i went to that club too

Work went super well! I never thought I would have the heart (or I guess lack there of) to work in the Big Business™ industry but tbh I don’t give a shit about the millionaires I am selling expensive golf clubs too. Have fun wasting your money on a wasteful bougie sport, my rent is getting paid by me selling this to you. (also translating for foreign business investors makes me feel kinda important)

  • what he says: I'm fine.
  • What he means: haruhi fujioka went and entire anime without ever succumbing the classic female-character-in-anime-traps. her personal arc never centers around the men in her life, but rather on her personal growth. her main flaw isn't that she works too hard, or overshadows the boys, or is bitchy. her main flaw is a disconnection from humanity and her desire to take the world's burdens on her shoulders. her mother's death at a young age left her with the belief that she had to be responsible and strong before all else, leaving her to distance herself from the people she cared about and making her miss out on the fun things about her life (a classic inversion or the western 'you're the man of the house now' trope). in meeting the host club haruhi is placed into a strange and often wonder-land esque world (highlighted more in later episodes) where she learns to connect with others and to let herself enjoy life, while staying responsible. haruhi's studies never suffer and she is never made to feel like she can do anything less then what she set out to do, but she learns to have fun with life to, that she can just be a kid a still work towards all her goals, and in the end chasing after tamaki and telling him she wanted to stay in the host club and that all of them loved doing it, brings her arc full circle, and allows her to choose the friends she's made and show she's learned to care about them, without compelling her to make a choice between them and her career. in many ways the core message of haruhi's story is that it is entirely possible to have everything you want without giving anything or anyone in your life up, and haruhi didn't have to make a choice between her family of choice and the goals she felt she had to fulfill to make her mother proud of her.
This is getting ridiculous

The other day, a year seven girl came up to me and asked if she could come to LGBTQIA+ club, and I smiled and said “I don’t see why not. ”
But she suddenly teared up and said “but… But I’m asexual… Everyone I’ve met says I don’t count. ” and then went on to say how she’s been ranted at by ADULTS about wearing an ace badge to pride.
A year seven.
This girl was literally eleven years old and thought she would be unwelcome in our space.
This needs to stop.
This is different now. It isn’t ranting on the internet.
People should not be asking if they are safe in what once was a safe space.
And if you disagree you should take a second to look yourself in the eye and ask if you’re proud of what you’ve become.

This is horrific. This legitimately shocks me.
LGBTQIA+ on tumblr and irl used to be about embracing everyone as equal. And sure, have your arguments or keep out of it.
But anybody with a moral code would hear of this and be able to say, to themselves or publicly that THIS IS WRONG.
This is wrong.

Thoughts on YOI episode 10

I love how supportive Phichit is. He goes from confused to excited in about half a second and is thoroughly pleased for his friend.

I’m headcanoning that Chris and Victor have had casual flings at previous competitions. There was definitely flirtation about the whole skinny dipping exchange and Chris made it clear he went to the pool thinking he and Victor would be alone there. When you add to that Chris’ habit of grabbing Yuri’s ass, the near-naked pole-dancing, and the fact that Chris also threw himself at Yuri when they got back from the pool, I’m convinced the Chris is trying to get in on a threesome. You can’t tell me that’s not flirting:

Speaking of the pole-dancing, Chris was way too practiced. There’s backstory there.

Yurio hates his fan club, but he still speaks out in defense of his fans when JJ insults them. And he made a friend. He’s adorable as usual. Little angry kitty.

And now we get to Victuri. First off, Victor calls Yuri a beauty and calls living with him in Japan heaven.

But the more important bit… the rings! I’m convinced Victor is convinced they’re engaged. This is not the face of someone who’s getting a lucky charm.

That’s the face of someone whose boyfriend just got really excited and raced into a jewellery shop to buy matching rings. He’s clearly in shock.

Then the ring exchange is so serious with Victor thinking about how Yuri’s acting unexpectedly.

He still looks shocked while Yuri’s putting the ring on him, but then his whole expression softens and he smiles when he’s putting Yuri’s ring on. He just looks so damn pleased here:

Whatever Yuri might think is going on, Victor definitely thinks they just got engaged. He’s being completely serious when he tells everyone its an engagement ring.

