i went to the pool today

Whatever U Want

Summary: When Y/N finally has a few hours to herself, she decides to use her time wisely. By wisely that  means calling her favorite phone sex line  Whatever U Want.  After several different session with the sexy Ryan, she begins to think it might be her best friend Dean.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, Annie (OFC)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex, dirty talk, female masturbation, sex toys, boners

Rated M

Word Count: 1,651

A/N: This was my submission for @notnaturalanahi Crack Challenge! Thank you again for giving me an extension.Thanks again to @impala-dreamer for beta reading my stuff!  Feedback is always welcomed I hope you enjoy!

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“Dean?” You called out from your room down the hall in the bunker. You turned your head slightly, waiting to hear if he would respond to you. After you didn’t get a response from Dean you looked towards Sam’s room, the door shut. “Hey Sam!” You went silent again waiting for any kind of answer.

Letting out the breath you had been holding in, you shut your bedroom door. The two of them must have finally gone on that supply run they were bickering about this morning. Which meant you had an hour or two of alone time all for yourself! Seeing how the three of you had been crammed in a motel room for a good week, you needed a break from the testosterone. You needed some personal playtime with yourself more than ever.

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Sun-kissed Sleepy

Note: Not requested, but this came about because I went to the pool today and then went straight to work and I felt that sleepy feeling you get after spending time in the sun. Its a special and specific kind of sleepy. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s nice. It made me want to take a nap with Shawn.


The cool air of your hotel room hits you as soon as you swing open the door. You had turned the air conditioner on high before you left because you knew it would be hot outside, but a shiver runs down your spine as the blast of cool air hits you without warning. You head straight for your bathroom to take a shower, dropping your wet towel on the bathroom floor before removing your black bikini and getting under the warm stream of water.

When you get out of the shower, you feel exhaustion hit you. You had just spent the last four hours lounging by the pool, and the sun takes a lot out of you. It’s one in the afternoon, a perfect time for a nap. There is something about afternoon naps after mornings spent in the sun. They’re magical, and they have a certain feel to them.

Exiting the bathroom, you hear the television on in the hotel room, and a smile spreads across your face knowing that your boyfriend has returned. He was gone doing press all morning. You offered to go with him, but he insisted you stay back and enjoy the resort. You were in Florida after all.

Shawn is seated at the edge of the bed, watching the hockey game on the tv. When he sees you, he smiles and says “Hey baby,”

“Hey hun, how was work?” You question as you crawl onto the bed behind him, which immediately prompts him to move so he’s lying next to you. 

“Good, nothing special.” You cuddle closer into his side as his arm automatically wraps around you, and he asks, “You tired?” To which you only sleepily nod in response. “Didn’t you just sit at the pool all morning?” He questions, purposely giving you a hard time, but you know he’s joking and doesn’t mean it in a mean way.

“Yeah, but the sun makes me sleeeeepy.” You drag out the last word before hiding your face in his t-shirt. The afternoon sun is shining into the hotel room, and the exhaustion you feel is a good kind of exhaustion. Shawn has a show in a couple of hours, but neither of you have anything planned until then. “Take a nap with me?” You ask Shawn.

“You’re literally the cutest person ever.” He tells you smiling down at you.

Your eyes flutter closed, and you’re too tired to respond to his statement. You feel his lips press lightly against your forehead before he moves slightly to get more comfortable. And in his arms you fall asleep listening to the sound of his steady breathing.

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You know what’s fucking bizarre? I went to my super gentle Aquafit class today, and… had a good time. I worked out in meaningful ways, my mood didn’t bottom out, I felt motivated and engaged the entire way through, afterwards I felt good about socializing with people in the hot tub, my pain wasn’t any worse when I left the pool, and tonight my muscles ache faintly from exertion but my other types of pain are actually reduced.


This never happens to me. Like I’m waiting on tenterhooks for a massive flare-up tomorrow because exercise never feels this good.

This points to my overall problem always having been“pushing myself too hard and trying too much”. All my physical gains come from doing the least amount of exercise possible and stopping the moment the pain gets worse. So can I just say, FUCK the physical education establishment for telling me that I’m lazy and any failure to achieve physically is because I’m not trying hard enough, and teaching me that a combative relationship with my body is normal and desirable.

Why are all my kids so weird?

The 5 year old is always in some kind of bucket or box. Like he puts Rubbermaid tubs in his bed and sleeps in them. He has been deep in mourning over the loss of dinosaurs for two weeks. Just moping around laying despondently on things occasionally saying in a sad voice “But why did they have to die? What killed them?”

The 2 year old keeps slipping behind this chair and like making a little nest back there and refusing to come out. Instead of stuffed animals she sleeps with a fake candle and is constantly naked.

The 11 year old went to a pool party today and brought a bag of colorful rocks. He also left his swim suit in the car and didn’t realize it for at least 30 minutes despite the giant pool and his friends actively swimming.

Even the dog buries her face in the couch cushions until she’s sticking straight up like those foxes that dive into the snow.

I am wearing a tiara though. And when Ryan left to go to the pet store I put my hand on his cheek and whispered very dramatically “Stay safe my love. Come back to me” while he rolled his eyes and asked me what kind of dog food he needed to get.

So I think this is mix of nature and nuture coming into play here.

