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The amount of naughty bot blogs I had to block from last night is unreal, with their no profile picture and button mashed blog names.  Go away bots, I don’t know where you’re popping up out of the wood work all the sudden the past few weeks on each new post but you’re making me scared to click on reblogs there’s just so, so many of you.  Will they ever leave us alone….


wonho // monsta x

requested :)) every day boyfriend texts with wonho! trying to get back into the swing of things, and I’ll add the links to the other members later ;)

@britaisy and I present: NORAGAMI FIGHTER AU!

Swing for the Fences

AO3 link / ff.net link

Summary: “But it is morning. Morning of a new period in our education. The Yato-sama era.” Hiyori Iki has one dream: become a renowned MMA fighter. There’s only one place that can help her achieve that: Hafuri Studio and the God of Calamity, an impossibly skilled trainer whose name sends shivers down the crowds’ spine. But, what is the truth behind this man and what is the meaning of the notorious underground fight club that seems to have its claws sunk deep into Hafuri’s bright lights?

CSJJ Day 24: Frozen Butts and Warm Hearts

Here is a fun little winter story for @csjanuaryjoy based on the prompt:

“I slipped on the ice in front of you and you helped me to the hospital and are looking after me”

It kinda got away from me, so the full story will be split up into two parts. (The second part will be posted within the next couple weeks. I’m still working on it!)

But, I do have almost 10,000 words for you to enjoy! Filled with broken dreams and lots of fluff. (I know that doesn’t sound like it goes together, but trust me, it’ll be okay!)

It will be available on FFN and AO3 later in the evening, and I will add the links as soon as that happens. :)

Title: Frozen Butts and Warm Hearts

Summary: A rogue hockey puck causes some problems for Emma. Then she meets the man who sent it her way.

Thank you so much @ilovemesomekillianjones for being my beta! I know this wasn’t an easy task for you! (Me and my word vomit!)

“Look out, love!”

The shout startled Emma, who turned to see a hockey puck hurtling towards her at top speed. Before she knew it, her feet were in the air, and her ass was headed towards the ice.

Her butt hurt, because it managed to land right on the damn puck she’d tried to avoid. If the sickening crunch she’d heard hadn’t rendered her left leg useless, she would be marching over to the idiot who’d sent the wayward puck in her direction, and beat him over the head with his own damn hockey stick.

She wanted to cry out, but realized the moron who’d put her in this position was now rushing towards her, his group of friends right behind him. Everything hurt. There was no way her leg wasn’t broken after landing on it funny, and knowing her luck her tailbone was probably all jacked up too.

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24 days till Christmas - under the mistletoe (michael)

Day 2 of my Christmas 5sos advent calendar my last post is more than likely yesterday’s imagine so check that out if not I’ll add a link later to the first one

Originally posted by luketivist

Walking into the party you weren’t sure what to expect, as you were walking around you saw a few mistletoes but you had yet to be under one with a guy. You weren’t even sure if in the end you’d get a mistletoe kiss, you had always wanted one but hadn’t had the best of luck with guys.

“y/n have you found any possible mistletoe kisses yet” your best friend asked as you were both sitting around while drinking an alcoholic beverage and looking at all the guys.

“No one really stands out for met yet” you said as you looked around all the guys, you saw not being your type or acting a little too cocky for your liking.

Although as your eyes met hair that was a crazy colour you just knew this was the guy who you wanted to be your mistletoe kiss.

Over the night it seemed like a struggle to get his attention, it got to the point where you were tempted to spill a drink on him. How cliche would that have been.

As you looked at your best friend making out with a blonde boy with blue eyes you knew it was getting late and if you wanted him to be you mistletoe kiss it had to happen now.

As you saw him standing under a mistletoe you quickly walked over to him, the alcohol taking over your mind as you started kissing him without any warning. “Woah” he said as he looked at you but soon realised he was under the mistletoe and this time was the one to begin the kiss.

The kiss lasted a good three minutes before you pulled away and you giggled apologising, saying he was too cute to not kiss. And you also admitted that you didn’t want anybody else to be his mistletoe kiss.

As you talked a little longer you were very happy with the risk you took.

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Not Being Able To Walk After Her First Time With Them
Other Versions:

| Monsta X | iKON | Block B | B.A.P | Got7 |


“Woah… I did good… I mean - Is everything ok? Do you need me to carry you somewhere?”


*A bit shy about it*
“So… did it hurt a lot…? Because I might have gotten too carried away, I’m sorry”


“Ah, I’m sorry I hurt you, but I guess that means a lazy day for us, huh?”
*Cuddles up to you on the bed*


“Ah, umm… But did you like it?”

Rap Monster

“You’re welcome”


“And I hurt my hip, I guess we just need to stay home and do nothing”


“Aw I’m so sorry! I… may have tried to show off last night, so you can definitely blame it on me”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

BTS Mafia Reaction To Their Wife Trying To Escape Them

[ B.A.P Version ]
[ Monsta X Version
[ iKON Version ]


“Come on, you don’t actually want to leave me. Don’t do this again”


*Becomes self-conscious. Worried that it’s all his fault, really doesn’t know what to say*
“I’m sorry…”


“I am trying to get us a better life! I am always trying. You can’t make it all mean nothing by leaving like this”


“I believe I can change some things in our life. I’ll find more time to spend with you. I’ll be nicer and show you more love. I promise”

Rap Monster

*Takes it in a more aggressive way*
“After all these years you just want to leave? What is this to you? A joke? You know it’s not for my own pleasure. Leaving me at this point would be really heartless"


*He would be scared to lose you. He would have very sincere feelings towards you and losing you would be terrifying*
“Tell me what you want me to change, I’ll do my best”


“You want me to stop doing that, don’t you? I can try. I’ll stop for you”

I hope you liked it~
feel free to request more!

anonymous asked:

does glenn really regret the s11 scene with the girl?

yeah. it’s not something he’s ever formally talked about in interviews (that i’ve seen) but imdb ran a little listicle type thing on sunny around the time s12 was just about to premiere that mentioned that glenn “came to regret the inclusion of one particularly dark scene from last season’s finale.” i can’t think of any other scene from the gang goes to hell that that possibly could have been referring to.

i’m gonna edit this post later to add an actual link to it because right now i have class in like 10 minutes!