Then we see him staring at the ring with a serious expression but Yurio says he looks “so happy” to be with Yuri.

I still don’t know what to make about Yuri’s drunken invite. It certainly explains why Victor looked so upset when Yuri didn’t want a photo together in the first episode if Victor thought they had something and Yuri just ignored him.

It also explains why Victor was so convinced Yuri could dance Eros - because he’d already seen that he could. This move in particular is very familiar:

Which means that Victor started choreographing Eros based on this night. Yuri is the inspiration behind the program. Victor didn’t just go to Japan on a whim. He went because he wanted a second chance with Yuri and he wanted to dance with Yuri again like they did at the banquet. I believe Victor has been a bit in love with Yuri since this moment:

Late night starters

“The stars are amazing tonight. Don’t you think?”

“So what should we do tonight?”

“I’m pretty sure skinny dipping is frowned upon, no matter the time of day.”

“Let’s go clubbing, tonight.”

“Come on, it’s just a horror movie. I’ll hold you if you get too scared.”

“Don’t tell me you’re scared of the dark.”

“You never know what could be lurking in the dark.”

“Do you know what time it is? Go to bed, before I knock you out so I can finally have some peace.”

“Even if we went streaking it’s too dark for anyone to see anything, so you’d be fine.”

“I love campfires.”

“Anyone know any good ghost stories?”

“Haven’t you heard the stories of young girls walking home alone in the dark?”

“Don’t worry. No boogie monster is going to get past me.”

“Funny. The night is as dark as my soul.”

“Shh… Listen.” *pauses* “Hear that?”

“It’s the sound of the night.”

“I’ve always felt more comfortable in the dark.”

“I swear you’re nocturnal.”

is there a post somewhere that deals with the fact that molly and john both had sherlock commenting on their appearance (lipstick / moustache) ?

how both of them


changed back to what they felt sherlock liked more

they both get to say

“it wasnt working for me”

in the literally exact same situation

but while molly gets a “really? i thought it was a big improvement. your mouth’s too… small now”

it’s john “i dont shave for sherlock holmes” watson that meets this whole different reaction - “i prefer my doctors clean shaven” etc etc…….

why all this? seriously???

(sorry if i wrote those quotes wrong, my memory sucks and im too tired to research the proper wording but yknow what i mean right?)

things i love about sam winchester
  • his hair 
  • long long legs 
  • what color are his eyes??? i don’t know 
  • adorable smile
  • HUGE nerd 
  • went to college
  • loves his big brother more than anyone else in the world 
  • rlly awkward 
  • loves dogs too much
  • not afraid to cry 
  • pretends to be annoyed @ dean’s jokes but is secretly amused 
  • is a big sweetheart but can also be scary af
  • puppy dog eyes
  • gives the best hugs
  • master of the bitch face
  • his entire body (i’m sorry)
  • so selfless?? almost too much
  • dimples 
  • willingly sacrificed himself to save the world 
  • would do it again if he had to 
  • is still kind and compassionate despite everything he’s been through 

[things i love about dean]

Hetalia Characters' Favorite Fandoms
  • Italy: Pokeman
  • Germany: Attack on Titan
  • Japan: Anime, name one and he's probably seen it
  • America: Marvel (DC is good too but they don't have Captain America).
  • England: Don't make him pick between Doctor Who and Harry Potter
  • France: Ouran Highschool Host Club
  • China: Hello Kitty
  • Russia: Steven Universe
  • Canada: Youtubers, especially video game commentators
  • Prussia: Hetalia, obviously, because just like us he's obsessed with Prussia.
  • Austria: Broadway
  • Spain: Disney
  • Romano: Homestuck
  • Hungary: Sports Anime
  • Finland: Welcome To Nightvale
  • Sweden: Remember those posts that went around with a bunch of pictures of fancy architecture or furniture and it would be like "I'm in the stairs fandom" or the "bed fandom" or whatever?
  • Norway: Emo bands
  • Iceland: Literally gets into every fad. He's obsessed with Undertale right now.
  • Denmark: Do memes count as a fandom
  • Greece: Neko Atsume
BLUSH - Part 2

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Natasha and Wanda helped Y/N dress up. They found her a nice black dress, and accessories to go with it.

