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Theory: Fukurodani To Win Nationals

alternatively: this is a shounen sports manga so literally anyone could win for any reason whatsoever but a Fukurodani win would not be the worst possible choice and could in fact be an excellent choice

The tricky thing about theorizing who could win nationals is that none of the teams talk about winning nationals. It’s all about the act of going and what they will do there. Past winners aren’t even mentioned. But we’re 234 chapters into this. For the story, for the characters, and for myself as a fan, I want our current teams to get what they want and deserve, but I want them to aspire for more in the future. Or as Coach Nekomata says in ch.96:

[Note: I’m sorry not sorry for this monstrosity of a post. This is by no means a definitive edition. Beware that below the cut is image heavy and full of spoilers.]

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Bagginshieldweek // Day 7: Plant Your Trees, Watch Them Grow. (Free day! Anything you want: Bagginshield + winter colors)

Owari no Shipping Week: Day 1: Holding hands / Cuddles / Hugs

concept: yuu is “””injured””” and desperately needs carried because he cant possibly walk. mika 100% knows whats up but plays along bc he doesnt mind At All

um// this doesnt really fit the prompt much sorry but… i mean carrying could count as holding AND a hug right??? the others ive done do actually fit the prompts lmao just not so much this one unless you squint

although i have drawn mikayuu cuddles in the past!! which is.. part of the reason it was hard to follow the prompt properly, it kept being too similar to that one rip


2016 carat survey! + fans’ favorite seventeen moments

check please kink bingo?

thought I’d make an actual post about this so: 

anyone interested in participating in a omgcp kink bingo some point early next year? google is telling me that there isn’t already one and I feel like this ought to be rectified. I’d need to work out all the logistics but it would be great if people could like (and reblog to spread the word) if it’s something you’d be interested in doing. I’d like to gauge interest before I go all premature on the set up.

Tomorrow starts pharmercy week! (Or … actually today, having just checked the time.)

I’ll probably hold off on prompts until after this week, just so I don’t overload myself … although I’ve been procrastinating on prompts a bit anyhow and if you’ve submitted one, you probably know that. 😅

Thanks for being patient! Hopefully pharmercy week will be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to it :3

Marichat Week Two Day One: Kiss

Hello guys!! I’m super excited to participate in this!! 

Major kudo’s to my wonderful Beta @megatraven who is also the best wife ever!

Big thank you to @mahaliciously For plotting with me over this.

@marichatweek Thank you for doing week to so I can actually participate this time I totally missed the last one save me. 

Words: 1167

Day One: Kiss

Chat Noir spotted Marinette sitting on a bench after school. She had ran from him all day when he was Adrien, and the last thing he wanted was for her akumatization to be his fault.

“Marinette!” he called out, cheerfully running over to her.

“Chat Noir? What are you doing here, is there something wrong?” Marinette asked quickly, closing a small book and putting it in her bag. She moved to stand, but he put his hands up.

“No, no! Everythings fine. I just, uh, noticed your Sailor Moon pin.,” he said, gesturing to it. “I watched that show growing up. Who was your favorite character…?” he asked  as he sat beside a very confused Marinette.

“Hmmm… Either Usagi or Rei I think” She said shaking off her confusion.

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scira week 
     ↳ day one - favorite moment

Hey everyone, mod here.

Just a heads-up, it’s looking like I may not be able to draw the conclusion to the ball preparation mini-arc until tomorrow morning in my time zone, as it seems I might need to rest my wrist a bit tonight. Additionally, I’ve committed to spending the evening with my family tomorrow, so actual ball participation miiiiight not start until later tomorrow evening in my time zone after I get back from that.

I really want to participate, though! It’s just not going to be super easy the first day or two… ^^;

anonymous asked:

was jimon week your idea? just curious :)

all of us in the jimonnw came up with it, i honestly cant remember who specifically anymore. we just wanted to do something nice and fun for the jimon fandom and also we’re thristy for new content always so theres that


i’m shannon, my pronouns are they/them, and i’m half chinese. i’m han chinese from my mom’s side and white from my dad’s. come say hi and join in the meetup if you’re a person of color !!!!

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Just dropping by to say I really appreciate Patater week, it's awesome! ❤️❤️

I’m so glad. I know there’s hardly anyone actually participating but I’m glad there’s at least one person enjoying it regardless of how badly it’s failing.