Control Freak of a Customer (or, the Bitchy Lady)

A woman called my store today to bitch at me specifically. Here’s how it went down:

Phone rings

“Hello, thank you for calling [my store]. This is [my name]. How can I help you today?”

“This is Christy (she didn’t say her last name) and I need to speak to whichever employee rang up my last purchase.”

All’s well so far. I work at a pool supply store. Maybe she needs help with chemical dosing instructions.

“Okay, ma'am, what’s your last name and I’ll look up your transaction history. (Gives me her last name and I check.) Well, it looks like it was me who rang you up. That purchase was made on the 4th of April. What can I help you with?”

“I’m very upset with you. You sold my husband [chlorine shock x] when I specifically sent him to get [chlorine shock y]. I ALWAYS get [chlorine shock y]! And now my pool is still cloudy.”

“Ma'am, I’m sorry to hear that. Did we give you dosing instructions after your water test?”

“I NEVER get my water tested with you! I have a pool guy take care of all of that. He’s been in the business for 45 years! He knows what to do with my pool and he says only buy [chlorine shock y]. I don’t know why you couldn’t just sell my husband exactly what I told him to get. My pool was cloudy and now it still is! He’s in the dog house now and it’s your fault!”

This goes on in this vein for a while. All about she was out of town, and had her pool taken care of by someone else and when she got back it wasn’t right… Basically, I would need a water test to find out exactly why her pool was cloudy in the first place. A test is always free, and only takes about 5 or 6 minutes. But no, she KNOWS with no test that [chlorine shock y] would have just solved all her problems. B.S. For a lot of reasons, that would make this post unnecessarily longer than it already is.

Meanwhile, I’m super busy as she rants at me. Four other customers actually buying things/needing help in the store and the other phone line ringing. I’m not alone, but my help is 39 weeks pregnant. There’s only so much she can do, which I understand. She finally takes a breath long enough for me to reply.

“Ma'am, there’s no way to know exactly what made your pool cloudy in the first place if no test was done, and it has rained since that date, which can affect clarity.”

More ranting, and repeating herself. I’ve been on the phone for about 7 minutes at this point, according to our display. Finally, I’ve had enough.

“Ma'am, how can I help you TODAY? I’m extremely busy here in the store. What can I do for you?”

“Next time I send my husband in, you can sell him what he asks for with no questions!”

It is literally my JOB to ask qualifying questions about pool chemicals.

“Okay, but how can I help, RIGHT NOW? I’m very busy.”

“You know what? You can give me your district manager’s number because you obviously don’t care about my cloudy pool and…”

I cut her off.

“MA'AM, it’s not that I don’t care about your pool. But I need to know what you need from me.”

“Nothing! Just nothing! I’m never shopping with you again!”

“Okay, I’m sorry you feel that way. Have a nice holiday.”


The timer on the phone say 12 minutes and some seconds.

I looked back through her transaction history again, only to discover she’s made maybe 5 purchases in the last 4 years the store has been open. She already said she doesn’t get her water tested with us, which means she’s disqualified from several programs we offer, and has also never bought chlorine tablets from us. All of this, combined with the [chlorine shock y] she does buy, means her pool chemistry is probably so jacked up there’s no wonder why her pool was cloudy in the first place. I’m not saying her “pool guy” is bad at his job, but a lot of things have changed in pool chemistry even in the last 10 years, nevermind 45.

I don’t mind losing that sort of customer, but it is frustrating when people tell me what my job is/how to do it. My job is to sell solutions and also upsell product in the process. That’s any retail business. Yes, I want to help you get what you need, but I’m a business. If you come in my store with vague explanations and a product name, I might try to sell you something else I feel will be better suited to the issue. Your control issues with your husband are not my fault or my problem. So kindly don’t blame me for your marital issues ten days and a heavy rain storm after your purchase.

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I would love you forever if you did either 10 or 76.

I went for 76 ‘Please put your penis away’ I was totally baffled when I got the prompt, no idea what I was going to do with it but then this came to me today. I hope you like it anon. I will also be doing 10, because I have an idea for that too.

Once seen, never unseen

“Don’t you love me?” Robert pouted as he pushed Aaron away from him.

“Shut up you idiot. Of course, I love yah.” Aaron snapped back impatiently. “I married yah, didn’t I?”

Robert didn’t respond straight away but Aaron could see the tears pooling in his eyes reflected by the lights of the street. “You say you love me but why won’t you show me Aaron?” Robert whined.

Aaron grabbed his arm, stilling the drunken swaying before he could do himself an injury; he was making Aaron feel seasick just looking at him.

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Boys of your choice finally working up the courage to talk to their crush, but their crush just became 1000% more intimidating to talk to bc they're wearing something a bit more revealing or cute today. (Not naughty or anything when I say revealing, maybe they run into them on their way to the pool and it's the first time seeing them in a swimsuit or something)

(For this one, I went with Junkrat, Roadhog, and Zenyatta)

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Got to pool early again today and put in 800 yards before practice.  This was the second Check Off Challenge practice and the focus today was all freestyle events.  You could do them in increasing or decreasing order.  My lane mate Michelle and I went with decreasing so we could get the big one out of the way first.  I had my headphones in for this one and I am so glad I did as it makes those longer sets like the 1000 breeze by so much faster when your mind can wander into the song.

