i went with lot's of brightness on this set

okay a couple of people asked me how i made my most recent gifset (x), so i thought i’d attempt a tutorial. sorry in advance if i’m bad at explaining it, and if you have any extra questions, feel free to drop me an ask and i’d be more than happy to clarify things. again, i do make my gifs in 536px bc there’s a lil glitch with my ps which means that i have to double the size, but i’ve posted them at 268px here for the sake of the tutorial. 

so in this tutorial, i’ll be showing you how to go from this:

to this:

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Valentine’s Day

Hello ! I saw that your request box is open so I’m taking my chance ! Can you do an OS with this : “It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m single and you want to cheer me up but you can’t cook nor bake to save your life so you make me hot chocolate instead and it is delicious and I think I love you???” AU ? With Warren please ? Have a good day !! 

Word Count: 583
Warnings: Fluff, awkward Warren, Warren Worthington III being an adorable floof, just Warren Worthington III in general.

It’s cloudy, possibly with a chance of rain.  Not the best weather for Valentine’s Day, but you’ll take it.  After all, it’s not what it looks like outside, but what you feel inside that makes the day good, and this day will be a good one, even if it kills you.

Though you were single, the holiday meant a lot to you.  You got to show the people you loved how much you cared for them, despite the fact that December holidays seemed to convey that message to other people.  But how were you going to do that?  Last year, you tried to give Jean and Jubilee pizza, (more like pizza shaped ashes), and the year before that, you tried your best to make cake (a cylinder of cement covered with way too much chocolate frosting was a better description for that).  You didn’t even want to get started on the homemade cards from three years before, (you still find glitter on your body).

This year, you wanted to try to give Jean, Jubilee, and the many other friends you had gained in the last year something they would actually enjoy.  And an idea came to mind when you saw a box of hot chocolate in one of the cabinets.

A Few Minutes Later

The Squad would’ve been outside, but it was too cold.  Instead, they sat near one of the many fireplaces in the Mansion.  Even Warren was there, with his arms crossed, and a grumpy look on his face.  All of them were lounging, waiting for you to come down.  Soon enough, they heard footsteps, and saw your bright smile as you went to your friends.  You were carrying seven mugs, each one with hot chocolate, and what seemed to be a lot of whipped cream on top.

“Jean, can I have a little help here?” you asked.  Jean jokingly sighed, before using her telekinesis to set some of the mugs down.  You quickly started passing different mugs to them, before leaving to go to your own room.  You didn’t want to see their horrified reactions.

And Now It’s Night

Once again, you were sitting in your room, flipping through a magazine, when you heard a knock on your door.  You opened it to see Warren looking down at you, with his hands behind his back.  There was an awkward silence for what felt like hours.

“I didn’t get to thank you for the hot chocolate.” he finally stammered.

“Oh.  Thanks.  It wasn’t bad?” you asked.

“Yeah, it was great.  Probably the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.”  Your heart was close to melting from that.  Not only did someone like the gift you’d given them, but they wanted to make sure that you knew before the next day after avoiding everyone.  How sweet.  

Just as you were about to close the door, Warren took his hands from behind his back to show you something.  A card.

“I-I made this for you.”, he seemed to be stammering.

“Aw, Warren.  You didn’t have to do this for me.” you said.

“I know, but,” he sighed. “I’ve had these weird…”


“Yeah, feelings around you lately, and when you gave us the hot chocolate, it kind of came to me what they were.  So I figured that even though it’s already Valentine’s Day, why not make something special for you?”

“Are you asking me to be your valentine?”



It was your first day of work at the mansion and you were already in over your head. Walking in, the guards were chasing down Taehyung and Jungkook, as they ran like children around the policemen. Namjoon and Yoongi were fighting with each other, while Jimin and Hobi placed bets on who would win. You stood there in a complete mess, watching the chaos ensue. However, it was Jin that came from upstairs, buttoning his crisp white button down and surveying the crowd.

Guys, what did I say, we need to look presentable for Ms. L/N. He said in a calm voice as he waltzed his way down the stairs. You watched him like he was some graceful angel that fluttered towards you. He made eye contact, raised his eyebrows in shock, then smiled. Ah, Dr. L/N, I didn’t see you there. I’m sorry for their behavior, please forgive us. He said to you and outstretched his hand, taking it, he looked into your eyes and a smile graced his face. Feeling your cheeks tint pink, you tried to show your professionalism.

Hello. I was a bit surprised when I walked in to such a crazy scene, is it always like this? You asked and Jin looked behind him, the guards were now holding Jungkook and Tae, while the rest of the guys scratched their necks in embarrassment.

A bit. You have to understand, we are used to just men around here. You raised your eyebrows and squinted your eyes in a small glare. AH, that came out wrong, it’s not that we don’t like women, it’s just we are rough around the edges. Jesus, I don’t think I’m doing a good job at this backtracking thing. Jin’s cheeks went bright red and you laughed a little. The guys all started to jeer at their elder as they mocked and laughed about his fumbling mouth.

Alright, well I have a lot to set up, but Jin, would you come into my office? I would like to speak to you. You asked and all of the guys hooted behind him. Hollering and continuing their jokes, Jin rolled his eyes and nodded at you.

Of course. Whatever makes this easier for you. He responded and you nodded. Walking into your office, Jin followed.

The office was bare, only boxes strewn about the mahogany furniture and you put your hands on your hips as you looked around. Ah, this is going to take me all night. You mumbled to yourself and sighed. Looking at Jin, you went through your mental catalog of files. Con-man, eldest inmate, ponzi-scheme, and very charming. You remembered the gist of his crimes and nodded to yourself.

So each of the inmates here has a vastly different crime and it seems from what I observed out there, that their personalities are all over the place. Jin smiled and gave a small nod. And I notice that just from the small interaction, that you’ve taken on a bit of a leader persona with them. Jin shook his head.

No, no that’s mainly Namjoon. They tend to ignore my pleas. He tried to counter, but you shook your head.

The way I see it, Namjoon tends to get distracted. I need a guy who is comfortable with being the boss. Can you do that? You asked and Jin thought for a moment before nodding.

Jin smiled to himself as you started to go through your plan. So I would have control over the guys? He asked and you nodded without even looking at him. It was simple enough to understand, you couldn’t be at the house 24/7 so you were putting Jin in charge as a way to keep each program from derailing on their courses. Jin would take on various responsibilities and he would be held accountable if any of the guys decided to go off track. For Jin it was perfect, he missed the days that he was able to be in control, he had lost so much of it when he had been arrested and he finally felt like he was going to be able to take over once more.

