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An Overrated Cliché

Summary: That Spider-Man kiss video was definitely cliché and cheesy, which is exactly the reason that Spidey and Y/N have to do it.

Word Count: 2235

Warnings: Heights and Swearing.

A/N: casually drops this after almost a year without writing like okay!! okay!! please enjoy this (it has good format!!) :0 and thank you to @buckys-fossil for actually tolerating me and proofreading this, i love you!!! also this is a gender neutral fic!!!! if you followed me when i was strictly an aesthetic blog well then, hello i write fics too

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Summer weather was the worst.

Summer holiday wasn’t that much better, what with having cabin fever and all. It had been a week since you had left the comfort of your apartment and three hours since you flopped onto the couch and lay there. All of your friends had been busy, Michelle doing her protesting, Liz with college preparation. It left you with nothing much to do other than lounge around your home.

The fan placed on the coffee table was set on revolve and hit your body with cool breezes. Laying on your side and absentmindedly watching season three of Phineas and Ferb, you felt jealous that those children were creative enough to make the most of your summer. It was a big contrast to you, as you hadn’t done anything the entire few weeks of summer there had been.

A thought suddenly came to mind and you decided to act on it. Shutting off the TV and fan, you put on actual clothes and took care of your hygiene before fixing your hair and pulling on your sneakers. Making sure to had some money and the house key, you texted your mom.

to: mom
hey i’m leaving the apartment for the first time in days are you proud of me

It didn’t take her long to reply.

from: mom
Fine with me, I was about to kick you out and make you do something.

You laughed at her text before tucking your phone away and leaving the apartment and locking the door.

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Y’ALL. i’m cackling. “to thrust violently” jfc i am going to burst into laughter every damn time they say vrepit sa seriously to each other bc 1. they are talking about slavic vamps and 2. TO THRUST VIOLENTLY

this is pretty interesting tho bc if ‘vrepit sa’ means, basically, to stab, then are they really swearing allegiance to the galra empire, or is it just a promise of more violence? or did some nerd on the voltron writing team just think ‘space vampires’

anyway bat boy is actually bat boy and i am satisfied

Let Me Help

Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. Anon: hey! I really love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a reid x reader where the reader has a wet dream about Spencer and she finally tells him about her dream after he asks her what’s wrong and it ends in smut?? thank you so much

Word Count: 3,589, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex.

A/N: Oh my God okay so I went a little crazy on this one and it’s a full fledged long fic. I was writing this and I actually needed to take a break my palms were sweating because Reid is so fucking hot. Anyway, I hope you like it! Please let me know if you want a Part 2 ;)

- M xo

(Gif not mine, credit to owner)

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Sprawled out on your bed, your naked form was being admired and touched by a handsome man. He glided his fingers up and down the sides of your thighs as he placed sensual kisses on your stomach. “God, you’re so beautiful.”, whispered Spencer. 

Wait what? Spencer? Hold on. Did you just have a wet dream about your nerdy co-worker?

You woke up in your bed covered in sweat as you tried to calm down your flustered state as you panted heavily trying to vaguely recollect the memories of the dream you had just had. It wasn’t a bad dream, in fact, it was amazing. You squeezed your thighs together in hopes of some sort of relief, but all you could do was think about the dream, which made your state even worse.

You sat there in silence as you tried to comprehend what had just happened. You’d been working at the BAU for 4 years now and you had never thought of Spencer that way. Sure he was tall, had gorgeous chiselled cheekbones and never failed to amaze you with his intelligent brain. Oh, God. Here you were thinking inappropriately about your co-worker at 3 in the morning when you had to be in for work at 7. There was no way you were going to act normal in front of him after this strange yet intoxicating image of you and Spencer practically having sex ingrained in your brain. All you could do was try to get back to sleep and hope that the flush would be over in the morning.

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Daddy’s Eyes

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 4,056

Prompt/Summary: ‘I’m pregnant.’ (dialogue prompt) / Negan and his wife decide to have a second baby together.

Warnings: Very light smut.

Written For: Jessie’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: This is another one set in my pre-apocalypse AU… I swear someday I’ll write a story about Negan that’s actually set in TWD world, lol. Sorry I didn’t go all the way with writing the smut; I’m really not good at writing full on smut. And sorry for the odd title. I am the Worst at coming with titles for fics and often just use song titles.

Also, I may do a part two to this one where Lucille meets her little brother or sister, just because I think that’d be cute AF.

Tagging: @grimes-slut, @negans-network, @jdms-network, @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm, @jeffreydeanneganstrash, @sweetsweetpeach (Want to be added? Send me an ask!)

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Pairing: Peter x Reader

Summary: an unusual buy can sometimes be useful. Buying the Spiderman plush didn’t turn out that bad after all.

A/N: yup, another drabble. I am weird, I either write long as fics or these small imagines. I don’t know grey, I never did. sooo this is a fluffy Petey drabble. it’s kinda stupid but I have a spiderman plush so I wrote this. I have no regrets I don’t care how many notes this gets.(actually I do. all of us writers do). hope you like it!

Warnings: one swear word. one.

Word Count: 866

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It was an impulse buy. Like some frenzy took over you and you weren’t thinking straight and you just, just bought it. Now, you were in your room, having a staring competition with the little Spiderman plush. While you were regretting your decision, you also secretly liked the plush. After all it was so tiny and soft.

‘ah, fuck it.’ you said out loud with a grin and attached it to your backpack. ‘guess, I’ll just embarrass parker with it.’ you muttered as you slung the bag and made your way out of your room and through the hallway. You were stopped with a jerk, you looked back and found tony grinning and holding the little plush.

‘seriously, tony? I’m late for school.’ You snatched the plush from him but his grin didn’t fade.

‘why do you have that on you?’ he pointed at the plush and crossed his arms over his chest.

