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Week Three: BOOKS
Week Four: POETRY
Week Five: MUSIC
Week Six: COMICS
Week Eight: PODCASTS
Week Eleven: RESOURCES

Week Two: Welcome back to the LGBT+ Masterlist Project

Before I get into this week’s category I want to thank you all so much for the critical support and contributions you’ve given me since making my first masterlist on LGBT+ characters in television. These masterlists will only get better as you help me along my journey to finding more LGBT+ media. Feel free to inbox me, to suggest and add commentary to my growing list. I can’t promise I’ll edit the lists regularly (I am a tiny college student; you can imagine my stress) but I will certainly share for my followers to see. It’s all still greatly appreciated.

This week, I tried to bring down the list to be exclusive to only movies with leading and supporting LGBT+ roles. I tried to avoid movies with cis people playing trans characters, and altogether tried to avoid problematic representation, which should never go unnoticed or without criticism. Please note, I have not seen all of these movies, so I can’t be the judge of how good the representation is. This is why I welcome you to respectfully inbox me or reblog with comments. 

Thanks again to @mightyachillis for the gifset. Next week’s category: LGBT+ BOOKS

And without further ado: LGBT+ MOVIES!

  • Private Romeo (2011) - A modern gay reenactment of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
  • Frieir Fall (2013) - The life of a father-to-be and police officer begins to fall apart after he falls for his fellow officer (played by Max Riemelt). English distribution name: Free Fall.
  • Pride (2014) - This historical comedy drama follows the true story of a group of LGBT+ activists who supported the British miners’ strike in 1984.
  • Black Swan (2010) - Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis star in this psychological thriller-horror film about a dancer who’d do just about anything to get the role of the Black Swan.
  • Mosquita y Mari (2012) - Two Mexican teenagers, Mari and Yolanda, form a strong bond as they navigate their way through high school.
  • Joven y Alocada (2012) - This Chilean film focuses on the promiscuity of Daniela and her love affair with a boy and a girl. English distribution name: Young and Wild.
  • Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (2014) - This Brazilian film follows the coming of age story of blind teen Leonardo, his best friend, and the new boy in school with whom Leo has an immediate affinity for. English distribution name: The Way He Looks.
  • Cuatro Lunas (2014) - This Mexican film explores four different storylines: an 11-year-old tries to hide his sexuality from his family, a young man is afraid of his gay relationship being found out, another couple of gay lovers are challenged by a love triangle, and an elderly man raises money to buy services from young male prostitutes.
  • Kill Your Darlings (2013) - A dramatization of the true story of Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan) and Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) of the Beat Generation.
  • Jongens (2014) - A gay teen athlete finds himself in a budding relationship with his mutually attracted relay race teammate.
  • Weekend (2011) - A romantic drama about two men who have a sexual relationship for just a weekend.
  • J’ai tué ma Mère (2009) - This Quebec film by Xavier Dolan explores the bond between mother and son. English distribution name: I Killed My Mother.
  • Les Amours Imaginaires (2010) - Another Canadian drama film directed by Xavier Dolan about two best friends who fall in love with the same man. English distribution name: Heartbeats.
  • El ultimo verano de la Boyita (2009) - In this Argentinian film, a young girl befriends a farm boy when she visits her father in the countryside. One day, she finds blood stains on the boy’s saddle and trousers. The boy, though ashamed and confused, finds comfort and safety in this newfound friendship.
  • Wet Hot American Summer (2001) - A satirical romantic comedy about the last day at a summer camp in 1981.
  • The Birdcage (1996) - A romantic comedy about an owner of a drag club in South Beach, Florida.
  • Kinky Boots (2005) - This British-American comedy drama explores the unlikely story of the owner of a dying shoe factory, who finds that making shoes for drag queens could be the niche market that saves his business.
  • The Bubble (2008) - A romantic comedy about two men who fall in love. One man is Israeli, and the other is Palestinian.
  • Out in the Dark (2012) - A similar premise to The Bubble, this drama centers around the romantic relationship between a Palestinian student and an Israeli lawyer.
  • But I’m a Cheerleader (1999) - A satirical romantic comedy staring Natasha Lyonne, who plays a cheerleader sent to a gay rehabilitation camp.

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cantceasethebitching  asked:

I think one of the hardest things for me is not seeing enough plus size alternative peeps. I remember growing up loving the style but thinking I wasn't allowed to love it or dress it because I was big. That subsequently lead to longstanding eating disorder and self hate. Simply SEEING beautiful people like yourself absolutely rocking the style helps. It reminds me that hey, I CAN wear that and I AM allowed in the community.

Ok, so i didn’t mean to leave this one hanging in my DM, BUT, I knew I was making this list and wanted to surprise you with it!

SURPRISE!!! here are some badass babes to follow!! I promise I’ll make more of these in the future!

17 alternative babes to add to your IG feed right meow!

Hybrid!AU Fic Recs

Anonymous said to rbuns: any hybrid!bts fic recommendations

For you anon, a somewhat-comprehensive list of other hybrid!au fics since I’m assuming you’re not asking about mine:

::Disclaimer!! There’s probably a lot more I haven’t mentioned, I doubt I’ve read all of them.::

|| Fics I’ve read and enjoyed!! ||

Sweet Tears by @kitten-dont
      Jungkook x reader, 4 parts [ongoing]
I ADORE THIS and I adore Kitten so ofc it’s going to be here!!

Angel by @starboyjxmin​​
      Jungkook x reader, 1 part [ongoing]
SO GOOD a writing goddess <3

By @kittae
      Heavy Petting (M)
      Jimin x reader
      Favourites and Servants 
      Taehyung x reader
      Tournée du Chat Noir 
Yoongi x reader
      Jin x reader (M) [untitled drabble]
      Jimin x reader [untitled drabble]
      *Another writing goddess, bless <3

By @imaginethisbts
      Out of the Blue (M)
      Jungkook x reader, smut, 3 parts [ongoing?]
      Territory (M) | Disturbed (M) | Drabble (M)

      *Holy shit >////<

By @arrianna21
      Growing Pains | Morning Cuddles | Of Nicknames and Kisses |
      Swimming with the Pheromones (M)

      Taehyung x reader x Yoongi, last one is smut ;)
      From Sour to Sweet
      Yoongi x reader (Yoongi’s backstory)
      Bloody Heaven
      Jimin x reader x Hoseok
      *I love them all omg she writes really well AND THEY’RE ALL LONG AF

BunBun (M) by @jungkookienoona
Jungkook x reader, smut, 3 parts [completed]
      * Another good one oml >///< let me live (her other series is rlly good too!)

