i went to the grocery store

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i’m obsessed with a food blogger who writes about cheap ways to be gourmet in your 20s and i flirt with them over comments but they never post pictures of their face and ALSO there’s a really cute grocery bagger at the store down the street who teases me and always asks to join me for dinner and i definitely want to say yes AU

“Beef bourguignonne?” the bagger guessed.

Sansa looked at him in some surprise. “Yeah, how’d you know?”

“I’ve tried it a time or two. You should have me over so I can help you make it,” he said with his customary smile.

Sansa smiled back. Once or twice a week she went to the grocery store and loaded up with ingredients to make a recipe from her favorite food blog, and every time she did the same grocery bagger asked about what she was making and told her she should have him over. Sansa was honestly tempted–he was cute, and he clearly knew his food.

“Okay,” she said, wiping the teasing smile off his face. “Come to mine around six. I live in the red building around the corner. 5B.” With a smug look, she took her bags from him and sauntered out of the store.

She was pleased when he did show up at her place, his black polo shirt and khaki pants replaced with blue jeans and a grey t-shirt. He looked somewhat abashed, but Sansa handed him a glass of red wine and set him to chopping the onions. “All right,” she said, “It says here to add–”

“Cognac, then ignite with a match and stand back,” he finished.

Sansa looked at the recipe. “Yeah, how did you…?”

He took the Cognac from the counter, poured it in the pan, and then lit with a match and stood back. He knew what he was doing. When he looked at Sansa, her mouth fell open. “You’re Jon.”

“I sure am,” he said cheerfully, finishing up. “I realized after a while that it wasn’t coincidence that you kept getting ingredients to the recipes I was putting on my blog. Then I saw your profile picture and realized it was you.”

“And you never said anything!” she accused.

“I was waiting for you to invite me over to dinner,” he said cheekily. He covered the pot and turned to look at her. “Well, we have an hour and fifteen minutes to kill.”

Sansa smiled. “Whatever will we do in the meantime?”

“I have some ideas.” And he leaned forward and kissed her.

Beef Bourguignonne had been a good choice.

Have I told you how excited I am about Riverdale? Because I used to be an Archie comics junkie. They were cheap when I was little, and I went through a phase where I was constantly buying them at the store. Like EVERY grocery visit. AND then I found out Sabrina the Teenage Witch was part of that canon, so naturally I started buying Sabrina the Teenage Witch comics too. And it makes me super excited because I’ve already read articles where they are talking about bringing Sabrina to Riverdale which HOLY SHIT with that aesthetic, man, it’s going to be creepy as fuck. And this excites me because as much as I loved the original Sabrina, creepy Sabrina would be freaking awesome and gives the potential for a spin off. 

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Ghost mom work has been amazing. The power keeps going out and our register is old and takes like...20 minutes to reset. I work at a starbucks inside a grocery store and rhe main store has backup power but we dont so every time it flickers our 20 minutes restarts. I havent had to do anything for about 40 minutes. AAANNND THE POWER JUST WENT OUT AGAIN AS I WAS TYPING THIS IM LAUGHING.


so for Christmas my mom usually gets our dogs these cheap rubber frisbees from the grocery store. they’re surprisingly durable and they’re typically only $5 so it’s cool but lately she hasn’t been able to find any. I went looking today and I found them on clearance so naturally I bought all they had. I bought 15 frisbees for 2 dogs today and then I got home and discovered my dad had already purchased 7. my dogs are getting 22 frisbees for Christmas

at the brewery, it’s craft beer, so, heavy on the dudes, though there are more & more women coming in too. ours is pretty family friendly though, so we see a good number of parents with kids. we give them a lollipop. it’s usually pretty cute, you know, they feel like they are definitely in a grown up’s place.

this little girl–maybe eight or ten?– comes up to the counter, a grown-up family member nearby. she is like eight going on 35. her confidence is incredible. here’s how it went down:

me: hey!

girl: hey. guess where i’m going?

me: where? [thinking, maybe a birthday party? the grocery store? dunno]

girl: i’m going to the WOMEN’S MARCH

me: that is AWESOME! that is such an important thing!

girl: are YOU going?

me: i was going to, but i’m a little sick, so i’m going to the march in new haven instead.

girl: yeah, mine is in DC! i’m going with girl scouts.

girl: but NOT to the inauguration!

me: [laughing] oh, phew, good thing! are you going to make a sign?

girl: I ALREADY MADE TWO! one says ‘i’m more than a perfect ten’ and the other says ‘THIS PUSSY FIGHTS BACK’ with a picture of a CAT punching DONALD TRUMP IN THE FACE [motions a fierce punch]

me: [practically crying with pride] I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! it is so important to stand together & demand respect! 

girl: I KNOW, RIGHT?

me: well, i can’t wait to hear how it goes!

girl: i will come back & tell you! & i’m also going to the smithsonian. OK BYE!