After swim my friend Mary was kind enough to follow me to the repair shop and give me a ride home, which I really appreciated.  My car has been randomly throwing out “Service Brake System” warning message along with ABS and Parking Brake lights coming on.  So I have a window of time over the next few days that I can get by without a car, and I took advantage of that and got it in this morning.  Wonder how much this one will set me back?  But I will feel a million times better not worrying that the brake system is going wonky while I am in the middle of driving so it has to be done!

800 swim/kick/pull

Check Off Challenge:

rest a minute between swims

  • 1000 free
  • 500 free
  • 200 free
  • 100 free
  • 50 free

with fins 4x50 kick on tightest interval that gives no more than 10 seconds rest, then make them all.


Fourth of July

Summary: Laf loves his friends, fireworks, and America!  It’s sfw, but there are references to sex. Mostly fluff. Lots of opportunities to imagine Laf in a speedo. 

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

 A/N: I might have a thing for Daveed’s hair.  Who doesn’t?

“Mon amoooour,” Laf sang as he came in the door, “what are you making?”

“It’s just burgers, babe,” you called back. 

Lafayette had been bouncy all day. He wrapped his arms around you as you began to sauté onions. He tucked his face into the crook of your neck and breathed deeply. You could feel his smile. He pressed a quick kiss to your cheek and began putting the groceries he had bought away. 

“I got everything on the list, plus-” he paused for effect- “I bought fireworks!” He looked so pleased with himself that you couldn’t help but smile. 

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We are Sikh

Fifth largest religion in the world, and people are ignorant enough to call us Hindus or Muslims. Educate yourself.

  • We are Sikh. Our faith matters to us. So much so that we will gladly give our life fighting for what we believe in as many saint soldiers have done in the past, including our own Gurus.
  • Sikh mothers had their newly borns chopped, limb by limb and then placed around their necks like garlands. This was the price they payed for not converting to another religion, those brave Sikh women remained in high spirits and sang the praises of Guru Nanak & Vaheguru.
  • We made up less than 2% of the Indian population yet 67% of the Indian army were Sikhs.
  • The first battle for freedom from British was won by Sikhs, when after loss of many lives in 1929 they were able to take over the charge of their shrines from British.
  • Our ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji offered to sacrifice his life to protect another religion. He laid down his life in defense of religious tolerance, freedom of worship, and freedom of religion. He gave his life for the Hindus’ right to wear the sacred thread despite the fact that Sikhs themselves do not believe in these rituals. This was martyrdom for the defense of basic human values.
  • In 1709, Guru Gobind Singh Ji left this world with a lifetime of heroic events which changed the History of India. (which I cannot even compress enough to make it into this text post &  still do it justice)
  • Bhagat Singh while studying in Berkeley University in California went back to Punjab to fight against the British army and was hanged in 1913 while fighting for freedom.
  • Punjab lost its most fertile part to Pakistan during the partition. However, today due to hard labor of Sikh farmers, the Punjab in India produces much higher quantities of food grain than the fertile Punjab in Pakistan. Punjab contributes 40% of rice and 51% of wheat into the central pool of food grains in India.
  • On April 13, 1919, the British conducted Jallianwala Bagh massacre, which consisted of killing 1300 unarmed Indians, 62% of those who were Sikhs in a single day.
  • 1984; we don’t even KNOW how many Sikhs were brutally murdered in the most inhumane ways possible because the Indian government burnt all the bodies without keeping track.

And that’s not even half of the history covered; 
Seeing news like the picture above absolutely shatters my heart, our Gurus and martyrs didn’t give up their life to be called someone we’re not. We have  been given a unique identity so that the world may recognise a single Sikh in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people.

  • We wear a turban in which we have a small wooden comb to keep and protect our sacred gift from God, our uncut hair, our Kes.
  • We wear a Kara (iron bracelet) to resemble handcuffs, which reminds a Sikh to be a servant of the Guru & think twice about doing evil deeds.
  • We wear a Kirpan (a sword) which symbolises dignity, self-reliance, capacity and readiness to always defend the weak and the oppressed.
  • We wear a Kachera (undershorts) which reminds the Sikh of the need for self-restrain over passions, lust and desires.

A Sikh is a devotee first and to protect his devotion, a Sikh is a warrior as well. A real Sikh will never let weapons take the precedence over his spiritual values and devotion. A real Sikh will always help the one in need and fight for him/her regardless of the person’s caste, color or religion. When all other means of self-protection fail, the Sikh can use his sword to protect himself and others. A Sikh is never to use his sword to attack anyone.

So please, don’t call us something we’re not. We are Sikh. But before that, we are human.

Dallta Sheumais

Previous installments

  The children were settled,  all of them upstairs to see the new baby.  I wiped my hands on the skirt of my dress and walked outside.  There were clouds signaled rain,  no snow I corrected as I felt the nip in the air and saw of my breath pooled in white clouds in front of me. I wrapped my cloak tighter around myself.  The air was intoxicating after the hours spent indoors,  but I hurried along.  My shoes sank a bit into the mud as I made my way to the priest hole.    I knock slightly on the cellar cover then went in.   It was dark, but a small lantern was light in the corner,  illuminating Jamie’s profile.  

“Claire.” He said bobbing his head slightly.

“It was a damn idiotic thing you did today Jamie,  you put everyone here at risk.”

“I told ye,  if anything were to happen ye’d-”

I interrupted him,  “Yes you told me.  But nothing did happen Jamie.  I know how to deliver a baby.  I’d delivered two of her children before this one and nothing happened then.  One of the was even breach and everything was fine!”

