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Blinded by Light Chapter 17: The Gathering Gray, a yu yu hakusho fanfic | FanFiction
In which Michi plays therapist, Yusuke gets scolded (repeatedly), snow keeps on falling, and a choice is made.

Fic Blurb: Michi Kuroki would give anything to close her territory, to cut off her link to the Loom of Life, a tapestry of brilliant emotion and feeling and connection that colors every soul she meets. So when she encounters the beguiling Shuichi Minamino and his muted Loom, she’s captivated. But like so much else since her territory thrust her into the occult, is he not what he seems?

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This chapter went up early because I’m spending today at Boston Teen Author Festival—and I cannot possibly contain my HYPE. Amongst dozens of other amazing authors (seriously, the lineup is BANANAS), Susan Dennard will be there. I’ve mentioned it before (and I’m sure I will a hundred times more), but Sooz’s Witchlands series is the inspiration for Michi’s territory. The Loom of Life is Threadwitchery reincarnate. 

It should go without saying, I’m geeking out that I’ll get to see Sooz in person (again; I’ve actually moderated multiple panels she was on at a different con, but it’s wonderful to see her every time)! 

I hope this chapter does the inspiration she’s lent me justice!


Boston Manor flash ideas for Laika, Shade, and Broken Glass

This band is so incredible, if you haven’t gotten into them yet you seriously need to! 

(this is my work so please don’t delete the caption!)

Surprise (Part 1)

Shawn Mendes x Reader


Word Count- 2345

Summary- You decide to surprise Shawn with both your’s and his family on a special concert night!

Triggers- navy homecoming, fluff

A/N- sooooo hi… been a while huh? Believe me, I have been reading A LOT, but I honestly haven’t felt very motivated to do some writing of my own. Until last night. I went to Illuminate Boston last night and I fell in love all over again. So real quick my best friend and I were walking out of the bathroom and I literally stopped in my tracks because Geoff was standing right outside of the bathroom. IN THE MIDDLE OF A BUSY HALLWAY. Nobody was talking to him and everyone was walking by him oblivious to who he was. I walked right up to him and asked for a pic but HES NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PICS WITH US. I honestly knew he wouldn’t let us take pics but I guess I was just looking to talk to him. But back to the concert it was unreal we had pretty good seats and just seeing his little face in person again made me so happy now that he is gone I’m sad but I’ll just write out my feelings so here we go

p.s.- when I refer to TD Garden i refer to the arena of the Boston concert, that’s where the Boston Celtics play!


You hate receiving them but you love dishing them out. There is nothing like the warm embrace of and over joyed person, especially if that person is Shawn.

Your and Shawn have been dating for six years, that’s right, six. Okay, long story short you are very close family friends with the Warburton family. They lived in Massachusetts next to you before they moved back to Canada for work. You decided to visit them when you were in seventh grade, on a family trip of course. Ian happened to be over his best friend Shawn’s house and because you simply couldn’t wait to see Ian you went over yourself. You totally had a crush on the twelve year old Shawn within a few days and by the time you left, you had shared your first kiss. Long distance life was tough, but somehow, even six years later, you managed to keep the relationship flourishing.

Okay, back to your surprise.

You go to school in New York. NYU, to be precise. So you had told Shawn that you needed to be there to help the freshman move in the day after the concert. That was true, the freshman did move in the day after the concert, but you were in no way a part of that. He was upset because of all the concerts he plays at he can guarantee loved ones of some sort at two; Toronto and Boston. You have always been there for both of those concerts and as a matter of fact, you had been there for almost every concert during the summer for the past three years. You were fortunate enough to tour with him, but unfortunately this past August you were unable to continue touring the Illuminate World Tour because of an internship opportunity that was too good to pass up and your loving and thoughtful boyfriend would never allow you to give it up to follow him around all summer, no matter how much you loved it.  

