damp from your tears.

His eyes fell for a moment before he moved forward, licking his lips. “Love?” He spoke up. You shifted, but didn’t wake. “Love, please, I need to speak with you.”

“Why aren’t you speaking to miss Model?” You sighed, not looking up at him.

His hands were in his pockets, not wanting to make you uncomfortable by sitting down. “She’d be more likely to wind up in your bed than mine, I can promise you that.” Crowley told you, a slightly amused look on his face at how you stared at him.

Shaking your head, you sat up, furrowed brows. “Wait, what?” You asked, still getting rid of the sleep induced brain fog. “Why would she be in mine?”

That made him laugh, his head went back and everything. “I don’t have the parts she’s interested in, pet.” He said gently, wondering how long it would take you to catch on.

After a moment, you blushed. “OH!” You buried your face in your hands, chuckling. “Oh, God.” You groaned. Sighing, you sat back, looking at him. “I’m so sorry.” You said softly. “I saw the way you lit up with her, and how different her body was.”

“And your insecurities got the better of you, didn’t they?” He asked, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

You nodding, wiping a tear from your cheek. “I think because I was scared.” He gave you a moment to add to that if you wanted to. “I had planned to sleep with you when we got back.”

Crowley’s eyebrows went up. “That I was not expecting.” He admitted. You bit your lip, still blushing. “Care to know what we were discussing?”

“First, can you come kiss me?” You asked bashfully. “I can’t believe I acted like that.”

Snapping his fingers, you were in his chambers. “How about I hold you, as well?” You were in his dress shirt- the same one you wore your first night there. When you smiled, he crawled into bed, in just his boxers, his arms open for you.

You leaned down, kissing him gently before resting your head on his chest. “So, what were you talking to her about?” You asked, your fingers drawing lines on his chest.

Crowley grinned, although you didn’t see it. “I asked her to hunt down the perfect ring to ask you to be my Queen.”

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Dangerous Woman (Part 1) 🌙

A/N: Hello everyone! As promised, here is the full ‘Dangerous Woman’ smut for all of you! This is part 1 of the trilogy so look forward to more after this! Part 2 and 3 will not be related to this particular smut so every fic will be based on a different scenario! Hope y’all would enjoy this little baby of mine x

Pairing(s): Luhan x Reader

Warnings: Call-girl industry references, blowjobs, sex in general

Genre: Smutty smut ;)

Requested: No

Summary: In which drug lord! and successful CEO! Luhan goes to a particular call-girl to get his needs fulfilled.

Word Count: 6103

Soundtrack: Dangerous Woman // Ariana Grande

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I wanna savour, save it for later

The taste, the flavour

As the CEO of Lu Corporations, the largest upscale drug company in Korea and China, Luhan is viewed as the typical, arrogant and loaded young businessman whom everyone assumes him to be. It’s not exactly untrue; the twenty-six-year-old drug lord basically sits on stacks and stacks of dollar bills in his Lamborghini all day long, admiring his flawless reflection in the rear-view mirror and aimlessly thinking of methods to earn even more money.

Disgustingly handsome and reeking of wealth and power, Luhan walks the world with unbreakable confidence, never seen in public without his perfectly tailored suit and his jet-black hair gelled back with a vengeance. Women clamour to be by his side, dying to look good on his arm. Yet, for some strange and unknown reason, the young drug lord chooses to remain single despite the endless stream of females queuing up to be with him.

Nevertheless, the world views him as one of the luckiest and most successful bachelors out there. Wealth, glory, power, devastatingly good looks, a smooth-running business, a diversity of women to date. What’s there for him to complain about?

Well, there is a teensy little problem for him.

With all the workload and the useless business meetings he has to attend, he barely has enough time for himself and although he might be one of the most successful young men in the country, he’s still…well, a man. And men have their needs that need to be fulfilled, don’t they?

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week - Day Three: “First Kiss”

A/N: I didn’t actually think I was going to be able to write anything for today - woo hoo for last minute bursts of inspiration! Keep in mind that I’ve literally just finished this and have only read it over once, so please forgive any errors or timeline discrepancies. This starts out during HLV.