“Well things did happen when you were gone.  She had lost a child before this one.”

“I know” I said, “She told me.  Do you really think that makes a difference.  I lost a child and I still had Brian.”

He went to speak but I kept on going,  “You have a child now.  You have more to think about then yourself and how you feel.”

“That’s just it”  He said turning to look at me straight on.

“What?” I said.

“Brian.”  I was still more than confused but he went on, “I live in that cave alone and like an animal.  Only feeling as if I were human the brief moments when I could come down to the house,  even if it meant I had to see the state of things.  I could do it then.  Stay alone, because no matter what happened I knew what I felt would stay with me even when I was at Lallybroch.  That feeling of emptiness,  that I had been cut off from the world around me.  The feeling I had every since ye went.  Be now ye and the lad are back,  and I know that feeling would leave.  If can sit by ye or just look at his wee face and feel myself thaw.  Feel the ache and cold leave me and feel as though I am once again a man.   To have that back and leave.  To have yer heart restore and once again feel the blood flow as it should.  Not feel the pain and space between each beat.”

“Even if it puts us in harms way.”  I said,  my voice very small.

“That’s the hell of it.  I would give anything to be with ye and to keep ye safe.  But I can only have one of them.  I canna be here and have ye be safe.   With me being here I might as well be signing your own death warrant. No matter what I do or how I act I damn myself and those I love.”

“Jamie” I said and slid down next to him.  All my angry from early was replaced with tenderness.  “I lived six years with a man who couldn’t understand what it meant to be a parent.  You showed yourself more of a father in two moments then Frank was in six years.   But it isn’t easy.  I’ve been with Brian his whole life and I still don’t know what I’m doing most of the time.” Jamie slid away from my then standing up and glaring down at me. “Ye think I don’t know that!  Do ye think that I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“Well you came down here.”  Any tenderness was gone again and I had a strong urge to hit him with something,  “ You put all of us at risk. You put your own son at risk.  For what,  the possibility that something could go wrong.  Do you not think I didn’t kill me when you left.  That I wish beyond anything that I could wake each morning with you next to be.  But I let you go because I know it is better for all of us,  if we are safe.”

Both of us stood there,  panting from angry.   Both of us had the life we so wanted with each other just out of our grasp.   We could be together,  but in doing so endanger all of us,  and our only child  We both looked at each other eyes full of the pain and longing of the last 6 years.  After our reunion I thought the hard part was over,   we had seen each other,  what was once there was still there.  But now I realized that was the easy part.  We had to build a life now,  try to make what we once had had out of nothing but sticks and mud.  I spent so long apart,  but I had someone who was fully and completely mine,  Jamie was alone in the world.  He had lived his whole life and the laird of his people.  He was raised to be a man to care and tend to his people,  that had been severed from him.  The years apart had given me exactly what he lost.  A person,  who was yours to care and tend for.  A purpose beyond yourself.  I could feel in that moment, what that 6 years was for him,  and what it was to have him back.  I went over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

“Should I have not come back.”  I said

“No,  mo nighean donn,  never think that.  Ye are here,  that’s all that matters.  Everything else we’ll sort out later.”

I sighed and buried my head under his chin, his voice brushed over my head,  “I promise ye Claire, I’ll only come down when it’s dark.  I have a son to think of now.”  

I tightened my grip around his waist,  “Good.  But for now, It’s a long time till dark.”

His hands then to the fastening of my cloak and let in drop to the ground,  “Is it now?” He kissed me then,  I pulled the both of us down onto my cloak , trying to catch both of us ablaze in the cold unforgiving November.

When it was over I laying the crock of his shoulder,  I was tracing a pattern over the fabric of his shirt.  He stilled my hand with his and I said, “I love you,  Jamie. But you need to stay away for a while,  for Jenny’s sake”  He hand grasped mine a little tighter, “Don’t worry.  I’ll have Fergus show us the cave.  I’ll take Brian there.”  I touched his jaw gently,  already erupting with stubble, “I’ll bring a razor too.”

I could feel Jamie smile, “Only when it is safe,  and Sassenach.”  I looked up at him, his wide mouth smiling, “I love you too.”



today was simply amazing BECAUSE:

1) I had a design team meeting that went REALLY WELL
2) it’s a RECOVERY day which meant a quick pool run and some graston for me
3) I went to work for a little which means I made money like a GROWN UP
4) I then went to get DELICIOUS COOKIES AND CREAM/VANILLA/CAKE BATTER FROYO and my stomach didn’t hurt at ALL even though I’m apparently lactose intolerant
5) I went to urban outfitters and got a cute DRESS and a SHIRT
7) I had a really yummy chicken salad for dinner with this awesome TURMERIC spiced CAULIFLOWER

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This is probably gonna sound weird, but I'm post op (top and bottom) but I still get dysphoria from my scars. For example, I went swimming in a hotel public pool today and I had 2 little kids point out my scars. I know they didn't mean anything by it, but it keeps reminding me that I still wont be seen as a male by some people. Is there anyway to deal with this type of dysphoria?

That doesn’t sound weird at all! Dysphoria can have a bunch of different causes, and one very common cause is the feeling that people will not see you the way you want to be seen. So if you feel like that’s the result your scars have, then it makes total sense that that makes you feel dysphoric.