Jin left your office and you looked through the boxes that laid around. Slowly putting things around, you got a call from your boss.

Everything going okay on the first day? He asked and you sat down at your desk.

Eh, they are a crazy bunch, but I already have Jin’s plan in motion. You said looking at the door.

Already? I thought you were going to wait? He sounded surprised, but you shook your head.

He was already showing signs of leadership, I think it’s best if we figure out just how powerful he is. You responded and your boss agreed.

So do you think he’s going to give you any issues? He asked and you thought about it. Jin’s record showed that Jin had taken control of a company when he was young, he was ruthless at the time and although it was good to have that for some of the time, he seemed to had fallen down a slippery slope. Eventually becoming the boss of a Ponzi scheme and robbing less knowledgeable investors of their savings. All of his previous programs were showing him a lack of power, he was forced to let others lead, but you thought it might not be good for him.

I think it could work, as long as we work together. You told your boss and he sighed.

Seriously? Work together? What is this, gradeschool? He joked and you shook your head. You understood it was crazy, but you wanted to believe that Jin could handle this new lesson.

If I constantly force him to behave as an inferior, he’s going to be resentful, maybe by doing this, I can gain his trust easier and work with him to better himself and the others. They seem to listen to him. You added and again your boss was quiet for a moment.

Alright, you’re the head honcho on this case, I trust you. The two of you finished the call and you continued to put things around the office.

The next day you walked into the house and found all of the guys standing at the bottom of the stairs. Already impressed, you looked around for Jin, but couldn’t find him.

Yoongi, where’s Jin? You asked and Yoongi just pointed to your office.

The younger inmates began to giggle as you made your way to the office, looking over your shoulder, they tried to hide their laughter. Opening the door, your mouth dropped. Jin sat at your desk, rearranging things and making himself comfortable.

Ah, Y/N, I’m glad you finally got here today. Why don’t you take a seat and I’ll be with you in a moment. He said and you were ready to explode. Maybe working together wasn’t the best plan.

theemoestdemon  asked:

So in the vacation/accidental cuddling fic, you mentioned something about fireworks. Maybe when they go to see fireworks, the loud noise kinda freaks Tom out, so Marco just gently holds him (or covers his ears or both.) (And maybe he starts purring :3) Idk I think that would be cute :3

YES THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE!!!!!!! I love that idea so much it was so cute and so fun to write! Also I get spooked by loud noises so that was nice to write! I hope you enjoy it!

Read the last one here!!! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/161260345177/hi-i-just-wanted-to-say-that-i-love-your-work

Star laid out the blanket and the group of kids sat on it. They had left the other dimension and went to fa fireworks show on Earth. “Have you really never seen fireworks before?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“I haven’t seen a lot of things that are normal for most dimensions… the underworld is pretty isolated.” He admitted. Marco nodded and the two resumed looking at the sky, waiting for the sun to set completely. As soon as it was dark enough, a small streak whipped across the sky, it was dark for a second, and then there was an explosion of bright and colorful lights. Marco smiled big and looked over to see Tom’s reaction. But it wasn’t what he had expected.

Tom had a look of pure terror on his face, his arms were wrapped around his head and he had his knees draw up, closing his eyes tightly. “Are you okay?” Marco asked, touching Tom’s shoulder. Before the demon could answer another firework went off and he let out a cry, diving into Marco’s arms. “Hey, it’s okay.” Marco soothed. But his comforting meant nothing when the same noise kept repeating. “Here, sit up.” Marco instructed. He positioned Tom in front of him and had him cuddle up close to him, so that Marco could protect him. As soon as he did Marco brought Tom’s head to his chest, and covered his exposed ear gently with his hand.

Tom’s eye popped open when this happened and he looked up at Marco, then over at the sky. There was another colorful explosion, but no awful sound this time. A far off rumble, but nothing he could really hear. Just the sound of Marco’s heartbeat in his ears. He looked up in the sky in wonder as more colorful bursts of light came into view. As the show continued there began to be bigger and more brilliant fireworks. Some even spelled out words or made shapes!

Tom’s eyes grew wider, and Marco continued to hold him, covering his ears and making sure he felt safe. Tom let a small smile creep up onto his face. It was so nice. Being held close by somebody and having them keep the bad noise away. Tom watched the fireworks and listened to Marco’s heartbeat. It was relaxing. Marco’s other arm was wrapped around Tom to hold him securely, while the other hand covered his ear to keep away the noise. Every now and then Marco would rub his thumb along the demon’s pointed ears, causing Tom to smile. It felt nice and calming, along with the sound of Marco’s heartbeat and the colors in the sky… Tom felt really truly relaxed and happy.

Marco continued to hold the demon close, while watching the fireworks himself. But he stopped when he felt something vibrating against his chest. Marco looked down curiously and brought his head down to listen to the demon. He then smiled when he realized Tom was purring. Marco smiled and held him closer, rubbing his ear again, making the purring grow louder.

The two watched the fireworks together in peace for the full hour. Every time a new one would light up, Tom’s eyes would glitter with amazement. Marco smiled at this sense of innocence. After seeing everything earth had to offer for so long, it was refreshing to see somebody learn and experience it again. And have that same wonder and enjoyment, like it was magic. Marco held Tom closer at the thought and rested his head on Tom’s– listening to the demon purr.

The fireworks ended, but the boys stayed there for a while longer, watching the now dark sky. “… again…” Tom whispered. Marco laughed a bit and Tom snapped out of his daze. The human let go of his ears and Tom flinched a bit, but when he heard the noise was gone he relaxed. He then looked at Marco with pure joy. “Marco! That was incredible!” He exclaimed. “That was so cool! I didn’t know fire could be so… pretty!” Tom cried.

“You know they do this all the time on earth, right?” Marco asked. Tom gasped and his ears flicked.

“They do?! Can we go again sometime?!” he asked excitedly. Marco blushed a bit at Tom’s request and nodded.

“Y-yeah! I’d love to take you!” He assured. Tom smiled big and hugged Marco tight.

“Thank you, Marco!” He laughed. Tom then sat back and looked at the sky full of stars. “Wow… earth is amazing… no wonder Star likes it so much here…” He mused. He stared at the sky for a really long time. “You know I’ve only seen the sky a handful of times?” he asked. Marco shook his head and Tom nodded. “The underworld doesn’t have a sky because it’s… well, the underworld. If you look up you just see rock. But not here… and not Mewni and not anywhere else! But especially here…” Tom blabbered on. “You look up and it keeps going and going, and plants grow and things live and they’re alive, Marco! That’s my favorite part…” He sighed with sort of a far off tone.