I always see that Tumblr post where people talk about having a timer that counts down until you meet your soul mate. But to be honest if I were to have something that leads me to my soul mate I don’t think id want a timer i’d want a compass.

I like the idea of being able to see the needle of the compass move around as my soul mate goes to the grocery store maybe thousands of miles away.

I like the idea of people taking a year off work to follow the little needle hoping that if they keep going they can find there other half.

Imagine widows whose compass needles are grey and broken and spin around and around continuously looking for there other half.

Imagine aromantic’s whose needle points at themselves or don’t have one at all or maybe they do but its blue and points at there friends when there close by.

Imagine polyamourous people with 2 or 3 needles on there compass and there big decision is trying to figure out which one to follow first.

Imagine parents worriedly looking at there childs compass that spins around day in and day out and they breathe a sigh of relief the day it stops spinning and starts pointing with determination to some hospital somewhere.

Imagine people going to shake hands and realizing that there needles are pointing diligently at each other and just laughing and smiling awkwardly at each other.

Imagine a being able to watch your needle move and follow someone who you love, who you never met, who you vow to one day meet.


“I think I was really lucky growing up, I just had a mother who- there were no limitations, whatever I wanted to try, I was always so encouraged, my father as well, and my brother… I just had strong women around me to kind of encourage and nurture that. That being said, some of the things that I’ve experienced, personally, in my life, are, you know, I would never want that to be something that my daughter went through and I think it’s very hard, I was saying this earlier, I think it’s very hard sometimes for men to understand how deeply we can feel, some of these issues, because some people, they don’t see them happening in the workplace, or on the street corner, or the grocery store, or all these things and I just think it’s wonderful that people are speaking up and uniting.”

So, I was reading my recently purchased Ao no Exorcist Volume 16, and happened to come across this little gem at the end of Ch. 69. Apparently, Rin and Shiemi went to the grocery store together after their demon psychology class (a class they take alone, together, teehee), which I imagine to be their last cram school lesson of the day.

My shipper heart can’t help but headcanon that they often walk home together after their demon psychology class (even though all Shiemi needs is a key to get back home) or that they sometimes study together.

Proposal - Bruce Wayne

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Request: Hiya!! Can i request Bruce Wayne proposing to the reader? Thank you so very much!! - anon


Word Count: 758 

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Click Click Click Click, you heard the sound of your heels tapping the hardwood floor as you maneuvered through the grocery store looking for some, well, groceries. Usually Alfred would be getting them, but the man does so much, you just decided to do it. Even though Alfred insisted that he would go because it’s your and Bruce’s anniversary, you still went.

You heard the chitter chatter of the people, you tried not to listen in on their conversations but you would just listen to a couple of sentences and then continue searching the aisle for what you were looking for.

“Barb, did I ever tell you what happened to Carol?”

“No, what happened.”

“I heard that her husband cheated on her and they’re gonna file a divorce”

“Oh no, Carol and John were perfect”

“Ugh, i know”

You stopped listening right there, it was too sad for you. You couldn’t imagine Bruce cheating on you. Although he wasn’t your husband, he was your boyfriend, for 7 years today. You loved him dearly, you couldn’t bare him suddenly leaving you, just the thought gave you shivers.

You continued roaming the aisle in hoped of finding bread pudding, or at least the mixing for it. You had once made it for all the boys and they had fallen in love with it, so you decided to make it once again, just because. Once you had finally found the mixing, you made your way to the check out. You had around 20+ items so you couldn’t go to the 10 items or less aisle, so you just went to the regular one. It took awhile but you finally got all your things checked out and you made your way to your car to go home to Bruce.

Once you had made your way back to the mansion, you took out all the bags and fiddled with the keys to the front door, remembering that Alfred always left it open you just walked in. But as soon as you walked in you saw flower petals leading outside. Being the curious person you were you decided to go and check it out. You dropped the bags gently on the floor and followed the path. Once you had went outside to the patio you saw bright lights hung up everywhere and a huge collage of the picture you and Bruce took over the years.  

You spun in circles trying to take it all in but you noticed Bruce standing there in a full tuxedo. “Hey, you look handsome.” you complimented as you reached him. “Hello gorgeous, follow me,” he said as he took your hand and directed you to a small table for two. He pulled out a chair for you and then sat in the one across from you. “If you had told me about this i would have dressed more properly,” you said as you started nibbling on the breadsticks, “Well, you look beautiful anyways, you always do.” you blushed a deep red once he said those words. “Thank you,” you replied as Alfred brought out the main course. Once he had left you asked, “So whats all this for?” Bruce looked at you while taking a sip of his whine, “well, um now that you asked, i’ve been meaning to tell you something”  you nodded as a sign for him to continue. He stood up and took your hand once again and brought you to the center of the collage, he started to kneel down on one knee and took out a ring from his jacket pocket. “I have loved you for 7 years now, and I can’t go another day as you being just my girlfriend, I want you to be more, I want you to be my wife, I want to love you forever, I want to wake up next to you, knowing that you’re my wife. So, Y/F/N Will You Marry Me?” At this point you had your free hand covering your mouth and tears coming out of your eyes, “Yes, yes I will” you stuttered out, nodding your head. Bruce slipped the ring on your ring finger and got up, he held you in his arms, kissing you passionately. “YESSSS!!!!” you heard behind you. All the boys, including Alfred, had been secretly watching you behind the bush, but that secret ended when Dick yelled out. Jason slapped him upside the head, murmuring “idiot” as they all went inside. You looked at Bruce smiling as he held you in his arms, smiling back at you.