I do think, though, that people probably see the scars differently than you think they do. To you, they are a very specific indicator of surgical procedures you had to make you appear more masculine. So to you, when kids point out your scars, it probably feels like they’re saying “Look, that guy used to have a more feminine body than he does now!” But to those kids, those scars could be from absolutely anything, and the surgeries you had are probably not what they’re going to guess. Most likely what they’re saying is “Wow, I wonder how he got those badass-looking scars!”

Really, the only people who will see your scars and know what they’re from are people who are “in the know” so to speak. That is to say, other trans people or people who have trans friends. Both those groups are, if anything, more likely to see you as male knowing you had those surgeries, because they understand what those surgeries are for. 

There may be a third group, of people who are actively transphobic, and if they see your scars they may say or think shitty things. And that will feel awful if it happens, but that’s a really small portion of all the people who will ever see your scars. The vast majority either has no idea what they are or is a fellow trans person or ally.

VidCon (Joe Sugg Imagine) - requested

VidCon (requested)

Anonymous asked: Omg i love your imagines!!! Can you write an imagine where y/n and joe meet on vidcon. Because y/n did a colab with zoe once. And then fans see them together and start shipping them and stuff… I hope i make sense. Love you ❤

Y/B/F/N squealed behind you as you opened the door to your hotel suite. You rolled your suitcases into the room and dropped them. Your eyes widened in awe as you looked around the hotel room.

It was beautiful. There was two twin sized beds in the middle of the room with a bedside table in the middle to separate them. In front of the beds was a slide in glass wardrobe. At the end of the room, there was two doors that lead to a balcony that overlooked the pool downstairs. The balcony had a small glass table and chair set on the right side of it.

“This is probably the best hotel room I’ve ever been in,” Y/B/F/N said.

“Y/B/F/N, you’ve never been in a hotel room,” you replied with one brow raised slightly as you sat on one of the beds.

“Exactly why it’s the best hotel room I’ve been in.” You laughed at her response and just shook your head. Your best friend sure was something.

“Okay, lets just refresh ourselves and then we shall go explore!” You exclaimed and jumped off the bed to start getting ready. “The YouTube squad is meeting down by the pool in 15, so be quick, please, Y/B/F/N.”

“Will do, Y/N!” Y/B/F/N yelled from the ensuite bathroom. You chuckled, lightly and continued to tidy your hair up.




You enveloped Zoe in a tight embrace.

“It’s been so long! We need to collab again while we’re here!” She exclaimed as you pulled away from the hug. She complimented your new found hair style while you complimented her dress. It looked beautiful on her.

You introduced her to Y/B/F/N and Zoe complimented her makeup as Y/B/F/N blushed.

Zoe then pulled you along to meet everyone else.

“Y/N, you remember Alfie, Jim and Tanya,” she said as you greeted them. You had met them when you did your first collab with Zoe because Jim and Tanya were over at the Zalfie household.

Zoe eventually had introduced you and Y/B/F/N to practically the whole of the YouTube community. Everyone was there.

However, there was one person you seemed to just click with since you got there. And that happened to be Zoe’s brother, Joe Sugg.

When Zoe introduced you to Joe, your heart stopped. He was gorgeous. Perfect even. He had the most beautiful blue eyes, his hair was a perfect mess on his head and every time he smiled, he seemed to make the atmosphere 100 times better.

You guys clicked straight away. You had the same sense of humour, which you liked in a guy. You wanted to be able to have a laugh with a guy. And that’s what you had with Joe.


For the majority of the trip, you had spent it with Joe. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between panels, chill out times. You and Joe were like two peas in a pod. You couldn’t leave each other’s sides.

As VidCon progressed, you slowly found yourself liking Joe. And you meant like-like. You’ve never fallen for a guy so fast, but Joe was different.

He made you smile and laugh any possible time he could. He was such a gentleman, opening doors for you, pulling out the chair for you when you went out to eat, even walking you back to your hotel room. Within the space of a weekend, it was safe to say you had developed a big crush on the lad.

It was the last day at VidCon, and you and the whole crew decided to just spend it relaxing by the pool and enjoying the sunshine. You were going to miss the sun when you head back to dull, old England.

You were trying to catch some rays but a figure stood in front of you, blocking the sun. You pulled your sunglasses off and saw Y/B/F/N standing in front of you, in all her beauty in that bikini.

“Looking hot, Y/B/F/N,” you said, smirking as she took a seat in the beach chair next to you.

“Why, thank you, I say the same to you. I wonder who you’re trying to impress,” she replied with a wink. You rolled your eyes with a smile on your face and punched her shoulder, lightly.

She was talking about Joe.

“Oh, shut up, I’ve known him for like 3 days.”

“Yeah, but you act as if you’ve been a couple for years.” That comment made you blush and quickly put your glasses back on and laid back down on the chair.

“But anyway, I came to say that me and the others are off to lunch, you coming?” She asked and gestured to the group of YouTubers stood by the pool, talking amongst themselves. You could see Zoe, Alfie, Jim, Tanya, Jack, Conor, Josh, Caspar, Oli, Mikey, Marcus, JJ, Simon and Niomi.

Where was Joe?

“Yeah, you guys go ahead. I wanna catch some more rays first. I’ll see you in there,” you uttered. She nodded and gave you a hug before going to the others. Soon enough, they were all gone, leaving you left by the pool to sunbathe.