“Do I really have to put on makeup ?” Y/N asked for the hundredth time.

“Y/N, relax !” Natasha said. “ Just simple stuff ok ?”

“Ok” Y/N said.

                              * * *

The boys were already at the club when the girls arrived. Bucky’s eyes went straight to Y/N, and she waved at him, with a smile.

The girls joined them at their table.
Natasha headed straight to Clint. Y/N and Wanda sat between Bucky and Sam.

“I wanna dance !” Wanda said loudly over the music.

“Come on ! Me too !” Sam said, taking Wanda’s hand and leading her to the dancefloor.

“We’re going to get some drinks !” Natasha said, and glanced around with a frown.

“Wheres Steve, Buck?“she asked.

“He was talking to Sharon” Bucky said, looking around. “Was here a minute ago”

“Sharon Carter ?” Natasha asked with a smirk. “Come on, Clint”

Bucky and Y/N sat, watching Sam and Wanda dance.

“You look great, tonight, Y/N” Bucky said, looking at her.

“Thanks” Y/N said, blushing. “You too”

Bucky smiled.

Sam has created a chatroom.
Sam has invited Bucky, Y/N, Natasha, Wanda and Clint.

Sam: Guys ?
Y/N: Arent you supposed to be dancing with Wanda ?
Wanda: Well he was SUPPOSED to!
Nat: Whats going on?
Bucky: Hey, wheres Steve ?
Sam: Do you have any patience at all ?
Y/N: Say it Sammy !
Sam: Aww Y/N :*
Bucky: Do you want me to come over?
Sam: Dude, relax !
Clint: Really Sam, what are you upto?
Sam: Its not me ! Its Cap !
Bucky: What about him ?
Nat: Y/N ?
Sam: You saw that too ?
Y/N: You bet I did !

“What did you see Y/N ?” Bucky asked, looking up from his phone.

“Look, at the last table, at that corner!” Y/N said, pointing.

“I cant see ” Bucky said, stretching to look.

“Come here” Y/N said, grabbing the sleeve of his shirt, pulling him closer.

Well, she pulled too hard in excitment that, he fell towards her and their heads collided.

Y/N’s eyes went wide, and she turned deep red. Bucky blushed too, his face still close to hers. His warm breath fanned her face, setting butterflies free in her stomach.

“Sorry” Y/N whispered, realizing that she was still holding onto his sleeve, and letting go.

“Its…its alright” Bucky said.

“Do you want to see it ?” Y/N asked.

“Yeah” Bucky said, sliding closer to her,and looking at where she pointed.

A smirk spread onto his face.

Steve and Sharon were at the corner most table, kissing.

Bucky looked at Y/N, who had a smile on her face. She raised her eyebrows at him, and they burst out laughing.

“Team hangouts are NOT for making out !” Nat complained. “ And he didnt tell me about Sharon!”

“Let them be, Nat” Clint said. “At least they’re having fun”

Natasha handed Y/N her coke, and the others had their drinks.

The team had a fun night, at the end of which all of them ended up on the dancefloor, following Nat’s silly dance moves.

Bucky couldnt help himself, as he felt his eyes follow Y/N the entire night. Y/N felt the connection too, but she was far too nervous to act on it.

The only one who actually saw the little bit of tension between them was, of course, Nat. And Sam to an extend.

It was past midnight, when they decided to return to the tower.On reaching, Natasha wanted to play a game.

“Nat, really ?” Wanda asked, yawning.

“Come onnnnnnn !!” Natasha said, the alcohol making her words slur a bit.

“Alright alright” Sam said.

“Clint, get the bottle” Natasha ordered.

“Right away” Clint said, running off to fetch the bottle, and returning in a flash.

“What game are we playing ?” Steve asked.

“How aboutttt…truth or dare?” Natasha said with an evil grin.

