i went to an exhibition today and so cool

Ha, old art flashback today.  Ugh, kinda hate this piece and kinda hate myself a bit for this, but I just went to see the big Star Wars costume exhibition in the city the other day, so is it any surprise that I am feeling a bit nostalgic for this ship…?  I know everybody hates the prequels or something, but seriously, Jedi pairings are as close as I’m ever going to get to getting monk fanfic in the mainstream.  ;)

I should draw new art for this pairing…I got better at doing Liam Neeson’s crazy cool profile for a while there…


So my exhibition opened last night! It went so well, i had the most amazing time and I even had some tumblr fans there which was incredibly cool! 

If any more of you are from Perth then feel free to drop into Hylin Cafe today or tomorrow (December 11th and 12th) between 10am and 3pm. I’ll be here drinking coffee and staring at my pictures :) 

I'm back

So hey guys. As you probably noticed, this last few months I was very absent from Tumblr. I was so busy with College, my thesis and planing my trip to Europe that I barely got time to attend the blog. 

The good news is that I am now in Europe, Stockholm to be more precise, and I’m going to be more active now, and sharing with you guys the great viking/norse related things that I see during my Northern Europe travels.

Today I went to the History Museum here in Stockholm and the Viking exhibit they have is incredible. It’s so nice to see in real life the artifacts and runestones that illustrate so many books and also a lot of completely new stuff for me. Soon I’ll be uploading some photos :)

So cheers and wait for some very cool stuff here in Fuck Yeah Vikings & Celts! this summer.


Went to the Jurassic World exhibition today and omg it was so cool!!! The robotics were a m a z i n g

@androgynosaurus check out who’s now an official member of the raptor squad!! 


Day 15: Nice

Nice is a lovely place. I would want to call it ‘nice’, but that might get confusing. Went to the Chagall and Matisse museums today (the Matisse museum doesn’t let you take photos… not sure why….), and they were both pretty cool. Chagall was free because have of the exhibit was closed (but the really cool half was open, so whatever), and the Matisse was slightly meh, but oh well. 

Went to the other side of town, which is slightly more ornate than the beach. Bit like older France, with quant buildings and bold colours. Some really great looking restaurants, and some ridiculously cool stores. Unfortunately it rained, so most of the photos look pretty dark, but I made it through :) Almost bought this really cool umbrella, but it was out of budget (I got a lame umbrella like a lame person).

A pleasant way to wrap up my time in France :) Italy tomorrow morning.