i went to the doctor this morning


Imagine: Nice morning with Jack.

Y/N woke up in empty bed, she looked around, looking for her boyfriend Jack.
She got up and quietly walked to living room “Jack? Where are you?” Y/N asked

“In the kitchen.” Y/N heard his voice and quickly went to kitchen.
Jack was making breakfast, He was wearing only his sweatpants and white t-shirt.
Y/N hugged to Jack from behind and purred happily, inhaling his scent.

“Hey there, little one. I’m glad you are finally awake. How was your night?” Jack asked, smiling happily.
Y/N giggled and walked to his side “Good…. Because I spent this night with my Captain.”

Jack laughed and kissed her nose “And I spent it with the most beautiful woman in this century.” He muttered and stroked her cheek gently, smiling happily “I love you, You know that?” He said quietly wrapping arm around Y/N’s small waist.
She giggled and wrapped arms around his neck “I know, I love you too.”
Jack nodded and kissed her forehead “Now, go to living room, breakfast will be served in few minutes.”
Y/N nodded and quickly went to living room.

After breakfast Jack went back to bedroom to dress up and Y/N went to kitchen to clean after breakfast.

After few minutes Jack slowly walked to her from behind and wrapped his strong arms around her “Did I ever told you how sexy you are?” Jack purred nuzzling to Y/N’s shoulder.
She giggled and nodded “Yes, you did this many times…” Y/N said and turned around to wrap arm around his neck.
Jack smiled and kissed Y/N passionately. She purred happily and kissed him back.

Jack growled softly and picked her up, He sat her down on the kitchen counter.
Y/N whimpered softly and looked at him “Jack… You should go to work. You will be late.”
Jack only laughed softly “No… Work can wait I have more important duties.”
Y/N giggled and kissed him again, wrapping legs around his waist.
Jack muttered happily, pushing his hands under Y/N’s shirt, suddenly He could hear his phone.
He took his phone and looked at Y/N worried
“They are calling… Go, See you after work.”
Jack only nodded and kissed Y/N quickly, before leaving the flat.

Author: Cass

Gif: X

Left arm hurts cuz of the doctor that didnt know what he was doing and the right arm is perfectly fine cuz a doctor that actually knew what he was doing.. Okay for those of you who may not know my instagram (this is all from yesterday) i got up around 6 this morning..i was gunna try and go into work since my temp was going down..yesterday it went from 104 down to 100.4 and i got up and went into moms room and 2 minutes later i had a really bad episode so i had mom call an ambulance..i couldnt see anything, i felt like i was spinning, my whole body was tingly, my face felt burning hot but i was cold, i felt like i was gunna pass out, and i felt like i was gunna throw up but i couldnt since i hadnt eaten anything at that time cuz i had just woken up..so went to the hospital and got a free ride from the amulance and first of all imma say is this one dude that stuck me in my left arm to take my blood didnt know what he was doing..it was the most painful needle put in me that i have ever experienced..so another guy came in and asked him “how long have you been doing this?” And he said “18 years” and i was like yesss someone that knows what they are doing but the doctor said that i have a virus and what made it worse is i was dehydrated a little bit..so they gave me some fluids through an IV and gave me some anti nausea medicine in it too..so i cant go into work the rest of this week amd if i get worse within 48 hours then i have to go back..so yes i am just fine

So my cousin and his wife lost their unborn baby a couple months ago and my other cousin (his sister) who has a 14 month old and just told us Christmas Day that she was pregnant again went to the doctor today and called my mom this morning and told her “I’m not pregnant anymore.” Please pray for her and our family because that’s two so close together and she was so excited.

you know when isak went to the doctor because he had trouble sleeping? and he said that it had been a while, before he and even had ended thing? well, the two times we saw isak wake up after spending the night with even (the morning after the scene in bed, and yesterday’s clip), he had slept so well he didn’t notice when even got out of bed, he didn’t notice him talking to his roomates - that didn’t wake him up. simply going to bed with even makes isak sleep so so well

Really? (SR)


Not knowing you are pregnant w/ Spencer’s baby.

Warnings: None I don’t think (Not edited sorry!)

