i will actually write this fic i swear

Crack fic: Just a little bit mad

Pairing: Kinda non (well, okay … hints at possible Castiel/Dean/Michael or at least Castiel/Michael, background Sabrifer)

Rating: Gen

Warnings: Spoilers up to season 13, the cage, Michael is mad, set in some future SPN season

AN: This is basically a shitpost in fic form. Inspired by this. And this is all @askatosch’s fault! And I swear I’ll write an actual story again soon.

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Lucifer had warned them. And it was a testament to how crazy Dean’s life had gotten that the thought ‘I should’ve listened to the devil’ crossed his mind in all earnesty. But the Leviathans were on the lose (again) and they needed every archangel they could get to lock them up. That’s what brought Dean and Cas down to the cage, currently looking at Michael, who was beaming at Dean through the bars.

“Dean,” the archangel cooed. “My true vessel! So beautiful! So magnificent!”

He definitely was batshit crazy just like Lucifer had said.

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Let Me Help

Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. Anon: hey! I really love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a reid x reader where the reader has a wet dream about Spencer and she finally tells him about her dream after he asks her what’s wrong and it ends in smut?? thank you so much

Word Count: 3,589, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex.

A/N: Oh my God okay so I went a little crazy on this one and it’s a full fledged long fic. I was writing this and I actually needed to take a break my palms were sweating because Reid is so fucking hot. Anyway, I hope you like it! Please let me know if you want a Part 2 ;)

- M xo

(Gif not mine, credit to owner)

Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

Sprawled out on your bed, your naked form was being admired and touched by a handsome man. He glided his fingers up and down the sides of your thighs as he placed sensual kisses on your stomach. “God, you’re so beautiful.”, whispered Spencer. 

Wait what? Spencer? Hold on. Did you just have a wet dream about your nerdy co-worker?

You woke up in your bed covered in sweat as you tried to calm down your flustered state as you panted heavily trying to vaguely recollect the memories of the dream you had just had. It wasn’t a bad dream, in fact, it was amazing. You squeezed your thighs together in hopes of some sort of relief, but all you could do was think about the dream, which made your state even worse.

You sat there in silence as you tried to comprehend what had just happened. You’d been working at the BAU for 4 years now and you had never thought of Spencer that way. Sure he was tall, had gorgeous chiselled cheekbones and never failed to amaze you with his intelligent brain. Oh, God. Here you were thinking inappropriately about your co-worker at 3 in the morning when you had to be in for work at 7. There was no way you were going to act normal in front of him after this strange yet intoxicating image of you and Spencer practically having sex ingrained in your brain. All you could do was try to get back to sleep and hope that the flush would be over in the morning.

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The Invasion

Chapter One: The Dream 

April 12, 1985
Hawkins, Indiana

Half-finished bowls of melted ice cream and empty pizza boxes were strewn about the floor of the cabin. Paper streamers hung from the walls and metallic pink and silver balloons floated against the ceiling, still and shining in the dim light, casting long shadows on the curtains, shut tight to the outside world.

On the sofa, there lay a pile of presents, torn eagerly from bright-coloured wrapping paper. Books, mostly, with a few art supplies and a colourful array of lipglosses and eyeshadows. Atop this assortment sat a neat stack of birthday cards, each scrawled with the utmost care, letters of love and friendship hidden between their flaps.

Music drifted quietly from the record player in the corner of the living room, though it was periodically drowned out by excited voices emanating from behind the closed door of El’s bedroom.

“I’ll do your math homework for a week if you give me Park Place!”

“No way! And I can do my own math homework, thanks.”

“Do I have to sell you my soul?”

“Just shut up and pay up.”

In the warmth of El’s bedroom, the lights were brighter. A rosy pink hue glowed from the lava lamps on her dresser and washed over the Monopoly board spread out between six young teenagers, bickering as they hunched over, each analyzing possible means of besting the others.

“This is bullshit,” Dustin muttered, “Total bullshit.” He gestured toward the rapidly disappearing pile of money by his side.

“I told you,” Max grinned impishly, patting him on the shoulder with mock concern, “You should have waited to buy those hotels. Now pay up.”

Dustin mumbled something incoherent under his breath, thumbing through the few bills he had left.

“Well, I’m bankrupt,” he announced abruptly, carelessly tossing the money in Max’s direction before turning to El. “You did this, you know? How are you so damn good at this game?”

“Luck,” El grinned at him from her place beside Mike, not missing a beat. “Jim and me—no, Jim and I. We played. Before I was allowed to see you.”

A heavy silence fell between the players gathered around the gameboard, momentarily weighing down on their shoulders. No one really liked talking about that year in between, especially Mike. He still hurt, thinking of how he had missed an entire year of time with El. Thinking of how close she had been that whole time—if only he had looked harder.