So you threw him off. Nobody was coming to Boston to see him perform. How sad for him. What he doesn’t know, is that his family is on their way from Ontario and you aren’t at NYU, instead you are loading your large family into the car just as he called you.

“Hey baby,” he whispers, “I miss you.”

“Hi sweetheart,” you say as you simultaneously shush you little brother as you buckle him into his car seat, “I miss you too baby.”

“Do you have time to chat?” He asks hopefully.

“Sorry baby this isn’t really a good time, I have a bunch of RAs up my ass.” You pretend sigh, “Can I call you later?”

“After the show?” Shawn asks.

“Of course baby! You know I wish that I could be there, it just didn’t fall at the right time. I will make it up to you I promise. I love you and have a good show.” You abruptly hang up and yell to your family that is left in he house, “Is everybody ready? We need to leave now!” And soon everyone joins you in the car.

You have a fairly large family. Well, at least it’s large compared to the Mendes family. You have your two parents, a twenty-two year old brother named Matt, an eighteen year old sister named Jenna, a fourteen year old sister named Ella, and a three (almost four) year old brother named Jackson.

Your brother Matt is a dedicated Navy Seal and has been for two years. He completed freshman and sophomore year at a business school near home, simply because he felt he had to. The college route was what your parents always pushed. You were happy to comply; Matt not so much. Matt had confided in you that he was failing his second semester of classes. He has always been your best friend. Jenna and Ella were both close because they were amazing dancers. You and Matt were good at sports and would rather just hang out with loved ones. When Jackson came around he fit perfectly into your little group. Jackson was born right around when Matt and you were the closest as you helped him make his decision to leave college and enlist. Life without Matt had been difficult. As he was in training for six months in California little baby Jackson was your little savior. You were broken every day when You remembered the grueling training your older brother and role model was going through. A little part of you thought that you were helping to influence Jackson and raise him as a happy young boy. Matt came home after he graduated training for two months. For the last nine months Matt has been on active duty. You have been able to speak to him a few times a month but not nearly enough to satisfy your nerves. 

Yesterday was an amazing day. You were finalizing the last minute plans of joining both yours’ and Shawn’s families to surprise Shawn on the day of his concert. The only person on Shawn’s crew that knew of the unexpected surprise was Geoff. You had just finished helping Jackson into his spiderman pajamas after his bat. You had Jackson on your hip as you walked downstairs to bring him to watch TV with his sisters before bedtime. as you turned the corner from the stairs you noticed the door to the garage was open. Shortly after you glanced that way your parents entered through the doorway. Then your sisters. Then a face you hadn’t seen in a while. 


“Matty…” You half whisper half cry as tears stream down your face. Jackson is trying his hardest to wiggle out of your embrace as Matt begins walking closer to you. 

“MATT! MATT! It’s me! It’s me your brother Jax!” Jackson screams. Jay was a name only three people were allowed to call Jackson. Those three people happened to be you, Matt, and Shawn. 

“I know buddy!” Matt exclaims, “I missed you little man!” Matt takes Jax out of your arms and Jax quickly wraps his arms around Matt’s neck. You bring your hands to cover your mouth in disbelief as you cry. This can’t be him. Matt wasn’t expected home for another month. Your body seemed to be frozen in place so Matt placed his free arm on you back and pulled you into his chest. You practically sobbed at the feeling of his touch. 

“Wh-What are you doing here?” You cried.

“What? Am I not allowed to miss my family?” Matt laughs sarcastically. He will never admit it, but there were tears slipping down his cheeks as well that night. 

Okay, for real, back to reality. 

You’re on your way to the concert and everything seems to be in place. The Mendes family (minus Shawn obviously) are stocked up in a hotel room about a block from TD Garden. You are twenty minutes away from the city. When you arrive you are going to hop into one of the tour vans that sit like twelve people with the Mendes family, then you will all go into the arena and surprise Shawn. The show starts at 7:30 and you plan on arriving at the Garden at about 7. Everyone (except for Shawn) knows you are arriving, only Geoff knows that your family and Shawn’s family will also be arriving, and only your family knows that Matt is with you. Matt and Geoff are very close as well. Although Geoff is a few years older than Matt, they get along like brothers because when we met the Warburton family, Ella was really little and there were like six more years until Jackson was born. 