Marco laughed gently. “Ehehe, what are you going on about, Tom?” He asked. Tom smiled a bit and reached out to touch Marco’s hand. Marco’s breath hitched and he felt his face flush, but Tom was still just looking up at the sky dreamily.

“This is nothing like the underworld… here, life is an experience!” Tom grinned big. “You never know how it will turn out… you never know what you’ll want, or what you’ll think or how you’ll feel!” He looked over at Marco with big eyes. “And here you’re able to do anything you want you-” He stopped and his smile faded away slowly. “Here… here you’re free.” Tom whispered this and looked up at the sky.

Marco wanted to say something but he was cut off by Star calling over to him. “Hey! You guys coming or what?” She asked. Marco looked at Tom for a moment. He was still looking up at the stars. He seemed far away.

“Let’s go, Marco.” Tom turned to look at the human and then got a very excited look. “Let’s… let’s go!” He shot up to his feet. “Let’s run away! Together! Won’t that be great!? Then every night will be like this!” He grinned.

“R-run away?” Marco asked. “Tom, I think Star was asking if we were ready to go home… not go run away.” He explained. Tom’s face fell a bit and he turned away, rubbing his arm sheepishly.

“Yeah… I guess I just got carried away.” He sighed. “Let’s go… home.”

International Airport

On Wednesday night, we ran around a bit to take care of some business before the long weekend.   @dommestic  and I had a little time to do the hypnosis thing since we both needed to be up early - which is late for her, and early for me.   The Nova Pro 100 had a weird setting that had a lot of ups and downs, so we did that.  There was a very, very, very…. slow… awakening at the end with the longest count-up to 11 I think she’s ever done.   On the bright side you get a lot of time to get mentally back together.  On the even  brighter side you sort of dip back down a tiny bit between numbers.  It was a long time between numbers.

Aftercare went well, more than that would probably be saying too much.

Entranced stuff below the break.

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Cupcakes and Cherry Blossoms- 5: Agony

“Lucinda and Laurance?”

“Uhuh! Kawaii~Chan was texting Lucinda~Chan before the power went out, she said that she had Laurance~Kun over to help her with a potion that required an extra set of hands.”

“Ughhhhh” A voice sounded from a small corner in the room. Zane was huddled in a ball on his phone, the brightness down on the lowest setting.

“Why did Lucinda ask Laurance of all people?”

“Kawaii~Chan doesn’t know, she didn’t say. But Lucinda~Chan texted me a bit ago saying they were both trapped inside, so that should be eventful!”

“Uggghhhhhhh,” Zane drew out his sighs, clearly annoyed by the sounds of the ladies’ gossiping.

“Awe yeah Lucy, get it!” Aphmau punched the air, clearly excited over the news.

“Kawaii~Chan ships it!!” The pink haired girl’s hair bounced up and down as she did, even more excited than Aphmau.

“UUUUGGGGGHHHHH” Zane spoke, louder and longer this time, desperate to not be forgotten in the corner. Aphmau turned to him, almost as annoyed as he was.

“Zane, I get that you don’t wanna come over here and gossip with us, but you don’t have to be a jerk about it.”

“Yeah,” Kawaii~Chan agreed, “and isn’t your phone going to die soon? Don’t you want to save the battery, Zane~Kun?”

“What I do with my phone is none of your business, missy.”

“Hmph,” Kawaii~Chan turned and leaned against the wall, knees pressed against her chest. She fiddled with something in her hands. “What do you two even do, anyways? The only thing you have in common is ponies! Kawaii~Chan doesn’t even see how you could be friends!”

There was an awkward silence that blanketed the room. No one wanted to leave the conversation at that, but no one knew what to say. Aphmau sighed.

“I guess we just… Like each other’s company. It’s hard to explain.” They sat in silence for a bit, tension building in the air. No one knew what to say or do next, and so the trio sat, listening to the rain. Then, the light coming from the corner dimmed, until it was completely gone.

“Dangit! My phone died!”

Aphmau and Kawaii~Chan laughed, and Zane fumed.


“Zane, we told you ages ago to save your battery, but you wouldn’t listen! This,” she gestured to Zane’s phone, which he had tossed to the ground. “Is your punishment.”

“UGH” Zane threw himself to the ground in agony. “Now what are we supposed to do…” He said, muffled.

“Ooh!” Kawaii~Chan clapped as she jumped up. She dropped whatever it was in her hands, but she didn’t notice. “Why don’t we play truth or dare?”

“NO” Zane snapped at her. “We are NOT becoming the cliche. At least not while I’m here.”

“Besides,” Aphmau started, “we don’t really have enough people to play.”

“Then what do we do now, Aphmau~Senpai?”

“I dunno.” She replied, then laid down on the sleeping bags and stared at the ceiling for a while.

The next couple of hours were spent that way, in silence, no one knowing what to say or do at that time. The rain kept pouring, patting on the roof, making the silence comfortable instead of awkward. One thing was for sure though, the trio was awestruck by the immense chaos occurring outside. The streets were becoming a river due to the copious water pouring from the sky, trees were being uprooted from the ground, houses were being flooded. The basement of their house was flooded now, with no hope of saving it, (Kawaii~Chan had cleared out her shipping shrine as soon as she saw the first drop of water) and now even the main floor was getting water, forcing the group to migrate upstairs to Aphmau’s room. The three did all they could to block the water, but there was no hope. The house was completely flooded.

“Aphmau~Senpai, Do you think Katelyn~Sama is okay?” Kawaii~Chan, who was sitting by the window, asked. “Kawaii~Chan knows that the guys’ house doesn’t have a second floor, so Kawaii~Chan can’t help but worry.”

“Kawaii~Chan, Katelyn will be fine. I texted her, and I’m sure she’ll reply soon. Don’t worry.”

Aphmau sat down on her bed, cuddling her plush husky. She looked down at Zane and chuckled. He was curled up asleep in the pink sleeping bags, with disheveled hair and his mask around his neck, it had fallen off in his slumber. Kawaii~chan looked over as she heard Aph laugh, and blushed, then she bounded over, curious.

“I didn’t know Zane~Kun had freckles.”

Aphmau turned and sat up on the edge of her bed. “He likes to hide them. Doesn’t like how they make him look.”