“If I had powers,” Max broke the silence, as she usually did, “I’d totally use them to roll the dice the way I wanted.”

“That’s because you’re evil,” Lucas chimed in, nudging the red-haired girl in the ribs.

Max snorted and shoved him away by the shoulder. “Like you wouldn’t do the same, Sinclair.”

“Can we focus on what’s important?” Dustin cut back in, frowning. “That this game is the worst.”

“You’re just mad because Max is beating you at another game,” Mike chuckled.

“Yeah,” Lucas laughed, “How many is that now? Four? Five?”

“And besides,” Mike continued, “It’s El’s birthday and this is what she wanted to play.”

“Yeah,” Will echoed with a smile, “It’s not El’s fault you suck.”

Everyone’s eyes fell on El, who shrugged nonchalantly, a smirk tugging at the corners of her lips. “Not my fault.”

Laughter filled the room, loud and boisterous, fuelled by too much sugar and the energy of friends reuniting after a too-long absence.

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Y’ALL. i’m cackling. “to thrust violently” jfc i am going to burst into laughter every damn time they say vrepit sa seriously to each other bc 1. they are talking about slavic vamps and 2. TO THRUST VIOLENTLY

this is pretty interesting tho bc if ‘vrepit sa’ means, basically, to stab, then are they really swearing allegiance to the galra empire, or is it just a promise of more violence? or did some nerd on the voltron writing team just think ‘space vampires’

anyway bat boy is actually bat boy and i am satisfied


“I hope that someone is me.”

This is a PSA: Read Met by Accident by @paxohana it will change your life. I have never become so invested in a fic so quickly, all the characters are amazing. You will cry and you will cry hard… You also may feel as though a herd of small elephants has trampled your heart, but its worth it, I swear.

Thanks to the absolutely brilliant Pax, for writing such a beautiful story and for letting me use your scene in my art, my heart actually melted during this scene, I swear.


I swear, it started as just some pose training exercises…then sporto happened…then the others happened…then magic happened???

Weird magic au?? who knows?? I dont!

anonymous asked:

Could you tell me some drarry fics where Draco and Harry write letters to each other anonymously

Hello, hello!!! The @hpcommentathon is happening now, so I want to broaden this list to include ALL letter-writing as well as chatting/texting fics :D. Hopefully these recs will help you fill one of your categories!! And if you’re seeing this after the comment-a-thon is over, leave these brilliant writers some feedback anyway <3

Epistolary Drarry (letters)

Lettered (8K), Lush Life (19.5K), & Home Again, Home Again (22K) by pir8fancier- Harry has a secret penpal, whose identity is as plain as the nose on his face. Except he’s not wearing his glasses.
I’ve only just realized today that the last work in this series exists, and I’m in a panic because I must MUST read it— the first two are amazing and perfect and they have EVERYTHING. Be aware that the sequel(s) are very different from Lettered because they take place years later, but Lush Life (and probs the other one too!!) is JUST AS BRILLIANT as Lettered, which you will definitely fall in love with!!!!

Catch 22 by jad (50K)- As if NEWTS weren’t enough, Dumbledore’s gone and had another one of his ‘bright ideas.’ If all ends well, the Houses will be getting along in no time. Or according to Harry’s correspondent, an Apocalypse will be in order.
Okay THIS FIC THO. It’s exactly what anon is looking for, because they are writing proper anonymous letters back and forth, trying to guess each others’ identities, and it’s an amazing read! With a very dramatic reveal :D

Dear Diary by AWickedMemory (20.5K)- // This can’t possibly go worse than the last time I kept a diary. //
After the war, Harry picks up a journal to write in… and it writes back. Luckily, it’s not a Horcrux on the other end this time.

OOOOOH this one is just so delicious because Harry is asking his “anonymous pen pal” what he should do about his crush on DRACO MALFOY and that is a recipe for amazingness if I ever saw one.

#switching #owling #bumping into each other by @queenofthyme (~2K)- No summary because this one’s actually a drabble here on tumblr (although you will soon be able to find it as part of qot’s drabble collection on AO3!), but I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH and I thought of it immediately, so I couldn’t not include it! It’s beautiful and there may or may not be POETRY from one of the boys to the other!!!

I identify my star sign by asking which is least compatible with yours by Ingi (13K)- In Eighth year, Harry Potter’s new term resolution was not getting into fights with Draco Malfoy.
It lasted exactly a month and two days.