Okay, this time you are really going to stay in the present. 

You pulled up in front of the Marriott and quickly exchanged the families into the tour van. Ella and Aaliyah were obviously gushing about school gossip. They practically know everything about each other. You will catch up with Aaliyah when  you head to the VMAs with Shawn later, when your family isn’t with you. 

“How long has it been since you have seen Shawn?” Your mom asks Karen. 

“Well…” She begins, “He came home about three weeks ago for a few days. He likes to think he is good at communicating with his father and I, but really the only one he wants to talk to is back there.” She says pointing to the back row where you and Matt are sitting with Jax on your lap. 

“Me?!” Jax screams excitedly, obviously listening in on their private conversation. 

“Nooo silly boy!” Karen laughs, “I’m talking about the pretty girl behind you.”

“Who me?” You ask, mid-laugh as Matt was telling a funny story from his life at the compound.  

“Who else would she be talking about?” Jenna sasses. She always loves seeing  the Mendes family, but to be honest you have always felt that she is a little jealous of your’s and Shawn’s relationship. She doesn’t necessarily want to be with Shawn herself, but she wants the relationship that you share. 

“You know he’s going to marry you someday (Y/N).” Aaliyah shares with you. You have dreamed of that yourself, but it makes your heart flutter and your cheeks flush when someone else says that to you. After such a long and deep relationship you could only hope. 

“Alright we are pulling up!” Manny calls out as you approach the stage entrance of TD Garden. You shoot a quick text to Geoff letting him know that you had approached the stage door. He replies letting you know that Shawn has finished his Q&A and he is just hanging around in his dressing room with some of the band. 

You all wait in the van for Geoff to show up outside of the doors. The conversation is quiet and calm as you all periodically glance toward the door. You rearrange your outfit and brush your hands through your hair. 

“Is someone nervous?” Matt jokes. 

“I haven’t seen him in a month, I know that’s not long but I just miss him so much.” You whisper. 

“You look bootiful.” Jay whispers and both you and Matt laugh. 

“Well I sure hope I look booty-ful! And thank you Jax!” You pull one of his cheeks and he wiggles toward Matt.

“I just want to see brother Shawn!” Jay whines. Jax has only been alive when you and Shawn were dating and he has only had the pleasure of knowing the (Y/N) that is so deeply in love with Shawn, the happiest Shawn. 

Your breath hitches as you see Geoff’s figure walk through the doorway and you practically push everyone out of the car to get to him. Jay walks over to your mom to hold her hand to so you can give Geoff a hug.

“Hey (Y/N)! Long time kid.” Geoff smiles. 

“Too long!” You laugh. 

“He talks about you every waking minute he is away from you on this tour.” Geoff whines, “It drives us all insane I swear… wait” And then he finally sees him. Matt walks out of the van and Geoff’s face lights up. “Matt man! It’s so good to see you brother!” Geoff pushes right past Shawn’s parents and envelops Matt in his arms. “I didn’t know you were coming!”  

“Yeah well surprise!” Matt laughs. 

“I can’t wait to hear all about your leave on duty, but first there is someone that really needs to see his girlfriend, like now.” Geoff begins handing out VIP passes to your and Shawn’s family. 

“Off day?” You sigh. 

“Yeah, he just thought this night would go differently and he’s a little down.” Geoff says as he places your lanyard over your neck. Your lanyard isn’t just the Shawn VIP Pass. Your’s is an actual Illuminate Identification card with your picture and everything because you spent almost two months on tour with Shawn. 

You glance down at the card on your neck and traces the edges with your finger, “I missed this.” You smile back up at Geoff as he gives you a sweet smile. He is exited for Shawn, he needs this more than anything. You all follow Geoff through the hallways of the Garden, the two of you leading up front. 