‘don’t tell anyone, I am going to embarrass parker with it.’ you waved it a little.

‘that’s the only reason for getting it?’ he said suggestively and wiggled his brows.

‘yes, tony. that’s the only reason.’ You said monotonously and he chuckled.

‘kay kid.’ He patted your shoulder. ‘go annoy, Spidey and study hard.’ You nodded and left.

You had waited all day for peter to notice his miniature dangling from your backpack but he just wouldn’t look in that direction. He would just talk to you and leave without noticing.

You had finally given up and where getting your books from your locker when you heard his voice.

‘is that me?!’ he said with a surprised expression.

‘no, that’s Spiderman.’ You petted the plush and he rolled his eyes.

‘why would you get it?’ he asked with an uneasy expression as he examined the plush.

‘because, it was little hansies!’ you made the plush pat his cheeks. He took it and held it away from you.

‘(y/n), why would you just get this It’s-it’s so..’ he looked at it with an unexplainable expression. You quickly snatched it away and hooked it on your jeans buckle. You crossed your arms and gave him a smug smile.

‘my plan is working, my little,’ you patted the plush and peter’s cheeks turned red. ‘has worked. And aww,’ you pouted. ‘look who’s all blushy- blushy.’ You teased him. he covered his face and groaned. You chuckled and he said a muffled ‘I hate you.’ ‘same here petey,’ you kept a hand on his shoulder. ‘same here.’

The day was spent putting the plush in weird places and just doing stupid things with it. peter had, groaned, tried to snatch it, blushed like a little girl but at the end, laughed. It was a fun day for you and maybe him too. he liked seeing you make such efforts, it was adorable to him really. You climbing things, pouting and just being so childlike or just simply yourself was lovely.

The day had come to an end and you two were on the floor sitting among books, notes and all kinds of stationery. You see, people with superpowers need to study too. you two were no different and all jokes apart were studying like the nerds you were. You were finished making biology notes and decided to lay down. boredom took over so you started fiddling with the plush again.

‘seriously, (y/n)? I thought you were done with that.’ He said keeping his eyes set on his notebook. You just gave him a light snicker in response.

‘it has a very, judging stare.’ You mused and he hummed in response. ‘I am never changing with those eyes on me. it would feel like it’s saying “gross” or “eww” to me on seeing me naked.’ You said.

‘I would never say that.’ He mumbled but you heard him.

‘now, who said you are getting a chance to see me naked?’ you asked and he buried his head in the notebook. ‘hey! Don’t imagine me naked!’ you pointed.

‘I’m not!’ he argued back as he laughed.

‘you better not.’ You muttered and continued playing with the plush. The day had been rather tiring and you hadn’t been getting much sleep. so without realizing you fell asleep holding the plush close to your face.

‘you know (y/n),’ he kept his notebook aside and looked at you only to find you asleep. A smile appeared on his lips.

‘oh look! (y/n) fell asleep with little Spiderman in her hand!’ Clint exclaimed with a grin and pointed at you. Natasha rolled her eyes and slapped his shoulder.

‘you made such a cute, innocent thing soo wrong.’ she smiled.

‘hey, ya found that funny too.’ he pointed and she didn’t give any reaction. ‘but it was really wrong, I shouldn’t do that.’

‘you really shouldn’t!’ peter shouted and he nodded. he shouted ‘sorry, kid!’ in response and they both left. He looked back at you and pushed all the things away from you. you looked so peaceful, it was a rare sight, you were mostly on the move or scarily quiet. He brushed a stray hair away from your face and smiled at you.

‘you’re one lucky fella’ he tapped the plush’s nose.



A head cannon that’s been floating around my mind for awhile and I thought I should write before we actually get Anxiety’s name, just something I wrote real quick while I was at work #imaterribleemployee

Warnings: none really, some negative self talk

@angstymelon @killerfangirl3 @umbreon-and-chocolate4life @lampisimportant @princey-and-hottopic @obviouslyelementary @dan-yuna @fearinghope (welcome to the list NoHa ;) )

This came about because I was wondering /if/ the sides have always been around then why doesn’t Thomas know them?

(this is set after Taking on Anxiety with Lilly Singh!)

Anxiety sank back into the mindscape with a frown, he was exhausted and he felt horrible. He had refused to be in Thomas’ first two videos, the fear of being rejected, being laughed at, it had been to much. It was only after the success of the first two that he let himself be talked into making one.

We need something big to introduce you, something with a bit of a wow factor.” Prince had said in his typical grandiose fashion.

“Yeah, I mean you are a big part of my life.” Thomas had smiled at him. ~You hold me back. I would be so much better off without you~ he heard.

Despite it all he filmed the video, he hid behind his smirk and was the villain Thomas wanted him to be. Soon the video would be up and everyone would see, they would see how horrible he was. How awful  and cruel, how much he hurt Thomas. They’d be calling for his head.

Maybe it wasn’t too late to convince Thomas not to post it.

He popped up next to Thomas, who had just finished triple checking the video before he posted it. The others were there already, all three urging him to post it.

“Don’t”  was all he could get out, fear a tight ball in his throat.

Prince rolled his eyes and turned back to Thomas, continuing to speak encouragements. Logic agreeing with him. Morality smiled softly at Anxiety, taking his arm and sinking down with him.

“Hey what was that buddy?” Patton questioned once they were in the safety of the commons.

“I am Anxiety.” He said, frustrated tears just prickling at the corners of his eyes.

“Yes?” Morality said in confusion.

“And now everyone will see me, how awful i am. They are going to hate me, they’ll want to be rid of me because I am not like you three. I’m not good. I’m not a side of Thomas’ personality. I’m a disease.” he spit, the words tumbling out of him without his say so.

He looked up to see Logic and Prince’s stunned faces, they must of caught most of that, and he tried to escape to his room but Morality stepped in front of him.