This is a wonderful, cute little fic with a ton of attractions!!! It seems like I’m always asking myself which fic this or that element is from, and somehow the bits I remember have turned out to be from this fic multiple times. Idk how it’s possible, but I do know you’ll enjoy it greatly <3

A Fluffy Little Olive Branch by @julietsemophase (5K)- Harry comes into work one day to find a box with a baby owl inside sitting on his desk, and a note from a mystery well-wisher.
Just… really cute!!! ADORABLE, even. And very… fluffy *wink wink wink* (I’m hilarious shh). Featuring a very thoughtful, pining Draco and a sweet baby owl <3

Dear Enemy by @gingertodgers (69K)- An anonymous benefactor makes a generous donation to Harry Potter’s School for Squibs in exchange for a weekly letter from the Boy Who Lived.
What begins as a chore soon becomes the only outlet Harry has to talk about the war, love, life, hope, redemption, his renewed obsession with a certain blonde nemesis and how he really, honestly, believes that this will be the year Puddlemere United reclaim the Quidditch League Cup.

Okay, so my friends on the Drarry discord just told me today about this fic and about how everyone who reads it is obsessed, and I just (accidentally) read the first chapter and am already HOOKED so they were not lying!! 100% sure we will all adore it <3

On Our Way by Dynamic (30K)- Draco is trying to spend the summer keeping his head down, but a repair project and a certain snowy owl have other plans for him.
This is an absolutely LOVELY, very touching!, not quite eighth yeah year fic that features DRACO FINDING AN OWL WHO IS HEDWIG’S CHILD AND TRYING TO GIVE HER TO HARRY WHO NEVER WANTS ANOTHER OWL!!!! Literally, how perfect???

And an Owl Named Romeo by Rickey (26.5K)- Draco breeds owls, Harry’s an Auror, and an owl named Romeo is going to bring them together.
I’m noticing that a lot of these fics revolve around owls, which is amazing because I ADORE reading about them, but I must say this might possibly be my favorite Drarry owl fic!!! Harry buys an owl from Draco, then needs lots and lots of advice <3

Better Than an Origami Bird by @jadepresley and yours truly @o0o-chibaken-o0o (3.5K)- A series of letters in which Harry and Draco argue, play truth or dare, get kinky, and are a couple of very naughty (or very good, depending on who you ask) boys during class.
This fic was literally the most fun thing ever to write, because @jadepresley and I got into a contest to see who could make the other one blush more — so if you want some very kinky epistolary smut, you will not be disappointed (hopefully!) <3

Starfall by Lomonaaeren (196.5K)- When the truth about a seemingly minor Dark hex Harry has suffered leads to the dissolution of his marriage with Ginny, Harry spins into a downward spiral. His private consolation is creating a fantasy life for himself in his journal as Ethan Starfall, a normal wizard with a big family. When he receives a random owl Draco Malfoy has cast into the void as a plea for help with his son Scorpius, Harry replies—as Ethan. There’s no reason, he thinks, for an epistolary friendship with Draco to go further. But Draco might have different ideas about that.
This is obviously a HUGE fic full of angst and many many issues and plot devices besides letter-writing—but since the letters are pretty central to the plot, I’m including it here! This fic is a crazy ride, and you will get so invested. Great if you’re looking to read something longer :)

Chat/Texting Fics

Real Texts by @affectiionwrites and @jadepresley (2K)- Kingsley has decided all his Aurors need muggle mobile phones. Draco has finally learned how to use his, and gets a hold of Harry’s number.
Drarry textiiiiing!!! And they’re so funny about it! WITH PICTURES!!! I adored the mop, and if you want to know what that means, you’ll just have to read it ;D

Howlr by @partialtopotter​ (15.5K)- Howlr is the new dating application enchanting Witches, Wizards and Everyone in between. Are you looking for the one or a one-night stand; it’s all here folks. Howlr is sponsored by Weasley Wizard Wheezes, the same team that brought us the Spellular just two years ago. Ginny Weasley, famed chaser for the Hollyhead Harpies, swears by the app, ‘guaranteed to make sparks fly,’ she says. The magic awaits you!
This is actually another one I haven’t gotten to read yet, but I had to include it because I hear people gushing about it every time a new chapter is released and I am SO looking forward to reading it! Based on this amazing post <3

Must Love Quidditch by dracosoftie (103.5K)- Through a series of emails from an online dating site, Harry thinks he’s found his perfect match. Will the bond they’ve forged survive after their identities are revealed?
This fic is a classic, and a great one for if you’re looking for a longer fic! Dating sites are just the best!!! RIGHT?? And there are some courting rituals in here that I greatly enjoyed as well ;D

Blind Date by JosephineStone (8.5K)- Draco’s been working with Harry for years when another one of his relationships goes stale. He has to be married within a year, and though the WizNet has burned him in the past, Draco finds a new possibility in man as desperate to marry as he is. Only then for Harry to see his last chance with Draco slipping away, and he refuses to let Draco ignore his advances any longer.
Another dating site fic!!!! These always have me W E A K!!! And this one is especially amazing because in addition to chatting online, they work together toooooo <333

