i went to a pride festival today

so i went to my city’s pride festival and parade today, and it really got me thinking.

i know a huge part of ace exclusionist rhetoric is that “lgbt shouldn’t be about how a person has sex!!” and that’s all well and fine (besides the blatantly incorrect definition of asexuality that usually follows). and they see it fit to kick out those identities and communities they think misrepresent the community in this way, and keep them from taking up precious space that could be dedicated to actual sexualities. good intentions.

and today i had a funny thought after watching the parade go by. because throughout the whole thing, among pretty much every LGBT identity being represented, i didn’t see a single asexual community float, banner, or even one flag throughout the whole thing. in fact i don’t think i saw any ace flags being worn or held during the festival like there were for all the other identities - i definitely saw more ally flags than that.

but you want to know who did have a float, a banner, representatives, and flags for sale everywhere in this LGBT Pride Parade and Festival?

the leather community. 

anyways. glad we have our priorities straight.


Went to the Rainbows Festival for a little bit today with my sister! Got pan and ace pins, and a bi pride flag to wear as a cape some time when I dress as Wonder Woman. 8D Today has been a better day than the past few days.

I am very proud of my city today. This weekend my little Michigan town had its very first Pride festival & parade. I went out for a while to watch some of the performances and check out some of the vendors.

Also, earlier this year, my city opened its first Pride community center. To have a place for the community to get together, and talk about activism/resources and to give the youth a place to feel at home, is an amazing thing. I can’t imagine how great it must be for the younger generation to have a place where they can find their community.

This year we also passed a non-discrimination ordinance that does not allow businesses or housing to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. It was a fight to get this passed, but we have finally done it. It is 2017, it is about time!

And now we’ve had our first Pride festival and parade! My little city has come a long way this year and I can say that, though a lot of times I grumble about still living here, right now I am very proud to call this place my home!

Rambles from a 16-year-old idiot

I went to my city’s pride festival with my friends today. Although I had to leave early because I got overwhelmed, it made me think that, even though I’m straight, cis, white male, I’m still a minority.

Being on the autistic spectrum in a world full of neurotypicals is hard. Being a submissive male attracted to dominant females in a world full of ingrained gender roles is hard.

According to some my outside appearance makes me an oppressor. It’s not black and white. Being in an underrepresented minority makes me feel, even in a more tolerant society, that I’m still not welcome.

Let’s have pride for those that aren’t always on the news headlines.

anonymous asked:

So i was at the Gay Pride in Paris today and that had me asking: do you have any Sterek fics where they are at a Pride? Thank you! (Love your blog!)

hmmm let me see

That One Time Deputy Stilinski Went To A Pride Festival (And Kissed The Organizer) by bravobeavo (complete | 5,303 | Rated T)

If anyone had told Stiles that when he accompanied his dad to contain a protest by the local church against the pride festival being held in downtown Beacon Hills that he’d end up mackin’ on a random guy who turned out to be his ex babysitter turned sexy university professor he probably wouldn’t have believed them. Probably. Especially if they included the part where he gets a date out of it in the end.

This Hot Cop by SCS12 (complete | 1,074 | Rated G)

Stiles is marching in the NYC Pride Parade just a few days after the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges when he comes upon a cop and gets the urge to dance.

Happy And Proud (Of All Of Us) by AsagiStilinski (complete | 2,308 | Rated G)

The impromptu pride parade in Beacon Hills tells the stories of so many people- even with just a few words at a time- that it’s a little bit much for Derek to process, but he has Stiles to ground him- anchor him, and now the entire country will recognize that

Lips Pressed Close To Mine by alexenglish (complete | 1,232 | NR)

“Maybe not any homophobe, but a mass gathering of homophobes who quote the First Amendment and the bible to spew hatred? I can get my panties in a bunch over that all I want.”

“Whoa, panties?”

I woke up to a text from my mom telling me about a shooting at a gay club in Florida, and then she asked me if I was going to the LA pride parade today… I wasn’t planning on going because I went to the festival on Friday but now I’d honestly be too scared to go. And I hate that. I hate thinking that if I leave the house being who I am I could get shot. I hate the possibility that someone could see me kiss my girlfriend and decide to shoot us. I hate it.