“That’s not true, you are not a disease. You are more that just anxiety.”

“No i’m not, I am literally ANXIETY. Just like you are Morality.”

“I’m a bit more than my name suggests.” Morality’s eyes lit up. “That’s just it, we need new names, to remind us that we are more than just a descriptive moniker. I will be” his voice trailed off for a minute as he thought about it. “Patton!”

“What kind of name is that? He sneered, but Mor–Patton’s happy expression never changed.

“I like it.” he said with one of his signature shimmys.  

“My turn!” Prince said, clearly excited about the idea. Anxiety looked at Logan, who rolled his eyes. “ It needs to be something fit for a Prince, something that evokes heroism and inspires faith. Something noble, like Roman. Yes Roman, that shall be my name.”

“It’s perfect ,” Patton squealed, throwing one arm over…Roman’s … shoulder. They both looked at Logic expectantly.

“Why are you looking at me? I am and always have been Lo….” he cut himself off at Patton’s disapproving glare.  To be fair it was one of the more fearsome glares the fatherly side had ever given. “… gan. My name is Logan.”

Anxiety snorted at him before realizing the three other sides were looking at him.

“What? I’m not going to just make up a name, that’s idiotic. And it’s not going to change anything.”  he growled and stomped up the stairs.

He lay in his bed thinking about the names,  chuckling cynically at them. But the more he thought about it, the more genuine and affectionate his smile became.

The names did kind fit them each. If, if, he was to play along, what name would he choose?

He flicked through dozens of names before finding one that made him feel like, well him.

And with that held in his mind he fell asleep with a smile on his face.

I gotta write a fic about it 🤔

Mark: oh my god

Donghyuck: what happened ??

Mark: oh my god babe it’s your era

Donghyuck: uhmm how you know that ??

Mark: i can feel it! You’ll shine! like the sun you are!

Donghyuck: uhmm babe-

Mark: and everyone will admire your beauty 😍

Donghyuck: babe-


donghyuck: ……


Donghyuck: okay babe i’ll shine

Mark: oh my god i’m so excited! Fluff!

Jisung: fluff ??

Jeno who had been eating his sandwich quietly till now: mark dosen’t swear you know. So he said fluff instead of-

Donghyuck: fuck.


"Are You High?" "No I'm Connor" (tree bros)

@idekyimherebutok requested: “if ur still doing the prompt thing then 160 tree bros???”

I’m doing it for as long as people request it!! Even if it’s been like a year since I’ve reblogged it, feel free to send me a request from any prompt number post thing!!! Here’s a cute little fluffy tree bros to get away from the angst of yesterday and next week 😊

Plot: 160: “Do you think you could teach me that?”

Evan wants to help Connor and himself so he takes interest in what helps his boyfriend calm down.
Or alternatively, Connor helps Evan get high for the first time.

Warnings: swearing, drug use, verbal abuse, shitty writing about being high and blunts in general bc I’m a goody goody™ who the closest I’ve gotten to being high is facetiming with s friend who told me I should come over, get high, and give him a handjob so yeah :)

(Requester, please feel free to send me another ask with this prompt if you aren’t comfortable with drug use. It’s perfectly fine and okay if you aren’t and I really won’t mind, I actually might write another fic with this prompt but a different ‘thing being taught’ anyway because I had a cute nail painting idea 😊)



“I’ll fucking end your fucking life, Zoe, don’t you fucking test me!” Connor yelled through his door, which he had slammed just seconds before. His sister, the victim of his verbal attacks, slammed her door as well, sitting on her bed to practice her guitar for the jazz band concert next week. Connor ran his fingers through his messy, dark curls, deciding he couldn’t deal with this bullshit anymore. He flopped to the ground, looking through the bottom drawer of his bedside table, retrieving the small tin box he was looking for. He pulled it out, feeling better already.

He knew Evan wouldn’t want him to smoke, but it was midnight and Connor already wasn’t thinking too straight, and didn’t want to wake him probably sleeping boyfriend up by calling him or crawling through his window. He recalls the last time he crawled through late at night unexpectedly, and how that happened to be the one night Heidi was home from work at a decent hour, as he unlocks the box and grabs a lighter and already rolled blunt. Needless to say, he calls before he climbs through the window now. Pinching the unlit end of the blunt, he brought it to his pale lips, feeling his anger and stress float away with the smoke he exhaled. He sighed happily, already feeling much better and forgetting about what it was that Zoe had done to piss him off this time.

He’d already finished one entire blunt and was as high as a kite. Not being able to control his thoughts, and not knowing it was nearing one in the morning, he pulled out his phone, tapping a few times until he had face timed Evan. It rung once, twice, and a third time before a groggy looking Evan picked up, the duvet was covering his torso but his bare shoulders could still be seen.

“Con? It’s like 1 A.M., mwhat’s wrong?” Evan asked, his voice croaking from having just been woken up.

“Nothings wrong, I just wanted to see my pretty boyfriend’s'all,” Connor replied, his words mixing together slightly and giggling when Evans blush could be seen even in the dark bedroom.

Evan sat up and turned his bedside light on, wincing as his eyes adjusted to the light, “Are you high right now?”

“No I’m Connor,” he giggled back. Evan sighed, setting the phone down and getting up to find a shirt and shoes, deciding on one of Connors hoodies he’d ‘borrowed’ and his usual sneakers.

He picked up his phone again, “I’m coming over, you need a babysitter when you’re high, there’s no telling what trouble you’ll get into.” Evan sighed.

“Yay, boyfriends coming over!” Connor cheered, probably a little too loud. Evan winced at his volume slightly.

“Shhh, what if your parents or Zoe hears you?” Evan tried shushing Connor.

