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When it comes to applying a job for Cartoon Network or any other animation studio do they only accept people who are from Calarts I don't think I will be able to go to Calarts due to money and that I don't live in America but idk if art Schools in the UK are as good

This is actually a more common question than it should be!

*stands on top of a stack of books, clears my throat, and yells into the sky*


Of course, studios don’t only hire Calarts students!!! There are artists from all kinds of schools and sometimes not college at all! 

Heck, I have a friend who is one of the best board artists I know and he never went to art school. He was a PHYSICS PROFESSOR before he got his first board job!

Yes, some art schools can have nice perks sometimes


I promise you

A student who works hard at a “less prestigious” school will be a 100x better artist/employee than a student who half-asses their way through CalArts.

Cheap/ Cute School Supplies

Hi everyone! School for me is less then 1 month away and I’m sure lots of you are still school supply shopping. I just wanted to make  post to help you all out!

I went shopping in target and bought way to many overpriced things, then I went online and found the same items that were cuter and cheaper… so of course I bought some more… I got tons of sticky notes, tabs, washi tape, erasable pens, eraser stick, and pencil pouches and all of it together was $20.43

So anyways, here are some links:


I know it’s a lot of links! Sorry if it’s trouble. Here’s the link to the store.

You can go on the store and go to the office and school supplies section to see all their other cute stuff.

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urban Indian

I feel like a lot of discussions that involve Native Americans are from white-passing urban Indians.  So many white-passing Natives talk about darker Natives questioning their identity, but don’t speak up against white supremacy or listen to Natives from reservations.

My mom specifically brought me to a city as a baby so that I could learn to get along with white people and not depend on a reservation. White people are the majority of most places off the reservation.  Native moms don’t get enough credit.

The other common discussion is the proper label. “Do you want to be called Native American, Indian, colonized tribe name, a word in your language, or other?”

Another common question I get is “do you speak your Native language?” My grandma and my mom both went to boarding schools. White people are so ignorant when it comes to Native history and boarding schools.

People can be so hostile when it comes to Native identity, but there are so many pretendians out there and no Native could speak for all Natives, because there’s such variety. I wish more white-passing urban Indians would admit that they have privilege over Native Americans that grew up on reservations. I don’t blame Native Americans for the hostility around “authenticity”. I blame white people and colonization.

It also bugs me that when I bring up anti-Native racism with white people, they start discussing anti-blackness. It’s like they can only think about Native Americans or racism from a one-dimensional perspective. I’m sick of oppression olympics. White people are annoying.

Like people stare at me when I tell them that in high school no one was interested in me, that i went to prom alone, and my first serious relationship happen last year.

Idk what you expected but like yeah .



Photo 1: High School. Well, I guess this is my story. I have always been one of those people that has always been overweight. Except for recently, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been on some sort of fad diet; slim fast, pills, cleanses, detoxes, meal plans, you name it I tried it. Because of my weight I never really felt like I belonged or had very many friends. When I entered high school, I became severely depressed. My weight was always at the forefront of my mind, and I often would spend the night crying and wishing that I could just be anorexic or something like that.

Photo 2 & 3: Post College. After high school I moved to Seattle to attend college.For the first time in my life I felt like I belonged and had friends. As my confidence went up my weight went down in between my party lifestyle, and not being able to afford food I ended up losing close to 100 pounds by the time I chose to go back home because I didn’t like school. When I return home all have it’s an old feelings returned and with that so did most of the weight that I had lost over the next two years.

Photo 3 - 7: The one good thing about moving home was that I met the love of my life. We decided that we needed to leave our toxic home behind and started a new life together in Portland Oregon. After arriving here I became very sick I was in pain all the time. I saw the doctor and she insisted there was nothing more wrong with me then my weight. A good friend of mine introduced me to the anti-inflammation diet and after receiving the news from the doctor and being at my wits end to do something for my pain began this diet. Fast forward to present day, i’ve lost 105 lbs. and a doctor finally decided to listen to me about my pain, and after 2 long painful years I receive a diagnosis.

I still struggle to remain positive about my body every single day. The difference now is that I try and show my body love whether I feel like it or not through healthy dietary changes and exercise. For the first time in my life I can run a mile in under 12 minutes and I probably have more muscle mass than every before in my life.

I know a lot of you have a story pretty similar to mine. I can honestly tell you it gets better once you let go of everyone’s expectations of you and just do you.

Signs as things people I know with that zodiac have said or done

Aries: Went to The Minions movie completely wasted

Taurus: *referring to a nasty ass apple pipe* “This is such a good idea… you know they should sell these in stores”

Gemini: “Guys.. I think the reason I’m so bad at school is because I’m a genius”

Cancer: “How many legs does a millipede have? Is it exactly a million or is it just around that?

