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What happened at the Singapore airport

I went to the Jongin tag recently and saw many asks about this and some misunderstanding. I saw some people were saying he’s being ‘arrogant’ for asking why are people touching him at that time and I don’t understand how one can say that.

From this vid, you can hear he was asking “왜날만질까?” (why are they touching me?) and the wording ‘ㄹ까’ at the end that he used suggested that he was talking to himself, something like you say in your head or alone when you’re talking to yourself, so it wasn’t directed to the fans at all.

Another thing is that he said ‘만질까’. If in that situation where he’s touched by people he doesn’t know personally and if he used the word 만지다, it can’t be his arm or hand, it should be at least his butt or it wasn’t a simple touch. The word is very sexual. It should be considered a harassment and instead of flipping out and lashing on fans, all he did was talking to himself, ‘wait, why are people touching me’.. which showed how nice he was the way he just laughed it off and that’s why it hurts us fans who watched the video even more.

Even in that situation where he was the one swarmed by fans and got pushed, he saw a fan fell down and asked if she is okay. All he said the whole time was “wait/just a second..” repeatedly instead of getting mad or tell others to stop. He has been way too polite, he was too nice..

Feeling sorry for what happened, a fan brought a board to the concert saying “we are really sorry for yesterday at the airport”

He saw the board, took a time to read and with a smile he said, “ 괜찮아, 괜찮아” (it’s okay, it’s okay).


(also I gotta say don’t blame on the Singaporean fans, it’s mostly the fans who flew in from other countries and waited at the arrival area)

I’m just writing this just because I couldn’t stand people saying how he was being ‘arrogant’ or things like ‘just because he’s an idol doesn’t make him better than anyone else’ just because he was asking why people are touching him.. let me stress again, it wasn’t a normal touch and he wasn’t directing it to the fans. He said ‘it’s okay’ with a smile because Kim Jongin is that kind hearted but who knows whatever he felt at that time at the airport. So from my post I just hope people can see how the kind of person he is from this situation..

anyway my friend in psychology and i stayed up a little to talk and stuff and i was saying how after class he didnt take the train with us (with mE because we both go down at the same station and its like,, theres this station where all your friends would get off and i’d just be alone for another few stations and sometimes i get lonely lol but point is he doesnt take the train with us period) and it wasnt like i was upset or making fun of him, i was just purely making an observation

and he started off with

‘being around people makes me anxious’ and he laughed and then continued with ‘like im used to taking the train alone so when i have to take with friends its like shit what do i say what do we talk about’ and never, in my life, have i ever related to something so hard,, and i just,,,,,, 

Easter Eggs

A conversation with the girls about Easter traditions leads to Patsy making an admission…

Five women all squashed into one room across two beds gave Delia a good excuse to sit as close as humanly possible to Patsy without any eyebrows being raised. Patsy was rested against the headboard of Trixie’s bed whom was currently out with Christopher, with Delia sat beside her, legs bent so her feet rested just against Patsy’s calf. Val was sat cross legged on her own bed as Barbara and Phyllis perched on the end. All five were giggling when Trixie entered, a Smarties Easter Egg tucked under her arm.

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OMG a night safari. when i went to singapore it was so nice and fun (also scary as fuck). i hope they have a great time. also it would be weird to vlog it as you're in the dark the entire time. and can't see much. it's the sounds you look out for.

i hope phil was scared and held dans arm..

(TRANS) Haru Hana Vol. 24 - BTS Interview

Rap Monster
Q: The evolution of your autograph?
A: My autograph was completely different before. The office’s team leader said, “It’s too simple, you can’t use that” so that’s why it looks like it does now (laughs). It took a long, long time before I decided to use this. I think I probably signed like a couple thousand times.

Q: What’s great about the members?
A: J-Hope definitely will not overstep the boundary. He always has a sense of propriety so when he says something, you’ll think “ah~ that’s right.”

Jin hyung is also the type that values rules and regluation. Also, he would often hand me things that I had forgotten. He would remind me and say, “You forgot this~.” (laughs)

Suga hyung is a music partner. He’ll notice that things that I overlook.

V is always very cute and lively (laughs). I don’t have anything like that so there’s a lot for me to learn.

Jungkook has always worked super hard. Seeing him makes me think that I need to fight on!

Jimin always listens to me. He really is a very gentle dongsaeng.

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One of the fun things about working in a Japanese office is the amount of snacks you get. 

Japanese folk feel obligated to bring back food from wherever they are visiting (or sometimes for no reason at all), and since my coworkers like international travel there are often foreign snacks around. 

One of my coworkers went to Germany and brought back the largest, industrial size bag of Haribo gummy bears I have ever seen. Even after they ran out we were still addicted to them so some of us kept buying them where we could find them in Japan and bringing them in. Eventually it fizzled out and that was the end of the Gummy Bear era. 

Another coworker went to Singapore (?? I think it was Singapore) and brought back some peanut butter chocolate Oreos. Not that Oreos have anything to do with Singapore(?) but we don’t have that flavor in Japan. So those are gone now, but my other coworker just came in with… more Oreos ahaha. The Oreo era is in full swing. 

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Did you have fun here in Singapore? :D

OMG YEASSSS!! I went to a lot of places, bought a lot of stuff, ate tons of good food and met nice ppl. I miss sg so muchhh!! I wanna go back again hahahahaha!!

I remember when i was in singapore and went to mcdonalds and the order was over 30$ and then the employee said its free for me cus i was pretty and i was like 😳😳 r u sure and the other employees joined in and returned the money to me… such nice guys

So today I went to a talk about careers in the Singapore Air Force. I might consider it as a career option, but I might have to give up music. But then, I actually want to protect the Singapore that I know and love. 


I went a little plant crazy on my last trip to Singapore - I just had to document all of it. I love how greenery is incorporated throughout the country and even intertwined amongst buildings through the city. Here are few of my favourite shots..

Snapped with my Pentax P30 on Kodak Gold

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Feel free to not answer this if you're uncomfortable but hypothetically if Jongin left exo and quit the celebrity life altogether, would you still follow exo?

🌸 oh wow, this question is quite.. difficult actually. and after i saw it this morning after waking up i’ve kept thinking about it. and my answer is.. i’m not really sure to be honest..
the thing is.. i started to like jongin first, and then i started to like EXO. and now i’m at that point where i just love all of the boys, but jongin a little (a lot) more.  i mean, i even went to singapore this year to watch one of their concerts (and i don’t think i would have done that if jongin wasn’t around..)
so IF jongin happens to leave someday (god help me please..) oh wow, it’s so hard actually. like i would still listen to their music, watch their MVs, dramas and show appearances. but it wouldn’t be the same anymore. personally, without jongin everything would be so empty but i would absolutely give it a try and monitor their career furthermore.
BUT i hope this won’t happen too soon!!

i went back to singapore to celebrate eid with my fam which means we were there for like 10 days (i have a really big family trust me) and so basically we i was with my dad at this open house (an open house is basically like a big party. you invite everyone you know friends family neighbours to come at any time of the day and eat and chat and have fun) hosted by my cousin (who I call Kak Siti) . so i was there making polite small talk (wow i know i was socialising) anyways and then i see this cute boy wearing an asking alexandria t-shirt and i was like damn son. thats my kinda guy. and i ask my dad lol who’s that and my dad’s like you don’t remember him? he’s Kak Siti’s son. I AM DISGUSTED WITH MYSELF THAT IS MY NEPHEW YALL I AM SCARRED FOR LIFE I WANT TO CRY AND THROW UP AT THE SAME TIME