“Parents aren’t home, and Zoe’s too bitchy to hear me anyway,” Connor grumbled, giggling a bit slightly. Evan had seen Connor high on a few occasions, the first time being the weirdest for him. He’d never seen Connor so <i> giggly </i>. Sure, he was cuddly when he was high, more so than when he wasn’t, and Evan really liked that, but it was so weird to see him boyfriend giggle so much. Usually he either laughed, or didn’t, there was never any in between small giggles.


Evan pulled the key from the potted plant and unlocked the Murphy’s front door as quietly as he could, putting the key back and locking the door when he was inside. He tip-toed up to Connors room. It was obvious it was Connors, not just by the crack in the door and small posters littering it, but by the Nirvana blaring from inside. Connor was a pretty big Nirvana fan, but high Connor was the biggest Nirvana fan. He opened the door slowly, hoping that his boyfriend would at least be wearing clothes this time, and was relieved to see he was wearing black sweatpants at least. Connor turned his head, seeing Evan enter his room and carefully close the door behind him, before sitting up on his bed and going over to him, pulling him into a big hug. Evan gasped as Connor pulled him to his chest, his arms held down by Connors bear hug.

“Heyyyyy, Evvvvvvv,” Connor giggled out. Evan held back a giggle, trying to not encourage Connor.

“Hey, Connor.”

“Hey, Evan,” Connor said, mocking Evan by putting on a grumpy expression, “Why’re you so fucking serious, babe, just chill out.” He giggled again, laying back down on his bed and resting his arms under his head.

Evan blushed, liking the fact that high Connor was extra flirty and always called him dumb pet names. He grabbed the water bottle on Connors bedside table, “Here, sober up, please?”

“Nah, fuck that, I’d rather stay fucking lit,” Connor swatted the bottle away from Evans hands, “besides, I’m like totally ninety percent sure that that water bottle is just straight vodka,” Connor giggled again. Evan sighed, giving up and deciding he better just sit and watch to make sure Connor didn’t hurt himself. He sat on Connors bed, cross legged, deciding Connor was too high to bother listening to him no matter how hard he tried to get him to sober up. He stared thoughtfully at his boyfriend, as he attempted to put his hair into a messy bun, and wondered what he felt like high. He knew that he obviously had less control of his thoughts and actions, but he was curious as to how freeing and calming it really felt. Did it really help Connor deal with his anger problems and facing his family?


It had been an hour and Connor was still wide awake, and decided he wasn’t as high as he was. He got off the bed to roll another blunt, Evan watching him carefully as he did so.

<i> Screw it </i>, Evan decided, <i> maybe it does help him feel better, maybe it’ll help me . He fiddled with the hem of Connors hoodie, before speaking up.

“Do you think you could, uh, you could teach me that?” Evan pointed hesitantly at the blunt. Connor looked up, a little bit excited, but also worried. He was never worried about his own health and safety when he smoked, but he didn’t want to risk putting his boyfriend in harm.

“Are you sure?” He asked, seeking serious for the first time all night. Evan nodded.

“I mean if you don’t want to, uh, don’t want to show me its fine it was just a thought-” Connor shit him up with a peck on the lips, pulling away and smiling at the blushing boy.

“If you’re sure you’re okay with this, then I’ll show you,” Connor went back to grab the tin box and set it on his bed, taking out the weed and things he needed to make the blunt, showing Evan step by step how to roll it. When he was done, Evan tried it, surprised at how easy it actually was.

“Do you wanna try to smoke it?” Connor asked hesitantly, not really sure how he felt about his boyfriend smoking.

“Yeah, I mean, uh, sure, I, uh, I guess,” Evan replied, fiddling with the hem of Connors hoodie again as he thought again about how it might feel.

“Okay, do this,” Connor showed Evan how to light the blunt, Evan following his directions. Connor then took Evans hands and set them on the blunt, moving it to his lips, “Now, inhale slowly, and exhale.” Evan did so, exhaling and feeling stress and anxiety he didn’t know he held being lifted away. He sighed as he exhaled, feeling surprisingly calm. He liked it, not enough that he would do this often, but enough that he thought about enjoying getting high with his boyfriend sometimes, both of them feeling calm and happy without having to worry about anything.

Connor looked at his boyfriend as he took another hit, Evan not noticing that Connor didn’t light and wasn’t smoking his own blunt. He had sobered up slightly and was watching his boyfriend carefully. Connor didn’t want to risk him getting high and Evan hurting himself while high because Connor couldn’t protect him.

After a while the blunt was gone, the room was considerably more smoky, and Evans eyes were very red and bloodshot. Connor admired how calm his boyfriend looked and wished he could give him this feeling all the time, taking note of how he fiddled with the string of his hoodie, but not in a nervous way. He fiddled with them happily and playfully as he hummed along to the song playing, Connor chuckling because he knew for a fact Evan had no idea what song it was. Connor laid back on the bed, after he put the tin back in his drawer, and pulled Evan down to lay next to him, the smaller boy breathing quietly as he laid his head on Connors bare chest.

He was probably the calmest person while high that Connor had ever seen. Evan wasn’t as giggly or funny as Connor was when he was high, although Connor noticed he was definitely more cuddly, but he enjoyed it. Evan was more quiet and thoughtful it seemed. Conor looked down and studied Evans closed eyes as he began to drift asleep. He smiled, kissing his messy blond hair and mumbling an 'I love you’ before turning to shit the light off, hearing Evan mumble one in return.

(Best Behaviour) Jeff Atkins X Reader

A/n:so this is my first ever fic on tumblr! I only ever write on Wattpad but I thought why not. Been meaning to post this for so long but it’s finally here! Enjoy 😉

Warnings: swearing

Spring break. Boy was you happy for it arrive. You and your best friend Jeff had made a pact to be on your best behaviour this semester, not skipping classes, slacking in tests and actually attempting the homework set in bio. You didn’t want to admit it, but you was a slacker, way too laid back in school for your own good, having friends like Zach to help you with bio and Sheri to help with history, you didn’t really put in effort. It wasn’t until Jeff found your test scores screwed up in the corner of your room he knew he needed to help. If it wasn’t for his annoyingly charming smile and bright eyes staring into your soul as he swore you to promise him you would “try a little harder” you would have said no. But this was Atkins, you couldn’t say no. So you did, you actually took notes in bio, listened in English, attended history and your grades did start to improve.