Molly’s steps faltered slightly as she entered the morgue and saw Sherlock standing in the middle of the room. She hadn’t seen much of the man recently. Not since the day John had dragged the Consulting Detective into Barts for a drugs test.  It had been weeks since then, but Molly still felt a bit tense around Sherlock. She had gotten so heated in that moment only to be abruptly cut off before really having a chance to cool down. Things still felt a bit unresolved and Molly wasn’t entirely comfortable just yet with the idea of going back to business as usual.

“Oh, hello Sherlock,” Molly said politely, her voice was a bit more formal than it usually was when she spoke to him.

“Hello Molly,” Sherlock replied, his own voice quiet, the raw sound of it giving Molly pause.

Her heart plummeted as she recalled the last time she’d heard him sound like that. Oh god.

“What’s wrong?” She demanded, any bitterness she was feeling towards Sherlock a second before completely forgotten. “Tell me what’s wrong.” The words, echoing in her mind from the memory of that fateful night years ago, spilled from her mouth again now.

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*curtsies* you seem like a 'take no shit' person so I beg you, how do I stop being so sensitive? Today my Drs secretary kept laughing at me and made me feel stupid/crazy and I cried for 30 minutes curled up in a ball. The smallest thing sets me off.

*Curtsies* So, this is something I actually really struggle with in other people. My mother and one of my close friends from college are both extremely sensitive. I’m really not; I tend to bounce back quickly from fights and slights and get on with the day, and I don’t know why that’s easier for me to do than it is for someone else. (Probably because I’m selfish and I don’t like being mad about anything for any longer than I have to, truth told.) But the biggest things I struggle with in communicating with super-sensitive people are that (1) they take everything personally and (2) they can’t let anything go. Some of the things people have taken personal offense to absolutely astound me, like mentioning to my mom that I had a really horribly long wait at the doctor’s office (which she perceived as somehow aimed at her because she had recommended the place). Another friend once burst into tears, walked out of a restaurant where all our friends were hanging out because I wanted to know what to do with a bunch of stuff she’d left at my house (which she perceived as being a criticism that she hadn’t cleaned up after herself; it wasn’t, I just genuinely wanted to know what to do with her stuff). 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m emotionally obtuse and could have said something in a hurtful way without meaning to, but I also think it’s a bit dangerous to always assume that what another person does is done deliberately to hurt you. Because what I’ve found in these kind of situations is that nine times out of ten it’s actually just a misunderstanding, where intent and impact don’t align. So. Maybe it would be good to step back and try to ask yourself whether the secretary is actually laughing at you, or if maybe there was just something funny about the situation, or if maybe she was just trying to be friendly, or if maybe she was nervous and that was why she laughed. Human behavior happens for a lot of different reasons and assuming that it’s always meant to do you some kind of harm is a hard way to live. The best take-no-shit advice I can offer here (because that is what you asked for) is that next time something like this happens, stop and ask these questions before you get upset: 

  1. Is this really about me or am I making it about me?
  2. Am I possibly overreacting?
  3. Is there a way to clarify the situation?

That last one is really key. I can’t tell you how many fights could be avoided if people just stopped and said, “Wait, what did you mean by that?” But here’s the other key component: If the other person says, “Oh no, I wasn’t laughing at you at all,” you have to actually take them at their word. Give them the benefit of the doubt, because if you don’t you’re going to spend a lot of time weeping about insults that never actually happened, and they will have no idea what they’ve done wrong (and will feel terrible without knowing why). Communication is key. 

Hope this helps.

warning signs // pcy

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→ mafia!park chanyeol
→ in which two respectively fucked up people found a way to love each other despite the warning signs.
→ word count: 2.5k
pt 1 // pt 2 // pt 3 // pt 4 // pt 5 // pt 6 // pt 7 // pt 8 // pt 9 //
→ song of the chapter: honest by the neighbourhood

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I could feel the burning sensation of the fire, even from several feet away. We watched in horror, anticipating for the rest to come running out of the burning building. My arms were crossed over my chest, my hands gripping tightly with nails piercing into my skin. Gasps escaped our mouths when we saw a silhouette emerge, it was Geoff. Whilst everyone else let out sighs of relief, I panicked. Where was Shawn?