Teething (M) by @sue-bts
Jungkook x reader, smut, 2 parts [completed??]
I don’t have an explanation for you but she’s good

Call Me Kitten by @tumblingtae
Jimin x reader, fluff, 2 parts?
      *Always one of the cutest god damn things I’ll ever read oml

|| Fics that aren’t BTS but are still good ||

Funny Habits by @jungnoir
Hyungwon x reader
      *Cute as hell yes pls

@oh-beyond​‘s amazing Exo Hybrid series!
      *I will sing praise for this series and her all day ily <3

[I’ll add more here later but I just wanted to get the BTS one’s out since the anon asked for those! I have read some other EXO and GOT7 ones as well, so I’ll add those later!!]

|| Fics I haven’t read yet! (but I am going to read) ||

By @milkguks
      Missing You
Yoongi x reader
      oh pretty kitty, this bath wasn’t meant for two
Yoongi x reader

Carnations by @cloudygyeom
      Yugyeom x reader, 5 parts [ongoing??]
*its looking promising af god bless

This probably isn’t all of them, but there’s a fair few! Oh gosh this took forever though. I will come back later as I read more and add to this, but until then this is the list I have compiled so far! It’s mostly BTS since that’s what the anon asked for, but I will add more for other fandoms too, don’t worry!! Also if you guys have read some other good ones not mentioned that you’d like to recommend, feel free to recommend them! (inbox is always open <3).

I’ve heard people say they won’t ever be able to forgive Patches for messing with Siegward. But I say, Siegward - the honest fool, sweet cinnamon roll, Gwyn bless his kind heart - would be the first to forgive Patches. So surely you can find it in your heart to forgive Patches as well, yes? All’s well that ends well, right?

(And what if this happens in a timeline where Siegward saves Greirat, and Patches adds him to his very short list of people who are maybe ok?)

((And what if Patches is a lightweight and keels over after just one Siegbräu?))

Things I have learned from Assassin’s Creed...

* So next time you’re told that Video games aren’t ‘educational…’ *

- Historical Figures, their names and purpose

- Historical Monuments, when they were built and significance

- Historical Events, when they happened and why

- Various cultures, and traditions

- Take a peek into how people used to live and cope back in the days

- Different weapons, and how they were used

- Animals are actually very useful, I underestimated them before the game

- How much of an asshole a red coat was (Okay all guards and soldiers were assholes…)

- How England managed to spread it’s influence and soldiers across the world

- Famous Ship names, and Ship types. (Schooner, Frigate, Man O’ War, etc…)

- Little charted Islands that I never knew existed ( Tulum, Isla Providencia, etc…)

- Geography (A hell lot)

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On your birthday, I don’t call.
I know I said I would.
Add that on to the list of promises I’ve made that I did not keep.
I couldn’t.
Because you’ve fallen in love with a girl who’s dedicated more of her existence to you than I ever could and because I’m in the process of falling in love with someone who deserves it.
and neither one of us needs that kind of reminder anymore.
life is happening like it’s supposed to.
and we’re not in the business of digging up the past just to prove that we have survived. that is something worth celebrating.
happy 21st.

Lets Talk About Firsts Part 3

Part 1


Part 2


Eddie jammed the key into the lock and ushered Richie into the little entryway to their place. Richie was shaking and his nose and ears were bright red. Eddie held on to Richie’s cold hand as he pulled him down the hall towards the bathroom. He let go of his hand and pushed him inside, ordering him to take a shower. Eddie closed the door and stopped in his room to change and then to the small kitchen. He set a pot on the stove and poured two cups of milk into it. It wasn’t until Eddie waited for the milk to boil that everything that had happened on the walk finally sunk in.

Eddie threw his head onto the counter and made an embarrassingly happy sound. He raised his head and looked down the hall to the bathroom door. He was really glad Richie didn’t hear it.

Richie had kissed him. a full on the lips kiss. Eddie made the sounds again and rubbed his hand across his face. It was burning. Eddie could only assume that his face was extremely red. He tried to shake the smile from his face but it wouldn’t go away. This was the happiest Eddie had been in a while, and it was all over a stupid kiss that probably didn’t mean too much to Richie.

His smile dropped slightly at that thought.

Richie had kissed so many people, people that he actually liked. Eddie’s had just been a pity kiss.

That thought completely wiped the smile from his face. Eddie started to panic. What If Richie was regretting it. What if he didn’t want to talk to him anymore. This had been a huge mistake. This was definitely going to change how they were as friends.

Eddie’s train of thought kept chugging down that path until the sound of the milk boiling over broke him from it.

He mixed up one cup of hot chocolate instead of the two he had originally planned. His stomach wasn’t really feeling hot chocolate anymore. He placed the mug on the counter directly in the sight line of the bathroom door and retreated back to his room. He paused outside of the door and stared at the closed bathroom door before opening his and disappearing behind it.

Meanwhile, behind the bathroom door, Richie was absolutely ecstatic. And cold. Richie was really cold. He cranked the water to almost as far as it would go, stripped and jumped into the shower.

Eddie had wanted to kiss him! Eddie had said he was special! Richie was over the moon. He thought mostly everything that Eddie did was cute, but the image of him looking up at Richie and asking to be kissed would forever be number one.

Once Richie could actually feel his limbs he turned the water off and grabbed his towel. In Eddie’s haste to get Richie into the shower, he had forgotten to grab a change of clothes for him. Richie shrugged and wrapped the towel around his waist, before opening the bathroom door.