Your pov:

My cotton dry mouth and the springing in my stomach made me run to the bathroom leaning over the toilet. I suddenly felt hands on my back coming around to my hair holding it up. “That’s the second time this week dear. Are you sure you don’t need to go to the doctor?” I shook my head and wiped my mouth with a cloth. “It’s just something I ate, I’m fine.” I said flushing the vile vomit down the toilet. “Are you sure?” He said rubbing my back as I brushed my teeth again for this morning. “Yes Spence. I’m fine.” I said getting more irritated. I was definitely more irritable lately feeling annoyed with anything Spencer said. Even though I loved him very much some things he does just annoys me. 

We went back into the bedroom letting me lay down on the bed to relax after throwing up the contents of my breakfast. I sighed and rubbed my stomach trying to soothe the party that was happening. I felt a little bloated thinking that I needed to work out later. I leaned onto my side and let Spencer move in beside me. His hands ghosted over the hem of my or his shirt I should say. His hands came up to rub my stomach. I pushed his hands away not wanting him to feel my bloated skin. “Spence, my stomach is too bloated. I don’t want you to feel that.” I told him flipping over to face him pouting. He pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head while I tucked my face in the crook of his neck. “Love, do you really think I care about that?” He asked rubbing my side. I shrugged and closed my eyes loving the feeling of him holding me. I felt him sigh, “I need to go to work love. Are you going to be okay?” He asked  brushing the hair out of my eyes. I gave him a small smile and nodded my head. “Yes Spence. Be careful at work okay? I love you.” I told him kissing him softly and hugging him. “Of course doll. Just rest. I’ll be back later unless I tell you otherwise.” I nodded back watching him leave. 

I spent the rest of the day in bed eating. I didn’t usually do this but I felt so hungry lately. When I would usually grab a banana for a snack, I would be grabbing whole bags of chips eating them in all one sitting. Even though I felt bad doing it I couldn’t stop the cravings took over me. I even sometimes craved a chocolate covered pickle. I shrugged all the thoughts of my cravings off when I heard Spencer’s car in the drive way cutting off. I placed the chips on the counter walking to the front door. I pulled the door open not being able to wait for Spencer. I gave him a huge hug and a big kiss. “What was that for babe?” He asked with his arms still wrapped around my back. “Can’t I just love my handsome boyfriend?” I asked back kissing his cheek. “I don’t know, can you?” He laughed as I got pissed off again. I removed my hands from around his neck and rolled my eyes. “What ever.” I mumbled walking into the kitchen back to my chips. “Y/N, I was kidding. You can love on me all you want.” He said trying to cover his tracks. He reached his hands up around my middle rubbing his hands on my stomach softly. “Have you thrown up anymore today?” He asked resting his head on the back of my shoulder as I munched away. I shook my head, “Nope, I haven’t since this morning. I feel completely fine.” I told him bluntly. “That’s odd, you were like that yesterday too.” I shrugged and continued to eat. I felt his hands slip under his shirt I was wearing. He was rubbing every inch of it. From under my breasts to the bottom above my pantie line. I furrowed my eyebrows and turned my head to the side. “What are you doing Spencer?” I questioned him. His hands stopped rubbing coming over my waist turning me around. His eyes looked somewhat excited and scared. “Okay Y/N, babe don’t take this the wrong way but you’ve been gaining weight and you’re irritable and you have really odd cravings. Do you. Do you think you could be you know, pregnant?” He asked looking into my eyes licking his lips. My face flared up with a red hot blush running my hands over my stomach. I thought about the last time that Spencer and I had intercourse. We had used protection but then again sometimes it doesn’t always work. I felt sick to my stomach. We had discussed starting a family and getting married one day but I didn’t think that day would come so soon. I almost fainted at the thought of me being alone raising our kid if anything happened to Spencer. Luckily, Spencer had caught my body guiding me to the couch for me to sit. “Spencer we can’t have a baby! What if you get hurt! What if something bad happens to you our baby won’t have a father!” I started spitting out my insecurities. He pulled my hands up to his lips kissing them softly. “Love, it’ll all work out. If you are pregnant then I’ll figure something out. I want this baby. I want to start a family with you. I love you Y/N and I want to have a mini Spencer or mini Y/N running around naked waking us up jumping on us in the mornings.” He said smiling kissing my cheek. His words made my heart flutter, I let a few tears slip out of happiness. “I love you too.” I told him “Let’s go to sleep okay? I’ll get up tomorrow and make an appointment at the doctors for us to see if you’re pregnant.” He told me as he pulled me up by my hands. I nodded and leaned into him, walking up the stairs to our bathroom. 