Group Chat by @jadepresley​ (2K)- A screenshot of a group chat conversation between Draco, Harry, Ron, Pansy, Hermione and Theo.
Okay I know there are three fics by Jade on this list, but I swear I’m not (only) trying to seduce her; she’s actually just AMAZING at this format and you have to read them all because uhkdskjsaaslkdj!!! This is one of the funniest short fics I’ve ever read, NO LIE

because winter dream is being released in 12 hours and why not have more binu, 4stro and magic 

  • cha eunwoo absolutely hates noisy and messy people 
  • when i say noisy and messy i rly mean mj and sanha 
  • and by hate i rly mean they’re his best friends 
  • and by best friends i rly mean mj and sanha found him the very first day on platform 9 and ¾ with the most confused and terrified expression on his tiny face & had to lead him by hand to the hogwarts express 
  • they still laugh about that
  • they also fed him chocolate frogs and laughed when he felt them jumping in his mouth and screamed because they’re terrible friends like that
  • and so here begins cha eunwoo’s journey into the world of magic 
  • shit i don’t know how to put this all under a read more i’m so sorry for those who have to scroll through this i don’t know if this works

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kiss you all over (George Weasley x Reader) SMUT ***

Warnings: smut (underage, unprotected sex), swearing. 

Request: Hi can you write a George x reader where she’s stayin at the burrow and they sneak around to get naughty ;))

A/N: Yes, I am alive. No, I don’t want to be. This is my first actual George x Reader fic. The smut isn’t very good, sorry, I kind of got lazy because I’m super tired. Also, I just realised I wrote this a little differently to the request? oh well. Excuse the shitty title I had no idea what to call this other than George Weasley is a sexy beast so….?

You learn that dreams really can come true when you and George decide to get freaky and release all the pent up sexual frustration between the two of you. 

The Burrow is strangely quiet as it sleeps, yet you are wide awake. Perhaps it’s because the Quidditch World Cup is on tomorrow, perhaps it’s because of the wild, sex dream you just had featuring one George Weasley. Maybe it’s both. But whatever it is, it’s keeping you awake while Hermione and Ginny are fast asleep on either side of you.

Staring up at the ceiling, you try to steady your racing heart as you emerge from the orgasm your brain had just conjured. You feel hot and sticky, especially in one certain area, and you don’t think there’s enough water in the world to cool you down. The dream had felt so real. When you had raked your fingers through George’s hair, when his lips had spilled over your collarbone, when he had pushed inside of you with a wild moan of your name, it had felt as though it was really happening. Your subconscious was teasing you cruelly.

Hermione murmurs something in her sleep and rolls over, facing the wall. Ginny is lying flat on her stomach, dreaming peacefully. As you watch your friends sleep, you can’t help but wonder what George is dreaming of. You hope, somewhat vainly, that it’s you. But who can blame you? When you’ve had a crush on your best friend for as long as you have, you’re surely going to hope with every cell in your body that he’s thinking of you the way you think of him.

Feeling irritated and disappointed, you decide it’s better to get up rather than lie around, moping and thinking about George.

You slip out from the sheets and creep out of the room, trying to keep as quiet as possible. Every step you make sounds like someone’s dropping bombs in your ears but the rest of the house remains undisturbed. You walk past Harry and Ron’s room, Ron is sleep talking about spiders and if you had been less distracted, you would have stopped to listen. Maybe you’ll tease him about it in the morning and watch him go bright red.

Tip-toeing down the stairs, you cast a look over your shoulder, hoping you hadn’t woken up the house. Everything is still, and you nod with a satisfied expression filling your features. Until you crash into something hard.

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What does a birthday matter in space?

It doesn’t, is the answer. A birthday marks a completion of the Earth’s orbit around the sun. Removed from that context, without an Earth to measure and a sun to revolve around, there is no meaning associated with a certain amount of days passing from the one on which you were reportedly born. It’s nothing special. Not on Earth, and especially not in space.

Keith doesn’t care. It doesn’t bother him. He’s never really had a birthday in the first place, even when the passage of 365 days wasn’t an arbitrary amount but in fact assigned meaning by the giant rock he lived on. As a child his birthday was recognized on the first of October sometimes, with all the other October-born children. One foster home bought him a small pastry. Another even wrapped a present for him: a small model airplane that he’d broken the next week when he’d thrown it at his foster brother.

Once, there had been a cake.