He didn’t really care enough to actually get dressed so he headed straight down the hall into the kitchen. He was happy to find the mug full of hot chocolate. He was less happy to not find Eddie. Usually, when they come home after parties they would hang out in the living room and watch a movie or something. That was where Richie had expected Eddie to be. He turned to look back down the hall at Eddie’s closed bedroom door.

He grabbed the mug in one hand and held the towel with the other and headed down the hallway stopping in front of Eddie door. he knocked lightly with his foot. Careful not to spill anything on the carpet or drop his towel. What would Eddie think if Richie kissed him and then turned up at his door naked 20 minutes later?

When Eddie didn’t answer Richie kicked the door again slightly harder.

“Ed’s I know you’re awake. Open up.” Richie called out, leaning his ear against the door to listen for any kind of movement. He didn’t hear any. He placed the mug on the hallway table beside Eddie’s door and knocked again, this time with his arm.

“I’m coming in Eddie. I hope you’re decent because I’m not.” Richie yelled as he turned the door handle and entered Eddie’s room.

The lights were off and Richie could make out a shape in Eddie bed across the room. Richie took a step into the room.


“I’m sleeping, Richie,” Eddie replied. Richie knew that tone of voice. Eddie was worried about something. He took a few more step into the room until he was standing beside Eddie’s bed.

“Are you going to talk to me or am I going to have to put a wet towel in your bed,” Richie asked, looking down at Eddie. The room was dark, the only light coming from Eddie’s computer screen on his desk.

“What are you even talking about…” Eddie sat up abruptly and turned to face Richie. Who was standing in nothing but a towel beside his bed. Eddie’s face was directly in front of Richie’s bare chest. His face lit up. He crossed his arms and turned to look at the wall.

“So, are we going to talk,” Richie asked, hoping that Eddie could see the smile that spread across his face in the dark.

“talk about what,” Eddie grumbled. Refusing to look back at Richie. Him coming in here shirtless was cheating.

“I don’t know Eddie, maybe that kinda big thing that happened on the walk over here,” Richie explained mimicking Eddie and crossing his arms.

“We don’t need to talk about that, besides it was just a pity kiss. It didn’t even mean anythi- “Richie cut Eddie off by grabbing his face and forcefully pressing their lips together. Richie had been so happy about that first kiss and he was not going to let Eddie’s inability to not over analyze things ruin it.

Eddie was slow to get into the kiss but relaxed into it eventually. Richie sat down on Eddie’s bed, not breaking away from Eddie. Eddie whimpered when Richie licked his bottom lip. The sound was too cute and Richie had to pull away to look at Eddie’s face. He was as red as a tomato again. Eddie slowly opened his eyes to look back at Richie.

Richie realized that he had unintendedly followed through with his threat. He grabbed his towel making sure it didn’t fall.

“shit, I’m sorry Eds. I got your bed all wet.” he started to stand but was stopped by Eddie’s hand grabbing his arm. Richie and Eddie locked eyes.




“Could you be my first for more things.”

Okay so I know I suck for ending it before it gets to the good part but I’m falling asleep writing and its getting way longer then I meant for it to be. I’m going to have to add another part on… Sorry. Part 4 will definitely be the last part and It will be up tomorrow. I promise. 



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Showa Era idol introduction post Part 2/?

as promised, here are 5 more 80′s idols you should check out!! (click here for part 1 if you missed it!) I could stop at 10, but the Showa Era was technically from 1926 until 1989, so… maybe I’ll add more to this list later ;)

6. Hayami Yu

Yu, the tan American girl from Hawaii! it was fairly rare for celebrities to speak English back then, giving her extra cool points. she’s best known for the above song “Natsuiro no Nancy”, which was used in a Coca-Cola commercial (and more recently, I think a cell phone commercial?)

7. Honda Minako

another lovely lady gone before her time, the seductive and vivacious Minako! she caught many people’s attention with her racy performances in the late 80′s. eventually Minako fine-tuned her vocals and blew everyone away by holding a note for 30 seconds in her song “Tsubasa”!

8. Kawai Naoko

cute face, great voice, brilliant smile, and a bubbly personality– Naoko was truly the definition of a classic “idol”! she lives in Australia now for some reason!?

9. Wink

famous for their elaborate costumes, lack of facial expressions (which apparently wasn’t intentional haha), and almost apathetic choreography, Wink made a splash in the idol scene at the tail end of the 80′s for being exactly the opposite of other popular idols at the time. they’re mostly known for their covers of Western songs but had a couple of original hits of their own, like the often-covered “Sabishii Nettaigyo”!

10. Matsumoto Iyo

okay I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really know a whole bunch about Iyo. but she was one of many popular idols who debuted in the magical year of 1982!

High School Reunion

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Cammie (OFC)

Word Count: 1,657

Warnings: Pregnant!Reader, fluffy Jensen feels, sad feelings about Jensen not being with you but this is a fluffy fic

Request: Do you think you an do a writing where it’s the readers high school reunion and she pregnant and Jensen has to film but than he surprises her?

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it!

Feedback the glue that holds my writing together

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Originally posted by aborddelimpala

“I love you so much.” You said into the phone with a smile. You were happy for your husband, Jensen that he was working again, getting to be with his coworkers and second family but you really wish he was with you here now. 

“I love you more. I promise to call tonight after we’re done filming. This time, you have to put me on speakerphone so James can hear my voice, okay?” Jensen said, wishing he was there with you. You put a hand on your very large belly, feeling your son kick for the hundredth time that day. 

“Of course. I just wish you were here with me right now. It would make this reunion a lot more fun. I kind of told everyone you were going to be there. There are a few Supernatural fans going to be there. Oh well, guess I have to break their hearts.” You said, sighing into the phone. 

“I know, baby, I’m sorry. You know I would be there but we need to start filming for Season 13. Hey, look, they’re calling me on set now. I gotta go. I love you, sweetheart.” Jensen said, purity in his voice. 

“I love you more.” 

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anonymous asked:

Uhmmm so that fic you just reblogged..... got anything else Like That? Jonsa but with the s7 spoilers? Or painful like that one?