“I told you things would get better if you actually behaved in school” Jeff said handing you your B+ you got on your history essay, smirking at you .

“Ok ok so maybe Mr motivator over here had a point!” You said pushing him playfully. “My grades improved so now it’s time to celebrate. Still picking me up for the spring break party at Bryces?”

“Of course your majesty, I’ll be there at 8” he replied sending you his signature wink which for some reason always made you turn jelloid . You stood there for a second until you noticed jess and Justin staring at you with shit eating grins plastered on their face as they saw you looking a little too flustered by Jeffs exit. You just laughed it off jumping into the back of the car.

“You’re definitely coming back to mine to get ready if you wanna impress Atkins y/n” Jess smirked as she looked at you through the wing mirror. You began to blush as you did have a crush on Jeff Atkins, who coincidentally was your best friend, who was best friends with Justin like you was best friends with jess. It basically made things very tricky to handle when you had feelings for the guy.

“I’ll have to wear your clothes then Jess I haven’t brought anything with me” you said hoping you could borrow a hot dress for the party. Jess nodded in agreement which meant you was going to look perfect.This wasn’t just one of Bryces usual drink ups. This was something you knew was going to be epic. A party to remember. As Justin pulled up to Jessica’s house you jumped out just to be called back by him.

“Hey y/n nows your chance to get Atkins. He’s been waiting so long for a girl like you to come his way” Justin said in a slight whisper. You looked at him with suspicious eyes not knowing whether he was being genuine about Jeff or if jess had blurted out how you felt or if Justin was just fucking with you as per. His smirk soon snapped you back to reality that he was just playing, which made you turn on your heels flipping him off walking inside with Jess.

“He’s gonna be waiting for you l/n, you gotta look hot!” Justin shouted back before starting his engine

“Fuck you Foley fuck you.” You replied letting out a small chuckle before plonking your bags on the floor. Jess had already made her way upstairs to get ready calling you to come up and look for something to wear. If you was honest with yourself you wanted anything which would get the guys attention. You knew that once monty and Zach saw you looking good Jeff would be soon to follow suit. As you looked through Jess’s wardrobe you pulled out a little black lace dress. It was the one. You stripped quickly, pulling the dress with fit your figure perfectly. You let your hair down leaving it in its natural state. You was admiring yourself in the mirror when Jess walked in looking at you with a smirk.

“Well don’t you look hot” she chirped “Jeff is definitely gonna fall for you looking like that” she smirked raising her brows. You turned to her giving her a fake laugh with only made her smirk more at the fact she could see straight through your facade

“Come on I know you like him” she admitted

“I know you do. And maybe tonight might be the night everything happens, maybe not, so shall we just get ready and see” you replied with a bite.

“Ok” Jess sighed rolling her eyes at your delusion of the situation between you and Jeff “ you best text him that you’re coming with me to the party to surprise him how good you’ll look”


Jess finally made it to Bryce’s parking up outside where there were dozens of cars surrounding the house. You stepped out with Jess making your way to the front door when you felt all eyes on you as you walked in. The house was packed. The alcohol was flowing like crazy, people were dancing drinking partying making out everywhere and you was loving it. Jess grabbed your hand making your way to the kitchen to grab a drink when you saw Justin Zach Monty and Bryce all stud with beer. Jess ran into Justin’s arms, kissing his neck as she clearly had missed his touch. You saw the guys turn to you, there eyes all widening as they saw you.

“Well someone’s planning on getting laid tonight ” Zach joked pulling you in for a hug. Monty handed you a beer as you rested on the counter surrounded by everyone
“So…” monty dragged out “who you looking hot for y/n?Gotta have someone in mind” asked raising his brow

You shrugged your shoulders lying blatantly knocking back the beer. “I’m just planning on getting wasted” you smiled

“If you wanna get wasted with me, you know where to find me sweet cheeks” Bryce pipped up sending you a smirked which instantly made your eyes roll.

“In your dreams Bryce ” you laughed flipping him off going off with Jess to find Sheri.

As the night went on more people began to dance with their cups high in the air, swaying and dancing to whatever was blasting through the speakers. You hadn’t seen Jeff yet and you had a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that he had bailed. You and Sheri was sat by the pool, drinks in hand listening to what was another of Jess and Justin’s fall outs when you began to day dream and wonder where the hell Jeff was. You couldn’t wait to see him, dance with him and take it back to his place where you could finally f-

“So what the fuck should I do y/n? You and Justin are close what would he want” Jess asked completely throwing you off guard. You squinted your eyes at her trying to figure out what she was talking about but you honestly had no clue. You wanted to open your mouth to say something but you was stopped thankfully by a pair of hands grabbing your shoulders, making you jump out of your skin. You turned around to see the one and only Jeff crouching next to you with a beaming smile. You gave him a tight hug silently thanking him for saving your ass.

“I’ve literally been looking for you everywhere man!” He chuckled, finally content that he’d found you “you look great by the way, really hot” he winked making your cheeks burn

“Oh Atkins you are a cute one” you responded trying to keep your cool

“So anyway you know because you’re such a great person I was wondering if you would play beer pong and be on my team” Jeff went of to say, making you frown a little “Justin said I should ask you as he said your really good”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the pathetic attempt of Justin getting you and Jeff together. You was shit at beer pong and you definitely didn’t want Jeff to see how bad.