We both got ready for bed. I slipped under the covers laying on my back as Spencer followed scooting down to my stomach placing his head against it. “Y/N?” He asked into the darkness. I hummed to tell him to continue. “I hope you’re pregnant. I want a baby.” He told me kissing my stomach. I smiled softly running my hands through his hair. Our breathing became heavy and slow. Our heart rates dropping as we both fell asleep. 


“Are you nervous?” Spencer asked sitting beside me as I filled out paper work at the doctors. I nodded my head quickly bouncing my leg up and down. “I don’t feel so well Spencer.” I told him taking his hand into my shaking one. “Love you’re just nervous, you need to calm down and breathe.” He said kissing me temple. I nodded and breathed deeply.


“Congratulations Miss Y/L/N, Dr. Reid” 

Hope you enjoyed!

November 21, 1916 - Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I Dies at age 86

Pictured - Franz Josef I, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia. His empire would not long survive his death.

Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria-Hungary expressed his “keen satisfaction” on November 20 upon receiving Woodrow Wilson’s telegram proposing a negotiated peace. Despite a bout of bronchitis, the 86-year-old Habsburg went to work as usual on official files. He had been an active monarch since becoming the Emperor of Austria in 1848, and had spent his life maintaining his European empire and resisting the forces of constitutionalism and nationalism. At his age, however, he could not play as large a role in managing the war effort in 1916, as he would have liked. His doctor persuaded him to go to bed on the afternoon of November 20, but nevertheless the old emperor ordered he be woken early the next day: “Tomorrow morning at half past three. I am behindhand with my work.”

His valet woke him on November 21, and Franz Josef spent his at work on official papers at he wanted. Then, just after 9, he suddenly died. He had ruled the Habsburg Empire for 68 years. Coincidentally, another death of note that November was Hiram Maxim, the inventor of the machine gun, who died in London age seventy-six. 

The new Emperor of Austria-Hungary was Franz Josef’s 29-year-old nephew, Archduke Karl, now Karl I. Commanding a corps in Romania, the young new emperor was as different from his uncle as could be. He was committed to ethnic reconciliation in the empire and willing to offer self-government. Immediately he took up his uncle’s last work, hoping to negotiate a peace with the Entente that could see Austria-Hungary escape the war intact.

Aloe or Sabila, beautiful and medicinal succulent. A couple of weeks ago my uncle, who is almost fully blind due to diabetes, shared with me that he was able to maintain some eyes cells functioning because he drinks fresh aloe juice every morning. He even went to check with his doctor who was surprised at how his eye cells were showing some regeneration after he started using aloe. Here is what he does: he gets the ‘panca’, he does a horizontal cut (around 4 inches), gets the pulp out and blends it with some water (i think lemon will be also good with this) and drinks it. To save the panca from getting dry, he buries it in dirt until the next day when he will cut another piece of the aloe. I am sharing this in case you know people that have diabetes and want to try something else and also maybe to start talking about how we can prevent and support diabetes through decolonial foods… Arequipa has a growing number of people suffering from diabetes, this shit is so deeply connected with globalization and neoliberalism yall! DECOLONIZE EVERYTHING. What else have you, your friends, or family used to control/treat or prevent diabetes?

-La Loba Loca

I had to watch my babiest brother this morning while my dad was at the doctor and of course I took that time to influence his interests. And after we went through all the pictures, I put on live aid and he squealed and smiled the whole time. Rockwell has good taste

Can I get some prayers, please?

I’m heading to San Antonio tomorrow for SEEK2017, but I’ve had a really bad cold and went to the doctor this morning and found out it’s actually strep.  I’m not contagious but I’m feeling achy and altogether crappy and I don’t want to be feeling like this during the conference. Can y’all pray that I begin to feel better soon and that this illness doesn’t impact my experience? Thank you all so much! I’ll be praying for each of you as well!