After a few minutes of shut eye and sun tanning, you felt yourself being picked up bridal style. You squealed as you pushed your sunglasses above your head to see the culprit.


“What are you doing?” You exclaimed and smacked his bare chest, playfully.

Woah, he sure worked out, you thought to yourself as you felt his abs beneath you.

Joe didn’t reply but he had a glint in his eyes that made you think he was up to something.

He pulled your sunglasses off of you and threw them to one side. You were about to complain but before you knew it, you felt yourself been thrown and water soon engulfed you. You splashed about before arising from underneath. You gasped as water splashed you in the face. Joe had just cannonballed into the pool.

“Joe!” You exclaimed as you watched Joe pop his head up from the water. You laughed at his hair. It stuck down to his forehead. “You’re looking pretty with that hair,” you said with a soft smile as you swam over to him. You held one of his shoulders to keep yourself up and used the other hand to push the hair away from his eyes. You wanted to see them. They were your favourite feature on his face. Well, actually, everything was your favourite of his. You loved everything about him.

“Why, thank you, kind ma'am, you don’t look so bad yourself,” Joe uttered in a posh voice. You laughed at his attempt and shook your head.

“So, what are you doing here? I thought you went to lunch with the others,” you asked as you felt Joe’s hands place themselves on your hips. They were warm in the water. You liked it.

“I wanted to wait for you,” he said, looking down, a hint of a blush on his cheeks but it was gone before you could be sure. “Plus, it was a perfect opportunity to throw you into the pool,” he added with a small chuckle.

You playfully slapped his shoulder as you voiced, “yeah, thanks for that. I was hoping to not get wet today, but you came and ruined that for me.”

“Honestly, Y/N, how did you miss that many sexual jokes in that one sentence?” Joe asked, throwing his head back in laughter. You blushed, deeply, as you thought back to what you said.

Okay, that did sound very sexual. Oh, dear.

“Oh, shut up, you immature child,” you replied with a hint of smile.

“An immature child that you looove.” Joe grinned at you and placed a sloppy kiss on your cheek.

Suddenly, an eruption of high-pitched screams enveloped your ears. You winced, slightly, and looked behind Joe. There you saw a small group of teenage girls, squealing as they had their phones out, filming.

“We have a crowd,” you whispered to Joe and he glanced behind him.

“We should leave, or we’ll be the talk of Twitter for weeks,” Joe said, before letting go of you and making his way to the exit of the pool. You soon followed behind.


After lunch, you, Y/B/F/N, and the rest of the buttercream squad decided to go back down to the pool to relax some more.

You and Y/B/F/N decided to sit on the beach chairs and chill, while the boys went for a swim in the pool.

Scrolling through Instagram, liking pictures now and again, you felt Y/B/F/N tap your shoulder. You turned to look at her.

“Have you seen Twitter?” She asked you, a grin on her face. You shook your head ‘no’ and looked back down at your phone to open the Twitter app.

Once it was open, you saw you had a lot more notifications than usual. You furrowed your brows and scrolled through them all.

Everyone was tagging you and Joe, saying you guys would make such a cute couple. You realised half way through that your ship name with Joe was trending worldwide on Twitter. You slightly blushed at all the tweets as your fans gushed over you and Joe. There was a picture that went viral of you two, the one from when you were in the pool and he kissed your cheek. Someone must’ve taken the picture at the perfect moment.

You looked up from your phone and to Joe, who was laughing in the pool as Caspar bellyflopped into it. You started to think,

Has Joe seen this? What would he think about it? Oh, no, he’ll run away first chance he can.

“Y/N, Y/N!” You felt yourself being shaken and you looked away from Joe to Y/B/F/N.

“Sorry,” you said, still blushing.

“Aw, you’re blushing! Is it the tweets? Of course, it’s the tweets! See, even your fans want you two together! Just do it!” She gushed.

“I’ve only known him for a few days, I can’t do that. Hey, my feelings will probably go after this trip,” you uttered as you looked back at your phone. You exited the twitter app and placed your phone beside you. No more distractions.

“Oh, shut up, no, they won’t. You’re in love, Y/N, you can’t fall out of love with him in a day. Just tell him. You never know, he may like you back,” she simply said with a wink and got up and left.

You frowned at her sudden departure, but shrugging, leaving it. You looked over at Joe to see him sitting by the side of the pool.

You decided to go tell him. You thought you’d listen to Y/B/F/N for once. She was always right, but you just wanted to believe it was coincidentally. You thought why not listen to her for a change? Maybe she really is always right.

“Hey,” Joe said with a grin as you sat next to him. You dipped your legs into the water like his and sat on the edge.

“Hey,” you replied with a smile. You were nervous. You were about to tell Joe that you may possibly be in love with him. It could go absolutely brilliant or it could just go to shit and leave you heartbroken.

“I need to tell you something.”

“I need to tell you something.”

You both said. You looked at each other and chuckled.

“You go first,” Joe said.

Here goes nothing.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

It was silent. So, you continued,

“Honestly, I don’t know how it happened or when. We’ve only known each other for, like, 3 days! But, you’re different. You make me feel things I haven’t ever felt in my life before. You make my stomach do flips every time you even come into a room. My heart just beats so much faster with you there. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you’re such a gentleman, you’re fucking gorgeous and you don’t even know it. You’re perfect to me, Joe. So perfect. I know you may not think that about yourself, but you, you are perfect, Joseph Sugg. As perfect as you could ever be. And for that, I love you. Like really love you. Not just some puppy love or a love you have for a best friend or sibling. But I actually love you. Like how a lover loves their partner. I’m in love with you, Joe Sugg.”

