i went to the cinema

when i was in america i went to the cinema with my boyfriend and his uncle and  his girlfriend and after the cinema she asked Have You Ever Seen AN American movie before? and i was Like hello……

We have a no cellphone policy in our theatres. Like all theatres in this year of our Lord 2017 should.

Anyway someone called the theatre phone from INSIDE THE THEATRE and here’s how it went

Me: “[cinema name], how may I help you?”
Me: “the previews are louder than the actual movie, but our theatre has a no cellphone use policy”
Her (sarcastically): “Yeah my phones off right now”
Me: “yeah if you could turn that off that be great” *hangs up*

Like what the fuck, had she walked less than 10 feet out of her seat she would have found all the employees without being an asshat to everyone else in the theatre by screaming on her phone????

Two years ago today I went to the cinema to see Thor: The Dark World. Afterwards, I looked up YouTube for this:

Which led me to this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And I saw clips of THIS:

Then had a dream featuring this:

Which left me like this:

It’s been a great journey so far. Thanks, Tom. :)


So, Kimi No Na Wa/Your name was released in my country. I got the chance, went out to the nearest cinema and watched it.I avoided temptations online because I know, that these kinds of movie MUST be watch in the cinema. 

Anyways time for the actual review. [SPOILER: If you haven’t see the movie FORGET READING THIS. LOL]

Note: Some of the things I wrote has my own interpretation on why is this or that is like that.


Part 1: Body Swapping + Primary Clues

At first, I was kinda expecting a 5cm pattern plus a body exchange or what ever you call it. Then as the movie progress I kinda noticed one thing when they started exchanging memo. Why can’t you just call Mitsuha/Taki? With that in my mind I started to wonder, ARE THEY IN THE SAME TIMELINE? Because when you think about it, the first few scenes of body swapping, they just kept putting out memo’s and that gave me a clue that I know that they’re not in the same timeline. 

Part 2: Rewriting History

Cont. When Taki started to call Mitsuha, I knew that I can conclude that they’re not in the same timeline. Why? Because the movie keeps portraying that they  always have their phone to keep intouch, and when they actually tried to call each other. The call just won’t connect.

Revalations Time: So Taki decided to meet Mitsuha in person. That’s the time I  felt that something was off. To the people that lives near to that place, why do they talk like they haven’t gone to that place before? From there, I first started to think, are they in the same universe?

When they reached itomori(correct me if I’m wrong if that’s what the place is called), When I first saw the caution tape that when I suddenly react like “OMGHAD NO NO F*CK F*CK F*CK” I know that it will all connect from here. The place was obliterated and the part where they woke up crying that’s the time where Mitsuha was crying due to the fact that at one part of the movie she is already encountering this.

When we got to Mitsuha’s POV and got to that part, I felt a sudden chill.


When Taki’s memo’s are vanishing, History is already rewriting itself. Why is Taki’s Memory fading, why can’t he remember Mitsuha, because history is already rewriting from the moment they saw Mitsuha’s name in the names of the people who died in the event. And all it takes to connect all of this is for Taki to reach that place to trigger the checkpoint once more. 

I forgot to add: The fact that Mitsuha’s grandmother said that He’s dreaming already gives away that history is already being rewritten.

Part 4: Feels

I almost end up crying like an a**hole from this point.

When they finally synched and talk to each other, from this point on everything is now connected and the final act is yet to be carried out.

At first I thought it was going to fail, that what ever you do, you can’t change the present. That all my points up there are just my assumption(BECAUSE I DON’T TO ADD MY LIST OF DEAD WAIFUS)

But to my thanks Makoto, you almost made me depressed as f*ck.


During the last parts of the movie, the movie will made you think that it will end sad for the viewer atleast, that they won’t be able to remember/ recognize each other. But alas Makoto didn’t made it that way, Taki and Mitsuha met at somepoint and recognized the things they are searching for, longing that “empty” feeling of searching for that “something”.

Story: I’ll give it a 8.7/10

Music: 10 

The music is also one of the main roles that gives the scenes alive. And they actually pull it well.

note: I’m still listening to Mitsuha no Theme lmao while writing this post.