Kawaii~Chan crouched down in front of him, her face just inches from his. Aphmau smiled knowingly.

“What are you thinking?”

Kawaii~Chan blushed and sat down, not replying. Though, under her breath, she spoke to herself, barely audible.

“Cute. He looks cute.”

Avi Kaplan x Reader

You checked your phone one last time making sure the address was correct. You had been asked by a fairly popular music group to be a performer for their new YouTube Music Video. You had never heard of them before so after you got the email you decided to check them out, and fell in love. Pentatonix was now constantly playing on your iPod. You eagerly agreed to be in their new video with them. They found you through your own YouTube videos that featured you dancing in various styles. Dancing was your passion and you were flattered that a group as talented as them wanted to show case you with their own music.

You made your way into the building that was reserved for the music video. “There she is!!” a voice shouted out and you turned to see Mitch and Scott walking toward you. “Hey” you waved to them. “It is so nice to finally meet you!! We are all such big fans of your videos!!” Scott said as he extended his hand to  you. You shook his hand and gave him a bright smile, “Thank you so much, that means so much to be. You all are so incredible. I swear I watched your “Problem” video a thousand times.” You all shared a laugh. “Come on everyone else is finishing warming up and are DYING to meet you.” Mitch said as he hooked arms with you.

You three chattered while you made your way to the rest of the group. “Queen (Y/N) has arrived everyone!!” Mitch announced to the everyone. “Hey!!” Kevin, Kristie and Avi all say in unison. After many more compliments and laughs you all got into the outfits that were picked out for the video. Your outfit was a lovely black dress with a high slit up one leg. When you walked out to begin shooting the video you earned a lot of “SLAY”s from Mitch.

The video consisted of you dancing to the song “Water” that is on their new CD. You moved easily to the melody and gave an amazing performance. Through out the video more and more water was to be added to area you were dancing in. You finished your job and started to dry off as much as you could. “THAT WAS AMAZING” Scott calls out to you. “Seriously so fierce!!” Mitch adds. “Did you choreograph it yourself??” Kristie asks. You smile “Thank you… And yeah I did.” “I am so glad Avi showed us all of those videos of you.” Kevin added earning a smack from Avi and a laugh from the group. You laugh with them and then go to change out of your soaked dress.

While the video is being edited for everyone’s approval you all hang out together. You all hit it off like old friends. You swear you gained abs because of all the laughter. After about an hour your stomach starts growling. “Dang I’m STARVING. I didn’t eat this morning because I was so nervous about meeting you all.” You announce. “I could kill for some BBQ right now!!” Avi says. “Oh my gosh YES,” You add, “That would be perfect right now.” “Why don’t we go get some??” Kevin suggests while sharing a look with Scott. “I’ll go get my jacket.” Avi says while bolting out of his seat. You get up to get your purse following his lead.

You wait at the entrance for the rest of the group when Avi walks up to you. “Hey bad news. The bad news is everyone ditched us to film a SuperFruit video… If you want we can wait for them…” Your stomach growls answering the question. You two laugh. “I will take that as a no.”

You arrive with Avi at small deli type restaurant with a sign that read “Best BBQ around” and decided you wanted to see if that was true or not. You two had a great time during lunch. Constant interesting conversation, no awkward silences and your cheeks hurt so much from smiling. After you were both stuffed with delicious BBQ and desert Avi called Kevin to see if the video was ready for approval or not while you went to the restroom to touch up your makeup. When Kevin answered Avi’s ear was filled with laughter. “What’s so funny??” Avi asks. “Nothing man nothing, listen the video is gonna take about another hour or two why don’t you and (Y/N) go and enjoy the rest of your date.” “Date??” Avi asked in shock. “Yeah man you have had the hots for her for a long them. You can’t hide that from your best friend, I know everything. Remember I went to Yale and minored in best-friendology” Kevin chokes back another fit of laughter. “Did you guys set us up?? We barely know each other and I’m sure that she has literally no feelings for me.” Avi retorts back. “Avi Avi Avi. You didn’t see what we saw when you were filming your part of the video… I’m 99 percent sure she was digging your man bun.” Kevin earned a lot of giggles in the background. You walk back to the table and Avi quickly hangs up his phone. You note that his face is bright red and before you can ask if anything was wrong he spoke up. “The…They said that the video can take another hour or two.” “Oh. Well do you want to head back or…” you begin. “Actually I… I uh… Saw this bookshop on the way to set that I thought looked interesting if you want go check it out…” Avi blurted out. Your face lights up “Sounds perfect. Lets go.” You say grabbing your jacket and purse.

In the bookstore you two have an amazing time talking about books, movies, tv shows and music. “Have you heard about the new movie by (famous director you like)??” Avi asks as you two exit the bookstore. “It comes out in 10 days… Not that I’m counting or anything.” You give a nervous laugh. “I am dying to see it!!” Avi says. “We should go together if you’re still in town.” You blurt out before you can stop yourself. “Are you serious??” Avi asks as his jaw drops. “Yes… but if you don’t…” you say hopefully not making things awkward between you two. To be honest with yourself you had fallen for Avi… fallen hard. His voice, his energy, his laugh, his humor, his kindness, his humbleness, his green eyes, his man bun, his beard… Everything was perfect to you. “What time can I pick you up??” Avi asks snapping you out of your thoughts. “How about 6??” you ask “You know so we can have some BBQ before hand.” Avi smiles and sighs. “Man I’m glad I showed your video to everyone.”

I know I know this is super long and probably horrible but I have had this idea for a while and wanted to try and make it in to something. Please if you don’t mind I would love some feedback. THANK YOU FOR READING.

