i whisper to my laptop

It’s a breezy summer day and the rustling from the leaves outside sound like whispers from my small apartment. I’m sitting in front of my laptop, silently studying the 1.6 billion faces speaking simultaneously in front of me. It’s Monday, the day of the weekly conference call between all Muslims. We have been required to attend this Skype meeting from the the tender age of fetus, but I had never spoken in one of them before. 

That changes today. 

“Hey guys, what if…” I start to say. 

Nobody hears me, but I refuse to be silent. How could I show my face again on Tumblr if I couldn’t even save my mayonnaise friends from death? How could I expect to earn their respect? Anon was right; why hadn’t I done this before? Thousands of lives had paid the price for my ignorance, but not anymore.

“What if you guys….. stopped killing people.“ 

Suddenly, silence. 

1,643,398,023 pairs of eyes are on me. My heart is in my throat as the ISIS leader gives me a blank expression. 

A single tear rolls down my cheek. "Please.” I say with a broken voice. 

He is moved. 


Hot new let’s play!!! Learn what bones and disappointment are at 2 am in the morning after two hours of waiting for origin to load, updating origin, waiting for dragon age inquisition to load, waiting for new game to load, waiting for character creation to load, waiting for story to load, waiting for option screen to load, waiting for the game to process exit to menu so you can restart it with much much much much much lower graphics, waiting for the game to restart, waiting for the game to open again, waiting waiting waiting waiting the orbicularis oculi is that circular muscle around the eye

You know what I love? I was at my local coffee shop in my town and I was watching shadowhunters season 1 to get ready for season 2 in January. You won’t believe the encounter I had. So, these preppy looking guys came in, loud and so fucking obnoxious, but you know when you can feel like people are watching you? Well I felt that. So, I turned around to find two of the guys whispering and pointing at my laptop screen. They all got their coffees, and sat down, except for one guy. He came up to me and introduced himself? Which was weird, because there weren’t a lot of people in the cafe. And then you wouldn’t believe what he said next. 

He pointed at my screen and said, “I love that show. Shadowhunters, right?” and I said, yeah and laughed awkwardly, because that’s exactly me. And I thought he would just leave and go sit down with his buddies, but then he continued and said, “My best friend and I binged watched the show when it was On Demand. It’s so different and I really like all the characters, especially Jace and Alec, they remind me of me and my best friend over there” and he pointed at one of the guys sitting at the table. 

It was such a weird encounter, but something I will never forget, because I guess I’m so used to interacting with girls who watch Shadowhunters, and tend to forget that yes, even guys watch Shadowhunters too. 

I swear to god nothing is as soul crushing and frustrating as the look of disappointment on a person’s face when they ask you what medium you paint in and you say ‘I work mostly digitally’ … like apparently my technique is solid enough you were ready to believe it was oil painting or some shit, but as soon as a computer is involved it’s not legit anymore? Like how do you think I make em? By whispering into my shitty laptop microphone “Make an illustration, watercolour style, blue and yellow, with two people eating at McDonald’s”? And the computer takes care of the rest??