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Playful Banter (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: holy hell you guys literally I got almost 200 notes on my first fic in literally the first day so thank you guys so much for supporting that and actually enjoying my writing style?? It encourages me to keep writing so here’s another fic for you all because I love you!! Also feel free to request things cuz it’ll help me with ideas. (And also just talk to me if you want because I’m lonely)

Warnings: swearing (lots of it pretty much exclusively from the reader), dumb fluff

Request: No

Summary: Lots of sarcasm (and sass I suppose) especially from the reader (because that how I am and how I write I apologize if that doesn’t represent you). Basically the reader and Peter are always playfully insulting each other but they both do it as a sort of cover denial for their feelings towards each other

  • You and Peter are like lowkey insulting each other 24/7
  • But in a playful way
  • “Why do you look so sad, Y/N?”
  • “Because I saw your face and it reminded me of death”
  • But it’s mutual
  • It took some time, but eventually Peter got better at it (with practice though because he’s too much of a sweetheart)
  • “What happened to your hand, Parker?”
  • “I decided it would be less painful to slam my hand in a car door than talk to you but unfortunately I’m dealing with both”
  • “Fuck off”
  • He always comes up to you later to make sure that he didn’t actually hurt your feelings
  • “I was joking I promise”
  • “Peter, I know
  • “OKAY, butIwannabereallysure”
  • “PETER”
  • “Sorry”

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You’re Perfect

Daveed Diggs x Rafael Casal x Reader

Note: I am so glad I finally finished a damn fic, I really hope you guys like this one and please remember to tell me what you think when you read it!

Request: Anonymous asked:  Can I request a poly rafa x reader x diggs fic, with chubby female reader where she is having a really bad day and is unconfortable with her looks, and they help her relax and show how much they love her? I saw your hcs about them and just want something really fluffy with them. I love your writing and you fics are amazing! (Also, the world needs more fics with both rafa and daveed)

Warnings: swearing, self-hate (i guess that’s how to describe it)

Word Count: 1,641

Tagged:  @tallish-hobbit @hamiltonsquills @rottwat @iamgrayfox @justanotherone2u @angesansnom @lupinschocolatefrog @butlinislin @eternallyademon @i0do0not0knoe @iamindeedapotato @tailored-shirt-tails @ordinaryornate @star-trek-supernatural @femilton@noluckmonday @haletotheking24 @hmltntrsh51

Originally posted by hypeulesnochilligan

You knew it had been a mistake to come out tonight the minute you step through the front door of the club. Of course part of you wants to be here, it’s the first time in months you’re actually able to go to a clipping. show, to see Daveed perform and honestly there’s nothing quite like watching him on stage.

Daveed almost seemed like a different guy up on the stage, all his insecurities and worries melt away when he get’s up there. He’s truly mesmerizing to watch, you can see pure happiness in his eyes as he watches the crowd yelling his words right back at him.

No matter how much you wanted to be here to see Daveed performing, tonight is the wrong night for you to be here, in a room filled with gorgeous girls, who are thinner and prettier than you.

Rafa holds a firm grip on your hand, leading you through the club as the two of you find a good spot to wait until Daveed, Bill and Jonathan come out to start their show.

Pushing through the crowds of people you can’t help but stare at every girl you pass. In all of them, you can see something they have that’s better than you. Girls with flatter stomachs, girls whose bodies don’t jiggle as they walk, girls whose smile are prettier, whose skin is clearer. Everywhere you look you see someone who reminds you of how gross you look.

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Pairing: Peter x Reader

Summary: an unusual buy can sometimes be useful. Buying the Spiderman plush didn’t turn out that bad after all.

A/N: yup, another drabble. I am weird, I either write long as fics or these small imagines. I don’t know grey, I never did. sooo this is a fluffy Petey drabble. it’s kinda stupid but I have a spiderman plush so I wrote this. I have no regrets I don’t care how many notes this gets.(actually I do. all of us writers do). hope you like it!

Warnings: one swear word. one.

Word Count: 866

Originally posted by v-writings

It was an impulse buy. Like some frenzy took over you and you weren’t thinking straight and you just, just bought it. Now, you were in your room, having a staring competition with the little Spiderman plush. While you were regretting your decision, you also secretly liked the plush. After all it was so tiny and soft.

‘ah, fuck it.’ you said out loud with a grin and attached it to your backpack. ‘guess, I’ll just embarrass parker with it.’ you muttered as you slung the bag and made your way out of your room and through the hallway. You were stopped with a jerk, you looked back and found tony grinning and holding the little plush.

‘seriously, tony? I’m late for school.’ You snatched the plush from him but his grin didn’t fade.

‘why do you have that on you?’ he pointed at the plush and crossed his arms over his chest.

‘don’t tell anyone, I am going to embarrass parker with it.’ you waved it a little.

‘that’s the only reason for getting it?’ he said suggestively and wiggled his brows.

‘yes, tony. that’s the only reason.’ You said monotonously and he chuckled.

‘kay kid.’ He patted your shoulder. ‘go annoy, Spidey and study hard.’ You nodded and left.