My True Creepy Story

There were always old stories told by my mom about the aliens she believed she had been abducted by in childhood. She remembered being in a hazy room on a table with something being forced down her throat while she was unable to move.
Later, while she pregnant with me, my dad was stationed in Las Vegas at Nellis AFB. They lived in a trailer park near the desert. One night my dad was on base and my mom fell asleep on her bed which took up the whole room, and had a door to the outside practically touching it. She had locked it with a hook and eye from the inside. She was startled awake by a loud bang, and found herself turned completely around the opposite direction from which she had gone to sleep with her feet on the pillow, looking up at the hook, swinging loose from its eye, as if the door had just been slammed shut.
She had many reproductive problems, and when she had her hysterectomy her uterus was covered in surgical scars even though she had not had any surgeries.
I grew up with these stories, which she clearly believed. I was always skeptical, until the night I was doing dishes and looked out the window to see a huge, cigar shaped craft with blinking lights all around it hovering above the treeline. I remember thinking ‘What the hell?!’ I had just started dishes and wasn’t even halfway done. The next thing I knew, I woke up standing in front of the sink, dishes finished…25 minutes after I started. It scared me a lot, and it was so frightening to think about the realistic possibility of alien abduction and not remembering what happened during that time.
My mom gave me a book when my oldest son was about 2 years old. It was called ‘Intruders,’ based on the true life research of many unconnected people who had experienced alien abduction. The similarity in all of their accounts plus the suggestion that abduction passes down through families made me scoop up my child and insist that he sleep in my bed while I stayed awake as long as I could to make sure nothing happened to him for about a month.
Shortly after that I moved to Oklahoma. It was stressful and I wasn’t worried about the aliens too much because my marriage was terrible and then the divorce process was even worse.
About 7 months after my ex husband left, I had met a man. It was a crazy relationship from the start, but it was just a few months in when we started noticing these ‘things’ in the sky. They looked like police cars flashing among the stars. We would sit on the front porch with coffee and watch them move around, come into the formation of a pentagon, then disappear one by one. It was the dawning of the age of the internet, limited to AOL forums. Others had seen them too. The boards were alive with speculation. They had to be in our atmosphere, someone theorized, because at times they would stay in the same place for hours as the constellations moved behind them.
I became pregnant with my daughter at about this time, even though I wasn’t aware of it yet. My own reproductive problems were such that I had not even menstruated for seven months.
One night, my boyfriend and I were asleep in bed. It wasn’t unusual to hear the police helicopter overhead, as that part of town was a bit sketchy. I remember hearing this massively loud noise, and waking up to realize that there was bright blue light coming in the window. At first I thought it was a helicopter. But then it dawned on me that the roar was constant, not buffeting like a helicopter. And that light…normally my neighbor’s amber porch light would shine in the window but that blue was definitely out of place. I remember looking over at my boyfriend, thinking ‘how can he be sleeping through that horrible noise?!’
I don’t remember anything after that until I woke up in the morning. I laid there and thought about it…as my little son was down the hall, I would have never in a million years gone back to bed without seeing what was hovering over the house. Never. I rushed in to check on him- he was sleeping peacefully, and my heart was relieved. Until my boyfriend woke up, and said to me ‘how in the world did you sleep through that helicopter last night!? It sounded like a freight train!’
I was shaken but I did not say anything, even though I was very worried about it, because it was similar to accounts in the ‘Intruders’ book.
A month later I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I saw the blinking objects in the sky less and less, and tried to forget about it.
After my daughter was born, and the relationship with her father was over, I moved into an apartment. My daughter was about 6 months old at the time. I was walking past the living room windows and noticed a bright, blinking, familiar object in the sky. I happened to have my son’s telescope, so I set it up to see if I could get a good look at it. I could not seem to focus on it… I tried focusing on other stars, the moon…I was able to easily focus clearly on them. I went back and continued to try and focus on the blinking object, which was stock still and not moving. Every time I would almost get it focused, it would blur. Suddenly I realized that it looked a lot like a heat signature…the thought began to occur to me that maybe it was the heat from an exhaust vent in something much larger that was cloaked or camouflaged to resemble the stars and night sky. This thought terrified me, especially because it seemed so close.
I was glad my daughter’s crib was in my bedroom…with doors locked and blinds shut we went to bed. I did lay awake thinking about it for awhile. At some point I fell asleep, only to wake up in what was probably sleep paralysis and hopefully a hallucination…because coming in the window, holding my baby daughter in its arms was a huge figure. It had on a black uniform, and an unusually large round face with lights blinking in computer type lines. It had thick black hair that looked like wild electrical cords. I tried to scream, but I could not make any sound come out. I frantically struggled against my paralyzed body, trying to get up and get to my baby. The thing gently put her in the crib, then looked directly at me, putting a black gloved finger to where it’s mouth should have been, saying ‘Shhh…’ but not physically….I was hearing it telepathically in my mind. It walked back out through my second floor window which now had the blinds open. Not just open, but pulled by the string all the way up to the top.
After it was gone, I continued to struggle against the paralysis. Finally, it was if I just snapped out of it. I scrambled to the side of my daughter’s crib, frantically checking her for anything wrong. She seemed sleepy, but normal temp and pink skin…she looked none the wiser. I don’t think I slept well for more than a year.
I have not ever tried to dig deeper into what those blinking lights in the night sky are. I have never again tried to get a closer look. I still see them sometimes, blinking innocuously, like they want me to acknowledge them, or invite them into my consciousness. I never have again, because I believe that whatever it was took a great interest in my baby directly after I took an interest in it. There will always be that fear, right under the surface, that they have been taking us all along, whenever they want, and we just have no recollection of it.

lovelyladylunacy  asked:

hi! i'm sorry to bother you, but i adore your art style. it's very bright and distinctive and a lot of fun! i'm really curious as to how you get that watercolor affect with your colors? like, what brush settings or technique do you use to get those saturated blends?

Hi, thank you! Also no problem, I accidentally deleted an anon ask about this from like a bit back so here’s the answer to that one too: [EDIT: added a gif]

  • The brushes I use for lines are default brushes in photoshop.
  • For the watercolor-y effect, I squished one of the regular round brushes, went to brush options, turned on a texture and turned on wet edges. I think I turned that texture off for the frejya sketch idk I have variations of that brush sitting around. [EDIT: turning on fringe in SAI does same thing]
  • All color is added on the color + soft light layers
  • Brush-y highlights are a brush from the amazing zhuzhu [x]
  • tbh the drawing/lines part takes the longest, and everything else is done quickly on a layer underneath that one
“To stare at our navels and constantly pick out our coffins.”

I was just thinking that the whole history of how I’ve reacted to Solarpunk is kind of complicated. Like… When I first heard of it, I liked it a lot, really just for the aesthetics. But then I found out there was this whole ideology that went with it, and got kind of put off, mostly because people are acting like Bright! Hopeful! sci-fi is something they invented themselves, when… No? That’s just utopian sci-fi. It was actually the standard, and for far too long, in my opinion. And I get that the dystopian backlash against it might have been a step too far, but for different reasons than a lot of people seem to agree on. Basically, it comes down to a) “dystopian” fiction actually being set in someone else’s utopia, and thus not that different at all, and b) being just as idealized, in a way, because both give humanity too much credit for having its shit together.