It was still silent. Joe had made no noise. Everything around you had disappeared; your only focus on Joe. He was making you nervous from not replying. How did he feel? Did he want to run? Did he feel creeped out?

“Joe…please, say something,” you whispered.

“I…woah…I just can’t believe it. You really love me?” He asked, eyes slightly widened. His cheeks were rosy, like there was a slight blush there.

You nodded, slowly, thinking that’d help to not creep him out even more.

“Fuck, you ruined it,” he suddenly bursted out.

“Excuse me?” You asked, eyebrow raised.

“I guess it’s my turn to tell you what I need to say,” he said. You nodded for him to go on. “So, I’m not one to believe in love at first sight. I never have been and I thought I never would be. I always thought it was something that couldn’t happen or it was just a once in a lifetime thing. But when Zoe introduced us the first day, I instantly fell in love. You were beautiful, still are. You were kind, down to earth, you have my sense of humour, and I like that,” he said, with a wink. “Getting to know you these past few days just made me fall deeper and deeper in love with you. It’s amazing how much we’re alike and how much we clicked straight away. You’re perfect, Y/N, and I love you. I’m glad you’re my once in a lifetime.”

You smiled, your arms wrapping around Joe’s neck to bring him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in, so that you were basically sat on his lap. You guys were still sat on the edge of the pool.

You pulled away from the hug, arms still wrapped around his neck. You grinned at the man in front of you and slowly leaned in. He started to lean in too. Your lips brushed against his but before they could make contact, you felt yourself been thrown.

You squealed as water hit you. You emerged from the water, half laughing, half scowling at Joe, who was pissing himself in laughter from his seat on the edge. You could hear the other boys and Y/B/F/N chortling in the background.

“You had to be the joker in a intimate moment, didn’t you?” You huffed and tried to walk away from Joe in the water. It was hard; water weighing you down.

Joe stopped laughing and his eyes widened. He jumped into the pool and came after you. His arm wrapped around your waist and he pulled you into his chest. He twirled you around to face him and pulled you close.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I thought it’d be funny,” Joe apologised. However, it didn’t seem like he was even paying attention to himself; his eyes were focused on your lips.

You giggled and rested your hands on his chest, “I was only joking,” you said and soon enough, you connected your lips with his. The first kiss of many to come.

hips-don-t-lie  asked:

Hey babe! Well I recently find your blog, and I would like to send something <3 How the boys will confess their feelings for you? Thanks. xx

lmao guess who’s back???? Really sorry about the haitus babes, I was just trying to graduate high school with some good grades. Now I’m back :))))))))

btw when requesting please be specific with who you want, I just did the Iwatobi boys for this <3333333


Haruka: You became friends with the quiet swimmer and Makoto introduced you two at the beginning of the school year. You quickly got along with each other and Haru seemed to warm up to you quite quickly. Being friends with all of the members of Iwatobi’s swim club you often came to practices. Today Haru decided to spend extra time swimming laps so you went to accompany him. You walked up to the side of the pool just as Haru was finishing a lap. 

You sighed and sat down to place your legs into the water, “Isn’t the water looking beautiful today, Haru?” Haru pulled himself out of the pool and placed himself next to you, nodding in response to your question. You glanced over to his direction, Haru’s brows were furrowed and he looked to be deep in thought.

“Is there something wrong, Haru?” You questioned, concern evident for your friend.

“I was thinking, ___,” Haru looked up at you, his blue eyes meeting yours. “I was thinking about us and how much I like you.” 


“I do like you, a lot,” He looked at you clearly, bluntly stating his feelings. “Even more than water.” That’s when you knew he was 100% serious. 

Makoto: You and Makoto had become fast friends from the moment that you transferred to Iwatobi high school. Currently Makoto was walking you home, as the sun was just setting and it was slowly becoming dark. He walked closely next to you, occasionally making small talk and commenting on the changing colors in the sky. As you both ascended the stairs to your home, a faint mewing rang in your ears. A small, fluffy kitten waddled out, plopping itself at yours and Makoto’s feet. 

You made an audible gasp and bent down to the kittens level, “Makoto look at how cute it is!” You squealed and scooped the kitten into your hands. Offering the kitten over to Makoto he scratched the kitten on the chin, the kitten purring happily. 

“It really is adoarble,” He said as he raised his eyes to you, “A lot like you.” 

You caught his last statement rather quickly, your cheeks flared up red. “W-what?” You stammered, surprised at Makoto’s sudden confession, quickly turning to Makoto you noticed that his cheeks were equally red.

He turned to face you, his expression rather serious despite the pink that dusted his cheeks. “____, I really do like you a lot. Even more than just friends.” 

Nagisa: Nagisa was one of your friends that was literally always happy and just full of energy. He was always jumping from person to person, cracking jokes and smiling, making everyone around him just a little brighter. As one of his good friends you were often pulled into taking dozens of selfies with him at random times throughout the day. After pulling you into take several selfies with him, Nagisa sat intently scrolling through the photos on his phone. 