You had waited all day for peter to notice his miniature dangling from your backpack but he just wouldn’t look in that direction. He would just talk to you and leave without noticing.

You had finally given up and where getting your books from your locker when you heard his voice.

‘is that me?!’ he said with a surprised expression.

‘no, that’s Spiderman.’ You petted the plush and he rolled his eyes.

‘why would you get it?’ he asked with an uneasy expression as he examined the plush.

‘because, it was little hansies!’ you made the plush pat his cheeks. He took it and held it away from you.

‘(y/n), why would you just get this It’s-it’s so..’ he looked at it with an unexplainable expression. You quickly snatched it away and hooked it on your jeans buckle. You crossed your arms and gave him a smug smile.

‘my plan is working, my little,’ you patted the plush and peter’s cheeks turned red. ‘has worked. And aww,’ you pouted. ‘look who’s all blushy- blushy.’ You teased him. he covered his face and groaned. You chuckled and he said a muffled ‘I hate you.’ ‘same here petey,’ you kept a hand on his shoulder. ‘same here.’

The day was spent putting the plush in weird places and just doing stupid things with it. peter had, groaned, tried to snatch it, blushed like a little girl but at the end, laughed. It was a fun day for you and maybe him too. he liked seeing you make such efforts, it was adorable to him really. You climbing things, pouting and just being so childlike or just simply yourself was lovely.

The day had come to an end and you two were on the floor sitting among books, notes and all kinds of stationery. You see, people with superpowers need to study too. you two were no different and all jokes apart were studying like the nerds you were. You were finished making biology notes and decided to lay down. boredom took over so you started fiddling with the plush again.

‘seriously, (y/n)? I thought you were done with that.’ He said keeping his eyes set on his notebook. You just gave him a light snicker in response.

‘it has a very, judging stare.’ You mused and he hummed in response. ‘I am never changing with those eyes on me. it would feel like it’s saying “gross” or “eww” to me on seeing me naked.’ You said.

‘I would never say that.’ He mumbled but you heard him.

‘now, who said you are getting a chance to see me naked?’ you asked and he buried his head in the notebook. ‘hey! Don’t imagine me naked!’ you pointed.

‘I’m not!’ he argued back as he laughed.

‘you better not.’ You muttered and continued playing with the plush. The day had been rather tiring and you hadn’t been getting much sleep. so without realizing you fell asleep holding the plush close to your face.

‘you know (y/n),’ he kept his notebook aside and looked at you only to find you asleep. A smile appeared on his lips.

‘oh look! (y/n) fell asleep with little Spiderman in her hand!’ Clint exclaimed with a grin and pointed at you. Natasha rolled her eyes and slapped his shoulder.

‘you made such a cute, innocent thing soo wrong.’ she smiled.

‘hey, ya found that funny too.’ he pointed and she didn’t give any reaction. ‘but it was really wrong, I shouldn’t do that.’

‘you really shouldn’t!’ peter shouted and he nodded. he shouted ‘sorry, kid!’ in response and they both left. He looked back at you and pushed all the things away from you. you looked so peaceful, it was a rare sight, you were mostly on the move or scarily quiet. He brushed a stray hair away from your face and smiled at you.

‘you’re one lucky fella’ he tapped the plush’s nose.

anonymous asked:

steve harrington eating his feelings after being broken up with and getting all washed-up-ex-jock... please


YOU HAD TO GO THERE DIDN’T YOU? You sensed my Steve-love and you knew it would be so easy to drag me down into this hell pit.


He’d be that cute skinny-fat thing at first where he’d still look totally thin until he took his shirt off and OH HEY NO ABS AT ALL. And then he’d just…gradually…get softer. Beer, fast food, horrible pre-packaged shit. Cheetos for days. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Skippy on white bread with Smucker’s, because it is 1984 and healthy options do not even fucking exist.

And he’d be super self-conscious about it, right? And that would just end with him eating more junk. Vicious cycle. Until Dustin gives him a pep talk. Like “you’re Steve fucking Harrington, get your fucking ass up off the couch and quit whining. Go get your girlfriend and her boyfriend.”

And so Steve dutifully buttons his jeans under his belly and goes bravely off to get his woman and her man, because THEY ALL BELONG TOGETHER AND STEVE DESERVES A DAD BOD AND TWO PEOPLE TO FEED HIM.

Daddy’s Eyes

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 4,056

Prompt/Summary: ‘I’m pregnant.’ (dialogue prompt) / Negan and his wife decide to have a second baby together.

Warnings: Very light smut.

Written For: Jessie’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: This is another one set in my pre-apocalypse AU… I swear someday I’ll write a story about Negan that’s actually set in TWD world, lol. Sorry I didn’t go all the way with writing the smut; I’m really not good at writing full on smut. And sorry for the odd title. I am the Worst at coming with titles for fics and often just use song titles.