Haha oh Anonny, you might have come to the wrong place. I am terrible with angst lol, I usually hate it so much! I am a big baby and it always makes me feel ~personally attacked and offended~ I know @valyriansword‘s ficlet definitely did even thought I 100% brought it upon myself! But I will do my best for you…

Here are the s7/trailer show-inspired fics I personally know of:

And if you are just looking for general Pain Feels & Heartbreak™, here are some fics you might like:

I haven’t had my coffee yet, so I am sure I will think of more and add them. So check back if you get the chance!

**Note: Look in the notes of this post for more great fic recs!

anonymous asked:

53 with a painfully oblivious s/o and Jesse

(Somebody got a bit carried away. I just love McCree, okay? It’s healthy…)

53: I’m flirting with you.

You watched as the sun poked it’s head out from beneath the horizon and began its steady climb upwards through the sky, marvelling at the wash of orange that the sky was now painted. Warmth glowed onto your face and you briefly closed your eyes to drink it in as a tingle shot down your spine. Any day you woke up in time to watch the sunrise was always a good day.

You washed and dressed before bounding downstairs for your breakfast in the Overwatch cafeteria. You had worked here for just over a year now, and had quickly become part of the team, your skills being a valuable asset to their missions and your friendly and upbeat nature helping you to get on with everybody.

None more than your favourite cowboy, Jesse McCree himself.

You had heard snippets of his ‘reputation’ before joining the team, but upon meeting the man, he changed your opinion of him completely. Yes, he dripped with charm and men and women dropped to his feet wherever he went but he was always a true gentleman toward you and you had become great friends in recent months.

It was for this reason that your grin increased twofold when that very cowboy graced you with his presence at breakfast, wandering up behind you and covering your eyes with a “Guess Who?”. Unfortunately for him, you could smell that cologne a mile off.

“Jesse!” You exclaimed happily, turning around and standing to jump at him and hug him tightly. He had just arrived back from a week’s mission and you’d missed his company and banter greatly. You were small and so your legs wrapped around his waist perfectly, arms hugging his shoulders tightly as you rested your face in the crook of his neck.

“Woah there!” Jesse chuckled but he responded just as wholeheartedly, catching you effortlessly and holding you up round the waist, resting his head stop yours and placing a little kiss on your forehead, secretly wondering how he managed this past week without these hugs. Unbeknownst to you, the man was besotted with you though you were so oblivious he could never act on his feelings.

It was painfully obvious to the rest of Overwatch however, there was even a bet on how long it would take you guys to get together, with many calling it as being years away. You didn’t even notice the fond shaking of heads and whispering around the cafeteria as you two hugged so excitedly.

Eventually, you hopped down from him and you sat beside each other, him making sure to bump your knee against his under the table every once in a while. It was beyond the point of trying to be subtle now. You engaged in your normal small talk, laughing more than you had all week. He was trying to flirt with you, as usual, either with random compliments or little touches but you were just completely immune to it, it seemed.

“You wanna go take a walk, darlin’?” He asked once you’d finished breakfast to which you eagerly nodded. You couldn’t really ever bring yourself to say no to Jesse and you knew why. Your little crush. You’d tried getting rid of it, as you knew he’d never feel the same with all the women he could possibly have if he wanted them. Sometimes there was a little tingle at the base of your spine when you thought he might be flirting with you but you had to remind yourself that he was just a naturally very affectionate person. Oh how wrong you were.

You arrived at the roof of the Overwatch building together, somehow from the cafeteria to here you were now holding hands, fingers intertwined and arms swinging merrily.

“This is one of my favourite secluded spots to come to and just think.” Jesse said, almost to himself as he walked you over to the edge. You smiled and glanced sideways at him.

“Are we even supposed to be up here?” You asked and he shot you a lopsided smile.


You threw your head back and laughed loudly, McCree finding himself mirroring your mirth. You stood there for a moment in silence, just taking in the view before Jesse untwined your fingers and slung his arm over your shoulder, re-intertwining your fingers in the new, closer position. You sighed happily and rested your head on his shoulder, his head leaning against yours. Both of your hearts beat faster in the intimate position but, as usual, neither of you noticed.

Jesse moved his head so that he could look at you and smiled fondly.

“You look so beautiful in the morning sunshine, honey,” he whispered to you and you blushed slightly. But just as he thought he was getting somewhere - you slapped his arm playfully.

“Don’t tease me, cowboy,” you accused him and his smile slid off his face, replaced by a tired frown. He tried again.

“I only tease you, y'know, Y/N,” he kept his whispering tones, his breath hot against your ear but you simply snorted with laughter and stepped back from him slightly as you doubled over. He sighed deeply.

“That’s the funniest thing I think you’ve ever said, Jesse McCree,” you giggled, wiping a joyful year from the corner of your eye. And after over 6 months of constant obliviousness you had finally done it.

You had made the always unfazed Jesse McCree very, very fazed.

“Sweet lord, Y/N, I’m flirting with you! I’ve been flirting with you non stop for the past few months. But you never notice, not once! Am I that repulsive that each time I try to make a move with you, you make sure to turn it into a friendly gesture? I love our friendship Y/N, really I do, but I. Want. To. Date. You.” He was practically shouting the last line and you were utterly stunned into silence.


When you finally processed his words and found the right ones to answer him, you spoke quietly and without conviction.

“Do you want to date me, McCree?” Your voice was slightly harsh, despite it’s softness, “Or do you want to add me to your endless list of conquests?”

He reared back from you, stung. You knew you were probably being too sharp but you needed to know because the answer could be life changing.

“I guess I deserved that one,” he reasoned before taking a step towards you, “But it’s not like that with you. I’ve never pursued a someone for more than a week at most. You mean something to me and I’m not about to throw that away.”

You narrowed your eyes sceptically though you longed for nothing more than to believe him.

“Promise?” You asked, holding out a pinky and looking at him dead in eye. He raised an eyebrow at you but you didn’t bat an eyelash so he presented his pinky and linked it with yours securely.


Your eyes lit up at the sincerity in his voice and you tried to keep your voice as calm as you could as you replied:

“One date.”

