i went to an exhibition today and so cool


I went to the natural history museum today and ran around, mouth agape, freaking out over all the cool artifacts and exhibits. I went into the mineral gallery and cried when I saw their diorama of the process of crystallization. I talked with an 8 year old boy for 20 minutes about black holes. I asked my group to take candid pictures of me so I could be artsy and show how happy and excited I was but every picture is blurry, dark, out-of-focus, and I’m screaming at an elephant’s ass which really shows the true nature of my HYPE

Random Scenario/HC

OKAY So I went to an archaeology museum with a friend today and they had like five Egyptian exhibits with a lot of cool artifacts, including fractured pieces of a wall from a temple that had papyrus plants painted on it and I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to take one of the Papyruses there and to see a similar exhibit. I would jokingly say, “Papyrus, meet papyrus,” and we might share a laugh or two (or not).

But what about after that?

I feel like both US and UT Papyrus would think it was cool and reed up on the subject sorrynotsorry.

UF Papyrus, however, might have an existential crisis. How could someone as great and terrifying as him be named after a harmless swamp plant?! (Well technically it’s a marsh plant but he’ll ignore you if you try to correct him)

SF Papyrus is curious about his name origins because they don’t have plants like those underground. It kind of freaks him out a bit, but he’s willing to learn more about them and why they were important.


So my exhibition opened last night! It went so well, i had the most amazing time and I even had some tumblr fans there which was incredibly cool! 

If any more of you are from Perth then feel free to drop into Hylin Cafe today or tomorrow (December 11th and 12th) between 10am and 3pm. I’ll be here drinking coffee and staring at my pictures :)