All of your loved ones following you can see the smile that is slowly growing on your face with every step. They all know your and Shawn’s love is different. It’s not just puppy love anymore and its not just dating, its more. Its a lifetime worth of happy that they have all been lucky enough to watch grow and they have been able to watch it change you as well, the both of you. Everyone can see this, well maybe except for Jackson. Jackson just likes to look at the green walls for the Boston Celtics. Green is his favorite color. 

Geoff stops you right in front of the doorway to Shawn’s dressing room. You can hear him talking quietly to a couple of his bandmates and crew. You turn around and mouth to your entire family, “Here we go!”

As you turn into the doorway you see Shawn sitting on the couch, guitar resting on his knee. He is slightly facing toward you and he is talking mindlessly with Zubin as Mike drums on the table to the right of him. 

As soon as you turn into the room you rest your shoulder on the side of the doorframe and cross your arms. You meet eyes with his and they immediately open wider as a bright smile spreads across his face. Your backstage identification rests cooly over your arms as it shines in the lights of the mirrors.

You smile lightly as you can see Geoff to your left and you say, “Hey handsome”

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So the rabbi who led our service yesterday was from the UK but presently lives in Boston, and he mentioned his daughter was starting university this year, and my brain was just like: 

✓Rabbi’s kid 
✓Jew in the Boston area

“Yeah, I’m placing all my bets on Brandeis.”

So I went up to him after the service (which I never do) and I was like “Hi! Where in Boston do you live now? I went to Brandeis.” and he goes “Oh, really? My daughter is starting at Brandeis this year!” 

Like, I just love that I was able to figure that out from two vague pieces of information. 

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For the "I love you" prompts: NurseyDex 71 or Holsom 89? If you feel like it? (I'm assuming from your tags that you actually want prompts; please ignore this if I'm wrong about that, I'm maybe a little bit short of sleep just now.

I did want prompts! I went with Holsom 89. “I noticed.” (Shout out to @omgericzimmermann​ for Ransom’s favorite ice cream and @poetry-protest-pornography​ for Jewish Buffalo native consultation! Now I’m hungry…)

Holster liked to think of himself as an observant kind of guy. He noticed things about the people around him. Okay, sure, maybe he tended to notice more about the people he cared about than just, like, general people, but he noticed stuff!

Like, he knew, uh, he knew his sister’s birthday, and his mom’s favorite tea, and… and… screw it, fine, maybe he just noticed stuff about Ransom. Ever since the first moment they met, he noticed pretty much every little thing about Ransom. His looks, duh, because he wasn’t actually blind (and had the prescription to prove it), but also his favorite flavor of ice cream (lemon and chocolate gelato, which wasn’t exactly an easy combo to find at murder Stop ’n Shop), and what kinds of chicks he liked to wheel (tall, brainy ones), and when his study panic tended to hit (12 hours before a test, like clockwork), and how long he should be left alone under the table before intervening (about 45 minutes).

At some point, noticing things about Ransom just became so second nature that Holster had stopped noticing, and now he really wasn’t sure where his music taste stopped and Ransom’s began, or which shirts in his drawer he’d actually bought for himself or Ransom or if he’d even been the one to buy them at all. (Not the salmon shorts, though. He knew who bought those.)

Of course, by the time Holster noticed he’d been noticing so much about Ransom, it was too late; he was gone, he was in deep, he was in love. With his best friend. Who he helped wheel chicks at kegsters, so that wasn’t awkward at all.

Holster was maybe starting to feel a little down about the whole thing. Which he’d maybe been showing by spending more time in the library, (though Ransom always found him,) or watching shows with his earbuds in, (though Ransom usually ended up leaning against Holster’s shoulder with one of the earbuds in his own ear). But it was fine. Holster would get over it and they’d stay best bros and Ransom would never even notice. Everything would be fine.