And then I picked up on the weird anti-space thread going through a lot of it. The whole “scientists are heroes again, but because it’s life science and they’re not being corrupted by bad scary physics” thing. And something about that just really bugged me, but I couldn’t really articulate it until I watched Bill Nye on The Good Stuff. It was that one thing he said, about how we are the way we are because the people who wanted to see what was over the next hill were the ones who survived.

Now, I don’t think sci-fi needs to be all space all the time, and I’m not currently writing a lot about space exploration myself, but I like it being a big part of the worldbuilding, if nothing else. Or at least not implicitly or explicitly devalued, because something about that is literally inhuman.

The whole Solarpunk ideal, at this point, kind of freaks me out. It feels like it’s all about maximizing efficiency (in food and energy production, communities, etc.), and getting humanity to reconcile with itself in ways that aren’t quite natural, so we can peacefully move toward a bright future with absolutely nothing to look forward to. The journey, such as there is one, is just the perfection of a new status quo. There’s a very claustrophobic, walking-in-circles feel to the whole thing.

…And, you know, a world like that would be an interesting thing to write about, after all. Refer back to the first paragraph: every dystopia is someone else’s utopia. Obviously, this works in reverse. And, yeah, we don’t have our shit together enough to properly maintain either, so it would probably be much like the world today in some places, and absolutely falling apart at the seams in others. So I want to write about people pushing back against the constraints of a world like that, and how they struggle and compromise and try to fight back, the way people always have.

I want to write about these people trying to see past the next hill.

there’s this newer mall in downtown brooklyn (city point) and it has this one store that’s like, brightly colored and happy and fairly cheap actually and i really loved it - i went inside just now for the first time and felt so happy looking at cute furniture and happy stationery sets and pretty gift wrap. the bright colors and open layout and soft music helped me feel a lot better, so that’s good. that helped a lot.

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So what antics ended up happening at that conference? I can't imagine that it went smoothly lol

 GO D 

ok so trucy’s?? not all that great at school. she’s very smart and obviously has a lot of passion, but just…..not for school. she’s been struggling particularly with math and miles has been focusing a lot of his free time in helping her, but he mainly wanted to set up this meeting to discuss her performance in that area. he really doesn’t want such a bright young girl being held back purely because she’s not school-orientated, esp since she’s doing fine in other areas like reading and writing, and this is a conversation that needs to happen in private between him, the student, and her guardian

so miles is all ready to have a lengthy discussion with the father of his arguably favorite student (not that you’ll ever actually get him to admit that) present as well, he’s ready for a Serious Parent-Teacher Conference

and then he opens the door and finds himself face to face with the really cute and funny guy from the bar a month ago he swore he was going to forget about and he’s just. fuck my entire life im going to get so fired as soon as this is over

the meeting  happens and it’s about as terrible as expected - p/e refuse to make eye contact pretty much the entire time, trucy is just ????? so perplexed by the usually perfectly composed and articulated mr. edgeworth stumbling over the occasional word and why are his and daddy’s faces still so red

like it smooths out somewhat as time progresses and they talk about what needs to be talked about and p/e start at least trying to look each other in the face again, but it’s still super weird in the room up until the end

and then when they’re done phoenix says ‘trucy please go wait outside I need to talk to mr. edgeworth about one last thing’ and as soon as the door shuts behind her miles is IMMEDIATELY like “liSTEN I AM. SO SORRY I SWEAR I DON’T DO THIS NORMALLY” referring to their no-strings attached hookup bc like ?? he’s had to deal with a lot of complaining parents before but never for anything like this, he’s probably terrified that phoenix is going to take this up to the school board or something, he’s had upset parents do a lot more with a lot less, but phoenix is just “nO LOOK IT’S OKAY I GET IT DONT WORRY ABOUT IT I WAS THERE FOR THE SAME REASON MYSELF RIGHT I can tell you’re a good guy and an exceptional teacher I’m not going to hold you accountable for that night alright”

and miles is just so relieved bc he loves this district and his job and “yes alright fantastic thank you mr. wright please do consider what we’ve discussed pertaining to trucy’s performance in my class” 

and phoenix promises he will, he’s glad this meeting happened regardless of how uncomfortable it was bc it has to do with his daughter and as he’s opening the door to leave he’s not even thinking he just says “we probably reached the point where you can drop the ‘mr’ and just call me ‘phoenix’ a while ago, though” and he is. Shocked at what just came out of his own mouth he nearly slams the door shut again as he collects trucy and books it out of the school like oh my god why did i do t hat

like nothing more comes out of that disastrous second meeting other than the name thing because well this has just been an painful experience for everyone involved

but then a few weeks later trucy comes home w a field trip permission form and begs phoenix to be one of the parent chaperones and he obv can’t say no to trucy now can he but he also 100% has Ulterior Motives

and it’s still awkward af when they start out, miles has been internally freaking out about this meeting ever since trucy walked up to his desk a week ago and gave him the chaperone form with ‘phoenix wright’ written in blocky letters across the bottom and phoenix is probably a huge loser and spends far too much time in front of his closet the morning of and it doesn’t even matter they’re going to a botanical garden he’s going to get dirt on his pants no matter what he does

but then when the kids are doing an activity that doesn’t require their assistance or attention they wander off and start talking and hit it off even better than they did at the bar and phoenix starts showing up more often at school to pick trucy up at the front gate and miles is somehow always around when they do and trucy is suddenly getting Bs on all of her math tests and really won’t stop talking about mr. edgeworth now and then finally one of them sucks it up and asks the other out for dinner (”and just to clarify - this would be a date. if you’re interested”) and then suddenly a year has passed and then three and trucy’s starting middle school and i don;t they probably get engaged at this point bc they’re gay and im gay anD

i get so invested in every single one of the aus I wind up drawing lmao im ….so sorry


I chose Team Mystic because I like blue and I like Articuno and I liked the look of the logo; I had chosen to be mystic long before the game had even come out in the UK.
But the more I see/think about the teams, I suit Team Instinct a LOT more - The eggs, the attitude with pokemon etc. I don’t have the attitude the stereotypical Mystics have XD I’d probably choose Instinct if I chose again XD
I also have THE BIGGEST crush on Spark like my GOODNESS


I dunno why I went for a classroom setting, but I bet Spark would have lessons outside XD

“It’s the intended experience” comes up a lot in accessibility arguments, but I would posit that the developer can never enforce an intended experience on a player. Even if your game doesn’t have difficulty settings, I might:

  • Play without the sound on, thereby ignoring all the sound and music design that went into the game.
  • Raise the brightness to remove tension and difficulty in dark areas.
  • Play in five minute sessions, breaking up the story entirely.
  • Use a walkthrough or other online hints.
  • Use literally any mods.

