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AN2K17 WAS REALLY FUN. THANKS EVERYBODY FOR THE EXPERIENCEEE. and if any of the cosplayers spot themselves and want to be credited, let me know!

(my art blog is on hiatus until finals are over!! ;;)

EDIT: gladiolus -  silentsnuggs (instagram), todoroki - @/jiutea (tumblr), bakugou - @/sorroxas (tumblr)

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i had a decent day!!! So I guess that means in Decent?? 

pls imagine nagisa perfectly snuggled inside karma’s coat on a chilly night because he forgot to bring a jacket/coat then imagine karma tightly wrapping his arms around nagisa’s torso then kisses nagisa’s head before resting his chin on it

and nagisa just blushes

i just need more fluff and their height difference now is worth tears lmao

in which Jimin overworks himself and Jungkook waits up for him

jikook / 1,143 words / Rated  G / AO3

Jimin comes back to the dorms completely worn. He feels kind of noodle-y with his limbs stretched and shaking and over-exerted while also feeling tense, like he can’t unbunch his shoulders. His drooping eyes are screaming at him to go to sleep, and mentally, he feels like a deflated balloon that’s sunk to the floor as the helium slowly leaks out of it.

Basically, he’s tired, he’s cranky, he hasn’t rested all year day, and he would really like a shower and a 12 year long nap.

He comes in the door as quietly as possible, seeing as it’s almost four in the morning, and drops his work out bag by the door. He toes his shoes off and lets both his jacket and his snap back drop to the floor, since he’s not sure he’d be able to remember where the hat and coat rack are if he even cared to try.

Jimin drags his feet toward the kitchen where the light over the sink remains on. He’s focused entirely on the fridge and thinking about downing one of his chocolate protein shakes when he spots Jungkook slumped over the kitchen table, his head resting on his arms and a blanket over his shoulders.

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Destiny knows me too well I was literally about to text her to ask if she wanted to get Olive Garden for dinner AND SHE BEAT ME TO IT

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i wanna go to a chinese restaurant with u bc i hate rice!! i dont like the taste or texture or a n y t h i n g about it tbh but!!! if we went together u can eat my rice and i'll eat the stuff u don't like and there will be no waste!! >:^3c

You had me at Chinese restaurant lmao LET’S GOOOO

I was gonna say there’s nothing I really dislike at Chinese restaurants, but that’s a lie lol, I don’t really like those carrot slices they put in at some places when you order chicken & broccoli, and I don’t really like lo mein much either ^^;; it’s not absolutely disgusting, like, I’ll eat it if they give it to me by accident or something, but it’s definitely not my first choice haha



Title: Something More
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing(s): BokuAka, KuroKen (endgame); KuroAka
Ch. Word Count: 5.3K
Total Word Count: 5.3K
Summary: The one where Bokuto gets a text message from a wrong number only to find that maybe, just maybe, something wrong can lead to something right.
A/N: inspired by that one episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and a convo with @shizuos about my need to have Bo in a box as an apology to Kuroo. also inspired by @meruems-thighs fic and this secondhand serenade song.

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Multichapter | CH1

Received From: Unknown
[9:06]: I’m sorry I can’t make it tonight.
[9:06]: Work ran a little late and I had some clients that had gotten… difficult.
[9:07]: How about tomorrow? Maybe I’ll let you give me a massage instead.

Sent To: Unknown
[9:12]: that’s too bad
[9:12]: sucky clients suck!

Received From: Unknown
[9:16]: Yeah, well. It’s part of the job.
[9:20]: So… sushi tomorrow? I’m really too tired tonight. I’ll even treat this time.

Sent To: Unknown
[9:28]: not that i dont appreciate the invite
[9:30]: and now im really REALLY craving sushi
[9:31]: but u maybe wanna give me ur name first or?

Received From: Unknown
[9:35]: Wait, who is this?
[9:36]: I dropped my phone and had to get a new one and I could’ve sworn this was the right number.

Sent To: Unknown
[9:39]: oh man thats a bummer!
[9:39]: im BOKUTO btw bokuto koutarou
[9:40]: whoops idk why it capslocks my name
[9:40]: i guess i yell about myself a lot HAHA
[9:41]: nice to meet u! well it will be once u give me ur name :D

Received From: Unknown
[9:45]: Akaashi Keiji. Nice to meet you too, Bokuto-san.

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i forgot what the error message was