The Stages of  Grief (Herpes Edition)

I woke up on a Monday morning; after a Sunday night of rough sex. I went to the bathroom and could barely get anything out. Great, I have a UTI because I fell asleep right after. *Eye-roll*
Days go by, I’m drinking tons of water, drinking sugar-free cranberry juice. My UTI is not letting up. I should go see a doctor.
Thursday comes along and I have to go to the ER because I am in so much pain when I do pee. Extreme burning. Extremely fatigued. My bladder is spasming - which is painful. I get some antibiotics, and some medication to help with the bladder spasming. I am informed that if I vomit, I need to come back.
Friday at 4AM, I projectile vomit all over the bathroom. I resort to peeing in the shower because water helps take away the sting. I cry. I touch my labia, and that’s when I notice it… a bump. What the fuck is this? I take a picture (after getting out of the shower). Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I have herpes.
Friday at 10PM, I work up enough courage to go back to the ER. I get the visual diagnosis, and swabs done to confirm.

In the moments following the visual diagnosis. I am crying. My life is ruined. No one will love me. My boyfriend is going to accuse me of cheating, and I have done nothing wrong! Why does this hurt so bad? I should go over to his house and confront him! How is he going to do this to me?! He told me he got checked for STD’s and was clear! I shouldn’t have trusted him.

Why can’t I have chlamydia? What about gonorrhea? Why did I have to get something that’s incurable? Why me? What did I do wrong?

I didn’t move for days; with the exception of going to my partners house to inform him of my 2AM diagnosis. We cried together, and he apologized. I went home, called off work, and laid in bed. I cried. I wondered how I was going to tell my mom. What was she going to think of my boyfriend that she already didn’t like? Should I just commit suicide? Is life even worth living at this point?

This only came with research. Ninety percent of people have HSV. One in Five have genital herpes. I am not alone. I am not a minority. I can still have children. I can still live a normal life. I am a human being. I am not dirty. I did nothing wrong. Life is still worth living; it is beautiful, even when it’s painful.
Not everyone is worthy to know of my diagnosis. My mom doesn’t need to know. My gossipy friend does not need to know. The only person that needs to know is myself, my partner, and any future partners. Herpes does not change me, it does not make me.


John x Reader

Requested Via Wattpad By @claudiaxstilinski

“Where do you think you’re going?” Poll snapped as she stopped John from following after his brother’s to the train.


“Tommy’s got some business to finish up in London.” John huffed having already argued over him going away with you that morning.


“You know you’re a bloody fool John, what happens when you don’t make it back in time to see your child be born?” Polly waited for John to answer and sighed when he shrugged.


“I’ll be back home tomorrow evening and the doctor said she’s probably got more than a week to go.” He went to move past Poll who turned to watch him hurry after the others.

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I finally invested in a new pill organizer because I keep forgetting to take my pills and even though my new doctors don’t think I need them, i do. I can tell when I miss gabapentin. I get random stabbing in my legs in my legs if I miss a dose of gabapentin.

I thought the timer of when to take my meds would work but it didn’t. It was flawed because I didn’t always take my meds when the timer went off.

I like this new pill organizer because

it is BLUE (they also have green and purple),

It has multiple times in a day to take pills- Morn, Noon,Eve,Bed, plus it also has times under them like 7am- 9am 11am- 1pm 4pm-6pm 8pm-10pm

it has a little hole in the back so you can pop a day and take it with you.

The days are tight enough so the pills won’t get loose on the go but not tight enough that you can’t open it.

BUY IT HERE (affiliate link)

Important (F)

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Requested by @mymisstina​. A Jinyoung scenario where he finds out that you’re pregnant.

Reader (you) x Park Jinyoung (Oh My Park according to Jackson)

Genre: FLUFF

Word Count: 885

Note: OH MY GOD! 200 followers already??!??! Guys… thank you sooooo much. <3 Here’s my first Jinyoung scenario requested by the lovely @mymisstina. Hope you enjoy it because I sure enjoyed writing this. Happy reading!

