i went with the camel color


Energy Power Leggings - $84
Laser Mesh Leggings - $79
Mesh Around Sports Bra - $49
TOTAL: $212

Sunnie Underwear (x2) - $29
Blue and Orange Lace Thong - $9.5
Blue and Orange Camel Thong - $7.5
Color Blocked Panties (x3) - $22.5
Men’s U.S. Flag Boxers - $12.95
TOTAL: $68.5

Wildflower Phone Case (x2) - $76
TOTAL: $76

Portable Chargers (x2) - $48
Phone Fan - $6
TOTAL: $54

Belkin Gold Charger - $24.99
Belkin Mini Charger -$19.99
Apple iPhone Charger - $24
Apple iPhone Case - $35
TOTAL: $103.98

Purple Tank - $27.99
Cream T Shirt - $29.99
Pintrill Pins (x4) - $48
Socks (x2) - $29
TOTAL: $116.94

💕AFTER TAX: $670.84

Went shopping today!! Just got a new tote bag so I wanted to test that puppy out 😏. New to the lifting community on tumblr, but I’ve been lifting for years!


I was so exhausted the day after I went to the dentist (got two teethes pulled out) and the worst part is that my checks was swollen. So I just relaxed  those days and didn’t think about anything else than to sleep and watch some TV series. I have started to sew again and my new project is a pair of trousers in the same fabric as my kimono and jacket. Can’t wait to wear a whole beige look combined.

Today was a lazy day, so I wore this comfortable outfit and choose these colors. Camel and burgundy, makes such a vibrant combination. I love this combo.