“I would say yes but that would just result in Justin rubbing it in my face he’s better then me” you pouted “sorry Atkins”

“It’s ok babe, I’ll ask monty.” He winked “ I’ll come find you later” and with that he was off into back into the house,your eyes finally loosing him in the crowd.Both girls turned to you, mouths hung open.

“What the fuck was that about then huh?” Jess asked, eyes wife pushing your shoulder. “Thought you and Atkins were just ‘friends’”

“Didn’t look like it to me” Sheri sang making Jess laugh uncontrollably

“Oh my God come on guys it’s what we do we are always like this”
You shrugged like what happened wasn’t a big deal

“Bullshit!” Jess blurted making you frown

“She’s right!” Sheri added “we all can see you both want each other. He’s looking hot, you’re looking like a snack, you’re both destined for each other” she went on

“You find his ass now!” Jess demanded making you laugh but she was serious. She pulled a “why the fuck are you still here” face at you making you get up from the pool side.

“Fine I’m going to get a drink and I will find him” you huffed pulling a fake smile waving goodbye with your empty cup.

“Go get him” you heard the two of them shouted making you smile.

You made your way to the kitchen where you grabbed yourself your 4th vodka and tequila concoction as you began to sway along to the music sipping your drink. You didn’t dare to find Jeff yet. If you was going to make a move you would need a whole lot more drinks down you. You carried on drinking, taking shots to quicken the process. You was finally feeling a buzz so you took your drink and followed the beat of the music. As you got into the song, dancing with the crowd of school kids you felt to hands grip your hips instantly guiding you as your hips glided along with the music grinding next to an unknown waist. The grip soon tightened and you was span round to see the face of Jeff, sending you his contagious grin. His blue eyes hit you and you looked away biting your lip, trying not to show your drunken state was totally falling for his sweet charming looks.

“I gotta admit” Jeff began speaking in your ear as so you could hear him “you were looking extremely hot dancing over here alone I had to come join you”

Your cheeks burned from his words as jeffs compliment meant more then all the boys stares at the party.
“ you just look really really stunning tonight y/n, like wow” he began to slur as his body grew closer to yours, his ands roaming your back.

“Are you drunk Atkins” you looked at him trying not to laugh at how waved he really was

“I am not drunk” Jeff protested “ I’m just here wondering whether my little miss perfect here is finally ready to let her hair down and have a little fun.” His voice deeper and eyes full of lust “ I mean you’ve been on your best behaviour baby let’s have some fun.”
And with that, the mix of alcohol and stream of dopamine flowing through your body you smiled linking your hands round jeffs neck passionately connecting lips. The warm sensation from his lips made you want him more as your kisses became hungrier, kissing his soft lips over and over. Realisation then hit you that you finally was kissing the boy who had been your crush, your best friend, the guy you wanted to be with. You couldn’t help but smile through the kiss which suddenly made you giggle uncontrollably making your lips part.

“What’s so funny” Jeff asked, pressing his forehead to yours, dying for the taste of your lips again.

“It’s nothing” you said, smiling with embarrassment, but Jeff soon cupped your face, kissing you passionately again.

“Tell me what’s so funny” he said between kisses.

You looked him dead in the eye, chewing corner of your bottom lip as you were about to confess how you felt to Jeff.

“It’s just funny because I’ve wanted this for so long Jeff. Because” you paused as his smile slowly started to grow as though he knew what you was about to say “ fuck because I fucking like you Jeff” you finally admitted, literally face palming as Jeff’s eyes widened and he pulled his annoying cute grins. Fuck you had no idea whether he was feeling the same way or it was just him laughing that you confessed you liked him and looked like a damn idiot. He slowly took hold of your hand, pulling it away from your face, looking at you will his grin still plastered on his face.

“I’m glad you find it funny. Because I like you too” he said pulling your body closer together feeling his breath on your skin “how about we get out of here and see what the night brings us”

You smiled as Jeff bit his bottom lip as you both were on the same wave length with ditching the party for the rest of the night. You knew you both were about to have a lot more fun. You pecked his lips and took his hand ready to leave.


Moonlight - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fic title: Moonlight

Word count: 4520


“Don’t you have someone to talk to about all of that? Someone you trust to help you?”

Killua laughed but it sounded broken and wrong. “If I did, do you think I would really be up here on the roof in the middle of the night talking to you, Ladybug?”


That hurt, more than Gon would ever admit.

(Killugon Miraculous Ladybug AU! Featuring a sad Killua and a comforting Ladybug~)( BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au)( Miraculous x Hunter tag with other drabbles, asks, etc)

This scene was actually something I proposed the emthimofnight about a half a week after she first posted her ideas for this au! So this fic has been an idea since the beginning of March, as crazy as it sounds…

@softkillua beta’d this fic for me because he is awesome and the best beta ever!!!!!!!! Please check out his writing, I swear you won’t regret it!

Killua pushed the window open with a gasp. A cool, night breeze hit his face a second later and rustled his white locks. It was like being doused in cold water: the low temperature and outside air was refreshing and helped lessen the terrible pressure building behind his eyes.

The Zoldyck Mansion’s roof was sloped and had few openings to grasp or even sit on without risking a fatal fall to the cement below. Killua scrambled out onto the landing anyway, eyes quick to find the small, familiar grooves to help him safely navigate the treacherous surface. He’d done this too many times by now to fall.

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Heyy friends, this is my first time publishing angst haha so I hope I did it right?? Honestly I would adore feedback because I don’t really know if I did ok and what I could improve on :) I also tried a kinda new writing style so let’s see how that worked out. 

Anyway the fic was based off two prompts I got, which I kind of blended so I’m really sorry if that’s not what you guys wanted. One prompts was for angsty analogical and one-sided Prinxiety, sent in by @give-me-a-minute-to-think, and the other was for angsty Logicality, sent in by an anon. Also this took me wayyy too long to write so I apologise for that.