Visual: 9

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I know there’s is mini parts that the in-betweens are more like to show in a given scene. But given by the pace the movie goes, it’s kinda unoticeable. 

Overall: I really like the movie, It reestablished a point that I think i remember it was from interstellar that love is something that can transcend through time and space or things that goes inline with that but I really appreciate the movie that, if only I have free time I would watch it in the cinemas once again.

Note: Let me know if I missed something ! :)

Anyways, long post. haha! :) 

So... I went to the cinema

This Friday I went to the cinema to watch Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (for the second time because holy mother of Jesus it’s amazing), in the middle of the session I felt hungry so I left the room to buy some M&M’s.

While I was nervously looking inside my bag for some money, two guys appeared to buy popcorn and something brought my attention: they were holding hands.

I’m a HUGE lgbtq+ supporter and I see no problem with it, love is love in all forms, but the real problem was their faces. They looked scared, looking around all the time to check if someone potentially threatening was looking at them.

I live in Brazil and homophobia here is really common, I hate it. I’ve heard people say shit about the lgbtq+ community before and I was conscious that lgbtq+ couples are constantly afraid of demonstrating affection in public – especially in crowded places like that specific shopping mall – but, until that day, I had never seen it happen.

My heart suddenly shrunk, I looked at them and I felt what they were feeling. I felt afraid. As a bisexual girl inside the closet, that made me feel afraid of coming out to my family and to the world. I understood their struggle.

I managed somehow to make them look at me and smiled the most fondly way I could and said “tudo vai ficar bem” (“everything is going to be okay”). I think it was a lie.

I don’t want it to be a lie, I want everything to be okay.

I’m posting this because I know that a lot of people out there see things like this in a daily basis, and I want them (YOU) to do something. Anything. Smile, blink, say something comforting, show affection, show people that they’re allowed to love whoever they want, that there’s nothing wrong about it.

And I know that lots of people on tumblr ship lgbtq couples, so tell me: how do you want your otp to come out if you don’t show them that it’s okay to love who they love? Small steps, but still worth it.


One day before I ask my girlfriend to be my girlfriend we went to the cinema and we saw The Conjuring 2, we didn’t expected any love songs or things like this on the movie, but there is one time that this song plays and since there it means a lot to us, it is kind of the song of our relationship and in this Valentine’s Day I’m posting this for her because I coudn’t help falling in love with her in a twenty one pilots show.


10 favorite redheads (as voted by our followers)

[2/10] Emma Stone

“Even as a little kid, when I went to the cinema, I came out of the theatre convinced that I was one of the characters. I’d go to the bathroom, see my reflection in the mirror and be genuinely surprised and disappointed that I wasn’t that character. Even today, I can’t help moving my face - reacting, really - when I watch a movie, because I’m really inhabiting a character. I know this is weird, but it demonstrates what I love about cinema: it allows you to live a different life, to have a different experience, to disappear for two hours. I think it’s wonderful.”

so i went to the shop to get some sweets for the cinema tonight and i was telling the cashier abt how i was gonna go watch sherlock and he just straight up went “the one that got leaked?” im cackling


“Baka Bukas” (2016) Trailer (with eng subs)

For those who don’t know what my previous post was about.

“Baka Bukas” was a film in competition for the Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2016. This film won the Best Actress Award (Jasmine Curtis, Alex), along with Best Sound and Audience Choice Award. I was able to experience the overflowing support for the film. It was very hard to buy tickets for this movie as they always seem to run out before lunchtime. That’s why I went to the cinemas the moment they open. Yes, I was that desperate hahah Luckily, I got to watch it and I am glad I did. Just the fact that this movie was being shown in cinemas in our country, is already a great feat on its own. Story wise, it’s very relatable especially to all “Millenials” whether you are gay or not. Along with the plot that the girl is in love with her best friend. Who wouldnt be able to relate with that? not gonna spoil you guys some more but I just want you to know that this is a must watch movie!!

As reportedly earlier, “Baka Bukas” will be shown in cinemas this March! Be sure to watch it!