Also, I may do a part two to this one where Lucille meets her little brother or sister, just because I think that’d be cute AF.

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I’m with the band - Stenbrough AU

Here I am with an ACTUAL FIC OMG!!! anyway this is stenbrough meeting au at a concert because I’m a sucker for night life meeting stenbrough, apparently. 

( @trashmoutheds look i actually wrote something) 

Words - 0.9k

Warnings - swearing, mentions of injury and blood

Stan stood by the bar, holding his first drink of the night, still, and watching the local band play on the stage. He didn’t come to see the band, rather he was here to wallow in self pity with a drink or two, and the rowdy band turned up.

They were loud, brash and played really, really well - Stan was annoyed to admit this, but they’d actually improved his night a bit. 

‘Alright, lads and ladies!’ Shouted the bold voice of the singer and guitarist, ‘Here’s one to go fucking mad to!’

Stan rolled his eyes as he felt a headache at the back of his eyes, but as soon as the music had began, he felt compelled to go forwards into the sea of people jumping madly - it couldn’t be too bad, right?

So Stan edged his way into the audience, trying to make his way to the front. He’d rather his head hurt from loud music rather than a hangover, after all. 

Stan was not disappointed by what he found. The bass was making the floor beneath his feet vibrate, and made the hairs on his neck stand on edge.

Stanley Uris let lose. He’d been to his fair share of concerts, sure, but never one as reserved as this local one. He’d never really been to a punk concert either. He supposed this one wasn’t too bad, and was glad it was his first proper one.

As he lost himself in the people around him, he felt a sharp pain in the bridge of his nose and stopped as soon as he’d started, gripping his nose and wincing at the blood. 

‘S-shit! I’m s-s-sorry, that was an a-accident,’ spoke a voice to his left, a hand resting on his shoulder and guiding him towards the toilets.

Stan was confused. His eyes were glued shut so he didn’t have to look at the blood trickling down his face, but he assumed the stranger guiding him was the one who’d delivered the elbow to his face.

‘Where are we going?’ He asked, voice muffled from the hand cupping his face.

‘T-toilets are t-taken, so m-my car,’


‘I’m g-g-going to clean you u-up. I h-have m-my friend’s f-f-first aid,’

Stan sighed in relief at that statement. At least he’d be clean.

He let himself be guided by the stranger, finally opening his eyes once he felt the nighttime air hit his face.

He saw the stars in the sky twinkling, and heard the rustle of leaves in the wind. He could taste the metallic tang of blood, but most importantly, he saw a literal angel.

The boy who had lead him out was easily six-foot-four, towering over Stan’s five-foot-eight. He had red hair that fell to the right hand side, and the most piercing blue eyes Stan had ever seen. He wore a flannel and ripped jeans, but what caught Stan’s attention the most was his The Cure shirt.

He was beautiful. 


Stan was knocked out of his evaluation of the boy as he spoke up.


‘I-I’m B-B-Bill Denb-brough. I-I’m sorry,’ 

Bill. Bill and Stan. Stan and Bill. 

‘Stanley Uris, and it’s fine! It was my first time doing that, so,’ 

Bill stifled a laugh and patted the bonnet of his car, indicating where Stan should sit. He warned Stan that it might hurt, but Stan just nodded, fixated on Bill’s concentrated face. 

He wiped away all the blood and disinfected the cut on Stan’s face from his metal button colliding with him. 

After cleaning up the curly haired boy on his car, Bill climbed on to the bonnet and sat with him. He shifted closer to Stan, making the smaller boy blush, and his fingers tingle.

‘S-So, Stan. W-What made you g-g-go in the p-pit?’ 

Stan looked back at Bill, face slack.

‘That was a pit? I went in a pit? And got injured?’

Bill nodded in response, humming a confirmation too.

Stan just laughed. Into the night air, he laughed. He let loose all the stress that had consumed him for the past few weeks, and heard the songbird laugh of Bill behind him. 

The two boys remained on Bill’s car, too content to return inside the bar, despite it being Bill’s best friend’s band. They talked about themselves, family, friends, music and everything in between. 

And were only interrupted when the band who had been playing came out. 

‘OHHHH BIG BILL, WOULD THIS BE THE REASON YOU LEFT OUR GIG?’ shouted the one with coke bottle glasses and unruly curls.

‘Shut up, Richie. We’re gay, too’ deadpanned the small boy with a fanny pack, carrying a bass case with the taller boy’s leather jacket hung over his shoulders.

Stan sat up on Bill’s car, confusion and pain from earlier fogging his brain and making all coherent thoughts disappear. 

He looked at his wrist watch and saw it was late, and he should be getting home. He jumped off the car, and walked to Bill. 