“Where is he?” I asked running over to Geoff who was limping, dragging his leg with him as he made his way over. “Where’s Shawn?” I shouted. Geoff looked at me with pain in his eyes, which were vivid as they burst through his soot covered face. I shook my head as my nails dug deeper. Before anyone could tell me otherwise, I ran towards the fire. “What the fuck are you doing?” I heard Brian shout from behind. “It’s too dangerous,” Tom called after me. As I ran towards the fire, the heat became more powerful, making my skin itch to the point where I wanted to tear it off. The majority of the building still remained in it’s original frame as the fire had started from out the back. I threw my arms over my face, in an attempt to protect my face from the flames, as I made my way in. The building may have been standing still, but everything had turned black inside. I tried to remember where we had been as the fire started, trying to remember the directions.

Although the building was silent, compared to earlier that evening when it was filled with voices of cheer; the fire roared with anger which added to the new murky surroundings. We had been eating at a table near a window, tucked under a balcony. It was impossible to tell where the window would have been, as the main dining area was submerged in smoke. I felt my lungs draw tighter, causing me to cough rather than take deep breaths. “Shawn?” I shouted, trying to make my voice be heard over the flames. The building was creaking, meaning it wasn’t going to hold much longer. As I stepped through the smoke things like; over turned tables, broken chairs and wasted food became visible. A perfect night had turned for worst in a matter of minutes.

“Shawn, are you there?” I shouted again, my voice scratching my dry throat. I heard a noise, not words exactly. My head snapped in the direction and I carefully stepped around the destruction. “Shawn,” I said as I froze, looking up at where the balcony had been before. It had collapsed and broken in half, with one half impaled into the ground. There was a huge bundle of flames on the other side, where the window had been originally so I stepped carefully towards the split balcony. “Oh my god,” I sighed, as I absorbed the sight in front of me. To the side of the hanging balcony, laid Shawn. Thick, heavy planks from the balcony had landed across his stomach and another across his leg; with that foot twisted in the opposite direction. I let out a groan of disgust and pain as I landed on my knees. I wanted to cry, but the tears would not fall. Shawn was covered in debris and soot, not looking anything like he had done earlier. I scooted closer, avoiding his twisted foot and sitting next to the planks which covered him. Blood was trailing out from the corner of his mouth, his lips pale; almost white. “Shawn,” I said softly. His eyes fluttered open and eventually focused on me. “(Y/N)” he said, his voice thick with pain.

“It’s going to be ok,” I said, trying to attempt a smile as the first tear fell down my cheek. He simply stared at me, his face twitching with pain. “Take my hand,” he said, his voice dry and quiet. A powerful creak came from behind us, causing my head to turn sharply in that direction. I finally felt scared, having ignored the possibilities as I ran into the burning building. “Take my hand,” he repeated, this time his voice was strong. I turned back to look at his hand, and place my shaking hand on top, gripping onto his fingers. Tears fled as I watched his fingers merge between mine. He winced in pain, causing my eyes to shoot back up at his face. “I’m going to die here,” he said, looking up. I shook my head, my face scrunching up as I didn’t want to believe what he was saying. “No, no you’re not. Help is on it’s way, they’re going to get you out of here” I said quickly. “(Y/N) listen to me,” he demanded, his best attempt at shouting. “This thing, has crushed everything,” he explained. I examined his shirt which started off as white and was now stained with his crimson blood. “Does it hurt?” I asked, instantly realising how stupid it was to ask. He took a deep breath, “To be honest, I can’t feel anything on my left side.” I bit down on my bottom lip as I glanced back at his foot, and worked my way back up to his face. His eyes were shining as tears formed at the corners. “I don’t want you to die,” I admitted, letting out a moan as I felt a sharp pain in my chest. His bottom lip trembled as he blinked, allowing the tears to fall. “Me neither,” he said. I took his hand in mine and pressed my lips hard against it, not wanting to let him go.