And a bunch of other things. Should these be stoppped just because they’re not the intended experience?

6. Of Overworked Departments and Coffee Breaks

FANDOM: Tom Hiddleston RPF

CHARACTERS: Tom Hiddleston and Faith (Original Female Character)

SUMMARY: Faith has an impossible mission to fulfill: Go through the whole production of Thor: Ragnarok without letting Tom know she is one of his crazy fangirls. A task of Herculean proportions, because she is the set costumer for this fic.

RATING: Explicit

TYPE: Multichapter (Work in Progress, find other chapters here)

Find everything I have written here.

Author’s Note: I pressed ‘Post’ instead of ‘Schedule’, so this week’s chapter is early :)

One of my readers linked me to an interview with the set costumer of Crimson Peak. She mentioned that Tom used to hang out with them, have tea sometimes, and destress. I am going off of that. She also talked about the amount of research that went into thinking up the costume, and how they talked about the ideas and put them together on an idea board.

I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. Every time I closed my eyes, Tom was kissing me again, and that made sleep impossible. I finally dropped off to sleep somewhere around 3 AM. I think my heart finally grew tired of thumping so hard.

I woke up cursing when my phone rang in the middle of the night. I checked the display on the phone, squinting at the too-bright screen. It took me a while, but then I understood, and sat bolt upright. Why was the set decorator calling me at 4 AM on a Sunday?

“The set had better be on fire, Bush.”

I heard John’s sigh on the other end. “Worse. They added a new scene.”


“Yeah,” he said, sounding haggard. “Just got an email from up top. You might want to get started on the work there.”

“I will just pull up the email, okay? Talk to you later.”


I opened my mail on the phone, saw the subject line Important Script Change, and opened it. Apparently, they had decided to add another scene with Loki in it, which shouldn’t be that much of a challenge. But then I read what he would be doing, and suddenly it made sense why the art department was going nuts. Loki was going to visit Frigga’s rooms and reminiscence. He was going to open her closet and look at her clothes.


 The wardrobe department looked like a war zone.

The tables were strewn with bits of fabric, random pieces of metal and jewellery adorning them. Laptops were everywhere, finding purchase where they could, multiple tabs of research opened and then forgotten. Gloves of different colors and materials were draped on different surfaces like dead soldiers. Ben was in the throes of a heated phone battle with the hair guys, trying to drill into their heads why they needed to help us with ideas for head gear. Coffee cups stood strongly all around–all empty– a momentary oasis of bliss in a world gone mad.

I glared at the idea board we had set up in front of my desk. How much gold and silver was I supposed to put in that bloody buggering shagging motherfucking closet anyway? And couldn’t it be a small closet? Did it have to be so huge? I mean, if I put any more gold in there, it could double up as a light source. I absent-mindedly took a note to tell John I needed shelves for shoes and jewellery and head stuff. Purple, I thought, focused on the crude designs on the board. Purple is royal(ish) and close enough to silver in my mind. We would try it out. Different shades of gold, until it is almost green. It could work. Inspired, I looked turned to my laptop to see if I could get high-definition pictures of all of Mia’s costumes from Crimson Peak.

The door opened and I nearly snarled. If they had changed the script again I was going to cheerfully murder them.

It was Tom, armed to the teeth with a tray of coffee cups.

“Is it safe to come in?” he asked Ben who was standing near the door.

“Nope,” Ben replied truthfully. “Mind your step, and don’t agitate anyone. More than they are, that is.”

Tom nodded. “I brought coffee,” he grinned at the room at large, then yelped when he got mobbed. He laughed as Audrey hugged him. “Okay, well, it’s just coffee.”

I remained seated. About half a day ago, this man had kissed me. It had felt nothing like the sloppy, teeth-jarring aggressive kisses my husband used to give me. It had been sweet and beautiful, and now I was sitting here in my most comfortable jeans and my Sherlock t-shirt. I felt like Cinderella after midnight. I racked my brains, trying to figure out whether or not I had combed my hair before I left.

Tom made his way towards me. “Two sugars, lots of milk. There you go.”

“How did you… the caterer told you.”

“Yes,” he said, sitting in the only other chair as the commotion around us renewed with added coffee jitters. “Good morning, Astha.”

I groaned. “Good morning, Tom. I mean, horrible morning, isn’t it?”

“Sorry,” he said, then smiled, taking in my face. I remembered I hadn’t put on any lipstick today. “For the record, it wasn’t my idea. Have you guys been working long?”

“I came in at 4:30 in the morning. Been working since, so… ” I consulted my watch. “Almost six hours now. All on an hour of sleep. Dammit! Ooooh, I could do some reds and greens in the accessories. Tokens from her children, or like, two-tone gray and silver for the armor-cum-bodice.” I took a healthy swig.

Tom smiled. “I see the coffee is helping. I am sorry you couldn’t get any more sleep. I did drop you off well before midnight.”

“Yeah, well, I couldn’t sleep.”

He grinned. I suddenly realised what I had just admitted. “No, I mean, I was thinking, and I couldn’t sleep because–because… Well, I just couldn’t sleep.”

His grin didn’t wane. “Well, what were you thinking?”

I didn’t answer and he laughed.

“Why are you here, Tom? Today is a Sunday.”

He shrugged. “Chris wanted to come out here and practice in the gym, and I said yes. Besides, I wanted to see you.” His eyes roved my face again. “You look beautiful.”

I snorted. “Yeah, right. Because zero makeup is the new hot look.”

He looked a bit affronted. “I really mean it, Faith. You look all worried and frowny and-and tired, and I happen to think you look cute.” He smiled. “Plus, you have smeared a little bit of Sharpie on your cheek. I think that is adorable.”

I lifted my hand and wiped at my cheek. My hand came away clean. Was he kidding? Tom laughed and leaned over the desk, cupping my chin with his warm fingers and wiping his thumb across the opposite cheek. Oh. He let his thumb linger for a second, his eyes holding mine captive, then leaned back again. “There.”

I could still feel a tingling where his thumb had swiped. Jesus.


I turned and looked at Ben. “What?”

“The hair guys say they will not research for you, but they will help with the actual conceptualization.”