You were standing outside your company, waiting for your husband to come pick you up. You were tired from the long hours and the work load your boss gave you. But the other thing that was wasting your energy was the baby inside your stomach.

Just recently, you ignored that fact that you had morning sickness until you took a pregnancy test, without telling Jinyoung. That was when you found out you were pregnant. Keeping your pregnancy test, you went to the doctors to confirm and kept it a secret from your husband. Until today.

A car pulled up in front of you and the window rolled down revealing the handsome face that still made your heart race.

“Did you wait long, babe?” Jinyoung asked as you got into the car and kissed his cheek.

“Maybe around ten minutes but, that’s no big deal.” You replied, giving him a sweet smile.

“Sorry,” He sighed as he started to drive home, “There was traffic.”

As Jinyoung drove home, you thought about how you wanted to reveal your pregnancy to your husband. Did you want to make it big? Or just casually bring up the conversation? But the one big thing that concerned you was his reaction.

Yes, he wanted a child. You both talked about having a child for a long time and never knew when the right time was. He was busy with his work while you were busy with yours. But you knew inside your gut that Jinyoung would be a great father.

As you both approached your home, you decided that you would bring up the pregnancy instead of making it a huge thing. Quickly rummaging through your purse, you found the pregnancy test you took a few weeks before, still sitting in your bag. Your plan was to show him the stick and surprise him, hopefully getting a good reaction from him.

“Jinyoung-ah,” You sang as you made your way to the kitchen where Jinyoung wandered to.

“Yes, (Y/N)?” He replied as he smiled at you as you walked into the kitchen.

“I’ve got something I want to tell you.” You smiled back, hinting that it was something important you were gonna tell him.

“Well, I’m here all day. What’s u-” Jinyoung beamed at you before he was rudely interrupted by his phone. He picked up his cellphone and looked at me with a sad face.

“Sorry,” He whispered as he walked towards you and gave you a kiss on the lips, “I have to take this call, it’s from our manager.”

As he walked away into the bedroom, you couldn’t help but feel a rise in anger. Was his manager more important than you were? Because the news that you were about to tell him was way more important that his manager. Sighing to yourself, you realized it was your hormones getting into you as you sat down on the couch.

I’ll just wait until he’s done talking, you thought to yourself as your laid flat down on the couch.

After a few minutes, you felt a sudden rush of exhaustion as you continued to lay on the sofa, staring up at the ceiling. Sooner or later, you felt your eyes close as you fell asleep peacefully in the living room.   

What felt like hours in deep sleep, someone tapped your shoulder slightly making you stir awake. Looking up, you saw Jinyoung’s handsome face smiling down at you as he sat down next to your stomach.

“You looked so peaceful sleeping but I feel like we had some important matter to discuss.” He said, as he brushed your hair away from your face and kissed your cheek.

“And what is that?” You croaked, still feeling a bit sleepy from your nap.

Jinyoung’s hands went down to his pocket and pulled out the pregnancy stick that you were suppose to surprise him with. Looking at him with wide eyes, you propped yourself up so that your weight was on your elbow.

“What is this? This fell out of your purse while I walked by.” He asked, raising an eyebrow at you.

“That,” You sudden beamed, “Is a pregnancy test I took a few weeks ago.”

“And?” He questioned, giving you the look that he gave most people when he was joking around. Smiling at him, you sat up straight and took the stick out of Jinyoung’s hand.

“I’m pregnant.” You whispered, suddenly getting worried that about his reaction.

A few seconds passed by as you watched Jinyoung’s expressions turn from a serious one to a happy one. Without even warning, he grabbed you by the face and kissed you softly on the lips. One of his hand holding your face while the other slightly touched your stomach. Your heart lurched as you two shared a passionate kiss, knowing that he was beyond happy about the news.

Breaking away, you stared at Jinyoung and smiled at him.

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” Jinyoung asked, acting like he was offended.

“You were busy with work and all, I couldn’t find the right time.” You chuckled as you grabbed Jinyoung’s hand and held them tightly.

“That’s okay, (Y/N). I understand. But just so you know, I’m excited.” Jinyoung laughed as he pecked your lips.