‘Bye, Bill. It was nice to meet you,’

‘B-Bye Stan,’ 

Stan leant up on his toes and kissed Bill’s cheek, feeling the skin beneath his lips flush up. He grabbed a pen out of his pocket and, feeling brave, wrote his number on Bill’s hand.

With that, he walked out to his own car, hearing cheers behind him and a soft feminine voice shout ‘Go get ‘em, Bill!’

He smiled to himself and began his car.

Punk bands were his new favourite, he decided. 

A Stranger to Loss

requested: this was actually three requests combined into one fic, because i thought that they all blended together really well. Thank you to the three who sent them in! 

pairings: peter parker x reader 

word count: 3.3k 

warnings: swearing, violence, guns, pain description

a/n: like i said before, this is 3 in one. it was super fun to write, i randomly got this burst of inspiration yesterday and spent all last night banging this one out. its kind of long, so i hope thats okay with y’all. xoxoxo enjoy! 

// not my gif // 

You hadn’t expected to become a hero of Queens, much less being called a ‘superhero’ by its civilians. You felt an overwhelming need to protect the city, to put yourself in the line of duty to ensure the safety of the citizens. Those people were who you interacted with every day; from the old woman who knits on the subway every morning, to the deli owner who made your favorite meatball subs. Your neighbors, your classmates, your parents. Too many horrible things happened in the quiet of the night that you felt deep in your bones you had to do something about it–anything.

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Bittersweet and Strange Part 4 (Negan X Female)




Summary: The more she spends time with him, the less she sees him as a beast.

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 2,993

Warnings: Smut, swearing, fluff, corny references

Author’s Note: This is Part 4 of my Beauty and the Beast inspired fic series.

This fic series was a mistake. I hate myself for writing it. You guys seem to like it, so I’m doing this for you guys. Because I love you. Honestly, no matter how many times I edit this, it doesn’t seem good enough so I’m sorry if this is shit. It’s hard to tell if it’s my depression or if it’s actually just garbage. 

I feel burned out right now. My fics all seem copy and paste to me. Now this author’s note is just turning into a pity party. Fuck.

I love you guys. Thanks for reading my stuff. I’ll get part 5 out soon.

Please let me know what you thought! I love feedback!

This has no beta so I’m sorry for any errors.

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~Warning // Pt. 2~ (Hamilsquad X Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! Here’s a weird fact about me; I can only write at night. Well, I mean, not only, but I write so much better at night than I do during the day; only problem is, I, like every human, require sleep. So yes, i was incredibly tired when I wrote (Insert fic name here) and yes it probably ((honestly)) sucks but one day I promise i’ll actually write something worth reading during the day. Anyway, I wrote this at 1:37 AM woot woot! Enjoy!!

T/W: implied rape, swearing, blackmail, cheating

Pt 1  Pt 2  Pt 3  Pt 4  Pt 5  Pt 6

The calls didn’t stop.

He had gotten your number from James, who had snuck John’s phone after a meeting one day and guessed his passcode with ease.

He called almost hourly, from every number he could.

Blocking him did nothing, and the assault didn’t stop.

You still couldn’t tell your boys.

They panicked and worried and cooed over you the morning after, trying to figure out what made you feel so shitty that night, but they never would’ve guessed that the problem was buried deeper than just a cold.

You felt disgusting.

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we need an ‘otaku’-fic where ladybug and chat fight an akuma (”weeaboo”) who sends people through different anime/manga-verses

ladybug is totally clueless and weeb-adrien definitely knows every single anime

  • Ouran High School Host Club 
  • Fruits Basket 
    Chat: What a catastrophe!
    Kyo: I swear I’ll punch you if you don’t shut the fuck up.
  • Soul Eater
    Ladybug: Well, that’s actually a pretty cool world. I could live here.
  • Ao no Exorcist 
    Rin and Chat both admire each other’s tails. 
    Rin: Do you think a skin tight suit would suit me?
    Yukio: Nii-san no!
    Chat: Hell yes!
    Ladybug: Chat no! Stop the puns!
    (okay, as an ane fan i have so many scenarios that i could write a whole 30 chapter fic about just this crossover)
  • Higurashi/umineko no naku koro ni
    Both: Nope, next one.
  • Attack on Titan
    Ladybug: How about a world in which we won’t get killed by accident?
  • Ranma ½
    Ladybug: So, lets say you stay a girl for more than a month, would you get your period?
    Chat: Ladybug, no!
  • KissXSis
    Ladybug: I’m kinkshaming all of you
  • Boku no pico
    Ladybug: But we just got ice-cream? 

bonus: they find alya, nino (and chloé) along the way

bonus-bonus: accidental reveal

Update: I’ll probably write the fic.