Jesse’s grin was infectious as he fist pumped the air and quickly picked you up bridal style, eliciting a small yelp from you and a “Jesse!?” He carried you down the stairs, two at a time, scaring you half to death.

Finally you arrived downstairs and he crashed through the cafeteria double doors, making all eyes snap to you both and your face to turn a shade of red that was only growing darker.

“We’re going on a date!” He exclaimed loudly to the room and you face palmed at his gesture. But, to your amazement, everyone began cheering and running up to you.

“It’s about time-”
“I swear this was my guess, the money’s mine!”

“Money?” You turned to Jesse, eyebrow quirked in disdain but he just shook his head and laughed.

“Later,” he whispered, before squeezing you tighter into his body and planting a kiss on your forehead.

“Let’s get a picture then!” Lena shouted and everyone agreed, getting out their phones and cameras. You sighed, still smiling fondly however. After all, you knew it was going to be a good day the moment you saw the sun waking up that morning.

Call of Duty

Steve, Bucky, Sam, Reader.

Summary: I don’t know where I saw the prompt but it was basically “Person A kicked your butt in FPS multiplayer” so it stemmed from that.

Warnings & A/N: there’s a bit of swearing right out of the gate for accuracy? because I personally get mouthy when playing COD. Like. Bad. Why are people such shits? SORRY ANYWAY. It’s kinda fluffy. Basically it’s all over the place.

Word Count: 1211

Originally posted by hopeinloveinfinity

“MotherFUCKING ASSHOLE. What the SHIT?!” you yelled, finally unable to control your brain-to-mouth filter any longer. The image on the screen changed to a final scoreboard before you were blessed with the replay of your soldier dying as the game winning kill.

Despite the intense annoyance at your recent fate, it felt nice to finally scream your frustration after spending the past hour trying to stay quiet so no one would overhear your colorful vocabulary. You let out an exasperated huff as you flopped back onto your bed. Guessing that was the point of your night where everything started getting really annoying, you tossed your controller onto your nightstand and decided to call it a night.

You and Wanda were seated at the kitchen island the next morning, both enjoying a bowl of cereal when the Three Musketeers returned from their run.

You nodded to the men in greeting before refocusing on your breakfast. You weren’t quite ready for full on conversations yet, so you tried to ignore how they were watching you closely.

Of course it was Sam who finally spoke up.

“Did you have company last night?”

You shook your head before bringing another spoonful of cereal to your mouth.

“An intense phone call?”

You cocked an eyebrow as you looked up at your friend. “No? Why?”

“Sounds like you need to take some relaxation pointers from Banner,” Bucky piped in, an amused smirk plastered across his face.

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Aaron Hotchner / Trust me

As requested by @givemeyourpen: an unsub threatening hotch’s bau!girlfriend and hotch getting mad

Ahhh. Sorry for not posting for a day. Got busy with some life stuff. Trying to catch up on requests and work on the Hotch/Sonny crossover fic. Having some writer’s block lately. Anyway! I love Aaron, man. He’s so good. I love his protective side so much. I hope you enjoy! 

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Restless Nights Series [Teaser]

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Neither of you meant for it to happen, but now Bucky can’t sleep without you, and you can’t sleep without him

Warnings: swearing, sexual innuendos, complete trash (common occurrence in my fics)

A/N: I listen when you guys comment, and praise the heavens, because now I have an idea of where I want to go with this despite not originally planning for it to have more than one part. Yeah, keep that in mind. I get the motivation to write from feedback and this one-shot turned into a series! I don’t know how long it’ll be before this is up (could be a while since I haven’t started and I’m slow at writing), but here’s a snippet. 

Word Count: 273

PART ONE (unedited)

IF BUCKY HAD mixed feelings about their improvisational contract before, then he’d definitely sorted them out in the last couple of days. It was abundantly clear; sharing the same bed wasn’t going to be in his favor. He slung his baseball cap low to show that he was fed up, somehow even more tired—he didn’t realize this was possible—than before they’d both made the decision to sleep together. She was making him weak and worked-up and… Jesus, he wasn’t sure what else. Hands laced behind his head and ankles crossed, he enunciated every word slowly so she’d get the picture. “I’d say fuck you, but then you’d probably get the wrong idea.”

Mhm, there was obviously a misunderstanding between them. It was okay, though. They’d smooth out the kinks (literally and figuratively) without a hitch. She sat up on her knees, causing the mattress to shift. “An idea certainly comes to mind, and I can assure you that it involves all the right things, Buck.”

She was baiting him in, because she wanted something—no other conceivable explanation for her to be such a goddamn tease all the time. His resolve was starting to wane, and if he didn’t get out of there soon enough, he’d crumble into a heap of desperation and need. Bucky licked his lips, suddenly anxious for a glass of water. “You’ve really got to stop saying stuff like that.”

Her hand came up to cup his jaw, forcing him to meet her gaze. She flashed him those come-hither eyes, and they were twinkling with promise. “Oh, yeah, want me to show you instead?”


Adding some other tags because y’all wanted more, and I’m delivering. Also, sorry if you wanted to be tagged and I didn’t add you. If you’re here from the “Control” series, then I didn’t add you to this because that’s a completely different tone from this one. (Angst vs. Fluff and trashier trash). Leave a message if you want to be added to this series’s list. :)

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Hello my loves. Turns out a lot of people don’t know how to block tags! And honestly, one of the worst things in Ramadan is taking a Tumblr break, trying to distract yourself from the hunger, only to come across a delicious food post. SO CHECK IT OUT:

1. Download Tumblr Savior: literally type in tumblr savior into the google search bar and it should come up. 

2. Add Relevant Tags into the Black List: I added food, drinks, food porn, as well as a bunch of random words like cake, chocolate, strawberries, nsfw, sexy, hot, bikini, stuff like that. I even added fitness to the tag, since I’ve already gotten my fitness routine figured for Ramadan and more often than not fitness models are in tiny amounts of clothing.

Voila, you’re done.

If you’re a non Muslim, please be a considerate by tagging your posts appropriately! I promise every Muslim follower you have will be grateful!