“Me too,” You replied back, “Me too.”

This Is What the “War on Obesity” Looks Like

I am fucking LIVID right now. A friend of mine has been suffering abdominal pain for the last NINE MONTHS. Three quarters of a year. (And please hold the pregnancy jokes.) Every time she’s gone to the doctor, the irresponsible ass told her, “You need to lose weight! You have too much belly fat!” This woman is about as big around as my wrist. She literally has to shop in the Junior section to find clothes that fit. But she was like, “Okay, I’ll give it a try.” She lost 30 lbs and the doctor was still telling her it was her weight. This morning she went in and threw a tantrum until someone FINALLY looked at something other than her weight to shut her up. NOW SHE’S ON HER WAY TO THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE THEY FOUND A BLEEDING ULCER. THAT HAD BEEN BLEEDING FOR NINE FUCKING MONTHS.

I am BEYOND angry. Bleeding ulcers can KILL a person. And this kind of thing happens every day. It happened to someone who wasn’t overweight to begin with by any measurement. And is KEEPS people who don’t fit within “acceptable” weight parameters from getting health care at all. It’s the result of making unsubstantiated claims about the connection between health and size. It’s the result of a mindset that assumes you can tell someone’s health by looking at them, where an ounce of fat out of place overrides any other symptomology in importance. And it kills people. And it needs to stop.

Very excited to embark on this new journey with this new and incredible doctor. A recap of today:

My boyfriend left this morning after a lovely visit and drove me into NYC on his way home. Being in the city gives me a feeling like nothing else and it makes me realize how much is going on in the world and gives me a sense of peace and comfort.

I waited for about an hour in a fresh and lovely cafe and snacked on some watermelon and vegetables.

I finally went to my appointment and was so nervous-excited while I was waiting. This guy is highly regarded as a holistic healer, functional nutritional expert, kinesiologist, and chiropractor.

He spent almost two whole hours with me and we came to many conclusions, together, while literally explaining in detail his every move to me so I could understand.

The conclusions? While it is my IT band, it is not the “norm” of a flexibility issue and/or strength/muscle imbalance. His exact words were, “You’re a very strong girl with good muscle strength and responses, but some of your muscles are not firing/responding the way they should.”

Long story short, the IT band pain isn’t from what it “normally” is from, but instead is coming from something internal, whether it’s my diet, etc.

I meet with him again later next week and the game plan, after much discussion and almost two hours of tests: NO MORE diet sodas or artificial drinks/sweeteners, no more dairy for at least the next two-3 weeks, and no more almond milk for now either until we reassess.

The reason for this is because of the results of some tests he did, and literally I thought it was magic. My muscles wouldn’t fire when Splenda was put into my mouth, but after putting a vile of some sorts of vitamins, Iron, etc, on my skin…my muscles responded.

I am a firm believer in what goes into our bodies will affect so much, and there is so much we don’t know. This guy is incredible.

I know this may not be all the answers but my hope has been restored greatly for now. I have to keep laughing because every person I meet is leading me to a newfound discovery about myself.

Ironically, I had finished up all the almond milk in my house this morning. I also have been eating many artificial drinks and sugars, and not “in moderation,” the advice I give that I should be listening to.

So here we go, and might I add that I also want to start eating more plant based as well.

I’m very excited. And trusting in God’s plan.

My parents picked up Isla from daycare yesterday, planning to bring her back Monday. We were planning to take care of only having one kid to get a ton of stuff done around the house. We’re moving Ian permanently into the guest room, which will no longer be our guest room, and moving the guest bed into the office. There’s a lot of stuff that needs to happen, apart from just moving furniture: shampooing carpets, repainting the guest room, taking down the popcorn ceiling, replacing the ceiling fan. Kellen had to work today, but it still should have been a productive day.

Instead early this morning my parents called to say Isla had been up most of the night puking. They ended up bringing her home around 10. They stuck around and Mom helped me get Isla to the doctor while Dad watched Ian, and then they hung out around the house while I went to the pharmacy, where we had to deal with our new insurance (Kellen started a new job in November) not wanting to cover the prescription. Then once I got home and my parents had left, I fell down the stairs with Ian and busted my ass so hard I was barely able to walk most of the afternoon.