So I’m going to tag some people I would like to read this haha. @use-it-ironically / @pansexualroman, @lekawaiimelon @mylasagnaisraw, @princeyandanxiety, and ofc @give-me-a-minute-to-think. Hope you guys like it! (If you want to be tagged in other things I write, simply ask haha) And without further ado, the actual fic!!

Words: Around 3500

Warnings: There’s a little bit of swearing. Lots of crying, and a panic attack.


It had been inevitable. It had been slowly ending from the moment it begun. It was destined to die, and it was destined to hurt, and nothing they could do would stop it. It was cruel and they tried so hard, but it was impossible.

Patton should have known that he and Logan wouldn’t work out.


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protective | danisnotonfire (requested)

request: You’re so talented it’s amazing! But um could you write about an argument with Dan because he gets all jealous and protective please??? Thanks!
word count: 978
tw: swearing?
note: this is such a fucking sappy, fluffy fic honestly its made of 100% sugar (at the end anyway) but it’s cute so i hope you like it!

“I actually can’t believe you.” You shook your head, quickly walking through the door of Dan and Phil’s flat. “Seriously, he didn’t do a single fucking thing!”

Dan followed behind you, an annoyed expression on his face. “Well I’m sorry, but that guy was getting way to close to you!”

“Not all guys are dickheads, Dan!” You yell, walking into the kitchen. Thankfully Phil wasn’t home, he was out shopping, so he wasn’t here to listen to you both arguing.

“And how was I supposed to bloody know that he wasn’t?” Dan growled, the vein in his neck pulsing with each word. “I can never do anything right with you, can I!?”

You felt small tears starting to slowly slide down your cheeks.

You never fought like this, but Dan was being so unnecessarily protective and it was driving you crazy. Wiping the salty tears away so he couldn’t how badly this hurt you, you turned to Dan.

“Just leave me alone for a few hours, okay? I don’t want to deal with this bullshit!” You yelled, walking past your boyfriend and into the lounge room, shoulder-barging Dan in the process.

I was just trying to show that I fucking cared about you,” you heard Dan mumble, before listening to his bedroom door being slammed shut, making the whole flat tremble.

Hearing the comment he just made felt like you had been stabbed in the heart, multiple times.

A few seconds later you burst into tears, pulling your knees up against your stomach and letting all of your tears out.

It hurt you a lot when you fought with Dan, mainly because you did it so rarely, but also because ever when you were angry at him, it still made you sad when you yelled at each other.

You wanted him to walk out and hug you, telling you that it was fine, but he probably had listened to you saying to leave you alone. You didn’t want to walk to his room either, because that would be awkward. Sighing to yourself, you turned on the television and opened Netflix, to see if re-watching episodes of Riverdale would take your mind off of Dan.

Halfway through episode one, you heard the front door to the flat open with a click, followed by the scuffling of feet. Phil was home.

“Hey, Y/N!” He greeted cheerily, obviously unaware that you had just been in an argument. You sniffed, quickly wiping your face in an attempt to get rid of the tear stains.

“Hi Phil,” you said, pausing the episode and smiling at him. Getting up from the lounge, you walk over to the kitchen to where Phil was unpacking some groceries. “Do you need any help with that?”

“Uh, if you don’t mind, yeah,” Phil nodded. “Where’s Dan?”

You felt your heart sink at the mention of his name. “Uh, Dan? He’s… in his room.”

“Oh, I thought he would’ve been with you, like he always is,” Phil joked. Seeing that you didn’t laugh too, he bit his lip. “What happened?”

“I don’t know,” you sighed, grabbing a tin from one of the paper bags and walking over to the cupboard it went it. “We just had a little… disagreement, that’s all.”

Phil frowned. “Oh, okay.”

You mentally thanked Phil for not wanting to talk about it anymore. Everytime you thought about it you felt like you’d cry.

“Hey, Phil.”

You felt a lump form in your throat as you turned to face the voice.

“Hey Dan,” Phil smiled, greeting him a little less enthusiastically than he had done with you, now knowing what was going on.

“I’m just gonna go,” you mumbled, closing the cupboard door and starting to walk out of the room.

“Wait Y/N,” Dan called, grabbing your hand to try to stop you. “Can we talk?”

“Not now, Dan,” you sighed, trying to wriggle your hand from his grasp. Truth is, you didn’t want to do this in front of Phil. “I just want to apologise.”

You don’t say anything. Instead, you look down at your feet, nodding. Dan lets go of your hand and steps back to give you space.

Phil takes this as a cue to give you some privacy, awkwardly walking down the hallway to his room. You silently wished he didn’t go.

“I’m sorry,” he says. “I get too fucking jealous sometimes, and I overreacted because I was scared that you’d leave me and-”

“You’re scared that I’d leave you?” You say, looking up at him. “Why?”

“There are so many other guys out there that are better than me at literally everything. I’m just afraid that one day you’d be like, ‘well hey, Dan’s a bloody idiot! But look, this guy is super attractive and intelligent, I like him much better,’ and then knowing that you don’t love me anymore, that would break my fucking heart.”

You but your lip so hard that you thought it would bleed. Hearing Dan say that, listening to him telling you how much he loved and cared about you, that made your heart flip over and over again.

Without warning, you lunged at Dan, hugging him so tightly you were worried you’d squash him. You felt Dan wrapping his arms around you, lifting you up.

“I love you, Dan. I love you, I love you, I love you,” you repeated, your face buried in the crook of his neck.

“I love you too. So, so much,” you could hear Dan say.

“Y/N, are you crying?”

“Maybe,” you sniffled, once you realised that you had started crying, hugging him tighter.

“I love you. I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier,” you whispered, wiping your eyes.

“I’m sorry for being a jerk,” Dan apologised. “I won’t do that, ever again.”