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I went to the grocery store a while back to pick up some beer. This middle aged women asked me if I knew where something was. This actually happens to me a lot, and if I know, I help. But I said I didn't know, sorry, grabbed my beer, and started walking away. She went OFF because it was MY job to help her and I needed to get over my attitude. So I turned and said, "Ma'am, I don't work here." The look of total humiliation on her face was priceless. She didn't say anything, just turned and left.


Old white men are so creepy. Why the hell are they so obsessed with young black girls/women? I went to the grocery store and one of them tried to flirt with me. And they’re always staring at black girls on the subway. It’s just like wtf no one wants your old behind. They’re insecure. Like a black person can’t do anything without them being in our business. They stare for no reason. Leave black girls/women alone. 🙄🙄

“Italy Diaries, page 1 // This summer I decided to move to Italy for an entire month. I got my heartbroken in the spring by a boy I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with and my only escape from the thoughts in my head was to leave. Leave my surroundings. I couldn’t even go to the grocery store without being reminded of him. So I did it. I got rid of everything that reminded me of what we shared and left. It started off with cutting my hair. He always loved my long hair and he hated bangs. So I cut bangs and also my ends. I left the states in June and went to Milan for a month where I stayed with an unbelievably incredible family and taught English. I was eternally grateful because not only was I teaching, but I was also learning. That month was full of soul searching and getting back to being myself again. But truth be told, I didn’t go back to my old self. I reinvented myself, I was reborn. Italy and the people I was surrounded by taught me so much that I couldn’t learn from anyone or anywhere else. To love myself as much as the love I give in return. “Veni, Vidi, Amavi.” - I came, I saw, and I loved.”

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What was your upbringing in Chicago like?
I grew up in a really small town. I had no grocery store, nothing like that. I think now it has a gas station, but I always got to do creative things because there was nothing else to do. On Sundays we went to church and we got to bring joy through singing. We were able to forget about our problems. When we had a barbecue, with food and singing and dancing, we made the best out of everything. It’s a great sense of community that I feel like sometimes only those types of neighborhoods have. I remember when I went to my first third world country I could see that there’s happiness here. There’s people struggling in poverty but honestly people are happy, you know, because they know they need to stick together. My family had its ups and downs but community, that’s what it’s about.
- Keke Palmer for LADYGUNN (October 2016)

I went through my aunt’s checkout line at the grocery store, and she didn’t even recognise me. I get that she only sees me like three times a year when I’m super dressed up, but come on.

I can’t believe this family upholds gender roles so strongly that I can just fuckin’ Clark Kent myself out of existence by dressing kinda butch. I bet if I wore my binder and some silver leggings, I could convince them I was my own great-great-great-great-great-grandson from the future.

i had a dream that i was buying banana chips and this shitty old lady and her shitty granddaughter at the grocery store was talking some seriously homophobic shit, and i had helped them out with something earlier so they thought i was great, and they called me great again when they went to get banana chips too and i was like “yeah i am great and im also gay, fuck off” and they were like “oh………………………..” and left w/o saying anything, but i was mostly angry that they took all the fucking banana chips before me

Celebrity AU ideas

“i was scratching my nose, not bidding on the charity auction, but i won a date with you anyway and i don’t have the money but i’m not giving it up” au

“i’m a pop star with a bad relationship rep and you’re a hot actor whose last two movies flopped, i think we can help each other out” fake dating au

“i just lost the Celebrity X Lookalike Contest (I AM Celebrity X) and threw a tantrum about it, you’re the security guard who escorted me out and doesn’t believe me” au

“you’re the photographer who’s been camped in front of my penthouse apartment for two weeks and i finally got lonely enough to come downstairs and share my leftovers with you” au

“wait, you’re supposed to be DEAD and i just recognized you at the grocery store, turns out you just didn’t want to be a celebrity anymore” au

“we were both child stars on the same show, your career skyrocketed and mine went nowhere, now 20 years later you’re on my doorstep at 3 a.m.” au

  • Prussia picking up his phone: Hello?
  • Canada, on the other end: Yeah, hi, where are you?
  • Prussia: Oh, I just picked up dinner at the grocery store, I'm on my way home.
  • Canada: I know. I went with you.
  • Prussia: ... I'm making a u-turn now.

Hillary supporters surrounding a local intersection Sunday morning.

My wife and I hit the nearby grocery store. Bottles of water for everybody.

They told us we were now members of the Pantsuit Mafia. Score.