“Ohhh” Wanda groaned.

“Cool !” Bucky said.

They sat around in a circle, and Natasha spun the bottle.

The game went on in quite a funny way.
When it landed on Steve, Natasha had wicked grin on her face.

“Ooooo” Natasha said. “Alright babe, truth or dare ?”

Steve glanced around the room, and saw that most of his friends had that look on their faces.

Steve nodded and said, “Ok, Truth”
Natasha pretended to think hard, and then smiled.

“You were kissing Sharon Carter at the pub” Natasha said, making Steve blush. “Are you two dating ? How long has this been going on?”

Y/N grinned, at Steve’s defeated expression.

“Nat, come on ! ” Steve said shaking his head.

“Come on sweetie, we deserve to know” Natasha winked at Steve.

Y/N’s eyes darted to Bucky, who raised his eyebrows at her.

“Spill it, Cap” Sam encouraged her.

“Alright alright !!” Steve said standing up. “Its true. We’re dating, but just started a week ago. I swear its the truth!”

Bucky smirked, at his friend, nudging him, and Steve punched him playfully.

The rest of the team cheered.

“Soooo” Clint said. “Spin it Cap”

Steve spun the bottle and the game continued. Until Sam spun, and it pointed at Bucky.

“Yes, baby !” Sam looked beyond excited. “So whats it gonna be Robocop?”

“Dare” Bucky said confidently.

“Sam, kill him, bro !” Clint said.

“I dare you to kiss any girl in this room” Sam said, smugly.

“Oh come on!” Bucky groaned shaking his head.

“You’re lucky I DIDN’T specify” Sam said with a wink, sitting back to enjoy the show.

“Buck” Steve said, shoving Bucky out of his chair.

“Ok, here goes” Bucky said, walking towards the girls.

They knew Bucky wouldnt try it on Nat. She was not his kind of person. And not Wanda. She was like a sister. That would be weird. Which left only Y/N.

Sensing him coming closer to her, Y/N stood up, shaking her head.

“Bucky, bad idea !” she said, raising her hands to stop him.

He gave her a smirk, trying to catch her.

“Oh no you DONT !” Y/N ran across the room, followed by Bucky. They ran around the entire room, with the rest of the team laughing and cheering.

“Seriously, Bucky ! You dont want Tony to kill you !” Y/N said, as she ran.

“I dont mind dying ‘coz of this !” Bucky said, finally grabbing her hand and stopping her.

“Yay ! Go Buck !” Natasha cheered.

“Bucky !!!” Y/N hissed.

“Shh” Bucky said. “Dont run”

He released her slowly. But held her hand in his.

“Do it !” Clint yelled.

Bucky grinned, his eyes locked with Y/N’s. He slowly raised her hand to his mouth, and kissed it gently, his lips lingering on her skin for a while.

Y/N smiled, as he let go, and then he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Awwwww” Wanda said. “ Thats a gentleman”

“Great going Buck” Steve said, laughing.

Sam and Nat gave them a knowing look, making them both blush.

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Can I Kiss It Twice? (Simon D x Reader)

Requested by anon. I got way too into it and it got super long so I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Originally posted by huckleberryb

You went to Korea just for vacation, you’re friend was Korean and she invited you to spend christmas with her, she couldn’t travel back to US. You felt bad so you decided to go and keep her company, she took you to a club, it was those hood underground clubs that rap battles took place. You were very good at rapping and you were always going to those type of things. You started listening on one battle, you didn’t like their flow, you found it amateur, so when the MC got cocky and asked if anyone wants to against him, your hand was up in the air.

“You? A foreigner? do you even understand what i’m saying?”

You didn’t care what he was saying, you just pulled your hood over your head and took the mic. You whispered the beat you wanted to the Dj and turned to the arrogant smilling guy. Like you said before, he was an amateur, he tried to hard to sound hood and manly, his flow was weak.

“Are you done?”

You asked before you started. You were known to be pretty intimitading, so when the strong beat started to play and you got all up on his face, pointing fingers and even giving him a light push at the end, he had completely lost it. You could see it in his eyes, even though he barely got what you said, he knew his back was against the wall.