He was totally surprised when Ransom burst through the door of the attic with a large box in his arms. He set it down on Holster’s bunk triumphantly.

“Open it!”

“What is it?”

“You have to open it to see.”

Warily, Holster fished a pair of scissors out of the desk beside the bed and slit the tape. Then he looked inside.

“Holy shit, bro!”

Ransom was beaming at him.

In a flurry of packing material, Holster pulled out Loganberry, Weber’s mustard, Miller’s horseradish, and a package of Kimmelweck rolls.

“I think there’s some halvah in there, too,” Ransom said. “And there’s corned beef is in the fridge downstairs, with a note on it that no one else is to touch it on pain of gruesome death, but I went to a deli in Boston for that instead of getting it shipped.”

Holster, lost for words, resorted to gesturing helplessly at the bounty in front of him. “What…? Just… how?”

Ransom shrugged. “You seemed down, so I called your mom.”

Holster looked down. “Oh. I, uh, I didn’t think you’d notice.”

Ransom reached out and lifted Holster’s chin until he was looking Ransom in the eyes again.

“I noticed.”


Thanks to everyone who I got my pictures taken with! Yesterday was a whoooooooole lotta fun! If anyone was wondering, I went to Anime Boston 2017! If you wanna meet me next year, make sure you catch me on a Friday or Saturday!

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The female character in the SVU episode tonight was an amalgamation of Anita and the other women harassed by gamergate, but I guess you got to have a little sense to catch onto that. :/

Anita is a scam artist.
I’m a gamer sweetie lemme lay it down for you.
First Video Dinosaur planet was never Crystal’s game, it was her and her brother Sabre. The video Anita used was severely altered to never show Sabre. Because if she did her fans might notice that Sabre looked an awful lot like Star Fox model at the time. And so did Nintendo which resulted in them changing the game.
She whined about Bayonetta being for the male gaze. Then when presented with the fact it was made by a woman for her own power fantasy it was Nope nope nope.
She’s been proven to steal the footage she uses. Meaning highly likely she’s never played them and takes her cherry picking to what footage she does view. 
This is evident in even that god awful ABC’s target video. In which Anita claims the woman must be killed in order to make the protagonist a hero for getting the killer. Despite the video even showing the HUD in bright red letters with INTERVENE. She purposely created the npc’s death to create her argument.
As such Anita was never a gamergate target she was thrown in by media and herself.
Her so called forced to cancel talk at Utah is false. The police of the area and the FBI stated it was a non threat and she could peacefully talk. She elected to cancel and as perpetrated this false I WAS FORCED TOO since. 

As is Brianna Wu who was even proven to of never been forced from her home I should know I live in the same area as her. She went to Boston Comic Con and even tweeted where she was.
Her game is atrocious and uses the latest engine despite looking like something from ps1. Her game doesn’t follow Anita’s so called rules for gaming and are defined as I believe Fighting fuck toys. Nor does her story go anywhere. It’s a poorly made copy of Mass Effect even ripping outfits from characters she insults.
If you’re going to try and pull SENSE into it. Try to ensure I don’t know more about the situation than you.

Piper remembered standing on the dock before board the ship to American. Her mother had held her to her chest and made her swear she’d be careful. She reminded her about those crazy, drunken rebels who were tarring and feathering British men of authority. She had to stay away. She was a British citizen and a lady at that. She had to stay away from such disgusting, improper rabble rousers. Piper had of course promised she would, the promise paired with a kiss to both of her mother’s tear slicked cheeks.

She honestly had every intention to avoid the trouble that “those Bostonians” were stirring up. But nothing could have prepared her for what she saw that night. Five bodies lying in puddles of crimson on the cobblestones, shot dead by British soldiers. There was screaming all around. Chaos. Small mobs forming, picking up bricks and sticks and anything they could use as a weapon. The redhead stared at the mess speechlessly as countless men pushed past her into the square, cursing the british soldiers with ever insult under the sun.