I hope this reaches you in the best state of health and eman. much love guys

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What fandoms are you in?


well there are a couple…


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I hope you all found this somewhat interested and if not I’m sorry. this should give you a better understanding on my fandoms. Theres more i promise if i think of them i’ll add them to the list!

Dramaland Forecast: July 2017

Previously: 2016 - Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - June


  • Chicago Typewriter it started out slow and I was *thisclose* to dropping it around ep 5 because I didn’t care about the modern timeline dynamics, but ep 6 was good and then it just got better and better until the ending crushed my heart in all the best ways.
  • Man to Man – a fun, idle binge! Even though I wasn’t super invested, I loved every moment Park Sung Woong was on my screen (he can do no wrong!). I preferred the goofier side of the drama than the srs bzns spy stuff, but the action scenes were pretty slick and I liked the production values. I don’t regret wasting my time on this show although I will probably forget it ever existed.

Currently watching:

  • Super Family 2017
  • The Best Hit
  • Duel


  • I purposefully didn’t start many dramas this month knowing that I wouldn’t have time for them. I’m waiting for Lookout, Circle, Secret Forest, and Fight My Way to end so I can binge at my leisure (and no one had better spoil me on Circle until I do because that’s the one I’m most looking forward to – I’ve worked incredibly hard to avoid spoilers so far and you don’t want to make me cry, do you? Do you?)
  • Oh and I also plan to look into Woman of Dignity but my hopes are sub-basement level and I’m only doing it for my love of Kim Sun Ah.

Upcoming dramas of interest:

  • School 2017 – I never watched the 2015 version but I really enjoyed the 2013 version (all my beloved students with their various problems, and the reunion of the Baby-faced duo Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi). Although, based on this writer, I have a feeling there will be loads more humor than tears.
  • Strongest Deliveryman – I know nothing about this except it has Go Kyung Pyo in his first leading role, so of course it has my attention.
  • Reunited Worlds – “A love story between an 18-year-old man and 31-year-old woman, born in the same year and were childhood friends.” Well, this is certainly a new take on the noona romance. The writer is dependably okay and I like the cast even though no one particularly excites. I’m curious but not to the point where I’ll make a point to clear my schedule for the premiere.
  • Save Me – I love OCN thrillers (esp. in the Sat/Sun timeslot) as much as anyone, maybe even more than most, but… but… Taecyeon.  I dunno if I can last a whole drama with him as the lead.
  • Man Who Dies To Live the plot is vague but the cast is decent. There’s potential here but I’m gonna need more info.
  • Manhole – “Bong Pil and his five friends travel between the past and present through a manhole in order to stop a wedding scheduled a week later.” Starring Jaejoong and UEE and Baro. Heck, let’s get all the idol and ex-idol actors and make it a thing. From the writer of TEN and TEN 2 so it shouldn’t be quite as ridiculous as it sounds (but it better be just a little bit ridiculous. Just a little).
  • Hospital Ship – the plot makes me think of a gender flipped version of my beloved Matsuda Shota’s A Clinic on the Sea, so I’m tentatively willing to give it a chance if it promises me a quirky mix of characters.
  • Mojito – the plot sounds like a standard chaebol-candy rom-com buuuuuuuuuut Sung Joon and Baek Sung Hyun reunited? Yes, please!
  • Live – Noh Hee Kyung’s newest offering that potentially could star Lee Kwang Soo in a role that I’m hoping reflects more than just his comedic abilities. There’s no airdate set (some time next year, probably) and only a vague plot but MY BODY IS READY.

As always, any drama not listed means I have nothing new to add since the last mention and/or it’s not something I care about enough to add to the list.

let’s talk about

so I’ve kind of had this headcanon for a while and woven it into some of my other writing and I think I’m going to add it here too.  You see, I was only veeery tiny - but I remember clearly the day Challenger exploded.

You never promised to come back.  Space Explorers, at least Garrison bred ones, didn’t at least.  It was considered bad luck.  And more importantly - it was considered too hard a promise to keep.  The senior dorm had a plaque on its wall, right in the main lobby and it matched the larger monument that rose, white and streamlined, in the center of campus.  The plaque was a list of names - of astronauts and explorers, scientists and colonists.  Names of the ones that never came home.  The names of everyone that had died out in the cold vacuum of space.  It wasn’t a long list, all things considered, but it was also an unfinished list and both plaques had room at the bottom for more names.  A reminder, just before you reached for the stars, of what might be waiting out there for you.  No one went to class at the Garrison that didn’t walk past the monument, or the plaque, multiple times a day.

How do you think Katie felt - the day they finally added the names of the Kerberos crew to that plaque?

and each time she walked past the monument in the middle of the campus afterward?

Atomic Man -Stalker!Jughead AU

A/N; hey guys! I’ve been having this one itch at me for a while and finally decided to post it. If you want on the tag list just ask and if you have any requests, my ask is currently open!

Credit to @thekillingquill for seriously helping move this along! Promise the next parts gonna be moving along much quicker :)

Words: 903
(As this is formatted on mobile I can’t currently add a read more, but I will at a later date)


It started as a complete accident. He was documenting the discovery of Jason Blossom’s body for his novel and she ended up in the background of one of the pictures. Facing away from the river, in the arms of her mother, her teeth gritted and tears frozen to her cheeks as he immortalized the moment when everything changed. The moment they would look back on and notice the intricacies of Jughead Jones the III and Elizabeth Greenwood.

He found his eyes were constantly drawn to her in that picture. Like a pendulum swinging back in forth, he found no matter what he did he always returned to it. He didn’t understand. First, his hands would begin to jitter, bones filling with a molten excitement he had never experienced before. Then, the itch started.

It was insatiable, gnawing at his bones and slowly weaving its way through his veins, hooking its way into his mind, his being. It started innocently looking in his old yearbooks, trying to put a name to the face. Never before had he seen a face quite like it before. Long, blonde hair framing it in an indescribable sense, features too perfect to exist in this marred world.