“That’s how you do it, child”


People started to notice, you started adding Korean to your lyrics- thanks to the long lessons your friend gave you-. That’s all how you met hoody, she came to congratulate you for a win. You liked her, she looked sincere and nice, she didn’t try to be someone else, she was owning what she could do. you decided to permanently move there and work as an english teacher while going underground. A Trinidadian girl trying to make it big in a foreign country.

After a while Brand new wanted to meet you, they were considering signing you up. You tried for so many years to suceed in America, now you were getting in k-hiphop with full speed. Of course you agreed and you were officially under a label, a well known label with so many different rappers.

San E took you under his wing, he helped you produce and get to know others, since you were from the US he knew how difficult it could be, and you were very thankfull.But your favorite person was Hoody. Around the time you got singed up she got singed up to AOMG, the most hot label right now, with the hottest members. because of hoody you got to be around them very often, so fo course you started getting interested in one of them.You had your eyes on Simon from day one, your friend and hoody liked to tease you about it.


“What if I say something bad?”

“It won’t be the first time”

Your friend Yumi replied, earning a slap on the hand from Hyun-jung. She smiled at you and grabbed your shoulders gently.

“You will be fine. Just relax and be yourself”

“…. so which one? I can’t do both”

She gigled and hugged you. You hugged her back and Yumi joined in on the hug.

“Good luck baby”

“Thank you”

It was your first interview on television. You were very excited when they asked you to be in Happy together, you would be sitting next to so many accomplished rappers. Jessi, San E, Cjamm just to name a few.

“(y/n) so you are completely foreign right?”


“Is it hard for you to date here? How do guys approach you?”

“Well I haven’t had a relationship here, In all honesty it’s kind of my fault cause my standars are very tricky”

“Who is your ideal type, so we can get what you are talking about?”

You were already starting to blush. You were a very strong headed and defensive, a lot of guys found your personality too much to handle.

“I don’t want to say”

“Come on, just like no one is around”

Jessi teased you. You had met her before and you got along pretty well, she was like you were looking at yourself, both of you very strong, aggressive, american style women.

“I mean… Simon D is a very handsome man”

“You went straight for the head”

The MC teased you for your choice. You laughed trying to hide your embarrassment, but you proceeded to explain

“Why Simon D? why not Jay park?Wouldn’t it be easier because of he lived in America?”

“Jay is a good guy but Simon D is very… intense and strong. I like a man that can control my attitude”

“So you want someone to have a fist fight with you?”

“Pretty much, also Zico is another choice"You added, on a desperate attempt to take the lights off from Simon D.”
He had mentioned her on an intervie before"

Cjamm jumped in. Everyone turned to him, you didn’t even know that.


“Yeah he said you were very close to his ideal type”

“It’s a match, Zico you’re in”

San E loudly spoke, clapping with a big smile. You laughed at his silly face and continued with your interview.


It wasn’t like Kiseok hasn’t noticed you, you were pretty hard to miss. He liked you too, he thought you were a very sexy woman, I mean you were performing in tight clothes and all kinds of sexy stuff, your video clips were always showing your best assets, your rapping skills, your beautiful face and the curvy body you proudly showed off, but he wasn’t sure about you. You wanted a serious relationship, he didn’t know if he could commit or even make it work, you were a hot head like him, aggressive like him, two strong personalities were meant to crush.

Jay was getting tired. He wanted this to be done already, he was done with Kiseok whinning and with you looking at Simon like a losy puppy. So he took matters into his own hands. He got Zico to the studios when you and Simon where there

“Hey! look who came”

Jay said and you all turned to the door to see Jiho walk in. He looked great, all styled up and a smile on his face

“I see there’s an addition to the group”

He said looking at you. You smirked and streched your hand over to him



He got your hand and gave you a kiss on the hand, you blushed like crazy. He looked back at you and smirked

“Can I kiss it twice?”