Leo: had sex on a park bench @ 3 am

Virgo: Lost their phone at school and found it the next day but didn’t tell their parents bc they wanted the new iphone

Libra: "punk croc”

Scorpio: Told the really cute Starbucks barista that their name was “Lil’ bitch”

Sagittarius: “listen i don’t see why people think it’s so weird that I want E.T to fuck me in the ass”

Capricorn: Goes to shady parks and goes up to people smoking weed and asks them if they’re smoking. When they say yeah he pretends to talk into a microphone on his shirt and says “Okay we got them”

Aquarius: Called multiple tattoo parlors and asked how much it would cost to tattoo their entire body red

Pisces: Started sobbing at school because i asked them about The Maze Runner

hi my name is swindle i am a poor disabled autistic trans minor and as school starts up again soon, my ability to work dwindles and my expenses go up because i have to buy school supplies. this is added to the fact that i have to buy all my own clothes and make my own food, unless there is a rare occasion where it is supplied for me

where it is usually the job of my parents to supply this, they are abusive and do not support me . i have myriad stomach issues and sensitivities  and they do not cook to accomodate these, and they are supplying an incredibly minimal budget for school supplies. my father also recently went to a lower paying job so even if they did support me, they don’t have the money to do it.

my paypal is snappingwire@gmail.com, you can donate but i would prefer you commission me because i want to give you something in return for helping me.

if you ask i can also give you my amazon wishlist that has school supplies and other stuff i need (be it clothes or coping things or stim stuff).

please reblog this if you are able. thank you for reading this and i hope no matter who you are you have a good day :-)

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Can you tell us about the time you were hit by a crack headed lady

Looooool oh man I forgot all about that.

I was coming back from school like last year and ya know, downtown is known for the crack head activity. Like they’re always there. They never bother anyone so you just learn to ignore them. So I was coming back from school and I took the bus because the college went to was in a different city. I started walking home and some old lady comes up to me with wild eyes and a boney structure. She started mumbling so I lean forward as asked what she was saying, that woman lifts her fist and punched me dead in the cheek lol I was so confused haha like what the fudge man, why did you do that. Lol she didn’t answer she just walked away. Alhamduilah since she was old she had lie no strength but left a bit of a bruise on my face.

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Have you noticed that Libra Moons are more polite/charming than Libra Suns. Do you know why?

its because 1. the sun is in fall in libra unlike the moon. 2. the moon is something that was pressured onto us from a very young age, the moon is the most naturally evolved placement. talents can be given but they must be cultivated, and the moon is where we are pushed to do that the most. 

for example i actually know of two very similar (and true) stories to do with libra placements. at one of the high schools i went to there was a girl with a libra moon (scorpio sun) and when she brought tuna to school she would ask “are you guys ok if i eat my tuna now” because tuna is gross and she was making sure (look idc if u tuna lovers are offended right now you know its gross). and when i moved schools there was a girl who brought tuna to school and she was like “ok guys im gonna eat my tuna now just letting you know, feel free to leave” and i was like omg thats so similar to the girl at my other school so i asked her when her birthday was and she was a libra sun, taurus moon. they were both polite but the libra moon was “more” polite.

essentially, its just practise makes perfect.

this is a story i might not find funny in the morning but a cute guy i went to elementary school with saw me at a party and we haven’t seen each other in years and he comes up to me and goes “KI`I!” and im like “hi *name here which i will leave out for privacy*” and he goes “this is pretty random but i hear you’re like super close with those 5 seconds of summer guys yeah?” and i was like…tearing up all i could say was “:) yeah….:)..yeah i am”

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No, getting kicked in the gnads looks really worse. I went to martial arts, and I got kicked in the groin ones or twice by a guy who would deliberately kick people in the groin when he was losing a friendly match. Went on fighting, no problem, despite girls not having cups. He fought some other guy who forgot his cup and kicked him. The poor guy was out for like a half-hour, on the floor writhing in pain. We nearly called an ambulance for him and threw the other guy out of our school.

If anyone tells you a kick to the vagina is as bad or worse than a kick to the balls- they’re lying.

-the Polish One

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So I'm 14 and I'm starting my first day of high school soon and I'm terrified because all of middle school I've been known as the dragon freak and I don't want to go through 4 more years of the girl who loves dragons being mocked. What do I do?

Love dragons anyway. I went through all my years of school not giving a damn about what other people thought of me. Did i get picked on? constantly. But you need to have a mindset that your happiness matters. Just be you, be real, be kind, and if they dont like it then they dont need to even exist to you. School is about learning and passing, not about the people around you. The people who should matter are those who will want to stay and be your friend no matter how nerdy you are. Anyone else is just a face you pass in the hallway.


hi!! i’m emily, or em if you like. i’ve submitted before and i met the coolest chicks so i thought i’d give it another go!! i’m a high school senior and i’m from west georgia. twenty one pilots means everything to me. i like coffee and neutral colors and doing digital art and dogs and feminism. i’m easy to talk to and i’m all for talking about anything from outer space to how your day went and everything in between. i think you’re exciting. drop by and don’t be shy :)


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I have a story! So there was a guy named Truitt in my class in fourth grade, and one day we were all talking about Justin Beiber and Truitt called Justin gay, and I had no clue what that meant so I went and asked a teacher and she very awkwardly explained to me that it was when a boy likes a boy or when a girl likes a girl (mind you I went to a private christian school) and then I was thinking to myself "wait I like girls and I'm a girl" so that's how I found out I'm gay the end


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Hi girls, I'm pretty sure I remember taking a semester long online class at AAU with Olivia. You say you only went to "art school" for 3 weeks. I'm just wondering why you guys are saying you're self-taught and why you are not mentioning Academy of Art University. Do you think it's a shameful place to have studied at? Or since it was online it's considered self-taught, even though you have teachers and classmates?

You have the wrong Olivia! We went to SCAD for the 3 weeks but didn’t get into much of it while we were there. Besides, if we ever did attend a class, we BOTH would have been there. We’re definitely self taught though ! Say hi to the other Olivia when you find them. :)