i went to moma and

high winds are finally supposed to die down soon. fires theatened my town again last night. I stayed up til 12:30 and when i went to bed my moma friend was over so i got no sleep. Hopefully w the calmer winds the fires will die down and there will be more control over the next few days.

Works of Art

I’m commuting home right now, which means that yinz get a few stories about how my week has gone, and another batch of selfies to remember what I look like.

I broke up with a partner last week, which is to say that they broke up with me.  I miss them a lot, and even more in the week leading up to things because they went incommunicado for a while.  Things weren’t really working out for us, and we had been seemingly drifting apart for a little while.  I don’t know if it’s because of the underlying issues that we had or if it was related to other things.  There wasn’t a lot of animosity in the breakup but I still feel like a piece is missing.  I’m resisting trying to fill that up immediately with something.

I’ve upgraded my computer and have a new video card and monitor, which means that I can play the most recent games again.  I’ve started playing for an hour or two a few nights a week, and on weekends, and it’s been refreshing to get back to things.  I haven’t started talking to people on voice chat yet, mostly because in my experience gamers are jerks and being a woman will either get you yelled at or hit on.  I’m behind on a number of properties that I really love though, so I’m catching up with some of my favorite games and characters.

My guests left on Saturday and D came back.  I missed her a lot.  I was happy to have some cuddle time and be able to spend a significant chunk of our anniversary together.  We went to the SF MOMA which is pretty awesome.  I got into my giddy space with a couple of pieces (YAY LINES ON WALLS) and in my “wow” space with another piece (woah moon rocks).  D got to stand on some art. I love exploring new spaces with D and it’s been almost a year since we went to a museum together.  I don’t know that I would do as much with anyone else.  Seven years married and we’ve visited museums in four countries, and I can’t wait to go see more.

Speaking of such, one thing that I really am sad about is losing a lot of history with D around our relationship.  Some of the happiest times that I had pre-transition were with her, and I feel like I can’t really show those pictures because it is a huge reminder that I was hiding myself.  We can make new memories but some things like wedding pictures are harder to replace.  I really hope that I can someday. 

Things have been pretty hard emotionally lately, and a bit of a roller coaster.  I’m feeling good about other things though.  I want to make some calls and start chatting more with people one on one.  I want to do a lot of things.  I’m thinking I might start coming out of a shell in the next few months. There’s a lot to process and I need to vent some of it out, so maybe there will be a Friday post, or I’ll revive the Medium blog this week.  Until next week!

January 14: Just a few weeks ago my beloved 10 euro watch from Paris from the summer of 2013 broke. So, it was time for change. (ha…ha…time…for change…ok…) I did what any art history nerd would do. I logged onto the Dali Museum website and ordered a melting clock watch. Oh and then I went to the MoMA and snapped this photo.

(Rachel Garbade)

All the Disnerds

that are personally offended at “Dismaland” are cracking me up.

First off, it’s Bansky: king of “am I being for serious or nah?”
Like you literally can’t trust that art hoe and that’s part of the Bansky gimmick. Have you watched “Exit Through the Gift Shop”???

Second, tho the pieces come to life via Disney imagery/settings, Disney is being used as more of a Trojan horse to mock and over exaggerate humanities current state. The Cinderella’s crashed carriage statue isn’t actually about Cinderella. Like, hello?


I mean, you can sit there and be like, “I can’t believe this passes for "art” now a days but I’ve done reached that level of annoyance with the art world that day I went to the MoMA and they had an exhibit that was just ropes nailed to a wall. Like, not even making a design or anything. Just a piece of plain rope. Nailed to the middle of the wall. That’s its.

And don’t get me started on the COMPLETELY BLANK canvas that sold for THOUSANDS.

So in the end, Bansky’s a joke because art’s a joke because life’s a joke.

So, like, chill.
Or nah.
Either way, I’m laughing.


“to be with art is all we ask…”

8.29.14 // after living in new york for my whole entire life, i finally went to the moma for the first time yesterday and i decided that it was well worth the wait. also, i don’t know who that lovely girl in the first photo is. she just happened to walk by as i went to take it, and i decided that she belonged there.