The bright side though: because we got up and going so early this morning, we were still able to go rent the carpet shampooer and pick out paint for Ian’s room before my parents brought Isla home. Because my parents watched the kids, Kellen was able to shampoo most of the carpet upstairs, and I didn’t have to manage a baby and puking 4-year-old on my own through a doctor’s appointment and pharmacy run. And while I fell down the stairs with Ian, Ian is totally fine (I apparently had good instincts and moved him to my lap–I always figured I’d be the sort to drop the baby if I fell down the stairs), and I’m grateful we only have ½ flights of stairs because I could have gotten hurt much much worse and so could have Ian. And while we only have 3 days worth of Zofran (less than the doctor wrote the prescription for) it is doing its job and if we need to get more medicine later, we can afford the out-of-pocket cost. And when Kellen went to return the carpet shampooer tonight, he picked up samples of the paint we wanted to try out, so tomorrow I get to put paint on the walls in Ian’s new room. And we’re so lucky to have this house with enough room for both of our kids to have their own rooms (so that we all sleep better at night)…even if it did try to kill me today.

I went to my first appointment today! It went really well and the doctor confirmed that I am pregnant! They drew some blood for a blood test just to be double sure and to make sure my hormone levels were okay, but according to my OB my cervix is closed up and I’m 5 weeks!!

I’m feeling nauseous every morning and I’m cramping but so far everything is okay. I’ve got another appointment next week and then around 8 weeks I can finally have an ultrasound of the little guy or gal!

I’m excited but my anxiety seems to have kicked into overdrive and I’m freaking out about every little thing! I need to calm myself down but I can’t help it 😩😩


Seeing as today is TDOV, I have taken today to reflect on my journey thus far. It certainly hasn’t been as smooth as I would have liked, but these couple of pictures capture some of my most proud moments- moments that have made me take a step back and be proud of how far I have come. The top picture was the day I got my referral letter sent. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I remember checking my alarm every two seconds to make sure that I had set it because there was absolutely no way that I was going to miss this appointment. This made for a very tired boy in the morning because I did not sleep a wink, but the drowsiness wore off once I walked in to the doctors office and came out with a referral letter. At that moment, nothing else mattered. Everything before that was just leading up to this moment. The first day of the rest of my life. The second picture was when I went on a family vacation to L.A. It was hot out which made for a perfect beach day. I remember nervously looking around and gauging how far away people were to determine if they would be able to see the scars on my chest. It was at that moment that I decided that my body was no longer a cage, and that I was free. Though it took some convincing, this was the first time that I ever bared my chest, for all that it is, in public. The third picture was taken a day after I had my hysterectomy. Man, was I not prepared for the recovery that followed… Luckily, that is something that I will never have to go through again! The fourth picture is the very first time that I can confidently say that I only saw a man staring back at me in the mirror. I have examined every inch of this picture and it’s amazing to me to see just how far I have come. That was a big moment for me. Last but not least, are the last two pictures. I was recently asked to be a hair model for a contest. I was honoured when I was asked because 1. That’s cool and something that most people can’t say that they have done, and 2. It was for a male hair line… Me… Being seen as a male, competing against other males. How. Fricken. Cool!!! This was the eye-opening moment for me to realize where I was when I started this journey, to where I am today.

This post wasn’t made to gloat, but it was made to show people that it does get better. Certainly I have had mornings where getting out of bed seems impossible, and days where I can’t look in the mirror because I don’t associate with the person that’s staring back at me. This post was made to show people that things do get better and as those things are getting better, so are you. You are valid, and we are all on this crazy journey… Together. Thank you for being a part of it. #tdov2016

03/31/16 Instagram: roughhvnds

Doctor’s appointment went well this morning! Finally have one that takes my asthma very seriously and listened when I said the preventatives were making my headaches worse, offered the things I wanted to ask for before I could ask, and was determined to get all the little things I was fine with (lingering congestion from the sinus infection, etc) taken care of now immediately.

Kind of scattered and energetic but polite and good so!

Have another appointment in two weeks and have lab work etc to get done this week sometime.