He gave it a kiss again. You giggled and he took a seat next to you, his cologne consuming you. Jay was proud of him, he already had the plan going great, Kiseok was so close to making smoke come out of his ears. You and Jiho talked for everything. From photoshoots to rhymes, from styling to daily life hacks. You laughed and touched him a bunch of times, you were into the conversation, you could tell by the way your arms were moving while you spoke.

“(y/n) can I talk to you?”

Kiseok interrupted your conversation right when Jiho wrapped his arm over your shoulders. He didn’t even wait for an answer, he just took your hand and pulled you to his studio, closing and locking the door behind him.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

You asked, you were confused. He looked straight at you, his anger level rising every second. he runned a hand through his hair because of the frustration. He looked down and let out a sarcastic chuckle

“God you make me go crazy, You were all over Jiho ‘oh you’re so smart’ 'you look so good’ 'you’re so talented”

He mocked your voice. You started getting angry too, how dare he asking for a excuse when you were nothing to him.You took a step closer and pushed his shoulder back

“Why do you care? I can do whatever the fuck I want”

“The hell you can”

“Oh really? and why not?”

“Cause I like you”

It slipped out. He didn’t control himself before he said it, he clapped a hand over his mouth but it was already too late. It was out, his feeling swere known. You looked at him dumbfounded, just blinking with your mouth open, silence taking over you.

“Are they fucking?”

Jay asked Gray who was spying from the lock. They had all gathered behind the door, curious to know what will happen

“I like you too”

You managed to say. It was like a weight was lifted off from his shoulders, hew as so happy that he brought you closer and gave you an open mouth kiss on your full lips.

“They’re kissing”

“Ha! told ya! you owe me dinner”

Hyun jung said to loco, who huffed and nodded

You just kept going, as his hands went down your butt you jumped up and wrapped your legs around him, feeling the adrenaline rush mixed with pleasurre was the best type of feeling.

“Stop, no fucking in the studio”

Jay yelled through the door. You giggled at him and looked at Kiseok, getting down from him.

“I want an oscar”

Zico yelled. That was when you realised that this was a set up, and the big head behind this was clearly

“Jay you piece of shit”

You exlaimed as you heard his loud laugh. KIseok pulled your head closer to his  and gave you a light peck, totally different from the kiss you shared before.

“No more flirting with Zico”

“No pormises hyung, who can resist to this?”

When I was at Stuttgart, I was told than one day I’ll have a beautiful love story with a club. When I signed for Real Madrid, I thought I reached the top of the world. Then, all of a sudden, something went wrong. The Madrid fan whistled me even when I played well, they didn’t respect the work I did. I played well, seriously, but someone higher up wanted me gone. When Juve contacted me I accepted immediately even though there were other clubs interested in me according to my agent. Juve showed me what it’s like to be a footballer. Thanks to Allegri I returned to my levels in many simple ways, and the public, unlike those in Madrid, are educated and I appreciate this. Today, when I speak with my German friends and they ask me about the peak of my career, I show them the Juve shirt. This is the team I chose as my love story, the best team I know, the team that wins with class… That is Juventus.
—  Sami Khedira
John Lennon fired me in a dressing room one time! He was upset that I spent too much time with another musical group called The Moody Blues’ dressing room. What happened when I went into The Beatles’ dressing room, he was not amused that it had taken me all that time to come into the dressing room. So he asked me whose fan club secretary I was - are you the Moody Blues’ fan club secretary or the Beatles. And I just laughed it off and said theirs, and he said I’m sacking you you can go back to the Moody Blues. Well what happened then I said fine, but I went to the other 3 and asked if they were sacking me and they said no, certainly not, so I said to John well you can do your own fan mail and I’ll just do the other three’s. And then he turned to me and said he was only joking, and I said no you weren’t, you were telling the truth, and he said please come back. Then I said “get on your hands and knees and beg me to come back.” And he said “I’ll meet you halfway” and I knew I couldn’t push him any further, he said he would get down on one knee and I said that will do. And I kept working for him for another 7 years.
—  Freda Kelly during her AMA on reddit, when asked, “What’s your favorite story about John Lennon?”