His freshman yearbook was a bust, but he found her in the eighth grade yearbook. At 15, it was younger than he would’ve liked, but it would do. He kept it in his wallet, obsessively looking at her class photo, admiring how the lights reflected her eyes and the tiny smile she held upon her features. The class photo was devoid of colour, but he had studied his picture enough to know the exact blonde shade of her hair and the precise hue of her eyes.

His heart pounded in his chest as he traced a finger over her face. Even the idea of touching the photo made him nervous. She was perfection, she was his muse. He couldn’t bare to see her beauty marred by a fingerprint. She was untouchable.

Then, he started to put sticky notes on each page of the yearbook where a picture of her appeared. One where she was at badminton practice. One in her home economics class.

He looked through his seventh grade yearbook and did the same, noting the differences a year makes upon her soft features.

He carried his camera all summer telling himself it was for the book, but the truth of it was that he was hoping to see her again. Hung around his neck like a personal noose, his mind was filled with nothing but the fated day when they would meet. Would it be in Pop’s? With the neon lights illuminating her form in a idyllic photograph? Or would it take place by Sweetwater River, sunlight floating through the trees, helping him in his quest to capture a clearer image of her? He imagined that by July her skin would be sun kissed and her hair would be lighter.

On the first day of school he debated leaving his camera at the drive-in where he lived. He had always known he was often targeted in the halls. He had visions of Reggie Mantle smacking the camera out of his hands. Calling him out, expose him as being too busy writing his manifestos to get laid, but the possibility of seeing her overrode his logic.


Halfway through the day he spotted her down the hall from his locker. She had a soft smile on her face as she stood on the tips of her toes, reaching into the depths of the top shelf for something. One of her friends was gesturing wildly as they relayed a story.

It was a moment he captured for eternity in his first of many candid photos of her that year. Perhaps, had he been looking where he was going, he could’ve avoided what happened next.

“Watch it, Wednesday Addams.” Reggie’s sardonic voice ripped its way through his ears, a harsh shove destroying his view of the girl. His camera jostled roughly against his chest and the wall. Rage clouded over his mind, quietly taking in every fibre of his being.

Before he could respond, a soft, melodic voice wrapped around him.

“Piss off, Reggie.” She stood in front of him, bright eyes framed with dark lashes and that blonde hair that cascaded perfectly. A small smile was held upon her features.

That smile changed everything. It could build towers, crush empires. It was a quiet secret shared between two lovers in the early morning. It was the soft breeze, telling you everything would be alright. Hidden within the curvature of her lips lay a darkness, a slight twisting of the mind. Try as she might to hide it with her baby pink lip gloss and bright coloured dress, he knew. Blonde hair in waves to her hips swayed around her body as a shield. He saw the way she interacted with people, a slight hesitation used to distract from her reality. He spent every waking moment thinking about her words. They lingered in his mind and sew themselves into his soul.

And when everything came crashing down around him, that’s when he knew. He would spend the rest of his life with her, or die trying.


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Blind Date

Pairing: Tony Stark/Iron Man x Reader, platonic!Natasha Romanov/Black Widow x Reader

Request: [Transfer from old account]

Word Count: 1875

Warnings: Cursing because it’s me, minimal self-doubt

A/N: In case y’all didn’t know, everything on my old account (on quotev) was written in first person. I aim to change all to second person before posting, but sometimes a word or two slips through the cracks. If anything doesn’t quite make sense, please tell me so I can fix it. Thank you guys so much for reading!

“I told you Nat, I’m not going on another one of those stupid blind dates you set up. Remember last time? It was ironic, almost going blind on a blind date; thanks to your little assassin friend trying to show off his ‘perfected’  knife-throwing skills,” You said to one of your closest friends, the famed avenger Natasha Romanoff. She was a great friend, but she was always trying to set you up with people, namely people from SHIELD. At this point, there have been too many assassins and near-death-experiences to count.

“Okay, okay. So trying to set you up with Aaron wasn’t my best or brightest idea, but hear me out this time. Alright Y/n?” Responded the red-headed assassin.

“Fine, but this is the last time I let you try and set up a blind date for me.” You respond with a sigh.

“Y/n, you say that every time.”

“Well, I really mean it this time.”

“Whatever,” she muttered. You open your mouth to rebut, but she took notice of you doing so and continued without giving you the chance to speak. “I’ve already gotten this guy to agree to this. And this time, I chose a guy that has specifically asked about you before.” She said surprising you.

“Who’s asked about me before? What do you mean?” You asked, mind racing with possibilities of who it may be.

"I mean that this super attractive guy knows that the two of us are friends, so he asked me about you. More specifically, he asked if you were single.” She explained nonchalantly, knowing it drove you the slightest bit crazy.

“Yea right,” you murmur, deciding that perhaps it was just a ploy to make you more excited about a potential date. “Who would even ask about me? Better yet, who would even ask someone if their friend was single?”

“A cocky, confident bastard that I sadly know very well.” Responded Nat.

“Sounds like a great guy Nat,” You said sarcastically. “A cocky bastard that you regret knowing. Why the Hell would you set me up with this guy?”

“Okay, I admit that he isn’t all that bad once you get to know him. You know how I treat people I get closer to, with sarcasm and empty insults.” She responded. “I really think that this guy might work out.”

“Sure Nat, whatever. He’ll likely end up just being another name to add to the never-ending list of men I repel.”  You say, trying and failing to hide the fact that you were afraid you would end up alone. Afraid that you were too hard to love, and no man wants to stick around.

“Y/n, I know you. You want this to be something. I know that in your mind you are already afraid of rejection, but please give this guy a chance. I’ve never been more sure about setting you up with someone, so I feel uncharacteristically stupid for not doing so sooner. Promise me that you will at least consider this guy tonight.” Said Natasha.

“Alright, alright. I’ll try. For you, Nat.” You told her with a smile. As her words sunk in, the smile slowly faded away.  "Wait, did you say tonight?“ You exclaimed, panic starting to course through your veins as you finally processed what she had said.

"Did I forget to mention that?” She asked with a small smirk, causing you only to nod as you began to panic. “The date’s tonight.” She said.