I dropped his hand and looked over my shoulder as the wall towards the back of the room collapsed, sending shivers throughout the building. “You need to get out of here, save yourself” Shawn said, his voice weaker. I looked back at him as he began to blink slowly. I took his hand again and held it to my lips, “No Shawn, I’m not leaving you and you’re not leaving me.” He closed his eyes as I smothered his hand in kisses. “We have our whole lives together,” I said. “I’ll still be there, I promise” Shawn said, his eyes meeting mine. I held his hand to my forehead as I closed my eyes, wanting this to be just a nightmare. “I bought that house,” Shawn said, his speech beginning to slur. I glanced up at him and noticed that the amount of blood falling from his mouth had increased. “I bought the house in Vancouver,” he muttered before inhaling deeply. “What?” I gasped. “The keys are in my bedside table, I want you to live there” he said, his voice shaking. I stared blankly at him. “Promise me,” he said. I took a deep breath, not wanting to accept that this was it. “Ok,” I said, my face crumpling up. “I promise.”

A small smile appeared amongst his dirty face, “I love you.” My tears felt hot as they streamed down my face, “I love you.” Shawn closed his eyes, a smile still on his face. “I loved you from the moment I saw you dancing to that awful song.” A faint laugh escaped my mouth as I wiped my cheeks, “Mambo No.5 is a great song.” I watched as Shawn opened his eyes again and fixated past me, his head nodding ever so slightly. Before I could react, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my body as I was being lifted from the ground. “What? No, no” I shouted as I my shoes dragged against the floor and Shawn started to appear further away. “No, you can’t just leave him. Please, take me back. Please” I cried as I could no longer see Shawn. “Shawn, come back!” I shouted from the top of my lungs, sticking out my hand as if I expected him to grab it. As we made it out of the building someone else came along and picked up my feet. Groans of heartbreak left my body, echoing into the dark night.

“No,” I screeched as I was placed on the ground, in time to watch the building collapse in on itself. Everyone around me let out curses under their breaths, some even fell to their knees with their hands covering their faces. He was gone. I slammed my fist into the ground several times, wanting nothing more than for him to appear in front of me - alive. I stopped when I realised that something was in my hand. Lying in my palm was Shawn’s ring, the one he had always worn on his middle finger. I let out a sigh, the tears never ending. I slowly slipped it over my ring finger, before looking back at the fire which had grown since the building had fallen to the ground. I stared blankly as finally, I felt nothing.

the things we need to know

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 4,000 
prompt: “day three: one exception au - au where everything is the same except ______” you know you’ve heard it before, and even minor changes can have big impacts”
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017 
summary: “in which everything is the same except maya came to her own realization about her feelings much faster.” - or an alternative look at the journey post texas for riley and lucas. 
notes: ok so my original idea for this day was a lot different and a lot angstier then this one came out to be, but i’m pleased with this. it came to me last night and i just had to run with it!!! it starts with the campfire scene in texas 2 and works from there, everything in texas 1 and most of texas 2 happened. i take no credit for the dialogue that was pulled directly from the scene. enjoy!! 

“Maya likes you.”

The group froze as soon as the words left Riley’s mouth. Lucas looked shell shocked, and opened his mouth to say something, but Maya cut him off.


Riley ignored her best friend’s protests and continued on, taking a deep breath before launching into her next set of words. She refused to look at Maya, and Farkle for that matter, focusing only on Lucas.

“She’s been hiding it all this time.” Riley saw Lucas look at Maya, a confused expression crossing his features, but she ignored that, powering on. “That’s why she couldn’t watch you at the rodeo.”

Lucas looked even more confused now, and Riley felt a little guilty for dropping this bomb on him, but she had already made her decision and had to keep going. No matter the strain and pain the confession put on her own heart.

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