Throwback to this cute little store i went to back in Manhattan last summer!!! The store has 3 parts, a book shop (The Strand), a coffee shop (Toby’s Estate) and a clothing store (Club Monaco). Though the clothes were a little too high end for me, the books were incredible and so was the coffee apparently (according to my grandmother). The smell of coffee filled the entire book shop which made it feel so cozy and warm and not to mention, the decor was amazing. I would love to go back to this shop and purchase some books again (i dont even remember what book I bought here hehe). Anyways, you guys stay tuned bc in a few minutes, we’re announcing our very first give away 🙌🙌🙌

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Sure, it was just one one where the Missus is seen with a guy (who's a friend) during the break and Harry feels jealous or hurt by it and asks her :)

Harry. Missus.

It’s been 2 weeks.

2 weeks?

We broke up two weeks ago… And… You’ve already moved on?


I’ve seen photos of you.

What photos?

Harry, I have no idea what you’re talking about…

You went out clubbing the other day? With Adie? Yeah?

I did, yeah. I didn’t know I was being papped and seen by people.


To find another guy?

I wasn’t with a guy!

Why are you getting pissed off? 

I’m not pissed off!

I’m hurt!


I’m not your girlfriend anymore.

It’s taken you two weeks to get over a 2 year relationship!

I’m still broken!


I’m so hurt! A little jealous, too. I should be the one you go to clubs with and grind with and dance with. 

Harry, listen to me.


You listen to me!

2 years. We threw away two years for a stupid argument that wasn’t even over anything in particular. An argument that was full of stuff that was wrong and used in spite to you.

It was Grimmy!


I was with Grimmy, too.

Adie took me to a club and we saw Grimmy.

I’m just as broken over this break-up. You’re not the only one who’s finding it hard to get through, Harry! All the stuff you said to me, yeah, that broke my heart. Truthful or not. It hurt. Like a stab in the heart. 

I was so broken.

Adie took me out. It was my first night out since we broke up. For 13 nights, I’d been drowning my sorrows in the bath. I refused to talk to people. My mum was terrified I’d hurt myself and my dad threatened to call the police to get me to come out the house.

Harry, I’m hurt!

I wouldn’t move on so quickly after a relationship.

I’m sorry.

I am.

I didn’t know.

You shouldn’t be getting jealous and hurt if I was anyway.

I always will. I love you still!



I love you too.

Then what’s stopping us from getting back to normal?

I’ve still not forgiven you properly. I’m so… I don’t know.

Can we at least try?

Try what?

Try to work this out. We’ll start off as friends. Anything.

I don’t know..

Let’s try and be friends. At least, civil, at that. I don’t want to let you go. Especially since there’s still some love there. I don’t want to let that fizzle away and go forgotten.

Won’t this be weird?

We’ll try not to make it weird.

I’m comfortable around you. I’m willing to try if you are.



This hangover is killing him. Last night went on and on from a club, to a bar, to Jongdae’s house, where he finally called you, drunk off his ass, to come get him. He was humming ‘Hey Mama’ all the way home, too. “There’s that lyric, you know, baby? ‘Let’s make a night, just you and I.’ We can do that when we get home…” His hand suggestively slips up your thigh, wedding band glinting in the light of the streetlamps you pass under as you’re driving, something he normally wouldn’t do, though it still stays rather innocently on your leg - trust him to still be safety-conscious when drunk.
But you have to laugh at his reference. “I think you’ve already made a night with the boys.“ After that, most of the night is foggy. He remembers trying to pick you up to carry you to bed and ending up being the one helped onto the sheets. He remembers shedding clothes everywhere like a stripper, but not the graceful, practiced one he usually is on stage. He remembers you laughing and letting him pull you down into a sloppy kiss anyway. And the last thing he remembers before completely blacking out for the night is his hands being able to pull moans from your lips as they pressed inside of you, searching intently for places that would make you arch your back for him.
He groans as morning light hits his eyes and he buries his head in the pillow again, sighing unhappily when he can’t find you in bed next to him. “Coffee?“ Your voice is soft and when the mattress sinks under your weight and he rolls over, he’s smiling even though his head is splitting. “So, was it a good night?”

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