“This isn’t funny, why didn’t you tell me earlier?” You whisper-yell, trying to be quiet yet still in a state of shock and fear.

“Because I knew that if you knew too far in advance you would try to get out of it.”

She knew you too well.

“Fair point, but it still doesn’t excuse you.” You say, playfully wiggling your finger at her. “It’s already 5:30, what time is he getting here?”

“I think he was planning on somewhere between 6:45 and 7:00.”

“Great, you think.” You say, doing the math in your head. “That gives me a little over an hour to get ready. Thankfully, that’s plenty of time considering I don’t take all that long to get ready.”

"See, this worked out just fine.” Nat said, proud of herself. You turned to give her a quick glare.

“You’re lucky it did,” you said jokingly threatening. You knew better than to actually threaten a trained assassin. “What do you think I should wear?”

“Something more casual than dressy, with what he has planned in mind.” She said.

“Well what’s he planning?” You asked, trying to pry some more information out of her.

“I can’t just tell you, haven’t you ever heard of a surprise?” She said sarcastically. “I’m going to head on out so you can get ready in peace, and this way I’ll be gone once he gets here. Good luck tonight Y/n.” She leaned forward to pull you into a quick hug before disappearing out the door in the blink of an eye.

“Let’s do this,” you said to yourself before sighing. “Wow, that was dorky.”

In the end, you decided to go with a Ghostbusters t-shirt along with dark-wash jeans. You pulled your (h/l) hair up before checking your makeup once more. You slip on your favorite pair of converse and look down at your watch. 6:51. The mystery man would be here any minute. You sat down on your couch to wait, trying to steady the heart furiously beating within your chest.

You didn’t have to wait long, as barely a minute passed before you heard a knock on the door. You took in a deep breath as you stood up, exhaling slowly as you make your way across the room to the door. You took another deep breath as you reached for the doorknob, opening it to reveal a face all of New York seemed to know.

“Tony Stark?” You said aloud, out of shock. Immediately embarrassed, you could feel your cheeks flush.

“Yep, that’s my name. You must be the beautiful Y/n.” He said from the hallway outside your apartment door, leaning slightly on the door frame now that the door was open. You stood in awe for a moment, taking him in. You had already met him once or twice before when you were with Natasha and had found him attractive then, but now seeing him in a tight black AC/DC t-shirt and jeans you were reminded why all the women in the state had a crush on him. Now you understood why Natasha had called him cocky and confident. He was Tony fucking Stark.

“So, you ready to go?” He asked.

“Sure, lead the way.” You responded, thankfully not sounding too terribly awkward. The two of you walked to the elevator and pressed the button labeled “G” for ground. “If you don’t mind, where are we going?” You asked as the elevator made it’s descent and the doors to the apartment building’s lobby opened with a small ‘ding’..

“That’s a surprise,” Said Tony with a wink that made your heart flutter. “You aren’t afraid of heights are you?”

“No.” You answered, thankful that you really weren’t.

“Good.” He said as you approached the car parked outside that must have been his. Holding the door open like a gentleman, you slid into the passenger side the blue mustang. Tony walked around the front of the car, sliding behind the wheel and accelerating once the two of you were buckled.

“So, Natasha and you are pretty close?” He asked, making conversation as the two of you drove.

“Yea, she’s one of my closest friends.” You replied honestly.

“Nice.” He said, then went silent for a moment. “Does she ever talk about me?” He asked.

“Not really. But you know Natasha, she never talks about work. Unless she’s trying to set me up with someone, of course.” You said. Gathering your courage, you continued. “She did tell me however, that you asked about me.” Tony paused for a moment before answering, not flustered in the slightest.

“Yes, I did. You are a very beautiful woman, and Natasha let it slip that you happen to really like Metallica.” He said.

“Well, that’s true. The Metallica bit.” You tell him.

“And I’m glad I did ask, because I showed up to pick you up and there you were in a Ghostbusters shirt.” He said, turning to smile at you.

“Funny, coming for the guy that came to pick me up in an AC/DC shirt.” You retort with a matching smile. You looked up as you spoke, stopping in awe as you realized you were below the Stark Tower. It was much more impressive in person than it was on the news. You follow Tony inside and into the elevator.

“JARVIS, take us up to the roof.” Said Tony.

“You’re taking me to the top of Stark Tower?” You asked excitedly. Tony  nodded in response, smiling at your somewhat childish behavior as you ascended.

The bell made the little ding sound and the doors opened, revealing a candlelit dinner set up before me.

“Did you set this up Tony?” You asked in awe, honestly a bit surprised at the billionaire’s antics. You hadn’t expected something this sweet.

"Of course. If any woman deserves a romantic first date with Tony Stark, it’s you.” He responded.

“Oh shut up,” you said jokingly, warming up to him and becoming all at once more comfortable.

The rest of the night went swimmingly, with the two of you talking about every topic under the sun while enjoying grilled cheese, the dish Tony claims is his specialty. Much too quickly the time came for you to go home, and for the first time in a long time you were sad to leave one of Natasha’s blind dates.

Tony drove you home, the pair of you laughing and joking around the entire way back. He walked you up to your apartment, and you relished every moment being with him longer. You hated to admit it, but you thought you might be falling in love.

“You know Y/n, I had a really great time tonight.” He said, looking down into your (e/c) eyes with sincerity.

“Me too Tony, and I’m not just saying that. Natasha has set me up on a lot of dates, but I actually enjoyed this one.” You looked up at Tony as you reached your door, leaning up to meet his lips with your own. Although it was brief, you felt that that small kiss was the start of something bigger.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime.” He said, with that cocky smirk of his.

“Of course.” You reply.. “Here’s my number, so you don’t have to ask Natasha.” You say, reaching for his phone that he had already pulled out of his pocket. “Text me sometime.” You said with a smile. Something inside you told you that he would be the guy who actually did.

“I will.” He replied. “Goodnight Y/n.”

“Goodnight Tony.” You say, closing the door to your apartment. You let out a dreamy sigh once you were alone, glad that you had listened to Nat one more time.