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It’s @celesoran‘s bday!!! Please accept this small Speed Demons ficlet! :D

On a scale of one to ten, one being the least worst, and ten being the absolute most terrible, a rowdy bar in the rougher part of town on a Saturday night is probably on the higher end of Asahi’s discomfort spectrum.

He knows Daichi and Suga love this place, though, because it reminds them a little bit of the old days, the scent of smoke and danger always lingering in the air, the possibility of fight or flight always right around the corner. Asahi doesn’t miss those days nearly as much, and he knows the two of them are more or less happy in the relative stability they have now, but he does understand the notion of rose-tinted glasses born from nostalgia.

Asahi likes the quiet, though. That’s why he watches from a booth in the corner of the room, nursing a soda and snacking on admittedly delicious chicken wings, while Daichi and Suga jostle for elbow room at the crowded bar. They’re both already tipsy, and are making a game out of swatting each other’s asses and then acting like one of the other rowdy bar patrons around them is the overly friendly culprit.

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Whiskey and Sunsets

I blame @badwolf626 for giving me the courage to post this xD Hope it isn’t terrible. My version of the party and sunset scene to better fit my Ryder’s personality! Spoiler warning for parts of Reyes’s romance. Ye be warned.

           Emun had enough of this party. She hadn’t exactly wanted to go to begin with, but since Reyes had insisted she decided to take a chance. She didn’t know why she was drawn to the man, he was far too smooth for her liking, but she couldn’t help the thrill she felt when she was around him. Keema wasn’t exactly helping either; the Angaran had made it a point to tell her how much he liked her, about how much he’d talked about her lately, and much to her chagrin had felt her cheeks heating up at her comments.

           She looked around the party; people were drunk, Sloane had been watching her moves, and Reyes had ditched her for some purpose she assumed wasn’t good. She was done. “Reyes, where are you?” There wasn’t any answer over her comm and she let out a sigh. She was going to tell him she was going, but if he didn’t even have the decency to respond— ‘I believe Mr. Vidal has slipped into a side room.’ SAM chimed privately and she groaned about SAM’s meddling.

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