“Y’know ____-chan you look really cute in this one!” Nagisa exclaimed, showing the phone to you. The picture had the both of your smiling brightly, looking very close. He gasped and pulled the phone back to him, “____-chan we even look like a couple in this picture!” 

“C-couple?” You stammered, your cheeks turning pink. Nagisa nodded and laughed at your reaction. 

“I think that we’d be a really cute couple ___-chan,” Nagisa giggled, looking up at you hopefully. “Do you wanna go out sometime then?” 

Rei: Even though you tried to makes your feelings about Rei obvious to him he seemed to always be oblivious to all of your attempts. You had almost given up hope until the day that you got a D on the latest chemistry test. He noticed your sadness and kindly asked if your wished for him to tutor you. This is how you ended up sitting next to Rei in his room as he babbled on about chemistry. You tried to listen to him go on and on about the specific subjects but you could not quite understand it all. 

Setting down his pencil Rei sighed, “Listen ___-san, I would like to tell your something important.” He looked rather serious and determined, even though his cheeks were a fiery red color. He refused to meet your eyes and instead look on ahead of him. You sat quietly, waiting for him to finish his thought, your own anxieties bubbling within you. 

“I-I really like you ___-san!” Rei suddenly exclaimed, his cheeks were even redder than before. All thought of chemistry was forgotten and you stared at him speechless. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and finally turned to face you. “I think that you are absolutley beautiful and I really like you a lot!” 

It finally happened

what i knew was going to happen but i thought maybe it would just  have to give him a blowjob.  Teddy called me today and said they are closing up his pool (but the hot tub would still be open) soon and if i wanted to go in one more time today would be the best day.  I got in the car and went over there about noon time.  Teddy said he would be over as soon as be could.  He showed up about about 1:00 and had his friend jimmy with him.  I got out of the pool and went and kissed teddy then jimmy.  Teddy told me to go and make them lunch and a drink i went into the house and made some sandwiches and got them each a drink.  When i cam back teddy was on the sofa and Jimmy was sitting on the chair.  Teddy told met to sit next to him and my thought was he is going to make me suck him again in front of jimmy.  As i sat next to teddy he took of my bikini top and asked jimmy if her ever saw a nicer set of nipples.   Jimmy just  smile and said no. then teddy started to play and pull on my nipples then he told jimmy to come over and do the same.  i was getting very hot and then the next thing i knew teddy was pushing me on to my back onto the sofa and started to untie my bikini bottom. when I was on my back i noticed jimmy standing up and taking his pants off.  I looked up at teddy and said what is jimmy doing.  He said he is going back to Italy in 2 week and he is going to fuck you as your going away present, now spread your legs.  Without anything being said jimmy got between my legs and and slide his cock inside me and started fucking me. it actually felt so good he was uncut like teddy and it felt so good going in.  Teddy just stood back and smiled at me watching his friend Jimmy fuck me. I was so hot looking at teddy with that big smile on as he friend fucked me.  I cam just before jimmy did.  He fill my pussy with his cum as soon as he got soft and got off me Teddy jumped right on me  and started fucking me even hard then he usually does.  when he was  done I had cum all over the sofa and running down my ass.  He told me to kneel down and clean off jimmys cock and then his so they could go back to the store.  After i sucked them clean they both gave me a kiss on my breast and went back to the store i was so hot i jumped into the pool to cool off before heading back home to get dinner ready for hubby.

GUYS okay i like never post personal shit on here but wow today is such a good day i gotta tell youuuu!!!! so my bestie is moving in wth her gf this summer, which means i gotta find my own place. it’s kinda cool actually like i’m super excited about living alone and having that privacy and freedom and whatev. SO today i went to see this apartment building and it’s seriously perfect, like right where i want, in my price range, not falling apart….low standards lol but it’s pretty much exactly what i was looking for. i didn’t have to ride around looking at apartments and i’m so excited for june when i can move in and UGH WHAT A GREAT DAY 😭

(I saw this and this is my first thoughts ↓)
You’ve decided to join a swimming club and today is your first day. You’ve found the way to dressing room and fast changed to swimsuit.
-Uhm could you tell me where can I find a coach? - you asked shyly one of the boys walking by. He politely gave directions and described how coach looks. You thanked and fast went that way to the pool searching for described person. Luckily you’ve found him soon enough.
-Good afternoon, I’m Y/N Y/L/N, erm, I’m new here.
- Oh hello Y/N!, nice to meet you. I’ve heard that we’ll have a new member. Unfortunately, I don’t have time right now to show you around. You won’t mind if I’ll ask someone else to do it? - kind looking man smiled at you worriedly.
-Uh, of course not. - you smiled back
-Alright.. Makoto! - coach called someone gesturing them to come. Soon you saw tall well-built boy running towards you.
-Yes? How can I help? - he asked as soon as he came. His kind green eyes layed on you interested to see a new person. All you could do is to keep your eyes away from his still dripping wet muscular chest and try to hide your blush as he brushed his hair back.
-This is Y/N and they’re new here.. Could you show them around? - coaches voice scattered your thoughts.
- Of course! - sweet smile shined on boys face - I’m Makoto Tachibana, nice to meet you. I’ll be glad to help you. Shall we go? - his eyes glimmered in the light and you could feel as your knees getting weaker with every word that escaped his lips.
-Nice to meet you too.. O-of course. Let’s go. - you managed to answer and started walking right next to him thinking how to hide your burning red cheeks.