You smiled, connecting your’s and Dan’s lips.

God, you really did love him.

Okay but hear me out, ever since the whole thing with the Jungkook’s livestream where him and Jimin were staring at eachover and then told to end the livestream, there’s been less gay (not saying no gay, there is always gay between the two). Then at the BBMAs, they were stood by eachover, which I thought was great tbh, /then/ there was the interview where Jimin quite aggressively pushes Jungkook away when he tries to put his hand on his shoulder. Then there was the recent video of Jungkook staring at Jimin, and Tae indicating with his eyes for Jungkook to look away. I swear that everyone is telling them to stop making it so obvious, especially as they seem to be sat away from eachover a lot more atm, but they’re not stopping and AAAA

(update- I was writing this from memory but I actually think the vid with Tae is old but I thought it was new from first glance??! Either way that happened, plus heY i’m writing a fic on the theory now so: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11280765)

Your Savior - 38

I feel like it’s been a minute since I’ve posted, sorry about the delay! I have some extra things going on in my personal life right now, so finding the time to actually sit and write has been difficult! The good news is I have had lots of time to mentally write, so I have several chapters planned out in advance!

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

Chapter 38


Any chapter in this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

Any chapter may also contain: swearing, Negan being Negan, violence/gore, angst (see above), mentions of death, mentions of past sexual assault, PG adult contact, or smut (This is to avoid spoilers in future chapters. I guess read at your own risk.)

Your Savior Masterlist

The next morning you awoke groggier than you had in several weeks. Your short morning with Negan had been enough to keep nightmares of Thomas and Bill at bay, but it did nothing for your jumbled thoughts and feelings of anxiety at the stress that had been compounding on you since you arrived at The Sanctuary. Your sleep was restless and you awoke constantly, checking to ensure your make-shift chair lock had stayed in place.

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Lin x Reader

Uh, hi. It’s been about…4 weeks? Since I posted an actual fic of my own? I just finished my first year of college and it has been a stressful set of weeks, but it’s summer now so I’m going to try to be more active. Ps. I suck at titles. 

Thanks to @angeilca-s for being great and helping me through the writers block that has plagued me, being my second set of eyes, and just kind of being the absolute best.

Warnings: None, other than the fact that I can’t write without including swearing and some very slightly implied smut but it’s all joking.

You were pissed. Practically fuming in annoyance and you speed walked your way from your apartment to your best friend’s. A walk that would normally take about 20 minutes was cut down to about 10 as and before you knew it you were walking right through his front door, not bothering to knock because you never needed to.

“I’m done. I’m fucking done with guys. My life is over” You exclaimed, walking in and flopping down on the couch. Lin walked in the room, laughing lightly at your dramatic entrance, two beers already in his hands.  

“Hello to you too,” He handed you one before sitting down next to you, “Wanna tell me what happened?”

“You know that guy? Greg? Yeah, we went on our date, if you can even call it that-”

“Greg. Is that the one from Tinder? Or Match? Famers Only?”

“Oh shut up! Tinder. I only use Tinder,” He only raised his eyebrows in response, making you role your eyes. “Can I vent? I came here to vent.”

“You’re right, I’ll shut up.” He gave you his usual smirk and took a sip of his beer.

“Greg seemed like a decent contender, he didn’t seem like he was just like all the other gross, horny guys on Tinder. He took me to dinner and then we get to my place and he tries to have sex! Why can’t I just meet a nice guy who isn’t thinking with his dick? I’m getting too old for this crap.” You sighed, taking another drink of the beer. The irony of the situation was not lost on you. The fact that the only reason you were even attempting these dumb dates was because you loved your best friend, not that you would ever tell him that.

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I’m Not Much Without You

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Alcohol consumption, idk man… subpar writing?

Words: 2,946

A/n: I feel like all my fics read the same for some reason…. BUT there’s more! I have another Steve fic and I’ll be posting that pretty soon today as well because I’m dipping out of tumblr for a bit again. So, I’d rather post the fics I have written rather than just make you guys wait for too long.

Summary: You break things off with Bucky and you both try to cope.

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hamilton

Part 6/6


Pairing: jamilton (hamilton x jefferson)

Premise: modern law school au – Thomas works at the law library where Alex spends all his time.

Tags: @overrealityy​ @empyrealsakaki @gum-and-chips​ @catsmlg@supernatural–obsessed

Word Count: 2200 (i honestly don’t know how i keep getting even numbers)

Warnings: mentions of depressive behaviour, swearing

Dedicated to: @a-dott-ham @gone-with-the-wifi @haleythehomiedoughsquad (and everyone already tagged) thank you for reading <3 

a/n: i’m actually really sad that this fic is over. i’m sorry it was so short… if you want me to write more things, please send me ideas!! love you all <3

Thomas waited in anticipation all Sunday. He routinely picked up his phone just to make sure he hadn’t missed a text from Alex – but he never had. It was radio silence. Trying not to feel too heartbroken, he distracted himself by watching TV and doing some reading for his classes. His mind would always find a way to wander back to Alex or to James… both people bringing him pain, but for different reasons.

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anonymous asked:

14. "It’s four A.M." for rosvolio please! love your writing!

Greek AU, probably? & combined with prompt “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were jealous.”


When her phone rings, Rosaline groans and doesn’t pick it up. Instead, she buries her head in her pillow and pulls up the blanket.

But then it rings again.

“Fuck,” she swears, picking it up, swearing again at the caller id, and pressing it to her ear. “It’s four am. What the fuck do you want?”

Rooooosaline!” Romeo practically sings. There’s laughter and shouting in the background, and she thinks she can vaguely pick out loud music. “My lovely lady Rosaline - who’s as dark and pretty as the night sky - “

She groans, tuning out his attempts at slurred poetry. “Romeo, give the phone to Benvolio.”

“But my lady - “


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