“I found some samples of Nordic designs,” Audrey said. “The long runic ones you wanted. Men’s belts mostly, but–”

“That’s fine,” I interrupted. “Fuck that shit. We will redesign those. Did anyone send that costume I designed for Loki out to Acquisitions?”

“Yes,” Anna muttered. “The materials should be here. I added some brown leather too. In case we do decide to make that vest in the end.”

“It is fascinating to see you all work your asses off like this,” Tom commented. “Just fascinating. Doesn’t it ever bother you all this effort is only for a few minutes of screen time?”

I laughed. “These costumes are like our babies, Tom. Most of them are hand-crafted right here. Of course it bothers us to see them rolled in dirt, with fake blood all over, torn beyond hope, and then discarded. But we are here to help tell the story via clothing. It’s the job. Don’t you spend months making something with only a hundred minutes of screen time? Toiling in the gym for only a single fight scene? Building muscle memory?”

“Yeah,” Tom muttered. “What time are you guys going to go back home today?”

“It will be dark,” I predicted. “We are stuck here for the day. Maybe seven PM? Why?”

“No reason,” he said.

The door opened again and Chris Hemsworth walked in. He said a few hellos, then just stood there, towering over us all, looking around. His eyes settled on Tom, and he walked over. “Hello, Faith. Good morning.”

“Morning,” I said.

“Tom, the stuntmen have arrived. They are ready for you. You are supposed to be practicing your fight sequence, not bribing the costume department with coffee,” he grinned.

“Well,” Audrey said from where she was bent over a table, embroidering a bodice. “The costume department appreciates the crap out of the bribe. If any other actor wants to top Tom, they could bring us sandwiches.”

There was appreciative laughter all around. Tom and Chris left, off to practice battles.

It was nearly three in the afternoon before I got around to ingesting anything other than coffee. Sighing, I took my plate from catering, the smell and sight of hot food making my stomach growl. Opting out of going back inside to chow down, I decided to take my lunch to the lake. There were benches there, and my humble plate of spaghetti and meatballs begged to be eaten in a relaxing atmosphere.

The place was mostly deserted. Thank God. I had been surrounded by people since before the sun rose today, and the tranquility of the lake was just the perfect refresher needed. That was, of course, before I saw Tom sitting there too. Uh-oh.

I stood there, debating whether to take a few more steps forward and share the bench with him, or to veer off in either direction looking for another bench? Before I could actually decide, Tom had heard my footsteps and turned.

“Hey! Lunch?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “You?”

“I grabbed something from catering earlier. Come on, have a seat.” He patted the bench next to him invitingly. I shuffled forward and sat, placing my tray on my lap. “The meatballs are real good today.”

I nodded, trying hard not to stare at his lap. The man really did sit like a slut. His knees were spread so wide they were touching my thigh, and his arm was slung over the top of the bench. I was very aware of that arm. I began eating.

“So, did you figure out the costume colours you were worried about?”

I smiled. He wanted to talk shop? I could talk shop. “Yeah, I did. I am going with lots of shades of golds and silvers, of course, but I am going to be adding in a little splash of colour–red or green or something–to every piece. Kenneth and I will talk about this in–” I consulted my phone to check the time. “Half an hour.” I devoured a forkful of spaghetti and wished I had a Pepsi.

“I think that is a good idea. She was a beautiful, smart woman, obviously fashionable. Why should she only stick to two colours?”

“Right,” I stabbed my fork at him, then continued eating.

The wind kept blowing wisps of my hair out of their ponytail and into my mouth. I was holding my fork in one hand and keeping the tray together with the other hand, so I shook my head, hoping to get my locks out of my mouth. I was hungry, dammit, and I wanted to eat spaghetti, not hair. Tom laughed, seeing my dilemma. I am sure I looked like a cartoon with hair flying everywhere.

“Wait,” he said, chuckling. “I’ll help, if you don’t mind.”

I shook my head, thinking he was going to take the tray from me and allowing me to do up my hair. He didn’t. Instead, he stood up, went behind the bench, and gently grabbed hold of my ponytail. With one hand grasping the bulk of my hair, he slid the plain scrunchie out, and started to gather the hair whipping wildly around together in his fist.

I gulped and gripped the tray harder. Tom Hiddleston was fixing my ponytail. Damn.

His free hand slid down my temple, and he hooked a finger around the lock of hair I had been trying to blow out of my face. He gather it up, his finger burning a sensation up my face. I was very attuned to what he was currently doing, and I held my breath as he tied all the hair together in a soft, loose ponytail. “There,” he said, stroking the ends of my hair. “All done.”

“Thank you, Tom,” I squeaked, then cleared my throat.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

I looked down at the forgotten spaghetti and realised I had broken the little plastic fork because I had been holding it too tight. I picked up the extra one I had and stuffed my face with it. “No reason. Thanks for your help.”

He was still standing behind me. I wanted to turn, to keep him in my sights, but I didn’t. I was very aware of how close he was–how close his crotch was to my head. I didn’t want to face him this way, it would be more awkward.

“I still have your jacket,” I said instead, trying to break the tension I could feel in the air. “I didn’t know you would be here today, so I didn’t bring it. I will bring it tomorrow.”

He leaned in, his mouth next to my ear. The hairs at the back of my neck stood up, but I resolutely kept my eyes looking forward. When he spoke, his breath was on my face. “Keep it. I like you in it.”

I swallowed. Did he purposely modulate the tone of his voice or did it go that gravelly by itself? “Yeah, okay.”

“We both need to leave now, Faith. But I will see you tomorrow.” I nodded. “Goodnight.”

Before I could gather enough wits to say it back, he was gone.

When I reached my hotel that night, the desk had a message waiting for me. There was a vase of flowers delivered that afternoon for me. I looked at the purple Irises, elegant and cute, and smiled for the first time in hours. Ignoring my tired feet, I insisted I would take them to my room myself, and then gazed at them like a sap in the lift. It was the first time in my life that anyone had gifted me flowers. Once I was in my room, I twirled with them in my arms for a second before realising that I must look utterly ridiculous. I saw the note, squealed, and tugged it out.

Dear Faith,

I just wanted to tell you I had an amazing time last night, and I hope we can do it again soon. You are very witty and entertaining company.

You had a tiring day today, so I hope these flowers made you smile. Now why don’t you take a bath and get to bed? I will see you tomorrow.



Later, I googled and found out that the Iris stands for faith, hope as well as courage and admiration. I danced a bit more.

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